Anyone Have An IM Contact For Virpus Networks

Nov 22, 2008

Anyone have an IM contact for Virpus Networks?

I have Ken on icq but he is n/a.

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Virpus Networks ( Review

Mar 21, 2008

We have had a cheap server at Virpus Networks ( for 3 months. Everything has been great.

Today at 1030AM CDT, the box suddenly went offline. We asked for a reboot via AIM and Help Desk Ticket and Ken stated he would drive to the facility and reboot it.

As of 210PM CDT, the box was still offline but Ken was on AIM. We asked him about it and he stated he had just received a SPAM complaint and that his carrier, LightEdge, nullrouted the IP as there policy is nullroute and then notify of the complaint.

When asked when Virpus received the SPAM complaint, Ken advised us he had received it earlier in the day but he did not have time to forward it on.

When asked how to go about getting the box put back online, mind you it was the 1st SPAM Complaint and we rectified it in our database within 5 minutes of receiving the ticket at 220 PM, he stated it was upto LightEdge and he has expressed his concerns of this policy but there was no response and he had no ETA for a fix.

Also, as a side note, Virpus Networks advertises ATT, QWest, XO, Cogent and Verizon however the only thing your able to get to unless your directly on the ATT, QWest, XO, Verizon network is Cogent.

Think twice about getting a VPS or Dedicated Server with Virpus.

I cannot wait to hear Kenneth Odem's response to this post as Im sure he'll be here to defend himself and say its all our fault for getting the 1 SPAM Complaint which I admit, getting a SPAM complaint against you is bad however the mannfer of suspending the account and then contactin the customer 4 hours later is absolutely rediculous.

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Virpus Networks

May 8, 2008

My server has recently been attacked by members of the following website, using DDoS tools stolen form other script kiddies and rebranded (oh the irony). Having enough, I decided to go on a mission to get these brats shut down:

The site is also filled with links to illegal downloads, porn, etc.

The first thing I did was report them to their webhost. I figured this was the best first step. I opened a ticket and reported what was on the site, and pointed out which parts of their AUP the site was violating. After a few days, I provided them contact information for someone at Rockstar Games, as this site was providing downloads for one of their most recently released titles. I also went ahead and contacted some of the publishers of the software being provided illegaly.

14 days later, the ticket is silently closed with no action taken. Site is still up and still providing illegal downloads of software that people spent a lot of time and money developing.

I know they are a VERY small fish in a large pond, but I had had enough of having my servers crippled (at least know I've learned how to defend against it) and decided I would strike back legally and without stooping to the script-kiddies level.

At this point, I'm convinced Virpus Networks ( doesn't give a flying monkey turd about anything other than collecting their pathetic $10/mo.

Was I wrong in assuming they would do anything? Should I have just ignored it and moved on? If do I find out who provides network service to Virpus. I'm sure THEY don't allow this sort of thing.

Maybe I was just being a cry-baby and should've left it alone. I don't know.

But hey...I guess if you want to host a site that breaks pretty much every rule in the book, you know where to go. Looking at their pricing however...yeah I'll not go there on that one.

Anyways...this is a part rant, part notification, part "am I being a whiny jerk" post. Sorry if it breaks any rules.

Thanks for listening. I'd give you that portion of your life back if I could but I've decided to keep it for myself.

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Virpus Networks - 4.5 Month Review

Jun 7, 2008

Since all the talk lately about Virpus Networks here on the boards lately has been negative, I figured I would put a positive light on Virpus.

Price = 10/10
The price was one of the main things that drew me into Virpus. For $12.99 a month, I am getting 12 GB Disk Space, 300 GB of Bandwidth, 192MB Guaranteed RAM, 512 MB Burst RAM, and DirectAdmin. I would consider that a steal.

Uptime = 9.5/10
My VPS has rarely been down. If it has been, it is because of either:
a) the recent 1.5 hour downtime for the migration or b) something I did to screw up my own VPS.

Support = 9/10
Whenever I have a question for the Virpus staff, I usually get a response within the hour. However, for the past few weeks, it has taken a bit longer than that, sometimes up to two days. However, I believe that is because of the recent migration.

Overall = 9.8/10
I am pretty happy with the services from Virpus Networks. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for affordable, reliable VPS hosting.

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Contacting Myriad Networks - Anyone Having Problems Or Altternative Means Of Contact

Dec 21, 2008

I cant seem to get in touch with either support/sales on Myriad. Anyone have an alternative email/IM contact for them? Anyone else having trouble contacting them?

