Uplink Costs

Aug 17, 2009

I'm not much of a co-location expert as we do not own our own equipment but a customer we help from time to time is asking me about this. They have a cabinet at theplanet and only a pair of redundant 100mbit uplinks coming into their cisco 2924 they rent from theplanet. Theplanet wants $350/mo along with $350 setup for a pair of redundant gigabit uplinks. Then another $225/mo for a Cisco Catalyst 2960G.

Does this at all seem reasonable to anyone? The switch can just be purchased so it's not that big of a deal. The uplink cost cannot be avoided though. If it's not reasonable obviously they can go back to their account manager to discuss it but I don't know what you'd expect to pay in Dallas for that.

Also before anyone suggests any other provider not an option. Last time they looked around theplanet was the only provider in dallas capable of handling the attacks. Others would just null route the IP's rather than trying to mitigate the attacks. So no point in making suggestions as it's been explored in the past.

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Looking For Uplink

Sep 21, 2009

i manage a little hosting business and looking for someone with PoP in telecity-2, Amsterdam, to get ip transit together

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Uplink Port

May 23, 2009

I recently leased a server from leaseweb.com

It was suppose to have 1000mbps/sec full-duplex!

Can someone tell me how to check if I have what I paid for?

I tried wget from my friend's server who is with leaseweb aswell. Did a 100MB download test and for

30.36MB/sec === is this 1GBps? Please can someone tell me another way to test?

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100 Mbps Uplink

Apr 14, 2008

100 Mbps Uplink

is that

if someone going to download a file from the server he is going to get 100mb speed?

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Uplink Speed Upgrades

Jul 12, 2008

What are the benefits of moving to faster uplink speeds? I'm considering upgrading from 10 to 100 Mbps. Does it only mean being able to send information faster or are response times improved as well?

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1000mbps Uplink Provider

Aug 22, 2008

Well i need for a week some provider who can setup a spare server/vps with 1000gps uplink , to maybe convince my college to get in contract and get better providers, instead of hosting the college site on our in-house machines. Since the loading speed of site is awful ! So am thinking of trying out for only a week the machine from that provider, and if am able to convince the department to maybe get into some contract with me (who in turn will be than using that provider for getting the server).

So if anyone around wht knows someone who has spare box for a week with 1000mbps uplink would be great.

Please note, no mysql is required, just simple apache, and no traffic, just 1 or 10 hits in the entire week.

I was told that there are some companies out there that provide universities free hosting, so if anyone is aware of such company do let me know please.

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Want Vps With 100mbps Uplink Port

Jun 19, 2008

i want vps with 100mbps uplink port

vps 1 gb or little i just use it for uploading

and i want it with uploading speed 100kb/s

can i get it?

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10Mbps Vs 100 Vs 1000 Uplink

Jul 6, 2007

What kind of difference will I see between my server having a 10 vs. 100 vs. 1000 Mbps Uplink?

If I had to choose between 1000Mbps Uplink w/ 3000GB/mo BW or 10Mbps Uplink Unmetered, what should I take into consideration?

What will the impact to the customer be speedwise?

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Do A Lot Of Companies Throttle Your Uplink Port

Mar 1, 2008

Like for example, recently talked to liquidweb. They have a 100mbs uplink port on their servers, but they only let you use 30% of it. But you can upgrade at anytime. Is that normal for hosts to do that?

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How To Verify 100 MBPS Uplink Speed

Aug 14, 2007

I recently purchased a new Dedi server, and got 100 MBPS Uplink. Now, I'm uploading 16GB size of files into this server, and I have a suspicious feeling that this upload speed is not what they told me. For the very 1st day, I opened a ticket and they said that they upgraded it to 100 mbps. I saw this speed was faster immediately. On 2nd day, it went down to around same slow speed before. Since then, I kept opening a new ticket and they said it was done, or sometimes I am under DDos attack..? What? I don't even have the site up yet! How come there is DDos attack?

Anyway, today I was told that I'm getting billed for this 100 mbps uplink, because it's a new service. What a crazy thing going on here... I am so tired of this ticket game and just don't understand why they don't commit what they told me initially.

