Slow Periodic Site Speed (SLHost)

Nov 5, 2007

I moved from shared host to VPS a few days back. Since the move, the site becomes slow during particular time of the day. It appeared to be an issue of cron run by their another client and after promising that they would move that client to another node (I have spent more than 25 days to follow up on this till now) they backed off from their words but informed me about an alternative. Now, they say that the cron of that client was executing many scripts and they have spaced those scripts.

I am looking for a long-term host and was wondering:

1. VPS provides a minimum guaranteed stuff so what is the use of that guarantee if one client can make the server crawl (imagine 5 minutes or more to open a site).

2. Can a host be trusted who does not honour words.

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Resolving Speed Is Slow

Feb 6, 2007

resolving speed on my server is slow (about to 30 seconds), what do you think about this problem.

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Slow Speed On Internet

Jun 19, 2007

here is the deal my speed tests are all saying 1500 down/1000 up

but im getting really slow browsing and occassionally the "web page not found" error.

no, i dont have spyware or anything, i just changed ISPs so i know it is some kind of setting... which one

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Leaseweb Network Speed Slow

Nov 3, 2009

My new server is on a 100 Mbps port.

Doing a wget [url]
gives me only 6.63 MBps.

Doing a wget [url]

gives me 1.17 MBps.

The folks at leaseweb say it could be due to a network maintenance that they are performing and should be sorted tomorrow. No problem with that.

However, I just wanted to know if anyone else with a leaseweb server is experiencing the same problem now.

What is the speed you are getting?

On the positive side, leaseweb support replies have been fast and to the point. I like it so far.

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Server Network Speed Gets Very Slow Then Unconnectable

Mar 5, 2008

I have a server with a overheating problem and a network problem.

(With a lot of users connecting to it every second)

Well, recently the server started to get slow then finally it was up on KVM but network connections do not work.

After reboot, it works for around 10+ hours but it won't last for a day as it gets slower then unconnectable.

When I look at the logs, I see this:

Mar 5 00:38:35 cn1 kernel: printk: 769 messages suppressed.
Mar 5 00:38:36 cn1 kernel: dst cache overflow
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU0: Temperature above threshold
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU1: Temperature above threshold
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU1: Running in modulated clock mode
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU0: Running in modulated clock mode
Mar 5 00:38:41 cn1 kernel: printk: 709 messages suppressed....

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NFS Slow Speed When Moving Many Small Files

Jan 20, 2007

I have mounted NFS part. but when copying a big file the speed is OK like 5-6MB/s but when starting to copying all other (small files) speed is like 20-200KB.s What is the reason and is it way to improve the speed or use other way to mount drive remotely and preserve the same permissions after backup?

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Decent Ping But Extremely Slow Download Speed

Jul 28, 2008

I have just gotten a new server and the ping results were pretty fine. However, when it comes to the download speed its horrible. What could be the issue?

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Speed Of My Site

Aug 22, 2007

I just bought a hosting on one of the American servers providers, so I am interested how fast my site loads at different locations around the world. Mainly I am interested in US, Europe and Australia. I am from Europe but, my connection is not so great
I want you input on how fast does it load on your end, and maybe how high ping is from your provider.

I hope there are some people who want to help me. I want post a link here because then people will complaint that I am advertising the site...

So if it is not a problem just post a message on this topic and I will send you a link true private message.


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Downloading Speed From My Site

Nov 9, 2008

I have a website on bluehost and i have a major problem in downloading speed from my site. for ex. if you went to any game page on my site "that download the game to play" the download time for the game "flash file" take DOUBLE the normal time.

I am on shared hosting, i know it may be less perfect but not to that level of slowness.

I have no errors in the log file .

When i searched for the server i found it has 1260 web sites.

My site and you may check for game page.

how to solve the slow of downloading the flash files from my BH account.

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Site Speed With Proxy

Mar 6, 2007

Visitors in some countries have problem in my site speed, ISP of this countries told them use proxy in Internet explorer to optimize site speed. and they said if you need site working fine without proxy you should clear IP. what's clear IP mean?

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Will Buying More RAM Speed Up My Site?

Aug 25, 2007

I run an online flash game website, which gets between 20000-40000 unique visitors per day. The website basically just hosts flash games which I upload myself. I have no forum, do not run any databases or have any major scripts running or anything; the site is just plain html and php includes (with images and flash [.swf] files also)

I currently have 512MB of RAM on my VPS. If I decide to upgrade to a similar plan on a Dedicated Server, but instead with either 1GB or 2GB of RAM, would that make my website faster, particularly loading time? (As some games are 5 to 10 MB in size).

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Site Slow

Dec 19, 2008

My site is very slow. But I can not find the reason.

