IWeb Technical Support Reps And System Admins Dont Understand Basic TCP-IP Networking

Aug 22, 2008

I want to pass on a warning before anyone goes with iWEB. I just ordered a $269 a month dedicated server so I could run vmware on it for my own virtual machines that I need.

With this server I got 7 IPs.

The primary IP they assigned me is say for example: 70.xx.15.171 with a GW of 70.xx.15.161. The secondary ips they issue me are 70.xx.18.249-254. So these are on a completly different subnets.

After talking on the phone to several differnt people including tech support who tells me this will work jsut fine useing thoes secondary ips on my VMs and to not put a gateway address. I talk to my account manager he says to open a ticket that he will forward to their system admins.

This is the ticket I opened.

I just got a new server set up CL-T113-140CL. It was
assigned the primary ip of 70.xx.15.171 with a GW of 70.xx.15.161. My
secondary ips are 70.xx.18.249-254. The server we got from you is a
VMWare host. We need to use the secondary IPs for the Guest VMs. How
ever the primary and secondary IPS are on different subnets and so
the VMs useing the IPs 70.xx.18.249-254 can not talk to the gateway.
I need to have a gateway server IP to use for my VMs.

Please either give me a valid GW address for the 70.38.19.x subnet or
assign new secondary IPs on teh 70.xx.15.x subnet with a SM that can
talk to the 70.xx.15.161 GW assigned.

this is the reply I get back from their system adminstrator

The gateway to be used for your secondary IP addresses is the same as
the one for your primary. You should not have anything to change,
gateway-wise. Just leave the current one as default gateway and
everything should work just fine.

If there is anything please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jean-Francois Doucet [iWeb]
System Administrator / Administrateur Système
Support / Client Hub : [url]

Are they brain dead at iWEB? DO they understand basic TCP-IP networking at all?

Here is my last reply. I tried to make it real simple for them to understand.

This does not address the issues. Do you even know what a virtual
machine is? It is a virtual computer running on the host computer.
The host computer has a valid ip address of 70.xx.15.171, sm: gw: 70.xx.15.161. The virtual machines (or guest
operating systems) if I assign it the IP address of 70.xx.18.249 SM: with no gateway it is physically impossible for it to
reach the gateway of the host pc 70.xx.15.161. You have to understand
the Virtual Machine operates as a completely separate computer. It
requires its own gateway. with no gateway specified it has no way to
get out of its local subnet to get to the 70.xx.15.x subnet. What
happens if you put two physical computers on one hub. The computer on
port 1 of the hub has the IP info 70.xx.15.171 SM: GW
70.xx.15.161. The second computer is on port 2. It has the ip info
of: 70.xx.18.249 SM: GW: NONE.
How is the pc on port 2 going to communicate with the pc on port
1? This is the exact situation we are in. There has to be a
gateway to route the IP traffic from pc2 to pc1 to get onto the

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Powweb Live Technical Support

Sep 5, 2008

The sales Live Support of powweb is great but after signing up an account with them, the technical support seems to be very bad.

I need to wait more than one hour to get a support staff.

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BustNET Technical Support Is The Worst

Nov 9, 2008

I have been in internet business since 1996 and I never have such a bad hosting provider as BurstNet, I am really amazed of the quality of the technical support.
Since friday 19:00 till today I have no web services because an error causing high CPU load averages of almost 270%.

The restarted my server twice that day (see it on my logs), I really dont know why, and they dont want to tell me, and since then the server has this problems.

Looking to my logs I found errors provoking high I/O waits, I explain all this and send this and other logs:

