11 Months At Midphase/10tb Getting Ridiculous

Apr 14, 2009

After been with midphase/10tb for 11 months, things starting to get ridiculous.

this morning all my 7 servers are terminated, according to them it's due to "inability to act on the numerous amount of abuse complaints".

I use two servers for shared hosting, for the last 11 months, i only received about 4-5 DMCA complaints made to my hosting clients, all of complaints were taken care of in a timely manner.

I double checked that I didn't received any complaints for the past two weeks, the last one i received was last month and was taken care of.

I have filed a response to their "termination notice ticket" and called them 20 minutes ago, whoever was answering the phone says someone will look at the ticket, and yet no response to the ticket.

this is just sad, i don't know if i still want to stay with them after this.

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10TB For Around The Prices Of Midphase?

Jul 22, 2008

Anyone else in USA who does 10TB for around the prices of midphase?

I know of fdcservers already.

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10TB/Midphase Staff Gone For Holidays? 4 Days No Reply

Dec 28, 2008

I have opened an emergency ticket with Midphase/10TB since Dec 23 and until now, no response from support even the ticket was assigned.

The issue is regarding customer privacy which Midphase/10TB leak my direct contract information ( name, address, cellphone..) to 3rd party.

I know it is holidays, but 4 days without reply is very bad.

Anyone have experience the same issue(no reply)?

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Experience Of Using 10tb.com Service.(to 10tb, To Eming))

Sep 18, 2009

I started my own hosting business from July, and placed my first three orders to softlayer.com.

I have to cost down now, and place my first order to 10tb.com last friday.

Because I live in Asia, and my english is not good enough.

So...I have to use email or ticket system to ask some questions,

I just want to give you some difference message here.

All the some steps to setup my server when I place my order to softlayer, they just spend 2 hrs.

And about the tickets I have sent to softlayer, They have no more than 15~20 minutes to reply me.

But when I have placed my order at Sep/10/2009 to 10tb.com, the server was ready for 3 days later.....

I think my next billing cycle should be extended three days, right?

And the ticket I have created on the control panel of 10tb.com, they usually reply me about 12~24 hrs later, sometimes more than 24 hrs.

When everything was ready with my server, it's Sep/14/2009.

And two day pass...I found that you are offering a 50% discount(first month) at 10TB.com.

Just one day, I wasted more than $170 USD...

I only complain about it, I hope that you could have best service in the future.

Because I plan to place all my servers with 10tb.com in the future.

And I will appreciate that if you have a great service in the future too.

I have to purchase another server recently, I hope I will get a better experience.

TO Dear eming :

I think 10tb.com provide a good service, but maybe I hope you will be better.

About my experience, you could check the ticket ID#24130306.
And I want to place another order to 10tb, you could see the email I have sent to Tom and you yesterday.

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Lunarpages Account Suspension Ridiculous!

May 20, 2009

Did a google search and found a similar post on here so I figured I'd let everyone know my story.

I have been a client of Lunarpages for more than 5 years I believe. Always paid up, never had a problem. I transferred to them after my old host Burlee shutdown my account with no prior warning because I had lost my credit card and had a new one. Couldn't get any of my files back either.

So at the beginning of May I get an email that some scripts are exploited. I have support shutdown all the scripts and similar scripts until I get a chance to look at them. I run my own company and am a really busy right now.

I then get an email saying we have permanently suspended your account. Support is useless and billing just transfers me to support.

I cannot login to FTP to fix the problems or lunarpages CPanel either.

Does anyone know who I can talk to about this? If they would have just suspended my account until I could login to fix the problems I would not be upset. Now they want to cancel my service.

Oh - and even though my account is "permanently suspended" I have got two renewal notices for my account!

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10TB.com, VPS.net, DDoS Etc

Apr 4, 2009

i am always searching for an affordable provider offering ddos filtered servers.

