1000mbps Uplink Provider

Aug 22, 2008

Well i need for a week some provider who can setup a spare server/vps with 1000gps uplink , to maybe convince my college to get in contract and get better providers, instead of hosting the college site on our in-house machines. Since the loading speed of site is awful ! So am thinking of trying out for only a week the machine from that provider, and if am able to convince the department to maybe get into some contract with me (who in turn will be than using that provider for getting the server).

So if anyone around wht knows someone who has spare box for a week with 1000mbps uplink would be great.

Please note, no mysql is required, just simple apache, and no traffic, just 1 or 10 hits in the entire week.

I was told that there are some companies out there that provide universities free hosting, so if anyone is aware of such company do let me know please.

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100mbps Vs. 1000mbps

Jan 2, 2009

Let's say I have a site that gets around 500,000 page views per day, has an average of 150 - 200 users online at any given time, and runs 1000+ queries per second. Should I stick with a 100mbps uplink speed, or would I be able to see a difference with a 1000mbps speed?

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Switch Suggestion, 1000Mbps Ports, 2 X 1Gbps Uplinks, Simple Layer 3

Jun 24, 2007

I'm investigating "suspects" that could be used in a server access environment. My requirements are:

*24 or 48 10/100/1000 Mbps Ports
*Atleast 2 x 1000Mbps uplinks (fiber preferred)
*SNMP-enabled for remote bandwidth polling @ ports and uplinks
*Simple Layer 3 allowing for per port rate limiting
VLAN creation support would be a plus, but not required

The switch needs to be able to handle ~1000Mbps of constant usage

I would be open to using non-Cisco switches as well.

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Looking For Uplink

Sep 21, 2009

i manage a little hosting business and looking for someone with PoP in telecity-2, Amsterdam, to get ip transit together

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Uplink Port

May 23, 2009

I recently leased a server from leaseweb.com

It was suppose to have 1000mbps/sec full-duplex!

Can someone tell me how to check if I have what I paid for?

I tried wget from my friend's server who is with leaseweb aswell. Did a 100MB download test and for

30.36MB/sec === is this 1GBps? Please can someone tell me another way to test?

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Uplink Costs

Aug 17, 2009

I'm not much of a co-location expert as we do not own our own equipment but a customer we help from time to time is asking me about this. They have a cabinet at theplanet and only a pair of redundant 100mbit uplinks coming into their cisco 2924 they rent from theplanet. Theplanet wants $350/mo along with $350 setup for a pair of redundant gigabit uplinks. Then another $225/mo for a Cisco Catalyst 2960G.

Does this at all seem reasonable to anyone? The switch can just be purchased so it's not that big of a deal. The uplink cost cannot be avoided though. If it's not reasonable obviously they can go back to their account manager to discuss it but I don't know what you'd expect to pay in Dallas for that.

Also before anyone suggests any other provider not an option. Last time they looked around theplanet was the only provider in dallas capable of handling the attacks. Others would just null route the IP's rather than trying to mitigate the attacks. So no point in making suggestions as it's been explored in the past.

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100 Mbps Uplink

Apr 14, 2008

100 Mbps Uplink

is that

if someone going to download a file from the server he is going to get 100mb speed?

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Uplink Speed Upgrades

Jul 12, 2008

What are the benefits of moving to faster uplink speeds? I'm considering upgrading from 10 to 100 Mbps. Does it only mean being able to send information faster or are response times improved as well?

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Want Vps With 100mbps Uplink Port

Jun 19, 2008

i want vps with 100mbps uplink port

vps 1 gb or little i just use it for uploading

and i want it with uploading speed 100kb/s

can i get it?

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10Mbps Vs 100 Vs 1000 Uplink

Jul 6, 2007

What kind of difference will I see between my server having a 10 vs. 100 vs. 1000 Mbps Uplink?

If I had to choose between 1000Mbps Uplink w/ 3000GB/mo BW or 10Mbps Uplink Unmetered, what should I take into consideration?

What will the impact to the customer be speedwise?

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Do A Lot Of Companies Throttle Your Uplink Port

Mar 1, 2008

Like for example, recently talked to liquidweb. They have a 100mbs uplink port on their servers, but they only let you use 30% of it. But you can upgrade at anytime. Is that normal for hosts to do that?

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How To Verify 100 MBPS Uplink Speed

Aug 14, 2007

I recently purchased a new Dedi server, and got 100 MBPS Uplink. Now, I'm uploading 16GB size of files into this server, and I have a suspicious feeling that this upload speed is not what they told me. For the very 1st day, I opened a ticket and they said that they upgraded it to 100 mbps. I saw this speed was faster immediately. On 2nd day, it went down to around same slow speed before. Since then, I kept opening a new ticket and they said it was done, or sometimes I am under DDos attack..? What? I don't even have the site up yet! How come there is DDos attack?

