Global Bandwidth Usage

Dec 1, 2008

I don't know if this website exists but... is there a website that shows Global Bandwidth usage to the world?

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Bandwidth Usage

Mar 6, 2007

Anybody here is hosting their server at equinix datacenters?

how are their services?

i am currently hosting mine there though not long..

anyone knoe their charges if i want to increase my bandwidth allowance?

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Cpu Usage And Bandwidth

Jun 14, 2007

In your professional opinion, does a simple shared account with 20+ gigs of bandwidth have enough to handle a website that, for a week out of a month, might hit about 5 or so thousand visits (to a single web page with mysql connection) per hour?

The traffic wouldn't last at that rate for more than a few days. but I want to make sure even a basic good web host with a shared account can handle this. Or is a must that I hit a dedicated server?

Linux, bsaic dual intel set-up like any other seems to be what I will have. Not sure about ram, but I am on a reseller account and the only one that will have real traffic.

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Warning: Bandwidth Over Usage ...

May 11, 2008

Do you get a warning mail before you are about to cross your bundled data transfer limit?

I read in some post that it is user's responsibility to monitor bandwidth usage... But i think client has the right to know before he is about to consume his bandwidth limit...

probably alerts like.. you have consumed 80%/90%/95%/98%/99% of ur bandwidth limit.. Isn't it fair to expect this?

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Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

Aug 8, 2009

bandwidth monitoring software to calculate bandwidth usage with billing futures.

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Monitoring Bandwidth Usage For VPS

Jun 16, 2009

I have a small VPS that is running only openVPN. (No http/pop/ftp/imap/smtp...) Only one port is open for the openVPN software.

I've also disabled (not running) any other networking software, so there is no apache or anything "normal" like that.

It's a plain-jane CentOS 5.3 install, used only for openVPN.

The problem is that I have no idea how much bandwidth is being used.

Since the openVPN does not track bandwidth usage, I am now looking for some other way to do it...

I am thinking that perhaps munin or cacti or something like that would be a solution?

Basically, the only statistic I need to actually monitor is bandwidth, as I don't care about disk space, load, memory, or anything else..

(The server is using VirtualVM, but since that software is insecure... the VPS control panel is not currently online, so all the normal "tools" that the VPS came with are not working.)

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FMIS Bandwidth Usage

Dec 11, 2008

We're not the Influxis host and also not affiliated with the host.

We wanted to get affiliated with this host but they don't have an affilate program.

We're currently hosting applications used from videowhisper com , videochat-software com (not the websites, just flash server applications) and also for multiple customers.

One of our applications generated today 18Gb of traffic on Influxis for about 100 connections!

The interesting part is that another copy of it used for our main demos generated 0.25Gb for 350 connections (as it usually does).

And the most important part is that the person running and testing that application from soberfolk org contacted us that video streaming was not working at all for it - and we had to restart VHost to get things back to normal. It was returning an error about bad stream name in flash debugger.

So video streaming was not working and it used hundreds of times more than it usually does.

Very weird.. we contacted them. We'll keep you updated about this.

We mention that the software we use has ghost detection routines that close connections occurring when users abruptly disconnect from FMS servers.

Did any of you get any huge bandwidth usage on FMS hosts due to ghosts or other errors?

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India - Bandwidth Usage

Aug 1, 2008

For india overall, is bandwidth mostly inbound or outbound?

In other words, is there more data (via internet) coming out of the country or into the country?

Link to stats preferably.

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What Is The Best For Huge Bandwidth Usage

Oct 26, 2008

I want a new dedicated server that has +3TB bandwidth for the best price and quality

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Is This Bandwidth Usage Normal

Jul 27, 2007

Sitemeter is telling me the site gets an average of 38000 page views a day.

The web host is telling us we're using 51gb of bandwidth a day on average.

This is not a video site, or a download site. This is an article site, with jpg images. Our biggest page has about 2.4 meg of images on it. The average page is about 1.34 mb's, counting the navigation images which repeat on every page.

But don't user's browsers cache anything?

Is that bandwidth usage normal?

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Is This Bandwidth Usage Normal

Jul 25, 2007

Sitemeter is telling me the site gets an average of 38000 page views a day.

The web host is telling us we're using 51gb of bandwidth a day.

This is not a video site, or a download site. This is an article site, with jpg images. Our biggest page has about 2.4 meg of images on it. The average page is about 1.34 mb's, counting the navigation images which repeat on every page.

Don't user's browsers cache anything?

Are those bandwidth usage numbers normal?

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Shoutcast Bandwidth Usage

Jan 4, 2007

I have come across many hosting providers recently who sell shoutcast servers with a set amount of bandwidth. e.g. their plan would be 100 slots, 128kbps with 100GB bandwidth/month.

I was wondering how they are able to monitor the bandwidth usage of a single shoutcast server and enforce a limit?

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Bandwidth Usage Increase

May 25, 2007

I have an increase in bandwidth for one of my site.

Usually, it average around 6 or 7 gigs per month. This month im almost at 10 gig. In awstats, it report that a spcific ip have used 3.49 GB alone and as 128668 pages view and 128668 hits. Last access was 18th of may.

I have done a IP whois, and it appears that this IP belongs to [url], which is an ISP.

Now, im thinking of all types of things. Is my account serving files for someone? hack?

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Log Bandwidth Usage By IP, Several On Same Machine

Apr 27, 2007

I have a small linux box that I use as a router (CentOS 4.4 on OpenVZ).

I have quite a few clients connecting to it and using it as a gateway.

I would like to monitor their bandwidth usage if possible, I have iptables installed and am using iptables -L -v -n, which shows me the data transferred on specific ports that I am forwarding to them.