I am interested in the offer of 10TB.com, and i really would like have opportunity of test it without renting for the whole month (because i believe they will not protect me)
To verify this theory, I decided to rent a VPS node from VPS.net, assuming they are on the same network. I did some tests, and i was actually not protected (i think i have been null routed after a small flood). Talking with a VPS.net technician, he ASSURED ME 2 TIMES THAT NEITHER VPS.NET OR 10TB.COM ARE DDOS PROTECTED!

This is against all that has always been told from 10tb.com sales. So I returned on 10tb.com site, and asked in live chat some clarify. The man replied that yes, there is no protection. Then told me to wait, and when he returned he told me that 10tb.com servers are ddos protected, VPS are not (!!!). I am very very confused. if there is some 10TB.com sales agent, i kindly ask to have opportunity to make a test for a few days, or have a 7-day money guarantee.

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10TB Review

Jan 15, 2009

Typically I don't post reviews on the forums but I guess I will go ahead with this one . We ordered our first server in November .

First off for those of you who don't know 10tb is under Midphase, which in turn is under UK2. I cannot have enough praise for UK2, Ditlev is an amazing CEO who will help just about anyone and truly does care about every client getting the service they deserve. I have always seen UK2's offers and usually wrote them off for being too good to be true, most recently they had the 10 deals for the birthday special and had the 100mbps unmetered Atom server for an amazing rate (99 GBP if I remember correctly). But anyone who believes their offers to be to good to be true should dismiss that feeling, they do deliver on what they advertise.

Now onto the review of the services:

1. Ordering/Setup - Nick really helped me here and continues to help me when I have issues to this day. Sometimes the sales guys just forget about you after they make the sale, that isn't the way at 10tb. Whenever I have an issue that I am not sure about an e-mail to Nick usually has the right answer or gives me the contact I need very quickly.

Our first server was ordered and setup within a few hours, with absolutely no issues. These servers are at Softlayer's datacenter, which has a great process for deploying servers, and we had an amazing experience. 10TB gave us all the info we needed for using the private network and panel access for the server to perform plenty of task. You are able to do most the features in the Softlayer panel a normal client can do, except sales and support functions.

We have ordered a 2 additional servers from them in the past month and a half as well, setup within a timely fashin, for the most part. The most recent server had a good amount of addons and confusion in a few parts and got deployed in the wrong datacenter at first, but got redeployed in the correct one within a few hours. We were having some issues with the hardware and software and after not having too much luck with support on what they were responsible for I contacted Ditlev who found the right people and had the issue fixed very fast (thanks!) and haven't had any problems with that server since.

2. Server/Network- Anyone who has used Softlayer knows that they really have their network together, since we do internet streaming we are always looking for the best network we can use for the least amount of money. Going directly with Softlayer wasn't an option because of the rates they charge for bandwidth directly, so knowing that 10TB used Softlayer's network we went with them. It is the real thing, there isn't a difference between the network you are on with a direct Softlayer server and a 10TB server. They are on the same private and public networks. We haven't had any issues at all so far (TX Datacenter) with the network and couldn't be happier. Speeds couldn't be better .
There isn't much to say about the servers themselves, besides the nice IPMI feature you get. It has helped to be able to use the console and reboot controls when things have gone wrong.

3. Support- Support has been pretty good at Midphase, sometimes just a tad slower then I would expect but not to the point where I would ever complain. Sometimes they seem to just forget about tickets when they aren't the most important things in the world (like minor sales questions) but if you really need to find the answer you can usually just e-mail someone and they will get the answer very fast. The support has been amazing on important issues like servers not booting and other issues.

Conclusion- If you need plenty of QUALITY bandwidth, there is no one that I have found that compares to deal 10tb provides and the people there that run it. The price can't be beat, and in reality you can sometimes get a more powerful server with more bandwidth at 10TB then you can get directly at Softlayer with 2tb of bandwidth.

Well, that was longer then I expected. Hope it helps someone make a decision if they are thinking about using 10TB or Midphase . Oh yeah, and UK2 has to be one of the best companies at acquiring companies and making them even better.

