Mails Getting Delivered To Spam Folder In Yahoo

Oct 31, 2008

I have enabled domainkeys in the mail server and all the emails going out of the server are signed by domainkeys. Yahoo confirms the domainkeys as verified for each message sent to their servers. However, Yahoo still delivers the emails to the spam folder instead of the inbox. I have done the domainkeys setup only an hour ago. Does Yahoo take time to recognize the sender server as genuine and deliver all the emails to the inbox or is there some other reason for the emails going to the spam folder? One thing is sure, Yahoo sucks and it sucks big time.

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Yahoo! Spam Folder - All Mail Is Delivered Here

Aug 1, 2008

I am having trouble with all mail from my web server being delivered to the Yahoo! spam folder. After doing some reading, I have set up an SPF record and domain keys on the server, but the messages are still being sent to spam.

Here are the headers from an e-mail I sent to Yahoo! that was marked as spam:

(Note: I've made a few replacements so that my server's identity and my identity are not obvious.) ...

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Mails Delivered To Spam Folder In GMail

May 19, 2008

Is this pretty much the default action or do I need to take some steps to get the IP/domain for our mailserver whitelisted?

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All Mails Are Reaching The Spam Folder

Jul 30, 2009

All the mail sent from your server is going into the JUNK folder of other servers, such as Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo,etc, not reaching the inbox What are the steps needs to be taken to prevent mails going JUNK folder

IP not Blacklisted

SPF record Present

Domain key Present

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Get Mail Delivered To Yahoo

Aug 23, 2007

I am looking for an expert who can help me configure my dedicated server to ensure my email gets delivered to Yahoo.

I have an autoresponder script hosted on the server. The script was previously hosted with another host and I got excellent deliverability to Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and everyone else.

Unfortunately the volume of mail was too large for that host, so now I have a dedicated server. Since I moved to the dedicated server (two weeks ago), my mail does not get delivered to Yahoo. It doesn't even go into the junk mail folder. It just disappears.

I am very strictt about using confirmed optin for my lists, so it's not a blacklist issue. Right from day one on the new server, my mail did not reach Yahoo. So it must be the way my server is set up.

If there is someone who knows how to resolve this, I am willing to pay you to solve the problem for me. Or, if there is anyone who can give me some advice, that would be much appreciated.

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Error On Sending Mails To Yahoo

Jul 29, 2008

i have get from 4 dayes new dedicated server

and i have the ip

but there is aproblem that any message from any account on my server to yahoo mail
get this error

Mail Delivery System Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

why this problem and hoe i resolve it

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Hotmail And Yahoo Users Not Receiving Mails From My Site

Dec 7, 2007

Gmail users are fine.

Two days ago, Yahoo and hotmail users were receiving emails in the Junk folder. I thought this was due to the Reverse DNS settings not being set. So, I contacted Rus from cheapVPS and asked him to enable the Reverse DNS setting after I entered it in the Hyper VM panel, and he kindly did it.

Unfortunately, since the Reverse DNS setting was entered, Yahoo and Hotmail users stopped receiving mails from my site. Gmail users never faced any problem.
the logs (from maillog) are as follows:

Dec 6 00:37:27 aqarcenter,cin pop3d: LOGIN,, ip=[::ffff:]
Dec 6 00:37:27 aqarcenter,cin pop3d: LOGOUT,, ip=[::ffff:], top=0, retr=0
Dec 6 00:40:00 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890800.882846 new msg 12077935
Dec 6 00:40:00 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890800.882881 info msg 12077935: bytes 2020 from <> qp 11561 uid 48
Dec 6 00:40:00 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890800.943863 starting delivery 308: msg 12077935 to remote
Dec 6 00:40:00 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890800.943891 status: local 0/10 remote 1/20
Dec 6 00:40:02 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890802.495781 delivery 308: success:<>_Queued_mail_for_delivery/
Dec 6 00:40:02 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890802.691249 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
Dec 6 00:40:02 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196890802.918473 end msg 12077935

