Limestone Networks Vs Gigenet

Dec 7, 2008

I am planning on moving to a dedicated server from my VPS.

I found out about LSN and Gigenet and cant decide which one to go for.

Major factors to set on these two are 100mbps connection, good up to date CPUs with massive 8GB ram on similar prices.

Well, Gigenet is $65 more expensive with a very similar setup but I think their servers are managed, I am not sure if Limestone's are managed.

I was wondering what I would be getting extra if I decide to go with Gigenet apart from the support or is Limestone just as fine?

I already send an email to Limestone today asking a list of questions and will send one to Gigenet however I would appreciate if people who have been using these companies

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Limestone Networks Bad Security

May 29, 2009

they provide me a KVM and after some days when my time over so there is another server in my KVM account and i am able to access that server also can't believe ? well i am ready to show proofs...

and the 2nd funny thing is i told them about this but still they dont change the passwords etc i have full power on some other person server


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Limestone Networks Review

Oct 8, 2009

Well it's been one month since I purchased my dedicated server from Limestone Networks, and i'd like to post my experiences with them, so here it goes.

About a month ago I stumbled upon Limestone networks, read a few reviews, and thought i'd go for it. The the next thing I did was start a live chat, a friendly chap by the name of Felipe responds. I have a nice long chat with Felipe, what a delight it was! Not only did he answer all of my questions promptly, but he certainly knew what he was talking about. Unlike my previous experiences with other companies.

After a nice long chat with Felipe, I was ready to get my server. So I went straight ahead and ordered.

Dual CPU Quad Core XEON 5504 (2.0ghz)
8GB DDR2 ECC registered RAM
4TB bandwith
100mbps up/down speeds
IPKVM included
All up cost me around $280 + ~$30 setup fee

Within about 2 hours I receive an email stating that there were some minor problems during setup because of the RAID configuration, and they will fix it as soon as possible. I must admit, it got me slightly worried, but a few minutes later, I receive another email saying that it's all setup and done! Boy was I excited!

I Instantly SSH'd into my server to check on things, all good. I install the XEN kernel and reboot to make sure it's working all fine, boots without any errors. So far so good.

A few days later I realised I was running out of IP Addresses, so I open a support ticket to ask for more, the invoice is created, I pay it then respond saying that I have done so. 6 minutes later they respond saying that it is being set up, and another 3 minutes later they respond with the IP addresses, sweet.

Later on I opened another support ticket asking a question referring to upgrades. Out of pure boredom I clicked the send receive button on my email, and sure enough, I already had a response! all within about 2 minutes after sending it.

Limestone's service has been great, I love their support and prompt response to tickets! One minor problem is that their accounting department isn't available during all hours, no biggie though. Their technical support department is open 24/7.

One great bonus with Limestone is that they keep you informed every step of the way, rather than leaving it to the last minute to say "sorry about the wait".

When i'm ready for my next server, i'll definitely be going for Limestone.

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Limestone Networks Review

Apr 4, 2009

I ordered my server on March 6th, and asked for the server to be provisioned the 10th. I wanted to test some things out, and so I wanted the server earlier. I called up LSN and got to Carl. He was great and totally understood everything and provisioned our server in a matter of 1 hour 59 minutes!

Sadly, because I had told them we were going to need the server on the 10th, they thought they would have the RAM we needed. They compensated us by adding a better CPU(Q9400).

Then the RAM came in, I think 5 days later because of a shipping mistake where it didn't get on the truck I think(Not LSN's fault). The server went down, and they installed the RAM. The server wouldn't boot, so we had a few problems there. In the end it was just an oversight of the max amount of RAM that the MoBo could support. The downtime was a bit excessive in my opinion, and LSN compensated me.

I have had zero problems with them since that incident.

Right now, I am purchasing a 2nd server with LSN.

