Network Traffic Monitor On Windows Vps

Jul 1, 2009

I have a windows 2003 vps and I need way monitor how much traffic I make per month. I believe I'm getting close to my quota and I need to measure it.

I've seen some nice free programs that claim to work on windows 2003 server but the fact is they don't use a service so they only work while the GUI program runs, which is obviously silly for a server!

What do you guys use for this? I mean other then web traffic tools since most of my traffic is not HTTP!

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Best Traffic Monitor For High Traffic Sites

Nov 15, 2007

What traffic monitor would everyone recommend for sites that have as many as 5,000 to 10,000 hits an hour?

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Monitor Traffic

Jun 30, 2008

I want to be able to monitor (with statistic) and cap traffic on 3+ servers.

how is this done best?

I was thinking of somekind of switch or server set inbetween the servers and the internet monitoring and keeping data on the traffic use etc.

but what do you do?

and how to make such a monitor redundant so if it fails the network is not cut off from the world?

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Monitor Traffic

Apr 2, 2007

Don't know if this is the right place to ask for this but here goes.

I have a 20U rack space and i use 4U of this space (1U + 2U servers and a 1U switch).

There is a 20Mbit internet connection on a 100Mbit network.

But here comes my problem, some friends have there servers in my rack space to, There is 12 servers that are my friends and i want to know how much traffic they use.

I want to know how many GB traffic they use to i can charge them (they don't pay right now).

2 of my friends servers must max take 50gb traffic!

Is there a switch that can do theys two things?

Show traffic and limit traffic?

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Want To Monitor Traffic On IP Based

Jul 22, 2009

I would like to monitor traffic on IP based on my debian server. I have 16 IPs on my server? Is there any good tool or any tool which gives GUI display?

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How To Monitor Bandwidth/traffic Using Munin

Nov 21, 2007

Does anyone have a tutorial or instructions to show how to set up munin to monitor bandwidth/traffic utilization?

I have a VPS from a provider that has no monitoring tools, and I need something to monitor.

(The VPS uses the HyperVM software.)

I am using the CentOS version 4.x right now, and munin is already set up and configured with a basic install.

Anyone know how to add traffic/bandwidth monitoring? (Ideally, it would monitor all active ports.. but I only really need it to monitor port 1194 for openVPN software.)

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How Do You Monitor Virtual Machine Traffic On Your Server

Aug 8, 2008

how you monitor the traffic of each individual VPS on your dedicated servers?

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How Can I Monitor VPS's Traffic Usage On A Dedicated Server

Aug 7, 2008

how to monitor the traffic usage of the VPS's on a dedicated server? We have OpenVZ & XEN VPS's

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Belkin Pulse Network Monitor

Mar 24, 2007

Anybody have it, or seen it in use?


I am wondering if it has the ability to monitor not only network services, like apache, iis, mysql, mssql, but also processes? We have an application that runs as a standard process we need to monitor.

Looks like a niffy little device.

See a little demo here: [url]

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Simple Network Monitor - PING / TRACEROUTE?

Oct 5, 2006

I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any programs out there that can monitor and record ping times to various server IP's and couple output say a simple graph. There used to be this website I used that you could simply go onto there site, and register, and put in your servers ip addresses and it would output a simple graph that showed latency, loss etc for any ip you put into there system and displayed a web based mrtg type graph. I am having some troubles at one of the datacenters that I have some co-located servers at, and would like to show them how much packet loss they are having at a given time, or over say a 24 hour period.

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Network Monitor Software For A Hosting Server

Jun 12, 2007

Anyone know a network monitor software for a hosting server?

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Network Traffic

Dec 13, 2007

I have 4 sub domains on and most have network traffic between 30-34%. Unresolved traffic about 12-14%. Is the network traffic statistic high? What would be considered normal?

A proxy server can mask IP address, right? Does a proxy server show up as network traffic in site statistics reports?

Okay, maybe that's enough questions for right now. I have been researching the internet for terms but I am not finding what would be considered normal.

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VPN (openVPN) - Will All Network Traffic Go Through The VPN

Sep 2, 2007

I have a customer who wants to have *all* their computer internet activity routed through a server in our datacenter.

They want MSN, email, ftp, browser, ping from the command line, and even DNS lookups that initiate from any software running on the computer...

... they want everything to be routed through the datacenter server.

None of it should go through the ISP. Not even DNS lookups.

I'm thinking that a VPN setup is the way to do this. (ie: Run openVPN on the server and use openVPN client on the remote computers.)

So the idea is that as long as they are connected to the VPN server in our datacenter, which creates an encrypted "tunnel", then all traffic will be routed through the datacenter VPN server. The ISP will not be able to see anything at all, except the connection to the VPN server.

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Count Network Traffic With Squid Proxy

Jun 25, 2009

I want to count the traffic for every IP passed through squid proxy server.

Is it possible to record the traffic numbers for every IP in external .txt file

It would be better if it can write outgoing and ingoing traffic.

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Monitor For Windows 2003

Aug 23, 2007

I would like to monitor my File Server. CPU, Ram, HD, Bandwidth... What is the best opensource software for this..... Does not have to be open source but would be better.... dont mind if they are web based tools either...

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Windows Server 2008 S.M.A.R.T Monitor

May 6, 2008

in the direction of a S.M.A.R.T client for Windows Server 2008 that matches as many of the following as possible:

- Lightweight
- Free
- Quite good

I'm not looking for one that hooks into explorer or even runs all the time. Something that runs periodically (shceduled task) and polls information, mailing / popping up an alert if it finds a problem.

Basically something like the smartmontools for Linux / unix.

