Whats Up With Reliablesite.net?

Jun 29, 2008

my website hosted at reliablesite.net is down!

and I can't access [url]

reliablesite staff please advise when we will get our websites back.

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My Reliablesite.net Experiences

Apr 22, 2008

This thread is mostly for me to keep track of how things go with this host and hopefully to benefit any others that might be thinking of hosting with them in the future.

I'm going to try and keep my interactions with this host updated here over time.


Posted a pre-sales question in their forum, answer received 58 minutes later. (Good sign, but presales/sales generally have fast response times)


Decided to give them a shot, ordered the following package (some upgrades from the default package).

Hosted Domains: Unlimited $0.00
Disk Space (Upgradable): 3,000 MB $0.00
Bandwidth (Upgradable): 30,000 MB $0.00
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Databases (Upgradable): 3 Databases $1.75
MySQL 5 Databases (Upgradable): 5 Databases $2.00
ASP.NET: ASP.NET v1.1, v2.0, v3.0, v3.5 + ASP.NET AJAX $0.00
ASP Classic: ASP Classic Version 3.0 $0.00
PHP: PHP Version 5.2.X $0.00
Sub-Domains (Upgradable): 10 Sub Domains $0.90
Domain Aliases / Pointers (Upgradable): 1 Domain Alias $0.00
E-mail Inboxes/Addresses with POP3 + IMAP4 Support (Upgradable): 5 E-mail Addresses + 5 Free E-mail Aliases $0.00
Mailing Lists (Upgradable): 1 Mailing List $0.00
Mailing List Size (Upgradable): 10 Contacts $0.00
FTP Accounts : Unlimited FTP Accounts $0.00
Statistics: Unlimited Domains Site Statistics using SmarterStats $0.00
Virtual/Application Directories: Unlimited Virtual Directories $0.00
Secure/Password Protected Folders: Unlimited Secure Folders $0.00
Dedicated Application Pool/Process: Yes, For Each Hosted Domain $0.00
Web Data Manager for MS SQL Server 2005: Yes, Includes Backup and Restore Tools $0.00
Remote Connections Enabled for SQL Server: Yes, Using SQL Server Management Studio 2005 $0.00
PhpMyAdmin for MySQL 5: Yes, Includes Backup and Restore Tools $0.00
Additional Components: ASPUpload, ASPJPEG, and ASPE-mail $0.00
Webmail System: Latest Version of SmarterMail $0.00
Automatic Customer Billing: Yes, With Multiple Payment Gateways $0.00

Confirmation page says my site will be setup within 24 hours. Not promising as far as auto provisioning goes.


Checked my email for order confirmation. I'm happy to see my site has already been provisioned! The email states that it might take longer (up to the previously mentioned 24 hours) for some of the upgraded items to take affect, I'm ok with this.

The email also contains all of the information I need to get things going, IPs, URLs, etc.

I'll update again later with any new information.

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ReliableSite.NET Review

Jul 9, 2008

I was a ReliableSite customer for over an year. Infact, due to their decent service initially, I moved some of my client websites (database-driven apps) to their servers. But in the past 2 months, their quality of service has degraded to a level where I've totally lost faith on their service, and finally moved to another host.

Lately, they keep having issues with their server or their network or something else. A 24 hour downtime earlier this week, and no prior notification (atleast I didn't receive any email). Their support forums were down as well. And then when the server went up, I was shocked to notice that the database server had changed, that too without any prior notification. All my websites stopped working, and these website cater to our paid customers, which meant a loss of goodwill and revenue for us.

Even after all this, none of the ReliableSite staff has offered a public apology to their customers for the pathetic service they offer now. I have realized that ReliableSite takes hosting as a 'play business'. They seem to think that their customers will bear any bulls**t. Well, they are so wrong.

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Reliablesite.net SMTP

May 9, 2008

Is able here able to send email through reliablesite.net's SMTP?

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My Experience With Reliablesite.net

Jun 30, 2008

My website -- www.beywiki.com -- has been hosted with reliablesite.net since its opening in October. Originally, things started okay. Bumpy, but okay. There were little glitches and hitches, some related to RS themselves and some with my website. However, the RS staff were always very accommodating and I greatly appreciated that.

However, there have been catastrophic downtimes with them. There has never been a month where there wasn't a significant amount of downtime. I was given three months free as a result of a large amount of downtime, but that's run out and the issues are still persisting ... already in the past week was almost 24 hours downtime.

The support is not as present as it was when I started with them, they are almost never on AIM or MSN anymore and there are times where I don't receive a response to my tickets for many hours.

One look at their forums -- forum.reliablesite.net -- shows that there are many dissatisfied customers right now. They have been deleting messages that have been deemed to critical, often without any warning.

