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Oct 14, 2009

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We have serveral vps servers from I would say never choose for your sites. A vps server is down for more than 14 hours and still down. They do not reply to my tickets. They do not inform about the issues.

I had have many issues with them like 1 - 2 hours downtime but that's not really matter.

Now the server is down for more than 14 hours and still not up. I have even asked them to transfer this vps server to another working node but they are not responding.


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How To Manage Your Own Servers

Aug 17, 2007

I have some servers and I need them because of the type of applications I host, but with all honesty, I have to say that I don't even closely have enough knowledge to troubleshoot Apache, MySQL, PHP, Linux, etc... issues when they arise.

I could get managed servers, but they cost a fortune compared to the self-managed ones and I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend that type of money in order to have someone else look after my servers. In will be great to know exactly what is going on with my own servers. short, the question is. How do I learn more? Do you know of any good blogs, forums, newsletters or anything related where I can read more about server management in general on a daily basis? Just about anything related to remote, dedicated linux servers.

I've learnt a large amount in a short time already, but I feel that I need to pick up the pace and put more effort into gaining more knowledge. Please help me by suggesting some resources.

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How Do You Manage Servers With Resellers Accounts

Sep 25, 2008

I have a question for those who manage servers with resellers accounts:

- how do you handle the high server load?

why this question?

- All reseller account that I have used until now had the high load problem

- many of the topics that I see here at wht, about resellers accounts complains of high load

- we have some servers with arround 100's shared accounts in each, without any load problems (without any reseller account)...

...but now, we build a new server to sell reseller accounts and after first reseller was created - high load usage!

what is the reason for that? is possible to have resellers that has a fair server usage?

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FDC Servers - Worst VPS Ever

Nov 13, 2007

i decided to move back into sites after a half a year gap and thought rather than shelling out on the full price of a dedicated server id give a vps a go. Now i understand the risks of shared usage but this takes the monkeys!

Here is an email ive sent to them which will detail my issues

I have been asked to use this email to express my issues because your normal support staff are unable to deal with this request.

I began hosting with you with you about 5 days ago with the account below512MB RAM
100GB Disk Space
100Mbit Burstable Unmetered.
30 IP Address (max allowed. Not assigned at setup)
IRC Allowed
In the days ive hosted with you not only has there been the issue of not recieving what i actually paid for but there have been actual issues with the underlaying service.

Firstly you never sent me the account password meaning i had to send a support message through this email just to get access to my account.
Secondly you installed a faulty copy of WHM cpanel meaning that on account creation there wasnt actually a folder for the site files to sit in.
Ive had to send 3 support issues in regards to Cpanel licence issues.

Now the problem i am having is with the Quota's.
On the issue of RAM i was told im sharing with 4 people on my node sharing a total of just under 1GB of ram
these are the results of a *top* command in shell
Mem: 966368k total, 903952k used

Currently on my account is a completly blank installation of whm with absoloutly nothing on it or setup. based on that its presumed my ram quota is 50mb! - One of your assistants told me that ram is delagated as needed on each server but aswell as being plain insufficient to carry out what you claim to be giving me as a customer. Not to forget there is no mention whatsoever of ram being *bursted* between users on the account sign up page. For you to now say its bursted is infact a breach of the trade descriptions act.

Another issue is the bandwidth now here i take a quote from your site

Q: What kind of transfer speeds and how much data transfer can I expect on the 100Mbit shared bandwidth plan ?

A: You can expect 15-30Mbit/s transfer speeds and 5TB-9TB monthly data transfer.

The average download speed when i manually installed cpanel yesterday was 11kb/s - It doesnt take a genius at all to realise that 11kb/s is clearly a speed you could expect from a 1m/bit connection not a 100m/bit connection. I understand it is shared but the claim above is not what im recieving.

Most replys that i have had from your staff end in - If the recources you recieve at the moment arnt sufficient then get a dedicated server. But the recources i am told i should have are far more sufficient than i need. You just dont provide them, if this is the best vps package then what could i expect on the lowest. What you are actually telling me was if you want to run 1, 1 paged website then the vps is not sufficient for your uses!

All i ask is that either i am given my full quota with an acceptable connection speed as promised or a full refund.

This message is send in confidence of Nick carswell, the views expressed in this communication may not be those of Nick carswell, if you recieve this copy in error please notify me immediatly and delete any copies you may have.

I will post any replies that they send me in relation to this issue, but i appear to not be the first person who has found issues with their service and delivery of service

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What Virtual Software To Use To Manage Many Dedicated Servers

Jan 14, 2009

I have heard of virtualization of many dedicated servers. My understanding is that it makes best use of hardware like CPU,bandwidth,RAM etc.

