Dreamhost :: How To Send Money

Dec 1, 2008

I am planning to host my site in Dreamhost but I not have credit card and PayPal account. How to send money to Dreamhost? Also suggest best plan for me.

Currently my blog get average 400 visitors per day and plan to get 5000 per day.

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[UK] - PoundHost And My Money

Oct 28, 2008

before order,I ask poundhost's sale,
he said can provide 64 and 128 IPs,
so,I create a order at 2008-10-11,
10-15 server ready,
I ask them,but in this time,
they said only provide 10 IPs,max 16IP.
I used it for vpn applications,no have enough IPs,can't do it.
so poundhost said can cancel the server.
I never use this server,but poundhost still no refundment,
I send mail to them,no any responses,

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Reliable, Best For The Money VPS?

Aug 14, 2008

I am wanting to spend around $60 - 70 a month on a VPS...

I am looking for a reliable source, and one that is on the cheaper side (but I know those two don't actually mix, so reliable more)

It doesn't have to be managed, but it can, so either way.

Any recommendations?

How much disk space/bandwidth should I be able to get with that amount of money?

I need it with control panel, and fantastico at the least.

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Godaddy Not Returning Money

May 28, 2009

I dont have an account with godaddy Godaddy has taken money from my paypal account.I have contacted godaddy asking for it back They are not going to give it back

I need that money... I need advise on what to do next?

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Hostecon Disappeared With My Money

Apr 2, 2008

i know that one or more of the people who work for hostecon post here

i just want to say i am very upset right now

hostecon was a decent host - but i decided to end my offshore site

i had prepaid for another 4 months before i told them i was cancelling my account and wanted my prepaid money back

they told me they would cancel my account on the 1st of april and give me my money back

it is now april 2nd, hostecon.com seems to have vanished, and i have not received any money from them.

if you work for hostecon or know how i can contact them then help me get this sorted right away. hostecon support has always been great, but i just dont need their services anymore and want my prepaid money back.

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CRNC Sent Me The Money Back

May 1, 2007

i hope you from the start the one who is handling the business

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GplHost Does Not Refund Me Money

Sep 13, 2007

Last week I asked my friend to pay gplhost.com for VPS server EUR25 through paypal. They said they require to authenticate me in order to set up my account. Since paypal account is not mine I was unable to pass this authentication. I said, it's OK just refund me my money. They refused to give me my EUR25 back saying they will report me to authorities for "credit card fraud"!

I understand that my behaviour MAY seem suspicious but isn't it my right to refuse give my personal information to anyone? And isn't it my right to receive refund if I don't want to disclose it?

Shall I advise my friend to initiate dispute with paypal about that? I won't give up until I get my money back.

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Lunarpages (web Host) Stole My Money - Anything I Can Do?

Dec 27, 2007

A while ago I got an e-mail from Lunarpages saying my account was due for renewal. I contacted them well before the payment was due and asked for the account not to be renewed. I gave all the information I was asked for but then the support staff didnt reply.

Now I have an e-mail saying I have renewed my account and domaim. I quickly opened a support ticket asking for a refund, again giving all the details that I gave the first time. The ticket I opened was closed (why?!) and instead Lunarpages support replied in my original support ticket saying the charge ($100) is non-refundable.

Is there anything I can do, other than tell them if they dont give me my money back I will help in ruining their reputation?

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ThePlanet - Billing Stole My Money..

May 17, 2008

I have now run into a very very unpleasant situation with ThePlanet.

I have ordered my 3rd server with them this month as a reseller. Before ordering I had a chat with their sales team and went through the purchase very carefully to make sure I had got the facts straight.

On their reseller programme, if you agree to a 6 months contract, you get your first month free. I asked the sales rep and verified that if I signup I will NOT be charged for the first month of service. So, instead of being charged 294 USD, I would be charged 25 USD just for the setup.

So, I went ahead and ordered. I even submitted a billing ticket requesting that this billing was applied and that 6 months contract would be applied.

Now it's exactly a week later and I can see my CC statement which says I have been charged 294 USD. These inconsiderate, and slack people at ThePlanet do NOT understand nor care about the damage this caused me.

And that billing ticket? It is unaswered, unresolved since its open date - 9th of May. 8 days now.

I'm absolutely furious. Do they think they can just take money like that? I am just sickened.

Do I file a chargeback? I spoke yet again to a live chat billing agent who was absolutely unhelpful.

I enjoy their network but now I am thinking about taking my 1000 USD per month business with them else where.

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Vpsville.ca GET Money And Dont Answer

Oct 9, 2008

i buy vps form vpsville.ca for 3 month,

yesterday, my vps was block

cpanel and ftp and ssh not answer the request

i open in vpsville.ca and they never answered

today my main ip is not working

i vpsville.ca support is very bad they never answered my emails and ticket
and i have question, where is my vps?

