HiVelocity - Sales Experience

May 17, 2009

I was on WHT when i saw the banner ad of highvelocity and landed on the specials page and saw Core2Quad server. I opened live chat as it said in the banner ad for free stuff and upgrades.

Dave from hivelocity came on chat and we started negotiating and after a while i was offered Core2Quad, 8GB, 750 GB, 500 GB, 1500 GB with 100 mbps etc. for $184. I said okay and asked him to send me the quote so i can buy it in evening or the next day as I had to get approval for the funds from the boss.

To my surprise I got the approval etc. for 3 months pre-pay but I did'nt get the quote from Dave which was prmoised to me by Dave in 1 hour after live chat session. I in evening went agaion on live chat and no response. After waiting alot on livechat i opened a support ticket and it has not been answered till now.

Today i again went on live chat and after 15-20 mins of waiting Ron came up with the following chat we had:


Please wait for a site operator to respond.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'Ron'
Tapan: where is Dave ?
Ron: Hello. How may I assist you?
Ron: Our sales representatives are unavailable at this hour. However, if you could provide me your requirements, along with your email address, your full name and phone number, I can have one of our sales representatives get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Tapan: i already had detailed talk with dave yesterday and he was going to send me a quote in 1 hour
Tapan: there's no quote
Tapan: no email
Tapan: i even opened a support ticket
Tapan: there has been no reply to it
Tapan: is this the top notch service dave was refering to ?
Ron: dave is away at the moment
Ron: May I know your full name please
Ron: also let me know if this email is good for you
Ron: I will have dave to get back to you on this
Tapan: Tapan Bhanot
Tapan: i am trying to contact him since yesterday
Ron: Thank you tapan
Ron: and we are sorry for the delay
Ron: do you know his email ?
Tapan: no
Ron: you can send him an email
Tapan: ok
Tapan: are you sales also ?
Ron: I will also have him to get back to you on this
Ron: nah
Tapan: ok
Ron: I am from tech support
Tapan: ok
Tapan: ok thanks bye
Ron: Bye

By the looks of this you can imagine the High Level of Support Dave was telling me about. I opened the livechat for a sales staff and a tech support guy is answering the live chat. This is really good!

I've had server with LT, Sago etc. and nowhere I have seen such crap at pre-sale level. How would they expect customer to return to them when they are behaving like this at the first step ?

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Bad Pre-Sales Experience With Flubberhosts

Oct 23, 2008

I`d like to say hi to everyone on here and well, bring it to your attention of a dodgy host, if this is how they treat a possible client and then hit then with real expensive vps`s that they say are pipes, then you have there telephone support, states 24/7, well i`ve just spent 12 mins and 40 secs ringing it and nobody wants to pick it up, mind you though it is 11:36pm GMT, so there you go, if you want a "company" that abuses possible clients, has NO telephone support and is way expensive then feel free to contact them, I just thought you ought to know before you thought about purchasing from them, ...

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Bad Experience With HiVelocity

Jul 12, 2008

I have 3 servers with hivelocity, moved from LT. There where some problems at the setup, no problem, everyone has some problems, we got over them.

Everything was great until this morning.... I check my outlook I see a abuse mail from yahoo for a domain hosted on my shared hosting server(this was at 2:15 AM). Ok, I want to delete it but HOW (this was at 9AM)? The server is down ....

Sent a reboot tiket to highvelocity, after ~20 minutes a guy responses that the server was rebooted and tell him if I have problems later. I try the server... still down, the guy didn't even ping the server to see if it's online after the reboot.
Ok... I reply to the tiket, the server still down, please see what's the problem, I get a response from them to send the server info (user pass) so he can check. Ok, I send the info, I wait... I wait, after 20 minutes I check the tiket.... what tiket ? The tiket was deleted...