Nov 8 09:53:16 ***** kernel: [47129.296313] sd 2:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x08000002
Nov 8 09:53:40 ***** smartd[6316]: Device: /dev/sda, 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
Nov 8 10:03:54 ***** kernel: [47129.296316] sda: Current [descriptor]: sense key: Medium Error
Nov 8 10:07:27 ***** kernel: [47129.296319] Additional sense: Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed
Nov 8 10:11:47 ***** kernel: [47129.296326] Descriptor sense data with sense descriptors (in hex):
Nov 8 10:15:22 ***** kernel: [47129.296329] 72 03 11 04 00 00 00 0c 00 0a 80 00 00 00 00 00
Nov 8 10:18:09 ***** kernel: [47129.296340] 00 33 1a b2
Nov 8 10:18:21 ***** kernel: [47129.296345] end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 3349170
Nov 8 10:18:21 ***** kernel: [47129.296373] ata3: EH complete
Right now the load averages are 0 because I stopped Mysql that seems that is causing the high cpu load (because of the hard drive error).
After 14 hours waiting for the URGENT TICKET they say:
Brian S.11-09-2008 - 12:04AM
I am seeing no unusual load on your server at this time:
login as: root
root@'s password:
Last login: Sat Nov 8 13:00:44 2008 from
[root@**** ~]# uptime
22:54:03 up 1 day, 2:34, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
[root@**** ~]#
Again, I explain it again, now I receive this answer:
Kevin B.11-09-2008 - 11:28AM
This server seems fine.
[root@***** ~]# w
10:18:50 up 1 day, 13:59, 2 users, load average: 0.07, 0.02, 0.00
Why If I explain there is an error, with log files proving it, they don't read my messages! the simply don't read the messages or what is going on? I really don't get,

I explain the problem!
Maybe the only way they can put attention is driving the server again to that high load averages right?

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Site Useful For Technical Support Person

Jul 13, 2008

can any body list some sites that are useful for refering to technical matters that we face in web hosting support companies.

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24/7 Sales/Technical Support Service

Sep 2, 2008

How can I do marketing for my 24/7 webhosting sales and technical support service?

I know SEO is a methods but another?

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Iweb Support

Jan 18, 2009

I moved a web site over to iweb.com about 4 months ago. I've found them to be quite responsive to simply queries and issues - quite a change from the previous host I might say. Last week I ran an FTP download to perform a backup of all the material. After about 12Mb, the transfer was aborted and I could no longer access the site by FTP, or HTTP and I couldnt get email. The site is not down though as others can access it, but I cannot access it from any computers on my network (PC and mac). I chatted with support and they said they'd have to look into it - this was last Wed (1/14). I still cannot get connected. Further diagnosis from my end leads me to believe that IP was blocked due to the FTP transfer (I was able to duplicate this from a different IP). Apparently, the problem has been escalated to the sysadms but they are swamped and can't get to my problem. I figure unblocking the IP should be an easy quick fix. Perhaps understanding why it happened and how to rectify that will take longer.

My question to the group is, is this level of service normal for iweb.com, and are my expectations of a quick fix unreasonable?

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IWeb.com - Useless Support

Dec 10, 2008

I've always used this forum when looking for web hosts and the need recently arose to find two new VPS's and a dedicated server.

So, found a couple of good looking ones, signed up straight away with servInt ( and very happy! ) and also signed up at iWeb.

I only got a shared package to see how their service was - and I've been appalled.

I've REALLY wanted to like them, but they keep letting themselves down.

I was drawn in by the 100% uptime claim, which of course turned out to be untrue.

Several of the website monitoring clients I had running shows the site as down on 2 occasions - but I can live with that. Everybody has downtime.

The other thing was a simple question regarding the shared plan I had signed up for. I asked: "Can I have multiple dedicated SSL certificates per shared account, eg a certificate per domain".

I was told by live support, Yes. I was surprised and so signed up!

Surprise surprise, I can't do that on an addon domain. So I open a ticket at 2008-11-13 22:26:11 asking if it's something I've done that is making it screw up. I get a response at 2008-11-14 17:27:39 saying they will add an IP to the account for it to work.

On the 2008-11-15 15:55:47 they reply again, saying I can only install a certificate on my root domain...oh, so not what Live support said when I signed up! They also say I will still be able to access [url]- but as we all know, a certificate for [url]will show as untrusted for [url]. And I was told in the first place that I could have more than 1 certificate per account.

I reply 2 days later when I am able to, asking whether it would appear as trusted, and recieve a prompt reply at 2008-11-17 18:10:54 from support saying they will switch my domains round to allow me to install 1 certificate on [url]straight away.

I say go for it at 2008-11-17 18:17:34, and recieve a reply at 2008-11-17 19:23:21 saying it has been transferred to the advanced level of support.

THEN, 2 days later at 2008-11-19 20:55:02 I recieve the following reply:

You should now be able to go in the security -> SSL section of your Panelbox account and input the certificates for your domain. We did not have to switch your primary / addon domains after all.

It took 2 days for that?! I had by this point decided that the lack of ssl certs on the test sites were hurting sales so moved them to the servint server.

I asked about the SSL certs later, the first reply kinda indicated that I could have lots of SSL certs, and the second said something completely different.

