Zone VPS Billing Request

Sep 25, 2007

After signing up with zone, setup was delayed but support staff added 5 Gigs of storage to compensate. Thank you for that.

After almost 4 weeks of back and forth with support (we have the managed package), we are still not able to get emails delivered to Hotmail's Inbox. Sean & team have tried a few tweaks but email is still not getting through but end up in the junk folder.

At this point, the VPS is of no use to us since we cannot get emails delivered to Hotmail's Inbox (and many members have registered for newsletters using a Hotmail account).

I understand that Zone is to supply a fully managed VPS and they have. Everything works except getting emails through to Hotmail. We have left voicemails and support tickets to Sean (and billing) asking to see if they can make an exception for our special case and do a pro-rated refund for us (there are 5 months left and the first month was all trying to get the Hotmail issue resolved). But voicemails and support tickets have gone unanswered for a few days. Anyone else seeing this delay in reply from the Zone?

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1and1 Not Billing Me

Aug 29, 2008

For some odd reason 1and1 hasn't billed me yet and it's been beyond the 10 days it usually takes after the invoice. I currently have my billing option set to automatically get billed through Paypal. I emailed them a few times and never got a response. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't want my services to get shut down because they can't bill me.

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SMS/Phone Billing

Aug 4, 2009

I am currently using WHMCS and am interested in integrating mobile billing (phone or sms) into my payment options. Does anyone know of a payment process that allows phone billing that can be integrated with WHMCS?

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Netdepot Billing

May 11, 2009

I have sign up for a dedicated server with netdepot in the beginning of the year.

After sign up i ordered an extra hard disk and a raid card.

It was not installed as i was expecting and i ordered a 3 rd hard disk.

The overall installation procedure took some days.

The nightmare is the billing.

I had used a special price with a special discount.

The first billing came without the special price.

The second billing came without the special price and without the special discount.

They forget to charge the 3rd hard disk. I had to remember them to be able to pay for it.

They have double charged the 2nd hard disk and the raid card.

They have refunded it.

2 months after the 3rd disk has been payed they are still asking for the money in spite of all the payments have been done from the same paypal account.

The first payments were not possible to be done by their billing interface which lead to a blank page.
Some of the first tickets opened came blank to me.

In some cases i had to clean the cookies to see something and in other cases that was not enough.

Beware of their billing department.

Diana in particular has asked me 3 times for the payment that was already done. The payment was done after i have remembered them that i have a 3rd hard disk and correct by email by 2 or 3 times the amount to be charged.

I pay after all is clear but 2 months later they were asking again for the same money.

I think that they donīt keep proper records of the received amounts.

They didnīt apologize for the mess.

Just one word of regard for Sailor with whom i have made the purchase agreement and that has at all the times helpfull on solving the things with his company.

The server is nice and the price was ok as well but in 4 years in hosting business i never found such a messy billing department.

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Burstable Billing

Sep 15, 2009

I'm really confused about burstable billing. I'm hoping you guys can help me out.

I'm currently with Softlayer and I have two dedicated servers with 2TB of bandwidth a month. So far this has been fine for me.

I'm getting ready to move to a third server and therefore I'm looking at colo space. The problem is that they all seem to charge by the Mbps instead of by the overall bandwidth you use.

The bandwidth here in Austin is expensive (About $200+ per Mbps) and I have no idea how much I'd need.

Here's a sample of the last 7 days of traffic on one of my servers

Any idea how much bandwidth I'd need? Also, are these colos just screwing with me? Should I be able to find a plan that charges me by overall bandwidth instead of using bustable billing?

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Billing Situation

Aug 7, 2008

let's say I tell the hosting company to cancel a server 1 day before the billing date but their policy is 2 days. now as you know i am not that tech savvy so it took a bit of time for to transfer all my files from old to new server (keep in mind the new server is still still with this company) .. as a hosting company would you allow me to cancel the server without billing me?

