Move Your Hosting Website, And Its Clients, Without Any Downtime?

Sep 11, 2008

Is it possible to move your hosting website, and its clients, without any downtime?

Please consider the following scenarios:
1. Moving between Reseller Plan, VPS, or Dedicated Server
(same and/or different provider)

2. Moving to a new provider
(same package)

If you have been able to move between packages/servers flawlessly with the same provider.

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How To Move Sites/servers With No Downtime

Apr 14, 2007

I see several ISP advertising that they can help clients without any downtime? I now have a couple of large clients I am supposed to move to my servers. They are moving from cpanel servers to my cpanel servers, so the moving part is easy enough, but how should I proceed to have no or very little downtime?

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VPS Move ( Budget Is $95 ) Unhappy With Current Downtime

Oct 6, 2008

I currently use [url] but I have had so much downtime and errors, just last night I had to login because sql was down it seems, so I try to login cpanel, and I get the annoying cpanel key error so I went to login via ssh to fix it with the command, and I can't login ssh because there is a centos bug with a pty error. ( Which steadcom does notate in a kb article but I would think the more intelligent thing to do if you know there is a bug is to go fix everyone who has centos bug to avoid the unneeded extra support tickets asking to fix the bug in the first place not too mention customer frustration.

So after that I thought ok i'll login directly to the vps hypervm and do a reboot to see if I can do that before submitting a ticket. I login and it says that I can't because the slave is upgrading. Ugh... so now my site has been down for almost 9 hours and so I send in a ticket and they said the centos bug is fixed and WHM is working again, but it isn't I can't connect at all, this + the ddos steadcom received and loads ticket number 15... in the last few months has put me over the edge.

So I am looking for a new home for my two ipb boards and one phpbb board.

I currently pay around $95 USD a month for my plan.

Must haves are WHM/Cpanel, and the ability to login and reboot the vps,
managed would be nice as well.

Current Disk Space is 60gb ( Don't really need that much but it doesn't hurt )

Bandwidth was 1500gb, but I used a coupon on WHT forum and now have 3000
I don't use it all but it's nice...

Only need 1 ip address.

SSH Access yes please.

Also my current ram is 1024, burstable 2gigs. I would like to keep something comparable.

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Transfering My Clients To A New Host But Maintaining Website Function And Integrity

Jan 6, 2009

I have 35 clients hosting on my dedicated server.

I am going to be ending my service as a host provider, and I need to transfer all of my clients to a new host.

Many of my clients sites were written 3-4 years ago in php while global vars was still off, and so many of the sites might not function correctly if I just pop them to a new host.

My first solution would be to bypass the php .ini file with a public_html/ based ini that would override any newer server settings.

Does anyone know of a good host that could take my clients? And also support the php version locally to the shared account?

I need a host that is reliable, and honest.

Am I going about this the right way?

I am open to any suggestions or advice on this.

I should probably add, all of my clients pay on an annual basis from $89-$140. None of my clients run video sites or any heavy media stuff.

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How Can I Move My BIG Website From One Server To Another

Mar 23, 2009

How can i move my website from one server to another?

There are 15gb of files so its not an easy move.

I tried moving it with WHM backup and restore thing but that just messed everything up.

Is there a more simple and efficient way?

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After Move Website Are Not Accesible From All ISP

Apr 11, 2007

I have a weird problem which never occured till now, and I moved websites about 3 times and it never did so bad.

I moved the websites on a new server on sunday, the new server has the primary nameservers and . The old one has ns1 and ns2 .

all my websites uses the nameservers and on monday morning I changed IP (from godaddy control panel) for ns1 and ns2 to point to the new server

Bouth servers are online and ware online all the time but very weird thing happents. on dnsreport I saw a change on my IP they changed it to new ones .. than yesterday night I saw again the old ones , and I refreshed the page multiple times. On it shows new IP's.

on dnsstuff I could not ping my websites

Sorry, I could not determine the IP for (error 11004).

on backup.dnsstuff it worked with new IP's.