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Dedicatedbox.net Ė Money Paid But No Server Provided

Jul 26, 2008

Iíve ordered a server from this company more than 4 days ago and paid for it straight away. they promised it to be setup in 24 hours but no reply since.

If Iím not getting a reply to this post in 24 hours Iím filing a chargeback. Iíve tried emailing them directly or through tickets

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If Priority One Is Stability And Uptime, Who Would Name The Best Host For Your Money

Jul 7, 2008

This may well turn into a free-for-all but...

If you're hosting a large, MySQL website and priority one (more important than price) is database stability and server uptime... who would you recommend as the best host for your money ?

I have free-hosting with Awardspace and their customer service and uptime are great, but their database crashed a couple of times in just a few months. Granted they always fixed it quickly. I've never used their paid packages.

And also I have quite a few sites pay-hosted with a Trini company that's re-selling from myhostcenter.com . They have fair customer service, but their databases have never (in four years) crashed on me... I've never lost data... and the price is very right! What I dis-like is the lack of advanced warning when sites are going to be down for server-maintenance. And there have been a couple times when the server would be down for no apparent reason at all, and with no apology.

Those issues haven't been huge problems before, because the sites are all relatively low-traffic, but it can be a disastrous for a future project I'm working on. Therefore, who would you recommend as both the most stable and most reliable host that money can buy ?

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Host That Accept Online Interact Or Email Money

May 21, 2008

Anyone know any website hosting companies that accept Online Interact or Email Money?

This of course is by my bank "Royal Bank of Canada"

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Feb 2, 2009

I had 2 annual accounts with joeusa.com for my website hosting (2 websites). I was a 3-year customer, somewhat disatisfied with tech support service but without time to change hosting servers. My email quit receiving on one website/account about 2 weeks ago. Joe told me they had changed out a hosting server & that was likely the issue. I continued to have no email with Joe being evasive & nonhelpful. Upon logging into the control panel, I noted I was blocked out. I finally got him to agree to check on it, & he stated that the host spam blockers were not activated, & there was too much spam. I had made no changes, so the spam blockers had to be deactivated when they changed servers with no notification to me.

Joe shut down both of my accounts refusing me a prorated refund. I had paid one on Sept. 6 through PayPal for 1 year & the other on Nov. 6 through PayPal, also for a year. I was told by PayPal that they do not cover services, so FYI on PayPal, buyer beware. Joe gave me 24 hours to take my websites down. He also wiped out all of my email that was on the server that I had not been able to receive for the last 2 weeks & I lost all of it with no access to it.

I have email proof of what transpired & only want a prorated refund, what is fair, because I have not received near the full year service purchased for both accounts. He has refused, and I am considering filing fraud charges. My email documentation shows how a simple tech support issue turned into his cheating me out of my money when he cancelled both services & refused any prorated refund.

I have no idea why he has acted so vindictively, including wiping all non-spam email off the server that I was never able to receive, but, based on some of his comments, I believe that he either did not like our Judeo-Christian website or that he had been reading some of my personal email with political comments in the recent election. He was not even aware of my 2nd account until I made him aware that there were two, but he was aware of the ministry website/account, where the email issues were. The other account had no issues, but he cancelled both. Also, the Judeo-Christian ministry website had been hacked on his server by someone alleging to be Islamic about a year ago.

I am not making this report in vengeance. I am only trying to keep the same thing from happening to other consumers. This is a low-bid hosting company, and, once again the old adage, "You get what you pay for," is proven true.

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Infinitie.net - No Service, Beyond Slow, Refuses To Refund Money Paid

Jul 28, 2007

I signed up with service from infinitie.net after seeing an offer they had on this link [url]


First reply took 8hrs, second 9hrs, third 5hrs, and to this date I haven't heard back from them since Jul 23, 2007 2:32 PM EST.

Incomplete login details were issued on Jul 23, 2007 2:32 PM EST. However, message stated "CPanel is finalizing its install and will be complete in 2 hours." I immediately asked them to please advise when setup is complete on Jul 23, 2007 2:56 PM EST. After not hearing anything back I decided to cancel and emailed request at Jul 24, 2007 2:54 PM EST.

I have a couple services I'm happy with elsewhere. I more or less just wanted to separate an account and see what other options were out there. I wasn't bothered by the fact setup was slow. The main issue was if they take this long to reply and handle simple issues prior to setup, what happens if I'm setup one day and there is a more serious issue? Since initial cancel request I attempted to contact them on several other occasions by both direct email and their ticket system. I never received a response other then the standard automatic "Thank you for writing to Infinitie's Support Team."

I have disputed transaction with paypal today. At a last attempt I emailed infinitie.net yesterday and told them unless refund was issued this is action I would be forced to take. No response so I proceeded. I will update and let you all know how this turns out.

