Veritynet :: Services Terminated Due To Paypal Dispute Opened

Jul 1, 2008

Ok, I have services at Veritynet on a vps, They have terminated our server that is fully PAID for a year without refund, due to a dispute I opened in paypal because of services being down for a week.

I talked with their customer support for three days to get my services back online, and finally said enough is enough, I want a refund to take my service elsewhere, Now he has totally cut off our services even tho the paypal dispute ended in no refund being given.

What is my course of legal action?

This was sent to an email:

We have received a charge back request from paypal and under our standard policies this constitutes forfeiture of all service rights and possible ban from any future services. Had you allowed us the time and consideration to work out your grievance we may have come to a mutual understanding but in taking the action that you did you have broken any trust that a service relationship will require. At this time we have no intentions of providing any further service for this account.

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Paypal Dispute With Worldstream For Server Not As Described

Jan 14, 2009

Ok here is the scenario.

Day 1 - Ordered server, agreed price and spec and installation date. Quoted 3 days setup time.

Day 3 - I was told need an extra day to setup this I said is fine.

Day 4 - server is setup but is missing 2 drives and only has half the ram I ordered. I email them to tell them this.

Day 6 - They finally respond to my email and tell me they have fixed the missing drives and ram they also offer me 10 days free as compensation. The problem is now the server is completely down, doesnt even respond to ping.

Day 7 - I email them to tell them server down and I now want a refund, I offer to accept a partial refund to compensate them for manual work involved in setting up server. (412 euros paid 350 euros refund), this offer made in goodwill so resolve quickly. 2nd proposal sent later for only 300 euro refund.

Day 9 (today) - No reply whatsoever and server still offline I raise a paypal dispute and within 1 hour I get a email telling me they agree to my 2nd proposal (only 300 euro refund) however they want me to cancel paypal dispute first.

I have read the paypal dispute policy and I see if I were to cancel the dispute and they then not refund me I have nothing since I cannot reopen the dispute, whilst if he were to refund me and I was to try and scam him he would have a strong case as paypal have the refund logged so he has far less to worry about. So I am not cancelling the dispute and even offered to set it to 300 euros but he says if I dont cancel the dispute I get no refund.

Just want to know peoples thoughts on this, consider I never have had the server I ordered working, its currently completely down and he was ignoring me until I raised the dispute which doesnt put his trustworthyness very high.

The provider is

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My 3 Days With

Aug 1, 2008

I want everyone to know that the purpose of this post is to ask for help, and nothing else.

I bought a VPS from VerityNet one night. The next afternoon,I found out that my server was not setup yet and I had to call in for it to be manually setup. Great! Now I can get going, except for some reason I am not able to login to their PPP (Parallels Power Panel) and not able to login via Remote Desktop with the username and password supplied in the e-mail. So, I called in and told them I was not able to login, so he suggested a password reset. He said he would send me the new password via e-mail, but it took almost until next morning (Today). I tried to login using the new password for both Remote Desktop and PPP and it has failed to work, again. Next, I went back on their website to pull up the 1800 number to call them (By the way, this is the SAME number that I used Yesterday.).

When I dialed that number, it saids "This mail box does not exist".

What should I do at this point?

A) Stay with them, and try to work things out.

B) Get a refund

C) Stay with them, and ask for compensation for the 3 days.

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Hosting Dispute Resolution

May 21, 2007

Is there a club for hosting companies to belong to that might seek to arbirate when there's a dispute ? The company (in USA) hosting my sites has decided to withdraw support. They say I was wasting their time; I say they were avoiding addressing the problem. I don't want to stay with a company that throws a fit if you criticise them, so it's time to move on. But they have been paid to host my sites, so I reckon I'm due a refund. They are ignoring my e-mails. The sum involved is small, it's just the principal really.

Tim Dawson, Isle of Mull, Scotland

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Windows 2003 VPS + RDP (more Than 2 Sessions Opened At One Time)

Nov 13, 2008

I'm running a Windows 2003 based Vps, I'm looking to have more than 2 sessions of RDP at one time, I think every people know that is setted to 2.

I want only one more, at the moment I have admin acc always running, #1 friend account (where there are running 2 process always) and now I want #2 friend account for run another process.

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Account Terminated By Limestone

Mar 4, 2009

Every limestone say of servers are making spam, in my one month of company again, i have new case, but this is high wrong.

Company simple poweroff and send e-mail with "Terminated Server", why? If your company don't can make nothing, i can, if your Windows and Network is not secured i have anything with this?