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Oct 31, 2008

I have been with valuserver for a couple of years now

For the past 5 months i have had nothing but problems

I had no access to my server for 6 weeks despite me sending over 15 support tickets.
Now it takes 2 weeks for them to answer tickets and when they do, they do not fix the problem or they delete the ticket completely.

So much for their loyalty to long time customers

I have waited 3 weeks for them to re install the operating system and now it has made it worse. my server keeps shutting down due to a fatal error

I have sent 4 support tickets the past 7 days and all of them have been ignored
2 weeks ago i was told by one of the employees Sven Weiss that i would get a credit of 1 month for loss of service, i am still waiting for this to happen and my server is due to be paid today

I expect my server to be shut down as i am not paying 80 euros until the credit is applied to my account, which i think is fair

I have even sent a copy of the convo regarding the credits to thier accounts and they still ignore it

If you are looking for a cheap server DO NOT go with this company as they do not care about customers and only want the money

I am appauled at the customer service from them as they have conned me out of my money

I will now be looking for another company as i have no way of getting my money back from them for the crap service i have had for the past 2 months

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1&1 Hosting, The Worst There Is

Jul 23, 2008

I have read a few of the threads here bashing 1&1, and have just had my own problems with them culminating to today. If you are thinking of purchasing from 1&1 don't do it!

In the fall of 2007, a friend and I where going to start a small local website. We found 1&1 which offered cheap hosting with all of the server specs that we needed. I purchased 6 months of hosting from them using my CC. Unfortunately our website did not last any longer than a few months, and by the time those 6 months where up I no longer needed the hosting. Thinking that the host would simply expire (unless I authorized another payment) I just let it go, only to see a charge for another $29.95 on my bank statement.

I called them, and was sent to (a URL that is suspiciously absent from their website) and followed the instructions to cancel the account. I requested that the site be canceled at the next billing date (figured I could use it as a development server or something since I had already paid for it).

In January of 2008 (1/22/2008 to be exact) I received yet another charge from them! I called again explaining my situation, and said I had tried to use the online cancellation form but apparently the account was not canceled. The customer support representative requested information from me, and verified that he had personally canceled the account and that I would be receiving a full refund. I was satisfied (at the time) and rather naively forgot about the whole ordeal.

Today (July 22, 2008) I received ANOTHER charge for another 6 months of hosting. Keep in mind I haven't used this account since January . . . I requested a refund for January - July (as I didn't want, nor did I use this account). I was told my name wasn't on file and therefore I couldn't cancel it. Despite the fact that I was told the account was canceled twice, and I had the credit card information, billing address, and security questions (among other things) to prove I was the owner of the account.

One representative in particular even yelled at me, and basically told me I was incompetent. So I asked to speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor wasn't any more helpful and he told me: "I will not be canceling your account and I will not be giving you a refund. I'm not continuing this conversation" and hung up on me.

I have filed a credit dispute with my bank, and had to change my credit card number to prevent them from charging me again. I also filed a complaint with the BBB (not surprisingly they have an 'unsatisfactory' rating there), The Federal Trades Commission, and sent a letter to the Attorney General.

Now i'm waiting for my collections letter . . . as so many of you have received before. Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. No other hosting company has ever come close to being this much of a hassle!

I have submitted my story to Digg if anyone is interested:

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Are IPower Hosting That Worst?

Mar 11, 2009

I sign up iPower Hosting package since 5th march 2009, and trying to migrate my database from my current cpanel over their control panel but thing does not works, and I have submit the ticket over there. but the respond from them very slow, and each reply does not help much.

the question has asking repeat again and again, the information I provide also again and again.
see how their respond time for my ticket ...

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Nov 24, 2008

I opened an account as a reseller with DSI hosting. Moved all my accounts over to them.

Within a week of the final move I started getting down times Every night for about half an hour or so. So I dropped them an email kindof hey guys is this some kind of reboot time nightly or what this downtime is making me look bad. After 450 minutes of downtime in the first week of November I get this email from them.


Due to recent employee changes and continuous server attacks we regretfully have to discontinue service.

We can no longer provide reliable customer service and server uptime. All servers will remain up for a period of 10 days from this notice for clients to generate backups and remove their accounts. You should due this ASAP.

Server port 80 is under constant attack and will be kept up as much as possible, all other ports including whm, cpanel, ftp and webmail have been going all along with no interruption (as of today).

There is no easy way to resolve these issues without destroying customer data and assigning new ips or just blocking all server access.

With this being said this is the best solution for our current clients. Please backup and remove all data ASAP.


Now the website says nothing about them closing. In fact everything looks Business as Usual.