Support 9/10
Sales Staff 10/10
Accounting 10/10

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Limestone Networks Slow

Oct 18, 2009

just noticed my server is EXTREMELY slow... as well as the limestone network control panel. I had a friend of mine test it too, slow for him. My load is nice and low.. Maybe they are getting DDOS'd? I moved from Burst to limestone and paying alot more, I expected more.

if anyone else is having a SUPER slow connection to the limestone network? I'm about to call their support

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My Limestone Networks Review

Aug 31, 2009

After stumbling upon limestone networks amazing offers, I decided to take advantage of their cheapest special for it was more than what I needed. For 135 dollars a month, I got this special:


With an 100mbps uplink connection. With this dedicated server, I planned on running game servers, and so far it has far exceeded my expectations.

Let's begin with the set up time:
Before leaving my old host, I found out that the location was doing no good for me. Players were not able to query my game server in the game's server list, so I decided to switch hosts. After finding limestone networks, as listed above I went straight ahead and bought the server at 4:00 AM EST time. After two hours of waiting, my dedicated server was set up with HPET enabled like I asked. I was amazed at how limestone was able to set up the dedicated server so fast and at such an early time!

The support:
The support is absolutely hands down AMAZING. Every support ticket I have made was answered (not over exaggerating here) within 4 minutes.

The control panel:
The control panel limestone has to offer that comes free with your dedicated server is so simple to use. (I believe they call it rockware.) There is an option to manage each one of your purchased servers, an option to restart your server, add new ips, change your uplink speed from 10mbps - 1000mbps (depending on what you have), the ticketing system, and much more.

Now the only problem I have came across which isn't all that huge, was that after redirecting all the traffic from my previous game servers to my new game servers hosted with lime stone, I had a problem installing the game files off Steam via hldsupdatetool.exe for Team Fortress 2. The install just froze. So I decided to contact limestone support. They decided to give it a shot, and it seemed that it froze for them too. However they did not give up, they kept trying and trying keeping me updated. (let me also remind most of you that team fortress 2 is a 3.2gb game so it takes atleast 20 mins+ to install all the necessary game files.) Finally after 2 hours, it worked. I was happy. The point here is that the support is probably their best feature aside from their prices and amazing specials. They just never give up and work to their potential in helping every customer. I would recommend limestone to anyone who is willing to try a new host.

Although I have been with them for about a week, they have so far never ceased to amaze me with their support, and quality they have to offer. I will keep everyone here updated on what limestone has to offer me and how well or bad they have been doing at the end of the month when I have to pay my next invoice.

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LimeStone Networks Review

Mar 2, 2008

Hey all. Its been a month and I thought I better post a short review of my experiences with LimeStone Networks.

Before signing up for my server, I spoke to Logan who answered a few of my questions regarding the setup of the server and the running of some of the software I wanted to install on the server.

I eventually ordered, with Logan's help, there Obsidien 1 plan which was a Athlon 64 X2 5000+ CPU, 1GB of RAM and 1500GB of Bandwidth for $99 a month. I had also chosen to have Virtuozzo installed, which was licensed and online very quickly. The total time I had to wait for the server was about 3 hours. In that time, I received an email from Mike, which told me he had given me a complimentary upgrade to the Intel Core2Duo E4500 CPU for better performance with my VPS software. This thrilled me to no end.

After asking for help a few times, despite the fact they are an unmanaged host, Logan kindly helped me fix a few problems on the server.

About halfway through the month, I began to realize that Virtuozzo was not exactly what I wanted and I asked them if it was possible to get it changed to a cPanel server. I can't remember who I spoke to about this, but the change was done very quickly and was re-deployed with cPanel ready and going well.

Then, at the end of the month, I found that the RAM installed on the server was just not enough, I then upgraded the RAM with the help of Ryan. The RAM upgrade took about 30 minutes to go through, and I only suffered about 3 minutes of downtime.

All in all, my first months experience with LimeStone Networks has been fantastic! Which is probably why you have seen me recommending them on a few threads. There service is amazing, which compliments there very reliable and kind Customer Service team. I could not ask for anything better.

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Limestone Networks Review

Dec 23, 2008

well ordered a dedicated server from LSN about 4 days ago, and I still havent recieved the server so I thought I should make a review here for others to know.