So, is there an bit of software out there that will monitor each IP for all UDP and TCP traffic, and wont be lost if I restart iptables.

I have looked at Cacti, but have never managed to get it to work...?

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Bandwidth Usage By User Or IP Address ?

May 15, 2009

is it possible to find which user or IP address using the most of the bandwidth, and is there a tool to monitor the bandwidth activity on the server?

Thank you,

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Streaming Site And Bandwidth Usage

Oct 10, 2009

I am wondering Site like Megavideo How much Bandwidth they use Every Month ?

Let's say you want Open site like Megavideo OK , What is your plan for this site ?

What is the least amount to start with site like this ?
What kind of servers you will choose ?
What is your plan for Bandwidth ?
What Provider you will choose ?

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Game Server Bandwidth Usage?

May 4, 2008

For research can someone tell me what is the average transfer ratio for a game server (ie Inbound vs Outbound)

So if a game server used 200GB outbound. How much Inbound would this equate to?

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Irregular Bandwidth Usage In MRTG

Apr 11, 2008

I run a server with lighttpd web server. The server is for file hosting, see the mrtg


The server is on 1 Gbit shared connection.

The bandwidth seems increase/decrease quickly. Can this happen? I have another file hosting server, on that bandwidth usage is almost sine wave.

Lighttpd web server is running properly and never crashed.

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Jailed User's Bandwidth Usage

Mar 26, 2007

Is there a way to monitor or limit the bandwidth usage of a jailed shell user account?

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How To Limit Bandwidth Usage Per User Per Day

Nov 24, 2007

I run 10+ sites on my dedicated server.In last 7 days one of them used over 1.7 TB of bandwidth.

I can't suspend that domain because it's mine.

I can't ban the IP of those who use considerable amount of bandwidth because they are a lot.

So i think about software/mod/whatever else that limit bandwidth usage per user(IP) per day! is there any one who has experience about this situation?

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Average Bandwidth Usage Per Cabinet

Nov 1, 2007

I'm about to move 31 machines into a 42U full cabinet

Previously I was on an uncapped bandwidth provider but we had a lot of problems with them so I decided to find a new provider who charges bandwidth by mbps

I do not have mrtg installed or managed switches, but I may start with 10mbps.

But I'm just curious, what takes a full cabinet with more than 30 machines does the total bandwidth takes you.

Perhaps any colo provider here don't mind to share their stats.

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Sub-domains, Bandwidth, And Traffic Usage

Mar 16, 2007

I have a site that has become very popular and I feel that I will soon outgrow my hosting plan. The site uses sub-domains in a fashion similar to In other words, I have different sites under the umbrella of the main domain. How does a site like About handle this issue? Forgive me if this is an uneducated question, but, since I can't host the sub-domains under different accounts and relieve some of the bandwidth burden how do I handle the bandwidth issue? It's not like I can have one account dedicated to one sub-domain and another to the other sub-domain or can I? Also, can anyone recommend a good hosting plan for popular sites? I have 60gb of transfer right now, but I want to explore other options while there is still time.

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MRTG Bandwidth Usage Graph > 120 Mbit/sec

Mar 10, 2007

why mrtg screws graphs up if bandwidth usage goes over 120 mbit/sec? See an attachment. First graph from mrtg, second one provider's graph which is correct. In mrtg.cfg I got MaxBytes[_]: 2250000000

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Suspecting Server Is Causing High Bandwidth Usage

Jun 21, 2009

For the past few days, one of the server is causing a bandwidth utilization surge for the entire rack on almost daily basis. It happen for a few minutes and it went off then it will be the same thing again the next day. When the surge is happening, most of the servers on the same segment will be inaccessible for the few minutes.

The bandwidth utilization graph for my rack is recording an abnormal surge from (6mbps --> 90mbps) for the few minutes. My MRTG is showing 2 of the Plesk servers giving the problem but the NOC guys said it the Cpanel that causing the problem.

I tried logging in to both servers but could not find what's the cause for this.

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Build An MRTG Graph To Monitor The Bandwidth Usage For Each IP?

Dec 11, 2008

I already have a UNIX server as the gateway/firewalls for few servers. How do i build an MRTG graph to monitor the bandwidth usage for each IP?

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CPanel And Option "View Bandwidth Usage"

Jun 17, 2008

Anyone know how much is true stats that we get in "main" server cPanel in menu:

Main >> Account Information >> View Bandwidth Usage

Is that correct data or? and can be difference of 500Gig?

I get bill for 500gig over, than stat in cPanel?

Is it possible that stats in cPanel dont say correct data? and to be that much difference?

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Global Registry

Jan 2, 2009

i have both PHP(php4 & php5) together

PHP4.........CSO (defoult)


i have already transfered a site from another server to my server !

this website using PHP5 and they asked me to enable register_global
but i don`t know how to active register_global when PHP5 set as CGI
value will not be accepted when PHP5 set as CGI : php_flag register_globals 1
* i think the last server used Suphp ( i found some files like : php.ini in FTP)

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Global Load Balancing

Nov 14, 2008

Looking for quick, easy global load balancing solution. This is actually for a temporary situation (we need to move to a new DC and need to make this seamless as possible). Linux solution preferred if possible. What can we use to get this achieved?

How exactly does it work? does it need VPN between locations or is client redirected to a different IP somehow?

We would consider dedicated hardware solutions provided that we can get 2 pieces for under $2,000 total (ebay i guess).

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Global DNS To Enhance Google

Oct 5, 2009

Is there a way to use DNS system (eg. Power DNS) so that based on geographical location Googlebot will locate a localized version of the site and hence will get a higher ranking for that country?

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