I have been doing this a couple of years now mostly just for friends but can only imagine how devestating something like this would be to someone who has quite a few accounts.

Just beware that if you are wanting a host this is not the one to choose.

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Yahoo Web Hosting - Big Name Worst Services

Jul 15, 2008

I bought a hosting package from Yahoo Small Business India.

Initially i was happy because the package was cheap and had good features. Database was easily set up I installed php admin tool also with one click install. No other packages are available. One has to manually upload and install.

I tried to upload phpbb but i wasn't able to upload some files. I emailed them and asked why the server gives an error while uploading .htaccess files, the reply was we don't support it. I uploaded it without .htaccess and installed it. I installed wordpess and wanted to have clean URLs but yahoo does not support mod rewrite. I dont know much about php and databases.

9th July 2008: While I was learning I modified some tables due to which my database administrator permissions were lost. I was able to login using phpadmin but unable to create new databases and modify previously created databases and tables. I emailed customer care regarding the problem and got a useless reply on 10th July that I should change the password of the database administrator.

I changed the password but the problem was not resolved. On 11th I again emailed the problem in detail with screenshots to the customer care. On 12th, I got a reply we have forwarded this issue to the technical team and we will inform you once this issue is resolved.

On 12th I emailed to ask when the problem will be resolved but got no reply from them. Till date (15th July) the problem is not resolved. No one even wants to reply to emails.

See below my emails and replies given by yahoo customer care:

My email to yahoo customer care on 9th July:

I have some problem with database. By mistake i modified my original user name which i created while setting up the database. Now i can't access the tables that were created with previous user name. When i log in using phpadmin and try to see any tables i get the message. Access denied. Moreover, I also cannot create any new tables. I have NOT modified the yroot user;. Can it be recovered.
Please help.


Reply to the above query from Yahoo India on 10th July

From: Yahoo! India Small Business <>
Subject: Re: Troubleshooting (KMM90534089V76144L0KM)
To: "Vinay Chhabra"
Date: Thursday, July 10, 2008, 1:19 PM
Thank you for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care.
With regards to your query, follow the below steps to assign a new user
name and password to access your database:
1.Logon to your "web hosting control panel".
2.Go to "create and update" tab.
3.Select "MySql databases".
4.Select "database administrator" and assign your user name and
password and click "submit".
For further assistance please write to us.
Thank you again for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care.
Senior Customer Care Specialist
Yahoo! Customer Care


My email to yahoo customer care on 10th July:

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply. I have already done that from database administrator link but the problem is not resolved. This problem has started since yesterday because of my mistake. I modified the original database administrator "user name" from the database "mysql". After modification all my permissions have lost. I have not modified the yroot user. So can you grant the administrator permissions to new user The problem is that after logging in using phpadmin i don't have permission to create a new database. The databases and tables that I created earlier are also not available to me. I am also attaching the screenshot (.gif) of what error i am getting. When i click any database in phpadmin i get the following message:

SQL query:
MySQL said:#1044 - Access denied for user to database 'wpress'

If there is no solution then please reset the database, so that MySQL database can be set up again.
(Vinay Chhabra)


Reply to the above query from Yahoo India on 11th July

From: Yahoo! India Small Business <>
Subject: Re: Troubleshooting (KMM90547155V54693L0KM)
To: "Vinay Chhabra" < >
Date: Friday, July 11, 2008, 11:09 AM
Hello Vinay Chhabra,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care. With regards to your mail, we have forwarded this issue to the technical team and we will inform you once this issue is resolved. Thank you again for writing to Yahoo! India Customer Care.

Senior Customer Care Specialist
Yahoo! Customer Care


My email to yahoo customer care on 12th July:

Dear Sir,
When can i expect the problem to be resolved. I reported the problem on 9th. Today is 12th. If there is problem in resolving then please reset the database. I think it will be much more faster.
Vinay Chhabra


I have emailed them several times but no replies

If you want good customer support then do not buy any package from Yahoo.

Technical service: 0 out of 5

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Hostforweb Worst Hosting Service

May 20, 2008

I am an established web developer and a project manager in one of the TOP e-commerce company. Just giving you these details so that you can ACCOUNT and RELY on my review.

I have signed up with on 26th April 2008
On weekends I work for my business (my own not the company's for which I work full time).

Uploaded the few websites that were lying there for quite some time.
On 29 th April the websites went down, for which I opened a ticket with support and got a reply from them saying that
"there was some mis configuration in the nodes which is rectified."

Today all of the sudden they suspended the account and sent a message saying they got a message from "Bank of America" (because of phising activity)

One of my business staff phoned me to my work place and informed about this and for which I was like "WHaTTTT"

I am being in the online business since 1998 and never had a complaint from any of my previous hosting or present hosting providers other than this silly service.

