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How To Cancel A Leaseweb Dedicated Server

I'm moving on to new pastures and I'm looking to cancel my leaseweb server. I've been through their main site, self service centre and can't seem to locate anything. Does anyone know how to cancel a server with them? I'd ask in sales chat, but each time I try they're offline. I'm worried it's getting closer to the renewal date and I'll be tied in for another month...

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Softlayer Not Allowing Us To Cancel Server
we've been with Softlayer for a little over a year. The service has been good but their support has been a nightmare for us. There was a time that we were under a dos attack and they refused to do anything about it which is what forced us to switch.

But that's not the reason I'm here. My billing ends on the 12th, their terms require you cancel the server 3 days before billing ends. I pay manually each month by pay pal. I tried to cancel the server today, what I assumed was 3 days before the 12th and they told me I couldn't do it. That I had to pay for another full month. So I told them I just won't pay and they threatened me with a late fee. Is there anything legally these people can actually do to me if I don't pay? All they have is my contact information, I don't think they could submit to collections over that without my social security number.

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ThePlanet - H1 Outage, Unable To Cancel Server
To make a long story short, as a consequence of the outage we lost some of our advertisers, and right now we cannot afford our old server. We decided well in advance to delete our server, so early this week we contacted the customer care and asked when we were supposed to enter the cancellation ticket to have our server removed before the billing date (June 22). We were told to post the ticket on July 19.

We did better than that. We posted the ticket shortly after this first chat. On July 19th, we went into servercommand, to find out that the cancellation ticket was no longer there. I rushed into the live chat, and was told that the ticket was lost because we had not posted it in orbit. Ok then, let me post it immediately in orbit then.

Well, unsurprisingly, Orbit was unavailable in that moment. We told the live chat tech, and basically we were left hanging on the chat for hours until we were able again to access the orbit system. the Live Chat person said she could not enter the ticket for us, so we had to wait for orbit to load for us again.

Well, guess what? Orbit loaded again for us, but exactly after the Midnight, so it was now effectively the 20th, no longer the 19th. Nice, uh? Do I smell something fishy here?

So, I went to the chat today, and here is the reply:


Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Daniel W.
Daniel W: Hello. How can I help you?
Customer: Hello, I need urgent help. It is the third time I am attempting to delete a server, and cancellation is sitll not going through as it should
Daniel W: ok, what is the account id and password? and the reason for cancellation?
Customer: <<snipped>>, H1 outage
Customer: I had sent another ticket more than 1 week agoi
Customer: but it went lost, for some reason
Customer: so I spent two hours a couple of days ago with one of your guys to send this other ticket
Customer: but I see that the cancellation date listed is July
Daniel W: Before I can transfer you to another department, I will need to confirm your account information. Please provide you Orbit/ServerCommand login and the last 4 characters of the password.
Customer: while we wanted an instant cancellation
Customer: <<snipped>> / xxxx
Daniel W has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the Customer Service department to assist you.
You have been connected to Andrew S.
Andrew S: Hi! Thanks for conacting The Planet's Billing Care Team. May I please have your Login I.D. and last 4 characters of your password to Server Command or Orbit please. Please feel free to ask about our promotions
Andrew S: one minute
Andrew S: I am reading you last chaty
Customer: <<snipped>> / xxx
Customer: ah ok
Andrew S: Please give me a few minutes to look into this for you. Thank you.
Customer: thanks
Andrew S: I will have to get my accounting department to review this for you. It has a July date for cancellation because the server cancellation ticket was put in in less than 48 hours from the billing date.
Andrew S: I will have them review this issue for you.
Andrew S: How else may I assit you today ?
Customer: I sent another ticket days before, and it was lost. On July 19 I came to talk about this with one of your techs, and we were unable to access orbit
Customer: They said to wait until orbit was available again for us
Customer: This should all be saved in your logs, I hope
Customer: So, what should I wait for?
Andrew S: I am creating a ticket to the accounting department for them to give you an answer on the cancellation date
Andrew S: ok sir How else may I assist you today ?
Customer: Nothing else, thanks. We will be waiting for the reply.
Andrew S: Thank you for choosing The Planet again my name is Andrew and I hope you have a great day!
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Not bad way to answer a customer who has been with theplanet for 7 years! Not only I am NOT bitching about the advertisers I lost because of the outage, since that's our fault, but I must also go through this strange - not to use another word - issue. I spent HOURS this week just to (not) being able to delete this server. I hope the fact of posting this on WebHostingTalk will help us and others in the future.

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Leaseweb: 43 Hours Server Down! What Can I Do
I'm not a direct client of Leaseweb, but it's not a secret that my domain is pointing at their servers.

I purchased a shared hosting plan from a reseller and since more than 43 hours my domain is down! My provider (the reseller) said he's waiting for Leaseweb support... according to my informations, in more than 24 hours they just made a reboot of the server!

