1 Year Review Of JaguarPC -> Excellent Service & Hosting

Feb 1, 2007

It has been one year today that I have had a VPS with JaguarPC. It has been a pleasurable experience.

From day one I received prompt curious service from their sales department and support the few times it was needed.

I was overseas on trip to Bulgaria and Turkey right after setting up my VPS. I messed up something just before I left that caused the VPS to crash while I was away. It was my error - I was out of the country and my assistant who knows little about running a VPS was able to get out an email to me in Bulgaria. I opened a ticket with support and gave them my friends email address so they could work with him and that was all it took.

Support had my system up and running in no time even though I messed up.

The VPS has run perfect since. Just recently my VPS was moved from the Houston Data Center to the Atlanta Center. The migration went great and the new server is outstanding. Fast and very responsive. WHM/Cpanel a resource hog as it is loads almost instantaneously now. Two Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) 2210 Processors! The VPS has only 8.3% of memory usage with no disk swapping. SATA drives in RAID 10. My old server was always at 46% which still was good.

Regardless of what you may read here from some grippers - you too can have a good experience at JaguarPC.

Right now you can get 15% off for life on a VPS - if you are looking for a powerful server to have a VPS on the current ones Jag is selling are it! (till Feb 15)

I am no employee of JaguarPC just a happy client who wants to tell the truth about my one year anniversary with the company.

The company has a great forum where a good group of old time customers help other customers with installs or whatever with their hosting needs. Even the resident wacko VIN DSL is a big help when he wants to be

They continue to improve all faucets of the company with new ideas and services -that along with the continuous hiring of an excellent team of sales and service personnel as the company grows make it so that I can look forward to another good year at JaguarPC.

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Pacificrack 3 Week Review -- Absolutely Excellent Service

Sep 22, 2008

After using Pacificrack before we had considered to use them again, however the coverup thread certainly made us think but we decided to give them another go, however Chris Gotzmann was extremely helpful via MSN and we secured an excellent deal on a Core2Quad server.

After speaking with Chris via MSN we came to a deal on a Core2Quad Q6600 server. Chris promptly created my client account and generated an invoice, I paid for it and the server was deployed and ready to go 10 hours later, Excellent.

The support before when we used them was excellent, Support ticket's answered in 10 minutes or less and the support now is still at that level if not better as some of our tickets get answered in under 60 seconds. We have put in several tickets this month and all issues have been resolved in under 10 minutes after getting an inital reply within 1-5 minutes.

I cannot really fault their network, it provides unbelievably good download speeds to the UK and good ping times, there have been only a couple of very minor hiccups this month but it only affected service for around 1-5 minutes if that.

I am extremely happy with Pacificrack, their service is as good as it was before and Chris and the team have been extremely helpful and supportive to me. I cannot really fault their service and I hope to continue using them.

Sales Rating:
8/10, Sometimes took a little bit of time to get a response on email

10/10, Cant fault it and cant complain at reply times

9/10, Other than the couple of minor hiccups, no complaints here

I have submitted an IP address/domain to the mods for verification.

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Singlehop - 1 Year Review Of Dedicated Server And Customer Service

Sep 23, 2009

just want to say this forum kicks some serious arse. It helped me out tremendously with a potential scam that I almost got myself caught in this morning. Secondly, since I am on here posting this morning I might as well post up a one year review of Singlehop.com and the dedicated server I am using.

My websites hosted on rig: www.svtsnake.com, www.nsgcenter.com, www.nextlevelhardware.com
My host: SingleHop
My sales rep: Miguel Villegas
My hosting package: Dedicated Server E8400, 2GB ram, 250GB HDD (non raid), Plesk CP with 5 domain license.
My monthly pricing: 189.00 even per month

At the beginning of my term about a year ago I was achieving 2.1 to 3.0 MB/s throughput down and close to 500 KB/s up which is excellent and really incredible for working on SSH Secure Shell for me with uploading and downloading DB files, etc. At this current point in time I have noticed a minor decrease in speed to around 1.5 MB/s download speeds and at nighttime hours around 700K, which is more than ample and still excellent IMO as you will see in this picture: http://nsgcenter.com/dlspeed.jpg

I am very happy with overall throughput of the server at almost all hours. You can check out overall network response time and server DB response by playing around with the vbulletin database I run at svtsnake.com. There is always a huge amount of concurrent users and never any slowdown.

Something else incredible for me with Singlehop so far is network downtime. I can honestly say, since my latest term with them. I was also a customer a few years ago and had a few issues with server downtime that I ceased being a customer with them because of it. However, I was refunded an compensated in a timely matter and everything was taken care of immediately.

However, it seems that as of recently they have improved there infrastructure tremendously because I have NOT been down for 1 second in over 7 months. Even when they schedule downtine, my server has never noticed it. My uptime has been 100% for every single day that I have owned this server on Singlehop.com.

There is one issue that I can say I am very unhappy with, and it is an issue where all partys can be blamed even including myself. I am well aware that there policy states after 3 days of non payment they can shut down server connection. So, I was a customer for seven months when a new single hop account executive named Miguel Villegas joined the team and was my representative. I had changed my cell phone and never updated the file, and at the same time I own multiple businesses and frequently close and open different credit/debit/rewards cards to be used for processing payment. Note that I have never missed a payment with them up until this point. The payment was do on like the 18th of the month or something, and I received the invoice thinking that my credit card on file was automatically going to pay my bill like it always does. But it just so happens that the credit card I had on file with singlehop was stolen at a nightclub in NYC called MansionNYC, and I was pick pocketed. I lost all of my credit cards that night and called up to report all of them stolen. So, obviously I was issued new credit card and I was waiting for them to issue me new cards in the mail and new numbers, which took about 3 to 5 days with most companys. So, here I am 3 days late for payment and I wake up one morning and ALL of my websites are completely shut down. No notification, no warning, just closed and I got an email from Miguel Villegas my account representative explaing that my server was turned off until I remit payment.

