The Planet - Not Accepting PayPal?

Jan 12, 2009

is it true that the planet does not accept paypal payments?

i was considering to get a server from them, also management from touchsupport (which is owned by the planet now) they dont accept paypal?

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US Based Datacenter Accepting PayPal?

May 25, 2009

I am looking for hosting with following parameters:

- US-based (preferably datacenter owner, not sub-leaser)
- Accepts PayPal
- Offers KVM over IP or some kind of console-BIOS-level access (Need it for linux kernel rebuilds, OS [re]installation etc.)

The only one I found that accepts PayPal is Sharktech, but it don't offer KVM over IP .

Is there a good directory that lists datacenters with their business parameters? I found this site datacentermap-dot-com but it just lists datacenters on map and is not very useful for searching.

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Registrars Not Accepting DNS Entries

May 16, 2007

I have set up a pair of name servers, the first one is accepted by the registrars and the second one is not. They have been configured identically as far as I can tell.

It appears that some test is run by the registrars to see if the name server can be used.

Is there any way I can find what test it is and get a way to run it to see what the problem is?

Are there scripts or sites where I can run whatever type of test it is and know what the problem is?

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Hotmail Not Accepting My Server Emails

Jun 18, 2009

I have 2 cPanel servers with normal decent setups, and until today, HOTMAIL/LIVE is not accepting my e-mails.

There is no problem with GMAIL & YAHOO, btw.

When I mentioned not accepting my e-mails means it will always appear inside the Junk box instead of Inbox (for every domains in both servers)

I've tried to contact Microsoft support many times but they keep repeating the same thing. I've tried everything including make sure that my IP reputation is clean, and having domain keys.

I need some advise from you guys out there that has this issue before and start from sketch, what do I need to do to identify what Microsoft servers actually want from me?

Here's their 'robotic' respond.

1) Make sure that you have SPF/SIDF records in place. You
can go to [url]
for more information on this.

2) Clean up your lists. Remove those who do not want to
receive the emails. Make the unsubscribe process more visible. Hotmail
also has a sender complaint feedback loop program called the Junk Email
Reporting Program (JMRP). Enrollment in this free program will benefit
you as a sender as it will keep your email lists updated and populated
with interested Windows Live Hotmail Customers. This program will help
you to remove those Windows Live Hotmail Customers who do not want to
receive emails from your company. If you are interested in joining this
program, please visit

3) Ensure that there is not anything technically wrong with
your MTA. Are your DNS records updated, are you transmitting data upon
making the SMTP connection, and is the problem isolated to any specific
machines? Do your SMTP logs show any failures?

4) Segment your mailing infrastructure by IP. Marketing
email, transactional corporate email, "forward to a friend" email and
signup emails should be sent from different IP's. This will help to
identify what types of messages are being flagged by Hotmail customers.

5) Strengthen the sign up process. Confirm that you are
using a double-opt-in sign up process. This will not help in removing
existing Hotmail customers from your email lists, but it will confirm
the authenticity of those who sign-up for your email campaigns and

6) If you have any feedback loops setup with other ISPs,
you should look for trends to try to determine possible causes - a new
data source? New advertisement? Maybe folks signing up do not recognize
the mail?

7) Clearly mark your emails so that Hotmail customers are
able to identify quickly and easily that they requested emails from your

8) Do some analysis on the data regarding complaints - look
at Hotmail customers who have never clicked, opened, responded or
bounced in any way. These poor performers could contain many bad

9) Evaluate the frequency of your mailings. Are you making
your mailings less relevant and welcome by sending too many emails?

10) Enroll in the Sender Score program. This is the only white
list that Hotmail uses. It is owned and operated by Return Path. You can
find information about this program at

11) Please visit [url]
to verify that your IP is not being listed
on any third party block lists.

12) We also recommend that you take advantage of the following
email delivery consulting companies who participate in the Messaging
Anti-Abuse Working Group [url]
), and the Authentication and Online Trust
Alliance [url]

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Company Accepting Moneybooker Payment

Nov 12, 2008

I'm searching a good hoster who accept paiment via moneybooker!

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Hosting Company Accepting Google Checkout

Nov 28, 2008

Hosting company accepting google checkout?

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Any UK Or European Host Accepting VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

May 28, 2007

I'm looking for a host located in UK that can accept/support vpn/tunnel connections to the VPS - creation and access to vps' /dev/net/tun (TAP/TUN device) for use with tunneling services like vtun.

I am currently a customer of, they look very good host but unfortunately they dont accept or support vpn on their VPS plans.

The bigger the list of hosts supporting vpn, the best.

Maybe hosts of other european countries too, if connection speed is acceptable.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Postfix Not Accepting Plain Authentication?

Jul 28, 2014

I have a brandnew server with CENTOS 6.5 Final with Plesk 12.

For some reason unknown i'm not able to configure Postfix as smtp server and accept plain text autentication. It only accept TLS autentication both on port 25 or 587. If i install Qmail everything works without any problem.

