PowerVPS / Defender Hosting Support Unacceptable

Jul 15, 2007

We’ve been with PowerVPS for approximately two years given the positive recommendations from WHT.

Few days ago, our site was hit by the MPack Malware and has affected ALL domains on the VPS as well as the cPanel/WHM core file. We have since secured the vulnerability and cleaned the important domains. Yesterday (July 13th) we requested a full VPS restore to be initiated from the July 11th nightly backup to ensure any other unknown changes are rolled back. We were quite disappointed to be told that there was no backup from the 11th available and that the latest would be the 9th. This came as a blow as they advertise nightly backups for their VPS Servers.

Here is their backup process from their support site:
PowerVPS backs up your VPS nightly to a dedicated backup server with a raid5 or raid10 array. The nightly backups are incremental [1] for six days, and on the seventh day a weekly full backup [2] is performed. Two full backups are kept and the old ones rotated out automatically.

As many as fourteen backups are kept at any given time. The automated backup scheme allows for enough room for full recovery from the incrementals (which require the most recent full backup to exist), the other full backup, and still leaves room for customer initiated backups.

As a result, we have asked for the July 9th backup to be restored and it has been a full 18 hours now which they claim is to create a list of file differences and than the actual restore, which the later has yet to start. Although I do not know the exact process on their end, I cannot imagine how if the server was non-functional, that a restore that has so far taken 18 hours and counting, with no ETA, would be acceptable. Add on top, the lack of nightly backup from the night before.

If anyone could shed light on how a restore could take over 18 hours, please chime in. As for now, I am one very disappointed customer.

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SolarVPS. [UN]managed Support Quality Unacceptable To Me

Aug 28, 2008

I have very sad experience with solarvps and their support quality these days. I'm their user for over year now. Minor problems appeared rarely, but in those cases support reacting time and quality was simply excellent.

Now something wrong happened with them. To problem ticket, which priority is defined as emergency, they answer after 4 hours. Now i'm waiting for last answer already 11 hours.No answer till now. And server is not usable, our customers ar ready to eat us alive. It's going third day as we suffer from problem.

Ok, lets say their support staff is unable to solve this complex problem. But they should at least inform customer what is done to solve problem, what means are used and what's the current situation and problem solving progress. At first problem day they used to reply godaddy-style short zero-valuable comments, that have nothing to do with problem essence and solution. They simply don't try (or unable) to understand problem deeply enough.

This message to forum has mainly two targets. Primary is to get problem solution from all of you, who may have experienced same problem as me, since i already lost my hope to get problem solution from solarvps. Second - to kick *** solarVPS a bit for poor service quality.

And here is the problem.

VPS system: windows OS, 384mb of ram (venusX package).

As soon as i start apache server, or IIS server, or whatever server that is listening to port 80, same moment TCP connection count (measured by windows 'performance' tool) rises to more than 300, usually 600. Then all http requests are rejected, website is completely down. It is notable, that problem is clearly not caused by heavy http server loads. Problem appears on even low load. Stopping http server causes connections to fall to normal level, nearly 0. Starting again suddenly causes problem again. Connection count jumps rapidly to >300.

This problem appears about 30% of all time. There are periods problem does not appear, server functions normal. No problem regularity found.

It seems that connections are stuck at OS or physical level, they are not even handled by apache. Apache logs show no or little activity when problem happens, CPU usage is very low. Only very small part of requests are passed to apache. Others are just gone, although large amount of connections are shown by system. Seems they are somehow 'hung' and stay too long not disconnected.

When trying to reach website through browser, firefox says 'connection interrupted' at same moment. This again shows that requests are not even processed by apache. In case of heavy load 'time out' would appear after several seconds only.

At early stages of problem i suspected two causes: apache server software problem or DoS attack. Both of these were denied. Apache was reinstalled (and IIS, lighthttpd 'causes' the same problem too). DoS as cause was denied too, as traffic does not seem suspicious.

At this moment i do not know what to suspect, but its almost clear it's solarvps problem, not mine. As long as they did not deny it and got full understanding of problem. I could suspect virus, making DoS in their network, router physical disorder, what else? Anyway their problem, not mine. But his becomes my problem, as i have no service for third day.