Anyway, today I was told that I'm getting billed for this 100 mbps uplink, because it's a new service. What a crazy thing going on here... I am so tired of this ticket game and just don't understand why they don't commit what they told me initially.

Can anyone please tell me how I can verify and prove that I am having this 100 MBPS Uplink speed? The only thing I can tell with my eyes is that I can see those FTP upload progress bar. When it's very fast to upload one file, I assume that I have right speed.

But is there any tool or command that I can execute on the server shell, and tell them what I get as a proof?

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1and1 Uplink Speed For Shared Accounts?

Feb 25, 2009

I am curious if anyone knows what 1and1.com's uplink speed is for their shared accounts? A shared developer account get's 3TB of bandwidth. But I am wondering what type of bandwidth that is. How fast is it?

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How Much Difference Does 100Mbps Make From 10Mbps Uplink

Oct 10, 2009

Is 100Mbps a lot better (10 times?) than 10Mbps uplink?

What does 100Mbps mean? 100M bits per second right? So 10M bytes per second, inclusive of both download and upload?

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What Can I Do To Improve Bandwidth / Uplink Speed Of Server

Oct 4, 2008

As per topic, what is the best method to do to the hardware to improve bandwidth / uplink speed of server?

I have a production server that is used for regular file serving.

P4 3.0Ghz
500GB + 160GB + 160GB hard disk
2Mbps Dedicated + 10Mbps shared.

However, the most I can pulled through the whole server is always between 1.5Mbps - 3Mbps, anyway to pull the speed up to around 10Mbps should there be availability of bandwidth for me to burst?

For any informations, the hard disk is SATA 2.

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Private Data Centers With FCC Satellite Uplink/downlink Connectivity

Aug 30, 2009

Does anyone know of a private Data Center with Satellite uplink/downlink connectivity in addition to Fiber?

I know the government depends on them for military purposes, but I was wondering if anyone is aware of a private, FCC liscenced data center with the capability to transmite/host data via satellite in case of disasters, remoteness etc. It seems complimentary for a data center but I haven't heard of it.

Is there any market research on this? What is a good source of information to find out about how many data centers there are, how much revenue they bring in, costs, etc? What is the data center bible?

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Which CDN Provider

May 8, 2009

i am considering moving over from a dedicated server to a VPS solution, but host files via a CDN provider.

Can people give me their experiences of CDN providers please.

In particular i am looking at:

The prices they are paying

The quality of their bandwidth

The speeds they are getting (average)

Is your provider a reseller of another

Am looking to make available a variety of files from PNG, PSD, Vector and ISO files. Some of the files are as big as 10GB in size. I know some providers only manage certain file types.

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Which VPS Provider Is Better

Jan 22, 2008

I've shortlisted 5 VPS providers for hosting a user-generated news site, please post your insights on them, particularly on these issues

2.Upgrade features and scalability

1.mxhub.com - 12GB 250GB 128M Ram $19/mo

2.dediwebspace.com - 30GB 400GB 256 MB (Gauranteed) $20/mo

3.jaguarpc.com - 10GB 150GB 128MB (Gauranteed Ram) 512MB (Burstable) $20 /mo

4.knownhost.com - 10GB 256 MB(768 MB Burstable) 200GB b/w $30/mo

5.vpslink.com - 20GB 500GB bw 512MB Ram $40/mo.

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Best UK Xen VPS Provider

Oct 28, 2008

Anybody know a very good Xen VPS provider in the UK? All I can find (and I have look around a lot) is either a brand of VaServ or has a website is completely built with images and is just too stupid to be of a real hosting company.

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Where Is The Best Provider #1

Dec 1, 2008

if we can really know the #1 provider in the world.

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Two IPs Or One IP With Provider

Oct 12, 2007

I got a VPS, I have

ns1.mydomain.com 123.123.123
ns2.mydomain.com 123.123.124

For all my sites I used the first Ip until recently I tried to use the second ip for a particular site

Every thing went alright, I thought my site with second ip is working until yesterday I received a Call from India and the guy told me that he could not view my website because he got some thing like Network error DNS failed

I checked my site it was loading, I asked my provider and he says nothing is wrong and he can view my site

I checked


I got this Error

ERROR: Although you have at least 2 NS records, they both point to the same server, resulting in a single point of failure. You are required to have at least 2 nameservers per RFC 1035 section 2.2.

I talked with my provide but the response was this

This message will show up always when dnsstuff is able to detect that both nameserver names are pointing to the same physical system. This message doesn't affect connectivity and/or performance.

Do I have two IPS or One IP Is this a common practice? I do not want to feel suspisious of the host and those guys are nice and supportive

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Best Xen VPS Provider

Jul 21, 2007

Is Xen really as good as claimed?