Dec 5 19:19:35 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871575.358924 info msg 12077935: bytes 1970 from <> qp 17875 uid 48
Dec 5 19:19:35 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871575.536635 starting delivery 301: msg 12077935 to remote
Dec 5 19:19:35 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871575.536673 status: local 0/10 remote 1/20
Dec 5 19:19:36 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871576.006538 delivery 301: deferral: Connected_to_68.142.202.247_but_greeting_failed./Remote_host_said:_421_Message_from_([url]
Dec 5 19:19:36 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871576.006641 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
Dec 5 19:20:27 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871627.155102 new msg 12077939
Dec 5 19:20:27 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871627.155151 info msg 12077939: bytes 1970 from <> qp 24088 uid 48
Dec 5 19:20:27 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871627.604693 starting delivery 302: msg 12077939 to remote
Dec 5 19:20:27 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871627.604744 status: local 0/10 remote 1/20
Dec 5 19:20:29 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871629.172091 delivery 302: success:<>_Queued_mail_for_delivery/
Dec 5 19:20:29 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871629.172184 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
Dec 5 19:20:29 aqarcenter,cin qmail: 1196871629.207391 end msg 12077939
and the site is

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Move Spam To Spam Folder Not Available?

Oct 17, 2013

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
Panel version 11.0.9 Update #59, last updated at Oct 3, 2013 02:06 AM
MailEnable version 5

I see in the plesk documentation that the screen to enable SPAM filtering for an individual there is an option to "Move spam to the Spam folder". I don't see that option so I am wondering if it is only available on some versions of Plesk, or in combination with certain mail servers. How to make that option available?

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Mails Landing In Junk Folder

Jul 8, 2008

I recently signed up with a new host with CPanel and my emails are landing in junk folder of gmail/yahoo/hotmail id's. I contacted my host support and they added a SPF record. But this problem still persists. The record was added 2 days back.

What are the different formats of SPF record? Which one is used by majority of hosts?

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Smtp Server In IIS, Mails Going To DROP Folder

May 12, 2008

I have created virtual SMTP server in IIS6 and while send e-mail from the same server using SMTP IP address, the e-mail do not reach recipient, all sent e-mails goes directlly to DROP folder and stay it that folder.

I have checked event viewer, no error, also used telnet to create and send e-mail, no error.

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Yahoo Marks It As Spam... Why?

Apr 21, 2008

If I'm not mistaken we have reverse DNS setup and no blacklist entries. Is there any reason why welcome emails from our custom CP are being filtered directly into the Yahoo SPAM box?

Here's the full headers from my personal email. This is the exact message a client would be sent.

From Sun Apr 20 20:38:17 2008
Return-Path: <>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO (
by with SMTP; Sun, 20 Apr 2008 20:38:18 -0700
Received: from nobody by with local (Exim 4.68)
(envelope-from <>)
id 1JnmrB-0007AT-P3
for; Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:38:17 -0400
Received: from phpmailer ([])
by with HTTP (PHPMailer);
Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:38:17 -0400
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:38:17 -0400
To: Jeff Piper <>
From: "" <>
Subject: Ventrilo Server Information
Message-ID: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-Length: 567
My only guess would be the PHP programming of the mailer code?

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Yahoo : Spam Emails ?

Sep 18, 2006

Some of my emails send to the clients who are using Yahoo's email is stored in their " Bulk " folder, so Yahoo is considering my email as spamer althought i'm not. So do you know how can i fix it ? Do i need to contat Yahoo about this matter ?

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Yahoo Spam Filter

Apr 9, 2007

Anyone else have problems with Yahoo Spam filters being overzealous? I recently setup a new domain and a few email accounts. After sending a few test messages to my Yahoo email, each one of them was flagged as spam. I changed the text to a more regular email, with no controversial words and still the same result. I notice that Yahoo regularly traps some newsletters I subscribe to in my spam filter, but rarely, if ever legitimate emails. I checked with my web host who informed me they are not on any spam blacklists and that I would have to contact Yahoo. Yahoo's help is quite a maze (designed to make you lose interest and move on), so before I continue hunting for how to contact Y!, I thought I would come here to see if this is a common problem (with a common fix).

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PHP (Mail) Marked As Spam Yahoo/Msn

Feb 23, 2008

i have a issue on my WHM/Cpanel Linux Server. I have hosted few vbulletin and IPB forums. Problem is that, when someone REGISTERS the CONFIRMATION email is sent to JUNK/SPAM in Hotmail and Yahoo email boxes.

I have noted that The Confirmation emails sent from many other servers are NOT MARKED as spam by Yahoo and Hotmail email accounts.
But the mails sent from My servers are marked as SPAM by default.