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A Better Deal Than 10tb.com

Mar 24, 2009

I have a 100 mbps unmetered dedicated server + cpanel = $425 in 10TB.com and I would like to hear if you guys can advice me on a better deal, I have seen lately great offers for less, so I wonder if I am paying more than the average for a 100 mbps unmetered dedicated + cpanel. I don't complain service is good, well theplanet was better but even more expensive.

I have an adult video site so all i need is bandwidth.

I appreciate your feedback on current prices and what i paid there. $425 for unmetered 100 mbps dedicated + cpanel is okay? paying a lot more? After all 10tb is a reseller, so should i go to another reseller that charge less?

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10TB Vs Gigenet

Nov 7, 2008

Both are great companies which causes me to have a hard time deciding which to choose..10TB
-Resold servers from SoftLayer, which is a plus
-SoftLayer offers small to mid range DDoS protection if I am not wrong
-Cost efficient
-And many more..Gigenet
-Cost efficient
-Owns their own datacenter
-Offers a wide range of products and add-ons for a low cost/minimum cost
-Solid SLA
-And many more..

I am also considering going for both, but I still need one of them for a start..

Personally I like 10TB more, for no particular reason, just liking it, but I can't resist what Gigenet offers too.. I wish to go for both too..

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10TB Servers

Oct 10, 2008

10TB.com seem to be offering servers at a decent price and I've emailed them regarding some sales issues and they replied in less than a minute! Its a few emails! Pretty fast response I suppose..

But regarding their reliability and support, how is it? Their servers are of low costs and they give 10TB bandwidth, which isn't cheap.

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10TB Traffic Deals

Oct 11, 2009

Since the 10TB traffic offers seem to appear from everywhere now, I thought it might be good to index what is actually the best offer out there right now.

The basic requirements for most high bandwidth sites are:

100Mbit or 1Gbit port, fully burstable with 10TB traffic limit
Decent HDD drive, say, 250-500GB or low prices on upgrades
$200/mo or less

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2 Month 10tb.com Review

Apr 6, 2009

After being with 10tb.com for months I decided to write a review of my experience so far.

A little about why i joined them:
my main reason to moving from 10tb.com was simply because of it's amount of quality bandwidth backed by softlayer.com and the fact my 3 sites were outgrowing my 3 VPS's (knownhost and FDC).

Below I've rated each aspect of my 10tb.com experience.

Uptime: rating 9.8/10
Uptime has been great, the only downtime I've ever experienced in 2 months was 30min I believe.

Managed Support provided by Supreme
Support: 9/10
The first month with 10tb.com I decided to get help with various issues like optimization and security hardening, for the most part it has been great, the only thing that annoyed me was the way some tickets were initially handled. For example sometimes if I requested help with something I'd get half an answer or a do it your self instructions.

Sales: 8/10
My sales experience was a bumpy one,this was because I had my server upgraded to a better special deal which required them to swap my physical server, in the process they issued me a total new invoice which i paid, this resulted in overlapping invoices and tons of confusing with tickets going back and forth and since the time zone difference between Australia and US is quite large this caused it to drag on even longer than it should have.

Although I rated it 8 I believe most people won't experience what I have so it should really be 9/10 -1 for response times for non US residents.

Hardware & Bandwidth speeds: 10/10
Nothing to say much here except everything has been perfect! simply quality stuff backed by softlayer that you can't go wrong with.

Value: 10/10
I've been checking offers on WHT almost daily and still do to this day,and I think I have one of the best deals out there.
for $209 I'm getting a Quad Core Xeon 3220/8gb RAM/2x250gb/Cpanel/20GB NAS/ 10TB tier 1 bandwidth.

That about rounds my experience, I truly hope to continue with them and can see my self purchasing another server in the foreseeable future

Thanks 10tb.com and keep up the good work!

