Good Hosting That Will Accept Paypal

Feb 3, 2008

does anyone know of good hosting that will accept pay pal?

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Are We Wrong If We Ask For Government ID Before We Accept Paypal?

Sep 16, 2009

If some body pays by paypal for some services we need to verify that it is not a fraud so he has to fill up a form and send a government issued ID. but please see this chat conversation. the customer is reluctant to do so see the chat

Guest: photo id?
Guest: i am verified paypal.
Guest: why all this.
Guest: sorry, i can't send you something like that.
Guest: no one ask me something like that I have 25 servers
Guest: in europe, usa, asia

Are we wrong?

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Webhost That Charges Monthly And Accept "true" Paypal

Jan 14, 2009

Why is this so hard to find? I've been searching for hours. I want a ASP-enabled host that do not charge me yearly, but monthly or quarterly, within acceptable price range. Basic features, really. ASP + MySQL.

The trubbles comes when i try to check out. Godaddy for instance. Trying to finish my order, but they still want my creditcard information (dont use visa, master or amex).

EasyCGI was very close. They accept true paypal-payment, but only on a yearly basis.
Do anyone know why this is so hard for them? And/or do you know any host that fit the requirements?

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Web Hosting With Accept Authorize.NET

May 1, 2009

is there any Web hosting with accept Authorize.NET?

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Hosting Provider Accept Western Union?

Jul 28, 2008

Anyone know a good web hosting provider that accept western union or moneygram?

I found many, but I dont know who to trust?

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Hosting Through Paypal?

May 8, 2006

I am looking for a resonably pricing hoster that accepts paypal. I do not own a credit card but do own a bank account. I cannot for the love of me find a hosting company that will accept unverified paypal accounts which is my only method of paying for hosting. Can someone please refer me to a hostign company that actually does take unverified paypal?

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Pay Hosting With Paypal

Nov 21, 2005

I'm looking for webhosting and domein registration which I can pay with paypal.
I have an unverified paypal account.

I'd like to be able to add multiple domains to the hosting, and if possible pay per month?

I'd also like to have mod_rewrite installed..

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Cheap Hosting That Accepts Unverified Paypal

Apr 29, 2009

i recently buy an 100$ from a website that sell paypal funds because i was thinking of buying a hosting and domain in godaddy but once i go to the payment they wanted me to put in a credit card info that i don't have

i was thinking of buying an

Deluxe Hosting account with go daddy with 150 GB Space | 1,500 GB Transfer

anyone can offer me much cheaper website i don't need unlimited because they got so many issues regarding to the TOS i want a website that accepts Adult Content and if its available ffmpeg support would be nice.

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Reliable Dollar Hosting With Cpanel And Paypal Billing

Apr 21, 2009

I am on a very fixed budget, and I'm looking for a reliable host I can host my domain on.
I am familar with cpanel already, I was once a VPS owner, until I could no longer afford a VPS
after I lost my job

so I'm on the hunt for $1 hosting that I can pay for once a year using paypal
so I don't have to risk loosing my site again.

I had a $25/mo VPS with a very nice hosting provider, but could not afford to keep the host,
so 2 days late on my bill, and they deleted my VPS just like that! I lost everything!
15 years of work down the drain in 2 seconds! oh I was so pissed!!

I mean, yeah I should have had a local backup, but the problem was, my Computer was in the shop,
and the guy who repaired my computer formatted my backup drive, which I was pissed about that too.
Can you believe it? lost a job, and 15 years of programming and design work down the drain in 2 seconds. Even if that host offered me a FREE VPS for life, I still wouldn't accept it. I mean that was rediculus that they couldn't restore even an old backup for me. better then no site at all, ya know?

For awhile after that, I thought about giving up on having my own website, but then I thought, well I need a presence, a wordpress blog or something, so I started looking around.

I found a few places that offered $1 hosting, which didn't seem like too bad of an idea, I could probably swing $10 once a year. There was one host that even had a $5/yr promo running,
which sounded really cool, because it had Fantasico and RVSkin too, which was a really good deal for all that, but I diddn't know anything about the host, not much information on the site, so decided to not to sign up and ask you guys first.

the host was

Does anyone know if their reliable or not? otherwise can you guys recommend a host? I have no idea. Knownhost used to have $1 hosting, but not anymoore it looks like. my X has always had good luck with them over the years. any ideas for a reliable host?

