From JaguarPC (1+ Year) To GlowHost (just Started) - My Experience And Reviews So Far

Jun 12, 2009

I've been with JaguarPC for over a year. I hosted two sites, one on VPS, another on semi-dedicated. I had to give up VPS after a couple of months when it turned out it was impossible to upgrade my operation system despite several attempts.

Today I'm canceling the second site on semi-dedicated server even though at first it was good (and cheap compared others). Unfortunately, over time the server was getting less and less reliable, there were frequent outages and connection problems. It seemed I was usually the first one to spot the problem and I opened a ticket; one of them had a dozen or so replies as I would post almost every day that the site was down or slow. So I had to leave this semi-dedicated too.

JaguarPC positives:

despite server performance issues, they have fast and friendly support; I liked to work with these guys and they showed patience. They even offered me free upgrade on VPS to a better operational system, but I chose to move on to try other waters

they were flexible enough to install software I needed without problems

JaguarPC negatives:

server problems, probably some overselling and/or not enough attention to the bad guys with buggy or heavy websites

Now I moved to and pay over two times as much for a semi-dedicated server. Here are my first impressions:

server seems OK so far,

support - they are also fast (probably even faster than JPC), even though they seem not to be as flexible as JaguarPC regarding installation of common software. For example, I asked them to install zlib to use gzip compression, but they said they know better and gzip compression is not something that would benefit my site and I would have to move to a dedicated server to have it installed (?). I was a little surprised since even some regular shared hosts have zlib library installed and I would think a semi-dedicated server (with no more than 30 domains on the server as it's possible to host only one domain and considering the price) should be treated as something more than just a shared server and users who choose semi-dedicated server actually do it to improve performance over shared server.

Either way, I'll see how it goes later; as long as the server is stable and fast I guess I shouldn't complain.

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My 1 Year Experience With JaguarPC (Enterprise Plan)

Aug 1, 2007

1. Transferring the sites to JaguarPC

- Moving the sites to them was kinda rough, but with Veena's help
everything was fixed in the end.
I wouldn't say their tech support was not helpful, it's quite the
opposite, but sometimes though not too often, I've got the impression
I was communicating with some kind of auto reply machine.

2. Uptime

- I've had 100% uptime (measured by the third party service) for the last four-five months. It was 99.2-99.5% some months last year, including scheduled maintenance downtime, server move, etc.

3. Transfer speed, site speed

There had been problems in the past year with site speed and extremely low transfer rates in/out, but it was fixed. I can see all of my sites up and loading pretty quickly.

4. Server load

When I had a big vbulletin board and gallery hosted on my VPS, I should admit I was experiencing server load problems now and then especially when 100+ people tried to use Flash Chat.

I don't have this board anymore, and therefore no server load problems.

5. Tech Support

- In general quite solid and reliable, but a bit uneven.
While some of their tech staff is brilliant and replies within 30 min,
and makes sure the problem is fixed, there were a few that probably
didn't read the tickets properly and didn't understand the nature of the
problem right away.

But then again, their tech support managed to assist me every time I needed them last year.

Don't know much about current situation now, I haven't tried to contact JaguarPC Tech Support for quite a while, which actually is a very good sign, right?

6. Price

- Very reasonable, among the lowest in the market as far as I could see. And they also have Cpanel included in the price, lots of features, traffic, and pretty good storage space.

7. Conclusion

- So far I see no reason at all to change my hosting provider. I think I will continue a bit longer, a year (or two?).

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JaguarPC VPS - Reviews...

Oct 26, 2007

I am intrested in JaguarPC as a new VPS Provider. Can anyone give me some insite/reviews on how they are support wise, network wise and/or anything else you would like to share about them?

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Jaguarpc Reviews

Aug 28, 2007

I am thinking of getting a vps from jaguarpc tomorrow, does anyone want to give some feedback on them?

I am planning on running cpanel and whm on it along with teamspeak servers maybe and game servers (not too many)

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1 Year Review Of JaguarPC -> Excellent Service & Hosting

Feb 1, 2007

It has been one year today that I have had a VPS with JaguarPC. It has been a pleasurable experience.

From day one I received prompt curious service from their sales department and support the few times it was needed.

I was overseas on trip to Bulgaria and Turkey right after setting up my VPS. I messed up something just before I left that caused the VPS to crash while I was away. It was my error - I was out of the country and my assistant who knows little about running a VPS was able to get out an email to me in Bulgaria. I opened a ticket with support and gave them my friends email address so they could work with him and that was all it took.

Support had my system up and running in no time even though I messed up.