If your company don't provide services control, i don't can make anything?, if your company don't announce i can make nothing?

Wrong company relations, have only price and good hardware.

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StartLogic Account Terminated

May 22, 2009

My StartLogic account has been terminated by their "Legal Team" saying that I am violating their TOS. Actually, They've terminated it because I've been using too many resources lately, and they don't have the courage to tell me that their unlimited plan are limited.

Anyway the account is now terminated/suspended/inaccessible and I'm now in progress of moving to a VPS.

I'm contacting them now for several days to download just one database, and then let the account go! But they are not responding No emails received, and when I contact their Live Support chat they have only one one thing to say "I have updated the ticket, one of our specialist will contact you soon." Come on What ticket are you talking about? The account has been already terminated, I want to download a database so I can move my website, I don't want any file as they said we can't backup your files because they violate our TOS, it's Okay, I would like to download a DB, they're just ignoring me

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/usr/bin/find: Head Terminated By Signal 13

Jan 20, 2008

In the past 2-3 days I have been getting these remarks at the end of the Logwatch 7.3.6 email,

/usr/bin/find: head terminated by signal 13

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Are There ANY Ebook Viewing 'counters' (How Many Times An Ebook Has Been Opened)

Apr 22, 2009

When people pass on your Viral Free ebooks, how can we tel how many times the pdf is being opened(viewed)? - not Downloaded from a site, but opened

some sort of counter enbedded in the ebook?

(I dont mean how can we count the amount of times a PDF is 'downloaded' from a server,- or how many times the pdf has been downloaded from a webpage,)

but how many times a pdf has been 'opened' /viewed

Some sort of image counter/when the image is loaded live from wherever it is hosted, it shows as a count ?

ie- if the ebook is opened 8 times- in 8 separate IP addresses, the image will be shown 8 times, showing that the ebook has been viewed 8 times.

(These are PDF ebooks)

That sort of service/system. ?

or any other system? /recommendations ?

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Delete Backup Files Of Terminated Accounts

Jun 18, 2009

What is the best way to remove backups files of terminated accounts in the /backup/cpbackup/daily directory?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Migrate From Old To New Server - Deployer Terminated By Exception

Oct 1, 2014

When I try to migrate from old server to new server, I get this error:

Warning: Deployer has been terminated by exception: Line 471 error: Element 'certificates': This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( sb-config, backup-settings, server-preferences, spamassassin, grey-listing, virusfilter, kav-settings, coldfusion, gapps-services, events ).

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PayPal Or CC On File?

Apr 2, 2008

If a hosting company offers both paypal and CC on file (CC on file with auto-subscription/-recurring ability), which payment method do you prefer to use as a customer?

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Hosting Through Paypal?

May 8, 2006

I am looking for a resonably pricing hoster that accepts paypal. I do not own a credit card but do own a bank account. I cannot for the love of me find a hosting company that will accept unverified paypal accounts which is my only method of paying for hosting. Can someone please refer me to a hostign company that actually does take unverified paypal?

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Pay Hosting With Paypal

Nov 21, 2005

I'm looking for webhosting and domein registration which I can pay with paypal.
I have an unverified paypal account.

I'd like to be able to add multiple domains to the hosting, and if possible pay per month?

I'd also like to have mod_rewrite installed..

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Are Dreamhost Can't Se Paypal Payment In Currently?

Feb 13, 2009

What's happen with dreamhost payment methods?

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Major Paypal IPN Problem

Jan 7, 2008

Paypal started sending me notices that it was unable to connect to my IPN (I'm using modernbill v4) yet I used it without a problem for 3 years.

The sent this message in response to my support inquiry:

I have had the IPN logs checked and show that, on recent transactions, your Web server returned an HTTP 200 OK on some of the transactions. Transactions were pulled from:

Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 15:00:09 GMT and Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 22:20:48 GMT

The reason that you are receiving the E-mail in question is due to your server not responding with an HTTP 200 OK rsponse. When this happens, the PayPal system attempts to resend the IPN POST for up to four days at which time the E-mail in question is generated to inform the merchant of issues with the IPN script.

This issue is not a PayPal issue, but is rather caused by your server's response to IPN POSTs sent to the IPN Script.

Can someone please help me trace this problem?

This is what my server is using:

Modernbill v4.4 stable
Centos 4.6
CSF Firewall
Cpanel 11
Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.2.5

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Paypal Email Blocked

Jul 23, 2008

I moved an account over to my VPS and I made a paypal payment and exim blocked it with this error:

rejected after DATA: This message contains a virus or other harmful content (Phishing.Heuristics.Email.SpoofedDomain

Help how do I fix it ?