I'm really bored of waiting with no chance of intervention! My provider says he can't do anything from his side, i can't contact Leaseweb cause i'm not a client... please, help, what can i do?

I need my site back online!

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Leaseweb Server Reboot
I ordered a leaseweb express server 4 box with windows server 2003 and have been running it, installed some software etc which worked out fine.

Anyways, I wanted to disable tcp/ip filtering which I did and afterwards it prompted me that I would have to reboot the server for the changes to take place, I clicked ok and it rebooted. Now I just can't connect with remote desktop, I tried everything.

I'm guessing it either shut down or didn't reboot properly? I tried sending an email to leaseweb support 2 days ago but still no shadow of any reply..

It says that I can reboot the server using the SSC but when I log in there, I can't really find any reboot option.

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Speed From Leaseweb (Webspace, Server)
since 2 month i have a linux gold webspace package from the hoster leaseweb.

The speed of my webspace is very slowly from time to time.

Are the server from leaseweb faster?

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Leaseweb Off My Server When Not Yet Finish Contract
My website: - it's wearez site and hosted leaseweb.

Yesterday. My server was downtime to today! We contact leaseweb and they said: "we delete my server" ... when my contract not yet finish.. (8/27/08 it's finish

My database - My source - script - website was delete!

I sundenly!

... Next. I trying contact leaseweb once more time but they didn't take phone !

What's are they doing? I didn't know!

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Leaseweb And Windows Server 2008
I just ordered an Express Server 6 with Windows server 2008 from leaseweb a 3-4 days ago and they have provided me with login information for the server

I can't really connect to it.. I'm using windows XP pro SP3, would this cause any problems? I also have a static ip and all.

It doesn't work from anywhere, not my house nor other places.

I'm guessing leaseweb screwed up on this one right? I have contacted their support but have had no reply in over 2 days.

I used to use leaseweb but I cancelled my subcribtion so I'm guessing the problem is elsewhere.

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LeaseWeb - Wait Two Weeks For Server Setup
I've ordered server from LeaseWeb two weeks ago and still wait for the server setup. Its looks to slow for me - we are used to wait only a few hours for servers setup in datacanters in the US.

I'm afraid that such slow response will be also in response and level of the support. Do you think I should cancel this service and look for other provider in Europe? If yes please suggest such provider.

I've paid in advance by paypal for 3 month(~ 500 EURO). Do you think I will be able to cancel that payment?

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Can I Get Some Review On And Can I Host Such Website On There Server
can i get some review on and can i host such website on there server
please go to to see what kind of search engine i have

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Leaseweb 3 Month Review [capped Burstable Server]
Leaseweb Three Month Review

1 ) Why this review

2 ) Ordering a Server

3 ) Things are running

4 ) DDOS

5 ) 100 mbit burstable @ 8mbit ...?

6 ) beeing d*cks
*Why This Review*
Originally the intention was to forget as soon as possible about what happened in the past three months and to move on with our new isp. To our regret, Leaseweb has besides the overall lack of service in the past months found it neccessary to kill our network connection without notice a day prior to the ending of our contract. Eventhough the impact is minimal, this gesture speaks for itself.
*Ordering a Server*

Having been a leaseweb customer directly and indirectly for several years in theyre budget segment we to be fairly honnest have rarely had any trouble ordering, nor have we had any trouble with the delivery of the purchased servers.

We experienced differently when ordering the following :

Dell Poweredge 1950
2x Quad Core Xeon L5320
16 GB DDR2
4 x 300GB SAS
raid 1+0
IP KVM card
1 x 100Mbps Full-Duplex
10 Mbps (95%) bandwith
SLA : Best Effort
OS : Debian
Ordered 09/30/2008 - payment sent immediatly

summary of the communication exchange ...

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LeaseWeb: Prepaid For 1 Year; Waited 1 Month; Still No Working Server
Prepaid for 1 year: EUR 19xx.

HP server provisioned on Apr 18, but with wrong hardware: KVM not working, and RAID controller can't do JBOD.

After slow and lengthy email exchange, they agreed to swap it with a Dell that's supposed to fix these hardware problems. Price would remain the same.

Dell server provisioned on May 18, but again RAID controller can't do JBOD. And access to KVM is not provided.

And they want to charge me another EUR 19xx for this replacement server!

Immediately emailed them about these 3 problems, but it's been 4 days and haven't heard a word from them.

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How To Cancel 1and1 Subscription?
I have registered a domain and bought hosting with 1and1 last year for 60$/year. They have my paypal id and deduct the fee. How can I cancel the subscription as I have no luck with this domain and hosting?

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Hostgator: Need To Cancel My Account
I'm moving my account from hostgator to Dedicated server, and need to know what is the
last date, that i can send "Cancelation request".

Regarding the last invoice:

Date Created: 2008/12/22

Due Date: 2008/12/27

Date Paid: 2008/12/22

So my question is can i f.e. at 2009.1.20 send caneclation request?

