How Come Poor Quality Web Host Gain High Sales

Oct 7, 2009

I have seen number of web host with poor performance gain allot of sales.
number of ppl complaining on wht about such host.

I wonder how come customer go there, and how come they have such large sales, on other hand I saw some quality web host with fewer clients?

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Looking For A Good, High Quality Email Host

Sep 5, 2008

I know this is the Web Hosting Forums; but I'm hoping you guys can help me out with a related problem:

I am looking for a good, high quality email host. My wishes/requirements:

- IMAP [required]
- SSL encryption [required]
- Good, server-side filtering/sorting [required]
- Procmail/Sieve [both pluses]
- Hosting on an OSS stack [a plus]
- No bandwidth limits [1]
- No message transfer limits [2]

[1] I have 350-400 Mb of email stored at the moment, and I take backups. I hear good things about Fastmail; but I fear their bandwidth limits wouldn't cut it, even at the Enhanced plan (three backups, and it'd be done, basically).

[2] I am not referring to attachment/message size limits. I mean caps on how many messages I send or receive in a given timeframe. If the limits are really high (in this, Fastmail is fine), then I don't mind. But I've seen some hosts that have pretty low ones. Subscribe to a couple mailing lists and...poof.

I currently am running an email server on a VPS (Postfix/Dovecot/Procmail). But if anyone has any suggestions, I'd really like to hear them.

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High Quality VPS

Sep 20, 2007

am facing problem with my current host

high load and mysql crashed

am running 4images + vb which need special VPS

i need 1gb, 50gb space BW around 600/m

budget around $60/m

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Dedi For A High Quality VPN Provider

May 19, 2009

I'm about to start a premium VPN service provider, i've found that far too many people in this area are content with providing 100kb/s download speeds and poor reliablity, and think I can provide something better.

I'm currently evaluating options for the hosting i'll need. Initially i'd only be looking at 1 or 2 high bandwidth servers from a quality provider(in the US), on a monthly contract - obviously with the capacity to increase this as and when business becomes a little more established.

I've looked at, and a few uncapped 100Mb providers (Sharktech and others). Obviously I can see the 10tb cap on a gigabit port being a potentially expensive issue - how do they measure this bandwidth? I've noticed that several companies are now only counting the upload which would help me alot, is this standard? Additionally, and considering that i'm specifically NOT going to permit p2p usage in my TOS, would I be correct in assuming that providers will have no issue with this form of service over their network?

Finally, to the more experienced folk here, who would you choose... and why?! Given that i'm marketing this as a premium service, cost isn't the most important factor, but obviously it is one of the considerations.

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Ffmpeg High-quality Conversion

Aug 16, 2008

I want to do a "near-lossless" video conversion, if that is even possible, in keeping the proportion of the original video. Veoh seems a little bit better / at a higher quality than youtube, and I want to achieve higher quality than that. Literally speaking, I want the converted flv video's quality to be as close as the original video. What ffmpeg command exactly do I need to achieve this? I currently use ClipShare and is experimenting with Ostube for the php script. The default "high-quality" setting for both scripts are not that good of a quality either, with choppy images.

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[EU] High Quality/uptime Shared

Jun 23, 2008

it was quite a while since the last time i was using some of the shared/reseller hosts. As far as i can see, there's A BUNCH of new shared/reseller hosts here at WHT everyday. So i can't really distinguish what host to choose.

This shared account will be used to host just one site/one domain. The site is very light, diskspace and traffic can be very low. It can be plesk or cpanel control panel. Linux OS, PHP5.

What i'm actually looking for is a European host WITHOUT overselling, with high quality bandwith and uptime, accepting paypal/moneybookers payments. This website does not require a lot of traffic, less than 1gig a month, but it really needs to be fast europe bandwith with HIGH uptime.

The host does not need to be years in business, it can be new host as long as the quality of service is very high.

There are no price limits, as far as the price justify what host has to offer.

I've looked at some shared offers from europe hosts in which i usually rent dedi's, such as leaseweb, netrouting, eurovps, hetzner... Does anyone have experience with their shared hosting offers?