I called up Singlehop and I was furiated, yelled almost at the top of my lungs that they simply just shut off a server, after 3 days of payment. Especially in a situation like this and they never even called me up to let me know they were doing this because my cell phone was different on file - which was mis-communication on my part. At this point in time I called up my bank HSBC and got an emergency debit card number to make the payment to Miguel through email and my server was re-activated.

But, 3 days after invoice is due to just cancel someones server or suspend it is definitely not good business policy. I have been a customers for almost a year and the whole incident was a fluke, they didnt have to suspend the server. In my business, we give a customer at least 30 days to pay a bill. But thats not the point, I know there policy states you have 3 days to remit payment or policy account suspension. But I think that is a horrendous policy, especially for emergency situations like I was in. What happens if the owner of a business is dying of an anyeurism in the hospital and is 3 days late with his web payment for his website, does singlehop simply suspend his 16 million hit per month vbulletin forum just because of lack of communication and payment?

I am still a longstanding customer with Singlehop but felt I needed to share that story with everyone. So, yes I am very happy with quality of service, speed of service, tech support, packages offered. But, I am very upset about there payment policy regarding 3 days of lack of payment that just aint right. I really like the attitude and business practices of the execs at the company and they are going to hate me for the negative feedback of my one bad incident with them, but overall Singlehop has my business and will have my business UNTIL either the server is offline every other week, or my DB crashes due to SInglehop issues. LOL Neither I think will be happening anytime soon.

Thanks for reading everyone. If anything, I hope Singlehop reads this and considers modifying there policy regarding server suspension and lack of payment maybe to something more like 10 to 15 days. Not 3 days.

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MonkeyWrench Hosting Review - Three Year Review

Dec 15, 2008

MonkeyWrench Hosting review - Three year review

I've been hosting my personal sites with MonkeyWrench Hosting for around three years now (coming up in January I believe), and I figured I'd share my experiences with them!

I've gone through a few hosts in my time, and some of them have been pretty rough. After using paid hosts, a niche free host started up that I stayed with for around a year before they eventually closed down.

I switched to MonkeyWrench Hosting at that point as a place to host my sites and store my files, and I have to say that I've been impressed throughout the time I've been with them.

Fantastic! The sites have been perfectly reliable and speedy whenever I've gone to access them, and I haven't had any complaints from users. I did come across MySQL going down on one of the servers (I have two accounts for different purposes that are on seperate servers) in the past, but it was resolved quickly before I even needed to get help.

I've used the support a few times, but not for anything critical since there's not been the need. However, everything that I have asked was answered promptly in a professional manner.

Again, no complaints here. The pricing is pretty cheap, especially for the quality of service receieved. They aren't the cheapest on the Internet by any means, but you generally get what you pay for. I'm aware of what my realistic space/bandwidth needs are anyway, and I'd rather pick a host that clearly advertises what you'll receive over an 'unlimited' host.

All in all, MWH have been a fantastic choice and I couldn't have hoped for anything better.

So, thumbs up to Jonathan, and keep up the good work!

I'll report my domains for the moderators to check them out. =)

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AllureHost Excellent Service!

Jul 13, 2008

I would like to thank Allurehost for helping me out. I have never seen great service like allurehost. I have been with them for more than 4 months and they increase their service everytime i need help! I had lots of trouble, some of the questions would be stupid, but allurehost would still help me out no matter what. There plans are very affordable price, excellent service, like i said 100 times. I think they are just the best host for me and plan on staying with them for as long as i can!
here is my website for those who think i am the staff, which im not:

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Thumbs Up To VT6, Excellent Service

Jun 16, 2007

I just thought id let users know of my excellent experience so far with VT6, I ordered their diamond VPS plan along with cPanel and management. Setup was swift and took 12 Hours including server optimization and hardening.

Ive only been with them since wednesday. They were very friendly with answering all my presales questions. Support tickets are answered within 15 Minutes and one of mine was answered in 3 Minutes which is impressive. They have sorted out a few issues for me ive had after initial setup swiftly.

The server is not oversold and the VPS runs nice and quickly.

So thumbs up to VT6, So far so good. Ill be giving my 1 Month sometime in July

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My 1 Year Experience With JaguarPC (Enterprise Plan)

Aug 1, 2007

1. Transferring the sites to JaguarPC

- Moving the sites to them was kinda rough, but with Veena's help
everything was fixed in the end.
I wouldn't say their tech support was not helpful, it's quite the
opposite, but sometimes though not too often, I've got the impression
I was communicating with some kind of auto reply machine.

2. Uptime

- I've had 100% uptime (measured by the third party service) for the last four-five months. It was 99.2-99.5% some months last year, including scheduled maintenance downtime, server move, etc.

3. Transfer speed, site speed

There had been problems in the past year with site speed and extremely low transfer rates in/out, but it was fixed. I can see all of my sites up and loading pretty quickly.

4. Server load

When I had a big vbulletin board and gallery hosted on my VPS, I should admit I was experiencing server load problems now and then especially when 100+ people tried to use Flash Chat.

I don't have this board anymore, and therefore no server load problems.

5. Tech Support

- In general quite solid and reliable, but a bit uneven.
While some of their tech staff is brilliant and replies within 30 min,
and makes sure the problem is fixed, there were a few that probably
didn't read the tickets properly and didn't understand the nature of the
problem right away.

But then again, their tech support managed to assist me every time I needed them last year.

Don't know much about current situation now, I haven't tried to contact JaguarPC Tech Support for quite a while, which actually is a very good sign, right?