Does 2 days enough? [i update dns-s yesterday, and need 2-3 days to be sure, that they were propagandised]

Any abuse of our staff in any medium or format will result in the suspension or termination of your services.

Customers may cancel at any time via a cancellation form. HostGator gives you an unconditional 45 day money back guarantee on managed shared hosting, and reseller solutions for any customer who paid the first invoice with a credit card or with Paypal.

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Hostnetway Cancel/contact Where
I was along time customer of Hostnetway. And as you may know, they been gone for long time now. Most of my sites were still up on their servers so I stayed hoping they would come back. I lost one site's database somehow. But figured I could rebuild and be ok.

Well they haven't came back. So I moved my sites to new host. But I am still getting billed by hostnetway auto billing. There is no contact avenue open to contact them to cancel.

What shold I do? Do I call my lawyer and have them look into taking this to courts? I refuse to keep paying for a service that mysteriously has no owner, no services, no customer support, and no way out.

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Provider Keeps Charging, How To Cancel My Card?
I know there is chargeback and all, but here in our country.. I heard from my lawyer I could get sued if I charge back, and banks here generally does not approve of such actions.

Anyways, I have a really lousy windows reseller provider and I will be moving the remaining accounts out soon, since their support is no longer responding to anything I ask...

What I fear is the monthly billing will still continue, and I have no means of demanding them to end it..

Would I get into trouble if I decide to just close my cc instead?

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Cancel /home/virtfs/domain
due some error in a VPS server has ben cancell a "domain" under
adn the VPS is going down and is not logner available. (no access via SSH or remotely)

Is there any way to recover?

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So after taking advantage of their $19.99 VPS special (60GB/600GB + cPanel/WHM) I was having problems right off the bat. Instead of going into detail for each of my issues and the pain it caused me to get them resolved I'll just touch on some key points of things they really need to look into changing:

1. Support. Yes, I know I'm not paying extra for their priority support, but as of the time I am typing this thread my VPS has been offline for over 4 hours (unable to ping and HyperVM will not let me login). I've sent an e-mail to their "Emergency Support" e-mail and opened a support ticket but with no answer from either.

The worst part about their support setup is that they list on their website that they give clients an option of paying a per ticket fee for enhanced support, but in their support ticket system they neglect to make that option available so even paying for per ticket support isn't able to be done either.

2. Website. I have never seen a business website so filled with incorrect links, missing images, and non-working scripts. Their site throws more 404 errors than it has working links. It's painful to navigate and trying to locate anything is based more luck than anything. Their navigation bar changes the links based on location (main site, forum, or client area). All in all, had their thread listing the special brought me to their homepage instead of directly to the VPS special page I would have closed my browser before signing up.

3. Billing. Not really a big problem but I got my latest invoice for the 31st and found the total to be $23.49 instead of the $19.99 I've been paying. I opened a ticket about it 3 days ago (48-72 hour SLA? Right...) and nobody has yet to address that issue.

I had attempted to cancel my account earlier but one of their staff convinced me to reconsider and even moved my VPS to a server that didn't have the CPU pegged to 100%.

But now with the 4+ hour downtime and no response from their "24/7" support, I just can't cancel my account fast enough. I don't care about a refund or my data on the server; I'll gladly give it all up to be done with them.

I'm not going to make this thread a complete rant so here are some of the positive things I can say about them:

The one glimmer of hope that was offered to me was one of their staff members, JasonS, who provided me with proof that somebody on the other end of the line had a pulse, albeit that somebody was unable to help me out.

Yup, that's the only positive thing I can think of. I guess the price wasn't to bad for what was offered, if only what was offered was what you actually received.

On the brightside, I have since moved to and couldn't be happier with their level of service and professionalism!

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Eboundhost Ignoring Requests To Cancel Account
It has been 4 days now from the date i requested there is just silence from eboundhost, looks like they are planing on renewing my account and charging my card? what should i do? cancel the credit card and report them to BBB?

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The Planet Not Honoring Request To Cancel Service
I recently switched webhosts from The Planet to iWeb -- not really because of the recent outages at The Planet but more because I was just looking for a better price/performance ratio. I thought other people should be warned about my experience, which was that it was not possible to get The Planet to honor my request to cancel service.

I filled out their online form to cancel service. They then sent me an automated email saying that I had to call a certain 800 number within 48 hours to confirm. When I called that number, I got a message saying that all their people were busy, and offering to let me leave a message and have them call me back. I tried four or five times over then next day and a half or so, leaving multiple messages, but I never got through, and they never returned my calls. I then opened an online chat session with one of their people. After going around in circles for a while, she told me that The Planet had a new policy, which was that confirmation was not required in order to cancel an account. She assured me that my account would be canceled within 48 hours of my original request, and that I would receive an email by then confirming the cancellation of the service.