After reaching home from office (which is an 1hr 15minutes ago), I opened a ticket in their support section and the ticket was forwarded to account & billing department by level2 support person.

Later I got a reply from their accounts & Billing department which had a reply saying ...

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Who Do You Think Is The Worst REAL Hosting Company On The Internet

Mar 25, 2009

So far seems to be the worst I've ever dealt with. I think they should fire the call centers they're hiring and actually find people to represent their company who actually care about their customers. All the people they are currently using sound so ignorant that I feel like I'm speaking to a robot. Through your personal experience, who do you think is the worst?

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Worst Web Hosting Site Award Goes To SerVage

Apr 6, 2008

Well friends I was just ruunning an blog facing 60% of downtime daily over months , but this was an small part of disaster waiting for me ahead as i tried to use some of the fake bandwidth they pretend to give , and i uploaded few files next day I find my sites suspended ,Reason being

"It is not allowed to host filesharing services on our servers. Reason beeing that such sites are often used to share copyrighted material."

Well thats what writen in there TOS itself.

Without file sharing how can one imagine to use 5000 GB/month + with the limit of 4lacks click also there.
Servage is my worst Nightmare come true.

Why one should not host on ??
1. Fake stats they overcount the bandwidth and space.

2. 4 lacks hit limit after that your site gets suspended in real its only 4000 thanks to there fake stats once again.

3. Sql errors ,thats became part of daily life once you host on servage.

4.servage 404 not found page everywhere ,well they would not miss an single opertunity to advertize from your site , whenever they like they would put there own 404 not found page and wait for you to complain. This is the way this cheap hosting gorws.

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IX Web Hosting - Possible Worst Host Ever? Deny Access To Your Files!

Nov 6, 2008

I signed up for hosting with IX Web Hosting in April of 2007. There have been two occasions that they provided the perfect example of Terrible Customer Service. So much so, my last pony ride with IX Web Hosting was my last. I decided to call it quits and move my account to Host Gator.

I keep my most important sites on a dedicated server at If you are interested in a dedicated server or VPS, I highly recommend Servint. You will not beat the level of service and professionalism this company offers. But that’s another post in itself.

The point is, I had some SEO tests I wanted to perform and I was looking for a hosting company that would allow me to host 10 different domains in the same account on different ip addresses. IX Web Hosting had the plan I was looking for. So in April of 2007, I signed up for a hosting account.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the server performance at IX Hosting. I experienced very little if any downtime from server issues. They don’t offer a standard cpanel interface like most web hosts. It appears to be a proprietary / in house control panel.

It was pretty straight forward and with a little time I was up to speed.

Then on June 5, 2008, I got the following email from a System Administrator at IX Web Hosting.
My name is Anthony, and I am a system administrator at IXWebhosting. I’m here to ensure a reliable and fast hosting / e-mail environment. This is the reason why I ask you to get in touch with us.

We have received numerous complaints from third-parties about spam originating from your website. As you may know, spam is an on-going problem for all internet users, hence all companies have very strict rules against spam. I am here to ensure that neither you nor any other customer is facing any downsides which could be the result of these spam regulations.

We ask you to immediately cease and desist any such activities. If you are unaware of this activity, please contact me or any of my colleagues via this ticket, phone or live-chat so that we can find the reason for the spam activity together and fix the issue instead of the symptom. Viruses and things of that nature may be installed on your computer and will cause the spamming. We recommend that you run an anti-virus program. If you currently do not possess an anti-virus program, you may download a free version. Please just follow the link below to find Google’s best links for free anti-virus software: [url]

In order to ensure your hosting and mail environment is working flawlessly, we ask you to get in touch with us within the next 72 hours. I highly appreciate your time.
Best Regards,
Anthony Washington
System Administrator

They identified the domain as This is a domain I own but have never promoted. Not only had I not sent spam through IX Web Hosting, I averaged less than 200 sent email a month on all the domains on my account. So on June 6, 2008 I responded to IX Web Hosting with the following two messages.
Hi Anthony,
I can assure you I am not sending spam from this domain or any others. I’m a little surprised that this domain is in question? I set it up over a year ago and haven’t ever promoted it. I don’t send any type of email over this domain. I have no reason to. It gets no traffic or inquiries.