6. Price

- Very reasonable, among the lowest in the market as far as I could see. And they also have Cpanel included in the price, lots of features, traffic, and pretty good storage space.

7. Conclusion

- So far I see no reason at all to change my hosting provider. I think I will continue a bit longer, a year (or two?).

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Polur. Net:: Excellent Customer Service

Jun 24, 2008

I have to tell about the excellent service I received with Polur.Net. I recently put in a request regarding running a 3rd party script to support. I expected a response with complicated instructions but instead the Polur Team went beyond my expectations by running the script for me and even correcting my own errors which ensured that everything worked great.

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From JaguarPC (1+ Year) To GlowHost (just Started) - My Experience And Reviews So Far

Jun 12, 2009

I've been with JaguarPC for over a year. I hosted two sites, one on VPS, another on semi-dedicated. I had to give up VPS after a couple of months when it turned out it was impossible to upgrade my operation system despite several attempts.

Today I'm canceling the second site on semi-dedicated server even though at first it was good (and cheap compared others). Unfortunately, over time the server was getting less and less reliable, there were frequent outages and connection problems. It seemed I was usually the first one to spot the problem and I opened a ticket; one of them had a dozen or so replies as I would post almost every day that the site was down or slow. So I had to leave this semi-dedicated too.

JaguarPC positives:

despite server performance issues, they have fast and friendly support; I liked to work with these guys and they showed patience. They even offered me free upgrade on VPS to a better operational system, but I chose to move on to try other waters

they were flexible enough to install software I needed without problems

JaguarPC negatives:

server problems, probably some overselling and/or not enough attention to the bad guys with buggy or heavy websites

Now I moved to GlowHost.com and pay over two times as much for a semi-dedicated server. Here are my first impressions:

server seems OK so far,

support - they are also fast (probably even faster than JPC), even though they seem not to be as flexible as JaguarPC regarding installation of common software. For example, I asked them to install zlib to use gzip compression, but they said they know better and gzip compression is not something that would benefit my site and I would have to move to a dedicated server to have it installed (?). I was a little surprised since even some regular shared hosts have zlib library installed and I would think a semi-dedicated server (with no more than 30 domains on the server as it's possible to host only one domain and considering the price) should be treated as something more than just a shared server and users who choose semi-dedicated server actually do it to improve performance over shared server.

Either way, I'll see how it goes later; as long as the server is stable and fast I guess I shouldn't complain.

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[Bird Hosting] 1 Year Review

Apr 28, 2009

I was hosting with Godaddy in the beginning, but their inflexible packages caused me to look else were. At the current time, my part time employer was hosting a dedicated server with bird hosting. Going back and forth between my VPS at GoDaddy and the VPS my employer had with Bird - I was amazed and also frustrated with the difference - the inability to expand my VPS at goDaddy. I had a 10gig / 512MB at godaddy with Windows.

I wanted more space and more memory but goDaddy's limit was 10gigs for windows - period.

I currently run longarmchat.com which has been growing over the past year and was right at the limit of 10 gigs with the photo storage and videos we had.

I got in touch with Bird and they offered me a windows 2gig mem / 40gig space VPS for just a little more then I was paying at goDaddy. On top of that - they even offered to back it up which I have used due to my own mistake a couple of times already. GoDaddy never auto-backed up my stuff which was another reason I had no hesitation of switching.

To date - I have 10 sites hosted on my single VPS (some using Coldfusion / SQL) and others just static. After a year in march - I feel comfortable with making my recommendation for BirdHosting.com as to where I can stand behind it. Their support is in English and straight forward. No need to have to work your way up the call rep levels - the first person you talk to can handle any issue you have right there from their desk. I always got the runaround or had to tell Godaddy I'm not stupid for them to push me up to a higher level of support.

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1 Year Review Of SteadCom Hosting

Mar 28, 2009

I've been with SteadCom hosting for over a year and have several VPS's with them. Their service/support as well as the intangibles have been nothing short of outstanding.

Here are a few highlights:

1) I had a dying server from another host. I contacted SteadCom late afternoon, and they had a VPS with my specs (not a canned plan) up a short time later. Then they proceeded to troubleshoot the dying server & kept it up long enough for them to move my accounts. They did not charge me for moving my accounts, or for assisting on keeping a dying server up to keep my current clients satisfied. OUTSTANDING.

2) Support is never far. I email, and typically I get a response in a few minutes. Their tech support is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I always feel like a valued client.

3) As I've shifted my business plan & needs, they have always been there to provide assistance and advice. Most recently I had a need for a small, fully managed server for just a few specific accounts. Again, they were equal to the task, outlining what they would provide, providing a quick setup, and again exceeding my expecations.

4) They have never been anything short of honest. If there is an issue, they will tell you exactly what the issue is, repair the issue, and get you up and running quickly. I've never had 'Gee, that is not our issue' from them. They just take ownership of the situation and do what is needed. As with any server, downtime cannot be avoided, only the length of the downtime can be controlled. My server has never been down for long, and when it has, they have absolutely been stellar about getting it back up, running normally, and letting me know exactly what the issue was.

With Steadcom, I really feel like I have a partner. With several VPS companies I've been with, I might as well have been on their payroll as much as I had work on the servers. Steadcom knows what FULLY MANAGED means, and typically exceeds my expectations.

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Future Hosting 2 Year Review

Apr 2, 2009

Even though this is a 2 year review of Future Hosting, I would like to back up a little bit more. Lets go all the way back to April of 2006 when I opened my first site.

Between April 2006 and March of 2007 I tried about 5 different hosting companies. I changed companies because I did not believe that 15 people on my forum at one time was "High Usage". And that was the story that I was told over and over by those "other" hosting companies. That with 15 people on my forum at one time, I had reached the limit of my hosting plan.