At this point my monthly billing date was only one day away, and I wasn't very convinced that they actually would refrain from billing me. So I called my credit card company and changed my credit card number to make sure that it wouldn't be possible for The Planet to run the recurring charge. (Changing the number seems to be the thing to do in this situation, and is really not that difficult. You just have to switch any other recurring-charge accounts to a different credit card, and wait a week for the new version of the card whose number was changed.)

Well, sure enough, I got an email from The Planet saying that they'd tried to bill me, and the charge had failed.

I don't know if this is a systematic problem at The Planet. A couple of things may have contributed to the problem. One is that I was originally a customer of Rackshack, which was renamed to EV1 and later bought by The Planet. The Planet apparently has separate user databases for the two sets of customers, and this initially confused the person I talked with in the chat session, although she eventually assured me that it was ok. The other factor that may not be generally applicable is that this was in the time period right after the explosion at one of their data centers, so things were probably crazy there, and that may have contributed to their problem with processing the cancellation correctly.

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Dreamhost Deleted All Sites And Cancel The Account Without Any Notifications!
dreamhost deleted all sites and cancel the account without any notifications!

they just say "Customer agrees to not engage in activities pertaining to Black Hat SEO, Spamdexing, and so-called "Scraper sites."

but i have nothing of that. maybe some mistake have happend and some content was uploaded wrongly... Why not to ask to remove that?

i just have web-site like directory with google adsence and thats all off it!

i can you beleive before the cancelation thay send me a letter that my money that i gave them for next year is happily got!

that a shamely bad guys!

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HostNine Won't Let Me Cancel My Account And Is Threatening Legal Action!
Does anyone know the proper avenue for cancelling an account with HostNine? They are giving me the run around and ignoring my requests for a cancellation. I originally tried to cancel my account a couple of months ago by e-mail. They informed me that I had to submit a cancellation request through their website. I have submitted a cancellation request through their website SEVERAL TIMES since then. They never sent me any kind of response or confirmation, so I assumed (wrongly, I guess) that the account was cancelled, but they keep charging my credit card over and over.

I have requested again that the account be cancelled and told them that I would simply perform a chargeback since they are basically billing me for a service that I have continually requested be cancelled via their own online cancellation form using their own process for cancelling accounts. Nick Hudson @ HostNine's response to this was to threaten that they would send attorneys and collection agencies after me. All while claiming that it is "NOT hard" to cancel an account. I agree with them; cancelling your account when the company will actually deal with you should not be hard.

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Dedicated Virtual Server Vs Regular Dedicated
What is the difference between Dedicated Virtual vs Regular Dedicated Server?

Also what are the pros and cons of going with Virtual?

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LeaseWeb - KVM
I recently ordered a HP ProLiant DL180 with LeaseWeb. During pre-sales communication on April 3rd I was told that the KVM card that comes with DL180 is buggy and I won't be able to use it until HP fixes it. Considering the "strategic partnership" between LeaseWeb and HP, I thought they'd fix the problem quickly, so I went ahead and ordered the server anyway. Now it's been 3 weeks and still no word on the fix. Anyone else with a DL180 in the same situation?

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I want to share my history/review with

I needed a quick setup server for a Windows Media Services service, I have several servers at but I decided to test one of the most famous European providers .

So I talked with their sales and told that I need a 24 hour setup server, I wanted only that. So the sales quickly make pay for 6 months of an express windows server. No problem until now.

24 hours later I contacted their sales, and they said that my server would be provider today or maybe tomorrow (48 hours later!)

1 day later I contacted leaseweb and they said that they didn't have any stock of hardware to make the server.

2 days after the order on this day morning I contacted their sales and setup team again and they said to me that my server would be delivered before the end of the day.

At the end of that day I contacted their sales and setup team AGAIN and they said to me that they don't have stock of windows 2008 or windows 2003 standard (? WTF ?), I talked with them for more than half an hour.

They wanted to give me for the delay a cheaper server with a windows server 2003 WEB. WHAT? A windows that don't even support windows media services and a cheaper server for their mistake?

I asked if I waited one more time if they would be able to setup any server with windows 2008 or windows 2003 standard, the answer was "we don't know"..

So letís resume, leaseweb only works from 9am to 5.30pm European time, they can spend 4 days without hardware or windows stock ( how is that possible ) and they want to apologize with a cheaper server with a cheaper windows...


So to any of you that have servers at , what will happen to you when some part of your server stop working?? You will have to wait more than 4 days for hardware stock, some days because of your windows licenses and some more weeks for support??


I would recommend anyone to pay more for a good company, not this companies that only can support your server 5 days a week for some hours a day.

I have asked for a refund at letís see if that refund comes or not, maybe in 6 weeks?

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A thread titled " is very very bad!" has been closed recently "by request".
Don't know what it means. Kind of censorship?

Whatever, I'm going to tell you how they are good at Leaseweb:

They have no dectection of duplicated IPs, so they let you configure an IP belonging to somebody else on your interfaces.