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Virpus Is Down

Nov 1, 2009

I found my vps in virpus is down

even their main site is down either

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Sep 7, 2008

I ordered from them a little over a week ago the $10 package as a test to see if they would set it up and it seemed to run ok things that crashed i assume did so because of low ram (gameserver/ventserver)and from day 1 after realizing it didnt have enough ram i began using it as a free shell host for people to stay connected to irc (i had read the aup and tos before signing up and irc was not mentioned as against rules ANYWHERE) and they didnt allow making swap files (which is fine i guess) so I ordered another one only this time the supreme package and kept the other one as an irc host and then tried running the gameserver off the new one with 3gb of still didnt run properly so i figured ok ill just usethis one to run irc and other stuff as well..after 10 days the server suddenly drops ALL irc connections and i made a ticket and asked if I accidently firewalled it myself or if something they did affected it heres the response i got from my tickets

My Ticket

cant connect to hpyervm getting a mysql cannot connect error (copied and pasted its:"Could not connect to Mysql server... ") and all of the services using irc on the server dropped this morning for no apparent reason was it something someone did on the server or did you guys change something cause now it just times out any irc connection before connecting but the servers ping and respond to other stuff fine.

Two Minutes later:

We have restored the SQL server on our master node. Additionally due to some abuse issues, we have banned IRC ports. For the life of our company we have disallowed and banned IRC from being hosted, which is stated in our AUP, so you should not be hosting IRC of any type on our network in any case.

Me (a few were in between that and this but they were not related to waht i am posting really):
Alright i submitted it and i reread the aup and even did a search ... irc is not mentioned ONCE in there let alone as not allowed....

they never responded to that but they did respond
We will get this processed within todays business day.

at the end which i am assuming was refering to my cancellation and request of money back under the 14 day garantuee. It is more than 24 hours later and they still have not showed where the aup says irc is not allowed and i have not recieved money back.

Result and conclusion: It is a scam company there 24/7 support chat is NEVER online even during the business hours they state and the company doesnt even read its own tos/aup.

for those who want to read the aup here it is

No Virpus Networks servers or networks may be used for:

- Email spamming
- Warez, Hackz or Serialz sites.
- Illegal content or activities
- Any other type of high packet load or disruptive network traffic
- Ask before you attempt something questionable, it will save us all a lot of trouble.

thats whats listed as "not allowed"

full aup at

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Jun 5, 2007

With so many downtime issues in the last 3 days and so much downtime, lack committment and quality , I requested a refund. ITs been 3 days since the request (Saturday-Sunday-Monday) all 3 days over now and no reply EXCEPT it has been forwarded to someone or will update you shortly (never happened!). I can accept the weekend excuse but the weekday excuse?!

I also have an RDNS ticket that wasnt' even resolved since 24/25th of May ...thats almost 2 weeks. I get the same was done (wasnt done), will update you (never got updated)...thing.

After the issues in network and attacks, they never even sent out the latest apology email to the clients (the last downtime or network issue). And all their outsourced techs say is "am looking in your issue and will update you"....

I tried calling the helplines, no one picks up. Live Chat isnt live chat since no one is online (except at a random time it seems). Tech support doesnt' exist's just someone saying will update you shortly and then they probably email the DC (who clearly dont care about Virpus by doing nothing). SO its a fault of Virpus and the DC. Thats why their email (last one) talked about moving off the Datacenter.

Now I have lost 6 clients and lost over 200$ , which sadly Virpus being an LLC (Limited Liable Company) I can't really sue. Their 100% uptime or SLA is nothing but an insult to everyone. Support "was" great when you signup...It's like you get everything you want UNTIL after 2 weeks, when you're forgotten (or maybe in the time zone I live in support doesnt work at all or the un-qualified outsourced support kick in).

Anyhow, both ways I have begun moving most of my sites off this amazingly terrible vps host (I had tested them around 4 months back with similar results except for the network issues). Also I tried formating and reloading the VPS using Virtuozzo with them..It doesn't work. Basically Virpus is offering great deals but more about getting lots of clients bundled onto a single server. Theyve added tons of ram to the single server and set everyone on it, without really scanning into clients and realising that 1 attack means downtime for all the clients on the vps - server. It would be better to split them around on multiple host servers to decrease the attack.

Anyhow I am extremely upset with the support I got. They havent replied to my support tickets EXCEPT the usual will update which never got updated and gets forgotten.

Overall based on pricing I'd give them a 3/5
Based on Support 4/5 (for the first 10 days), after that (0/5)
Quality of Company (0.2/5)

Its been a very bad loss for me and being in India, I dont think I would be able to do much about it (legally). They totally messed up with their datacenter (or vice versa) and they've left the upset clients without response and the happy clients...sleep through most of the issues or have been very lucky.

