Glowhost Webhosting

Jun 28, 2008

I'd like to use these guys for shared hosting to host all my Blogs. I have 4. Want to put them on Domains and get hosting.

I was looking at the professional package, and getting it for 24 months:


Advanced Hosting Package
$19.99 per month
(payment options) ORDER HOST 10 DOMAINS
40000 MB / 40 GB TRANSFER

how's their service, Uptime? Tech Support?

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VPS With GlowHost

May 11, 2008

I've been searching for a while for a solution to my hosting issues. I went from looking for a good shared host to a good reseller host to now (after talking with a wonderfully helpful person at GlowHost) looking at their VPS hosting.

My plan is to start with their smallest VPS plan, move up as I need more resources, and eventually move to a fully managed dedicated server when I feel confident I can afford it. (HOPEFULLY without much disruption to my clients.......)

With their VPS, it seems like I can have the brandable cPanel that I get with the reseller account, with the addition of more control over things like email attachment filtering (a big sticking point that I've been trying to work around with a lot of hosts) and root access, so I can have the same control as I would on a dedicated server, with them there to help if something breaks or if something needs to be patched. (My admin isn't the type to break things, but I'm trying to save him from 3a "my site isn't responding" phone calls.) And from what I can tell, my clients will get all of the features of the shared hosting (POP/IMAP, Fantastico, etc.) but with me in control of things like space and bandwidth? (They make a huge point of how a VPS account can be used easily as a reseller account. Is the same true of the dedicated server?) I know there are GlowHost people on here, so if I'm assuming anything incorrectly, feel free to let me know. :-)

Along with pricing I can afford and prompt, polite, informative replies to the questions I had, I've been searching all morning and having found a single bad thing said about GlowHost. So have I struck gold, or is there anyone on here who feels they could talk me out of it? I always like to look at bad reviews when evaluating a company/product to see if any of the problems are anything I actually consider problems. I'm not used to finding so few bad comments. I've never really considered VPS hosting until yesterday, so if there are any more questions I should be asking (either here or to them), feel free to let me know!

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Oct 20, 2007

Anyone have some experience with them?

I am looking for a reliable host, their budget 3 star seems perfect for what I want.

I have looked at hostgator, and don't like that their cheapest plan only allows 1 domain, and requires 3 year contract to get the listed price.

So I guess all I really need is a great connectivity and uptime, ~$5/month and allows multiple domains. Don't need much else.

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DataCities Acquired By Glowhost

Apr 16, 2009

DataCities(Dot)com is not a GlowHost sub.

The Sale Includes The Following.

1.Domain Name

2.Customer Base

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From JaguarPC (1+ Year) To GlowHost (just Started) - My Experience And Reviews So Far

Jun 12, 2009

I've been with JaguarPC for over a year. I hosted two sites, one on VPS, another on semi-dedicated. I had to give up VPS after a couple of months when it turned out it was impossible to upgrade my operation system despite several attempts.

Today I'm canceling the second site on semi-dedicated server even though at first it was good (and cheap compared others). Unfortunately, over time the server was getting less and less reliable, there were frequent outages and connection problems. It seemed I was usually the first one to spot the problem and I opened a ticket; one of them had a dozen or so replies as I would post almost every day that the site was down or slow. So I had to leave this semi-dedicated too.

JaguarPC positives:

despite server performance issues, they have fast and friendly support; I liked to work with these guys and they showed patience. They even offered me free upgrade on VPS to a better operational system, but I chose to move on to try other waters

they were flexible enough to install software I needed without problems

JaguarPC negatives:

server problems, probably some overselling and/or not enough attention to the bad guys with buggy or heavy websites

Now I moved to and pay over two times as much for a semi-dedicated server. Here are my first impressions:

server seems OK so far,

support - they are also fast (probably even faster than JPC), even though they seem not to be as flexible as JaguarPC regarding installation of common software. For example, I asked them to install zlib to use gzip compression, but they said they know better and gzip compression is not something that would benefit my site and I would have to move to a dedicated server to have it installed (?). I was a little surprised since even some regular shared hosts have zlib library installed and I would think a semi-dedicated server (with no more than 30 domains on the server as it's possible to host only one domain and considering the price) should be treated as something more than just a shared server and users who choose semi-dedicated server actually do it to improve performance over shared server.