The VPS has run perfect since. Just recently my VPS was moved from the Houston Data Center to the Atlanta Center. The migration went great and the new server is outstanding. Fast and very responsive. WHM/Cpanel a resource hog as it is loads almost instantaneously now. Two Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) 2210 Processors! The VPS has only 8.3% of memory usage with no disk swapping. SATA drives in RAID 10. My old server was always at 46% which still was good.

Regardless of what you may read here from some grippers - you too can have a good experience at JaguarPC.

Right now you can get 15% off for life on a VPS - if you are looking for a powerful server to have a VPS on the current ones Jag is selling are it! (till Feb 15)

I am no employee of JaguarPC just a happy client who wants to tell the truth about my one year anniversary with the company.

The company has a great forum where a good group of old time customers help other customers with installs or whatever with their hosting needs. Even the resident wacko VIN DSL is a big help when he wants to be

They continue to improve all faucets of the company with new ideas and services -that along with the continuous hiring of an excellent team of sales and service personnel as the company grows make it so that I can look forward to another good year at JaguarPC.

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Jaguarpc Whats Your Experience

Jul 23, 2007

what people think about jaguarpc I haven't been there too long yet I find the servers some what slow... or I should say VPS's there customer service is good yet I found knownhost to be better performance wise.. I just want to know what others think

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VPS With GlowHost

May 11, 2008

I've been searching for a while for a solution to my hosting issues. I went from looking for a good shared host to a good reseller host to now (after talking with a wonderfully helpful person at GlowHost) looking at their VPS hosting.

My plan is to start with their smallest VPS plan, move up as I need more resources, and eventually move to a fully managed dedicated server when I feel confident I can afford it. (HOPEFULLY without much disruption to my clients.......)

With their VPS, it seems like I can have the brandable cPanel that I get with the reseller account, with the addition of more control over things like email attachment filtering (a big sticking point that I've been trying to work around with a lot of hosts) and root access, so I can have the same control as I would on a dedicated server, with them there to help if something breaks or if something needs to be patched. (My admin isn't the type to break things, but I'm trying to save him from 3a "my site isn't responding" phone calls.) And from what I can tell, my clients will get all of the features of the shared hosting (POP/IMAP, Fantastico, etc.) but with me in control of things like space and bandwidth? (They make a huge point of how a VPS account can be used easily as a reseller account. Is the same true of the dedicated server?) I know there are GlowHost people on here, so if I'm assuming anything incorrectly, feel free to let me know. :-)

Along with pricing I can afford and prompt, polite, informative replies to the questions I had, I've been searching all morning and having found a single bad thing said about GlowHost. So have I struck gold, or is there anyone on here who feels they could talk me out of it? I always like to look at bad reviews when evaluating a company/product to see if any of the problems are anything I actually consider problems. I'm not used to finding so few bad comments. I've never really considered VPS hosting until yesterday, so if there are any more questions I should be asking (either here or to them), feel free to let me know!

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Oct 20, 2007

Anyone have some experience with them?

I am looking for a reliable host, their budget 3 star seems perfect for what I want.

I have looked at hostgator, and don't like that their cheapest plan only allows 1 domain, and requires 3 year contract to get the listed price.

So I guess all I really need is a great connectivity and uptime, ~$5/month and allows multiple domains. Don't need much else.

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Glowhost Webhosting

Jun 28, 2008

I'd like to use these guys for shared hosting to host all my Blogs. I have 4. Want to put them on Domains and get hosting.

I was looking at the professional package, and getting it for 24 months:


Advanced Hosting Package
$19.99 per month
(payment options) ORDER HOST 10 DOMAINS
40000 MB / 40 GB TRANSFER

how's their service, Uptime? Tech Support?

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DataCities Acquired By Glowhost

Apr 16, 2009

DataCities(Dot)com is not a GlowHost sub.

The Sale Includes The Following.

1.Domain Name

2.Customer Base

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Just Getting Started With Colo

Aug 23, 2007

I have a friend running a Sun v40z server with VMWare, and I am currently renting a virtual "box" from him. I'm just getting my feet wet with this, so I told him to start me out really low and let me work up as I see the need.

He has started me with a 512kbps 95th percentile plan. I am planning on hosting a few smaller sites in my area that would probably at most use a gig of bandwidth or so per month. I've tried doing the math etc, but I am finding it hard to find a general number of sites like this that I could run without overages. I realize I can spike over my 512 for 36 hours or less per month without overages, I would just like an idea of how many sites like I described it would take to do so. ^_^;

So I figured I would ask the folks with experience in this area, before I go out and sell a bunch of accounts I can't handle without some intense overages.

I am using DirectAdmin on this server also, if that's of any relevance.