In March of 2007 I had enough. After changing host around 5 times, and getting the same line of bull from each one, I decided to give running a website one more try.

After reading the reviews here on WHT, I decided to go with Future Hosting. When my forum was setup and people started visiting, something strange happened. My forum could support more then 15 people at a time. To be honest, I was amazed. Here was Future Hosting, and my forum with 20, 30 and even 50 people on it at a time. This makes me wonder what was worng with those other hosting plans I had payed for.

As my forum grew, so did my server needs. Over the past 2 years I went from the most basic VPS plan that Future Hosting had, all the way to the most expensive.

Instead of 15 people at a time, now my forum has 350 - 400 people at a time, gets around 2.9 million page views a month, has over 589,000 post, 48,421 threads and 14,719 members. Over the past 2 years Future Hosting has provided my forum with the resources and tech support that it needed to grow.

Today was a big step for my forum and my relationship with Future Hosting, because I just leased my first dedicated server from them.

To sum up my 2 year review of Future Hosting:

I am a very happy customer.

I highly recommend Future Hosting to anyone looking for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution.

Maybe in another 2 years I will be back here posting a review of their dedicated server.

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Ecatel Review - Excellent

Mar 10, 2008

Figured I would give a review on ecatel.net. I first started dealing with ecatel on January 20th when I got a server for a management client. Soon after that I bought my own ecatel server as well as referred about 4 others so far to get servers, all have been very happy.

They have unbelievable bandwidth to be located in that part of the world and being access form the states. I manage about 5 other servers in that area through different networks and ecatel beats them all. Latency is always very good, it would be completely possible for a gaming clan in the united states to rent an ecatel server and use it for games. Here is their latency readings from another place in The Netherlands but its safe to say that their latency from the states would be exceptional as well. Download speeds are also very good from the states about 30-50% better then other servers I manage in that area.

They have unmetered bandwidth and guarantee up to 10 tb and it is for real. I or none of my clients have used 10tb yet but I know of at least once that averages 30 -60 mbit all the time and we have not heard the first peep from them or had any limitations.

Very good, I am very pleased with the support and sales. new servers are usually provisioned within 24 hours, the most one has ever taken was 4 days which was not an issue as I noted that the order did not need expedited and to take their time with it. They are very polite, speak excellent english and response time if good usually taking 2-12 hours for non-emergency issues.

Prices are also excellent. very good deals on all configurations. My favorite server they have are the p4 2160 dual core - its like a stripped down core2duo 1.86 with smaller cache. It runs very well and scored around 244 on the unix benchmarks we do here on that one thread. By far the best bang for the buck.

Very good at least 99.9% during the time I have been with them. There has been a few very brief outages for maintenance but each time there was emails sent out explaining the situation and window. They are very good about notifying clients of any problems or outages.

Overall I am very happy with ecatel and when I refer them to people I totally vouch for their stability and reliability. They are one of those companies that you deal with and are very happy with from the start. I would recommend ecatel for anyone doing offshore hosting, needing high bandwidth/transfer or anything else. It would even be good for US hosts doing regular hosting

2 thumbs up for ecatel. My clients and I are very satisfied and happy with them. If you are considering them give them a try. Do not judge by their unfinished website, I would assume they do most of their sales fromreferrals and word of mouth so that is probably not a big priority, who knows but do not judge them from their website. Email them directly at info@ecatel.net and they will take care of you.

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Virpus Review - Excellent - 2+ Months

Nov 26, 2008

Virpus review - Excellent

Its my great Privilege to give them a excellent rating.

I ordered vps almost 2 and half months back after we had a poor run at WOC (not even for a month at them).

We had recd. so far fabulous support from their crew. The usual ticket reply time is awesome for an semi-managed vps.

Any reply with in 30mins and if provided proper information required as well they would do give the update and time note.

We didn't have any down time on our vps so far. The free back up facility for an semi-managed vps is really awesome. I was searching for a similar feature with lots of hosts but was unlucky. Just then came virpus to solve my every need.

Its just for a namesake they are semi-managed, I get support as if I get a complete managed support.

Till now no ticket on mine has been either ignored or nor delayed in response.
The speed is great and better than our previous hosts

My final word is Virpus Rocks - www.virpus.com

As far as my experience in concerned I will look forward to this company for a very long relationship with them and try to get my friends tied up at this excellent host.

Its been really my pleasure to give this review on virpus. Once again thanks Virpus team for making my life so easy and simple online.

This review is completely based on our experience and not any hand written material I give them 10/10 from my heart.

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IPOWER Hosting Is Excellent...

Mar 1, 2009

We are now with Ipower for 18 months, and I would like to say there was very good service from their side... downtime was minimal (1 hour out of 18 months), and their support is excellent - executives speaking perfect english and offering very professional and helpful service 24 x 7
We don't run a huge traffic heavy website, but we do run certain smaller websites, and it was a good service all along.

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Excellent Web Hosting By Yawp Domains

Sep 17, 2008

Just wanted to get on board and discuss Yawp Domains. We are a new business that has recently started a new online shop. We were dealing with another company and came across Yawp domains. They have been fantastic with every aspect in getting us started. From the website set up to web hosting and domain names. They are genuine people who care about our business. The support team was great and the response time is exceptional. Definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a personalised service. The after hour customer service is second to none. Well done guys and keep up the good work. More people like you are needed in business.

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Wixed Internet - Excellent Hosting

Nov 3, 2008

Wixed is an amazing hosting company, never had or encountered downtime and if I have a question the staff is always there to help me out. And this for good prices.

- uptime: 10/10

- service: 10/10

- professionalism: 10/10

Overall the perfect host i've had!

Short but it has all you need to know.