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Billing Issue With

Dec 15, 2008

I have with I cancelled a domain I had with them, but according to ther TOS on their website, that I never received with my initial order!, I was late. So, they charged me for 1 year of contract. After not paying their invoice, they have now charged me another 10 for not paying them. They also somehow threaten me to pay otherwise they will charge me more. What do you think I should do? Is any place I can seek advise? Here is their email:

"Outstanding payment of order no. 1147502.

As of 12/6/08, we have not received payment for the amount outstanding
on your order.

In order not to burden you with further costs, we ask that you pay the
amount as soon as possible. We draw your attention to the fact that you
may incur further costs if the amount is not paid by 12/21/08.

Item description: Amount in GBP:
Balance due for order GBP 22.09
Reminder charge (invoice number 2671362) GBP 10.00
New total balance due GBP 32.09"

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Can Whm/cpanel Do Billing

Jul 15, 2008

I see some VPS hosting company provide whm/cpanel for around 10 bucks per month, but after I get that, do I still need to purchase whmcs to take care the billing stuff?

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Burstnet Billing

Sep 2, 2008

We just got an invoice from burstnet for a vps server we never ordered. We were out of town since Friday yet this order was placed on sunday August 31st. I tried to cancel but was called a liar and that the charges will stand. Im not paying them for something I did not order in the first place. I was a reseller for them but not anymore.

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Billing Software

Nov 15, 2007

Im currently having problems installing WHM auto pilot billing software i get this error message Fatal error: Unable to read 5470 bytes in /home/wicksy/public_html/admin/index.php on line 0

i have uploaded all the files to the server, changed all CHMOD to 777 and tried it for a second time and still get the same message, if anyone could help me out that would be great and i will gladly offer them a months free of remote backup to our secure remote backup servers. Or can anyone recommend another good free or cheap billing software to use for the web hosting business?

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Billing Problem With Theplanet

Mar 3, 2008

Hello to all my complaining against theplanet apparently to collect are very good but then you must verify that you leave your card so you make a lio having prepaid card are those that are charged across your bank, the thing that I cancelled the account I am the cancelled without giving me a lot of time and explanation is not fair levied money and then abuse the trust that this company to purchase a dedicated server.

IN SUCH Case thought that if committed a crime because they have demonstrated quite the opposite for being crooks and without any service charge, how I wonder where this money goes ($ 400)?.

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WholeSalesInternet - Billing Issue

May 13, 2009

I have one server with WSI over 1 month (testing purpose). On Apr 23rd, I asked them to reload Windows Server 2003 Std. They charged $25 OS reload and $25 for Windows license.

On May 01st, I got a new invoice for server fee and $25 for Windows Server 2003 Std license. So, they charged Windows license again.

I contacted their Billing Dept. to correct the invoice so that I can make payment. No one from Billing Dept. responded us. I tried to contact Aaron, who I got server from. Aaron responded us and promised to issue a credit, but I didn't see that. I contacted Aaron again and asking to fix the invoice, but he didn't respond.

On May 10th, I got an overdue notice from their Billing Dept. I contacted them again, but no one responded.

Today, they disconnected my server.

It seems that I'm unable to contact anyone at their Billing Dept.

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VAServ Unresponsive Billing

Oct 20, 2009

I can't say that I can recommend CheapVPS's (VAServ) services to anyone. In the end of July, I bought a VPS from them.

Had some initial troubles with the set up - they accidently set up 2 VPS's for me and set the wrong amount of memory, but that was solved by sending a support ticket. Wanted Debian instead of CentOS, another support ticket.

In the end of August, I canceled it - mostly because I didn't need it anymore. However, September already came and I was charged for the VPS. I sent a ticket to their billing department asking for a refund, and they gave it to me, no problem there.

I go on with everyday life, until October comes. I guess I forgot to cancel the PayPal subscription for my VPS because I'm charged for it once again. I promptly cancel the subscription and fire off a support ticket.

This time, they're insanely slow to respond to this. I sent a ticket in on Oct 1. and I get a response on the 8th: they ask me for a PayPal transaction ID. I send it to them, and I haven't received any reply since.