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Started A Vbulletin Forum And Site

Apr 16, 2008

I am about to purchase a vbulletin license in a few days and start a site. I will start the forums first and get the talking going and build the main site afterwards. Of course the site will suck at first as far as visitors. But what is a good hosting plan to support me for a good little while? I project we'll get up to 150 active users at a time within the first 6 or 7 months with about 50 browsing the main site....(nothing wrong with wishful thinking )

So, what hosting plan is best to hold me for a while? Not which company, but what specs of the plan are best to hold 100 active users at a time? I dont want to continue to upgrade my hosting plan alot. I'd rather just buy a nice shared hosting plan now to hold me for at least a year or so....until I have to upgrade.

For those who have dedicated servers, at one point is it time to upgrade to a dedicated server?

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Apache HTTP Started But Not Accessible

Aug 30, 2013

I was trying to set up a JBoss cluster with apache httpd mod cluster in windows.I was able to start the apache using the command 'httpd. exe'. But when I tried to access it using localhost:6666/mod_cluster_manager , the page was not accessible.I have the entry localhost in my hosts file.

The http.conf contains lines as given below:

# Adjust to you hostname and subnet.
<IfModule manager_module>
ManagerBalancerName mycluster


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Very High Load When Daily Backup Started

Jul 9, 2008

to decrease the load in server when daily backup start ,, the load in server before backup start from 0.80 to 1.20 after daily backup started i see very high load from 16.00 to 32 and 40

any solve for decrease load when backup start from 3 to 7 alot

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MySQL Getting Started And Stopped All The Time (by Innodb )

Jan 6, 2007

MySQL didn't work well on my server so I had a look at the err file. It indicates that MySQL is getting started and stopped all the time. After it has started it will stop and then start again etc:

070106 14:40:25 InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 5 959534492
/usr/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections.
Version: '4.1.21-standard' socket: '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' port: 3306 MySQL Communi$
A mysqld process already exists at Sat Jan 6 14:40:28 CST 2007
070106 14:40:38 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Normal shutdown
070106 14:40:38 [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Sort aborted
070106 14:40:40 InnoDB: Starting shutdown...
070106 14:40:41 InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 5 959534492
070106 14:40:41 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete
070106 14:40:42 mysqld ended
070106 14:40:42 mysqld started
070106 14:40:42 InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 5 959534492

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VMWare ESXi 4.0 Network Started Consuming Up To 100 Mbps

Oct 20, 2009

I have 4 VMs running on a VMWare ESXi 4.0 server and it was running fine until yesterday when suddenly the network started consuming up to 100 mbps and making everything slow.

I have checked through vSphere and I dont see any VM consuming that much, it only show that the host is using that much.

I am attaching the picture from vSphere.

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Apache :: All Of Sudden Server Error Log Started Outputting A Very Strange Message

Apr 4, 2015

I've had a server running for a year or so and all of the sudden the server error log started outputting a very strange message that i've never seen before:

'groups' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

From what I understand this means apache is trying to run a program that doesn't exist, what could be triggering this?

Running Apache/2.4.9 on win2008.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Postfix Smtp Suddenly Started Issuing Relay Access Denied On All Recipients

Jul 10, 2015

After setting up a new server on Plesk12, I successfully ran some test mail outs using phpmailer using the SMTP server on this machine

However, there was an issue in creating new local mail accounts in plesk with an error message each time.

Investigating this issue led me to a solution that I should run mail_restore from the Plesk scripts

This cured the problem of setting up new local accounts but outgoing SMTP mail is always failing with 'relay access denied'.

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Jaguarpc For VPS?

Sep 15, 2008

Has any one been with jaguarpc for VPS?

I have and I found them to be slow and unreliable.

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JaguarPC Down

Jun 30, 2008

My VPS is down, and I thought it maybe a planned downtime, but I can't even reach

I am receiving timeout errors, anyone else having problems?

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JaguarPC VPS

Aug 10, 2007

My JaguarPC VPS keeps killing the services everynight, and the techs reply saying it won't happen again, but it does.

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Oct 16, 2007

just changed to JaguarPC's VPS for less than 3 days. Till now, bad experiences.

Firstly, the VPS was activated after more than 24 hours, too far away from their stated "in a few minutes".

Secondly, Server has been down for nearly three times during the last 24 hours. At least, I got three times today, when all my IPs were not pingable. Responses from JaguarPC was either they were rebooting the server, or that server was offline and they were contacting their datacenter.

Thirdly, just after I've uploaded all of my websites and repointed the domains, I realized that named was not working. I tried several methods and failed. So I turned to their support. When I think the problem should be fixed, I got the reply from the support, stating the server was offline, they've contacted the data center. Further more, they asked ME to contact them once I find the server is back online, so that they could go on with my named server problem.

So, my sites are still down. They are not big sites though. I'm now thinking hardly, if I made a mistake when I decided to change to JaguarPC.

Anyway, their 24/7 support responsed really fast...