If, evently, the problem is detected (somebody else complaining), instead of pulling the plug, they send you a mail, kindly asking you to remove the offending IP.

So they are very good at Leaseweb. They forgive your errors and let you experiment with the network.

And what about "somebody else" having his web site down during several days waiting for you to correct your mistakes?

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is there any one that have used LEASEWEB? Im gonna start buying a dedi server from them and I want to know if its an seriuos company..

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Anyone On Leaseweb
Is there anyone here using leaseweb? Was hoping I can get a user who is using their server to give me their IP to check out the speed. I prefer to get real user's ip rather than IPs provider by the provider to ensure I get the real picture.

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Leaseweb -> Swiftway
I have my dedicated solutions in leaseweb from couple of years and i am intrested in moving now to swiftway because of prices and the fact that's .nl too.

Anyone can say anything about current swiftway network? is it stable? any downtimes? what about latency? I will see big diffrence between lw and swiftway?

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Another Bad Experience With Leaseweb
We ordered dedicated server on leaseweb in beginning of April 2007. We are small company so selected most cheap of available solutions. All what we needed is some reliable network and hardware for our services, to make it stable for our customers. I paid from my personal Visa, it seems it was a mistake and we needed more reliable way to pay to Leaseweb, anyway I think this is not related to problems we experienced. It was agreed that Leaseweb will charge us automatically at the beginning of every month, using same card.

Everything was just fine for several months. We received invoices by email, I checked bank records periodically and made sure card is billed. First alarm came at the beginning of October 2007, when I received odd email from Leaseweb re: Final Payment Reminder marked as URGENT. I checked bank records and found that we are actually charged for this. I contacted Leaseweb and asked what's happened (ts #302732). Reply was very short: "Apologies. Please ignore the reminder. It has been paid". Well, fine, we understand, such things may happen sometimes, no problem. So we forgot about this small incident.

Next one happened early December 2007. Same situation, but this time nobody billed the card. Requested Leaseweb again, answer was "Unfortunately this seems a little error from our side. Please ignore the reminder as it has been successfully debited." (ts #321403).Well, okay.

But it happened again in beginning of January 2008. This time I sent short message like "guys, tired from your small errors", nobody replied, but issue was resolved.

When it happened next time in March, I ignored it (not specially, just missed the mail).

It seems issue was resolved, however, and charge was made.

All the above cannot be considered as a serious problem, just some unpleasant and alarming thing. Real problems started in beginning of May 2008, when my card became expired. Leaseweb administration informed me they are not able to bill me anymore, and asked for wire transfer. I updated Financial section in SSC with new card info and asked to repeat the bill with these ones because I have no chance to send wire transfer by 9th of May. They said ok (ts #374569). No more questions or requests from Leaseweb.

19th May our server got down without any visible reason. When I contacted Leaseweb, they said I didn't pay invoice, and if my card info was changed why I didn't send new credentials to them etc. I replied "how so, I updated SSC, I informed you, you said ok" etc. No reply. Then 21th May they restored the service and sent apologies(ts #374569). I think it is not necessary to explain how much fun we had in these 2 days. We had to urgently restore sever on our local network that is not reliable enough but better than nothing. Switching DNS, payment processors, setup of app and DB etc. But we didn't complain. I decided there is a part of my fault here, I didn't performed necessary actions in advance. So we just moved everything back, and forgot about the issue, and were hopeful our problems with leaseweb will not happen earlier than card is expired next time. But we were wrong.

7th June server was disconnected again, with no any alert, notification or even invoice.

Just disconnected. More than, when we checked it, we found that our IPs are used by another server already. I sent quite angry mail to Leaseweb, we started to restore server from backup and damn Leaseweb. 17th June (! in 10 days, can anyone imagine?) they wrote:

"Your server has been decommisionned by accident. We can offer you 1
month for free if you want for a new server with the same
specifications." (ts #374569)

No comments, except that we refused the offer. Our losses only on refunds and CHBs are much greater than "1 month for free", not counting other losses that we cannot estimate in money yet. But even if these guys by some miracle suggested to compensate all the damage, it would not change anything. Idea of use dedicated server is service stability.

But stability is just not possible with these Leaseweb terrorists. Nobody knows what bomb they will blow up in another couple of months.

In summary, I think people who works with Leaseweb take significant risk for their business. I'm just hopeful this story will help to make right decision for some people.

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Leaseweb, It Had To Be Coming
In January I ordered a server with them, knowing that their support isn't the "best".