On Oct. 15 I tried adding a new comment to my support ticket, but I still have not received any response.

Today, I try to nag their live chat salesperson and they tell me that they've "added a note on my ticket for the billing department".

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Billing Issue With Fluidhosting

Mar 18, 2009

I've been a client of fluidhosting for around 2 years.

In terms of support, performance and reliability everything was fine during those years.

Few days ago, on the 14th of march i asked to cancel my account as i wanted to move to a different host because of price issues.

I pay to fluidhosting on monthly basis, each month in advance until the renewal date of the next month.

My renewal date is the 2nd of each month. This means that on the 2/3/09 i paid to fluidhosting until 2/4/09.

On the 14/03/09 , i asked my account to be canceled.

That's where the problems begin...

Fluidhosting says that canceling accounts should be stated --30-- days before the renewal date. This means that you can basically cancel your account ONLY on the day you renew it, and basically, as i see it, they are forcing you to pay for another month.
FH claim it's in their TOS, and indeed it is. Though i can not be sure if it was there 2 years ago or not, but even if so , i find it very unethical they "force" on you to always pay for another month.

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Ihost Billing Script

Jun 1, 2009

I have ihost billing script

1. When I try import accounts from server it takes long time for loading and after that I don't see anything on ihost package and I certainly add package in ihost, you can see this picture:

2. Also I don't see all accounts on server.

3. When I chose account and submit import it also need long time for loading and after that I have this message:

No payment gateways have been configured. Please configure at least one payment gateway, then try again but I certainly configure payment method:

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Feedback Of Billing

Feb 26, 2008

I having problem with them particular cancellation.

first, I submit an cancellation form. Then customer service wrote to me to reconsider cancel my server. So I replied my ticket and they also know I having some problem with the server that support department had wrote to me. the next day I managed to solved the problem and replied to them no need their help. A few days later when I log on to the billing system failed due to my e-mail address was not on file. So I wrote the ticket to billing department before THU 9am GMT-5 EST, Friday till sun no responded. So I wrote to support with refer to billing ticket ID and support replied to me most department like billing work only in Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm EST GMT-5. In Monday afternoon, the billing replied said my server is cancel on 07 March 08, no payment due and my billing account closed even my server is still active.

There is nothing I can do about it. If you want detail can check my web site [url]or [url] which the billing department can made this mistake for very long reply time which I not happy wrote to customer service department that I spend a lot of time effort making the server work and also other department for hard work on trying to help me providing better service to me now waiting for their reply.

I decided that you all can look a last minute visit my homepage if not a blink of an eye 7 March 08 my server will be switch off by them.

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Strato-hosting Billing Me Over $100

Jun 4, 2008

My contract with Strato-hosting expired three days ago, and two days ago I got an email invoice saying that they had automically renewed my contract for three months. (of which I had no warning) and I owed Ģ53.51. I asked to cancel and they claimed it could only be done at the end of the new three month contract, which would defeat the object of cancellation, because I would still have to pay the bill.

Are they legally allowed to bill me for hosting I neither want nor can afford?

Also, as a last resort, their T&C's say that if you use their hosting for porn they will terminate the contract without notice. If I were to do that, do you think I wouldn't have to pay? I really am desperate here.

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IWeb Billing / Refund

Dec 12, 2008

I purchased a dedicated server from Iweb back in October, I was paying 134.00 a month, no setup, etc.. After 3 weeks, I decide that a dedicated server is not what I need, and cancel. I attempt to cancel, and basically have to deal with my account manager only, as no one on Live Chat, etc.. can help me for whatever reason. Iweb has a 30 day money back guarantee, I have been waiting nearly 4 weeks for a refund. During this time, I have been getting overdue notices as well as today getting an invoice that I had a "Successful Payment" to Iweb for 134.00$ (the cost of my monthly service.)

I have been in constant contact with my Iweb manager, who is "very disappointed" in the accounting department and will process the refund immediately. Now, he is going to "talk to his boss," to get things sped up.

Today, I log in to web chat to talk to him, and he is "busy," and will call me when the refund is complete.