There my configuration files.


queue_directory = /var/spool/postfix
command_directory = /usr/sbin
daemon_directory = /usr/libexec/postfix


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PayPal Or CC On File?

Apr 2, 2008

If a hosting company offers both paypal and CC on file (CC on file with auto-subscription/-recurring ability), which payment method do you prefer to use as a customer?

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Hosting Through Paypal?

May 8, 2006

I am looking for a resonably pricing hoster that accepts paypal. I do not own a credit card but do own a bank account. I cannot for the love of me find a hosting company that will accept unverified paypal accounts which is my only method of paying for hosting. Can someone please refer me to a hostign company that actually does take unverified paypal?

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Pay Hosting With Paypal

Nov 21, 2005

I'm looking for webhosting and domein registration which I can pay with paypal.
I have an unverified paypal account.

I'd like to be able to add multiple domains to the hosting, and if possible pay per month?

I'd also like to have mod_rewrite installed..

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Are Dreamhost Can't Se Paypal Payment In Currently?

Feb 13, 2009

What's happen with dreamhost payment methods?

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Major Paypal IPN Problem

Jan 7, 2008

Paypal started sending me notices that it was unable to connect to my IPN (I'm using modernbill v4) yet I used it without a problem for 3 years.

The sent this message in response to my support inquiry:

I have had the IPN logs checked and show that, on recent transactions, your Web server returned an HTTP 200 OK on some of the transactions. Transactions were pulled from:

Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 15:00:09 GMT and Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 22:20:48 GMT

The reason that you are receiving the E-mail in question is due to your server not responding with an HTTP 200 OK rsponse. When this happens, the PayPal system attempts to resend the IPN POST for up to four days at which time the E-mail in question is generated to inform the merchant of issues with the IPN script.

This issue is not a PayPal issue, but is rather caused by your server's response to IPN POSTs sent to the IPN Script.

Can someone please help me trace this problem?

This is what my server is using:

Modernbill v4.4 stable
Centos 4.6
CSF Firewall
Cpanel 11
Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.2.5

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Paypal Email Blocked

Jul 23, 2008

I moved an account over to my VPS and I made a paypal payment and exim blocked it with this error:

rejected after DATA: This message contains a virus or other harmful content (Phishing.Heuristics.Email.SpoofedDomain

Help how do I fix it ?

I checked the IP it was sent from and it belongs to Ebay which is paypal I believe

Running cPanel/WHM

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Ipower And Paypal Cheat Me

Oct 5, 2008

I purchase hosting from ipowerweb. I pay through paypal but after 4 day i not recive any mail from there.

Now i contact support they told me payment never apply.

I open dispute in paypal and also send mail about refund to ipowerweb.

they replied this ....

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Jun 11, 2008

Can anyone help me explaining how I could access my sister's paypal account through LINUX VPS (is it possible) from BANGLADESH?

I wanted to buy a VPN but it is more or less the same price for a VPS. So I want to buy a VPS, as some say VPN and VPS works same when you browse internet with specific country IP.

As I'm going to use my sister's paypal account(she lives in UK)I need a IP address from UK, so that paypal doesn't assumes that I'm using it from BANGLADESGH. Can anybody help me with this issue?Please...

Is there is any "web browser" included in LINUX VPS? I mean when I log into my VPS account, can I browse internet just like I do with my local ISP. This all about using the paypal account from Bangladesh and added benefit would be that, I can use this VPS space to host some of my site.

Can anyone suggest what to look for in VPS (LINUX one, as it is cheaper than windows VPS) considering the above issue.

I have some experience with WHM and cPanel. Shall I look for WHM enabled VPS ? Or something else you suggest. What else to look for in VPS hosting or do you suggest any VPS provider from UK?

I need 10 to 15 GB of web space at this moment. If needed I will upgrade it later on to more "disk space" and "RAM".

"BROWSING internet using VPS from BANGLADESH is the main issue here"

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Did HostTDS :: Paypal Is Closed Or Something

Oct 4, 2009

Did HostTDS go under or something? I tried to pay my invoice with them and it's saying they can't recieve money currently in Paypal.

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Server Payment Via Paypal

Sep 26, 2008

Somebody know a good hoster with server dedicaced accept paymane via paypal ?

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Pay Per Hour VPS That Accepts PayPal

Apr 8, 2009

Does anyone know of any pay-per-hour VPS/Cloud/Grid/Utility/whatever other buzzword services that accept PayPal, since I can't seem to find any around.

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Good Hosting That Will Accept Paypal

Feb 3, 2008

does anyone know of good hosting that will accept pay pal?

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Any Cpanel/paypal Hosts With SOX And LAME?

Jan 8, 2007

I NEED a Php host with SOX and LAME software already installed, SHARED HOSTING, i know its out there, ofcourse i need a good amount of bw, thanks!

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Paypal Dispute With Worldstream For Server Not As Described

Jan 14, 2009

Ok here is the scenario.