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Software To Monitor Monthly Bandwidth For Windows

Jul 14, 2009

if anyone knows of a good, free tool to monitor how much bandwidth a Windows machine uses monthly. I saw FreeMeter, but I don't know how well that will work to use for a whole month at once.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Health Monitor Access From Server Admin Panel Home

Aug 18, 2012

Health Monitor Module is installed and running on server, but not visible under Server Administration Panel > Home > Server Health on Plesk Panel 11.0.9 update #7. Is there a trick to configuring home to show it and/or a direct way to launch view of server health?

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How To Mange The Traffic For The WIN EST Server Windows Accounts

Jan 15, 2009

i have question which i'v serched for answer for it more than 3 days , may be more.. but i still can't catch it.

now if i have aWin EST server , and i have t remote desktop . i can creat accounts right?

well , if i need to manage the traffic for evry account, and give account whatever 500 GB trffic , another account with 500 GB , another with 300 GB , etc etc..

how can i know they have reched thier limite and they stop useig more from the server?

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Windows Dedicated Server With Unlimited Traffic

Apr 14, 2008

Is it actually possible to find Windows dedicated server with unlimited traffic (1Gb Pipe)and reliable 24/7 technical support? Cause I have searched and found out that if the traffic is unlimited the pipe is too small, and if the pipe is big enough traffic is limited and additional one costs a fortune.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Web Traffic Usage Logs

Sep 20, 2012

Where does the log file for the web traffic usage shown in plesk (in plesk tools and settings->statistics) gets saved in the server(windows server 2008 R2)?

Does it related to the folder C:inetpubvhostsincometaxsoft.comstatisticslogsW3SVC7.

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How Do I Setup Windows Vpn So That Client Traffic Go Through The Remote Vpn Server

Apr 8, 2009

How do i setup vpn server on windows 2003 so that client traffic go through the remote vpn server? Something like service which change the client ip address.

I tried setting up, now client able to connect to the server using windows vpn. But once connected, internet cannot work. How to use the vpn server as gateway?

Server have only 1 network card.

Can windows xp act as vpn server for the same purpose?

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Windows 2003 Lost Network

Oct 14, 2007

I currently have a server at the planet, this server lost network conection a few hours ago, I have spoke to the tech who tells me that when he tries to access the network connection settings the server just hangs.

Can anybody give me something to try here as I realy dont want to lose the data on the drive and the only real option i am being given is to reload the OS wiping my data, and although he could access my data an back it up, it seems it is against company policy to do so.

QTY Hardware Component
1 Dell 9G Drive Controller - SAS/SATA RAID PERC 5/i
2 AMD 2212 - dual core - 2.0 ghz Opteron 2212
1 Dell Dual socket next gen opteron - 1u PowerEdge SC1435
4 Generic 512 MB DDR2 667 ECC Reg
2 Maxtor 146GBAS:10K RPM Atlas 10K - SAS

Installed Software
- Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - OS Standard Edition
- Plesk

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How Start Disabled Network - Windows/kvm

Dec 31, 2007

I have problem with one of our clients, they have disabled network card and of course lost access to windows server. After reboot it looks that it doesn;t auto-start net.

Server is at ovh and there is problem with theirs support (they don;t support windows - or maybe they don;t know how to click on network card at enable).

We have started kvm but it is activated in some virtual network and in network connections is only some "local connection 2" with local address 10.x.x.x

How we can remotly enable/restore network after normal system start ?

Is there any command that we can add to autostart that can enable network, or maybe there is some another way to fix this (change some registry key that network will be activate after restart or sth).

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Need Cheap Windows VPS For VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Dec 26, 2008

I need cheap windows vps for install PPTP VPN.My budget is around $20 every month ...

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) Setup In Windows 2003

Dec 24, 2007

Is there best way to setup VPN on windows server to access net (PPTP) . I have try few guide that let me login to server using vpn, but can not access th internet.

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Cannot Access Windows 2003 Server From Network After Reboot

Jul 24, 2007

We are facing this weird problem from the past few days. Whenever we reboot the Windows 2003 Service, the server becomes inaccessible from the network or the internet after reboot. It is only after we run the sharedaccess.reg file available from and reboot the server, we can access the server remotely. But the same thing happens after rebooting the server again. We are also not able to start the Windows Firewall service. We get an error while trying to start the Windows Firewall Service. The screenshot of the error message is attached with this post.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Network Connection From Windows To Filesharing Folder

Mar 14, 2015

I'm trying to create a network connection from Windows (8.1) to my Plesk filesharing folder, which should be straight forward. For some strange reason my Windows desktop PC doesn't establish the connection but shows me an error message, saying that the provided folder is invalid (see attached images).

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Reconfigurator Error - Invalid Network Adapter Name

Aug 8, 2012

I took an image of a configured Plesk 11 server and deployed the image to a new server (new hardware and IPs).

The goal now is to reconfigure Plesk on the new server to use the new IP addresses.

I open the PP Reconfigurator, and select "Change server IP addresses".

PP Reconfigurator

Select the IP addresses to be changed:

IP Address:
Interface: "PrivateNetwork"

[x] Existing address

Select the new IP address:

IP Address:
Interface: "PrivateNetwork-Teamed"Click to expand...

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Network Liquidators / Network Hardware

Oct 14, 2009

any experiences to report about purchasing used / refurb gear from either Network Liquidators ( or Network Hardware (

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What Do You Monitor

May 28, 2009

if you use a site monitoring service (or two) do you need to setup monitors for each website/domain on your VPS or can you just monitor the primary services on the VPS?

Pluses/Minuses for either way?

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