I checked the IP it was sent from and it belongs to Ebay which is paypal I believe

Running cPanel/WHM

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The Planet - Not Accepting PayPal?

Jan 12, 2009

is it true that the planet does not accept paypal payments?

i was considering to get a server from them, also management from touchsupport (which is owned by the planet now) they dont accept paypal?

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Ipower And Paypal Cheat Me

Oct 5, 2008

I purchase hosting from ipowerweb. I pay through paypal but after 4 day i not recive any mail from there.

Now i contact support they told me payment never apply.

I open dispute in paypal and also send mail about refund to ipowerweb.

they replied this ....

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Jun 11, 2008

Can anyone help me explaining how I could access my sister's paypal account through LINUX VPS (is it possible) from BANGLADESH?

I wanted to buy a VPN but it is more or less the same price for a VPS. So I want to buy a VPS, as some say VPN and VPS works same when you browse internet with specific country IP.

As I'm going to use my sister's paypal account(she lives in UK)I need a IP address from UK, so that paypal doesn't assumes that I'm using it from BANGLADESGH. Can anybody help me with this issue?Please...

Is there is any "web browser" included in LINUX VPS? I mean when I log into my VPS account, can I browse internet just like I do with my local ISP. This all about using the paypal account from Bangladesh and added benefit would be that, I can use this VPS space to host some of my site.

Can anyone suggest what to look for in VPS (LINUX one, as it is cheaper than windows VPS) considering the above issue.

I have some experience with WHM and cPanel. Shall I look for WHM enabled VPS ? Or something else you suggest. What else to look for in VPS hosting or do you suggest any VPS provider from UK?

I need 10 to 15 GB of web space at this moment. If needed I will upgrade it later on to more "disk space" and "RAM".

"BROWSING internet using VPS from BANGLADESH is the main issue here"

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Did HostTDS :: Paypal Is Closed Or Something

Oct 4, 2009

Did HostTDS go under or something? I tried to pay my invoice with them and it's saying they can't recieve money currently in Paypal.

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Server Payment Via Paypal

Sep 26, 2008

Somebody know a good hoster with server dedicaced accept paymane via paypal ?

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Pay Per Hour VPS That Accepts PayPal

Apr 8, 2009

Does anyone know of any pay-per-hour VPS/Cloud/Grid/Utility/whatever other buzzword services that accept PayPal, since I can't seem to find any around.

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Good Hosting That Will Accept Paypal

Feb 3, 2008

does anyone know of good hosting that will accept pay pal?

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Any Cpanel/paypal Hosts With SOX And LAME?

Jan 8, 2007

I NEED a Php host with SOX and LAME software already installed, SHARED HOSTING, i know its out there, ofcourse i need a good amount of bw, thanks!

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Are We Wrong If We Ask For Government ID Before We Accept Paypal?

Sep 16, 2009

If some body pays by paypal for some services we need to verify that it is not a fraud so he has to fill up a form and send a government issued ID. but please see this chat conversation. the customer is reluctant to do so see the chat

Guest: photo id?
Guest: i am verified paypal.
Guest: why all this.
Guest: sorry, i can't send you something like that.
Guest: no one ask me something like that I have 25 servers
Guest: in europe, usa, asia

Are we wrong?

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Paypal IPN Emails Delayed By 2 Days

Oct 20, 2008

I have just recently moved a site over to my VPS, everything is working fine except for Paypal IPN Emails which arrive in my inbox 2 days after the sent timestamp, I have had 5 which have come through on time, this has led me to think it may be a problem with my VPS settings, however the host SolarVPS have checked the logs and can see nothing wrong, and have asked me to speak with Paypal as they are unable to explain it. I just wondered if anyone here has seen a problem like this, where it only affects one sender.

I have looked to see if others have had this from Paypal before, and seen many issues but not this one in particular.

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US Based Datacenter Accepting PayPal?

May 25, 2009

I am looking for hosting with following parameters:

- US-based (preferably datacenter owner, not sub-leaser)
- Accepts PayPal
- Offers KVM over IP or some kind of console-BIOS-level access (Need it for linux kernel rebuilds, OS [re]installation etc.)

The only one I found that accepts PayPal is Sharktech, but it don't offer KVM over IP .

Is there a good directory that lists datacenters with their business parameters? I found this site datacentermap-dot-com but it just lists datacenters on map and is not very useful for searching.

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