Day 1 - Ordered server, agreed price and spec and installation date. Quoted 3 days setup time.

Day 3 - I was told need an extra day to setup this I said is fine.

Day 4 - server is setup but is missing 2 drives and only has half the ram I ordered. I email them to tell them this.

Day 6 - They finally respond to my email and tell me they have fixed the missing drives and ram they also offer me 10 days free as compensation. The problem is now the server is completely down, doesnt even respond to ping.

Day 7 - I email them to tell them server down and I now want a refund, I offer to accept a partial refund to compensate them for manual work involved in setting up server. (412 euros paid 350 euros refund), this offer made in goodwill so resolve quickly. 2nd proposal sent later for only 300 euro refund.

Day 9 (today) - No reply whatsoever and server still offline I raise a paypal dispute and within 1 hour I get a email telling me they agree to my 2nd proposal (only 300 euro refund) however they want me to cancel paypal dispute first.

I have read the paypal dispute policy and I see if I were to cancel the dispute and they then not refund me I have nothing since I cannot reopen the dispute, whilst if he were to refund me and I was to try and scam him he would have a strong case as paypal have the refund logged so he has far less to worry about. So I am not cancelling the dispute and even offered to set it to 300 euros but he says if I dont cancel the dispute I get no refund.

Just want to know peoples thoughts on this, consider I never have had the server I ordered working, its currently completely down and he was ignoring me until I raised the dispute which doesnt put his trustworthyness very high.

The provider is

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Are We Wrong If We Ask For Government ID Before We Accept Paypal?

Sep 16, 2009

If some body pays by paypal for some services we need to verify that it is not a fraud so he has to fill up a form and send a government issued ID. but please see this chat conversation. the customer is reluctant to do so see the chat

Guest: photo id?
Guest: i am verified paypal.
Guest: why all this.
Guest: sorry, i can't send you something like that.
Guest: no one ask me something like that I have 25 servers
Guest: in europe, usa, asia

Are we wrong?

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Paypal IPN Emails Delayed By 2 Days

Oct 20, 2008

I have just recently moved a site over to my VPS, everything is working fine except for Paypal IPN Emails which arrive in my inbox 2 days after the sent timestamp, I have had 5 which have come through on time, this has led me to think it may be a problem with my VPS settings, however the host SolarVPS have checked the logs and can see nothing wrong, and have asked me to speak with Paypal as they are unable to explain it. I just wondered if anyone here has seen a problem like this, where it only affects one sender.

I have looked to see if others have had this from Paypal before, and seen many issues but not this one in particular.

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The Planet

Nov 6, 2009

is there anybody out there with a rave review and different experience than the rest of us are having?

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Did The Planet Just Rip Off $443 From Me

Jul 18, 2008

I've been waiting to get a server for a long time. On Monday, I went ahead and ordered a server from The Planet. 20 minutes later, I decided for the money I might as well upgrade my package a little bit (from $180 to $220). So I chatted with one of the sales representatives (Ryan B to be exact) and was told my first order was canceled and that the second server was ordered. $197 was charged for the first order and today, 5 days later, has yet to be refunded.

I found out on Tuesday that I'm being laid off on August 22. With this information, I immediately canceled my second order with The Planet, knowing I wouldn't be able to pay it monthly. I was told the order was canceled (the server was never setup) and I also asked about my first order. They said it had been canceled and I should be getting the refund shortly. That was Tuesday afternoon. I contacted them on Wednesday and again they said I should be getting the money soon. It's a simple credit card charge back, it can be done instantly. It's now Friday afternoon, almost 5 days since I ordered my first server and the money (totaling $443) still hasn't been refunded. Is this normal...? I really could use that money...

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Domain Register + WHOIS Privacy + Paypal?

Sep 29, 2005

Anyone know a good registrar who accepts Paypal payments with a .com domain price of around $10 or less and privacy option for about $2 or less? I also need to be able to set nameservers in a control panel.

Registerfly and GoDaddy didnt work... both ask credit cards and I only have Paypal.

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Fake Paypal Site On A Cpanel Account

Jun 8, 2008

A week ago i came across a installation of a fake paypal site on a account i am using on cpanel. The site had the latest wordpress installed on it with nothing else.

I would like to know;

How is it possible to access the account to install the paypal site and how can a person prevents this in the future. i came acros the site by accident and cant check on all my clients sites all the time.

Any advice appreciated

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Dedicated Server - Paypal Payment Method?

Oct 11, 2008

I need a dedicated server for the following specifications

RAM: 1- 2 GB
Speed:10 Mbit or more
OS:Linux (Centos/Debian/etc. or Windows )
Control Panel : Plesk/Cpanel

Budget Range:$90-$130

Payment method: Paypal

1 &1 suits my needs but there are many bad reviews about it

what's your take on that?

I need a good dedicated server provider like Softlayer (in terms of everything) who is in this price range..

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