I mean, even when I had a VPS, I was lucky to use 1GB/month bandwidth, most of the time I was lucky to use 450mb/mo bandwidth. I did use a gig of disk space though over several sites, but I've lost a couple of domains already, and I only have 2 left that didn't get taken over, so all I'm looking for now is a site to host a couple pages, and a wordpress blog, so I don't really need that much.

I live in Indiana

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How To Choose A Good Web Hosting?

May 31, 2009

How to choose a good web hosting?

What aspects need to be paid attention to?

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Good Java Hosting

Feb 4, 2009

Recently i move to

I use for four months and i know that they are very cheap and good.

They give one month trial time to check their services.

They don't use cpanel but this lxadmin is quite okay. I paid only 11.95 monthly. If sb looking for java hosting - they are solid

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Hosting With A GOOD CPU Limit

Jun 4, 2009

which company i can buy a web hosting account with a high CPU limit?

i have site that gets killed on dreamhost bcos of the CPU limit & i can't afford to buy a VPS or Dedicated Server atm

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Namecheap Hosting, Any Good

Sep 8, 2008

I use namecheap as my domain registrar. Does anyone know if their hosting service is any good?

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Good Hosting With Domain Name?

Oct 5, 2008

There is too many web hostings from the google search and i don't know which one is good.

My situation is i have a web page that is my portfolio. It is made by flash and php. Moreover, there is a blog too.(WordPress - php) Everything is ready but i am considering the web-hosting.

What i need is support php and mysql. If possible, i would like it support too. (i think it is not too possible for both of them) And i don't really need huge web space...i think 1G is enough and the traffic will not too much too as it is private website.

My budge is limited and not too much for a month. I plan to spend less than US$10 per month to get a web-hosting. Also with a domain name too.

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Is Cirtex Hosting Good Or Bad

Aug 24, 2008

I am gonna sign up with them but I need reviews on their server speen, uptime, support and the usual stuffs?

Or is there other good FFMeg hosts that allow video sharing script?

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Cheap Good Hosting

Oct 13, 2007

Just wanted to ask for any reliable cheap web hosting... they pointed me towards but i am not too sure... i mean i am leaning towards it but... any other sites or recommendations?

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Good Hosting 30gb

Dec 11, 2008

Since i can't find in old posts any request for webhosting with my needs i decided to open this thread.

I need a suggestion to a Webhosting company and Plan.

30gb disk space
10 mysql databses
30 mail accounts
100gb transfer
20 domains
DNS admin area

budget: $20 month

Media Temple is out of question, their TOS is ridiculous.

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Good Proxy Hosting ....

Dec 10, 2008

a good proxy hosting site for my proxy net work. Pls recommend some good proxy hosting.

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I Need A Good Dedicated Hosting Company

Sep 27, 2008

I'm looking for a dedicated hosting server to store more than 800GB in video. This video will not be played back, this place is just to store and where people can download.

As far as I can tell my only solutions is dedicated, but if anyone can offer me a better solution please let me know. Before I had this videos on different servers but the company does not allow me to keep them for storage.

I need to know the top 3 hosting companies in the US, and why you like them.

I like but after doing some research I found out that this company is a nightmare.

Please, I need help really fast! Thank you all in advanced for your suggestions.

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Looking For Good Cheap ASP.NET Shared Hosting

Jan 17, 2009

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good, cheap, ASP.NET web hosting companies preferably in the 5-7$/month range. I have a tiny site, but a lot of email, so having a few gigs of storage space would be nice. Bandwidth has never been an issue in the past, but the more the merrier. Support for the newest .NET stuff would be highly desirable (.NET 3.5, preferably win2008 servers, maybe a MSSQL db?)

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Is A Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Good Enough For Hosting 2 VMWare VM's?

May 2, 2009

I have a DNS server in another datacenter and I'm considering moving my own website to that server, so we'll be online and can receive e-mails when the network is down.

We are considering making 2 virtual machines on that server. 1 for Secundary DNS and 1 for Plesk-hosting for the homepage. Both cannot be on the same server if we wanted to, because they conflict.

SuperMicro Server, Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 3GB, 2x80GB RAID(1) for hosting 2 Virtual Machines on VMWare Server 2, CentOS 5. One of which with Plesk.

Can I expect a 100% uptime with low load? I am not planning to increase capacity requirements on the server as no additional sites/services with be hosted.