I really didnt' want to post here. But 3 days without a refund reply and 2 weeks with an RDNS no real update/ or apology on the lack of support a huge turn off and has made me really frustrated. I hope Virpus realises their mistakes and begin spending more money on "Knowledgable Support/Staff" and also get ethical and moral before its too late. It's never too late to change, until change isn't even an option. I hope that Virpus will improve and change to the better...

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Virpus Down

Jul 31, 2007

I just got my new server they transferred me to up and running last night. I woke up this morning and it's down. I submitted a ticket about an hour ago and have not had a response. I also can't get to their own web site. Anyone else who uses virpus having problems this morning?

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Virpus Activate VPS

Jan 15, 2009

how much time to Activate a Vps im order one whit virpus in the morning Im pay the VPS but i don´'t have any message, I send 3 Tickets to sales and no response, and whit Support say i need to ask to sales.

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Frustrated With Virpus

Oct 1, 2008

I've been with Virpus for roughly 4-5 months and everything was going well until one day, randomly, when I tried to use the HyperVM backup option I got an error saying "no_premission_to_backup []". I contact support about it and they said they were looking into the issue. I sent in the ticket on 8/9/08. As of today, the issue is still not fixed! All the replies I get are literally "We are working on this issue. We shall update you soon." I am growing very impatient on this issue and I'm wondering if it really does take that long to fix a seemingly simple problem. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, shortly after, every time I tried to stop, start, or restart my VPS I got this error: "vzctl_doesnt_work_most_likely_vz_service_is_not_running". And guess what the response I get is? Yup, it's "We are working on this issue. We shall update you soon." It's been a few days since then, and I don't see any end to this. I am very frustrated with Virpus at the moment, as my VPS has been down for a couple of days due to this. Is this a very hard issue to fix? Anyone know how to fix it?

Also, the recent problems with the nodes (including mine) really worry me too. Overall I'm really thinking of jumping boat on this one and looking for a new VPS provider. They were good at first, but the constant, same, robotic response that doesn't get these problems resolved are really burning me out.

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Stay Away From Virpus

Aug 8, 2008

Stay away from this provider! Last months I am down straight for 7 days but they promise to improve they service and I give them a chance, now I am down for 3 days straight with no response from them, here the proof: ....

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Is Any Good

Dec 26, 2008

Im planning on so I just want to know if they are any good. I submitted a ticket and its over 24 hours and havent got any reply yet.

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Virpus Cancellation

May 16, 2007

After being extremely dissatisfied with Virpus VPS hosting I decided to cancel my account with them 2 days ago. I opened a billing ticket requesting cancellation of my account and got a reply asking why. I responded and I have not heard back from them since. There is no cancellation confirmation and I can still log on to my account.

I've tried calling during the past 2 days but I only get a voicemail. Yes, that's right... voicemail everytime I call for the past 2 days. I've had no choice but to contact my credit card company and inform them that I no longer authorize Virpus to place any charges to my account.

Has anyone else tried to cancel an account with Virpus and have the same thing happen?

If yes, what did you have to do to get the cancellation to go through?

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Virpus Cancellation

May 30, 2007

After being a customer of Virpus networks for less than 3 months I decided to cancel my VPS.

I have posted several tickets to staff, support, management but I have no reply from them.

Virpus is trying to charge my credit card for a service I cancelled more than 10 days ago.

There are other post with the same problem in the past.

I hope that Virpus stop trying to charge my credit card for a service I cancelled in advance.

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Virpus Review: 1 Month

Apr 9, 2009

Here is my review of Virpus after being with them for 1 month.

Uptime: 10/10

So far I have not experienced any outages and I am going to have to give them a 10 on that as I have seen many threads in the outages about them but it appears they solved that issue and I was never effected by any of those.

Support: 8/10

I will give the support a 8 as sometimes on off times it could take up to about 30 minutes for the first response which is great but then after that the responses tend to be around 2 hours or so. Overall though the support is great!

Price: 10/10

I signed up with there plan that was cPanel included and had double bandwidth and ram. I was thinking it was too good to be true and that the VPS was not going to be quality, but I am glad I was wrong!

Performance: 9/10

The performance of the server is overall great so far. I have had no issues as far as the server being anything but fast. I will have to commend them on having great hardware and not overselling there services like a lot of the VPS providers these days.

Overall: 9/10

I would highly recommend them as they have been a great provider overall and I hope that they keep up the good work in the future.

Domain has been reported for verification.

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Virpus - No Reply To Cancellation

Apr 12, 2009

Virpus - what hppd no reply to cancellation ?