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GigaPros Excellent Tech Support & Hosting

Aug 12, 2008

I had purchased an SSL certificate from Go-Daddy. The Tech support people at GigaPros were more than willing to give me the advice I needed and to get the certificate installed for me in very short order.

Polite courteous professional service, excellent response times and top notch support. This company offers excellent value for the money! I highly recommend GigaPros!

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Solar VPS Refuses Service Based On A Year Ago

Jul 11, 2008

The Solar VPS CEO has a guilty conscience or something that I will screw him up...he knows that I won't do a thing to his company....anyways...cause I want to apologize to him...in public....and I want him to read this...I called him a fool...on live chat...for not agreeing to a idiotic final decision...decisions are based on a company...and should be changed....I just want a VPS for my portal...thats it....

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JaguarPC Review

Nov 14, 2007

For about 4 months now Ive been using their VPS service. The service is great, and cheap too

Never had any down time or problems. The support is one of a kind. Awesome helpful replies to all of my stupid questions(I DO ask a good amount of stupid ones lol) within 3 hours max.

JPC rocks, and I never see myself needing to leave

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SoftSysHosting.com Rocks - Excellent Support - Reliable Hosting - Fast Loading

Jun 15, 2009

If you need a hosting provider, reliable with logical prices and fantastic support then you should consider SoftSysHosting.com

I'm developing web sites since 1995 and through all these years I have changed many hosting companies always looking the best for my clients. BUT what are the basic 2 critical factors for a website?

1) Reliability -stability - fast loading

2) Excellent support staff.

SoftSystHosting.com has also logical prices for Windows2008 hosting needs.

Whenever I needed to open a new ticket during the process of domain transfer I always was getting a reply in minutes. Also the support staff is very gentle, experienced and always looking for to satisfy your needs. You need Full Trust for your domain? No problem. Just open a ticket and in 5 minutes you'll have it.

One main reason I left from one of my previous hosting provider was Full Trust. They offered only Medium Trust.

I left also another hosting provider since support system was horrible. I opened a ticket and I wasn't sure when it will be answered. In cases of troubles a complete absense of support may ruin your business. I usally do changes at night or weekend when my clients do not work. What happen if something goes wrong and there is no one at the other side of support to help you? I have faced such situations that the 24x7 support was 8x5.

So if you want to be free from anxiety and have reliable hosting with a fanatical support team, then I suggest you to join SoftSysHosting.com

SoftSysHosting.com Support rocks.

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My 1 Month VPS JaguarPC Review...

Sep 24, 2008

We opened a VPS account with JaguarPC so we could host our own support site externally from our network, we went with them due to an attractive deal we seen here on WHT for a free ram upgrade!

The VPS we got came with 384mb ram and cpanel.

We did a cpanel transfer, the server took 2 1/2 hours to transfer our support desk backup file, so download speed was not the best.

We immediately noticed when accessing the website or WHM that the general speed was slow and page loads always a delay. WHM shown our load as very low (0.01, 0.03 etc)

We contacted JaguarPC for support, the responses we got were very closed responses. Finally yesterday we were told we need to buy more ram to make our VPS respond quicker.

We still need to keep our helpdesk external so we moved it to another VPS today (which took under 5 mins to transfer our backup to not 2 1/2 hours).

Over all Jaguar PC maybe cheap and is ok for those with truelow budget who dont mind slow speeds, but its not recommended for serious users.

Also the support reps who logged in to my VPS were all in Pakistan, (i seen their hostnames in SSH as last login) I also preferred to deal with a English/American company which also made up my mind to cancel and move.

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JaguarPC 1 Month Review

Aug 29, 2007

It has been one month exactly since I started with JaguarPC. I know it's probably not ideal to review them after 1 month of service as I guess this can be considered the honeymoon. Regardless I wanted to give my opinion on them after 1 month and then come back in a few months to say if anything changed or not.

Website in question

My website is basically a portfolio site, it doesn't get a ton of traffic but it does increase everyday. It's a personal website that I've had on shared hosting before moving it to a VPS in general.

Setup of VPS

This was actually a pretty good experience except for one minor hiccup which was my fault After signing up I thought I did a few things wrong and so I contacted Live customer service and spoke with an agent who was very kind, courteous, and very helpful and made sure all my questions were answered.

However the hiccup came when my VPS still wasnt set up 12 hrs later. I sent a support ticket and got an answer back in about 10 minutes and it turned out I didn't select the control panel I wanted (Cpanel) Once I selected it my VPS was setup within the hour with my nameservers and everything set.

The only thing I wish was that the control panel problem was caught earlier, but it was my fault to begin with.


My VPS had a rockystart in the beginning The first week or so, it was randomly killing processes making it go offline every night. A restart would fix it but was a little annoying to do it every night. Support worked on the problem and found it to be certain limits within the VPS were too low.

Soon after I got an e-mail stating that there was a planned downtime for the servers and after that downtime which was planned my VPS has remained online and hasnt required a restart since. I can't say what the extent of the problem was cause honestly I'm not sure myself, I'm not a VPS expert yet.

It seems it was just a rocky start as my VPS runs perfectly fine now. Also I like the speed of the VPS


This is where JaguarPC shines in my opinion after 1 month. The techs helped me with my problems during the first week or so. Response times were within 10 minutes on average. Longest I had to wait was 20 minutes which really isn't that long.

The support team is friendly and seem to always make sure to answer your questions. Support is there 24 hours which was an added bonus since my VPS at the beginning liked going offline around midnight.

Just this very moment I actually had a billing problem I sent a ticket in at 10:20 AM and the problem was fixed by 10:31 AM. This might be the case for a lot of VPS providers but I'm certainly not use to it.