Here is the top


top - 22:04:07 up 22:09, 1 user, load average: 0.44, 0.43, 0.34
Tasks: 402 total, 1 running, 401 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 4.3%us, 0.7%sy, 0.0%ni, 94.8%id, 0.1%wa, 0.1%hi, 0.1%si, 0.0%st
Mem: 2074804k total, 2007836k used, 66968k free, 72720k buffers
Swap: 4192956k total, 96k used, 4192860k free, 641728k cached

17133 apache 20 0 27752 9.9m 3392 S 4 0.5 0:02.25 httpd
6306 apache 20 0 27772 9.9m 3452 S 4 0.5 0:08.04 httpd
2261 mysql 20 0 251m 88m 4752 S 3 4.3 48:25.58 mysqld
17081 apache 20 0 27700 9.9m 3496 S 2 0.5 0:02.81 httpd
17105 apache 20 0 27112 9504 3428 S 2 0.5 0:02.62 httpd
11844 apache 20 0 27756 9.9m 3444 S 0 0.5 0:06.21 httpd
13676 apache 20 0 27700 9.9m 3440 S 0 0.5 0:04.74 httpd
13718 apache 20 0 27424 9856 3448 S 0 0.5 0:04.83 httpd
16690 apache 20 0 26628 8980 3408 S 0 0.4 0:01.88 httpd
When run
[root@nd10749 ~]# netstat -an |grep 80 |wc -l

It was able to handle over 5000 connection without problem.

When checked the log, can not find anything suspicous.

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Slow Site

Apr 12, 2007

my site is terribly slow, especially if there are several users accessing it at once.

Is there a way to to find out what exactly is slow, so I know what to tackle?

Since there is no caching at the moment, I think that is a good point to start.

The reason that there is no caching, is because Internet Explorer kept showing stale content, whatever I tried. How do you make sure that IE doesn't cache the dynamic pages?

This also means that images are not cached and pages with several images, seem to load a lot slower, sometimes not even showing all images the first time the page is loaded.

Does anybody know what I can do to improve on this?

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Site Connects Slow

Oct 31, 2008

I had an VPS in SLHost and experiencing fall downs and slow server... now I moved and I check that the VPS is fast and great, but my sites are loading too slow...

I mean the connect time is too long; the time between connect and sending first byte goes from 5 to 12 seconds! My provider can't find what's wrong and I'm a little lost in this

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Site Is Loading Very Slow On My Vps

Mar 22, 2007

I have a website The site takes a very long time to load. I don't think it's because of the server's connection speed. What would be the best way to diagnose the problem? What could the problem be? I noticed that it get's slower and slower with time and when I restart apache it's faster (but still not fast enough).

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Server A Little Slow, Site Or My Connection?

Mar 1, 2008

I rented a server from VD a month ago and hosted some of my websites. But I'm constantly noticing that my websites are loading very slow. How can I check if other users are experiencing the same problem, or if the problem lies with my Internet connection?

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VPS Support Not Good - Web Site Is Slow

Nov 11, 2008

our VPS hosting company did an upgrade the other day and now something is wrong with our home page, it takes about 30sec to load. They keep saying its a php problem, but the scripting is fine, the engine is fine and the only thing that changed is that they did an upgrade.

They don't seem to be able to grasp the problem, and it is making my boss go nuts. A web guy a know said it definately had to be something at their end, and everyone else is at a loss.

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Server Load Is Low But Site Is VERY Slow

Jul 1, 2007

My machine is pretty good. Here are the specs:

Intel Xeon-Woodcrest 5148-DualCore
3 gigs of ram
250GB Western Digital WD Cavia

I run a forum with a modest amount of traffic along with a content management system handling the other sections of the website. I'm pretty sure the forum isn't the problem though.

The server load for this machine is almost never above a 1. Right now as I type this the load is at 0.17, but it's unbearably slow! Taking up to 16 seconds to load a single page.

What could be causing this? I'm a server n00b. Is there a setting I should be doing to one of my servers configuration files to make it run faster?

My website gets 30-40,000 visitors a day and these problems always occur during peak hours. It would be easier to deal with this though if not for the fact that the server load is always so low. How is it possible for the site to get so slow while the server load is always so low?

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Hosting Media For Streaming Slow Your Site Down?

Jan 15, 2009

I wanna know if upload media to server for streaming will slow your site down?

Reason is that I have a few audio books on my server for my members to listen to, and I have a feeling that my site is using more and more resources and its getting slower and slower each day.

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Slow Page Response With Database Driven Site

Jan 24, 2007

I have built a database driven site with PHP & MySQL. Pages download quicker on some connections than other (obviously), however this is not due to connection speed. The web host server seems to respond very slowly to my boss's network (which is on a proxy server). Could it be that this problem is related to the web host? i.e. could it be that the web host is unequipped to deal quickly with this type of network?

On my home connection (2Mbps), pages often download instantly, however occaisionally I have to wait 10-20 seconds to receive the page from the host.

Finally, could you recommend an excellent web host to use with our site? My boss wants to offer a professional service where server response is quick. We are based in the UK.

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Periodic Reboot

Jun 1, 2009

how to configure a periodic reboot, for example, each 4h the server will be reboot automatic.

i think i do configure a cron, but i can't find anything for periodic rebooting on freebsd.

this is a temporary solution for a issue of php.