All in all, the actual web service was good with Iweb, however, their business practices are the worst I have seen thus far. Everything is this round-about procedure which is painful to deal with.

My philosophy is, if I can pay YOU for your services immediately to get started, then YOU can pay ME just as quick. It wasnt like I could get my dedicated server started with a "I'll pay you as soon as accounting writes you check in a few weeks." Extend the same courtesy to me.

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Stay Away From 1 & 1 - Bad Billing Practices

Apr 3, 2008

Last year I tested out 1&1 for registering two domains. What a mistake.

DNS propagation takes forever. Namecheap and godaddy propagate within minutes.

My experience with billing has been unnerving.

I moved my domains away from 1&1 before the year was up. I was still billed for the renewal. I phoned 1&1 and received an email that my account was canceled & credited.

Low and behold today I received a notice from NCO Financial Systems, a collection agency that 1&1 uses, stating I owe $6.99 plus $18.95 in fees.

Going back over my records (I save everything) I see that the Credit memo I received (as an email attachment) was for only one of the domains. Yes they had billed me for the two domains even though they had been transfered away.

Thus the $6.99 allegedly still owed them.

Today I phoned customer service and explained the situation. The rep seen the invoice (on my account) for the two domains and only the one credit memo yet could not figure out what to do. I explained the situation to him three times clearly and he would take no action. I asked for a supervisor and none could be found. I will have to call back or have them call me.

He said they would not be able to credit my account for the NCO fees of $18.95 for the $6.99 they BILLED ME IN ERROR!

I am waiting to call back to speak with a supervisor.

In my eleven years of hosting this the lamest company I have dealt with. Even dreamhost had better customer service.

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Plesk Billing Bundle, Anybody Using It

Sep 27, 2008

Recently noticed this new product from Plesk, that looks like Modernbill, so I was wondering if anybody is currently using it.

If so, would you recommend to have installed it a VPS?

How much does it cost?

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WHMCS Billing Date

Nov 9, 2008

I have been in contact with WHMCS but i still cant seem to work it out properly.

What i am trying to achieve is, for not to do prorata billing and for the customer only to pay for what is rest of the month.


to make all due invoices be sent out on the 1st of every month and give customers 5 days to pay the invoice before late fees will be applied.

To get this done can someone tell me what i set these options at please?

Charge Next Month - This section is in the pricing section of the item.

Prorata date - Do i set that if im not going to be doing prorata billing?

Invoice Generation - What day do i set this to to achieve what i want above?

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Wholesale Internet Billing

Nov 11, 2008

Well let me start by saying I've been a customer of WII for about a year now and have nothing against them. However, i've spent the last 4 weeks trying to contact them .... NO ONE is ever there and no response from anyone on here or via suppoort or phone ...
I put a credit card on there and moved the charge from the cc to myp aypal (had live subsccription) ...

it ended up charging both paypal AND my card and i've asked for 3 weeks to get the credit back ... i've basiccall been double charged and NO ONE answers
anyone know of a way to contact them

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FDC Billing Issues And Downtime

Sep 1, 2008

Stay Fair Away From any FDC Services!

as an Internet marketer I have several servers, With several different companies and data centers. one of our main servers has been with FDC

We decided to choose them because they're pricing is fairly cheap shortly after getting services we experienced down times, almost on a daily basis ranging from 10 minutes to several hours. we debated leaving them many times but we had many files/websites/tools running on the server and really didn't have time to move every thing over to a different server.

Anyways today i wake up to find out our services were suspended for non payment. so i contact support about the issue asking what i owe and why i didn't receive notice before hand, apparently we didn't pay for 4 months. i spoke to them and informed them that we have not received any invoices and are bill is set to auto renew so this should not have happened.

i went ahead and asked if i could pay half of the invoice today and the rest in the a week, they said no i have to pay the full $1,075. Being with them for over a year i feel that that it was unreasonable for them not to help us out has it was there billing issue that cause this situation in the first place.