4 days back I ordered their most expensive server and made a payment the same night, and I went through the verification process after about 24 hours. the same night that I uploaded the files needed to get my account verified I talked to ryan, and he said my account would be verified in max 2 hours but it ended up being 2 days! after taking 2 days to verify my account (yesterday) I talked to mike and he said my server will be ready in the next 2-5 hours, so i waited about 8 hours and I still didnt recieve any mail from them, so this time I talked to ryan and he said he is gona check and see why its taking so long, and after he checked he said my server should be ready in the next 4-5 hours, but now its been almost 10 hours since then and I havent recieved ANYTHING!

I understand if they were late by a day due to the fact that its christmas, but its been 4 days and all I hear from them is that my server is gona be ready in the next 4-5 hours!

generally their support crew is really friendly but they dont tell you the truth (atleast they havent told me the truth) and ticket responds take from 2 to 6 hours.

I would have given them a good rating if they were on time because they are friendly, their servers are good.

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Bad Experiment With Limestone Networks

Sep 7, 2008

I've rented a server from Limestone Networks, and got bad experiment from them. The server is Intel Core2Quad Q9300, 8GB RAM, installed with FreeBSD amd64 version.

Two tickets are in and, they's are saved directly from browser except the password part.

In the beginning, the server often became inaccessible. Because I was very busy at that moment, I just used their control panel to reset it when I cannot access it.

In 8/23 afternoon, I found not only the server was inaccessible, but the panel was also out of control: I saw the server power is "off" and I cannot turn on it. So I opened a ticket to ask for help. They first asked me what do I do before the server offline.

I responsed I didn't do anything, and I also mentioned that the server frequently becomes inaccessibe. They fixed the panel after 1 hour and ask me root password, to see why the server becomes inaccessible frequently. It's 8/24 morning.

They responsed in 8/25 morning (08/25/2008 04:51 AM CDT), "apologize for the delay", just reboot the server. And I cannot access it again, so I report in the same day 10:36 AM. This time they response in 08/27 and "apologize" again.

Because the server has two NIC, they unplug the cable and plug into another port. The situation seems better (accessible now), but it becomes packet lost problem. I detect huge packet lost from the server to its default gateway, Limestone Networks's DNS, {google,yahoo}.com, anywhere.

After that, I cannot be sure what they do, it's stable in that two days. And Bryan P. ask me in 8/29 03:45PM about the status, I replied the server is okay in these two days, so he closed the ticket.

Then, I got packet lost again, in 9/3, so I open another ticket to ask them solving it. I don't want to describe again, you may see the ticket yourself.

I am very upset about their hardware quality, response speed, profession, and the attitude. I won't suggest my friends to use their dedicated hosting.

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Setup Review Of LimeStone Networks

May 29, 2009

After hitting my head with few of the dedi providers, i came across Lime Stone Networks. I went to their site, selected the server I wanted with addons etc. I initiated live chat for sales query and instantly all was finalized.

I paid the amount and after 4-5 hours the server was ready and details were in my email. This is the most speedy server setup i had seen. Their RockWare control panel is very flexible and easy to use. Most of the things which have/are not provided by other dedi providers are in their control panel for easy access.

Basic stuff like remote reboots, dns management etc. is free and already included with your server. Their support is also very good, I opened a few tickets with them all were answered within 1-2 mins. Its been more than 10 days with them now and my all data is moved to the new server and everything is running fine and stable.

The only thing is that their sales rep was unable to given a discount of 0.99 cents! My order totalled to $200.99 and I asked sales rep to reduce the 0.99 to make it rounded but he did'nt. I know they won't built a palace and neither will I but what the heck if he could ?! Just would have pleased me.

Anyways overall the experience is great and support is good. There were also some abuses on the server by some of my clients and they were able to find them asap and informed me and gave ample time to resolve the issues.

I suggest that if you're also looking for a dedi then be sure to visit their site. I will post more review on this after few months.

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Limestone Networks 6 Months Review

May 18, 2009

Just wanted to update everyone on my 6 months with Limestone Networks.

It's been nothing but joy.

Network 10/10
Network is rock solid, I run a couple of game servers, I have no lag even for people coming from Australia and having their ping at about 250-300.
I also run a few websites (1 of them has about 3500-4000 unique visitors daily with roughly 20k page views), the site loads extremely fast. We've been down once (some network hiccup, which I didn't feel cause I was sleeping).