The server info ended in spam folder, but that isn't their fault I guess. They advertise that every server comes with 2 IPs, however you only get 1. Until you request that 2nd IP. However, when you call them out of working hours, they tell you that you have to pay 135 euro (about 200 USD), great I will wait for tomorrow then. So the day after I called them again. The person I talked with, was very friendly and started to work on it. About 5 hours later I received an email with the second IP information. I added it, but it didn't get assigned. I rebooted the server etc. Still no 2nd IP. It was already 'after working hours' so I had to wait again, because I wasn't going to pay 200$ for an IP. The day after the guy on the phone tells me they assigned me an IP that was already assigned to another customer (lol)..... Ok, so I asked him if I could get a different IP than I was supposed to get. (Now I had to fix my DNS settings also, but o well....). The new IP info arrived in my inbox about 80 minutes after the call this time. After rebooting the server everything ran flawlessly. I manage my own servers, so I didn't contact their support again.

On the 21st of february, I called their administration about cancelling the server (they had a new offer, which suited me better & because I only wanted a fast network for this server, I didn't care about their support), I was told that if I submitted their cancellation form the same day or the day after, It would be taken care of before the end of the month. So I filled it in and sent it to them on the day after (22 february).

Today I called their administration to check if everything went ok (I didn't want to order the new server & pay the old one at the same time). I was told: No, it isn't cancelled. She checked that my email was there & indeed it was sent to them. She then asked me if I could wait a minute, so she could ask someone else what to do. She told me that she would assign me to a sales guy, who would be able to tell me more about it. He told me that the cancellation has to be done X days in advance. Which I did, then he said: It has to be done a month up front. I asked him why I was told that it would be cancelled on the 22 of february, but now I had to cancel it the 1st of february. He said it was a mistake. There was "nothing" he could do (or wanted to do). I don't have the time do anything about it, so I'll let it be and just pay for another crappy month.

Great, now I'm fed up another month with their server. What if I didn't call them today? I would have had 2 servers with them & they would have, the only thing they want: Money.

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Just One Bad Leaseweb Experience.
Wherever Leaseweb offers or offered colocation or dedication the computer floors are always overheated. Prevention of Power failure is reduced to the absolute minimum. This month they had problems again in their socalled own datacenter. Nobody ever mentioned that the center they use in Haarlem Holland is not even theirs. The problem occured again when we were looking for a provider, beginning of this month. We all know when the temp goes up on the floor, the server goes down: laws of nature!

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My Experience With Leaseweb
I went through the purchase process and leaseweb answered any questions I had quickly and was always there for me until they recieved my money. I did make a mistake ordering a server that I knew very little about *I definitely chose wrong box)> I understand its not their fault, but it looks like they could have came up with a solution like they did when I was trying to purchase server (Had VAT issues they fixed very quickly. Its been 3 days and 4-5 emails and they have not reponded to even one of them. Its a shame too, as I had herd good things about the company.

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Leaseweb Very Very Slow
Leaseweb very very slow?

just me?

2 dedis... and both with problems... anyone?

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Bad Experience With LeaseWeb
I ordered a dedicated server from them 31st of August. The server was delivered about 36 hours after my payment, which is OK.

However, the root password in the email I received from them didn't work. I instantly mailed them back, and it took about 12 hours for them to fix the problem.

After logging in, I noticed that my server wasn't running Debian, which I specifically requested, but CentOS. I instantly emailed them back, and asked them to reinstall Debian. It took them about 8 hours to ask for my root password, which I of course had changed by then. I replied with the right password, but up until this moment, I haven't received another email from LW telling me what they are planning to do with this problem.

I know, you don't get any proper support from LW without paying hundreds of dollars for SLA, but this goes way beyond my imagination. After all, I haven't received what I ordered. They really should support AT LEAST that, right?

I'm going to ask for a full refund tomorrow, if they haven't fixed the problem by then. Never gonna go with LW again.

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Leaseweb Bad Support
I order a server on 20th or 21st nov 08, and they said i will get it on 27th, I ask them many times to make that sure. finally i got it 28th. Again ok, it's just 1 day.

I ask for a 8 * 1 TB HDD and also the HDD for OS,

but now i don't have that 8TB HDD on my server, I send them ticket today it'self many time... even talk with their sales person who said he will give priority to my tiket and when i call it say their support is only from Monday to Friday...

No i donno what to do. Before i order the server i had a talk with the sales person,

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First Bad Review - Leaseweb
i guess this is the first time in ... 6 years since i do online business, that i ever got this kind of bad service.

I purchased a server from leaseweb, a dual xeons, on 13 nov 2008. They said that activation takes 7-9 business days. As weird as it seems i asked first if the delivery could be speeded up, and after 1 day they answer to my mail, that the delivery cannot be sped up, because that's that.

Don't get me wrong here, but as far as i know a datacenter operates 24/7, not with business days and holidays.

I sent a ticket in yesterday, and i got no replies, and as far as you see my server should have been delivered the LATEST, on 24 november.

It's 26, and they way you saw server from Leaseweb ... i saw it too.

Anyway, this is just my experience, and i might just have ran into a tech that did not eat his pizza today, and became grumpy, and thats why i have waited for 2 weeks for my server with no resolution.