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[EU] 100mbit Shared Or ~10Tb/mo For <150EUR

May 28, 2009

I've got such a server with Ecatel:

PE R200 Dual Core Xeon 3065, 2.33GHz/4M 1333FSB
2GB 667MHz Dual Rank ECC Memory (2X1GB)
2 * 500GB SATA2 RAID1
100 mbit shared (among 2 servers)
for 125 eur/mo

No need in higher CPU/RAM.

I'm not using 100mbit line but I also can't tell you how much bandwidth are we using (graphs don't work now). Seems like we are using a little bit less than 300 gb/day.

We are a Free Image Hosting - FunkyIMG.com

To make it clear, we do respect laws but we usually have problems with some people uploading some s**t to our server (for example, CP).

As I'm almost the only one man to maintain that server (I do sleep sometimes or even can go on vacation) - I would like to kindly ask my new ISP not to take my server/ip down asap, but to contact me. With LeaseWeb and Ecatel I've managed to wipe all CP in several hours after report (and they gave me much more than 1-15 mins) even if I was in abroad.

We were hosted by PoundHost/UK once - and the server was taken down without any notification.. With other hosters everything is ok - even if I receive ~2 CP abuses a week.

So, suggest me a EU (I think NL, not UK) company with not very expensive shared 100mbit line and friendly people

Can I find something better than:


HP DL120G5
Intel E2160
2x250GB HDD
100mbit guaranteed unmetered dedicated port
Monthly 139 Euro

HP DL120G5
Intel E2160
2x500GB HDD
100mbit guaranteed unmetered dedicated port
Monthly 159 Euro

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10TB 1/4 Cabinet Deals - Looking To Expand Our Failover Product

Oct 11, 2009

Please do share if you know of a 10TB colo offer in either east or west. I know co-location is bandwidth-based but this is what we're looking for right now. Here are the requirements:

10TB (up and/or down) transfer on at least 100Mbps port

Good uptime history (BGP mix, A/B redundant power feeds, redundant hvac, etc)

Friendly crew (willing to help rack up 1U's if it's remote)

20A circuit (willing to consider 10A)

Access to KVMoIP

Ethernet drop

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100Mbps Dedicated Servers Needed (10tb.com Reviews?)

Oct 23, 2009

I'm in the market to purchase a handful of dedicated servers here in the next few months. I'm looking for the most "bang for the buck". And preferably don't want to pay more than $700 - $800/server/month. I stumbled onto 10tb, I've been doing a little bit of research, and so far have not found any negative reviews other then people trying to user their vps servers from outside the US and expecting 1Gbps speeds.

Anyway, I digress, their price tags are definitely in my price range. About $638 for an 8core server 2.26Ghz 12GB ram 2x250hdd, 100mbps unmetered. Best deal I've seen yet.

So far I like what I see with 10TB but i want to verify that I can expect to get the results I need. I've talked to support and they say it is dedicated bandwidth which means I can burst into 100mbps for long periods of time. I care about this more than anything. Most of these servers are going to need that connection, and I expect to max it out quite often. We plan on launching several game servers so bandwidth is definitely a necessity.

I will also be hosting our web-servers as well and will be looking to deploy load balancing when the time comes. So I would also like the ability have these servers in a private vlan.

Are there any 10TB customers out there using their 100Mbps unmetered plans with heavy loads? I know soft-layer has an amazing network. I just want to make sure this is dedicated bandwidth and I can loadup the port for days if needed. Without experiencing problems, server being shutdown, or extra fees coming into play.

I can probably expect to be at a normal load of about 60% or more bandwidth usage per server.

10TB really stands out to me because its on soft-layers network, and they have 3 different locations I can locate these servers. Which since we'll be deploying game servers is great to ensure low pings to all our clients.

I am open to looking at other hosts as long as they can provide me with the above requirements. I'm very interested in what 10TB costumers have to say.

