GoDaddy Dropped Support For WordPress And All Other Apps In Basic Hosting

Oct 6, 2009

I have most of my domains with GoDaddy and use their included hosting ("Economy Hosting") for a couple of them. Previously, the included hosting included support for apps ...

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WordPress MU Godaddy Shared Hosting Wildcard Subdomains

Jan 5, 2009

I have a site hosted at Godaddy.

My hosting account is shared delux.

I have recently added multi blogger Wordpress MU.

A single main blog is working fine but all other blogs are showing errors.

I have installed for subdomains.

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IWeb Technical Support Reps And System Admins Dont Understand Basic TCP-IP Networking

Aug 22, 2008

I want to pass on a warning before anyone goes with iWEB. I just ordered a $269 a month dedicated server so I could run vmware on it for my own virtual machines that I need.

With this server I got 7 IPs.

The primary IP they assigned me is say for example: 70.xx.15.171 with a GW of 70.xx.15.161. The secondary ips they issue me are 70.xx.18.249-254. So these are on a completly different subnets.

After talking on the phone to several differnt people including tech support who tells me this will work jsut fine useing thoes secondary ips on my VMs and to not put a gateway address. I talk to my account manager he says to open a ticket that he will forward to their system admins.

This is the ticket I opened.

I just got a new server set up CL-T113-140CL. It was
assigned the primary ip of 70.xx.15.171 with a GW of 70.xx.15.161. My
secondary ips are 70.xx.18.249-254. The server we got from you is a
VMWare host. We need to use the secondary IPs for the Guest VMs. How
ever the primary and secondary IPS are on different subnets and so
the VMs useing the IPs 70.xx.18.249-254 can not talk to the gateway.
I need to have a gateway server IP to use for my VMs.

Please either give me a valid GW address for the 70.38.19.x subnet or
assign new secondary IPs on teh 70.xx.15.x subnet with a SM that can
talk to the 70.xx.15.161 GW assigned.

this is the reply I get back from their system adminstrator

The gateway to be used for your secondary IP addresses is the same as
the one for your primary. You should not have anything to change,
gateway-wise. Just leave the current one as default gateway and
everything should work just fine.

If there is anything please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jean-Francois Doucet [iWeb]
System Administrator / Administrateur Système
Support / Client Hub : [url]

Are they brain dead at iWEB? DO they understand basic TCP-IP networking at all?

Here is my last reply. I tried to make it real simple for them to understand.

This does not address the issues. Do you even know what a virtual
machine is? It is a virtual computer running on the host computer.
The host computer has a valid ip address of 70.xx.15.171, sm: gw: 70.xx.15.161. The virtual machines (or guest
operating systems) if I assign it the IP address of 70.xx.18.249 SM: with no gateway it is physically impossible for it to
reach the gateway of the host pc 70.xx.15.161. You have to understand
the Virtual Machine operates as a completely separate computer. It
requires its own gateway. with no gateway specified it has no way to
get out of its local subnet to get to the 70.xx.15.x subnet. What
happens if you put two physical computers on one hub. The computer on
port 1 of the hub has the IP info 70.xx.15.171 SM: GW
70.xx.15.161. The second computer is on port 2. It has the ip info
of: 70.xx.18.249 SM: GW: NONE.
How is the pc on port 2 going to communicate with the pc on port
1? This is the exact situation we are in. There has to be a
gateway to route the IP traffic from pc2 to pc1 to get onto the

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Godaddy Installs WordPress Incorrectly?

Feb 4, 2009

Godaddy provides some quick-install apps on Hosting manage page, I got WordPress installed and found the robots.txt file disallows any search engines, it reads:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

you need to modify the file manually, does anyone have the problem? see more at

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How Get Godaddy Online Support

Jan 18, 2009

I have a problem with my godaddy account, At this time my credit card is expiring within a month. when i try to log my hosting accounts and domain manager. It says to give a call for Godaddy billing support number. I tried it, but very busy. I sent few emails and no replies yet. So i couldn't access my account. I paid all bills. Luckily i don't have any expiring domains within few months.

Is this safe? because i need at least 2 weeks to get new credit card? When i check my domain by a whois tool it says like "Prohibited", something.

"Registrar Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registrar Status: clientRenewProhibited
Registrar Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registrar Status: clientUpdateProhibited"

why godaddy is not user friendly like Hostgator. When i have problems in Hostgator, their online support is helpful.

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Does GoDaddy Support Addon Domains?

Jan 11, 2006

Does GoDaddy support addon domains (like assigning to a DIR on your site)?

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Some Basic Web Hosting

Jul 27, 2008

I've noticed that theres really a shortage of freebsd web hosts which surprised me at first because I've always considered fbsd an os built from the ground up to be a server. That also happens to be the os I have the most experience with. I can only guess its because in comparison to the linux community the freebsd is relatively small and not as well known.