RS.net does not seem to feel the need to contact users about scheduled downtime or about downtimes that may be occurring; in my entire time with them, despite a large amount of downtime, I only ever recieved an e-mail about it once.

That being said, regrettably I think I have no choice but to look for another host. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I am looking for about $5 a month for roughly 1GB of space and 10GB of bandwidth.

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ReliableSite.net - Not So Reliable

Aug 6, 2008

Just wanted to put a little warning out there for people thinking about ReliableSite.net for hosting. I am a web host and designer/developer and I was looking for Windows hosting for one of my clients (I only do Linux) to host a shopping cart called ProductCart on and after searching in here I found ReliableSite.net. I researched them, they seemed to have a good rep, their prices were great and they said they had ASPImage and ASPUpload installed (which we needed specificlly for ProductCart, I was even offered the most current invoice or something to prove they had it). I talked with the sales guy (Radic) a few times before I had my client order services and a few time after.

Once we started having some problems with things not working correclty it was VERY hard to get ahold of Radic and support tickets were taking longer and longer to be answered.

I really don't remember to many of the eariler problems, they were not a big deal, but we hit a major road block when the feature in ProductCart wouldn't work (the image upload and resize feature that is dependent on ASPImage and ASPUpload being installed).

I finally determined that it was becuase the ASPImage and ASPUpload were not liscened correctly (even though they stated it was before we purchased services). I emailed support they took their time getting back to me, then told me it was setup correctly and it must be something with the program we were using.

After contacting support for ProductCart I found a little tester script they provide to test for what version of ASPImage and ASPUpload are installed. That failed and gave an error number. I forwarded this onto support, they responded and said they would look in to it. I was then told that they had found the problem and it was a billing or provision issue. A few days later I still have not gotten an update nor are the componets working.

I am emailing and emailing them and they are ignoring me. I finally get a response and they say they are working on an emergency server restore and everyone is busy with that, we will have to wait, they say they will have it fixed by the next day at 7pm EST. I wait until after that time period, see nothing has happened, I email them a few hours later I get a response that says they still have hundreds of clients down and cannot do it.

By this time it has been close to a week and no action has been taken. We decided to move everything to yet another host (this will be our 3rd) and we never did get an update about when it was fixed, if ever. I then had to email them one last time to ask for the SSL Cert to be exported, took them 10 days to get that to me and by then I had reissued it.

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Reliablesite - No Support And Server Down

Feb 16, 2009

I am using a shopping cart using php and mysql which was setup long back on my account with Reliablesite.net. Now, it is suddenly down mentioning database not found. I have submitted a ticket 9 hours back but not heard anything. The support as always is non-existent and is only available from 9-5 mon-fri. I am very much frustrated as there is no other means of contacting them. No phone number and no one is there to attend the tickets. Can someone help me how to contact them as I cannot afford to keep website down till they open their offices tomorrow morning.

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Postive Reliablesite.net Review (Almost 1.5 Yrs)

Apr 7, 2008

So I've been with ReliableSite for 1 year and 5 months (domain already verified by the_pm) and for the most part it's been a pretty good experience.

Uptime - 9/10

There isn't much to say here, when they say Reliable they mean pretty reliable. I track my site with hyperspin, and outside of the planned downtime (...the wonderful migration...I'll explain below) my site has been up for a reported 99.994% over this period of time, which is pretty amazing for a $7 per month plan.

Support - 8/10

The staff at reliablesite have been pretty good for the most part at giving me support. The response times have varied between 20 minutes - 3 hours (depending on the complexity of the issue). The only time I've ever had a big delay with support was during the datacenter migration. It took them a few days to get back to me, but everything was resolved and I had minimal downtime (a few hours), but that was due to my misunderstanding of the instructions at first.

Site Performance 10/10

This is the one thing that keeps getting better and better about rs. My site no matter what time of day always loads in a flash, especially after they put in the new servers at the new datacenter.

Technology Support - 9/10

I've really liked how rs has constantly been including all of the latest releases of everything .net, php, etc to the line-up. Whenever I shoot over a request for something to be installed I usually get back a "this is already available on your server". They've also installed a few other components for me like JMail. There are a few things that I'd like to see that they won't implement such as RoR, but other than that I have no complaints.

Overall - 9/10

If you're looking for a good host for the price, you may want to give them a try. I'm generally an easy to please kind of guy .

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ReliableSite.Net - Good Review

Jul 17, 2008

I have been around here for a while, but just decided to take the plunge and register for an account simply because I did notice all of the "negative" reviews about my host reliablesite and thought I should balance things out a bit from a customer that's a little more patient and doesn't expect instant response times from a host that's busy handling issues.

Lets get started - I have had an account with reliablesite.net for a few months, not a long time, but enough to write a review. I just have a basic shared hosting plan, nothing major and have been generally pleased.