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High Quality Shared Hosting

Oct 13, 2008

quality shared hosting solution for a WordPress-powered multi user blog. The blog currently has around 1000 posts, 5000 comments and around 2000 unique visitors every day, but those numbers will grow grow exponentially in future, so the hosting in question needs to be expandable since I will eventually have to move to a dedicated server.

Right now, however, I want a quality US-based hosting company that has good connection to EU, with fast support and basic features: PHP5, MySQL5, shell access, ~10GB HD space and ~50-100GB traffic.

First and foremost I am looking for quality and am prepared to pay as much as $25-30 per month.

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Need High Quality DDoS-Protected Server

May 25, 2009

Datacenter in California USA will be better,

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Performance Gain In PHP 5 And MySQL 5

Nov 26, 2007

I was wondering if there is a significant performance gain if you use PHP 5.25 and MySQL 5x instead PHP 4.47 and MySQL 4.22?

Let's say that the scripts to be used are all compatible to the said versions.

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High Bandwidth Host

Aug 20, 2008

I have a client who has came to me for advice on his web site. I own a dedicated server and manage it using PLESK. I do pretty well managing it but I'm definitely not an expert on hosting by any means. So I need your help.

He is starting a new web site and he is going to do radio advertising on a lot of stations and expects to get a lot of hits. The web site seems to be pretty small with only a few pages of text and minimal pictures, so I don't think it will use that much just by the site being so small.

But anyway, I want him and me to feel comfortable that the site is not going to go down no matter how many hits he gets. How do I guesstimate this?

What are some good hosting companies that offer high bandwidth and protect you from overage charges -- or at least charge little for overages. I'm looking to spend less than $80/month. Also, do you have any idea: How many users will 10GB bandwidth cover if it's only a 5 page site with one picture on each page and 5 paragraphs of text just to get an idea.

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Professional, High Redundancy Host Wanted

Mar 18, 2008

I've got a decent server, quad processor, 12GB ram, terabyte of hot swappable RAID 10 disk. Its at an Equinix site. They provide UPS, backup generators, etc and fiber to the usual major backbone folks.

But its a lights out facility. I want someone else to handle backups, rebooting when needed, etc.

I'd like to let someone else provide the service. Use my 2U server or I can rent yours.

Need MySql, Apache, Tomcat, SSL, Java, ssh access. I've got wildcard certs for SSL, domain registered, etc.

I'm guessing that I can get this for about $500 per month with low bandwidth (this is an IT application, not peer-to-peer or torrents.). Let me know if my budget is off base. I think one megabyte/second sustained over the month, 95% averaged is suffiicent. At least until the business grows, we can then talk about getting racks of blades at higher cost.

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Shared Host For High Traffic Blog

Jun 4, 2009

Is there any shared host which can easily drive a wordpress blog with 100,000-150,000 unique visitors every month?

The blog in question has wp-supercache and is quite a bit tweaked and consumes roughly 30-50GB of bandwidth every month (with mod deflate enabled on server). My priorities are good uptime, fast servers and network (especially to India) and good customer support.

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Good Host For High Traffic Blog

Jan 5, 2009

I have a blog that gets about 50,000 unique users a month and I'm looking for a host that would fit the bill. I'm using wordpress so that's obviously a requirement, but also I would like RoR support. Other than that I'm pretty open. My fear is just that I'll get relegated to a slow server or have my account suspended. My budget is really whatever I need to pay. I'd like to find something at $15 a month or under but I'm willing to pay up to $50 or more if need be.

I'm planning on growing the traffic more in the future so I'm not sure if I should just go for dedicated hosting now or wait. I've checked out hostgator and they seem to have good reviews and fit the bill well, I'm just not sure if they are suited for high traffic sites or not.

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Poor Xen Performance

Nov 7, 2009

I have been working with Xen over the last week or so and I can't figure out why the performance is downgraded so much when booting into Xen. There are certain things that seem just as fast but other things just don't seem normal.

I have tried this on two different quad-core systems, one new generation (York) with CentOS5 and one old (Kent) with Debian Lenny but neither seem to produce good speeds.

For example, when I use the default kernels I can usually get about ~600 score out of unixbench-wht and things such as top and core systems show up as 0% cpu when running top.