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DreamHost VPS

Sep 8, 2007

Recently I had a "falling out" with DreamHost. I had their downtime and everything everyone else experiences, and I was ok with that. I could look past the small problems and love DreamHost for the good things it offered. The good cheap things(Shared Hosting).

I was running a small video blog(externally hosted videos) with WordPress as my street pimp. Everything was going great. It started out slow, as most sites do, but I was really happy to be seeing 1.5-5K unique hits daily. This went on for a good 2 months lovely. I was very satisfied. Well one day I became "Mr Big" and hit 12K in about 10 hours. DreamHost quickly turned my account off, as I was affecting the other sites on the server that I shared. Understandable. Well they eventually referred me to their VPS (dreamhostps.com)and I quickly signed up, thinking I had just solved all my problems.

Haha, what a lying **** she turned out to be. Promising me love and compassion, but only bringing deceit and pain. Spending an extra $25/mo(250 MB/250 MHz guaranteed) I thought I was golden.
Now I cant get 50 uniques an hour without getting a Internal Server Error. WHY DREAMHOST?! WHY MUST YOU HATE ME??

Im currently looking to get away from DH. I cant stand these problems. I need something that can withstand 15K unique hits on a mildly modified WP site serving external videos. What are my options?

I guess I should also include my budget... which isnt much at all. Im not going above $50/mo, but would love to get something around $35-45.

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Dreamhost ...

Oct 31, 2009

I spent an afternoon completely away from computers, and when I got back, I received this email from the Dreamhost Security Bot:

We have noticed your myacct user causing a large amount of load on the webserver. We also noticed that domains under this user are running outdated web software that may be hackable. Often times when domains get hacked the hackers will launch malicious processes that use a great deal of CPU time and thus increase the load on the machine caused by your user. This does not necessarily mean that your sites are hacked, but they could be. To ensure that your user is not compromised and contributing to server load unnecessarily (and, also not engaging in illegal activity typically associated with these types of hacks) we ask that you review the following and act accordingly.

Comment: so far, so good

Most commonly hacking exploits of this nature occur through known vulnerabilities in outdated copies of web software (blogs, galleries, carts, wikis, forums, CMS scripts, etc.) running under your domains. To secure your sites you should:

1) Update all pre-packaged web software to the most recent versions available from the vendor. The following site can help you determine if you're running a vulnerable version:

Joomla (v1.5.8) : /home/myacct/disabled site.net/ (OUTDATED!)

I disabled this site six months ago.

Joomla (v1.5.12) : /home/myacct/joomla1512site.com/ (OUTDATED!)

There were three of these

WordPress (v2.8.4) : /home/myacct/wp284site.org/ (OUTDATED!)

There were six of these

- WordPress installations need to be updated to the current release of 2.8.5.

- Joomla installations need to be updated to the respective current secure release: 1.0.15 or 1.5.14.

- Any old/outdated/archive installations that you do not intend to maintain need to be deleted from the server.

The (OUTDATED!) domains above have been disabled by renaming the domain directory to end in "_DISABLED_FOR_POSSIBLE_EXPLOIT__CONTACT_DREAMHOST". Please do not reinstate them until you are ready to immediately upgrade them, or until you have already upgraded them.

So, nine of my sites were disabled, for a period of four hours, with NO ADVANCE WARNING from Dreamhost.

I send them a response, pointing out that:

1. I run a tripwire program, integrit, on a daily basis. It showed no evidence that any of these sites had been hacked.

2. My access logs showed no increase in activity on this date.

They wrote, "We have noticed your myacct user causing a large amount of load on the webserver." Well, I certainly would like some details on this, but I haven't received any.

Here's part of the response I got:

In the case of some of the domains that were disabled your softwares were
years out-of-date.

no. Wordpress 2.8.4 was released August 12, 2009. Joomla 1.5.12 was released July 1, 2009. The only software that was "years" out of date was on two sites that had been disabled by me six months ago.

It's clear that these people are making things up as they go along. All they really had to do was send me a note saying, "Hey, Bob, could you update these Wordpress and Joomla sites sometime in the next few days?"

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Dreamhost Or MidPhase

Mar 10, 2006

Which is one is better?? MidPhase.com or Dreamhost.. i need lot of bandwidth with fair price.

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Is Dreamhost Reliable?

Jan 5, 2009

Just read about some deal they're having where they're selling you a domain and 2 years of unlimited bandwidth hosting for 24 dollars or so. Is this legit?

Is quality sacrificed for this kind of pricing?

I'm currently with downtownhost and they are amazing by the way but if it's that cheap, I might be forced to switch.

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Wth Dreamhost Will Not Let Me Add Domains

Mar 4, 2009

it says domain is already in system. it seems the previous guy was hosting it on dreamhost.
basically they said I can't host this domain, and that i have to pay extra to have it added.
anyway to circumvent this?