Over all even if i didn't experience this billing issue we were planing on move services elsewhere. anytime they do maintenance all servers go down and it happens very often.

Moral of the story is you get what you pay for stay FAR away from FDC

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95% Billing -- Is There A Standard Method

Sep 5, 2007

I just got hit with a whopping bill by my provider, and noticed they charged almost twice the bandwidth I was showing in my Cacti graphs.

I looked at the graphs they provided, and it seems that rather than averaging in/out bandwidth on the swich port, as the default Cacti installation does, they were treating in and out as separate switchports and totalling the bandwidth (at least I think that's what's going on).

Just wondering if this is a standard practice among providers. Attached are my and my provider's graphs.

I've been with these guys for years and never had this problem, until I had a big spike in incoming bandwidth which apparently skewed the usage. Prior to this, overrage charges have always matched bw shown in my Cacti graphs.

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Billing Server Setup

Feb 12, 2007

I've been thinking of getting a budget server/co-location and only host my companies site on the server along with billing software. There will only be 1/2 domains on the server. Software Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP Control Panel or Not?

So I'm looking for suggestions on what would be the best way to set this up and what services can be excluded to secure the box even more.

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Solar VPS Billing Panel Inaccessible?

Aug 5, 2008

The control panel for SolarVPS seems to be down and their homepage also appears to be partially broken. A representative on live-help just told me that there's no ETA at all for a fix and that all customers might have to provide information to identify themselves as they might have lost customer data irretrievably.

I'm somewhat shocked, been a customer for a year now and never had any issues, but this is pretty bad if true.

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SolarVPS :: Disaster With Billing System

Sep 2, 2008

Since they had disaster with their billing system it seems their support is falling apart also. I submitted a support ticket 1 month ago and still no reply!?

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ThePlanet - Billing Stole My Money..

May 17, 2008

I have now run into a very very unpleasant situation with ThePlanet.

I have ordered my 3rd server with them this month as a reseller. Before ordering I had a chat with their sales team and went through the purchase very carefully to make sure I had got the facts straight.

On their reseller programme, if you agree to a 6 months contract, you get your first month free. I asked the sales rep and verified that if I signup I will NOT be charged for the first month of service. So, instead of being charged 294 USD, I would be charged 25 USD just for the setup.

So, I went ahead and ordered. I even submitted a billing ticket requesting that this billing was applied and that 6 months contract would be applied.

Now it's exactly a week later and I can see my CC statement which says I have been charged 294 USD. These inconsiderate, and slack people at ThePlanet do NOT understand nor care about the damage this caused me.

And that billing ticket? It is unaswered, unresolved since its open date - 9th of May. 8 days now.

I'm absolutely furious. Do they think they can just take money like that? I am just sickened.

Do I file a chargeback? I spoke yet again to a live chat billing agent who was absolutely unhelpful.

I enjoy their network but now I am thinking about taking my 1000 USD per month business with them else where.

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Avoiding Billing For Traffic Between Ports

Apr 26, 2008

If I have a customer renting two servers from me, and I collect bandwidth data at the switch port, and he does large transfers between the two boxes that travels through my switch, how do I avoid charging him for that bandwidth? Make him install his own switch? That's the only way I can think to do it. I can limit other people from flooding others on the switch with vlans, but within a vlan, it really isn't fair to bill for traffic that flows between ports, is it?

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Is Plesk Billing Better Now That They Purchased ModernBill

Aug 4, 2008

I now use WHM Autopilot as a billing application and OnlineNic as a Registrar.. thats about to change

I have heard great things about Modernbill, and bad things about Plesk Billing, I was curious, now that Plesk bought ModernBill, has anyone tried there newer versions?

I just need a good Payment System that works well with WHM

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95th Percentile Bandwidth Billing

Dec 19, 2008

Just curious about what kind of pricing people have been able to get when going for 95th percentile billing, and what kind of quantities?

For example, currently we are paying $44/Mbps for a quantity of 250Mbps, so $11k/month for roughly 100TB of transfer.

Does that seem like a really high price?

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