When I boot into Xen kernel however, whether it been from Dom0 or the guest OS, top uses about 3% CPU and unixbench-wht produces scores under 250.

I have set vcpus to 4 and have even tried vcpu-pin 0 0, 1 1, 2 2, 3 3 but nothing seems to be changing anything. The disk speeds seem about the same (hdparm). I'm assuming it is something with the CPU,

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Aug 4, 2009

I signed up for a VPS at UltraVPS using their promotional coupon and special offer posted on WHT.

First- it took them 7 hours to activate my account, after bugging them.

Second- it takes them nearly 7 hours to respond to a support ticket.

Third- I am unable to login into the VPS control panel nor the FTP using the login information they have provided. I am not a newbie in hosting, I have several different VPS accounts.

It seems like this is a one-man operation.....

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Poor Experience With HostMaxPro...

Jun 3, 2008

I met these guys through this website and they promised me exactly what I was looking for... a fast, responsive web host with PHP5, MySQL and 5GB - 10GB of storage. I was previously with HostDepartment and they obviously oversell... my site load times were counted in minutes. Anyways, things started great for the first two weeks... the site was always up and clients were amazed at the speed and performance of the site. I considered bringing over 7 other "business" websites because the performance was so great.

Then about 3 weeks ago... the site went offline. It's the internet, stuff happens...

DDoS attacks, DNS conflicts, Server Upgrades, someone trips on the power cord, whatever. I file a ticket and the site is back up in about an hour or two. So, i forget about it. Few days later, its down again... for a LONG period of time... multiple hours.

I file another ticket and I'm told they are in the process of mitigating a DDoS attack.

The outage then starts showing a pattern.. my site will be up late in the evening and early in the morning... but from 11amCST to about 11pmCST.. its unavailable. After another day, I contact them and they say they are still being assaulted by DDoS but they have put measures in place to correct it... that was at the end of May. My site has been down for 2 days straight.. since around 11am CST on June 1st. I came online briefly during the morning of June 2nd... but went back offline around 11am on the second and has never returned. The previously quick responses to my tickets have been non-existant now... I have yet to hear a response to my ticket from June 1st.. I did add a note to it once a day at 11am for the purpose of tracking that the site was still down. I understand that may move it to the end of the queue... but it has been updated once a day, so there was plenty of time between updates to see it.

I highly advise to avoid these guys... I wasn't going to write this until I could access to my site again for fear of losing my database info... but at this point, it seems like my sites are already lost.

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Poor Experience With ASmallOrange

Mar 30, 2008

I had read a lot of good things on these forums about ASmallOrange. So I finally decided to sign up with them for my friend's website which I manage & design.

Unfortunately my experience was anything but good. The issue was that I am based in India & I design my friend's website who is based in the US. Since my friend is a non tech savvy person he gave me his credit card number and asked me to manage everything from signing up for a new web host to designing the site.

Since ASmallOrange's billing department found that the address is registered based in USA but the IP address of the person signing up was not from USA, they marked the account as fraud.

I must say that I very well appreciate this system of fraud detection followed by them & am very much impressed by it. What I was not impressed with was the fact that they didn't bother to inform me about the same nor did they try to verify the authenticity of the account. Unaware of this, me & my friend kept waiting for more than 24 hours for my account to get activated. It was only when I raised a support ticket that they informed me that my account has been marked as fraud.

Subsequent to this I informed them about the circumstances under which this account was signed up & asked them to carry out whatever verifications they need to do with the end client or through the credit card company.

To my surprise again there was no reply from their end & this morning I find that my support thread was closed without reverting on the issue.

I guess its time for me to move on and host somewhere else. My own websites are hosted with Dotable and am very happy with them.

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Solidhost Poor Service

Dec 20, 2008

Does any one know what's up with solidhost?

I have a VPS plan with them that includes 6 dedicated IP's. they have only issused me 2 so I have asked them to issues 2 more. I have sent about 10 emails to their billing department (which handles this) and no one has responded. The technical department is replying to me but only in regards to technical prblems.