I do not blame solarVPS for problem. Problem is realy mystical and interesting, it may happen to anyone. I just say that their support reacting time and quality is pathetic in this situation. And i miss adequate work to find problem cause.

Anyway they have work around to solve problem - move my whole VPS account to another physical server. But they don't answer about this.

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ModVPS Support Compare To PowerVPS

Mar 19, 2007

For those who are using ModVPS. How's ModVPS' Support? What's their turn around time for their respond? Do they resolve the problem effeciently?

We currently have a VPS with PowerVPS and their support is amazing. I cannot complain they are excellent. Now we are planning to get another VPS but we might not get it from PowerVPS as much as we love to get it from them. Because at the same price we can get 3 times the specs from ModVPS. I just want to know if ModVPS' support is as amazing as PowerVPS.

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How Much Downtime Does It Take To Become Unacceptable

Sep 24, 2009

Recently our provider has been having unplanned long outages (along with a complete server move that took several hours). This has turned out uptime statistic from exemplary to mediocre (100% to <99%).

As we are a hosting company and normally have an extremely good amount of uptime, when is it time to give up on the provider? I am extremely concerned this will become regular and our uptime will simply continue to go down the drain, however, they have been good and have been the main attribution to our 100% uptime (along with our great technicians and hardware).

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Unacceptable Behavior From A Service Provider

Sep 13, 2007

I'm not going to out the provider before I hear their explanation of it, but I've just had a very unnerving experience with a VPS provider.

Last night my server was experiencing latency issues, but I thought nothing of it until the server went down. I thought the network went down, but it appears that the server went down for emergency maintenance. That's fine, but it would have been nice if they alerted me of it. It went back down an hour later, so I sent my provider an email asking why I could not access my server and if they were aware of the problem.

I receive a response from someone asking for my root password and that they would take a look (he is referring to the latency issue I mentioned, but I was still completely unable to access the server at this poihnt, so I could have cared less about latency -- I just wanted the server up!). I explained the server was still down and asked if he knew anything about it, and this is when he told me about emergency maintenance that had to be done on the server. I also asked if he could ping my server (wondering if it was just a problem on my side), and he responded that he could if he "unpaused the server". He then asked me again to send my root password to diagnose the pinging issue. I think nothing of this email and went to sleep, expecting the issue to be fixed in the morning.

I wake up this morning and my server is still down, but now it's apparent that the host is fine, so I shoot back another email asking why my server has been paused. Fast forward 3 hours, I get a reply with him telling me that I was evasive about giving my password -- I would have gladly given a temporary root password, but I wasn't about to send over my regular password in cleartext over email. This is the part that really bothers me. He then told me that he looked around the files on my server to see if I were hiding anything. I cannot understand how me not giving my root password means I am hiding something. My server was down -- I couldn't change my root password to give to them since they had it paused. If I were abusing bandwidth, I could understand.

All this just because I didn't give him my root password? Am I in the wrong?

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Web Hosting That Support SVN

Jun 1, 2009

I want to buy a hosting service with following feature



3 Rsync


5 Wordpress, Drupal support ( plan to run multiple wordpress and drupal site in this hosting plan)

6 multiple domain name support in one hosting plan

7 a lot of bandwith

8 great customer support, and low down time

I do some research and have a chat with justhost.com and they seem to support everything i need however, after reading some review seem like they try to force you to update to dedicate server when your bandwidth is up.

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Need VPS Hosting With Mysql 4.X Support

May 7, 2009

Hey all. I have some legacy web applications that requires MySQL 4.X to function. Too much pain to upgrade. Can any of you recommend a VPS linux hosting provider that you can vouch for, who also support MySQL 4?

I am currently using MediaTemple GS which has MySQL 4 support; however, recent problems have made me want to consider other options. Unfortuantely, MediaTemple DV (thier VPS option) does not have MySQL 4 as an option.

Many thanks.


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VPS Hosting With Mysql 4.X Support

May 7, 2009

I have some legacy web applications that requires MySQL 4.X to function. Too much pain to upgrade. Can any of you recommend a VPS linux hosting provider that you can vouch for, who also support MySQL 4?