I open a new tiket and explain the problem and after ~1.5 hours I get a reply that my server was nulled due to abuse.
Every company that I worked with sent a notice and gived me 24 h to take action... ok, I get over the shok and I tell them to connect my server back so I can delete that account. Of course it would have been to easy to do that, he asked me another ip from the server so he can unull that ip. Ok, after another hour the secondary ip is unulled and I delete the account from the abuse mail and I reply to the tiket.
He replyes that they will verify asap and reconnect my server. 1 hour passed and no reply and the server still down. I open a live chat, tell him my problem after witch he sayd he told tech and they will activate my server asap.
One more hour passed and still nothing. Again open a live chat, same guy, and I ask for a logical explanation why is this taking so long but he just kept telling me that the tech support is "looking into it".

And just to make me even madder every chat session is starting with : "Hello, welcome to HiVelocity's Impressive Support TM. How may I assist you today?"

Now it's 11 hours after the server disconnection and the server is still down just becouse a abuse department guy didn't send me a notification to delete the abusing account.

Hope Steve or any Tech supervisor will see this and take some action. It's not normal to take 2 hours+ to unull an ip adress.

Oh, one more thing. After not geting any logical response from the online chat guy I asked for a email address from a tech superior so I can send a complaint but he just refused to give me one, telling me to post a reply to the support tiket.

I'm asking you WHT users... is this situation normal for a big company like hivelocity ?

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HiVelocity Experience Review.

Oct 4, 2009

I had decided to transfer 1 server into Hivelocity. It was a low $200s server with Hivelocities Platinum magagement plan. I was attracted to the pricing and the options available to configure my server how I wanted. I also liked the fact that they are somewhat local to where I live.

I had placed the server order with Drew. The server was delivered to me in 4 days, I was not in any rush so I did not mind. We started the migration process and went with out a problem until we went live. According to the tech the hard drive cable was bad and was replaced within 2 hours. These things happen and I still was not upset.

I was thinking to take advantage of the annual pricing offered and bring over the other servers until one morning I get flooded with phone calls chats and emails. I immediately try to log in the server to no avail so I contact Hivelocity. I was then told to contact the abuse department, well the abuse department does not take phone calls so then I was to told to log in a ticket.

What had happened was 1 of the hundreds of accounts hosted on the server recieved a copywright complaint and the server would not go back online until deleted and a ticket respond. I always comply with any complaint however I would appreciate at least a few hours to resolve, rather them an immediate disconnection. When you sell shared hosting you will always have a few accounts that are bad. No hosting company is immune to this. The server went back online 2 hours later.

Similar scenarios happened 2 more times with excessive down time in the first month that I was with them. Needless to say after talking several times with the GM Steve, I learned that he promises you one thing and either does another thing or does nothing as promised. For ex: will call you or will give a few hours to resolve any future complaints.

To compile further worries I learned that Hivelocity was terminating servers with out allowing transfer, including one host that was in business over 10 years. I do not know the non-bias details of those scenarios but I do know those things do not happent at the Planet, Softlayer or any other major datacenter, otherwise it would have been posted all over the net as was with Hivelocity.

In closing, my impression of the place was that their servers are ok, the bandwith is a bit spotty, the techs are ok, albeit one being a smart ass, the GM is a great speaker and the abuse guy is trigger happy. I do love the Hivelocity banners though.

It's too bad as I thought I had found a company that can save me alot of money however it ended costing me much more with loosing good clients.

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HiVelocity - The *WORST* Experience EVER

Apr 16, 2009

First let me say I cringe whenever the thought of changing dedicated providers enters my mind. Sorting through the resellers and all of the broken promises is a tedious process and I like many others have been screwed over too frequently.

I came across HiVelocity yesterday and their offer for a quad core, 8gb 500 drive for $199. Sounded great, plus they offer free KVM over IP which was a bonus.