For what I pay I have gotten:

1. Good uptime for the most part
2. Good support - usually within 1 hour of the support request
3. Good speeds - site loads up speedy

So now with all of the good stuff out of the way I'll talk about my recent experience with the downtime recently, what I know, what I don't know, etc.

Last I heard from Radic there was a worm that took down 4 servers. Now 4 shared servers, that's a lot, I'm no hosting pro but from how profits work I can see them having 100+ customers on a shared server. So lets say 400 customers without service with their own site included.

So their site was down for several hours, I think I counted around 8 hours. My site was down as well, but this happened a bit after their site went down, so I just sent an e-mail to support@reliablesite.net that my site is down. After the site came back up I finally received a "ticket created" e-mail so I know it was in their ticketing system.

There was a bit of communication via their forum about the issue, not a lot of information, but mentioned that ticket response time may be slow because all of the techs were restoring sites, databases, etc and there were customers that had 3 - 4 tickets in the system (whats the point....?). I noticed the databases were available within a few hours and sites came back up eventually (I think 12 hours or so).

A few hours later I received a ticket response with a quick overview of what happened with the server, nothing in detail, but enough so I can get an idea. This included a quick apology for the downtime.

I later noticed that Radic had posted about SLA credits, I took advantage of it and opened a ticket, a couple of hours later I have credit for the entire month!

So all in all, it's a pretty great service for what you pay for. The few customers that were "pissed off" seemed to be the same ones who made endless posts and harassments on their forum wondering why posts were removed and had no patience whatsoever. When you pay $5/mo for a service, you can't be screaming for much of anything, especially making legal threats for your $5 per month fee (lol). That doesn't even cover 1 hour of minimum wage anymore.

Well good luck to the RS team, I'm really glad everything is sorted (well 98%).

Submitting the domain using the report function like others have done. I will continue to recommend you as I have noticed you're making strides to improve.

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Softsyshosting.com & Reliablesite.net - Installed Components

Jan 28, 2008

Anyone know where I can find a list of installed ASP components on both of these hosts? I am specifically looking for items like ASPMail, ASPUpload, ASPImage, etc.

Softsyshosting.com lists the components under their windows 2003 shared hosting plans, but they are not listed under the SQL 2005 plans. Since I am interested in signing up for the SQL Server 2005 plans, I would appreciate it if anyone can confirm the availability of those components under the SQL plans.

Reliablesite.net doesn't have any components listed. Again, I would appreciate it if anyone can provide a list of installed components.

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Amazing Spam Filtering At Reliablesite

May 12, 2008

reliablesite has filtered 100% of the spam emails

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Reliablesite Is Fake, Liar And Unreliable

Jun 26, 2008

I am very unhappy with Reliablesite. Their servers are down since 48 hours and I feel down. There is no response from the support team. The same happened to the other server as well some days back and they are continously having having hardware issue.

I am just wondering what happened to the marketing blurb that reads:

"Fully Redundant: More uptime starts with multiple backbones of Tier 1 only providers to fail-over servers which kick in instantly."

Where are these fail-over servers and why did they not "kick in instantly" when everything went FUBAR?
The control panel is now just giving the error:

Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

All of my domains have been down for over 48 hours with either a server error message appearing or an IIS7 "Sites currently being restored. Please see bear with us." message. Every database I have now returns the error message "login failed" for each user as well.

This is an unacceptable amount of downtime, I will now have to list every domain I own and create new users for every database. I find this quite disturbing that I now have an extra amount of work put on me for something that should have been handled by the "fail-over" servers which don't seem to have kicked in at all.

I think they are faking their advertisement of "fail-over" and they should change their name to "Unreliablesite.net".

I think this company's English skills are a bit off when they brag about their "Fully Redundant fail-over servers". Judging from their performance, I think what they were actually trying to say is that their servers are "fell over" servers. You know, the kind of servers keep falling over...again and again.

Sad part about it is they actually believe they're helping people with their lame attempts to explain what the problems are. They are so wrapped up in "damage control" they think their customers are complete idiots and will believe anything they post.

Posts like "25% of the sites should now be working. MySQL and MS SQL databases will be coming back up soon as well. We estimate that the entire move will be complete at 12PM EST June 25th."

What does 25 persent of the sites mean or tell me about when my sites will be up. Twenty-five percent of what?!! Well that was 36 hours ago when they made that claim and many others and they still both down.

All I know is I keep getting Emails from support reading, "It should be fixed now".

Simply accessing the URL reveals that the problem is indeed not fixed. Just a little bit of checking and investigation can go a long way. RSNET, this is getting ridiculous. Please DO NOT send me anymore "it is fixed" Emails until it the problem is actually fixed. I have been patient as and as understanding as I can possibly be through the latest string of outages but my patience is wearing thin. PLEASE just get the sites running again and soon.