I am currently using MediaTemple GS which has MySQL 4 support; however, recent problems have made me want to consider other options. Unfortuantely, MediaTemple DV (thier VPS option) does not have MySQL 4 as an option.

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HostFresh Hosting And Support

Sep 11, 2008

I am currently hosted with HostFresh on their HongKong sever (Shared Hosting) and my site has been down for 7 days now!

I tried emailing them for several days, before calling their US phone line 3 days ago, which I was told they could not help and had to wait for an emailmwhich i replied I had been waiting 3 days for a reply..... later that day I finally get a response for my email which asked what the hell is wrong and when it will be fixed, the simply say- site was nullrouted and have to wait for it to come online
this was 3 days ago now... I have sent 1 (sometimes 2) emails per day since, I currently have 8 open tickets, all ranging from the last 6-7wks - YES... I had open tickets when this all began t do with me paying my bill twice, which i heard nothing for weeks so I did a charge back through PayPal.. another mater.
Does anyone else have this problem with support there?
and with the site?

is there a way I can get my files of the server and DB?

can someone please advise what I should do?

I am hopeless with out them as they have my site files, otherwise i would have dumped them days ago!

by the way, I have emailed them number of times, they just ignore me, I am going to be calling again t the U.S in the morning, though they have no idea, and frankly nor do I - I need my DB it has my whole site for the last 18mths on it - over 10,000 members info.

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Hosting PHP With FTP And Dbase Support

May 3, 2007

I am writing a PHP/MySQL application which extracts information from a .DBF file on a remote server and then builds a web page.

However, I just found out that my hosting company doesn't (and won't) support the FTP functions within PHP and they won't enable DBF file support (extension=php_dbase.dll in php.ini)

Does anyone know if other hosting companies will do this?

Also, at the risk of asking a very broad question, is there a place to go to get consolidated reviews of web hosting companies?

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Hosting With Java Support

Jun 12, 2007

hosting that has PHP, MySQL, and Java. I have found [url]. I would like to know if lunarpages is any good, and if there is anything better. I don't want to spend too much but would like good service and the above specs.

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Free Hosting With PHP, MySQL Support

Mar 10, 2009

Does somebody knows free hosting with PHP, MySQL support? And without banners on the page

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Any Bulletproof Support Hosting Provider

Oct 2, 2009

I'm trying to find a bulletproof support hosting provider that will alowe me to install phplist and send high number of newsletters to customers. I have my dedicated SMTP servers... i just need some place to host my web sites and park my other domains....

and the hosting provider must not suspends my account for any complain form the 3rd party....

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Phone Support For Hosting Companies?

Jun 1, 2008

Is there any companies that offer live support online or over the phone for hosting problems.

In other words

Can i hire a company that helps customers out with their problems online or over the phone?

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How Much Traffic Can Shared Hosting Support

Apr 2, 2009

How much traffic can a typical $5/mo shared hosting account support?

A lot of them claimed "unlimited" bandwidth and storage. Of course there's no such thing as unlimited.

I have a site based on Python, Django, MySQL or Postgresql. It doesn't have any video or other bandwidth heavy elements, but the whole site is dynamic, each page takes about 5 to 10 DB query, 90% reads, 10% writes.

What kinds of traffic can a shared hosting account support for a site like that?

At stackoverflow.com, someone stated that a $5/mo shared hosting account can typically support 10-20,000 unique users per day or 100-200,000 pageviews/day. Does that sound about right?

Any recommendation for a good hosting company that'd suit my needs? My site will start small but hopefully will ramp up quickly. I'd like a hosting firm that can support that growth.

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Good Hosting Customer Support

Oct 10, 2009

It's imperative for you to know that web host features does not just stop with Unilimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. There are other very salient features to which some people looking for a host provider have ignore, it is CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

You will not value the importance of a good customer support until you start having problems which you want resolved in the shortest possible time. For some host providers this is like telling them to do the impossible.

It is sad that some of the so-called reputable host don't even have a ticket system not to talk of an on-line chat system where you can ask questions and receive answers in real time.

So, for those of you that are new to hosting or want to change your host, then you had better look for a host that offers good customer support either by Chat, ticket system or forum.