Me: So are you saying that any domain can have its OWN SSL certificate?

iWeb: Yes, as long as you have purchased one for each domain at your SSL provider.

Me: Are there any additional charges? Last time I tried this (I added a SSL certificate to an addon domain), it

didn't work? Why do you think that was?

iWeb: Unfortunataly, you cannot have any more SSL certificate on your Hosting currently.

As i have already said, you will need to merge to a Reseller account. If you want to do this, please login to your customer hub available on [url]and then click on your account. After that, you will need to click on the "Upgrade or downgrade" button and then choose the "Reseller Mega Site".

I may just be making a fuss here, but while there is 1 staff member who knew what he was saying (Kevin Archambault), the others did seem to confuse me by telling me over live chat at various points that I could add more, or that I'd need to change my primary domain, or that I wouldn't, or anything.

I asked for a refund and account cancellation on live chat and they told me to go Finances>Renewable Products> Refund to both cancel the account AND get a refund.

This was on 2008-12-06 15:14:10, haven't heard anything yet except another invoice reminder on the Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 12:05 PM, and a staff member telling me my account has not been cancelled. I did leave it late to cancel but followed web-chat's advice, clicked what they told me to click and have now been invoiced for another month (my package renews on the 9th). Surely 3 days was enough?

Anyone from iWeb here want to help me out?

I do WANT to like your services as you've got some great deals but your support has not inspired confidence.

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Iweb Bad And [poor] Support Experience

Jun 30, 2008

Today we have been very badly handled by iweb night support team.

The server went down and still down,

They did not answered phone and also did not update us for problem status. They kept saying the admin is working on the issue.

They asked root password and who knows what they are doing with it.

We are moving our accounts from their data center as we speak.

They employ irresponsible and incapable people and not trusted any longer.

Netelligent.ca is highly recommended for the ones looking for canadian dedicated server at the moment

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GoDaddy Dropped Support For WordPress And All Other Apps In Basic Hosting

Oct 6, 2009

I have most of my domains with GoDaddy and use their included hosting ("Economy Hosting") for a couple of them. Previously, the included hosting included support for apps ...

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Support & System Administrators Via Chat

Feb 24, 2007

what good support company could provide support also via chat to get issues resolved..

Most are ticket based and chat is for very basic issues..

What we need is get support on board, dialogue between issues to resolve the problem asap instead of waiting for email for a problem that could be resolved in a few minutes.

Any ideas who offers this type of service with well qualified engineers behind the chat team?

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XO.com Sales Reps

Sep 25, 2009

What's the deal with these guys? I'm getting treated as poorly by these guys as I did by 365 Main. Been trying to get in touch with my rep for my Fremont colo for two weeks. Everybody is on vacation, nobody picking up their phones. Does anybody know who manages XO's colo sales/customer representatives?

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HP / Dell Reps For LEASING / Financing

Mar 18, 2008

A couple of questions for the pro's in the business:

1) What is usually the best deal, per month cost wise, leasing or financing the equipment?

2) What is the best way to get a Sales rep from HP and Dell to give you quotes? Just call 1-888-dell?

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Quality And Fast Server Admins

Jun 24, 2008

I'm after a server admin company that has experience in high traffic and mission critical servers.

Response times should be super quick.

I hope for telephone and MSN.

I have no control panel.

Strong experience in:
- Centos
- Litespeed
- Lighttpd
- Apache
- Mysql
- DDoS

* money is not a problem *

I want to pay up front a monthly fee and have it fully managed so I don't have to worry why the MySQL server just suddenly died or why Server 4 doesn't respond.

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Realtime DNS Blacklist Fed By Reporting Admins

Jan 26, 2007

Wondering if anyone knows of an email DNSBL that are have a real time reporting tool which directly feeds the DNSBL?

I have been using Spamcop for reporting in hopes I might be able to get some IP's listed. However so far I have not seen any IP's listed until many hours or days after they are reported (possibly going through a validation process?).

Wondering if anyone knows a more pro-active DNSBL that is fed directly by reporting and administrators?

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Anyone Understand Kernel.shmall

Jul 26, 2009

I checked this setting just now and it's set at

kernel.shmall = 4294967296

which comes out to 4GB, which is the installed amount of ram,

is that normal?

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Spam Header I Really Do Not Understand

Feb 13, 2008

I have been in this industry for 4 years managing my servers alone. However, today I got a spam report that looks like something I have never seen before in my entire life.