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Jaguarpc Is Down

Dec 3, 2007

One of two VPS at is down. I can not reach support or main jag site either.

Anyone with same results? What is happening!

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VPS: JaguarPC

Jul 6, 2007

I'm trying to find a VPS Hosting service [url], and wonder if JaguarPC is reliable.

If not, which other services do you recommend me?

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Support From JaguarPC

Oct 16, 2009

Jaguar PC seems to have some aggressive pricing. Can anyone speak to their level of support once you are a customer?

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May 1, 2008


Please cancel next month invoice (monthly payment from 2008-05-04) and my account.


>>To cancel the account please go to the following link
>>and fill in the form. Please note the account will be
>>canceled within 72 hours of receiving the form

After filling the form:

>>Your cancellation request has been sent.
>>Please check your email to verify the submission.

(email box still empty)

>>We are sorry to see you go and would like to extend a
>>special discount and trial period to show our appreciation of >>your business. We will process this cancellation request
>>within 72hrs and appreciate your consideration on this offer. >>Your services are active and should be considered so until you
>>receive a cancellation confirmation.

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Disappointed With Jaguarpc

May 14, 2008

i joined jaguarpc a week ago with the intention of setting up a java based mud server on the system. after the vps was set up, i sent a ticket in requesting help on installing gcc, yum and java. when java 1.4.2 was installed, i requested a newer version be installed, in which case they informed me it would cost $70.00/hr to perform. i had linked the installation page for the program i was installing that stressed the need for the most up to date java jdk, of which 1.4.2 is not.

i then decided to attempt the install myself. however, there were numerous errors involved, to which support attributed to corruption of the data files. the solution? reinstallation of the os. the cost of this procedure is $15.00. i sent a response to this, making sure that the reinstallation was really necessary to make the latest sun java jdk work. the tech confirmed that it was needed to get rid of the corrupted libraries.

I paid the $15.00 for the os reinstall, and had the tech install gcc, yum and the newest sun java jdk. however, when i attempted to check the version, a memory error occurred. after trying to set the xms and xmx settings to no avail, i sent a ticket to support asking for the issue to be looked into.

support responded with this:

Java requires a lot of resources to initialize which a VPS can't provide and that is why it is failing to initialize. If you really need Java you should go for Dedicated sever.

when i replied asking why this was not revealed 10 tickets ago, the support responded with:

We are sorry for that. In fact Java is quite resource intensive and can't run correctly in VPS environment. Even if you add more RAM it will work for sometime but again afte some time starts failing. So it is recommended that you do not use Java on VPS and go for Dedicated server.

thank you for apprising me of this after i pay to get the os reinstalled. nearly all of my tickets concerned java, and i stated that it was needed by the program i wished to run. at no point before this was it mentioned that the latest version of java would not be capable of being run on the vps.

overall, i am disappointed with this company, and plan to cancel my account.

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JaguarPC Won't Stand By Own TOS

Nov 7, 2008

There is a site hosted with JaguarPC that is spamming my forums daily with links to their illegal, copyrighted software and movies. While I understand this isn't JaguarPC's responsibility as it's not taking place on their servers, the fact that the site in question is a warez site is. The site is

I have emailed JaguarPC about this and received no reply. I then tried to post on their forums but all new posts are moderated and my post hasn't shown up.
From their own TOS:

Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be removed from our servers with or without notice. This includes but is not limited to unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs, or any other copyrighted work. We do not allow any content that may be construed as offensive or illegal including, but not limited to pirated software, bit torrents, IRC, Proxies, hacker programs/archives, copyrighted MP3's, Warez, copyrighted material, trademarks,

I'm unsure as to why they place this in their TOS and then ignore it when a customer abuses it. Is the money being paid to them more important? At least a reply to me about my inquiry would have been nice but they have ignored me altogether. Has anyone had any experience with JaguarPC pertaining to their TOS and is it like them to ignore their own terms?

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JaguarPC Windows VPS

Aug 17, 2007

As far as I know VZ for Windows does not allow burstable RAM (only Linux). In Jaguarpc's website (Win VPS section: [url] they advertise guaranteed & burstable RAM.

Am I missing something? If not, is that a typo or a Marketing trick?

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JaguarPC Or Liquidweb

Jul 8, 2007

JaguarPC or Liquidweb? I'm stuck between the two.

Both are currently running specials. However, JaguarPC's offer is more attractive. One thing I'm unsure of is that Liquidweb offers 4 IPs while JaguarPC does not state how many IPs come with the offer.

I'm leaning towards JaguarPC because of the price. I'm just afraid that I may get what I pay for.

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Jaguarpc - Any Speed

Apr 10, 2007

I am considering Jaguarpc, but have seen a few comments saying they run slow. Any feedback for either vps or shared?

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