So basically what I'd like to do is rent a dedicated server, run freebsd 64 on it, and hopefully get a small successful business going. I've been looking around a lot for reliable freebsd servers (I really don't have the upfront money to do colocation) and I've found one that offers me 500gb disk space and 10mbps unmetered bandwidth (or 3300 gb/month I guess).

My first question is could someone please clarify unmetered bandwidth. In the past pretty much every host I've looked at offers a set amount of bandwidth (like in gb), and I'm not completely clear on how this whole 10mbps fits in with that.

My second question is more general. Really I'm looking for honest opinions on the ease of breaking into this business. I'm sure theres a lot of people who start up and shut down constantly which contributes to the reputation of a lot of smaller hosts being unreliable, but is this a feasible goal? I can really put in any amount of time necessary but I only have about $500 to start out.

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Basic Hosting

Oct 7, 2008

I'm new here and I just want to start my first web site. What I need is just something basic: email, web stat, stability, etc. I do not need lots of space and bandwidth (of course, it is best if it is upgradable). Any suggestion on hosting company with lower budget plans? I hope I can start from a cheap monthly rate, and can upgrade in the future when needed.

And I have some questions when I look into different hosting plans:

1. I found many hosting plans offer free domain, so I can save may be $10 for the domain name registration. Would there be any disadvantage for using the free domain provided, like it may not be portable in the future?

2. After this first web site, I may build a few more web sites in the future. I found many plans offer "unlimited domains" to be hosted. Does it mean I can just build new web sites using the same hosting account without paying extra? Would there be any limitation or disadvantage for this, compared to using a new hosting account to build the new website?

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Regarding Basic Hosting

Dec 11, 2008

My friend want to design his family site as i have good knowledge designing web.But I don't know about hosting,its rent ,how to host,on which server hosting will be good if you have basic suggestion kindly reply.

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Basic Hosting

Dec 25, 2007

I have a pretty powerful Dell machine that I would like to turn into a server that would be available on the Internet. The reason I want to do this is because I need to run 2 programs (1 is a trading platform and the other was custom made for me) and I think a hosting company will say no if I ask them to run programs on their server.

In general, I know very little about servers and I need your help! How can I turn this machine (running my 2 programs) into a server available on the Internet? Someone told me I need to install IIS but I am sure it's more than that

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Cirtex Hosting Basic Server

Dec 30, 2008

so ive had powervps and they i thought they were good well i just got cirtex for my moms small business and we had some issues. the guys at cirtex were very helpful and fixed my mail issues and even offered to give me a free dedicated IP.

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Shopping For Host To Support Multiple WordPress Blogs

Sep 26, 2009

I am using to host a WordPress blog and want to create more blogs.

Since took 26 hours to restore my blog when somehow it was corrupted (no explanation on what they did), I have decided I need to host it someplace where I have full control.

I would be prepared to reinstall WordPress on my own. I also want to have the ability to control redirects. aplus provides a handful of very weak tools for managing the site.

I'm looking for a host that would allow me to manage multiple domains, and multiple instances of WordPress. I'm prepared to manage the MySQL db (if I have to, though I would prefer it if I had support for this).

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Recommendations For Hosting Blogs & Light Apps

Jun 4, 2008

I have been building a business around blogs and other social media items on mostly OSS technology - but unfortunately, my current reseller account is inadequate for what I need (especially with sites that query a DB) and unable unfortunately to upgrade to what I might need. I don't want to rip on them because they've provided me great service, but they're just not able to ramp up. My thought is there won't be any reseller to meet my needs after learning more info, so I'm going to make the leap up.

I'm not going to go pound the pavement for hosting business; this is only really for my clients I serve as a agency/consultant/designer and my clients need and deserve more.

I have been considering Mosso; but also weighing a dedicated box as it's around the same price and looking around here for the solutions people recommend for the past few hours. But since I sort of have a specialty application, I thought I'd ask for your recommendations.

I want to say that I came here from another forum because my provider was affected by the Planet outage and the conversation and knowledge was great; you are a very smart community. I hadn't heard of this place beforehand but am glad I found it.

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E-mail Hosting, Google Apps And Domain Locking

May 26, 2008

I've seen that a similar topic was posted earlier today, but I have more specific question. I'm looking for the e-mail only hosting. Requirements:

* dedicated IP
* up to 10 e-mail addresses from various domains
* forwarders (10 or more)
* 1-5 GB storage
* 10 GB bandwidth
* budget: the less the better, but I'll pay any reasonable amount of money if the service is good. Basically I need to find a provider at which I can keep my e-mail address once and for all. (I need a few e-mails only, a few forwarders, 100 MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth but I stated more so I don't run out on resources)

Is there any significant difference between SSL and TLS or is it all mainly in the proprietary vs open standard?