806581 - Ticket id for reference

My friend wanted to move from virpus as he was having some issues, he mentioned all his reasons in the ticket and asked for the refund amount which was already existent in the virpus account, which he had paid them much earlier.

There was no reply to his ticket even after 2 days ..
So, he asked me to send an pm to Ken, haven't got reply from Ken either.

Recently, the sales dpt, replies haven't been up to the mark at virpus , their tech support still sounds good though,

Never expected this longer delay virpus - Ken, its almost 4 days since the ticket has been created and submitted to you,

sorry for creating a ticket, but u have left no other choice, as I neither got reply from mr.Ken in the past 2 days nor there was a reply to the support ticket.

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Oct 12, 2009

I recently signed up to virpus for their VPS managed services,

I contacted them on the 9th to get the server up and running so i can run the dolphin social network software, a few quick replied tickets were sent back and forth the final was

'We are checking the required dependencies for dolphin and will update you once this has been completed. Please note that this procedure would require apache recompilation and therefore possible down time. Please let us know if we can proceed regarding this.'

which i replied that it is fine to proceed.

12 hours passes, i reply again to confirm that they are proceeding, no reply. another 12 hours, i open another ticket to see if i can expedite this. i then get a message which says

' Hello,

We apologize for the delay in getting back with you. This ticket has automatically been escalated to an administrator to speed this ticket up.

We appreciate your patience.

Warm Regards,

Management at
Virpus Networks, Inc.'

now every ticket i submit just keeps sending me this on the hour every hour.

Not the best start to my hosting with Virpus. anyone else had issues with these guys?

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Any Reviews For Servebyte Or Virpus

Nov 5, 2008

Servebyte has ridiculously cheap plans:


Does anyone have experience with them?

What about virpus?

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VirPus :: How Long To Setup?

Jul 28, 2008

I recently read around here and people had their VPS setup within 5 minutes in some cases. I've ordered a VPS from VirPus and I'm not sure how long it usually takes to setup. I'm nearing the 24 hour mark so I'm not sure. How long on average is an acceptable waiting time? or how long would you say it should take?

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Virpus Don't Respect Own Policy

Jun 13, 2008

Virpus don't respect own policy..

14 days moneyback is not true. virpus don't refund at all.
servers are overloaded. very slowly and if you ask for moneyback he. just don't answer you

i have buy signature vps with them and on 10 days.

servers have 1 downtime every day. and sometime (2 days) you cannot log into servers or view page because is overloaded.

when your servers back online. its take aproximatly 30 seconde before " website or panel " load.

just think before purshase. virpus network scam her client and don't respect own moneyback policy.

now i wait paypal issue.

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Virpus, How You Have Disappointed Me In Two Months

Sep 26, 2008

I signed up with Virpus over a year ago when I found a nice deal here on WHT. After having months of no problems, and decent support I would eventually tack on two more VPS' to my account, bringing the total to three through Virpus.

However, starting in July I started to have uptime issues with them. Their nodes were constantly on the fritz and it was starting to feel like a weekend experience of their node having issues. It finally got to the point at the beginning of September that I no longer wanted to deal with the ******** of their node problems, so I made the decision to transfer over accounts to Infinitie, where I have another VPS with.

Each ticket I submitted in regards to any of my three VPS being down would have a slow response and either a "It's up now" type of comment. :

7/22 - VPS 'are down, can't access anything. Ticket sent in, node problem.
7/29 - VPS' are down, again, node problems
8/11 - VPS' are down, never had the issue resovled within ticket. Had to find out from a newsletter that it was a node issue again
9/07 - VPS' are down again, took 12 hours for a reply (and 12 hours of downtime on three of my VPS). Node problem ... surprise surprise.
9/09 - VPS' are down again, only took an hour for a reply this time, and was told that the node was not working properly this time..
9/12 - VPS' are down again, took 11 hours for a reply. Node problems.

As you can see it got really frustrating in September. Not one mention of credit throughout the node problems I had to endure, although they did send out a newsletter offering a $5 credit to people who submitted some feedback to them. Amazing how that will get credit, but their crap *** nodes constantly having problems and me having well over days of downtime doesn't.

So I bit the bullet and submmited a cancellation request for my VPS that was due first (the other two were about a week after) and I ended up getting a nice little kiss-*** ticket opened up on the cancellations behalf offering me a credit for the issues pending I copied the ticket ID numbers back. This ticket was sent to me on 9/21.

