DataCities Acquired By Glowhost

Apr 16, 2009

DataCities(Dot)com is not a GlowHost sub.

The Sale Includes The Following.

1.Domain Name

2.Customer Base

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VPS With GlowHost

May 11, 2008

I've been searching for a while for a solution to my hosting issues. I went from looking for a good shared host to a good reseller host to now (after talking with a wonderfully helpful person at GlowHost) looking at their VPS hosting.

My plan is to start with their smallest VPS plan, move up as I need more resources, and eventually move to a fully managed dedicated server when I feel confident I can afford it. (HOPEFULLY without much disruption to my clients.......)

With their VPS, it seems like I can have the brandable cPanel that I get with the reseller account, with the addition of more control over things like email attachment filtering (a big sticking point that I've been trying to work around with a lot of hosts) and root access, so I can have the same control as I would on a dedicated server, with them there to help if something breaks or if something needs to be patched. (My admin isn't the type to break things, but I'm trying to save him from 3a "my site isn't responding" phone calls.) And from what I can tell, my clients will get all of the features of the shared hosting (POP/IMAP, Fantastico, etc.) but with me in control of things like space and bandwidth? (They make a huge point of how a VPS account can be used easily as a reseller account. Is the same true of the dedicated server?) I know there are GlowHost people on here, so if I'm assuming anything incorrectly, feel free to let me know. :-)

Along with pricing I can afford and prompt, polite, informative replies to the questions I had, I've been searching all morning and having found a single bad thing said about GlowHost. So have I struck gold, or is there anyone on here who feels they could talk me out of it? I always like to look at bad reviews when evaluating a company/product to see if any of the problems are anything I actually consider problems. I'm not used to finding so few bad comments. I've never really considered VPS hosting until yesterday, so if there are any more questions I should be asking (either here or to them), feel free to let me know!

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Oct 20, 2007

Anyone have some experience with them?

I am looking for a reliable host, their budget 3 star seems perfect for what I want.

I have looked at hostgator, and don't like that their cheapest plan only allows 1 domain, and requires 3 year contract to get the listed price.

So I guess all I really need is a great connectivity and uptime, ~$5/month and allows multiple domains. Don't need much else.

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Glowhost Webhosting

Jun 28, 2008

I'd like to use these guys for shared hosting to host all my Blogs. I have 4. Want to put them on Domains and get hosting.

I was looking at the professional package, and getting it for 24 months:


Advanced Hosting Package
$19.99 per month
(payment options) ORDER HOST 10 DOMAINS
40000 MB / 40 GB TRANSFER

how's their service, Uptime? Tech Support?

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From JaguarPC (1+ Year) To GlowHost (just Started) - My Experience And Reviews So Far

Jun 12, 2009

I've been with JaguarPC for over a year. I hosted two sites, one on VPS, another on semi-dedicated. I had to give up VPS after a couple of months when it turned out it was impossible to upgrade my operation system despite several attempts.

Today I'm canceling the second site on semi-dedicated server even though at first it was good (and cheap compared others). Unfortunately, over time the server was getting less and less reliable, there were frequent outages and connection problems. It seemed I was usually the first one to spot the problem and I opened a ticket; one of them had a dozen or so replies as I would post almost every day that the site was down or slow. So I had to leave this semi-dedicated too.

JaguarPC positives:

despite server performance issues, they have fast and friendly support; I liked to work with these guys and they showed patience. They even offered me free upgrade on VPS to a better operational system, but I chose to move on to try other waters

they were flexible enough to install software I needed without problems

JaguarPC negatives:

server problems, probably some overselling and/or not enough attention to the bad guys with buggy or heavy websites

Now I moved to and pay over two times as much for a semi-dedicated server. Here are my first impressions:

server seems OK so far,

support - they are also fast (probably even faster than JPC), even though they seem not to be as flexible as JaguarPC regarding installation of common software. For example, I asked them to install zlib to use gzip compression, but they said they know better and gzip compression is not something that would benefit my site and I would have to move to a dedicated server to have it installed (?). I was a little surprised since even some regular shared hosts have zlib library installed and I would think a semi-dedicated server (with no more than 30 domains on the server as it's possible to host only one domain and considering the price) should be treated as something more than just a shared server and users who choose semi-dedicated server actually do it to improve performance over shared server.

Either way, I'll see how it goes later; as long as the server is stable and fast I guess I shouldn't complain.

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