Anyway, i am filing chargeback now on paypal, as i don't feel like getting the server anymore.

LE: My SSC username and password is not working anymore either, for some unknown reason.

Paypal dispute charged. ... All i can say is wow, i have been very fortunate so far, and ... i NEVER encountered such lousy customer support.

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Leaseweb Alternatives
Purchased a 3-month test period on a dedicated server a few days back but directadmin failed to boot from the outset, support wiped everything and reinstalled onto another partition which worked fine for about 12hrs.

Now I can't even FTP, tried rebooting from service centre etc. nada! probably hardware failure, Prices seemed too good to be true , glad I didn't move my entire site across [active forum with over 10,000 members] as the response time seems to be in days rather than hours.

Any reliable alternatives offering similar packages for similar money?

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Leaseweb Web Hosting
does anyone have experience with Leaseweb's web hosting services?

How are they doing on this department?

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Leaseweb Fast
I'm probably going to buy a dedicated server at but I wanted to know from peopl who have experiences if they have fast servers?

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Leaseweb Don't Care About Copyrights
I have emailed leaseweb's abuse department with a link to one of the biggest french warez forums, they asked me to provide direct links to illegal contents and proof that I own it.

I emailed them links to windows, photoshop, movies, mp3, video games and stated that I don't own those but its clearly illegal. Here is the answer I got from them:
"I am only going to take action if I receive a complaint from the legit

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Leaseweb Overage Charges
Over the past 48 hours, we've been subjected to a packetflood of ~70mbit, varying by time of day. In a normal month, we use no more than 600mb of traffic in total, and are limited at 2TB. This attack has already used 1.7TB as of the end of Sunday and shows no signs of stopping yet.

Does anyone know what leaseweb charge for overages? I cannot seem to find the information anywhere on their site (and their support takes 3 days to reply, by which I will be over). Idealy, i'd like them to nullroute the UDP port which is being targeted (many services run off the IP that is targeted) however they refused to do this for a similar attack in the past despite the fact that it would solve the issue at hand.

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Leaseweb Customer Support
I usually don't do this kind of stuff but when somebody does a good job it's right to let other people know, most of all in this industry.

it was Saturday, 12:52AM Euro time, i had an issue with the DNS of our new server, sent an email to Leaseweb support, within 5 minutes i had the answer.

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Leaseweb Support Experience
Server is not responding after reboot for 7 hours now. Opened a ticket #552286 (for any Leaseweb guy reading this thread) but none cares about my case. Ok guys, i do not have and SLA but 7 hours for you to take a look it is a pretty long time and i suppose you are going to take a look at it during Netherlands morning time (another 7-10 hours) so i will have a 24hours downtime.

I don't think you have 24hr support. It is a 5-10 minute job to take a look at my case and tell me what is wrong but obviously you have none on duty. I was thinking that internet was a 24hr business thing.

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LEASEWEB Screwed Up My Site
i did a lot of research and ended up with leaseweb for the server needs of my new project.. i first got a 10mbps unmetred server and well all went fine..

we were growing at 1000% so i ordered for a 100mbps unmetered server n bam all the problems started..

first of all my server stated showing sql errors saying on the first page that cant connect to sql database n i had to reboot the server every 4 hours so that it does not so that error does not show up coz it sarted showing the error every 5 hours...

i sent in a ticket about the problem n they said none existed!

after a lot of shouting they finally after 2 days checked the server and the hard disc was replaced... n they could not take backups n m in file sharing n ALL my files were lost!

after this the WHM n cpanel stopped working... i sent in a ticket n they replaced the cache with the space taken up by the cpanel... n bam.. nobody could login in coz no sesions could be created...

one more ticket and they said pay 25euros for every 15 min of support... they tried charging me for soemthing they screwed up themselves... after a lot of mails they fixed that!!

nyways we were not given the giga port as was decided n i sent in a ticket n they said they will do it a day after and will change the IP n it is a small thing and the server has to be shifted n the new ip will be sent...

i said ok n they took my site offline for a whole one day!

if that was not enough they sent me the new ip n had done something wrong configuring the server and the name is poiting on the new IP but the site is not working!

now this is a lot... my site is screwed up for more than week now... n my site is no longer online from the last 2 days now! sent them another ticket n awiting reply n i had asked the godaddy support too n its d server issue...

this is bull ****... m sry for the language but m desperate...

tell me what to do? m tired of all this...

i spent $10k on this projct n we reached world rank 3300 in just a month n now my site is no more!

i am practially near being broke... n the lease web ppl are still charging me for the server that is not even working!

tell me what to do?? can i take any legal action?

all the users of the site have shfted to other alternatives and n i have lost whatever i made n my site still not online!

this project is dear to me n leaseweb screwed it all up!