Support 10/10
I've had to use support a few times and it's been always a pleasure. These guys went backwards to help me every time. One time I had my debit card (which I use for PayPal) compromised so I ordered a new one from my bank and also changed my bank account. I could not pay them on time (I had to wait for 5 days for my new card to arrive), LSN did not suspend my account, they went backwards to help me and prolonged my due date 5 days forward, which they didn't have to do but still went to understand my situation.

Hardware 10/10
I have 2 servers with them both Q9300. Those monsters are simple awesome. I never had even a single glitch with any of them. My servers are running for 4.5 months now without a single reboot (I had to reboot them a couple of times at the beginning due to software installation).

Satisfaction 11/10
There is nothing else to add as you probably get my feelings about LSN already. These guys run a very tight ship. Sometimes I get on their live chat when I needed support and Ryan and Mike were always helpful to me, they sped things up in the support department.

Great company, knowledgeable people, friendly and professional support, great network. What else do you need from a provider.

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Limestone Networks-maintenance Issue

Nov 14, 2008

yestarday i ressived email from them

Dear Valued Limestone Networks Client,

You are receiving this notification because Limestone Networks has scheduled a maintenance window to perform work on several fiber cross connects which provide carrier bandwidth to our facilities. Since this will involve a minor interruption in service we are informing all of our clients of scheduled maintenance as far in advance as possible.
This maintenance window is scheduled for Friday, November 14th, 2008 from 12:00AM to 6:00AM CST. Those clients who will be affected, which is anticipated to be less than 5% of all clients, will experience a brief (5-10 minute) loss of network connectivity to their servers. We do not anticipate power loss to any servers during this maintenance window.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Please feel free to contact us email ( via our ticket system [url] or our live chat system ( if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

but one thing i cant get it,they sayeing outage will be from 12-6am or just 5-20min because my server has been down for more than 3hrs

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Limestone Networks - Amazing Experience

Aug 28, 2008

I've been using these guys for a little over a month. After a couple weeks, i got a 2nd server from them. Their web account panel is very well done, their special offer going on right now is great, they deliver on exactly what they say. Their customer service is also amazing. I'm sorry if this isn't the correct format for a review, its my first time. I just felt the need to tell others about this, easily my favorite dedicated server provider i've dealt with.

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Limestone Networks - Account Termination

Dec 30, 2008

I think it's only fair I name and shame this pile of rubbish called LimeStone networks...

The other day I got into a fight with my business partner, he got pissed and placed a cancelation notice via ticket.

I was updating the website for 2009 etc... when it went down. after going into RW, finding the ticket and calling them up i was told their Abuse Manager Ryan A would call me.

so me being nice I waited and waited and waited. I got annoyed at waiting and decided I would give live chat a try, so in I go type in my details click ok and I got put through to Pmoore, anyways I get put through to this Ryan A only to be kicked within a few minutes later adter him saying my angry ex-business partner has to call them and say everythings ok.

Anyways after talking to a client of mine who is in the legal profesion I was told I have a right to a backup and he has a right to his files. So I go back into live chat only to find my account has been terminated and so on...

After talking with him again we both decided to pop on and see if any of us could get through Pmoore and actualy talk to a manager. after saying I was sorry for having to use live chat (the only way I could get in contact anyone there) I was kicked and my client was kicked and his IP banned.

I now have 3 voicemails informing me to expect legal letters from them very soon etc...
I'm now in bits because I know them three clients will get their legal reps onto me, I'm also in bits because tons of my hard work and sweat and over 2 years work had gone into things on that server and now its all gone. I'm speechless and am expecting a break down sometime soon...

What do I do and why are LSN so rude / stupid and stuck-up?

Like I've had some clients since i started and I'm good friends with them. I can't run away so i'm gone

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Limestone Networks Support Line Not Picking Up

Oct 27, 2008

I just wanted to warn the rest of you as to my experiences with Limestone Networks.

I've been calling them for half an hour now, and just keep getting a voice mail box.