Who is the best provider with Xen VPS offerings.

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How To Become A Trusted SSL Provider

Apr 18, 2009

im interested in selling SSL certificates, but i dont want to resell them, i'd like to sign them myself. What is out there to do this and how would i go about doing it?

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Any Reliable VPS Provider

Jan 25, 2009

I am looking for a VPS to host some personal sites.

Data is very important.

My budget is under 20 dollar per month. DirectAdmin is preferred. ( No lxadmin or webmin)

The VPS provider must be in business for more than 1 year.

Anybody know such a provider?

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Best Hosting Provider ...?

Mar 23, 2009

What is the best hosting provider? Host Gator?

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Upstream Provider

Jan 13, 2009

I've been having a rough morning with my hosting.

They're claiming that the problem is with the upstream provider.

So I had a question for all you smarter than a 5th grader guys.

When there's a problem with the upstream provider, shouldn't all my IPs go down?

I have a /24 with hosted with these guys, but some IPs are up while others keep going up/down.

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Recommend VPS IRC Provider

Apr 8, 2009

Does anyone have experience with a good IRC VPS provider? I want to run an couple of BNC's. Unmanaged is fine. My budget for this would be $20/month.

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Recommend An EU Provider

Oct 2, 2009

I've been thinking about getting a dedicated server in the EU, as the UK is just to expensive to rent a dedicated server.

I've read reviews of the two hosts I found on the net (OVH and 1&1) and none were all that favourable. (Especially 1&1 heh)

anyone recommend some alternative EU providers? or perhaps any reasonable priced UK services?

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SBSSecure SSL Provider

Dec 30, 2008

Has anyone else here experienced terrible support responses.

Over a week ago I submitted a request to resubmit new CSR requests for 2 SSL certificates. I've ended up emailing 2 departments and trying to phone for a response.
When I phone the only response I've ever had is an answering message saying leave a message or email for a faster response!

The only email response I've ever had is a single reply saying I need to email a different department and a request has been forwarded to the correct department.

I aprreciate these are budget products but this is a dreadful support level and I'm seriously thinking I'll never purchase any of this company's products again, what if I purchase on a clients behalf, delays like this arent going to look good at all. I also appreciate its a seasonal period but come on, over a week!

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Best Provider In Los Angeles?

Mar 9, 2008

I have a budget of around $400/m for a Dedicated Servers in LA. I Understand there are a lot of options but I was hoping you guys could point me in the correct direction for the best global connectivity. Im assuming since LA is so diverse in its x connects there should be one provider out there with outstanding bandwidth and a lot of connects to different providers.

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Things To Ask A Vps Provider

Jan 18, 2008

I have been researching the vps market for a month or so now and have started to compile a list of questions to put to vps providers who get short listed. I would love some contributions!

1) What is the cpu and how is cpu capacity distributed, by account number limits, by assigning a certain number of mhz, is the asisgned capcity burstable?

2) ram is usually clearly advertised but who scalable is it? Can you add just extra ram or do you need to upgrade to the next package. Is it burstable and with what constraints.

3) are there any limits for the number of processes (shared hosting providers may limit processes to only a few, 15 for instance before terminating them). This isnt advertsised but need to be answered for dynamic sites with high traffic.

4) Number of simaltanious connections, both from individual Ips to the sites/account or to pop3 accounts. If the pop3 account sim con is low its will be annoying when trying to donwlaod email from several of your sites at the same time....attempts after the X number will fail.

5) Will your account have assigned bandwidth or will you just be sharing whatever connection 10/100mbps with the other uses on the server. This isnt such a big deal as a lot of servers will be streched to output 100mbps of data. If the connection is a 10mbps one then its much more important.

6) if you're used to a certain type of control panel make sure they have it and at what possible extra cost.

7) Check their terms and conditions for liability regards lost data. I chose a hosting company beofre because of their superior back up system, turns out they didnt use it and I lost 5 weeks of data (about $4000 loss for me). Their t & C avioded libility for any losses inspite of the fact that they advertises the b/u facility as a special feature.

8) quiz them on "Monitoring" and "Management". Us hosting novices may see these as the same thing but hosting companies do not. Monitoring is knowing that something is wrong, management is doing something about it. Many vps providers advertise full management but wait to be asked to fix problems that could have been lossing you money for days till one of your kind users lets you know.

9) What is their infrastructure...power, location, connectivity redundency like (ie how many T1,2 or 3 do they have and is that enough).

10) Support. Is it in house or outsourced....the later is bad as they are usually given little power to do anything and you have to wait longer for an inhouse guy to get off his lazy boy.

11) Do they limit the number of emails per period (ie like 500 per hour). This wont affect some but for those of us who have large memberships to send newsletters to this is a non starter.

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