Either way, I'll see how it goes later; as long as the server is stable and fast I guess I shouldn't complain.

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JB Webhosting

Jan 24, 2009

Anyone on here a client of

I've been trying to get in touch with them regarding a 4PSA licence I bought from them a while back, but they are not returning any emails to either myself or 4PSA.

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Has Anyone Used Lunarpages Webhosting?

Nov 4, 2007

Has anyone used Lunarpages webhosting? How is their support and up time?

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Adult Webhosting

Feb 25, 2009

What is the best host that allows adult hosting that is a reputable company with solid uptime. Cheap shared hosting is fine anything other than lunar pages that allows for monthly billing.

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Looking For Adult Webhosting

Feb 8, 2009

Is there any adult webhostings that you have hosted with or recommed that are reliable and affordable ??

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Looking To Buy Good Webhosting

Apr 6, 2009

Can anyone let me know where to look?

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Basic Webhosting

Mar 24, 2009

I am planning to host my personal website which will be a bunch of static pages for the time being with the possibility of moving to PHP/Pearl CMS later.

For this, I think that a basic hosting plan of about .5-1GB space and 5-10GB bandwidth would be well enough.

Can you please suggest me a host which would cost around 2-3$/month and has a moderately good service? I came across companies like Umbrahosting and HostPC which are cheap. Do you have anything to say about them?

Moreover, some hosts give combo offers of webspace+domain registration. Is it wise to register the domain through the host or to register it separately through godaddy etc?

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Are There Any Flaws In Webhosting

Jul 3, 2009

Will there be any web hosting security flaws if I buy hosting straight from the package?

Sorry for the post but I am worried if it will be vulnerable or not.

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Thawte SSL And Webhosting

Jan 4, 2009

I am currently hosted at by a webhotel that does not offer SSL security.

I have purchased a Thawte SSL123 certificate which I need to have installed on my webhost due to security while handling online payments.

What is required is the ability to setup subdomains. Some hosted exchange would be good as well, as to running a smallsized business.

which webhost I could move?

Would it be possible to use and install the Thawte SSL certificate on their hosting?

How about the requirements for setting up a secure webserver by yourself? Prices for the hardware/software etc.?

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Webhostingchoice Vs Webhosting-10

May 12, 2009

Both and

are web hosting reviews websites.

Which one do you favor?

have you had any experiences with them?

positive or negative?

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Ecommerce Webhosting

Nov 1, 2008

Im in the process of setting up my ecommerce store selling baby/childrens clothing items etc. But I cant decide what webhosting site to use. Ive heard a lot about hostmonster and 1and1...which one of these are better?

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Don't Use Namecheap Webhosting

Mar 17, 2008

I've just received my second suspension from them, for having 5 visitors on my website, which was abuse of their resources.

I had issues with them last month, they claimed I was using too much resources and had to upgrade to Business class. I've paid for two years there as it is.

Every time I would get these notices, I'd work with them and it was found that one comment bot was hitting my site repeatedly (one post several times in a row which really shouldn't cause any problems anyway) and would cause things to raise. In their email, their support said:


Your account is unsuspended now. Please check and prevent future overloads.
Also we can block ip addresses of your referrals, when all connections is from one ip instead of suspending your account. Should we block and similar?

When I said yes, I was sent this reply:



IP blocked in our firewall. We'll act similar way, when your account will be leeched from one IP. Now this ticket is being closed.