This is on top of the fact that the reason I'm calling it to check up on a ticket I submitted weeks ago which is still unresolved (they go for days without answering it, and then when I poke them about it they comment and disappear again for days).

What is really disappointing is that all of this is after I spoke to one of their lead guys there, who gave me his email address and told me to bring any issues to him if I still had problems with the support. I sent him an email last week, and never got a response.

So, if you're looking for excellent prices, great machines, an excellent control panel, and to be blown off my support, Limestone Networks is someone you should check out.

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Commit1 To Burst To Limestone Networks - Moving Up In Life

Oct 2, 2009

after my review of Commit1, I guess they went out of business as I do not see their page up? Good riddance. I never got my 500$ back from Anthony there. (This is why webhosting talk is so valuable, you can see how many people get scammed as I was not the only one)

Burst, has been decent the last year, there is just repeated DDOS attacks where the server would be running fine, but no one could access websites and I could not even log into SSH for many hours costing me a lot of money (especially running ad campaigns etc).

This has happened as recently as a few weeks ago.

I decided I would look for a new host. I picked limestone because of the great plans that fit my budget, with massive bandwidth and an actual 100 mbit port. I was so looking forward to the added BW, until I logged in and the speed was worst than dialup.

The server was quickly setup (5 hours) I was really excited. I logged in and downloaded large files I could find to test the speed. Firefox, drupal, even Ubuntu iso. I was getting ranges from 10K to 40K/s. It was only some sites that were like that. downloaded at a very fast rate but none of the others really did that I tried.

I submitted a trouble ticket stating this, what I downloaded and from where. They responded to the trouble ticket by asking me to provide trace routs so they can trouble shoot. I guess that is alright, but what good is providing them my root password in the trouble ticket if they aren't going to use it. I knew I should have paid the extra 25$ for the premium support package.

Then I think to myself "if the connection to my old server is this slow, transfering files from my old CPANEL will take forever." I decide to test the connection to my old server, and none can be found. I cannot connect to my old server at burst from the new one at limestone. Perhaps this is a routing issue, and maybe they will figure it out.

I was very pleased with with Machen in sales. He did an AMAZING job answering all my questions and very patient.

I was also very pleased with the responce via phone to the tech I spoke with last night.

I am also pleased they are actually answering my trouble tickets.

So far this experience is much better than Commit1 and I just hope the routing issue is solved so I can actually test out the server to its full potential, transfer my files, etc

Limestone Networks is looking like it will be good, it has a nice control panel and everything.. I just hope they figure out the network issue. I am not that savey with this stuff, and if they ask me to to anything more than a trace rout I might not be able to do this.

Hope this gets fixed or I may be switching to SingleHop. Their prices are like double but they are managed and guaranty 100% uptime. I was just hoping to save some money.

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My Review Of Limestone Networks (completely Unsatisfied And Bitter)

Sep 1, 2008

I felt the extreme and desperate need to post my experience with Limestone Networks here with the rest of you. Please take time to review it as I find it a vital piece of information when making a decision. I normally don't post my problems here, but this time it's needed.

I have been a customer since 5/17/2008. I was able to get someone via Live Chat when I fist went to the website. I got an instant response on the phone. It all seemed great. The server was up and online within a few hours, I was pleased. The network seemed fine and I'm fairly low maintenance, so I didn't have many complaints.

After having the account for a while, we started getting blacklisted on spam lists. I would submit tickets to see if they could work to get us removed. Typically support tickets where answered fairly slowly - I'd see a response time of a day or two. I didn't complain as I can accept things fairly well.

Next, they released a new server that was almost identical to the one I already had.

They both had the same amount of memory, similar cpus (both quad core), the only difference was one 750 GB drive vs RAID-1 750 GB drives. The price for my system was $249/month, while the new server was priced at like $130/m (the WHT special they just ran). I asked about a price adjustment for my server. They wouldn't do it. So, I asked if we could keep our IP addresses if we moved to another server. They couldn't do that either.