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Jun 3, 2008

I would like to start off by saying M8 has always maintained an excellent uptime, HOWEVER, support has been a nightmare to work with and responses take forever. What prompted me to send this was our sites have been down for over 3 hours so far and you cannot contact anyone by phone and when you email there is no response.

After realizing that a response was going to take a while we decided to try a few things on our own and It appears as though we have been blocked by their firewall or something because we can access the sites via a anonymous proxy. We are still waiting for this issue to be fixed.

Why were we blocked ? Read on

We asked them about a week ago to update our instance of Sugar CRM and we told them that shortly we will be moving another domain to them and when we do this we will want to move our version of sugar.

They did the upgrade (again, response time was horrible), when it was done we went to our URL and found that it had never been updated. I asked them about this and I found out that they moved it to a new service and that the url we were using would not work with all the scripts I had running.

I accepted that and said fine, no problem, we will get our new domain over there and everything will be good. The only problem I had with this is now we are forced to move this stuff right away because our request was not done the way it should have been. Please note, we paid them $100 to update our Sugar version which is no problem…

I started to get ready to move our data and could not connect via FTP, I entered a ticket and a LONG wait later I get the reply, to login to your control panel do this. Needless to say that is NOT what I needed. I needed to know how to login via ftp because all attempts would not work. Keep in mind, that we also upgraded our plan with them.

Anyway, it appears that because we tried to FTP in so many times we have been blocked, however, this would not have been the case if they had answered our support question in a reasonable amount of time… My one contact there when you send him emails comes back with

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

user is over quota

--- Enclosed are the original headers of the message.

Can anyone please help with hsphere and how to FTP because apparently they are not going to help and now my entire office is unable to do any work because we cannot access our stuff…

Please note, I am a very patient person, but when it takes days to get an answer to a simple question and we are spending more money with them I lose my patience. I do not like to bash any company because we all have our problems, but this is crazy…

We let them know that we were going to do a post on WHT and still no response back. I feel horrible about posting this and will update you once this has been resolved..

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Poor Experience With Siteground

Jun 11, 2008

About a month ago I transferred a live site from a host to siteground as they supported all the functions I needed. I could have transferred the site myself, but to help convince to move to siteground promised me a free no downtime guaranteed transfer (which apparently is company policy) So I let them do it. There was downtime during the transfer but not a big deal I was ok with that But then a few days later my site went down big time. Someone called me to tell me it was down and I didn't have access to a computer so I called siteground. The operator (besides having trouble understanding english) wouldn't even report that my site was down to support!! Finally I get back to the computer and report it myself. Their 15 min or less turned out to be about 45 Then when I ask if I am going to be compensated for the extreme amount of downtime like the promise but I get turned down at every turn the excuse being technically it was downtime because it loaded a blank page STILL downtime in my book since it was siteground's fault I hadn't touched it. To add injury upon insult my site that ran perfectly smooth before has numerous problems. Every time I submitted a ticket they either tried to make it sound like it was my fault (again I hadn't touched it) or gave me the "normally this is a paid service but we made an exception for you" line as if I would need the service if they hadn't messed up the transfer. My overall experience with their service left me disgusted. Not to mention when I cancelled the "guaranteed money back" withholds nearly 4 months worth of the year I paid in advance. I have since transferred the SAME site MYSELF to atechosting and now have had it running for a few days there and had no downtime during transfer or a single problem since.

I will say performance wise they were fine even though their was some 169 on my server.

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Poor Netscreen Performance

Nov 20, 2007

I have two netscreen 25 firewalls linked together via an ethernet cable.

If I connect the ethernet cable to switches I get around 90Mbps. However, if I connect the firewalls together I barely get more than 30Mbps (25Mbps average using iperf). All rules are set to talk to each other and the setup works, but I don't understand where the speed has gone.

The firewall ports and firewall performance per port is rated at 100Mbps and there is little traffic on the other network ports. I have both interfaces set to auto neg duplex as if set to 100 full I get even worse performance.

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Poor ServInt Support

Apr 14, 2007

I finally ditched Site5 at a host. So _anything_ should be better, right?

After only a week or so with ServInt I'm wondering if I made the wrong decision.

Now I thought a few hours resolution time with Site5 was frusterating, try waiting 6 hours, or 18 (my current ticket, still not resolved, with no reply after asking for an update several hours ago).