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WiredTree Whats Ur Take

Jun 16, 2008

Whats ur take on Wired Tree folks, shall i jump the ship and provide them with utter bunny mayhem (cause i am known to be intolerably insane when my server is down). How is their overall support, and network and performance ? Anyone current got "Server" from them who would like to throw some light on their performance and services ?

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Whats The Best I Can Get For $35 A Month

Dec 1, 2007

All I have is a big forum to host and I dont have much time to manage it - so a managed server is preferred. I also want cPanel on it.

futurehosting.biz really appealed to me but I was wondering if there was anything better, in terms of storage, bandwidth and RAM (also CPU, i dont know how much futurehosting give).

I would prefer if they had some kind of 24/7 live chat.

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Whats A Busrtable Ram

Aug 8, 2007

willing to find a cheap vps hosting provider and when l check some of the threats here , l m meeting new terms.

What is a Busrtable Ram ? How does it effect the Real Ram ? and How does it effect the cpu performance ? like page file ? l really dont know whats it means.

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Oct 3, 2009

I have been with Blue Virtual (bluevirtual.com) for many years, since the Communitech days. However, the service these past few weeks has gone downhill big time.

The BV forums are dead, the webhosting is up and down like a yoyo, mail is intermittent.

Not just me but fellow users are experiencing the same.

Support tickets are going unanswered (accounts & tech. support).

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Image Folder... Whats The Max

Feb 13, 2007

I run a large community site, and i was wondering what the max amount of images I should have in an image folder? I'm looking to upgrade to an image only server and setup subdomain folders to split up the files. right now i have about 200k+ image files in just the public image folder... thats not counting the thumbnail folder, private folders etc...

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Whats Wrong With Vpscolo

Oct 14, 2007

All my sites are down raised tickets for the last 2 days still no answers

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Jaguarpc Whats Your Experience

Jul 23, 2007

what people think about jaguarpc I haven't been there too long yet I find the servers some what slow... or I should say VPS's there customer service is good yet I found knownhost to be better performance wise.. I just want to know what others think

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Whats Important To You In A Colo Facility

Apr 25, 2009

We are in the process building a new colocation facility and I wanted to take some input from everyone here. We have most of the infrastructure planning and layout done but were still early on in the construction phase so now is the last chance to get some input. I have two main questions I wanted to ask.

1)When your looking for a colocation facility what things are most important to you?

2)Have you ever wished that datacenters offered something outside the normal things that most providers do.

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Whats The Point Of Two Static Ip Addresses?

Jan 13, 2009

i don't get why people can have more than one static ip...wouldn't you only need one?

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Whats The Point Of Multiple DNS Servers

Apr 9, 2007

I have never understand this? Honestly, what is the point if they all point to one web server? I mean if the web server fails it doesnt do any good if you have 10 DNS servers. The only time it makes sense to me to run multiple DNS servers is if your DNS server is a piece of junk, and always goes down, which honestly doesnt happen that much.

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Whats A Good Adult Hosting Site?

May 13, 2008

i want to start an adult site, can someone please recommend me a good host?

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West Or East Coast -- Whats Best For Asian Traffic

Aug 18, 2008

I am curious which location in the US is better for serving traffic to Asia / SE Asia?

I assume it would need to cross either the Pacific or Atlantic ocean?

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Whats The Latest Stable Kernel For Centos OS 5 Server

Oct 15, 2007

Can someone tell me which one is the latest stable kernel version available for centos 5 that should be running on the server?

Is #1 SMP Thu Jul 12 20:38:34 CST 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux.


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Issues Sending Mail To Yahoo, And Mail Getting Marked As Spam, Whats A Good Solution?

Nov 4, 2008

Issues sending mail to Yahoo, and mail getting marked as spam, Whats a good solution? ...

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Whats The Best For Server With SATA Raid 1 And SCSI Raid 10

Jan 14, 2008

So I've just got a server with 2xSATA raid 1 (OS, cpanel and everything in here) and 4xSCSI raid 10 (clean).

Which one do you guys think will give the best performance:

1. Move mysql only to 4xSCSI raid 10
2. Move mysql and home folder to 4xSCSI raid 10

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MM Hosting = God / Bad / "the Ugly". Whats Your Exp. On This Hosting

Jun 7, 2008

Been reading in and comparing alot of different hosting companies during the last couple of days. One company has now got my attentioned a little more compared to many others and that is MM Hosting.

Been googeling and searching around alot to get some existing custommer feedback. Whats interessting is that I can't find much about it, nor bad, nor good. I found mostly adds etc and various "review sites".

So I hope to find some active custommers in here.

can you give me some feedback please? In this thread or please PM me.

I am located in europe myself so I am cusrious about speedrates etc.

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