I ordered the new server and moved my customers over to it. It came time to cancel the old server, so I submitted my request for cancellation. I know they automatically bill everything, so I removed my credit cards that were on file to avoid this. I was then told I needed to give a 5 day cancellation notice as per my ToS when I signed up. Unfortunately, I didn't read the ToS close enough - my fault. Somehow they ended up removing the server and I guess they just waived the 5 day notice. I never really got any response on that (or bill for it either).

As of yesterday, I've had the new server for one month. I signed up for it on 7/30, so that'd make my next billing date 8/30. I did forget to add my credit cards back on so it could be auto charged again - my fault. However, less than 24 hours after my due date, I find my server is offline. I submitted a ticket which I will paste below. Bottom line, because I was late (not even by one day), they shut off and reformatted my server. Here's my support ticket:


My server LSN-D1595 is offline due to non payment. I need it back online asap! I will add a payment option to the billing system which you can charge. Just get the server back online please. ***-***-**** if you need to reach me.

Ryan G. - Support Technician - Limestone Networks Employee
Posted: 08/31/2008 10:52 AM CDT
Hi Breck, Unfortunately your servers have been canceled for non-payment. If you wish to purchase new servers with us you can still go ahead and do so, however I am not able to return your original servers to you.

Breck B.
Posted: 08/31/2008 11:11 AM CDT
Ryan, this is completely unacceptable. I am not going to tolerate this! That server has valuble data on it that can't be recovered! I don't care what your policy is, I need that server back online immediately! If you can't make this right, I will be posting my experience on WHT. Bill me hourly if you need to. Just get it online.

Bryan P. - Support Technician - Limestone Networks Employee
Posted: 08/31/2008 01:19 PM CDT
I'm sorry, but server LSN-D1595 has already been reformatted.

Bryan P. - Support Technician - Limestone Networks Employee
Posted: 08/31/2008 02:17 PM CDT

Closed Ticket


So, there we have it. My server has been reformatted because I'm a day late. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. Money wasn't a problem - I was away and just wanted to have a good Labor Day weekend. Also, I NEVER received an invoice via email, snail mail, nor a phone call. I got no notice at all. Along with that, according to their ToS, my data should be available within 15 days of my non payment (whether or not the server is).

I do plan on taking this to court- I have several people who also had access to the server who are interested in a lawsuit.

If slow responses, being blacklisted on spam databases, and being reformatted if you are under 24 hours late is okay with you - I'd really recommend Limesone Networks! They give you a great feeling like nobody cares about you. I'm not sure why a company would invest so much money in advertising, if they really aren't serious about keeping the customers that they get. This has been the worst day of my life. I hope all of you can get something from this and learn to stay away from companies like Limestone. I definately have learned my lesson the hard way.

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Apr 30, 2009

I signed up for a basic dedicated server ( from Gigenet back in September. It's now almost May, and I've got one simple thing to say about Gigenet - they are incredible.

I had a small issue when first getting the server, where I was supposed to have VPN/KVMoIP access and didn't have it, but a quick phone call to their support team, and a couple of hours later, I had the server setup with VPN and KVMoIP. Aside from that, as well as a few tickets regarding IP/PTR requests, I haven't had to use the support very much, but when I do contact support, replies come typically within 5-10 minutes, sometimes even less.

The network is incredible, definitely the best network in the Midwest, maybe even the US. It's never down, and latency is always low to my location in suburban Chicago, on both DSL and Cable. If there are any issues, their team are always willing to solve the issue.

The server's an Intel Core2Duo E7200, with 2GB of RAM, and a 250GB Hard Drive. The hardware is top notch, and I haven't had any issues with it. The server also has KVMoIP/IPMI, which is accessible through the control panel, as well as through VPN.

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Aug 18, 2008

as our business is expanding so no we are planning to have 1 More server now and i found

so just wanted to know anyone here using them?

are they high quality provider?

how is their support and services?

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What's Your Opinon For ?

Jan 1, 2009

what's your opinon for ?

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Gigenet Review

Jan 6, 2009

I've never written a review before neither have i really remained active on these forums, but i'd like to give you my small updated review of Gigenet if it would help.