Yesterday about 4:45pm eastern I went on live chat with sales at HiVelocity and spoke with Kevin B. I asked if he could get this server online quickly and he said all servers are built after 5pm for the day and are usually online that night. We went over the details of my order and I quickly sent a paypal payment. I was undecided on Windows 2003 or 2008 but I went with 2003. At about 8pm Kevin leaves me a voice mail on my cell and tells me they ran out of Heat Sinks and that the server would be delayed until Wednesday. "Ran out of heat sinks" sounded a little odd like I was being BS'ed but I figured it was fine because I did want 2008 installed on it and decided the $50/month extra was worth it. I went back to on to Live Chat about 10pm and Kevin said he would have a day tech get to the server for me in the morning (Wednesday) and I also upgraded the O/S to Server 2008 DataCenter and increased the bandwidth to 100Mbps. I sent over ANOTHER paypal payment to upgrade. Grand total $248 + $55 (for 2008 upgrade and dedicated kvm). $303 later and...

This morning (Wednesday) I make contact again and Kevin says he has a day tech working on it. 3pm rolls around, contact again and he says its built and ready. HiVelocity provides a link to a supposedly "live" server build page that shows you the status of the build. Status never said built but I took his word for it and waited for the welcome email so I could finally get my sites online and meet my deadline.

Well 9:30pm rolls around and NO SERVER YET!

I go to live chat again and talk to Andrew. He says sorry for the delay, you can check your status at the status page. I lost it at that point and pretty much told him I lost 31 hours so far "waiting" for a server to be built when I could have gone with another company and had the thing online at least within 14-18 hours and spent the remainder with configuring and migrating data. Told him 10:30pm the server better be ready or I'm canceling and disputing the charge with Paypal.

It is now 11:17 and I've been writing this whole time. I kept checking my email and even gave andrew my cell phone number to give to anyone there who cared and wanted to keep me as a customer. Still no email, no server, out $303, lost over 33 hours as of right now and its looking like the hosting hunt will begin again *^*(o.o)*^*

So anyway I wanted to share this horror story. This is why I HATE shopping for a dedicated server.

I read a lot of mixed reviews for HiVelocity and I really don't want to give them more bad press but the way I've been promised everything and NOTHING was done justifies me posting this for everyone to read.

If you're looking for a dedicated server, I would advise to pass this MAJOR HASSLE of a company. "Impressive Support" my @!#.

AND YES, everyone I spoke with BEFORE THE PURCHASE was well aware that I needed this pronto and I was assured it would get done! Now they are silent and ignoring me.

And if the guy that mods for HiVelocity on these boards reads this, the damage has been done. Instead of handling AFTER CARE for people on the boards, how difficult is it to communicate. I don't care if it wasn't going to get done at least I would have known and gotten another box somewhere else and used this as a backup. Making sure your account managers don't talk #$@#%$ and not deliver should be of more concern.

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My Bad Experience With Hivelocity - Stay Away

Nov 2, 2009

I want to share my bad experience with hivelocity.

I need a backup server for my remote backups so I need a dedicated server form a reliable provider.

I ordered Xeon Quad-Core X3220 2.4GHz: server on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 and paid with my Credit card. I done my all verification process and on Wednesday, July 01, 2009 I got my server.

I just ssh on said date to check server is online and then I logout because I was very busy in those days.

On dated 03 Jul 2009 08:00 I want setup my new server for backup and I try to ssh but I can't. I contact Live chat and they told me your server is offline please open a reboot ticket.

This is my first downtime I got after 1-2 days of server setup even I was not touch any thing in server.

I open a reboot ticket and then with 30 minutes my server was online and hivelocity can't give me a reason why my server was down even I have not hosted anything.

After this I have started setting up this server for backup use An I was shocked to see that I have ordered and paid for Xeon Quad-Core X3220 2.4GHz but this server was Core2Quad CPU Q6600. I reply ticket below ...

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Hivelocity Personal Experience

Dec 4, 2008

I choose to try one of their VPS servers and found them pretty stable even did a crash test with a Enterprise Grade Content Management System and well passed with min requirements. Over all their support is good and fast and overall friendly Brian and Dave helped with any issues i had along with Gary. Their network doesn't even slow down either if that counts.