So tonight, I redo a post, since their hotlink protection isn't stopping hits on the photo being linked to, which involved uploading an image and deleting the old, and shortly thereafter I get this:


Dear Customer,

We have suspended your account due to resource abuse. Please find the related information below:

top - 20:21:33 up 30 days, 3:26, 5 users, load average: 5.07, 4.89, 5.22
Tasks: 187 total, 1 running, 186 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 0.5% us, 0.4% sy, 0.2% ni, 70.9% id, 27.9% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.1% si
Mem: 4148484k total, 3998792k used, 149692k free, 130440k buffers
Swap: 2096440k total, 7720k used, 2088720k free, 2881224k cached

13504 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27668 16m 4864 S php
20277 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27672 16m 4860 S php
2093 username 20 0 0 0:00.25 0.4 27628 16m 4848 S php
8232 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27636 16m 4848 S php
9399 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27624 16m 4848 S php
12099 username 20 0 0 0:00.24 0.4 27636 16m 4844 S php
8449 username 20 0 0 0:00.24 0.4 27628 16m 4840 S php
9530 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27620 16m 4844 S php

mysqladmin proc stat
| Id | User | Host | db | Command | Time | State | Info |
| 50484 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 344568 | | |
| 50537 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 344525 | | |
| 50615 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 344329 | | |
| 77636 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 300652 | | |
| 121657 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 240337 | | |
| 202546 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 154415 | | |
| 306259 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 50092 | | |

All of them supposedly me. But at any rate, only 5 users at namecheap can apparently bring about a suspension. I have never in my life had such treatment by a host. Most of the site is a static site, where most people land. And this is for less than 50 people on a daily basis.

They may have a good reputation as a domain reseller (yes, they're now ICANN registrars, but they haven't switched over yet, they're still reselling for Enom) but they had better rethink their webhosting.

People I know who have WordPress pages at places like Dreamhost, Lunarpages, all the rest have way more traffic than I do and yet they don't have these problems. I'm just sick at they way I've been treated there.

Whatever you do, don't host with namecheap. I'm truly sorry I did. And if anyone wants to verify that I host with them, it's, obviously a really exploitable site. It's about haunted lighthouses.

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Webhosting Names

Sep 23, 2008

Are ALL the names taken ?? I was just messing around to see if there were any available names + "host" or "hosting" word but they're ALL TAKEN

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WebHosting UK - Unbelivable

Dec 28, 2008

I have been with web hosting talk for just this month and in the past 8 days I have had down time at least 1 everyday for around 2-3 hours. I just contacted the VPS support to see why I am not even able to start the server using Virtuozzo Control Panel and this is what they said:

'We are facing a network issue at the moment. Our engineers are aware of this problem. Efforts are on to restore service at the earliest. We apologise for the inconvenience.'
And then I ask them the simple question, Why was I not informed about all this downtime and errors on the system - This is what he said to me:

'We have already posted this on our forum. You can have a look at'
So I say to him:

'So I get expected to look at your forums every time I have downtime or any problems with the network'

'I think this will be the last month of me paying for this server.'
Then he says: 'No every time but if there is any major issues, we always keep posted on our forums.'

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Mar 28, 2008

We have a webhosting company
our details and our webhosting users is Secure
i don`t like any body else knows our users list

but 2 website is there
1 -

those Show our users and website list to everybody

i am not interest for this service,

how can i Stop this service?

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ColdFusion Webhosting

Aug 29, 2008

Does anyone know of a good webhost for ColdFusion MX 7?

I am looking for a webhost I can contact - one with good customer service.

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Webhosting With WAMP

Jan 2, 2008

As generally i stick to hardware...but anyways i have encountered this problem..

I have installed WAMP on my sever

I have opened up Port80 to it(port forwarding)

I can enter both internal address (address of server 192.1068.1.108) and external ips (my external address into my browser on another computer in the network and it works but as soon as you try on a computer outside my network on the internet some where it just times out....

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What's Best Site For Webhosting And Seo

Jul 14, 2008

i have site for php c++ etc and i wanna transfer my host to the best company for webhosting to make site fast easy simple and have great team in seo beacuse am wanna site grow up @ google and search engien optizme etc,,,increase my visitors

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Webhosting And Business

Aug 27, 2008

I am doing SEO and Web designing business for past few years.The main problem I faced in my business is with webhosting.

First I bought shared hosting from some less reputed for cheap rates.But they scam me.

Second I bought a VPS, but they don't work or propagate in all areas.