I can honestly say i've only been with these for a week at the most thus going to give a monthly update on my hosting experience with Gigenet. If you don't fancy reading through this whole post then let me make it quick for you, i've purchased a dedicated server from them and they're fantastic - i would highly recommend them to anyone. But if you fancy reading through my so called detailed review then feel free to read on.

The Setup


I ordered at about 10pm GMT (what time this is in the US i do not know) but i woke up the following morning with all the details i needed to start working on the dedicated server. The time was 23:23:51 when i receieved details for the server so the setup was a little under 1 hour and a half. I'll let you discuss the setup time, but i thought it was fantastic.
The Support


I'm very new to the web hosting industry (i've had experience with resellers before) so i've required a lot of help from their sales and support - which i can happily say has been the best experience i've had from a company such as theirselves before. They've been able to reply to all my support tickets within 5 minutes and i've started about 5 different tickets on numerous occasions requiring help, they gave a prompt reply with everything i needed to know.

The Staff


Brilliant support staff and very helpful, just what you'd want to pay for. The staff make sure you're happy with the support they have given you, fantastic support usually very detailed helpful responses. Just like to say a personal thanks to each staff member for being polite and helpful with all my requests. Not forgetting the sales staff either, Brandon Hale - very helpful guy, i'm sure the others are as well.
The Pricing


I'm assuming it's not the lowest pricing in the world, it's always possible to find better deals elsewhere but i would seriously pay more for the service Gigenet has to offer, it's well worth it. If the service they have provided so far is going to continue which i'm sure it will, then i'm going to be using these guys for years to come.
The Uptime


It's just what you'd expect for a weeks of hosting really, 100%. But the service they run is definately professional so i can't see any problems persisting, but i'll update you all with this information as time passes. I've not met any other problems as of yet either, but again i'll update you on my progress.

Again, i can't emphasise enough how happy i am to be a customer of Gignet's and i'm going to be a customer for a while to come. I hope this small review has been of any help to anyone currently researching Gigenet. I also really apreciate the fantastic service Gigenet has currently provided, so i thought i'd show some apreciation and post a review for them.

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Jun 10, 2009

i have been with softlayer more than 3 yeres now iam looking to new data center and new server hosting any of this 2 company is good ?

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Gigenet Setup

Jan 8, 2009

We have servers in many DC's FDC, Singlehop, DedicatedNOW, ThePlanet, but no one set up our servers faster than Gigenet. I placed the order and 2 hours later I get my server login details and all the plugins I needed were also installed. I also read on their website that 95% of the servers get deployed within 2 hours which is great! I have contacted support 2 times and they replied quickly and they did exactly what I asked for. So far so good and will update everyone in a couple of months on how everything goes.

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Gigenet Not Responding

Aug 5, 2009

i've been trying to contact Gigenet Sales for over 24hours via email and live chat, but no reply from both email & live chat.

is gigenet reliable?

i've seen many great review about Gigenet but why can't they reply my sales inquiry?

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Gigenet Vs Softlayer

May 30, 2009

if someone who has used both the providers could help me decide between the two.

I need an unmanaged server and location for both is fine for me.

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Gigenet: First Feedback = MORE THAN BAD

Oct 18, 2008

Our website, hosted in Canada, came under DDOS attack 4 days ago and our IP immediately got null routed. I understand this action.

As Gigenet is reputed for being good there, I contacted them, among other suppliers of remote protection.

A first chat with Derek at was pretty good, despite I got disconnected a few times due to my internet connection problems. Derek quickly supplied a test IP, and I sent the website there. Unfortunately (!) the attack had stopped and he could not see anything. Then I got disconnected and could not connect again before the morning
In the morning I sent an email to Derek as he was not online, asking him some details about the setup, especially technical modifications we would have to make to our scripts.

I had to wait TWO days to get a reply, more than short. I emailed him again.

I connected again yesterday on Gigenet, could catch Derek 2 minutes, he said "I reply to your email quickly". I told him we are waiting his reply to subscribe to their proxyshield protection.

After 2 hours wait, I went to the gigenet chat again and John Lee helped me a lot, replying to my questions, but the last one "must be replied by Derek", he said. Concerning the price and concrete setup. He told me that Derek will reply immediately after his conference.