Disclaimer: This Review of personal experience other users may vary with theirs. Information Supplied is from written to best knowledge on hand and that its accurate as much as possible.

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Hivelocity - Worst Signup Experience

May 2, 2009

11 days ago I signed up for a dedicated server with Hivelocity.

Hivelocity sent me an email requiring few more details in order to authorize my account to which I replied with all the details within few hours.

After that there was no communication for days. I couldn't get anybody on their online support; I've emailed sales, billing, support, even HivelocityGM asking them about the status of my request and had no responses. Not even one.

After few days I finally managed to contact somebody on their online support. They apologized, said that my server is being built and that it will be online in few hours.

After yet another day of no communication and no server details, I managed to contact another person on online support. This time he said that my authorization is not complete. Strange considering that one day before they were "building" my server.

I've decided to cancel my account and asked for the refund. Apparently nobody can't issue refunds except the GM, but I was assured that it would be handled on Mon morning. No surprises there, but nobody contacted me on Mon morning. I had to contact support again. I finally exchanged few emails with the GM and he apologized for the mix up and promised to handle my refund "right away".

That was on 27th Apr. Since then I haven't received any other communication and no refund. I've raised the dispute with PayPal.

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Xen Vs Other OS Sales

Nov 16, 2007

How come there are so many vps deals with OS other than Xen in vps offers section.

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Sep 25, 2009

What's the deal with these guys? I'm getting treated as poorly by these guys as I did by 365 Main. Been trying to get in touch with my rep for my Fremont colo for two weeks. Everybody is on vacation, nobody picking up their phones. Does anybody know who manages XO's colo sales/customer representatives?

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Telecom Sales

Jan 14, 2009

I have just started working with an IT company. I have no prior knowledge of IT solutions. I would greatly appreciate any links where i could learn about Dedicated/Virtual Servers, Web Hosting, Co-Location, Bandwidth and any other Telecommunication information. Im not a total retard and I do understand computer systems such as hardware and how the components work.

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VPS Sales Decreasing

Nov 7, 2008

Is it just <<removed>> or is every company experiencing less VPS sales within the past month and a half? Is it the economy, or what is it?

Also, what is booming right now if VPS sales is down?

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Verizon And AT&T Sales

Feb 16, 2008

Does anyone have a good sales representative that is direct with either of these two companies? This would be for the Texas market if that matters.

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Aug 30, 2007

Has anyone else here had issues recently with the Zone.NET online sales chat? Over the last 36 hours it's been saying that the chat is online, but I'll sit in the queue for hours at a time without a reply.

I opened up a chat session earlier today and got a response, however they never replied to any of my questions - is there anything up over there?

Is their pre-sales support usually this poor? Before contacting them I checked out their reputation on WHT and they looked like their product and support were top notch.

Being in Australia can sometimes make speaking to live chat a bit difficult, however I've tried at various times through the day/night and at all times it's said the live chat was online.

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Sales Tax On Servers

Jun 12, 2007

can anyone offer a definitive answer on whether sales tax is applicable on the purchase of a physical server if that server is being colocated and leased out to customers as a dedicated box, with that customer paying sales tax?

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Dreamhost Sales Dwindling? Or Maybe Not?

Oct 24, 2008

I don't exactly recall the date, but a while ago, could be 1 week or more, I visited their site and read about their new anniversary offer, and there they had stated as follows: ...

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HP (server) Sales Contact

Jun 11, 2008

We have been dealing exclusively with Dell, but are looking into HP as well now. How aggresive can they be in their pricing? At what price volume will they start to be very aggresive?

Does anybody has a good HP sales contact that they can share? Looking for 50-100 of their lower end server (DL120).

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GigeNet Sales & Servers

Oct 23, 2008

GigeNet's servers is pretty cheap when you order high specs, and they support it, with great SLA and many other features.