So now I am going to take a well reputed company to host my sites.

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Your First Webhosting Experience

Feb 9, 2007

What company was your first web hosting experience with? Why THAT company and when? I would find it doubtful that the first is the one that you're with now!

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Yahoo Webhosting 403 Forbidden

Nov 22, 2008

Im having problem with Yahoo web hosting. All .php pages is not working.. it will give you an error "403 Forbidden".

I cant even access my domain webhosting control panel..

I called Yahoo Customer Service and it will take 2-3 days to fix. Sad to know my website is down almost 1 week.

Can anyone tell me what's really going on with Yahoo Webhosting? Do they care their customers?

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Webhosting + Email Server

May 24, 2009

I am setting up a web server (2-3 websites, colo) but am wondering if setting up a mail server (IMAP/SMTP/Webmail for 4-5 mailboxes) alongside is a good practice?

Furthermore to my question, I only need SSL cert for email server and not for websites. Can this be done? Yes or no would be enough for now.

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Webhosting Provider Pointers

May 11, 2009

For the last few years I have run my own webserver from home for personal uses(I'm on an 'always on' dsl cable provider in the UK and using dyndns to get around being on dhcp). I have always resisted hosted services in the past as however, after a recent fatal hard drive crash am considering moving to hosted providors instead. As its for personal use (photo album, personal website etc) I dont want to spend too much (considering 3-5 a month), my requirements would be:

1. needs php
2. mysql
3. ssh
4. ftp
5. space - will be storing photos etc, so initially maybe 500mb

Imagine my surprise when i started seeing many 'unlimited' data transfer offers. I was impressed looking at JustHosts, but after digging around found they oversell, (don't they all) but have created their own review sites and list themselves at the top!

For personal usage would these 'unlimited' data transfers offers still be a good one? I just need something that will stay up, with reasonable access time for visitors.

I cant find any details on backups in general - is it a done thing where data backup of the web site / data is your own responsibility?

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Webhosting Solely For Hotlinking

Feb 15, 2009

I am a graphic designer/photographer who creates designs for music artists, producers etc. on Myspace (I know, I know). This obviously involves lots of hotlinking, and that is why I am here.

I provide customers with hosting for their layouts so that they don't have to go out and search for one. I am currently hosting the images on a friends private server, but it's fairly slow and I want something more reliable. One layout usually has around 20 different images (background, headers, banners, etc) and I try to make sure it comes out to a little under 1MB, so I don't need to worry that much about disk space. I'd say bandwidth might be the only issue if anything.

I enjoy the work but it's mostly a side business and doesn't create much revenue, so I'm trying to go for around or under $10 a month. That said, I also want to make sure things are fast enough for the visitors and am willing to up the budget if required. I was going to go with 1and1 or Hostgator but heard alot about overselling.

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Iran/cuba Webhosting

Apr 5, 2009

has anyone ever used web hosting company's in cuba or iran or knows of anyone referred to them. And I know americans cant buy certin goods from them but I have permission to do so.

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Non Profit Webhosting Reviews

Oct 9, 2009

The team here at thehost review is pleased to tell you that we are very much pleased with the service you provide. We constantly research the market for better options with regards to hosting. No doubt there are other service providers who are more affordable with regards to hosting, and also offer more on their package deals. Unfortunately for them their service is not as good as yours.

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Webhosting In A VMware Viable

Apr 3, 2008

I have a mid end Windows 2003 server that I use to host a game. I've been pondering on setting up VMware with a Linux VM and host my sites on it, and possibly other people's site. (start it as a mini private web host if my sites go well).

Just wondering if anyone has done this before and whether or not it sounds like it would work or not. I'm basically trying to downsize as I'm living at home and saving up for a house. I'm paying 20/mo on webhosting so figured if I move my websites and possibly resell a bit of space I could try make up for my server cost. If it worked out then I'd probably get another server to seperate it.

My biggest concern is how to backup my webhost if I sell that service, but I'd worry about it at that point. For now I'd do only my own sites. I'm estimating around 300-400k page views per month. Nothing super huge but still decent amount of traffic.

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