I went to bed as I am in another TZ, thinking that I will get his email during the night.
Morning; NO email. And now the chat is closed until Monday. So I sent an email to "sales", asking in short if gigenet is a serious company or what. FOUR DAYS offline due to attacks!

Mister Ameen Pishdadi kindly replied me right now "We are not interested in working on this project with you as you are not being attacked on the demo account we gave you.

When you have a real attack please contact us."

What is this crap? As soon as we are attacked we are null routed and I promised my hosting company we won't connect the site again without protection!

And gigenet does not sell their program (at $1300 by month, first level!) as a PREVENTIVE action?

I am more than disappointed by this so called "good company". If somebody could tell me an email of a HIGH executive, thank you. Writing to "" will probably be without result.

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Nov 1, 2008

how TB10 is VS Gigenet? I have Gigenet as my host and for DDOS protection. Due to the sluggish times, I've been hit hard on my primary income earning sites. Since I am paying Gigenet for both hosting and DDOS protection, my costs have gone up quite a bit. I was thinking of moving my two servers over to TB10. It would considerably save me a nice some of money. I only have one question. Is TB10's service (hosting and DDOS protection) as good as Gigenet?

Its mainly a pricing issue. I'd cut around 1500 a month in hosting costs.

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Dedicatednow Or Gigenet

Nov 25, 2008

Im currently hosted with Staminus, I left dedicatednow in the past because of the way they handled the ddos attacks, if they were too big they would just give up very easily.

Thats not something I was ok with. Im wondering now if maybe things have changed or where I should go? I am currently with Staminus but they are too over priced for me. I want to move to a nice 8 core somewhere else that I don't have to tack on hundreds more just to stay online.

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VPS In Gigenet Datacenter

Dec 4, 2008

Does anyone know of a reseller (as gigenet doesn't sell them directly AFAIK) of VPSs at the gigenet datacenter?

I need a new VPS for a new project and I'm looking at one located in the midwest and Chicago seems a perfect location. My project isn't big enough to require a dedi, but I was hoping to find a vps company who has nodes at gigenet.

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10TB Vs Gigenet

Nov 7, 2008

Both are great companies which causes me to have a hard time deciding which to choose..10TB
-Resold servers from SoftLayer, which is a plus
-SoftLayer offers small to mid range DDoS protection if I am not wrong
-Cost efficient
-And many more..Gigenet
-Cost efficient
-Owns their own datacenter
-Offers a wide range of products and add-ons for a low cost/minimum cost
-Solid SLA
-And many more..

I am also considering going for both, but I still need one of them for a start..

Personally I like 10TB more, for no particular reason, just liking it, but I can't resist what Gigenet offers too.. I wish to go for both too..

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Choopa Or Gigenet

Sep 30, 2008

I've decided to move from LSN (review coming soon) to a new home, but I'm not quite sure where to put them. (To avoid any confusion from the title: My babies are my websites, not servers if someone would mistake this thread for being a co-lo ).

I've looked at choopa and gigenet as they have gotten good reviews and when looking at the outage reports forum here they don't seem to have had many reports.

For some reason my gut feeling says "go with Gigenet", considering all reviews I've read about them has been extremely good, not to mention the uptime they've had. I'm not sure how accurate these statistics are, so please correct me if wrong.


The things that makes me worried about choopa are:

* 12 Months contract

* "The May Incident" of Choopa from the link above. 833 minutes of downtime?? But an average uptime of 99.94% over 1114 days seems very good considering whatever happened in May 2008 killed the statistics.

* Haven't heard much about the company and google wasn't very helpful finding reviews. Seen gigenet here and there and heard great things about their ProxyShield. Hey, even WHT use it.

The only falling point I can see on Gigenet is the price. I'd have to pay $1,471 compared to $798 with the newest offer from Choopa ($673 more a month, $8076 more a year). The 100Mbit unlimited is $1000 compared to Choopas $500. If I'd want to upgrade in the future, I could get almost four servers at Choopa for the price of two at Gigenet.

Does any of you think $673 extra pr month with Gigenet is justified? Would the service be _that_ much better?

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