Can anyone please tell me how I can verify and prove that I am having this 100 MBPS Uplink speed? The only thing I can tell with my eyes is that I can see those FTP upload progress bar. When it's very fast to upload one file, I assume that I have right speed.

But is there any tool or command that I can execute on the server shell, and tell them what I get as a proof?

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Colocation Costs

Aug 21, 2009

I purchased a dual opteron, 4gb server from Geeks and was thinking of colocation, but the prices are outlandish.

I currently have a dual Xeon 2.4ghz, 4gb ram, 100mbps with 5tb b/w (leased) and it costs me $149/mo.

To colocate my server I get 500gb b/w and it costs me $69 is the lowest I've found. Why would a person colocate instead of just leasing?

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DS3 OC3 Port Costs

Feb 24, 2008

What is the average going rate for a DS3 (45Mbps) or OC3 (155Mbps) from tier one and two providers? What is the average pricing for transport cost using these two methods?

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1and1 Uplink Speed For Shared Accounts?

Feb 25, 2009

I am curious if anyone knows what 1and1.com's uplink speed is for their shared accounts? A shared developer account get's 3TB of bandwidth. But I am wondering what type of bandwidth that is. How fast is it?

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How Much Difference Does 100Mbps Make From 10Mbps Uplink

Oct 10, 2009

Is 100Mbps a lot better (10 times?) than 10Mbps uplink?

What does 100Mbps mean? 100M bits per second right? So 10M bytes per second, inclusive of both download and upload?

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What Can I Do To Improve Bandwidth / Uplink Speed Of Server

Oct 4, 2008

As per topic, what is the best method to do to the hardware to improve bandwidth / uplink speed of server?

I have a production server that is used for regular file serving.

P4 3.0Ghz
500GB + 160GB + 160GB hard disk
2Mbps Dedicated + 10Mbps shared.

However, the most I can pulled through the whole server is always between 1.5Mbps - 3Mbps, anyway to pull the speed up to around 10Mbps should there be availability of bandwidth for me to burst?

For any informations, the hard disk is SATA 2.

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Datacenter Support Cant Tell Me How Much A KVM Costs

Aug 28, 2009

So I needed to reboot one of my colocated machines into a different kernel, compile and load a kernel module (for a network interface) and then bring up that interface. So I called the datacenter support to ask if they could compile and load the module for me and inquire as to about how long that would take. On their website they say they provide Best Effort third party application support and 24/7 Phone Support with on site server admins so this doesn't really seem like a unreasonable request. I want to pay them for support and they're there to do it right?

Apparently not.

The support guy said that compiling and loading the module was dependant on "very many factors". The first "factor" he inquired about was what OS we were running--Debian. "Debian isn't a supported OS, we can't do that for you." What? I'm sorry you CAN'T do it? I thought you provided "Best Effort" support. This seems more like zero effort support to me. (I'm willing to provide step by step instructions but apparently they won't do that because they don't want to.)

Ok, fine, you won't compile and load something for me no big deal that's what KVMs are for.

"Can you hook up a KVM?"


"How much would that cost"

"I don't know, this is the support department not the sales department, you'd have to ask the sales department tomorrow."

Really? So if my server is exploding at night and you wont even try to do anything about it and my only option is to have you setup a KVM you can't tell me how much that will cost? What am I going to tell my boss when we get a rediculous bill for a KVM--the support guy wouldn't tell me how much it costs? Not good enough. Not only that but you're going to be a give me a snarky response to my question--a question I only asked because you wouldn't provide remote hands?

Is it just me or is it pretty rediculous that the support guys can't tell you how much KVM costs? Not all situations where you'd need KVM are planned or happen during the hours the sales department is open. It apparently isn't a problem to have them hook up the KVM 24/7 you just wont know how much it's going to cost you until the next business day. Is this typical of datacenter support?

My guess is that support is completely hit and miss, I've had great experiences with a small datacenter before (Joe's helped out when a hard drive in a RAID failed) and bad experiences with larger datacenters (one you've all heard of, I asked ahead of time if they could ghost a drive and replace it. They said yes. I provided step by step instructions with screenshots they tried it and failed saying "I don't really know linux, I'm a windows guy, I don't know what I'm doing, I messed it up somehow, I don't know what I did" and yet still billed me for it).