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Weird Periodic Hang

Jul 9, 2007

For the last week, my vps (directadmin on centos on xen) has become unresponsive every three days at approximately 5 AM, and I'm baffled about why. It doesn't crash, but it stops accepting incoming connections until it's rebooted.

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. /var/log/messages gives no useful information. There are no unusual cronjobs running at that time.

Anyone heard of anything like this before or have any advice about how to troubleshoot?

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Apache :: Periodic Request Timed-out Warnings

Sep 21, 2013

So I've set everything up manually a few times before now, but I got so bored of configuring everything for a manual install I just said screw it and used XAMPP this time - so my circumstances are not completely ideal.

Basically what I am looking to find out is how to improve loading speeds for Apache, PHP and MySQL on my dedi server?

The server I have is of the following spec:
Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 V2 (3.50Ghz with 12 cores total)
2 x 2TB SATA3 (RAID 0/1)

use Windows Web 2008 R2 so only 32GB of the RAM is usable.

With all the abive aside, here is the important part: Whilst people are browsing the websites I have configured they are random hit with a blank white page saying "Your request has timed out. Please retry the request." - I have about 100 unique hits daily and a lot of people report the same problem, and I have even had it myself.

It feels as if the server has much more power than Apache and co. is trying to utilize - what can I do?

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Apache :: How To Create Rotated Logs For Every Periodic Time

Aug 26, 2014

I have configure my Apache to create rotated logs for every periodic time. It worked fine with my local PC, but when it is being configured on to a server system, the actual error.log file is not being update, only the rotated logs are created. If i remove the Error Log command from httpd.conf for Error Log Rotation, again it works fine as usual.

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SLHost Down

May 14, 2008

i have some vps hosted with slhost but they all seems to be down since about 45mins.

Even there website seems to be down.

Is it only to me or is this a general down?

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Slhost Support

Oct 28, 2009

I am with slhost from years. But from some days their support is not good, they are not reply on time as they are previously.

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SLHost - Avoid

Mar 6, 2007

We read a large number of reviews and ratings before deciding on whom to go with for our VPS. In particular, the good marks for helpful technical support by SLHost staff as recommended by various posters here led us to go with them.

We paid six months in advance on February 12.

Unfortunately, it has been a nightmare. A few days after we signed up and went through the arduous process of moving data and reconfiguring the sites after the move, which consumed a total of 24 hours or so in 7 days, all was well until we ran into what apparently is a network problem. It remains and has gotten worse. We'll be leaving as soon as we find a new VPS host.

Whether a victim of their own success (perhaps they're too busy to look into things for us) or that they were simply overrated, the tech support is somewhat terse and when it came to a real problem, we were completely ignored. The issue is that the sites are unreachable and incredibly slow for 10-30 minute stretches, beginning during US nighttime from 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. Pacific. After about a week and countless more emails sent and received between their tech support, it began happening during the daytimes too. Tech support insists that there is nothing they can do, but it is exclusively our sites that we can't contact, and that goes for our users as well. They have said unless we have our site's users (who aren't computer technically proficient people and are very confused when we try to give them instructions on how to run a traceroute) run traceroutes as well, they don't have enough evidence there is a problem. This, despite the fact that there is a large discussion about it with various users from around the globe reporting the problem alongside their location. I linked them to this, and they dismissed it.

I advised them I would be making a report of my extremely poor experience with their services on this website. They dismissed that too. They are either overwhelmed, or it is what it appears to be: they simply couldn't care less.

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Sep 21, 2008

I've been using for a couple of years, and they used to have great VPS service. My server was always up (I'm not a power user, I just host some small business websites for clients of my web design company - nothing that gets a lot of traffic or puts a strain on the server).

They recently moved locations, and I've had nothing but problems. They somehow screwed up the IP and DNS of the server. My (and my clients sites) couldn't be accessed for over a week! Support kept telling me that there was no problem, unti I proved to them that the DNS wasn't right. I didn't have any email during this period, and either did my clients.

Since then, AT LEAST one of the services on the server randomly stops working (the two big ones are DNS and STMP) a couple of times a day. I don't receive error messages (I know because my clients call me screaming why their email isn't working AGAIN).

As a web design company, I've lost reputability. As a professional affiliate marketer, I have literally lost over a thousand dollars because of the downtime. Every time I contact support, they restart the services and tell me there's no problem with the server (which is obiously not true).

Any suggestions from other webhostingtalk users on how to get better service and a credit from I'm not technical and I need a VPS that just simply works.

I recently started monitoring my server 2 days ago with hyperspin. I can post my support emails here as proof and verification that these problems are occuring multiple times a day.

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SLHOST Constantly Down

Jun 30, 2007

I moved to SLHost some time around January. The first couple of months were okay. However, the last two months have been hellish. This month alone the server was down June 1, 3, 4, 16 (for 13 hours) and, again, today.

anyone else having the same experience with SLHost?

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Hosting With RackWire Or SLHost

Aug 4, 2009

We are experiencing some blacklisting with our current provider, through no fault of our own, and we are evaluating some other alternatives for our very modest website. Do any of you have experience with these firms? Happy to keep your comments confidential if you email me individually.

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