I've tried contacting their sales team but no reply after more than 24 hours.. I wonder how would their support be like too..

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Bad Attitude From Servepath Sales Rep

Aug 8, 2008

I have had a bad experience with a servepath sales rep, I wonder if the entire company acted in such ways as its really really bad and stupid way to do business.

2 days ago I wanted to subscribe a dedicated server. I looked around and found servepath and decided to go with them initially. Went through their online chat and the sales rep gave me a quotation after several questions from me. Took the sales rep more than 1 1/2 hour to give me the quotation. The sales rep said it took 3 days to get the server ready for me..which seemed long but I asked him to send me the quotation anyway. While I waited, I did more research on the company and looked for other potential companies.

It seems that there were lots of complaints about servepath's customer service, So I looked elsewhere and that's where I found SingleHop instead. I had some issues with the billing but the co-founder - Dan Ushman emailed me and assumed me that they don't charge until the order is processed (since it was not processed yet, they cancelled it and I made another order). It took them no more than 3 hours to get the server up and running! This was impressive compared to servepath's 3 days to get the server up and running.

All went well until the servepath sales rep emailed me asking why I haven't reply him on the quotation. I just told him that I signed with another company. He then replied:

I put those quotes together on the spot for you as you gave me your word you were going to sign that night. Do you consider that respectful business etitquete?

So I replied like this:

I understand your frustration, but I waited for almost 2 hours before I got the quote, I was in a hurry so I decided to sign up with another company and after doing more research. I believe its natural in business you may not necessarily get the business all the time, as a sales person you should know that.

He further replied:

When someone gives me their word I believe them.

So I replied:

There was not at any point I promised to sign up with you. I did mention I chose the package and decided what I wanted but did NOT promise I wanted to sign up with you.

Apart from the reason that you sent in the quotation > 1 hour, you also mentioned the server could be ready within 3 days only. As I wanted the server fast, I decided to go with another hosting company who could (and DID IT) in less than 24 hours. I hope you understand this. I'm thankful for your time.

And he stopped replying my mail after that. From what you can see, this sales rep really has a bad attitude. I'm no sales person but if you give a quotation to someone, it does NOT mean you will get that sale. And even if the person DID promise you, that's not the right way to react. He should ask me instead why I didn't choose servepath and how to improve their package, etc so that they can serve pple better..and not shoot the customer..

So guys, don't ever deal with servepath, you will regret it. Take my word, go with SingleHop, they did an excellent job.

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Sales Issue With

Feb 2, 2007

I was looking into getting a cabinet to host a few servers and saw that their is an ad on the main page saying $499 for a locking cabinet with 2x20amp circuits. This seems like a great deal and I gave their sales staff a call. The sales guy who picked up seemed confident he could get me this quote but had to double check. This seemed odd since its being advertised on the main page. I went through the process of asking him for more info and he got back to me for a quote for $100 more. Has anyone had a similar experience with colomax? I've heard so many good things about colomax and nrsoftware, I'm suprised they are doing false advertising.

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Good Response Time From Pre-sales

Feb 15, 2009

What is a good response time for pre-sales questions?

I have contact ed 4 hosts and here is their timing:

Godaddy: 17 hours

Geekstorage: 16 hours, second mail: no response for another 16 hours

Hawkhost: No response for 4 hours

Downtownhost: No response for 2 hours

My previous experience has been aspnix and I used to get their response within an hour but this time I need a linux host.

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KnownHost Sales Response Times

Apr 17, 2009

Has anyone else noticed the support responses from knownhost are taking longer and have less detail and not actually solving the problem on the first email? The service has been great so far but I find they are no longer going the extra mile in their responses?

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24/7 Sales/Technical Support Service

Sep 2, 2008

How can I do marketing for my 24/7 webhosting sales and technical support service?

I know SEO is a methods but another?