It was a rocky start at the beginning and I will be honest I almost thought I made the wrong decision. I'm happy I stuck it out as now my VPS runs flawlessly. I like the support at JaguarPC is always there and that there are multiple ways of contacting them too.

Their forums are filled with advice and help by not only JaguarPC but from their customers too. I think the shining point is their support and their willingness to help you when you need it. They're keeping me as a customer as I'm very happy overall, their support staff went above and beyond I think of what was required of them and I thank all of them for that.

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My 1.5 Month Review Of JaguarPC.

Sep 14, 2007

Well its been just over 1.5 months now that I've had a VPS from JaguarPC and I thought I would write my my own personal experiences with the server.

The server was initially ordered through one of their special discount deals featured here on WHM. At first there were a few errors. The plan requested - Freedom Plan - was set up as it should have been, all within 24 hrs as guaranteed. However, the additional disk space and additional ram were not included in the VPS as advertised in the ad. I submitted a support ticket to get this issue resolved and received a response rather quick. Within 15 minutes or so letting me know the issue had been resolved. The Disk Space problem was fixed, but not the memory error which I discovered two weeks or so later. I again submitted a support ticket and was told the memory was at the point it should be at.

I have let it slide at this point as the second month was at no charge per their special (but I won't let it slide much longer). This brings up another issue which was dealt with promptly by JaguarPC. I received an invoice for the second month. As soon as I notified them they deleted the invoice and the second month (Which is almost up) has been at no cost.

I have now noticed the server runs very slow. I thought it may just be my connection but, after using multiple connections - Home, work, friends houses, family's houses, all with varying service providers (some of the locations in different provinces - I travel a lot) I have come to the conclusion it is not an issue that can be tied town to my ISP or connections in my area.

Down time seems to be an issue with the server at this point as well. The longest period of up time I have seen in the past month and a half was 18 days. The VPS goes down on average every 5 - 10 days. There are times I'm forced to reboot it myself as its running to slow to handle.

Rather then dwelling on the negative in this review, there are a few positive things that need to be said as well. The server setup time was great, and any additional requests for software installs have been completed. Their support reaction time has been excellent. Most tickets (the 4 or 5 that I have submitted) have been answered within 15 - 30 minutes which to me is completely acceptable. The support ticket reaction time in my opinion is one of the more important thing mentioned in this review as nothing is worse then not being able to reach a support desk when you need to.

JaguarPC seems to have a great service running with the resources and staff to back its product, however they have yet to show me they are backing their product. I had high hopes for them, and still do. I will continue on with them due to their reputation in the hopes these issues can be resolved.

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Review: JaguarPC VPS (Thumbs Down)

Nov 8, 2007

Here's my review. I've been with them for over 6 months I believe. I am not sure of the exact date. So far my service with them has been fairly poor.

Everything started out fine, for about a month I had good speeds. I then I made the mistake and rm -rf * in the wrong directory. Ooops, my mistake, new to having root access... luckily I stop it before I do too much damage to the vps server. I open up a support ticket, ask them if they can reload my OS and back up my data before they do it.

They said okay, but it will cost me $30 to redo it and they *will* backup my data before they do it.. Well, they reload my VPS and they DON'T back up my data... I lost all my work and had to reload backups from a week before. I run a large forum, so I lost about 20,000 posts from this. My mysql databases, etc worked fine beforehand but I removed most of my system files.... Worst part about it I paid $30 for the OS restore even though they didn't do what they said they would do and back it up.. They basically said too bad so sad...

Fast forward a few months, decent service, okay speeds. It can be VERY slow at times and takes about 10 seconds to load my page most of the time. The server shuts down for no reason often, and can be down for hours at a time, this happens fairly often. (Every other week or so) About a week ago my site goes down for 3 days and I lose yet another 10,000+ posts because the raid array dies, okay... It happens... Well, since I leave daily backups on the server nothing I can do about it. Now, my site has been down for about another 2-3 days. It finally came back online today..

I also run my business site off the vps along side my forums, and with the constant downtime I have lost thousands of dollars in downtime and data loss. I know it's my own fault for staying with them.

I read good reviews about them, but so far my service has been less than great. I'm trying to find another VPS in the price range. I have been really busy going to school full time and working full time, so I haven't had time to find another vps host and to move my vps server over.

I don't recommend them. Maybe I don't have good luck with hosting, but others seem to do well with them.

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Jaguarpc SDX Sucks 2 Month Review

Mar 23, 2008

First of all just would like to say that i've left the service now, but im making this quick review because i forgot to take out the server from the 2 monitoring services that i use and after more than a month after i left the server is still having almost daily downtimes, so i thought hummm good enough reason to make this review, that and i thought from the start that they did a very poor job, also i do have 2 vps on jaguarpc and unlike the SDX, they work just fine, with very little if any downtime.

Shortly after christmas Jaguarpc was doing another especial on their SDX shared accounts, the SDX (or semi-dedicated) basically they say is a shared account with loads of space and bandwidth with very little people on the server, and so i had some free time to launch a site i was working on and i thought it was a good idea, why not... especially at the time i was considering the "clustered" stuff from mediatemple/mosso and such, but since jaguarpc had always given a good service, it sounded like a good idea, the setup was quick enough and i transfered the site (wordpress based), after less than a week the downtimes started, you know the kind... 15min here 10min there and this was 2 or 3 times a day, so after a week i contacted support and they said it was a user that was doing that and they took care of it... fine

The problem is that this kept on going, sometimes 30min or more, sometimes specific services went down (ftp and such) and i noticed it... mostly because of the monitoring services and because i was working on the site and it kept giving errors like not connecting to the database or the ftp getting cut out... so i contacted support again and they said the obvious "everything was fine", great... i'm imagining things... a couple of weeks went by and i get a mail from support saying that my site has been suspended and it was the cause of all the downtime... my wordpress site that barely has visits and is barely working... well that was the last straw, i disagree but its hard to prove i'm right, so the only action i could take is i closing that account and moved elsewhere (actually to imountain.com were i have that exact same site and 2 more and paying basically half of what i was paying jaguarpc and all of them work without a problem, load pretty fast compared with the SDX... pretty happy with it)

So to finish up, more than a month after i left the server, it still has almost daily downtimes (cause i get the alerts on my mail), and both monitoring services say about the same, this last week that server has a around a 98% uptime with about 20 downtimes, comparing with all the servers i use from 4 other providers, it has by far the worst record, but i guess it was my site to blame for this.