Are you sure there isn’t some type of mistake? Otherwise, there are a couple of php style contact forms on that site. Could a hacker use that sort of thing to send spam? How can we track this down?
Brent Crouch
Here is the second email I sent on the same day.
Hi Anthony,

I am using AVG on my computer and the scan completed finding no viruses. Besides that, I am using Outlook to manage the mail on several of my domains. I don’t even have a send account setup for on my computer. As I stated in the previous reply, I have no reason to since this domain is not promoted.
Can you give me the IP address of where the spam originates? I’d like to compare that to my IP address here at home and office.
Brent Crouch

I had no information to track the issue any further. The lack of response from IX Web Hosting left me to believe the issue had been resolved or there had been a mistake. Then 4 days later on June 10, 2008 I got this message.
We tried to reach you today in order to resolve this issue, but unfortunately it has been well over 72 hours since this ticket was placed. We must sadly suspend your services, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-385-0450 any time, day or night.
Best Regards
Amazing! They give me no information to solve this problem. On top of that, they don’t respond to my ticket in 4 days and because I didn’t answer the phone when they called they suspended not only the domain in question but every domain listed in my account.

I called in and spoke to a tech support guy who allowed me to remove the domain in question and in return, he restored my other domains. He also left a message to have the tech support manager call me the following day.

The manager I spoke to apologized for the way the ticket was handled and the lack of information that was given. He said he would follow up with the employees that were responsible for the ticket and make sure it never happened again. He was helpful in looking at the server logs and determining how someone had loaded a spam bot onto my site.

Apology accepted. Stuff happens. I considered it water under the bridge and not a big deal. Not so much…..

After my first run in with IX Web Hosting, I wrote the whole incident off as a fluke. The manager I spoke to seemed very sincere and assured me that wasn’t proper protocol and wouldn’t happen again. I was trucking right along until I got this email from them on October 26, 2008.
Dear Brent Crouch,
We have received notification of phishing material in your account. Phishing files are usually placed through some type of exploit of out dated code, weak file and folder permissions. Packaged shopping carts and photo galleries are usual sources as hackers find exploits and developers fix them almost daily, so unless you constantly update the software or completely secure it things like this can happen.

You must agree to remove this content and update any software that has resulted in security holes. To protect your account from further action you must agree to our request for compliance. Please respond to this message stating your intent to do so. You may either log into your control panel with us, and access this ticket via the 24/7 help desk, or provide this ticket number to our Live Chat or phone representatives. Failure to respond to this message within 72 hours will result in the suspension of the affected domain with us until such a time as this matter is resolved.
The email gave me no indication of which domain had been hacked. When I wrote to live help and gave them the ticket number, I spent 10 minutes waiting only to be told they didn’t know which of my domains had been effected. They recommended I reply to the online support ticket.

Here is the email I sent them in response on October 27, 2008.
I replied to live help and they could not find any information. So far you haven’t told me which domain is a problem.
Please give me the info I need to correct this problem and I’ll take care of it.
Brent Crouch
Eight hours later, I was able to find the problem by viewing all the files on my domains and looking for the files that had been recently changed. It turned out my domain had been hacked and setup with all sorts of eBay and bank phising pages. The site operates on a Wordpress platform which is widely used and is a big target for hackers.
I wrote back to IX Web Hosting for a second time on October 27, 2008.
I found the problem on my domain. I updated the wordpress software to the latest and cleaned up the problem. The only exception is the directory. I am unable to delete this directory as the hacker has removed my access. Please delete the directory.
Brent Crouch
The following day, here is the email I got back from IX Web Hosting.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. Per your request we have removed:
/ - deleted
We will be closing this ticket at this time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist.

Please note that this is the second time this problem occurred. Unfortunately, I have to bring to your attention that as per our terms of service a third instance will result in immediate account termination without notice. No backups will be provided. If you have any questions about how to avoid this from happening again our support team will be glad to advise.

Support Tech Representative
When I seen that response, I was pissed! I run my own server at I’ve hosting accounts at several other hosting companies. I’ve never had a site hacked except from IX Web Hosting.

In 4 months, I’ve had two sites hacked. In both instances, IX Hosting was zero help in locating the source of the problem. In the first incident, they didn’t even reply to my ticket for 4 days. In the latest incident, they couldn’t even tell me what domain was hacked.

Then they send me an email telling me if it happens again not only will they suspend my account, they’ll deny me access to my files! Huh?

That’s not a risk I’m willing to take. With the high costs of obtaining customer’s in this business, I’m a little surprised they don’t do a better job of trying to retain them. In my opinion, this policy is unacceptable and makes IX Web Hosting one of the worst hosts I’ve ever dealt with.

I just signed up for a hosting account with Host Gator and have already moved all my domains over. So far, so good.
What’s your experience with IX Web Hosting?