And having a tech answer the phone doesn't help much either if they don't have a clue how to troubleshoot.

First the tech insists that MX records need to be pointed to my host for OUTGOING smtp to work!

Then after sending him the necessary log files twice, he still insists I'm not giving him enough information to fix the problem and that MX records must be setup. When I call and ask if he read the log file snippets I had sent him, "no" was the answer! AAAAAARGH!

And then being told many times, that the problems been fixed. And then finding out it's not and that they never even TESTED IT before saying so!

Is it time to pack up and leave before I migrate all my customers there?

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Your Connection From IP Has Been Rejected Due To Poor Reputation

Jun 29, 2009

Im getting the following error:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
host []:
554 Your connection from IP has been rejected due to poor reputation


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Poor Up/down Speeds (KeyWeb - Dedicated Box)

May 10, 2009

I have been lurker for long time already but now decided to ask this question I have been wondering about past few months.

I rent an dedicated server from KeyWeb, with dedicated 100mbps link. The server itself isn't that good & fast, but it's just perfect for my gaming server (E4500, 2GB DDR-2 ram and 2 x 320GB sata 2 drives)

Now to the problem. Always when I download some big files with this server from ftp or html server, and if I only open one connection, speed is very poor... Like 1MB/s or so, but if I use some download manager or torrent client which opens more than just one connection, +10 or so... Then the speed is very good, sometimes it goes up to 15MB/s. The server is actually connected to 1gbps switch but I think the port is limited to 100mbps.

At speedtest (dot) net, I get results like 17mbps down and 8mbps down.

So... Is that normal or is there something wrong? I've not contacted them yet, but if this isn't normal. I will Ofcourse I'll try to solve this on my own.

and before someone asks if this ftp I'm downloading from is not fast enough... I can tell you, it's. I downloaded one big file from it at school and at max speed was about 9MB/s

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Iweb Bad And [poor] Support Experience

Jun 30, 2008

Today we have been very badly handled by iweb night support team.

The server went down and still down,

They did not answered phone and also did not update us for problem status. They kept saying the admin is working on the issue.

They asked root password and who knows what they are doing with it.

We are moving our accounts from their data center as we speak.

They employ irresponsible and incapable people and not trusted any longer. is highly recommended for the ones looking for canadian dedicated server at the moment

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Poor Performance After Install CSF Firewall

Jan 4, 2008

I have read on this forums and google CSF seem to be the best firewall out there, so i installed it configure and run it. After the installation i found that i received a lot time out error on web service. Page take a lot longer to load. I think it's my configuration.

Can someone take a look at my configuration if possible please share your configuration. I really like to have CSF run without poor performance on web service.




ETH_DEVICE = "eth1"


TCP_IN = "20,21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,465,953,993,995,2077,2078,2082,2083,2086,2087,2095,2096,8184"

TCP_OUT = "20,21,22,25,37,43,53,80,110,113,443,587,873,953,2087,2089,2703"

UDP_IN = "20,21,53,953"

UDP_OUT = "20,21,53,113,123,873,953,6277"

ICMP_IN = "1"

ICMP_OUT = "0"








DROP_NOLOG = "67,68,111,113,135:139,445,513,520"




SYSLOG = "0"

DYNDNS = "0"








LF_SSHD = "3"

LF_FTPD = "3"


LF_POP3D = "5"

LF_IMAPD = "5"




LF_CSF = "1"











LF_PARSE = "5"



LT_POP3D = "60"

LT_IMAPD = "0"





LF_DSHIELD = "86400"


LF_SPAMHAUS = "86400"


LF_BOGON = "86400"

LF_BOGON_URL = [url]
CT_LIMIT = "300"




CT_BLOCK_TIME = "1800"



PT_LIMIT = "30"




PT_USERMEM = "100"

PT_USERTIME = "1800"


PT_LOAD = "30"
PT_LOAD_SKIP = "3600"

PT_SMTP = "0"