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Dedicated Need 4x1Tb HDD + 10Tb Bandwidth /month USA Or Europe

Apr 10, 2009

I need not expensive more dedicated server with configuration:

CPU - (P4 other not specifically)
Memory 2Gb
4 x 1000Gb HDD
Uplink port 100Mbps
Bandwidth 10.000Gb/per month
(~ 20-30 Mbps unmetered)
OS: CentOS (only ssh root)

Did you know good DataCenter fast support/phone.

Good uplink speed / out USA or Europe
Not expensive more than 200-300$

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MidPhase DC

Jun 28, 2008

Does anyone know what DC MidPhase is in?

I know its apparantly Softlayer but I cannot determine which one from the TraceRoute and slightly is im getting there via cogentco.com which isnt in the Softlayer public mix.

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Any Review For Midphase

Aug 6, 2008

i think to get dedicated in midphase,i serched in forum but i cant able to find any reviews, if any one have server with them please share ur review.

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Dreamhost Or MidPhase

Mar 10, 2006

Which is one is better?? MidPhase.com or Dreamhost.. i need lot of bandwidth with fair price.

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Midphase Reviews?

Jun 13, 2006

Anyone here used Midphase? Over at WHT you can find as many negatives as positives for almost anyone you chose. Anyone at Sitepoint used them? I'm very cautious about switching and have checked into several web hosts. I would stick with the one I have now, but server load spikes seem to come at the worst times and stay around for hours.

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MIDPHASE - Contacting Them

Oct 22, 2009

They have 365 /27 phone support but i can't get any of the numbers to actually work. It says they have been disconected?

Is this just an issue from the uk?

I'm trying

Tech Support & Customer Service
1-866-MIDPHASE (Toll Free Phone)
1-435-787-7101 (Local Phone)
24 Hours per Day - 365 Days/Year

so from the uk
001 435 787 7107
001 866 643 74273

nothing connects says number disconnected?

can anyone else get them?

clicked the live help, but sadly that does not work for dedicated servers.

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Midphase Dedicated

Aug 7, 2008

does anyone have experience with midphase.com dedicated servers.

I found out that they host in the softlayer datacenter and offer 10TB of bandwith and amazing servers for the price.

My quesiton is, if they host in the softlayer datacenter i can assume pretty solid uptime and bandwith / DL speed?

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Anybody Has Used/experienced Midphase Vps?

Apr 19, 2009

as my title tells all anybody has used/experienced midphase vps?

They have very good vps plans..

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Anybody Tried Midphase Or Powweb Please?

Feb 24, 2006

Looking for more webhosting for different sites: I was wondering if anybody had any opinions on Midphase or Powweb please. I have researched them both throughly but would be interested to know what the latest opinions are on them.

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Midphase Being Unreasonable!

Jul 11, 2008

I just got the mail from midphase stated that they will not allow bandwidth pooling anymore. And it is effect immediately. Exactly from email:

Dear Dedicated Customers,

Due to the popularity of our dedicated program we are no longer able to offer bandwidth pooling between servers. We regret any inconvenience this causes but we do have some helpful solutions for your bandwith needs.

This month all overages above the allotted 10 Terabytes per server will be billed at .20 cents per Gigabyte over.

Next month in order to receive this price you will need to purchase bandwidth packages in advance. Please simply let us know how much additional bandwidth you would like to purchase for the upcoming month and we will add that bandwidth to your account at the same .20 cent price. This service will renew with your account addons and will be a monthly fee. All overages above your pre-purchased allotment will then be billed at .50 cents per Gigabyte. We will notify you in advance of any overages as well so please feel free to add more bandwidth to your account at any time by emailing billing@midphase.com. If you find that you're no longer using as much bandwidth you can also cancel these addons by emailing billing@midphase.com.

This will result me paying alot for overuseage as i have 2 servers from them. And i am using bandwidth mainly on 1 server. ( more than 10TB for this month already.

I also emailed them 2days ago that i need at least 30 days notice but the did not reply.

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Midphase VPS Feedback?