Note: The spam is neither comming from an address on my server nor being sent to an address on my server... How is it using my IP then? I tried to check for open relays but found none... Do you have any idea what and how they are doing. None of the email addresses mentioned in the header are hosted on my server! Also the message ID does not appear in my log file:

MIME element (message/feedback-report)
Encapsulated message (message/rfc822)
Headers of embedded message (message/rfc822)
From fakesender@hotmail.com Wed Feb 13 02:37:08 2008
X-Apparently-To: recipient@yahoo.com via; Wed, 13 Feb 2008 02:44:39 -0800
Return-Path: < fakesender@hotmail.com>
Authentication-Results: mta139.mail.re4.yahoo.com from=hotmail.com; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
Received: from MY.SERVERS.IP.ADDRESS (HELO my.servers.hostname) (MY.SERVERS.IP.ADDRESS)
by mta139.mail.re4.yahoo.com with SMTP; Wed, 13 Feb 2008 02:42:56 -0800
Received: from sdcbc (
by my.servers.hostname; Wed, 13 Feb 2008 04:37:08 -0600
Message-ID: < 006e01c4df02$fc9cb4e8$c7eb8875@sdcbc>
Reply-To: < someaddress@bellsouth.net>
From: < fakesender@hotmail.com>
To: < recipient@yahoo.com>
Subject: =?koi8-r?B?Qm9vc3QgeW91ciBzZXh1YWwg?=
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 04:37:08 -0600
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
boundary=" ----=_NextPart_000_006F_01C48875.C7EBB4E8"
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1158
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1165
Content-Length: 777

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Network Down/up- I Can't Understand This Message

Mar 28, 2007

Hello, if anyone is familiar with network technical jargon, I would greatly appreciate a translation. I cannot access my server/site or my datacenter's website.

I checked my regular site monitor and it said both sites were up. However when I checked another online monitor I received the following message:

"Got an error when connecting to ns2.ochiba.net/ with a request for ochiba.net/ANY: Socket Timeout Exception: Socket timeout on name server ns2.ochiba.net. null"

Here is the ping information:[url]

My site is ochiba.net.

I have no clue what this means. Is this a network issue? DNS issue? Is it on my end (I don't think this is the case because my datacenter's site is down as well)? My datacenter's end? Any recommendations on what steps I should take to resolve this?

I've been unable to access my server now for 20 minutes, so any help would be greatly appreciated (even if it is to point me in the direction of an appropriate google search)

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Cpanel Error :: Unable To Understand Response From Admin Bin: Reseller Sent

Aug 17, 2008

I am getting following error after to login to my Cpanel, Please advice me the
solution. thanks is advance.

Unable to understand response from admin bin: reseller sent: RESELLERSUSERS root received:[]: Illegal seek at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/AdminBin.pm line 140.
Cpanel::AdminBin::adminfetch('reseller', 'ARRAY(0x9f77224)', 'RESELLERSUSERS', 'storable', 'root') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Resellers.pm line 36
Cpanel::Resellers::Resellers_accountlistopt() called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/RvresellersC.pm line 63
Cpanel::RvresellersC::RvresellersC_accountlistopt() called at (eval 84) line 1
eval 'Cpanel::RvresellersC::RvresellersC_accountlistopt(@{$argref});' called at cpanel.pl line 1648
main::exectag('<cpanel RvresellersC="accountlistopt()">') called at cpanel.pl line 4797
main::dotag(undef) called at cpanel.pl line 4664
main::cpanel_parseblock('SCALAR(0x90e7c8c)') called at cpanel.pl line 4616
main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0x93b4f40)') called at cpanel.pl line 2912
main::doinclude('rvbranding/newssessionLayout.html', 2) called at cpanel.pl line 1673
main::exectag('<cpanel relinclude="rvbranding/newssessionLayout.html">') called at cpanel.pl line 4797
main::dotag(undef) called at cpanel.pl line 4664
main::cpanel_parseblock('SCALAR(0x90fdeb0)') called at cpanel.pl line 4616
main::cpanel_parse('GLOB(0x9388638)') called at cpanel.pl line 1309


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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: High Cpu Usage And Methods To Understand What Website Is Involved

Jul 15, 2015

from about 3-4 days, the cpu of my server, from an average of 0-15% load, grew up to a constant 80-90-100% cpu load.