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DMEHosting Slow Support

Apr 4, 2009

I have been with DMEhosting for all of 4 days now. I got one of their dedicated servers with the Smart Tools Bundle for windows server. I bought it on saturday. The server was setup on tuesday. Without the Smart Tools Bundle. I noticed this on april 2nd and i open a support ticket that morning. Two days my support ticket sat their with no response. I have lost all faith in this company and i am now just wanting out. I do not care about the month i have paid to them. I have informed them as of today that they can cancel my server.

Just my experience with DMEHosting

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Initial Review Of DMEHosting

Nov 16, 2008

I've been with the host ( for just 1 month now but I decided to give an initial review as I am pretty impressed with their support.

All the websites went offline and the HTTPD would not start even after manual reboot, but they provided extended support and did a complete rebuild of PHP configuration file.

Initially, when I saw their prices frankly I was not expecting or relying on great service (usually the case for low price) but I was quite surprised that they balanced it pretty well.

I would recommend them for anyone looking for very cheap servers with good support.

View 7 Replies View Related - DDOS Protection For Real?

Mar 29, 2009

About a year ago, I had been shopping around for dedicated server with good support and DDOS protection and finally decided to go with DMEhosting.

I am generally happy with their service as they usually reply in short time and prices are good, however, recently the server has been DDOS'ed (small attack) and the host is now requesting for extra charges although all of their packages mentioned "DDOS Protection: Yes".

Is this normal/fair reaction of hosts in general?

If not, how do I get the free DDOS protection they included in price.

Also, are there any other dedicated service providers with good DDOS protection and reasonable prices (Dual core, 2-4 GB RAM, 10 mbps unmetered, 200-300GB drive)?

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DMEHOSTING The Work Quality Is Awful

Oct 2, 2009

The work quality is awful. We have a problem with a server. Its the 4th day already when the issue is being solved. Our project there is down. We incur great losses.

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Sep 9, 2008

I have been a customer with for over two months now. They were an ok server provider/host at first but I am now forced to leave.

The server setup is advertised as under 72 hours. My first server took just a few hours under that and my second one actually took longer. I also heard a report that a rapid deploy server (they say 1 hour or less) took over 24 hours to set up.

I have had a bit of downtime, and support is slow since the host is run by one person (David). This means that emails can take 24 hours to get a reply, live chat is only available for a few hours a day and there is no phone support which is a big minus for me in terms of hosting.

I purchase a server for my client who uses it to host proxies. Several times I have gotten reports of malware/spam/some other type of abuse. Each time this happens they send absolutely no details (except server name) and when I ask for more I get no reply and no help in sorting out the possible security problems.

The incredibly horrible bit started around the 7th of September. My main server was down and I had no details or anything from DMEhosting. I sent an email to their support team and a long 3 hours later I got an email back saying I was suspended for non-payment. I found this strange because I had received no emails, notices or invoices that month for the server. They claim to have tried to contact me, but I see no efforts at all.

So they eventually unsuspended my server and then I got an invoice overdue notice (even though I never got any "invoice due" notices. I then tried to pay the invoice, but their paypal system either half the time gives me an error that I need to add a credit card (I have one in my paypal already) or just doesn't let me pay.

I tried explaining their payment problems to them in live chat but they say since no one else is having problems they won't do anything (either they assume I am a complete idiot or I am making it up). This is disgraceful, if I contact a host saying that I can't pay because something is wrong with their system then they should at least take a look. They then terminated the live chat right in the middle of us talking (yes, they/David (one man show) are very rude).

Then, to my horror I got an email saying that no payment had been received and my server was suspended. Even though I told them several times by email and chat that their payment system doesn't work.

They then claim that I am being "very rude and and inconsiderate" and that essentially it is all my fault. They say my invoice is overdue and I still won't (I will, but I can't and they won't listen) pay so they are going to keep my server down.

Essentially the owner of this terrible host, David (he is also the support, billing, everything) is an incredibly rude person and he has no respect or desire to help his clients. I have faced serious amounts of downtime, slow support and now rude, horrible and downright stupid responses from support.

I advise you to steer well clear of this terrible host, they may be cheap but you are just asking for trouble.

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Dont Use

Aug 22, 2005

I had my server shut down due to ddos attacks and proxy calls. I am a designer so I dunno what this means so I asked for proof and they said it was archived. I then tried getting my servers back online with them for over the last few hours and they replied we cant help you. I offered $3000usd to fix the problem and they said they cant do it. From where I come from, if a virus is added it can be removed under any circumstances. I then kept on phoning to get my server restored hense I am selling a lot of website property lately and he totally by passed that, I was put on hold for over 20 minutes and I am calling from Canada. I phoned the last time and told a white lie saying I have huge partners ready to boycott their company unless they restore my server....