Sep 23, 2007

Am considering Midphase's VPS as an upgrade from shared and after searching the net am fairly comfortable with them at this point. However, knowing that most happy/content customers usually don't think about writing a review and the dissatisfied ones sometimes do...I'm posting this question not as an opportunity to bash but to be informative.

Keeping that in mind, my specs are as follows:

1) Run 3 Wordpress blogs (one of which is picking up steam fairly fast)
2) Have 2 static sites that may see increased traffic. (At this point they do not but one is an offshoot of the blog with the most traffic so this may change)
3) Have a SMF forum setup for family that is fairly active.
4) I like to try out various scripts for review.

I'm looking for any feedback from current Midphase VPS customers or past ones. Like I said, this is not an invitation to bash them. That can be done somewhere else. I'm looking for those with experience with their company's VPS hosting.

I am presently a shared hosting customer with them on their Linux plan and would prefer to keep with Linux over windoze.

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Hostony Or Midphase

Dec 14, 2005

Which one will u ppl recommend. Any one has good words about these hosts.

Both seems to fit my requirements for windows hosting.

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FdcServers- Or Midphase

Apr 15, 2008

im planning to buy dedicated i have a budget of 300 usd per month

so i got 2 option

1) To Go with Fdc

100Mbit Burstable Unmetered Dedicated Server #1

CPU - Core2Quad 6600

Memory - 8GB RAM
Hard Disk Space - 1x500GB HDD

100Mbit port - full duplex

$ 299 /month / But many people says thats fdc is not good , they have fake hardwares , and not a good support at all / and their all time excuses is HARDWARE FAILURE

2) Midphase.com dedicated

This one

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Do Not Host With Midphase

Sep 30, 2008

I only have headaches with this host.

My site has been down several times.

I wanted to add a add-on domain to my account but I received a park-wrap-error. I submitted 2 tickets and called in multiple times but this has not been fixed.. for OVER 2 WEEKS now.

Now the most recent insult. They moved my site to another server.. without telling me and lost my files that I uploaded the other day. I called in to ask about this but the service tech hung up on me. He told me "If this happens again please submit a support ticket" without even listening to my question or concerns.

DO NOT Host with Midphase!

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Midphase Or LunarPages? Which Would You Recommend?

Sep 28, 2005

OK, after investigating nearly 30 hosts over the last month we're in the final...

Telephone support was essential for me and both hosts have answered the phone instantly ever time I've rang them, no matter what time of day.

Both have packages with multiple-domain hosting.

Both have generally positive reviews in this and other forums and also on other review sites.

LunarPages has rave reviews like no other host in this category, but their price is significantly more for the multiple domain package:

Lunarpages: $25.50 - 4 GB storage - 200 GB bandwith
Midphase: $12 - 7 GB storage - 'Unlimited' bandwith

Both include a free domain.

Storage/bandwith llimits don't mean much to me because I know I will not fill them.

Was wondering what other people's experiences had been with these two hosts please?

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Dire Service From Midphase

Jul 26, 2008

I recently left Midphase after deciding I couldn't live with being charged extra for AWstats (not just per domain but $2 per month for subdomains also!!!)

I foolishly took advantage of their free domain when I signed up and am now having incredible difficulty getting it transferred as per the terms of their agreement after 12 months.

I have been trying now for 4 weeks. I won't bore you with the saga of events getting as far as a release key prior to the 4 weeks but since then I have submitted the transfer request via 123-Reg 4 times and each time it has timed out because Midphase won't respond with confirmation within 5 days.

I have spent the last 24 hours with numerous emails telling me they can't talk to me unless I submit a ticket which I can't do because they insist the account is closed prior to transfer. Finally I get enough information to them to satisfy their security concerns and they resend the key I already have.

When I reply I have it already, I simply want them to confirm the transfer when asked, I get this back.

"This request will be confirm automatically. But you need wait some time."
I have asked how long is 'some time' but no reply.

edit: I got a reply.

"Usually, we don't confirm these requests. These operations perform automatically. So, may be you made some a mistakes when fill your request."

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