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Leaseweb Mail Servers
I have configured my yahoo domain to use Leaseweb shared Linux hosting by changing my A records to my hosting IP. When I check my yahoo domain control panel I see,

Type: >>>>>>>>>>>>> Source: >>>>>>>>>>>>> Destination:
CNAME Record>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yahoo! Hostname

All my email addresses that I created from Leaseweb plesk control panel can not receive any emails (test emails bounce back with a failure notice)

I think I have to change the above CNAME record in yahoo domain control panel to leaseweb mail servers.

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Rented Out A Sever From Leaseweb
I rented out a server from leaseweb for 6 months (prepaying) before doing any real researching.. the price was great but the support apparently sucks. Now that I found this out, and my server hasn't been setup yet, I want a full refund. I've contacted them via email, but yet to recieve a response; who should I contact or what should I do.

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Spam Issue At Leaseweb
I've sent out a single opt in newsletter to my members for the first time and got two spam complaints from spam cop that were forwarded to me from leaseweb.

Some people must have signed up using somebody elses email address.

How grave is such a complaint and what do I need to do to avoid this in the future?

The emails contained an unsubscribe link etc.

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Leaseweb 2 Year Review
I've been with LW for about 2 years now, and have had 3 servers with them.

I recently ordered a big storage server, 2tb space and 4tb bandwidth, and canceled my 2 other servers.

The switch went like a dream.

My first server I had for over a year and a half, and what I noticed after awhile was that my server never went down, never a problem or network glitch.

There were a couple incidents in 2006, but one lasted around 5 minutes, and the other less.

After that, through the rest of 2007 and 2008, there have literally been no slowdowns, no network hiccups, and I am usually logged into SSH 24/7 so I notice.

All my users keep giving me a 10/10 score for the hosting uptime, and they are all very happy with how stable it really is.

As for support, I have used support maybe 5 times, two times to order more ip's, and the other times some random stuff about my server.

Usually I would expect an answer within 10 minutes, and that's usually the case, sometimes 30 minutes though.

But really I don't use support much to say how consistent it is.

But either way, I swear by LW. As long as I have a server or more, they will always be at LW, because all my stuff is never down, and I trust them now.

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Move Out From Leaseweb To Fdcservers
I've made a great mistake when choose leaseweb. I'am already have 2 days delay for my unmetered server setup, made 4-5 phone calls to them, and every one of them i'am hear "tomorrow, mister, how we can help you?" it's 15 days as i wait already. I'am tired of that, so i decided to make a refund there. What do you think about fdcservers and their "100Mbit port - full duplex" is it really great? Anyone use it? What about support and set up time?

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Warez At LeaseWeb Network
I think that most of us know that very big no. of warez links sites keep sites at LeaseWeb network.

Is that mean that LeaseWeb allow warez links?

I contacted thaem, but they say NO, we do not allow any kind of warez. Not true how I can see...

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Leaseweb, Terrible Support
Bad support, i mean TERRIBLE SUPPORT, unless you pay at least ~200$ a month for a support package.

Basically server went down yesterday, tryed to reboot the server using the APC, no go, tryed again, no go. Called customer support, had to pay 149 euros ($236) an hour to get someone on the line (it wasn't office hours). The person i had on the phone asked me to start a support ticket, no problem, support ticket started with a reply that it will take a while and that the server will be taken a look at the next morning. Big problem, losing money here, hello??, this never happened with layeredtech or theplanet, what kind of company is this? Whatever i'll wait untill next morning, next morning i call support again, they are telling me that the server is currently looked at. Awesome! Finally some action. Btw, i ordered another server a few days back and i was also promised to get it today around 3pm. It's 3pm now, no answer for the server which is down and no information about the new server i ordered. My business partner calls them again, asking what is going on, they are telling him that it takes a while to scan for files. What files? euh? I only requested for a reboot and asked them whats going on? running a fsck for 6 hours straight? It's 9PM now and i am still waiting for the server to get backup or at least get some feedback, .. but nothing from Leaseweb, only promises that they are looking at it since 9am this morning. The new server i ordered has still not arrived either.

I'm Dutch myself, i have 3 servers at ThePlanet since 2002 or something and a few at recently and i really love their service, as i started a new project for the Dutch market i decided to try Leaseweb out as they are located a few KMs from me, but i am getting some major second thoughts now. If the server will not be online tomorrow AND if i dont get my new server information before tomorrow 5PM i will be forced to unbind our old and new contract (Dutch law) and never recommend you to anyone.

Ticket #369756 and #370074 in case a Leaseweb staff is reading this.

Has anyone else experienced a similiar issue before?

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Leaseweb Or Pacificrack Or Limestonenetworks
I want to buy Dedicated Server...

What do you suggest me and why? plz also mention the reason..

leaseweb or Pacificrack or limestonenetworks

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LEASEWEB Stop Playing Game
Leaseweb where is the cancel server link hiding on your website? I want to cancel my server, but conveniently that link to download the cancellation form is broken. Come on Leaseweb

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