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UK Hosting With PHP5, Curl And PDO Support

Feb 21, 2009

I'm needing to move one of my own websites, as the current shared host doesn't provide curl or full PDO support.

I'm tempted by the basic fasthosts linux home package, as I've used them before for a client, but I'm not sure if they're shared hosting includes curl/PDO support (I know their dedicated servers do, as I've just checked).

I've just sent an email to fasthosts asking, but are there any other hosts I should be looking at?

The site's nothing critical, with pretty low bandwidth needs, but the current hosts uptime isn't anything to shout about.

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Hosting Zoom Tech Support

Feb 15, 2009

I've been with Zoom for 2 years now, and I'm leaving as soon as I find another host.
Here's why: once a month, for the last 3 months, emails I send to a Yahoo.com address are bounced because Yahoo is blocking all email from my mail server. When this is finally dealt with, it turns out Yahoo blocks everything coming from Zoom (or my shared server -- sorry I'm not technical) because of spam originating there. Now, *I'm* not sending spam, and spam is annoying enough to deal with in my in box, but now other people sending spam are stopping me from sending my little 20-30 emails a day!

Here's how tech support has worked for me when this problem comes up:

1. I go on and open a chat with support.

2. Someone In India eventually says hello to me.

3. I state my problem.

4. Long wait.

5. Someone In India eventually comes back and says "hello" again.

6. Now I'm pissed. I tell Someone In India what the problem is and give her email
headers and tell her to pay attention.

7. Another long wait.

8. This Someone In India gives me an email address at zoom to email directly about this problem.

9. I email TheAddressIWasGiven @ zoom explaining my problem...and THAT EMAIL BOUNCES! Despite the irony of having an email begging for help with bounces get bounced itself, I am not amused.

10. I go to call Tech Support... DOH! They no longer have phone support.

11. I fill out an online support and send it in. I wait No reply. Emails to Yahoo still bouncing.

12. I fill out another one. I wait.

13. I get an email telling me my second support request is being closed since they are working on the first one. Really? First I've heard of them working on it.

14. 20 minutes later I get an email saying they're working on the first request.

15. A day or so later, I get an email telling me it will all be fine in a day.

16. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes I get another email telling me to go to Yahoo and fill out a form to get them to unblock it.

17. I fill out a form at Yahoo and it gets unblocked within hours.
I am currently suffering from the latest email bouncing and am at step # 14.
Which is what drove me here to find a real host. Something about getting lumped in with spammers is just....icky. Yucky.

Also, they spontaneously took my little web site off line several times because they messed with directories. It took days to get right. My business is not web-based, but it was still annoying.

Anyway, there's my cautionary tale about Zoom . A few mistakes are forgivable, but this is too much.

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Is Your Web Hosting Provider’s Support Is Good

Sep 6, 2008

There are a lot of people whether their web hosting providers are good or not. After months of purchasing their web hosting account they might discover that their web hosting providers are so bad. Therefore, you’d better checking your web hosting provider.

One of the most important parts related to web hosting is the supporting services. So when you purchase a new web hosting account, try to check their supporting services. Try to ask them a few technical questions even you don’t have a problem. It just tests their supporting quality. How do they answer your questions quickly? Ask yourself this question. If they spend a lot of time “two or three days”, it might be poor service. For this situation, my advice is to cancel your account. The most of web hosting companies offer 30 days money back and try another web hosting company.

There are many supports kinds:

* HelpDesk
* Live chat
* Supporting via Phone
* Supporting forum
* And so on

This is all about the supporting part for your web hosting provider. So this is very important to check this service.

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Outsource Support For Web Hosting Companies

May 21, 2008

The Web hosting industry embraced the benefits of outsourcing to maximize the profits.

Web hosting being a competitive business, it is imperative that any and every benefit that comes on the way is picked and used to its maximum. There are many companies which provide support for hosting companies.

Outsourcing support saves the Web hosting company a lot of money and time. Web hosting companies can focus on selling hosting plans while the outsourced support for the Web host can provide quality support to the customers and manage servers 24/7. The Web hosting company does not need to hire many experts who will check the overall quality of delivery to their existing customers and technical experts for managing/monitoring the server. Top outsourcing companies that provide support for Web hosts have an internal QA team that takes care of the quality.