What do you know it got restored and I got all my sites moved over to the new server, but this is the golden part.

Have you ever phoned your hosting company and been sworn at? Been called a ****ing idiot or to **** off and stop phoning, or I have had enough of your ****ing ****? Well this is what I heard from Ben at CalPOP and that is totally unacceptible hense I am the customer who was about to purchase numerous servers from them to increase my bandwith usage I would be using on my upcomming site called

I dont respect a programming punk thinking he is better then me just because he works for a low end database center. I also dont respect being called an idiot while I am purchasing hosting from the company, aswell as being to to **** OFF. 100% totally unacceptable.

Alot of my friends have experienced poorness with this company and I wish I noticed it earlier instead of taking it the hard way/HARSH WAY.

But hey I am sure my word will get around and people will stop using calPOP due to their immaturity Cali Mr know it all talk and realize that they can find a better place to host their site.

I also have been told that calPOP used the excuse of DDOS and Proxy attacks as an excuse to get rid of you because you are using to much bandwith.

Oh they also told me that they would send me the HD for $100usd so I could move to another server, wtf is that???

Like come on!

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Dont Use Powervps

Oct 26, 2008

Last month i have problems and outgages with a node in powervps vz45 in the 205.234.106 .20 and in other threads i mention previously that server.
Last 1 october, node have a rare problem and they say in a few days they move accounts to other node.

Because a SERIOUS Problem with my personal life, this last week i dont get backups, and wednesday a thief in house stole my mobile HD (without passswords and ciphered).
The Friday my VPS crash.... and three days later they are restoring the backup... and None of the 140-180 sites yet online.

I read in other thread a more problem about they laterly, but for me is near fatal, because 33% are my best customers (i plan to migrate to other host the server the 15 of the month but for the personal thing i cant.

88 USD monthly and three days to recover the Nodes ?

No way, as soon as possible i go to liquidweb.

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Dont Go With A1isp

May 26, 2008

i waould like to warn people of a1isp the main fellow thats the problem is called just.

ill start with explaining my issue.

in august last your i bought cabinet space and me and my mum became ill so i was unable to use it. i asked for a refund and he refused so i opened up a chargeback and he threatened a lawsuit unless i cancelled it.i have become alot better now and wish to use that space of which ive paid for and the reply i got from him is we do not want your sort of people here.i take very highly to this comment and wish for other peoples oppinions on what todo and also to warn people of this company i dotn like doing this but im left with no choice

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Sep 21, 2008

I've been using for a couple of years, and they used to have great VPS service. My server was always up (I'm not a power user, I just host some small business websites for clients of my web design company - nothing that gets a lot of traffic or puts a strain on the server).

They recently moved locations, and I've had nothing but problems. They somehow screwed up the IP and DNS of the server. My (and my clients sites) couldn't be accessed for over a week! Support kept telling me that there was no problem, unti I proved to them that the DNS wasn't right. I didn't have any email during this period, and either did my clients.

Since then, AT LEAST one of the services on the server randomly stops working (the two big ones are DNS and STMP) a couple of times a day. I don't receive error messages (I know because my clients call me screaming why their email isn't working AGAIN).

As a web design company, I've lost reputability. As a professional affiliate marketer, I have literally lost over a thousand dollars because of the downtime. Every time I contact support, they restart the services and tell me there's no problem with the server (which is obiously not true).

Any suggestions from other webhostingtalk users on how to get better service and a credit from I'm not technical and I need a VPS that just simply works.

I recently started monitoring my server 2 days ago with hyperspin. I can post my support emails here as proof and verification that these problems are occuring multiple times a day.

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New Subdomains Dont Appear At CPanel

Jun 15, 2007

Everytime I create a new subdomain, it appears.. but after I create another subdomain, the first one dissappear and I only can see the last one created..

Dns zone, httpd.conf, localdomains entries are there.. but when (using X3 o or X) I go to subdomain on the cPanel account, Im not able to see anything... anyway, subdomains are working...

Im using RHEL 4 + Latest cPanel 11 Release.

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My Domains Dont Work

Aug 19, 2007

i have taken a dedicated server and have done all the settings but when i point any domain to my server after adding a account the domain doesnt works... I means its not pointing to my server..

My nameservers are pointed to my dedi ips and are working fine but when i point the domains to the nameservers they dont work...

It keeps saying looking up..

when i traced my domain which i am pointing to my server it says no ip address found...

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2 Years With Lunarpages And I Have Left ... DONT USE!