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Review Of Hostgator, LunarPages, SLHost, HostingZoom, And JaguarPC

Dec 27, 2007

I thought I would do a review of some of the web hosts that I have used or am using over the last year or so.

I'll start off by talking about the 3 webhosts i currently am using.

1. Lunarpages (regular shared hosting account).
2. HostingZoom (regular shared hosing account)
3. Hostgator (Reseller Account)


I have had a shared account with Lunarpages since early July.

Positives: Of the different webhosts I have used, they seem to keep php, and other software the most up to date (on the elara server). A webhost that uses older versions of software that have security issues makes me nervous. Another positive of Lunarpages was the free "Coffeecup" software.
Negatives: I really wanted to like Lunarpages when i signed up with them. Of all the hosts I have used in the last few years, the Lunarpages server I'm currently on is down the most. In fact, I currently use my space there just for testing out software (like Joomla) and setting up demos for my current web design clients to learn on (they can learn on the demos as opposed to messing up their live sites!). The server generally has some issue at least ever couple of days were the site is unreachable (either a hight server load and everything times out) or some other issues....

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One Year Review - VT6

Jul 29, 2008

This is a brief review of my experience with VT6 over the last year.

I have little to say, because it's "just worked". I've had to call upon their helpdesk twice in the last year. In both cases the response was timely and the matter resolved in a reasonable timeframe, both were matters beyond their control.

I'd happily recommend them for shared hosting.

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My Two Year Review With IN(.be)

May 11, 2007

This is my first and last review of these guys. When I first colocated my server with them, they were still known as iHosting. The price was good, the support was excellent, and it was a friendly little place. I never experienced any down time to speak of, and when I needed something changed (like a reverse DNS entry), they took care of it almost straight away.

Of course, then a big mean company bought them. In(forbusiness).(nl|be). From day one I knew things could only go downhill from there on, and I was right. Every time they touched my server in the datacentre, it went offline. Even when they didn't have any business with my particular server. On three occasions they unplugged the power cable *WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION* so I couldn't do a clean shut down which resulted in a raid array rebuild. That in itself would almost be acceptable, but each time they didn't plug it back in properly.

Then on another three occasions they've messed up my connectivity by not handling the NIC with care. It's a sensitive little thing, and even though I've pointed it out to them time and time again, they keep messing up. Usually they've been kind enough to fix these problems, which they caused relatively quickly. However, it's happened again, and this time they're refusing to fix it for free. Needless to say, I'm not paying for something they broke, and I'm cancelling my account with them ASAP. They'd better not make a fuss about giving me back my server, or I won't be a happy camper.

As if unannounced shutdowns and unplugged cables aren't bad enough, I've also been paying for an APC connection/account for almost two years now. I still haven't received any actual login data that would in fact allow me to do a remote reboot. It's not like I haven't asked them .. I asked them at least every time the server went down, and about every other month as well. Each time my mail was either ignored, or I got some vague reply.

Oh, and about this latest downtime .. they told me they'd be rearranging things in the rack today. I asked them, yet again, to be careful with my server so it wouldn't go down for like a week again. That mail was nicely ignored. After almost a day of downtime, I told them I would be cancelling my account and that they'd better get my server back up ASAP. Their only reply was that that would cost me. After they guaranteed me there would be no more than 5 minutes of downtime while rearranging the rack. Right.

The hosting world has changed a good bit in those years I've been with them. I can now get a reseller account that gives me just as much freedom for less money with more support. And face it, support is what it's all about -- and theirs blows.

I wouldn't recommend this host to anyone, not even if they paid me. Not even if they were the last host on the planet. Never again.

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My 5 Year Review Of Powweb

Oct 19, 2007

I have had several accounts with Powweb for 5 years now and I thought I would write a brief review of them:


I originally went with Powweb 5 years ago based off of a referral from a friend. At the time, the “shared hosting environment” isn’t quite what it is today. For the first several years, I experienced trouble free hosting (for the most part) and truly felt as though I was “getting what I paid for.”

Powweb, back then, was a privately owned company based out of California ( I believe) and I usually got the impression that most of their employees truly cared about their customers and the quality of service they provided. What made them semi-unique at the time, was that they offered only a “one plan solution” (they didn’t offer multiple plan types) and the simplicity of their business model worked well for most.

Powweb was also unique in that they offered community forums which were pretty “open” and it truly allowed customers to discuss problems and issues with one another. A few years ago, they transitioned from private dedicated servers to a clustered environment and that did bring along some hard time, but they got it under control eventually. Overall, I was satisfied with the service.


A year or so ago Powweb was bought-out by Endurance. If you do not know anything about Endurance, they are a very large web-hosting company which has acquired several other large shared-hosts over the past few years.

Once Powweb was purchased by Endurance, the quality in service immediately decreased. Part of what Endurance does with most of their acquisitions is to assimilate them into their fold. This was a very shaky process and nearly everyone experience a large amount of downtime.