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Dreamhost + ASPELL?

Aug 4, 2005

Does anyone know the path on Dreamhost for ASPELL, or if they have it at all?

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Need Info On Dreamhost

May 16, 2006

i have decide to buy hosting plan on dreamhost with a discount coupon of 24$ per year, i want to know whether this offer is valid for year or for ever.

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DreamHost, That Was The Last Straw

Nov 2, 2009

I've been a DreamHost customer for a few years now. I like to remain loyal to one brand, but I just can't stand DreamHost's down times (My website is down as I am writing this). I enjoy their cpanel a lot, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest me a few alternatives. I am currently on shared hosting with over 10+ domains. I read about, ANHosting, BlueHost, and HostGator. I want something fast, and I might even settle for a cheap VPS. However, I don't know how much resources do I use, so we will have to work out the details if I choose a VPS.

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Your Opinions About Dreamhost?

Dec 31, 2005

Your opinions about Dreamhost?

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DreamHost Catches

May 25, 2008

when you sign up for DreamHost account, the billing page says

Promo codes/referrers are for first time customers only. Therefore, if you use one you may not host a domain ever previously hosted with DreamHost on this account.)

I have already used to for $ 97 off coupon for one year, so if i sign up again with new account,

is there any chances to get caught

Let me know if someone has experience

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Another DreamHost Victim!

Nov 27, 2008

My account which was hosted for over a year with DreamHost has been disabled on 25th November without any prior notice or reasonable explanation. They only said:

Your account has been disabled for Terms of Service violations.

Specifically, the clause you violated is:

Customer agrees to not engage in activities pertaining to Black Hat SEO, Spamdexing, and so-called "Scraper sites." These can all have a severely detrimental effect on server performance and are not permitted. You must find hosting elsewhere. We will not re-enable your account under any circumstances.

Terri H
I swear I have never engaged in such activities. I asked them to clarify the action and tell me the problem domain. But they told me nothing about that. Even if I did such things (I swear I didn't), do they have a right to prevent my access to my files and databases? How can I move to a new host without these data?

I have multiple domains on my account and 2 of them is very important to me. One of them have 9000 unique hits per day and brings a good adsense income. I cannot rebuild these websites because they are products of two years effort.

Now I'm begging them to let me access my files and mysql databases but they do not answer my tickets and emails. I lost my bearings and don't know what to do!

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Low Blow By DreamHost

May 3, 2009

I was disturbed by a posting on DreamHosts blog. I try to stay current on hosting news and sometimes it involves looking at others Blogs. This example is not NOT to treat a customer


Even though the customer contacted the wrong department, this is NOT the way to handle these issues. I have personally received calls on my personal cell phone because they found it on one of the domains I own (whois I assume). I still take the call and work with the customer to resolve. I will never even think about doing this. Your Thoughts?

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Bluehost, Dreamhost And More

Mar 7, 2009

some largeish download file links to test my download speed with. I need some from Bluehost and Dreamhost. If you have a link for another host on the west coast feel free to post it.

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Any Hosting Better Than Dreamhost

Sep 9, 2008

I have use 2 years in dreamhost and feel good until This month!

Some of my websites becoming slow when visit. some are not!

I write to them and they said they can move my 1 website to another apache, they think maybe problems on apache. BUT after they moved sucessfull, my website is not reachable! and said: bad http-conff etc.

These days are very bad experience with them, today i found they start their unlimited ALL hositng package, i am not sure if this is related with my website was slow.

Acturally, I do not need so big and traffic hosting on DH, i rather to choose a good performance and speed hosting, NOT a oversell hosting company!

I must say: i feel it is ok in past years, but recent i am not happy with their hosting service.

My question: Is there a better hosting company than dreamhost? i need 10g spaces,200-400gb month traffic,can host 3-5 domains.

month charge under 9usd should be more better!

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Are Dreamhost Can't Se Paypal Payment In Currently?

Feb 13, 2009

What's happen with dreamhost payment methods?

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Most Dreamhost Web Sites Hackable

Jul 6, 2007

I signed up a Dreamhost account, and just "to see", I entered my account with my terminal. I access the /home directory and found that there's a symlink for each user that links to a directory under a hidden directory, I don't know why, but each account is located under something like this:



So basically you can find out easily who's hosted with you, just try accessing johnsmithblog.com and see if it's matching. Then you find out that a fair amount of the users hosted on the server use popular CMS/blog/forum software, ie: Wordpress. The only thing you have to do is create a PHP script with two lines of code: an include that points to the database config file (follow the same default structure of the CMS source tree used) a print function to display each variable or constant used to access the database This simple. Then, access http://mysql.johnsmithblog.com, when you're prompted for username/password, just type the database information and you have cracked the web site. How is it possible to be that simple?

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