Global Crossing Contact?

Jul 23, 2009

Does anyone have an Global Crossing contact?

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Level3 Vs Global Crossing Vs (UK)

Feb 19, 2008

We currently take transit from Level3 and Tiscali in addition to peering at LINX in the UK. We reaching capacity on our 100Mbps connection to Level3 which we take through a Reseller. I plan to keep our Tiscali transit as we receive great routes to Europe.

I have received quotes for increasing our Level3 to 1Gbps with 100 Mbps CDR and also switching to Global Crossing direct which are I think are fairly competitive at ~ 12 per Mbps?

Does any one have direct experience with either of these two providers in the UK and can recommend who has the best support/routes etc? Additionally I see a number of other UK providers are using Telia and NTT. Having had no experience with Telia or NTT I am unsure if they are in the same league as Global Crossing and Level3. Also are there any other Tier 1's we should be looking at?

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Global Crossing Looks Bad On The Internet Health Report

Feb 21, 2008

I'm not sure how much people use, but Global Crossing consistently has the worst packet loss - [url]

I'm not sure what the cause is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's because they are a primary peer for Hurricane Electric and other budget carries who don't have much other Tier 1 peers (i.e. Xeex).

Any comments from current Global Crossing customers?

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Global Registry

Jan 2, 2009

i have both PHP(php4 & php5) together

PHP4.........CSO (defoult)


i have already transfered a site from another server to my server !

this website using PHP5 and they asked me to enable register_global
but i don`t know how to active register_global when PHP5 set as CGI
value will not be accepted when PHP5 set as CGI : php_flag register_globals 1
* i think the last server used Suphp ( i found some files like : php.ini in FTP)

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Need To Contact EuroVPS

May 8, 2008

the matter is kind of important and i dont want to discuss it in this thread, but i could not find a contact e-mail on the website. only phone numbers. so I know eurovps people are on this site, can one of them pm me and we can get in contact?

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Contact With Ecatel

Nov 5, 2009

I have presale questions, but Ecatel support not answer.

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How To Contact Spamhouse

Mar 3, 2009

looking for any kind of help on how to contact spamhouse. They have banned IP addresses that m using on my server, and ve been trying to contact them for 4 months already to resolve this issue and got no response.

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Serveraxis Contact

Jul 25, 2008

anybody here work for serveraxis?

if so. i need to talk with him really fast.

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Contact Of Teleglobe

Oct 12, 2007

how to contact Teleglobe? I have sent a message to already, waiting if someone answers. Their node in Hongkong is working like crazy. Traceroute from the US to my country shows up to 3800ms, meanwhile it's around 250-300ms usually

9 ( 198.109 ms 198.059 ms 198.124 ms
10 * ( 3878.938 ms 3850.810 ms

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Global Load Balancing

Nov 14, 2008

Looking for quick, easy global load balancing solution. This is actually for a temporary situation (we need to move to a new DC and need to make this seamless as possible). Linux solution preferred if possible. What can we use to get this achieved?

How exactly does it work? does it need VPN between locations or is client redirected to a different IP somehow?

We would consider dedicated hardware solutions provided that we can get 2 pieces for under $2,000 total (ebay i guess).

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Global DNS To Enhance Google

Oct 5, 2009

Is there a way to use DNS system (eg. Power DNS) so that based on geographical location Googlebot will locate a localized version of the site and hence will get a higher ranking for that country?

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Apache Global Configuration

Oct 30, 2009

my server there it one site

but this site His alexa ranking of 7.000

i need Apache Global Configuration

StartServers = ?
and this
MinSpareServers = ?
and this
MaxSpareServers = ?
and this
MaxClients = ?
and this
MaxRequestsPerChild = ?

browsing heavily on the site, which lead to stoppage of the Apache

Server Information
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz
8GB Ram

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Apache DoS Global Attack

Jun 20, 2009

I have just saw on leaseweb noc site that there has been a public release of a Apache DoS tool and all All versions of Apache are vulnerable.

So can anyone confirm this and give some possible solution or advices? ....

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Global Bandwidth Usage

Dec 1, 2008

I don't know if this website exists but... is there a website that shows Global Bandwidth usage to the world?

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Global Colo - Round 2

Nov 29, 2007

It seems the more places we can put servers, the more places boss-man wants them

We're setting up an external network to test back into our network from geographically/carrier diverse locations. We've got about 15 hosts up, but most are in the states, one in london, one in amsterdam, one in frankfurt and one in hong kong.