Additionally, Powweb is now plagued by horrible MySQL issues where the service is nearly completely useless. For the past year, Powweb has been either unable or unwilling to fix these issues. It can often take several minutes for even the most basic of queries to run. Any dynamic type of an application: forums, blogs, CMS, are usually rendered completely useless.

To make matters worse, Powweb continues to aggressively advertise these resource heavy applications and then ask for patience as they attempt to get their issues fixed. It has been about a year now, and still it is not resolved. Much of these issues come from the extreme overselling that Powweb does. Nearly every day, all websites (even static ones) come to a complete crawl.

Calling customer support is also a waste of your time. 95% of the time, you are met by a rude person who simply tells you “well, it seems to work for me” or that “we are aware of the problem” (at best). Opening support tickets is also usually not helpful. Tickets are often closed without any contact with the customer and it is very common for them to “give you the run-around.”

I have been told by support several times to keep an eye on the forums for updates on issues and whatnot. Then, if you go to the forums and attempt to get any information from there, you are told that ‘these are only user-helping user forums’ and that you can’t get any official help there, though customer support told you to go to that very place. Additionally, Powweb’s staff practices extreme censorship of the forum and it is common for negative remarks to be removed or posts completely deleted, many times without any acknowledgement of the act.

In addition to the MySQL issues, Powweb also experiences frequent “lock-ups,” CGI issues, email issues, dns issues, and so on and so forth. The list of problems that has occurred over the past year is literally too long to remember.

In conclusion, the Powweb of new is nothing like the Powweb of old. This new Powweb is controlled by an over-selling giant (Endurance) that is only concerned with the number of accounts as apposed to the quality of service. While certainly any business related site should not be in such an environment at all, I would even suggest that people looking for a host for hobby related purposes stay clear of powweb – it’s that bad.

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HostMySite VPS 1 Year Review

Aug 15, 2008

One year has gone by since we bought our hosting plan at HostMySite (HMS) and I thought I'd post another review. You can read my previous review here (http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=659594)

The Short Of It
We have 2 IIS Coldfusion VPS (CF VPS+ plan). The first one we had was originally just a CF VPS (for developing) but we later changed it over to a CF VPS+ (more ram, more space, etc). This VPS is 1 year and 1 month old. Our production VPS which currently hosts our website is a healthy 1 year old. The reliability has been great and we never had any speed or performance issues.

We are very happy at HMS. We have had very little issues with the our VPSes and those issues are usually resolved very quickly. Anytime we needed support, it was overall always quick and helpful. We recommend HMS to anyone who needs a Windows VPS.

Security and Friends
The SSL certificate we purchased from our previous host expired so we bought a new one via HMS. At first the order we placed was apparently processed by them but wasn't sent to the issuer for processing. We didn't find out until we sent a ticket in wondering about the status. They immediately processed it for us. Except for the fact that they processed it for 1 year when we bought it for 3. So another ticket flew across the internet and flew back to us just as quickly resolving the problem.

They asked if they wanted them to install it and we emphatically said yes. They installed the certificate and we were set. Or so we thought. We began having issues with our merchant account not being able to verify our SSL certificate. They forgot to add in the intermediate certificate so that third party processors can see verify it's legitimacy. This was resolved very quickly (faster than we expected) and we have not had issues with it since.

The One Thing
The only thing we'd like to mention was an incident that occurred several months ago. One day, out of the apparently gray clouds, for some reason our site could not be connected to. After shaking our fists futilely at the weather gods, we sat down and tried to figure out what was wrong. By doing the basic diagnostics to make sure it wasn't us or our ISP we cursed the Lunar Goddess and contacted HMS to see what was up. They fixed it but didn't tell us what the issue was. Apologies in the form of cup cakes to the Moon was issued.

The next day, the same problem occurred or at least we thought and was told it was the same problem. We could not access our site. This time we did both live chat and started a ticket (for documentation, last time we just called). In the live chat they stated it was an issue with the node and not specific to our VPS and they were working on it. They said it was the same issue as yesterday.

This is where it starts getting dicey.

They also responded via the ticket that the firewall was blocking the ports and not the same issue as yesterday. Now considering only one person has access to the VPS (via RDC) to make changes and he did not log in to make any changes to the firewall (why would we?) that explanation didn't even seem plausible. And the ports blocked (pretty much everything except FTP) didn't make any sense. We went back and forth, with me explaining that after several months of not touching the firewall after setup, why would we inexplicable block ourselves out? Why would we even touch the firewall? Also that it can't be a coincidence with the node issues yesterday and they had already stated it was the same issue.

After a bit of going back and forth, they finally came to the conclusion that the patch they applied to fix the node issue made changes to the firewall which caused the subsequent issue. While this explanation didn't exactly seem completely kosher, we weren't going waste more time asking for a better explanation.

Now given that the total "downtime" of both issues was about 5 hours we thought we'd see how much of a resistance they will put up for the uptime guarantee. The first issue we pretty much knew wasn't going to get any attention because according to their TOS, they will only refund for time it was down when you posted a support ticket. Since we did this over the phone, there was no documentation to speak of when it went down and when it got fixed.

As for the second issue (which did have a ticket) they stated that since the VPS was technically up, the uptime guarantee did not apply even if the problem was caused by them (they didn't specifically say that but it was implied). While we didn't expect anything from it and didn't bother to pursue it, that response raised some eyebrows. While within their rights, it did seem a bit "whoa". They did apologize and were very polite and respectful. It was pretty much what we expected in terms of responses.

The Train Ride
While the above issue may seem bad, it was a one-time event. These things can happen. We haven't had any uptime, access or server issues since that problem. Support is quick and helpful.

The site has been running fine for months with no downtime.

We are overall very happy with HMS and would recommend them to anyone who needs a Windows VPS.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Support: 9/10
Reliability: 9/10
Speed and Bandwidth: 10/10

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