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Secure Web Space Costs

Oct 26, 2009

I'm working for an organisation which is looking for a company who can provide us with a public website to be updated with a CMS and 132 secure areas which should be accessible from that public website.

Today I was sent a proposal by them stating that there would be a cost per year of:

3,350 for data storage areas of up to 20mb space per secure area (i.e. 25 per secure area)

6,700 for data storage areas of up to 75mb space per secure area (i.e. 50.70 per secure area)

We really would prefer much more space per area than this (upwards of 2GB per area) and are a bit wary of how much is being charged for the storage space.

I have three questions on this :

1) How do these prices compare with other hosts that you know of? Are they reasonable?

2) Is this 'secure space' much more expensive than normal space?

3) Are there hosts that offer unlimited secure space for reasonable prices?

Btw, these are the facilities that this host provides:

6 redundant Internet connections
24x7x365 onsite support
Fire protection
Backup power generators
Daily back up to magnetic tape media
Anti virus protection for all uploaded content
Industry Standard Cisco firewalls

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Windows Hosting Costs More

May 19, 2009

Is windows hosting more expensive than linux? Since the OS isn't free to start with?

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Does Ayone Know How Much R1soft Costs

Aug 3, 2008

how much R1soft costs?

Is it worth it?

Do you have to keep your backups on one of their servers?

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24Hour Live Streaming Costs?

Aug 11, 2008

Is there any way to figure out what kind of costs it would take to have a site streaming live cam 24hrs a day?

I guess one of the biggest problems would be if someone was to leave their PC on and download 24/7?

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Using Amazon S3 To Offset Hosting Costs

Jul 9, 2008

Just curious if anyone has some case studies/feedback regarding using Amazon S3 (or similar) services as a way to offset hosting needs and costs.

By that I mean being able to use a lower config server or less bandwidth because media/content is hosted on Amazon servers.

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Jatol - Avoid This Host At All Possible Costs

Sep 7, 2007

I've had Jatol as a host and a few years back, they were just about the best deal out there.

Recently, I've come to learn that they will simply let the sites go down.

They host a number of my sites which have been down for a couple of days now, no one can acces. In addition their helpdesk and main site remain down and support fails to even respond to emails. Whois listed phone is disconnected.

I can't even access cpanel to backup log files/copy stats before moving to another host.

I'm getting the impression they won't honor the remaining time on the account (prepaid for (1) year). This possible fraud?

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Direct Admin License Costs

Aug 9, 2007

I've just had a quote for a VPS that seemed good value for money until the cost of a Direct Admin license was added ($15 extra).

Looking at DA's pricing the cheapest license you can buy is an internal license (in bulk) which is available to server providers only at 9$ a month.

If that is the case why is it that quite a few providers in the offers forum are providing DA for 5$ or 6$?

As these licenses are being offered on low end VPS with tight margins anyway, I can't understand how they can afford to make a loss on the control panel (if they are in fact).

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Private Data Centers With FCC Satellite Uplink/downlink Connectivity

Aug 30, 2009

Does anyone know of a private Data Center with Satellite uplink/downlink connectivity in addition to Fiber?

I know the government depends on them for military purposes, but I was wondering if anyone is aware of a private, FCC liscenced data center with the capability to transmite/host data via satellite in case of disasters, remoteness etc. It seems complimentary for a data center but I haven't heard of it.

Is there any market research on this? What is a good source of information to find out about how many data centers there are, how much revenue they bring in, costs, etc? What is the data center bible?

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How Much Would It Costs Roughly To Build A Data Center

Jun 28, 2009

How much would it cost roughly to build a data center? I am curious because in the future I may build one

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Omnis Network - A Host Be Avoided At All Costs

Apr 29, 2008

I had been a Omnis.com customer for the last 6 years.
Was hosting 8 Domains with them and paying nearly $100 on each domain per year.

Now this issue happened many times before but i ignored it, but not anymore.

One of the accounts - they had capped email limit of 200MB - now we all know that is not much.

One morning i getup and i have no emails - wondering what the issue is , i login to my account and notice that i am 30MB over the limit, now that is not too much, so i think i willjust login and clear some emails and make room.

To my surprise on logging in - i see NO EMAILS whatsoever in any of my email accounts. Now the dilema is what to delete when i see no emails , so my next step is to call customer support.