Sep 13, 2008

While lunarpages is kind and offers great support. The support takes a while. They frequenlty get hacked or block your ip to where you can not access cpanel and switch your servers a lot in the past 3 months i got transfered to 4 different servers with the last one atlantis and prior one belogna. There support can take up to 72 hours to respond back where other hosts at max 24 hours. Their downtime has been around 97% not advertised 99.9%.

This is what really upset me.

I contacted them through email to cancel my account and they said they need more info, ok. Gave them info and they went ahead to renewing the account after I had gave them proper info. I tried to get this resolved for over a week now.

I thought since they renewed my account i should access my account and download my entire site, well I could not access cpanel again, no surprise there.

I just now got off a 20 min phone call and they tried to get my account canceled as I gave proper info to cancel the account so I would not be renewed and they tried to sell me their service for $75 to close my account.

I eventually had to threaten them to press lawsuits "not that I would even if it wasnt handled" and they said we will close your account and not charge you the $75 to do so.

My god! How hard is it to close an account with such service?

When I joined them my first year was absolutely great! It just has started to decline in the past couple months or so.

I rate them at 50% great because their supportive in all areas except for the slow response and canceling an account.

Dont use them ive had much better success with GoDaddy.... wow GoDaddy! I know tell me about it. GoDaddy is not my favorite host.

You need to be careful when finding a host becasue ive learned that they pay to be on the top. I am now using Host Gator with no compaints looking at moving to HostMonster for the price and services though should I?

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CPanel / Bandwidth - Calculations Dont Add Up

Jul 23, 2008

1. I have loads of these showing up in the WHM Apache service status

52-1 - 0/0/8 . 0.00 3970 0 0.0 0.00 20.02 OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0
53-1 - 0/0/6 . 0.00 3969 0 0.0 0.00 79.77 OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0
54-1 - 0/0/5 . 0.00 3968 0 0.0 0.00 38.04 OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0

I was told that was normal as its apache's MPM prefork way of waking up the worker processes. That I have accepted however it has been problematic ever since I installed mod_security that things have been going ape.

2. The Bandwidth in CPanel and that in Apache does not add up. There is only 1 account on the server. The bandwidth usage in CPanel shows 51GB for the month of July so far, however in WHM under Apache status it shows 223GB of Bandwidth in the last 48 hours.

Now given the the host tells me that CPanel does not count certain bandwidth(?) I am not certain what to think as the difference in bandwidth is a whopping 160GB in the past 2 days.


Server uptime: 1 day 17 hours 54 minutes 31 seconds
Total accesses: 87589 - Total Traffic: 222.5 GB
CPU Usage: u110.4 s13.25 cu0 cs0 - .082% CPU load
.581 requests/sec - 1.5 MB/second - 2.6 MB/request
15 requests currently being processed, 3 idle workers


Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 51915.52
Total50.7 Gig

Server Load 1.7GHZ Machine with 1GB Ram

Server Load 0.25 (1 cpu)

Why such a HUGE difference in bandwidth?

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Oct 9, 2008

i buy vps form for 3 month,

yesterday, my vps was block

cpanel and ftp and ssh not answer the request

i open in and they never answered

today my main ip is not working

i support is very bad they never answered my emails and ticket
and i have question, where is my vps?

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Php 5.2.1 Dont Work As Httpd Module

Feb 14, 2007

I cant make php 5.2.1 work as httpd 2.2.4 and 2.2.3 module. When loaded with php it makes httpd dont start at all without any errors in log even on debug level! However when I place php 5.2.0 as module it immediately starts working ok.

I've tested this with a standart ./configure without any parameters for both php and httpd, and httpd is always not working when it tries to load php 5.2.1 as module.

Did someone run php 5.2.1 with httpd >2.2.3 succesfully?

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VPS Server My First I Dont Think Mod Rewrite Works

May 20, 2007

I finally bought a VPS after not being able to pay for a dedicated server so I bought one from as they came highly recomended $39.95 server with Cpanel not the cheapest I gathered but I wanted reliable servers

now I moved my forum over to the server all was ok after I got the massive database sent over but when I tried to view a thread or category I could not it came back with No Valid input or something like that

I went into admin and disabled zoints SEO mod and the forum works fine BTW its a VB forum.

would it be due to mod rewrite that the forum does not work with zoints? and is it possible to get it to work?

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CPanel 11, New Mail Filters Dont Work

Jun 13, 2007

I had made a post earlier about trying to get an exim ACL or filter to work with cpanel 10 to deny all messages with a 10 or above spam rating while forwarding 5-10 scored messages to a spambox, but I decided to tryout upgrading to CPanel 11 which adds a built-in solution.

I've had no luck using WHM's Exim Configuration editor with

"Reject mail at SMTP time if the spam score from spamassassin is greater than 10.0."

Checked under ACL's and Filters.

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