In Web hosting industry it is critical that the servers are up and running all the time. It is expensive to have technical support staff on a 24/7 basis, add to it the cost of buying the software to help you manage and monitor the servers. Most of the companies that provide outsourced support for hosting companies have a complete setup needed for 24 X 7 support to customers like having 24/7 phone support, managing and monitoring servers and helpdesk support system. These things in mere infrastructure will increase costs of a web host, add to this the time needed to manage this setup and people. Hence outsourcing your hosting support is a smarter way.

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Reliable Hosting Which Support LayeredPanel

Nov 6, 2008

I'm currently with hostgator and bought website which uses LayerPanel control panel under another hosting provider which down always, and hostgator not support that panel only CPANEL, please advice any reliable hosting like hostgator which can support LayeredPanel with live chat support 24/7 as it's at HG.

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Hosting Required To Support Php 5.2* + And PDO_MYSQL

Aug 4, 2007

My current host has just shafted me by discontinuing PDO_MYSQL support on my setup without warning (my sites now don't work and they won't do anything to rectify it).

I found another host and asked sales about the PHP version and whether PDO_MYSQL was available and was given mis-information, so I'm now cancelling the service I signed up for this morning.

I need:

PDO_MYSQL (most people only support PDO with sqllite!).
PHP 5.2*+
Ability to install pear modules.

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Yahoo Hosting Doesn't Support .HTACCESS

Jun 20, 2007

Yahoo web hosting doesn't support .HTACCESS file. What is the solution for it on yahoo web hosting?

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Purchasing SSL Certificate But Current Hosting Does Not Support It

Jan 5, 2009

Will it be a problem if I purchase a SSL certificate, but my current webhost doesnt support it?

I plan on purchasing the SSL now, and then later move the webhosting to a site that supports it?

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GigaPros Excellent Tech Support & Hosting

Aug 12, 2008

I had purchased an SSL certificate from Go-Daddy. The Tech support people at GigaPros were more than willing to give me the advice I needed and to get the certificate installed for me in very short order.

Polite courteous professional service, excellent response times and top notch support. This company offers excellent value for the money! I highly recommend GigaPros!

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Hosting/ Dedicated Server Provider With DB Support

Dec 18, 2008

I have several sites with Godaddy, but their lack of any real support leaves something to be desired. Does anybody know of a decent provider that has options for database support (mysql) and the like?

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Cirtex Hosting Do A Good Job With OSCommerce Support

Sep 26, 2008

Do they do a good job of supporting OSCommerce? I want to customize stuff using OSCommerce for my site. Let me know from those who have used OSCommerce with Cirtex hosting.

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CyberPixels Support Disappeared But Hosting Still Functional

Apr 22, 2008

I've been with Cyberpixels hosting for about 4-5 years now, and I tried to contact them about 4 months ago regarding login info for my ftp & domain since the original registration email was sent to a email account I had with a domain that just expired. Anyhow, 4 months later no tech support response! I've tried everything I can think of to contact them.. includeing phone.

This is a big problem for me because my business depends on my website and I can't access even the domain!! All my promotional work includes that web address (meaning I've spent thousands promoting a certin domain and now I'll be screwed if I can't access it).

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Shared Hosting With Support As Good As JagPC

Apr 3, 2008

I am referring a friend to JaguarPC but he wants more options so he wants me to recommend 3 different shared webhosts to him. What are two other great shared hosting providers that have as good support as JaguarPC?

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Hosting Reseller That Handles Customer Support

Nov 15, 2007

Is there a good hosting reseller out there that handles customer support?

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Suggest A Good Shared Hosting With FFmpeg Support

May 11, 2009

I came to this site few days back only and was going through various discussions. After being on this website since last 1 week I am really impressed that members are really helpful to other members with their fair and valuable suggestions.

I do have a quick question for you and need your suggestions:
Q: Which web host I should go with where I will get around 20GB of space with PHP, MySQL, FFMPEG support.

Please recommend me a host with high uptime, good http response time, and reliable to host considering a long term relationship.

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