I have pasted the headers below:

Here are headers

Mails sent from this server works fine.
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender)

Mails sent from this server are sent to SPAM folder by default:

Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of

One thing i am sure is there is something that needs to be fixed in WHM. Some option but i am not sure of that.

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Mails Going To Spam Box

May 4, 2008

We have tried fixing this problem, but its not working..

Our IP: is sending mails to spam box.., It doesn't seem to be blacklisted..

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Mails Goes To SPAM Box

Apr 7, 2007

i own my dedicated server. every mail that i send via whm, or even via my php script, goes to SPAM box of yahoo/google,...

(also i setted up REPLY-TO header in my php script)

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Auto Deleting The Mails From Trash Folder And Junk - Dovecot

Jul 4, 2015

I use for my client the webmail Roundcube.. How to I set for Auto Deleting The Mails From Trash Folder and Junk with mail server Dovecot after 30 days?

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E-mails Are Getting Marked As Spam

Jul 24, 2009

One of my e-mail addresses - - is regularly marked as spam. My mail server is not blacklisted. My e-mails are always plaintext, and only sometimes have URLs in them.

Looking at my mail server health everything looks ok except for what I assume are reverse DNS entries for my domain. So I'm guessing this is the problem.


1. Do I need to ask my hosting company (I have a dedicated server with the planet) to set up reverse DNS entries for all my domains, or can I do this manually? Note I use my own DNS server, I do not use the hosting company's DNS server.

2. Will it be a problem that all my domains (,, etc.) use the same IP?

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YAHOO/HOTMAIL/GOOGLE Flagging Emails From My Server As Spam

Mar 11, 2009

I cannot figure this out.. I have tried EVERYTHING..

I am running a php script using the mail() function and sending an email..

I have had reverse dns point to the domain
I set an SPF record
My IP is not blacklisted.. I have had the dedicated server for 2 years now also

I modified a few things in the sendmail files.. I am stuck..

I am running freeBSD.. My buddy has his server set up with all of the same sendmail settings being the same.. and his emails don't get flagged..

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Genuine Mails Getting Detected As Spam

Aug 27, 2007

I am using Merak Mail server 8.0.3 (Windows). From past 2 - 3 days many of my users are complaining their genuine mails are going to spam. The value set for antispam is 5 i.e. if antispam value is above it is detected as spam else not spam.

But from past few days which ever genuine mail is detected as spam I have found an very uncommon thing in it. It shows '10.4 FH_HAS_X Has X: header'

The SpamAssassin table shows the following information:

Content analysis details: (16.34 points, 5.00 required)

pts rule name description
---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
0.1 HTML_MESSAGE HTML included in message
0.1 HTML_TAG_EXISTS_TBODY HTML has "tbody" tag
2.2 DEAR_SOMETHING Contains 'Dear (something)'
2.4 BAYES_80 Bayesian spam probability is 80 to 90%
0.0 NO_RDNS2 Sending MTA has no reverse DNS
10.4 FH_HAS_X Has X: header
0.1 SARE_HEAD_HDR_XMS SARE_HEAD_HDR_XMS Message headers used whic

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Failure Notice Spam Mails

Sep 27, 2007

I just realised that there is too many failure notice mail goes out from my server. All of those ones are spam.

1-) How can i understand how they are being sent? I mean from which domain or smtp etc.

2-) Is there a way to filter especially failure notice mails sent out from server?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Postfix Mails Rejected By Google - Identified As Bulk Spam

Nov 20, 2014

I run a server and have ONLY problems if i am sending mails to domains hosted by google ...

OSUbuntu 12.04.5 LTS
Plesk version12.0.18 Update #24, last updated at Nov 20, 2014 06:32 AM

Here a little bit about my configuration:

a) I have set a Reverse DNS ( - My hostname!
b) i run 4 domains on this server (mydomain1, mydomain2, mydomain3, mydomain4)
c) my DNS settings are made by myself in my Domain Provider account
d) i also set SPF records and i use Domain Keys

Everything works like a charm but following now the outputs with my problems:

Here is my postconf -n output:

root@shamu:/etc/postfix# postconf -n
alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases, hash:/var/spool/postfix/plesk/aliases
append_dot_mydomain = no

[Code] ....

Now I sending a email from my domain2.tld and google rejects this email ...

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