Thinking that i am in Los Angeles, these guys are in Los Angeles - they would be nice and helpful , to my surprise i have never spoken to more rude and egoistic people in my life.

The support guy has only 1 solution for me - go in to my email control panel and delete the accounts and recreate them to get free disk space - but is that not amazing - he says i cannot see any of my emails because i am over the limit -- he says he cannot upgrade my account even if i pay right away , because i am over the limit - so only solution delete the account - with a sad heart i deleted my wife's account which had 40MB in it and recreated it.

Even then the emails did not show up - so very nicely the support guy says - Sir! give it 4 - 5 hours to refresh and then you will see your emails.

Now tell me my friends is this the kind of host you would ever want to go with ? that also after spending nearly $700 every year for the last 6 years..

Please stay away from them - i am in the process of moving over to innohosting after reading this forums , rameen of innohosting was so helpful - wish all hosts were the same.

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Server Costs - High Traffic Websites

Aug 24, 2008

I have a client with a site (wordpress blog) that gets 10,000 + hits a day. I need to find him a dedicated managed server so that his site runs smoothly and also has no outages. I just received a quote from another host for his Managed Dedicated Servers.

CPU1: Intel Xeon 5310 Clovertown (Quad Core)
CPU2: Intel Xeon 5310 Clovertown (Quad Core)
Total CPU Cores: Eight (8)
System RAM: 6144MB (6GB) DDR2 ECC Registered System RAM
Primary Hard Disk: 73GB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 15,000 RPM High-Performance Hard Disk
Second Hard Disk: 250GB SATA-II 7,200 RPM Hard Disk (nightly backup disk)
Data Transfer: 2000GB Premium Monthly Bandwidth (100Mbps uplinked port)
Operating System: CentOS Enterprise Linux 5 64-Bit (x86_64)
Control Panel License: cPanel / WHM + Fantastico Auto Installer$695 a month

He posts about 5-10 blogs a day too, so it's definitely a growing community website. He also has a forum with 6500 posts and 389 members.

Is this a reasonable price for a dedicated server? Would you recommend a different configuration of hardware that might make it cheaper? I would also like some examples of other sites on similar configurations if you have any, so that I can show my client what they use.

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Windows / Sql Server / Exchange Licence Costs

Nov 9, 2008

We've been buying our Microsoft licences retail which was fine when we were a lot smaller. But as we grow I was thinking about the joining the Microsoft services provider licence agreement.

Can anyone out there give me an idea if this is a worthwhile route to take for a managed services webhost? If so what are the requirements, we aren't a Microsoft partner, have no Microsoft certifications, etc.

What are the initial costs? What are the long term costs?

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Which Data Center Has Lowest Rack/power Costs

Feb 10, 2007

which data center has lowest rack/power costs, yet has decent reputation, security, and remote hands?

we have expanded to the point where we have backup equipment scattered everywhere and want to consolidate that equipment into a single rack or two.

Network quality is not an issue as it is backup, will only be used if we lose something elsewhere.

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Looking To Cut Costs Without Loosing Quality. Switch To Managed Cluster From Dedicate

May 19, 2009

actually we are hosting around 130-140 sites on a dedicated server in spain. We are paying 325 (442 $) per month for the server, 250gb of backup space included, plus 105 (143 $) per month for admin of the box, that help us to migrate new sites, install scripts, hack attacks, etc.

That includes cpanel, fantastico, q9300 cpu, 4 gb ram, 2x500 gb sata in raid 1, 100 mb port and 16 ip's. I know we can get more for less, but the connectivity in spain is fast for our clients, very reliable, and the phone support of datacenter is fast when we need it.

Apart from that, i have to pay for rvskin, rvsitebuilder and easyantispam.

What i want to know, is there a way i could get a good european host with good network uptime and datacenter support if needed (i.e. ram needs to be changed, kvm doesn't work, etc) and, if possible, good management (although i can continue to pay what i pay).

I was thinking that as our box is underused (176 gb home dir, around 200 gb total, avg load for week 0.97) maybe a managed cluster host could help to cut our costs greatly (at least 30%) maintaining or even improving speed & quality of service? or even grid hosting or vps?

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