Is there any good reason why not to use Google Apps for this purpose? I've read that some people are concerned about privacy. Is there any pro that can comment on this (privacy issue) and remain objective?

One last (dumb?) question. What is the purpose of domain locking? Before AuthCodes were introduced I could see the reason for locking domains, but why would anyone want to lock the domain these days? (and yet I see majority still does) I mean, noone can initiate the transfer without providing AuthCode (can he?) and isn't that alone good enough to keep the domain safe? And if someone manages to gain control to the control panel to read AuthCode then he can easily unlock the domain so I see no additional layer of security.

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Switched To A Dedicated IP And Traffic Dropped

Jun 9, 2008

I have been hosting with HostGator for a few months, and two days ago I ordered a dedicated IP address to see if it would help with seo. Traffic and Adsense revenue significantly dropped immediately after the dedicated IP was assigned to my account.

Is this normal when switching to a dedicated IP address and what is the cause for the instant drop in traffic?

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RAID Controller Randomly Dropped Off System

Mar 26, 2007

This problem has happened to me twice on the very same server. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with it.

My raid controller is Areca 1160 + 1GB Ram + 16xWD4000YS. Initially I had the problem of the disk dropping from the array randomly. I suppose this problem has been fixed since I have upgraded disks firmware according to WDC suggestion.

But there's another problem now. From my observation, the controller is randomly dropped off the system. When this happen, I cannot read/write anything from the disk at all. I can SSH in and able to run Areca CLI tool to see what's going on but only to get the message saying that it cannot find any Areca controller.

My only option is to restart the server and fsck all those 16 disks (not fun). I checked the log on the RAID controller itself, there was no sign of problem at all. No alert, no disk being dropped off the array, no events logged at all.

I'm using CentOS 4.3. Firmware on the RAID controller is 1.41, latest is 1.42. (Stupid me for not upgrading firmware when server crashed.) I plan to take the server down for RAID firmware upgrade soon. I just hoped that it's just problem with the firmware, not the controller or backplane itself.

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Web Hosting And Godaddy

Dec 8, 2008

I registered a domain name with godaddy. I host on a local windows 2003 box. I would still like to use GD's email. I went into my windows DNS server and added the 2 MX records godaddy said. MX0 and MX10 There must be more than this. When I try to use godaddy's webmail, it does not work. What else do I have to add to my Windows DNS server to make this wok.. My web site resolves just fine ...

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Experience With GoDaddy Hosting?

Mar 21, 2008

I'm new to building websites. Hope someone can help with answering a few questions about GoDaddy.

1. Has anyone had experience with GoDaddy hosting? How good is their service and pricing? I heard that they have a proprietary control panel, which may make it harder to switch hosts down the road if needed?

2. When I compare GoDaddy's hosting plans, with a Shared Hosting plan, for $14.99/month you can get 300GB diskspace and 3000GB Transfer.

With dedicated server, for $79.99/month you get 120GB diskspace and 500GB Bandwidth.
What exactly is the difference between "Transfer" and "Bandwidth" in this case?

And based on the numbers, it appears that the Shared hosting plan allows more diskspace and transfer than the Dedicated server plan? What am I missing here?

3. If I have a website that is mostly text-based with virtually no pictures, graphics or video, what type of traffic can I support with a Shared hosting plan that offers 300GB diskspace and 3000GB Transfer.

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Godaddy Vs Webhostforlife MS Hosting

Feb 25, 2009

I am hesitant to choose between Godaddy unlimited MS hosting plan [url] and webhost 4 webhostforlife Premium MS hosting plan

How easy it is to manage my account through Godaddy control panel? Does Godaddy support running ASP.NET multiple applications on the same domain? Which comapny you would choose?

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Jan 16, 2008

i want to make a website for downloading songs so godaddy is right for that or not?

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GoDaddy Sahred Hosting?

Jan 4, 2008

Any one had any problem with GoDaddy shared hosting. I have a feeling the server is slowing down!

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Godaddy Hosting, Mod_rewrite And GD Library

Aug 30, 2006

I got a domain name with 123-reg and hosting at godaddy, set up the dns and got everything working fine.

I created a script in PHP in a .png file with the help of a .htaccess, the script basically outputs an image with the name of the filename. So say if the .png was called image.png which had the code in, I could call image.png and it would output 'image', if I called foo.png it would output 'foo' - with the help of mod_rewrite where i redirected all .png requests to the proper image.png which had the code in.

Phew. Now I uploaded the files to godaddy and the .htaccess and I just cannot get the image to output properly, it works locally but not on the godaddy server, no image is output at all, i think it is a mod_rewrite problem.