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Did IPower Pay The Commission For The Sales In August

Nov 23, 2008

I am the affiliate partner of iPower.

I have only less than 5 sales per month before July.

I asked iPower how could I be the power player of them.

They told me, I must have to sale more than 10 new clients per month.

So...I promo iPower very hard from August, and I have more than 10 sales in August, September, and October.

And they email to me in 29/October, they ask me how the great sales I can do?? And till now, they do not pay me the commission again.

Or does iPower has some problem?

Maybe my english is not good enough, but I promote iPower very hard.

So...they doubt these sales from my site?

I worry about that they would not pay me the commission, how should I do?

Does iPower pay the commission to everyone for the sales in August??

Anyone have recieved the commission from iPower for the sales in August??

I am a honest affiliate partner, I want my money.

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Zogmo And Colo4Dallas. No Reply From Sales

Mar 27, 2008

I've fire off several email to sales asking about coloing a single server and got no reply whatsoever. are these two providers too big now to talk to a small fish?

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Theprimehost Does Not Respond To My Pre-sales Questions

Dec 18, 2007

I recently contacted 'theprimehost' with some pre-sales questions about their service.

However I received no replies, so posted on their forums in hope to get a reply from Darrell. However I found that the thread was removed. The questions I asked were as below:

1. Can I host MODx/Textpattern on Primehost space?
2. Do I get access to mod_rewrite / SSH with your account? (As an individual and as reseller)
3. How much do you charge for a dedicated IP?
4. Do you oversell or allow overselling with reseller accounts? How is the bandwidth calculated?
5. How can I monitor the uptime of your servers?
6. Is domain alias enabled?
7. Does mail enable me to set vacation auto-replies?
8. How frequently do you backup data?
9. Do you accept payments for 2 years at a time?
10. I didn't find information about your datacenter on the site. Can you please tell me more about it?
11. Can I avail of the 20% discount in addition to the 2 for 1 offer? Till when are these two offers valid?

I wonder why nobody at 'theprimehost' bothered to reply to my queries and deleted the thread so promptly. Anybody knows whats up with the guys? I have seen great reviews about them on the forum so this was unexpected.

I know Darrell is active on this forum - maybe he can clarify...

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Power VPS Packages? Sales / Billing / Support

Sep 9, 2008

I've been with PVPS for coming up 2 years now, Ive had a few issues but they have mostly been sorted quickly...

I'm fairly happy with the support, they are normally answered quickly, however I have had a few things going on - one now for over a year, and I just get fobbed off.... but other than that, the main bulk of the service is A1. You always seem to get the same guys, which is nice, kinda means they are all real people and reliable... etc etc...

However I'm not sure if there are better companies out there, I pay $126.95 p/q + $12 p/a for an extra IP address.

I'm on Plesk 8.6 Centos 4.02, PHP 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7 and MySQL 5.0.46-1.el4.centos -
GenuineIntel, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz

Currently getting alerts saying im within 500mb of my 10GB space.

only have 29 domains, but its increasing by a couple a month gradually...

I'm just waiting for them to get intouch about an upgrade cost etc... but I'm not sure about bandwidth etc...

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Peer1 Miami Sales And Setup Review

Apr 13, 2008

I just moved 3 servers to colo with Peer1 in Miami. I just had 3 great years of colo with Fluidhosting so my standards are high. I wanted to buy directly from a Tier2, however, and Miami is close enough that I can access the datacenter if I need to which will be a plus.

My sales rep, Delynn, was great. Many of you are hosts and know that buying directly from Tier1's and Tier2's can be a pain in the butt because of the typical big company sales approach. You know when they refuse to give you a price and instead insist on knowing what your "budget" is... Delynn didn't do that, Peer1 has some great deals for smaller setups like 1/8th cabinets w/ 5mbps. They also gave me a month to month contract for a modest increase over the full year contract amount.