There were two processes called php-cgi.exe IWAM_PLESK(default) that, each one, constantly burned 30-40% of cpu load.

So, stopping websites one by one, I found the website that was the cause of the cpu overload.

On my "old" windows vps, there were processes called with the name of the website hosted (for example websitename_web.exe), so it was easy to immediately find exactly what website was involved in the hypotetical cpu or ram overload issue.

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Mar 26, 2007

I was wondering the following:

1) How many client accounts is it safe to run under a VPS with 256MB RAM, provided that the clients will be using Virtualmin (safe?) and max a forum each (say phpBB) with regular expectations/traffic.

2) Why do people limit the number of MySQL client databases living in a server. Is it reliable service (won't crash) to provide 5 mysql dbs per client in the above VPS specs?

3) How do I limit the quota on a MySQL db? For example 50MB of space per db.

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Technical Inode Limitations

Apr 2, 2008

Warning: I do not want to re-open discussion on some previous threads about the legality of inode limitations. If it gets to that, please feel free to close this thread.

Reading through some other posts about inodes made me look at my own VPS setups. I use XenSource 3.1 on a CentOS 5 Dom0, using LVM for VM storage. When I create a new virtual machine (CentOS5 or Ubuntu, etc) I format the root filesystem with ext3. I use all the defaults, including number of inodes. So for a 20 gigabyte filesystem, I get:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 20G 453M 19G 3% /

Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 2621440 13861 2607579 1% /
Would there be any advantage to limiting the number of inodes a VPS has? Sure, if you had 200,000 inodes instead of 2.6 million inodes, you would have more available space. But there doesn't seem to be a hard limitation on the disk drives I'm using (WD 250GB SATA using linux software raid 1). I assume I could set any amount of inodes to a filesystem?

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VPS Audit On Technical Skills

Apr 27, 2008

I am thinking of Futurehosting.biz unmanaged server.

Can you please see if these skills are enough:

(1) Futurehosting will do the security setups.


(2) use of ssh to backup mysql, directory contents; do file management (create directories, move files); restore mysql

What other skill-sets do i need?

(3) do i need to know how to install o/s? (gulp!)

(4) setup email accounts?

(5) create sub-domains?

I thought of downloading webmin (i read about it in the other posts but have no experience) and will it help in points (3) to

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New Company: First Technical Steps

Nov 7, 2007

I have moderate experience in administrating. I recently got a quarter cabinet, and I have 2 servers in there.

I have registered a company name, as a domain which is currently hosted at GoDaddy (www/mail) (mydomain.com)

But I have installed centos5 on one server, and called it web1.mydomain.com, added the web1 CNAME in GoDaddy's DNS control. Even did an rDNS to it through my provider.

I have installed Webmin on it to help me add virtual servers (who will be my customers)
And web1.mydomain.com has a mail server on it (Postfix).
Might even put DNS on it. These virtual servers will send emails as well (as I'll be hosting them)

But for now, what will be my next steps in getting my mail server (or the main server) accepted in the web world, for example, I've done SPF records, and rDNS. But what else do I need to do so my email is accepted everywhere?

The virtual domains will be sending mail using the postfix, and ofcourse it'll mean they're piggybacking on web1.mydomain.com, so I guess I need to do stuff so email from web1.mydomain.com will be accepted worldwide.

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Windows Server Technical

Oct 29, 2007

I am running Windows Webserver for more than 2 years.

I wanted to ask that, does anyone ever has bad experience with Windows Server ? Like ASP problems, like ASP connections limit FULL, or server Halt or Restart due to huge requests of ASP or ASP connections limit on server. Please let me know if you experienced any such issue.

I am thinking to use ASP pages fully with huge traffic on Windows Server (but i doubt that maybe there could be some ASP limitations when large amount of ASP pages open, it creates some problem). Or do you recommend Linux servers over Windows for High Traffic website ?

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Dont Use CALPOP.com

Aug 22, 2005

I had my server shut down due to ddos attacks and proxy calls. I am a designer so I dunno what this means so I asked for proof and they said it was archived. I then tried getting my servers back online with them for over the last few hours and they replied we cant help you. I offered $3000usd to fix the problem and they said they cant do it. From where I come from, if a virus is added it can be removed under any circumstances. I then kept on phoning to get my server restored hense I am selling a lot of website property lately and he totally by passed that, I was put on hold for over 20 minutes and I am calling from Canada. I phoned the last time and told a white lie saying I have huge partners ready to boycott their company unless they restore my server....