IPTABLES = "/sbin/iptables"
MODPROBE = "/sbin/modprobe"
IFCONFIG = "/sbin/ifconfig"
SENDMAIL = "/usr/sbin/sendmail"
NETSTAT = "/bin/netstat"
PS = "/bin/ps"
FUSER = "/sbin/fuser"
VMSTAT = "/usr/bin/vmstat"
LS = "/bin/ls"
MD5SUM = "/usr/bin/md5sum"
TAR = "/bin/tar"
CHATTR = "/usr/bin/chattr"

HTACCESS_LOG = "/usr/local/apache/logs/error_log"
MODSEC_LOG = "/usr/local/apache/logs/error_log"
SSHD_LOG = "/var/log/secure"
SU_LOG = "/var/log/secure"
FTPD_LOG = "/var/log/messages"
SMTPAUTH_LOG = "/var/log/exim_mainlog"
SMTPRELAY_LOG = "/var/log/exim_mainlog"
POP3D_LOG = "/var/log/maillog"
IMAPD_LOG = "/var/log/maillog"
CPANEL_LOG = "/usr/local/cpanel/logs/login_log"
SCRIPT_LOG = "/var/log/exim_mainlog"

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Poor Connection To My Server From Home

Feb 7, 2007

I have had major problems with connecting to my shared hosting space from my home. Sometimes I can only view one page before it times out and other times I can not view any pages.

I have tried tracert, which seemed fine and there is no problem accessing the IP from any other location, only my house.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I could do? If I can not figure it out I am either going to have to get another ISP or move all my web sites.

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Xen Vs Other OS Sales

Nov 16, 2007

How come there are so many vps deals with OS other than Xen in vps offers section.

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Bluehost :: Is Five Minutes Of Power Poor Redundancy?

Jul 15, 2006

I don't have a problem with Bluehost, but after getting this email tonight I would have thought that it's not that hard to have enough fuel and a big enough generator to last more than five minutes after a power outage. It seems like pretty poor redundancy planning if a major host can't last more then five minutes with no power. Hospitals and other places don't have any problem doing it with similar or bigger power demands.

Dear Bluehost Customer,

This evening (July 14th) from about 5:25pm-6:55pm many of our servers
were offline causing significant downtime for many of our users. The
outage was due to a severe power outage in the north end of Orem, Utah
where our servers are located. We do have UPS backup as well as diesel
generators, but at about 5:30 they finally gave out. The power outage
was for much longer than that period of time, but the reserve power
was eventually consumed in its entirety. When it rains it pours.

For users on box65-box145 there have been periodic problems with the
Redhat linux kernel that we were using that was causing problems with
the filesystem that your data is stored on. This issue has been causing
periodic problems for users on those boxes. In the last few days we have
resolved that issue which also caused those boxes to require a reboot.

The downtime is extremely regretable. We apologize profusely for the
inconvenience to our customers and in turn to those who were trying to visit
your sites during the outage. With the fixes we have put in place in the
last few days coupled with other upgrades you should experience MUCH
better uptime in the future.

Thanks for you patience,

Matt Heaton / President

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Ipower Turned Into A Such A Poor Hosting Service?

Feb 2, 2009

Why has Ipower turned into a such a poor hosting service? I have been with them for years and now they are leaving me little choice, but to find a new provider. For years they were able to provide me with a smooth service. Over the last year I have experienced tons of down time, long wait time for customer service, and recently downed email service for way toooo long.

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Poor Performance Of SuperMicro PDSMi And CentOS

Jan 4, 2007

I've got some hardware based on SuperMicro PDSMi and trying to run CentOS 4.4 on it.

It all installs fine however Disk Performance is extremely poor:

hdparm -t /dev/hda

Timing buffered disk reads: 12 MB in 3.30 seconds = 3.64 MB/sec

hdparm shows the hard drive is running in funny mode:

multcount = 16 (on)
IO_support = 0 (default 16-bit)
unmaskirq = 0 (off)
using_dma = 0 (off)
keepsettings = 0 (off)
readonly = 0 (off)
readahead = 256 (on)
geometry = 20023/255/63, sectors = 164696555520, start = 0

And strange thing DMA can't be enabled:

hdparm -d1 /dev/hda

setting using_dma to 1 (on)
HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted
using_dma = 0 (off)

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