The current wish list of locations includes -

- Japan
- S. Korea
- Australia (holy cow bw is expensive in sydney! is anyone charging less than $500 per Mb?)
- Paris, France (we have one quote in, but it is pretty pricy)
- Italy
- Spain
- Sweden

I'm doing research and have submitted rfq's to companies in most of these locations, but was hoping for personal recommendations of hosts you have used.

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Contact Dreamhost Via Telephone?

Jul 30, 2006

I'm having trouble with dreamhost at the moment. From 7pm PST my site was down and it is till now which is 10 hours and i'm losing money

I've message them 4 time throught the support email thing but they haven't replied.

the problem i'm having with my website strange, i get this error message

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

but if i press refresh it does the job, some of the content inside work but some does and it will give you that text again. Anyone suggest what is the reason for this? My other friend who are hosted with dreamhost are fine but accept me. maybe it's on a differnet server that's why but if my site is down i'm expecting to lose around 300usd .

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Jul 2, 2009

Does anyone have specific contact information for or postmasters? I've tried the standard postmaster/hostmaster addresses at both domains, with no response/autoresponders, etc. One of the IPs in our servers seems to be blocked, but can't find anywhere how to contact their postmaster.

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Means To Contact SteadCom

Jan 18, 2009

Does, by chance, a SteadCom representative visit this forum?

The problem: I can't receive a new password to the client area (no email is sent from SteadCom after I use 'forgot password' feature), the VDS I had is I suppose suspended and I have no means neither to access the user cpanel to pay/renew, nor to use live talk with support - the link on the site does nothing.

Voice communication isn't an option.

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Anyone Have An IM Contact For Virpus Networks

Nov 22, 2008

Anyone have an IM contact for Virpus Networks?

I have Ken on icq but he is n/a.

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HP (server) Sales Contact

Jun 11, 2008

We have been dealing exclusively with Dell, but are looking into HP as well now. How aggresive can they be in their pricing? At what price volume will they start to be very aggresive?

Does anybody has a good HP sales contact that they can share? Looking for 50-100 of their lower end server (DL120).

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Contact At Poundhost - Server Down

Apr 5, 2008

Is anybody able to get me in touch with Poundhost ? We can't seem to log on to the customer portal - and nobody are answering the phones there. Our server has been down for almost an hour now - I need somebody done immediately.

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Wiresix Contact Data

Oct 13, 2008

Anyone have any alternative wiresix contact data? I have a ticket open with them marked "urgent" and haven't had a response in over an hour. It should be noted this is very unlike them.

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Hostnetway Cancel/contact Where

May 7, 2008

I was along time customer of Hostnetway. And as you may know, they been gone for long time now. Most of my sites were still up on their servers so I stayed hoping they would come back. I lost one site's database somehow. But figured I could rebuild and be ok.

Well they haven't came back. So I moved my sites to new host. But I am still getting billed by hostnetway auto billing. There is no contact avenue open to contact them to cancel.

What shold I do? Do I call my lawyer and have them look into taking this to courts? I refuse to keep paying for a service that mysteriously has no owner, no services, no customer support, and no way out.

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Spam Complaint - Who To Contact

May 21, 2007

Should I contact the host or the registrar if the two are separated?

I've received a lot of blog spam lately where someone seems to have hacked certain setups of Joomla that also have a wordpress blog and then installs landing pages for his spam in the wordpress blog. Granted the person on the other end of my complaint is innocent but I just want the frickin Spam to stop.

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RedHat's Global File System

Apr 25, 2009

Is anyone here running GFS? The responsibility of managing a small cluster of them is about to fall into my lap, and the only documentation I can find is on Wikipedia, which is troubling. I've got the man pages, but I was hoping for more of a document outlining how it works.

Why would lock_dlm2 or gfs_scand take up close to 100% CPU with minimal traffic on the machine, for example? What do those do? How can I tune it to not do that?

I'm not so much looking for specific answers here about tuning, but am more curious about where I should be looking for documentation. I find it hard to believe that there is none?

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How To Limit Apache2 Global Per IP Connections

Jan 27, 2008

Some limit connection mods can limit max connections per vhost, any mod can limit connections to apache server per IP?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Global FTP Account?

Apr 7, 2015

I need to setup a global FTP account so I can reach the root of C:inetpubvhosts.

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Unable To Get Web Server Name. Please Try Again Or Contact Support

May 16, 2008

When we try to browse get below error.
CWebsite.GetWebServerName error '80040403'
Unable to get web server name. Please try again or contact support.
/interfaces/standard/SiteProperties.asp, line 139

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Httpd Has Failed- Contact The Sysadmin

Jun 8, 2008

Suddenly Apache started acting weird, I rebooted the server, Disabled suexec, and a lot more thing to make it work..

But I'm not able to figure it out.

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