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Good Hosting Customer Support

Oct 10, 2009

It's imperative for you to know that web host features does not just stop with Unilimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. There are other very salient features to which some people looking for a host provider have ignore, it is CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

You will not value the importance of a good customer support until you start having problems which you want resolved in the shortest possible time. For some host providers this is like telling them to do the impossible.

It is sad that some of the so-called reputable host don't even have a ticket system not to talk of an on-line chat system where you can ask questions and receive answers in real time.

So, for those of you that are new to hosting or want to change your host, then you had better look for a host that offers good customer support either by Chat, ticket system or forum.

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Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Solution

Jun 5, 2009

The price is great. How about the quality? (I want to join the $6.99/mo deluxe plan).

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Good Australian LAMP Hosting

Sep 22, 2009

can anybody refer me good Australian LAMP (Linux/Unix-Apache-PHP-MySQL) hosting?

It should be not crazy expensive, with upgrade options (if project traffic grow), with good support, fast and on non-overcrowded server.

Ideally it also should pay me (as developer) commission for hosting the client's project.

And yes, it should be Australian both in term of company registration and physical location of servers.

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Is Your Web Hosting Provider’s Support Is Good

Sep 6, 2008

There are a lot of people whether their web hosting providers are good or not. After months of purchasing their web hosting account they might discover that their web hosting providers are so bad. Therefore, you’d better checking your web hosting provider.

One of the most important parts related to web hosting is the supporting services. So when you purchase a new web hosting account, try to check their supporting services. Try to ask them a few technical questions even you don’t have a problem. It just tests their supporting quality. How do they answer your questions quickly? Ask yourself this question. If they spend a lot of time “two or three days”, it might be poor service. For this situation, my advice is to cancel your account. The most of web hosting companies offer 30 days money back and try another web hosting company.

There are many supports kinds:

* HelpDesk
* Live chat
* Supporting via Phone
* Supporting forum
* And so on

This is all about the supporting part for your web hosting provider. So this is very important to check this service.

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Any Recommendation On Good Hosting Companies

Apr 7, 2008

Are there any recommendation on good hosting companies which can provide good support, excellent uptime, >50GB space, >1GB mySQL/MSSQL database space and supports ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX with a resonable price?

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Pronet Hosting Is So Good And Cheap

Dec 3, 2008

is there anybody have problem with Hosting or Reseller?

i thing you will be relax after using Pronethosting

im usin for 4 years and i so happy about Customer Support, Cheap Reseller price
see you

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How Good Is Using Whm/cpanel For Selling Hosting

Jul 12, 2007

I am doing some part-time work for a small web design company that is hoping to get some extra revenue by selling hosting to its customers after it designs the sites for them.

They wanted to know what I thought about it, and so far I've said that it seems like getting a dedicated server (from a larger provider) for about $200/month would be a good fit. If they charged $20/month then they'd make it up after only about 10 customers, and they have many more than that. And with a dedicated server they could put a lot more than 10 accounts on the site.

The thing they're worried about is having to actually administer all those accounts. The sense is that their clients are pretty low maintenance, but if you give one malicious user an FTP account into the server, they are (understandably) worried about that person's ability to affect the entire server.

The dedicated server provider I have in mind provides WHM/cPanel for a relatively small fee, and my thought is that this could address that problem.

So (having only used WHM/cPanel in passing myself), what I'm wondering is, is this the sort of thing where they could give users access simply by giving their customers a cPanel account, and not worry too much about security or configuration (keeping in mind that the dedicated host also has security people working)?

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Good Webhost For Hosting Files

Sep 7, 2007

I'm currently looking for a good, realiable and fairly priced webhost to use for hosting files for downloads. Wont be hosting an actual website on the account - just files.

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Whats A Good Adult Hosting Site?

May 13, 2008

i want to start an adult site, can someone please recommend me a good host?

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Good Free Hosting For A Freeware Application

May 23, 2009

I have developed a small application that I want to put somewhere online so that people can download it and use it for free. I'm not much into free hosting so maybe some of you could recommend a good solution. This will be a 2-3 MB download but I don't think there will be any huge traffic. I know offers hosting for open source software but I don't know yet if I want to make it open source. Preferrably, I would like a web host with a decent likelihood that my address will not change, no overintrusive ads and somewhat reliable. Or perhaps there are dedicated sites for hosting free programs that would better suit my needs?

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