Has anyone got any ideas how I could solve this? I'll paste some example code if it will let me to help you get an idea.

the .htaccess:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .png
<Files .+.png>
ForceType application/x-httpd-php

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^(.+).png$ image.png
the image.png with PHP code:

PHP Code:

@header ("Content-type: image/png");
$img = @imagecreatetruecolor(20, 20) or die ("Problem.");
$cBlack = imagecolorallocate ($img, 0, 0, 0);
imagefill($img, 0, 0, $cBlack);
imagepng ($img);

This is just a simple test to get it to work.

Has anyone any ideas or is this post in the wrong forum?

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Godaddy Free Hosting Plan

Feb 5, 2009

I registered a domain with the I also have a free web hosting plan attached to it. Now i purchased(not upgraded) a new web hosting plan(economy plan.). Now I want to attach my domain with the new hosting plan. But the godaddy is not allowing me to do so.

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Need To Transfer My Windows Hosting From Godaddy

Sep 11, 2009

I'm using godaddy windows hosting from last month. my 2 sites are hosted since now. but for the last 4-5 days the sites are very slow. sometimes its not generating the pages at all. i contacted godaddy support but they can't give any solution. So can you suggest a good windows hosting.

i need a reliable 3.5 supported hosting with domain/hosting transfer

Php appication like wordpress, joomla supported, also php add-on supported(i experienced this problem at godaddy win hosting, it doesn't support php apps automatic installation & doesn't supprot addons, i can't modify any theme/plugins )

fast & reliable

need to host multisites 3.5, sql server 2008

& other things which is needed in win hosting & a good hosting provider

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Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Solution

Jun 5, 2009

The price is great. How about the quality? (I want to join the $6.99/mo deluxe plan).

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Domainsatcost Doman, And Godaddy Hosting

Mar 5, 2008

I am having difficulties getting my domain which I registered at domainsatcost to work with my godaddy hosting.

Here is what I have done:
- I went into Domiansatcost's admin management and changed the domain's nameserver and ip to godaddy's hosting nameserver and ip: - -

- At godaddy's hosting management page, I've changed the domain name to the domain name I registered at Domainsatcost. The change has been completed.

However, whenever I try to access my domain, I can only get to the parking page. OTOH, if I associate my domain which I registered from godaddy with my godaddy hosting, I can get to my page with godaddy's domain. What could be the problem?

At godaddy's domain management -> nameserver page, it is stated that

"If your domain(s) are hosted somewhere else, choose 'Custom Nameservers.' "

Was I suppose to select custom nameserver in order to use my other domain with godaddy hosting? I have 0 knowledge with these stuff and it would be great if someone could walk me through in getting my .ca domain to work with godaddy hosting. Thanks in advance.

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Godaddy Web-hosting - Can You Specify Alternate MX Records?

Dec 1, 2008

I'm trying to save some money, so I will be moving from a dedicated server to a hosting plan, and I am going to downsize bigtime as my websites do not generate money they are just for fun.

I was thinking about going with godaddy, to host multiple different websites under one plan.

If I go with their hosting plan, it looks like I can create sub folders for each website, and the hosting is not a problem.

I do however use gmail to handle my mail. Is it possible to specify gmails MX servers under the account? or are they going to make me use godaddys?

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How To Enable Preview DNS In Godaddy Shared Hosting ?

Jun 1, 2008

I took a shared hosting account at Godaddy and point dns too. But when I try to setup the account it says

"We cannot locate this domain name's DNS record "

Domain name is not at Godaddy but I changed its DNS to godaddy, using their name servers

When I check the domains whois , it shows these new nameservers too.

Anyone know how to get this done?

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Testimonial For Godaddy Windows Hosting Package ?

Oct 21, 2008

Testimonial for godaddy windows hosting package?

Anybody have ever tried godaddy for windows webhosting package ? Are they really support ASP .NET 3.5 and MS SQL 2005 ? Is their support good?

I really need good and low cost hosting ($4-$5) for my personal website using ASP .NET 3.5 and MS SQL 2005.

I already tried godaddy for their domain service , however, I never tried their hosting services....

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.JSP Page Will Not Display On GoDaddy Linux Hosting

Jan 12, 2009

I can not get a .JSP page to display on a deluxe hosted GoDaddy account. I have tried the most basic page. Just to make sure I do not have a type-o, I even used an HTML page to direct me.

Here is the HTML page that has the hyperlink. This page displays fine.



Here is a test page

<a href="test.jsp">Test JSP</a>

Here is the JSP page that can not be displayed.

<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"



Here is a test JSP page


When I click on the link, I get the HTTP 400 error saying the webpage could not be found. I know the code works since I have tested it locally. Plus the code is very simple.

I am very stumped here and have tried GoDaddy’s help multiple times. They keep telling me it is a scripting issue. I am not sure how it can be a scripting issue because there is no script here. Basically, it is an HTML page with a .JSP extension.

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