As for setup: The servers were installed within 2 hours of arriving on a Saturday. The tech gave me a call and confirmed everything was ok and that my 3 servers + unmanaged switch were doing ok on the 5 amp circuit since my servers are pretty low power usage. Their NOC is very smart and fast and available 24/7 afaik.

Important things to note: Luckily the day before my servers arrived I had an "oh @#%@" moment when I realized that I'd probably need to send them my own switch/power strip/ethernet cables. Sure enough this was the case and I overnighted a box to arrive at the same time as my servers. IMO this is a rather small caveat. It's not a big deal to send them a 50-100 dollar 100mbps unmanaged switch that's only using 0.2 amps.

So it's been "so far so good" I've been a fan of the Peer1 network since years ago when Fluidhosting used to carry them. As one would expect the Peer1 Miami pings to Europe/Asia aren't as good as the Internap routes from the northeast but I'm expecting the nearly flawless Peer1 network connectivity that I remember. I will give a network update in a few months.

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How Come Poor Quality Web Host Gain High Sales

Oct 7, 2009

I have seen number of web host with poor performance gain allot of sales.
number of ppl complaining on wht about such host.

I wonder how come customer go there, and how come they have such large sales, on other hand I saw some quality web host with fewer clients?

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Dealing With ThePlanet Sales Staff Is Like A Trip To The Dentist

Apr 17, 2008

I've been pretty happy with my servers with theplanet/ev1servers for the past, err, 5 years. But the OSes were out of date and it seemed like I could stand to get some significantly improved hardware for what I'm paying now (or, comparable hardware for a lot less).

I put in a RFQ from ThePlanet to see what I could do as far as upgrading my current server, hoping for something a little better than buying a new server while the old one is up and moving everything over, and also hopefully avoiding re-paying a one-time fee I had for a secondary hard drive.

Now I have no problem whatsoever with the result -- that my only option is to buy a new server, they won't migrate my HDs, and they won't upgrade my current server, and they won't give me any kind of credit for the second hard drive or let me transfer it to a new server. I get where they're coming form, even though it might make sense to figure out something a little better for a customer of 5 years that's dropped about $25k over that time period.

The problem is their sales staff. I'm surprised that theplanet (at least theplanet I remember from when I signed up) would have sales people so apathetic and basically useless.

Getting information I requested in my initial ticket took back-and-forth with a sales rep over the span of over 24 hours (and I still haven't really gotten an answer on one part, about my secondary hard drive). Actually looking at the ticket now, the initial response was over 24 hours after I opened a ticket (and it was opened during working hours).

Heck, the first two responses didn't even include a price for the hardware he wanted me to buy, just if I wanted to proceed and buy it.

Figuring it beats waiting I did one of their instant chats and before answering my questions I was told to be sure to give the guy credit for the servers I order. In fact, him telling me his contact information and to choose him were the only complete sentences I got, and roughly 80% of the communication I received.

I haven't needed support on my server recently, so I can't speak to if this is the quality of their support department now. I don't think I'll be around to find out though.

(Executive summary: Hello SoftLayer!)

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Apr 11, 2009

I am currently Hivelocity customer (also have servers with Softlayer).

I am wondering if Hivelocity ever plans to make portal options similar to Softlayer?

I am talking about automated os reinstall (better prices or free like SL does)

I am talking about Support ticket (Administration tickets which are 3 dollars at Softlayer).

I am talking about free kvm and stuff like that.

I am not asking this because i don't think that hivelocity is not good provider. I am with hivelocity for about 10 days now, and its been fine.

I must say that i am not very impressed with their customer portal page, ticketing page, server page, nor bandwidth graphs (where they had a problem with my account since the first day i signed up .. and problem is still there, 'they are working on it' which is fine ... i don't mind).

I must say that hivelocity gave me great deal on the server, thats why i ordered it with them.

I just hope that they will make some stuff hingssupport easier for their customers and make it less expensive to have our servers fixed, worked on.

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