What do you know it got restored and I got all my sites moved over to the new server, but this is the golden part.

Have you ever phoned your hosting company and been sworn at? Been called a ****ing idiot or to **** off and stop phoning, or I have had enough of your ****ing ****? Well this is what I heard from Ben at CalPOP and that is totally unacceptible hense I am the customer who was about to purchase numerous servers from them to increase my bandwith usage I would be using on my upcomming site called thewetwilly.com.

I dont respect a programming punk thinking he is better then me just because he works for a low end database center. I also dont respect being called an idiot while I am purchasing hosting from the company, aswell as being to to **** OFF. 100% totally unacceptable.

Alot of my friends have experienced poorness with this company and I wish I noticed it earlier instead of taking it the hard way/HARSH WAY.

But hey I am sure my word will get around and people will stop using calPOP due to their immaturity Cali Mr know it all talk and realize that they can find a better place to host their site.

I also have been told that calPOP used the excuse of DDOS and Proxy attacks as an excuse to get rid of you because you are using to much bandwith.

Oh they also told me that they would send me the HD for $100usd so I could move to another server, wtf is that???

Like come on!

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Dont Use Powervps

Oct 26, 2008

Last month i have problems and outgages with a node in powervps vz45 in the 205.234.106 .20 and in other threads i mention previously that server.
Last 1 october, node have a rare problem and they say in a few days they move accounts to other node.

Because a SERIOUS Problem with my personal life, this last week i dont get backups, and wednesday a thief in house stole my mobile HD (without passswords and ciphered).
The Friday my VPS crash.... and three days later they are restoring the backup... and None of the 140-180 sites yet online.

I read in other thread a more problem about they laterly, but for me is near fatal, because 33% are my best customers (i plan to migrate to other host the server the 15 of the month but for the personal thing i cant.

88 USD monthly and three days to recover the Nodes ?

No way, as soon as possible i go to liquidweb.

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Dont Go With A1isp

May 26, 2008

i waould like to warn people of a1isp the main fellow thats the problem is called just.

ill start with explaining my issue.

in august last your i bought cabinet space and me and my mum became ill so i was unable to use it. i asked for a refund and he refused so i opened up a chargeback and he threatened a lawsuit unless i cancelled it.i have become alot better now and wish to use that space of which ive paid for and the reply i got from him is we do not want your sort of people here.i take very highly to this comment and wish for other peoples oppinions on what todo and also to warn people of this company i dotn like doing this but im left with no choice

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Sep 21, 2008

I've been using SLHOST.com for a couple of years, and they used to have great VPS service. My server was always up (I'm not a power user, I just host some small business websites for clients of my web design company - nothing that gets a lot of traffic or puts a strain on the server).

They recently moved locations, and I've had nothing but problems. They somehow screwed up the IP and DNS of the server. My (and my clients sites) couldn't be accessed for over a week! Support kept telling me that there was no problem, unti I proved to them that the DNS wasn't right. I didn't have any email during this period, and either did my clients.

Since then, AT LEAST one of the services on the server randomly stops working (the two big ones are DNS and STMP) a couple of times a day. I don't receive error messages (I know because my clients call me screaming why their email isn't working AGAIN).

As a web design company, I've lost reputability. As a professional affiliate marketer, I have literally lost over a thousand dollars because of the downtime. Every time I contact support, they restart the services and tell me there's no problem with the server (which is obiously not true).

Any suggestions from other webhostingtalk users on how to get better service and a credit from SLHOST.com? I'm not technical and I need a VPS that just simply works.

I recently started monitoring my server 2 days ago with hyperspin. I can post my support emails here as proof and verification that these problems are occuring multiple times a day.

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Hardware/Technical Requirements To Host A TLD

Jul 1, 2008

if anybody is looking into hosting their own TLD with the new ICANN decision? I'm wondering what the requirements would be? And has anybody seen/heard any mention of what the registration fees are likely to be, I know there will be bidding on names in dispute...maybe this will be the case for every worth-while TLD.

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From A Technical Point Of View: SMF Vs. MyBB

Feb 4, 2007

I know there are many threads covering similar topics but their answers often do not contain technical arguments but rather subjective reasons and I'd like to know whether there are also some technical reasons to favor one of these two forums over the other.

Does one handle a higher load particularly well or does one have the cleaner code or is there any other reason to choose one over the other?

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