Given that I've been a customer with them for over a year, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to offer me up a credit and see how it went for another month. Granted, at that point one of the servers was already transferred and running at Infinitie thanks to John giving me a stellar deal after explaining my problems to him.
It's now 9/26 and the ticket that Ken opened up in regards to my cancellation has never even been replied to. I've updated it a few times (so they'd get some notification and see the bright *** orange "customer-reply" in whmcs) but to no avail. So far I've had two payments already go through (silly me forgot two were on subscriptions) and one of them being for a service I canceled prior to the due date. Obviously it being a subscription I can't dispute it, but I did ask in my ticket for a refund for the two invoices that went through and hopefully credit put in place of it. I've since canceled both of the Paypal subscriptions so I don't forget about it again next month.

I'm just posting it here because I know Ken occasionally hits up WHT, and I've already exhausted my resources with replying to tickets. Sometimes publicly stating an issue seems to get a better response from a company.

Just really disappointed with how Virpus has turned out after the year of being with them. Their support had typically been stellar when I first came to them in September of last year, and throughout my stay here.

ETA: Not even 5 minutes later after I get the entirety of this written up, I received a reply to my ticket stating that a refund could be not be issued for the two invoices that went through (one of them being a payment that was made AFTER I canceled the VPS...) But it's still annoying that it took five days for a two-liner reply.

I'm still way too hesitant to remain with Virpus at this point, even with a mention of credit for all my services that have been affected

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Virpus Backup Support

Jun 16, 2008

I have purchased Virpus SupermeVPS with memory offer in WHT. But they are misleading customers. They are showing off at [url] as follows:

With HyperVM, a user with administrative access to a VE can easily perform many critical management tasks:

VE Backup/Restore
Back up and restore the VE from the backup including all system and user files

But they don't offer this feature
I want to my HyperVM, there are no tabs, menus or buttons related with "backup". So I sent message to support...


Support: Sorry, backup option is available only to admin and I thought you have admin access to HyperVM.
Backup option wont be available for users other than admin

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Virpus VPS Setup Time

May 18, 2008

Due to continuing problems with my current provider, I have signed up for a managed DirectAdmin VPS with Virpus.

I'll post reviews as time passes but I just wanted to post that I ordered at 3:55pm and I was setup just after 5pm. That is awesome setup time. I've now requested initial hardening and optimization, since I have a managed package. I don't expect it to be as fast (it is Sunday after all), but the setup time was awesome. I don't even know how they got a DA licence that fast, I thought that was a real bottleneck sometimes.

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Virpus, Review (May 2008)

May 26, 2008

I ordered a 256MB RAM VPS with cPanel on the 24th of May.

I got the VPS up and running to next day.

I logged in to the VPS WHM, noticing the server load was at 3.xx and 4.xx

I was shocked, as this VPS was brand new, so I contacted Ken, NO REPLY.

I also asked him about upgrading my RAM, NO REPLY.

It has now been 3 days, I requested a refund before I got past the 14 Day money back promise. They didnt reply, so I opened a PayPal dispute, still no response.

Im hoping Ken will see this thread at act upon my wishes and grant me a refund.
As all I can see is him trying to ignore me untill the 14 day promise is gone. WHAT A CON!

Get back to me Ken.

Good Bye,

Virpus =

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Virpus Support Horrible.

Jul 1, 2007

My vps has been down all weekend. The stellar support team of Bob, Clide, and Ann has been of no help. They tell me to wait as we look at your problem, the tell me my problem has been escalated, to the higher level of support (who also seem to be Bob, Clide, and Ann), who have told me everything is fixed now (it isn't) and now immediately close any tickets I start, leaving no response.

Is this the normal experience with virpus? Do I need to change hosts?

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Need To Contact EuroVPS

May 8, 2008

the matter is kind of important and i dont want to discuss it in this thread, but i could not find a contact e-mail on the website. only phone numbers. so I know eurovps people are on this site, can one of them pm me and we can get in contact?

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Contact With Ecatel

Nov 5, 2009

I have presale questions, but Ecatel support not answer.

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How To Contact Spamhouse

Mar 3, 2009

looking for any kind of help on how to contact spamhouse. They have banned IP addresses that m using on my server, and ve been trying to contact them for 4 months already to resolve this issue and got no response.

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Serveraxis Contact

Jul 25, 2008

anybody here work for serveraxis?

if so. i need to talk with him really fast.

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Contact Of Teleglobe

Oct 12, 2007

how to contact Teleglobe? I have sent a message to already, waiting if someone answers. Their node in Hongkong is working like crazy. Traceroute from the US to my country shows up to 3800ms, meanwhile it's around 250-300ms usually

9 ( 198.109 ms 198.059 ms 198.124 ms
10 * ( 3878.938 ms 3850.810 ms

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