On my ISP this one is working but others dont and all have the same nameservers. I don;t understand why some websites work and others dont. For exemple on my primary ISP (i have 2 conections) is not working .. on other ISP it is.

I don;t understand why dnsstuf canot ping my sites and backup can.

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Need To Move Website Due To Cron Job Frequency

Jun 6, 2009

I have a website that runs 17 cron jobs...4 every minute...most every 5 minutes...the remaining few every hour or so. Can anyone please refer me to a host that allows this? The best I've found thus far is host for web but they require every five minutes.

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Hosting Clients Websites

Sep 30, 2008

I'm going to be hosting my clients websites and I was wondering how to calculate how much bandwidth / space I should make available to clients and also how much to charge for hosting / maintenance.

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Provide Hosting For Multiple Clients

Apr 15, 2009

I am a front end designer/developer with no server-side expertise. I am probably going to have to provide hosting to my freelance clients very soon. These would be small WP sites with low traffic, but there could be as many as 50 domains being hosted at a time just to begin with.

I need the host provider to do all the tech work and provide support to me, if not to the clients (who will inevitable contact me to deal with problems, which is OK). I am not able to manage/troubleshoot my own server.

I am considering Mosso/Rackspace, but recently I've heard some very negative comments on forums (such as this one) that are concerning me.

Does anyone have a recommendation given my needs and experience level with servers/hosting? I am not looking for a "cheap deal" - I need reliable service and peace of mind.

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Best Method Of Offering Clients Hosting?

Mar 25, 2007

I'm in the process of forming a web development business and am currently interested in learning the various methods of offering 3rd party services and accounts. How to offer hosting is my current dilemma; I can of course refer the client to a host and receive a referral kick-back, but the idea of reselling hosting accounts is also appealing, though I have no knowledge currently as to how this works, and I'm basically just curious how other's manage this aspect of the business. I do not mind offering customer service on hosting accounts, so this is not an issue

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Shared Hosting Clients' Preference On Hard Drives

May 2, 2009

I know SCSI drives are better than SATA, but I wonder if the community will prefer SATA or SCSI especially when you will be paying more for less.

Heres an example.

You can get:

2GB SATA for $5 & 500MB SCSI for $5, which will you choose?

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Media Temple Grid Service Hosting With Clients

Oct 18, 2008

I currently own a reasonably sized VPS paying around 40/$80 a month for it. I am extremely happy with the service but I have recently move from freelance to being hired by a company.

I wish to scale down my costs so looking at other options.

I hear a lot (mostly good) of things about MT and was wondering what peoples experiences are - particular with ease of use, support and uptime.

I would also like to know about how the normal shared hosting option works for people hosting some clients website and email. I currently have around 10 clients hosting with me and 100 emails. Is it easy for clients to use and i assume pop and imap are supported.

I currently run my VPS on cpanel. would it be easy to transfer everything or is it very much of a manual job?

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Plesk Automation :: Reseller Hosting Clients Traffic Stats Not Updating

May 16, 2013

I have noticed that resellers traffic stats (looks like email) are not being updated and just show 0.

On the server that is for resellers I see there is a file in /usr/local/psa/var/log containing a file mail_traffic_pendings.dat with sender and recipient domain traffic. I presume this has to be processed to go into the database, but obviously it is not. How to debug this issue so that email stats get updated for clients.

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Shared Hosting Then Move To Dedicated

Nov 9, 2008

I'm currently with Hawkhost but I want to move to a UK hosting service as I'm finding Hawkhost to be rather sluggish.

I currently have 15 websites (not that data intensive) but I want to find a UK host that offers shared hosting and then offers the possibility of moving all the data onto a dedicated machine once some of the sites take off.

A) do any companies actually offer such a service of relocating?

B) are there any anyone could recommend? I'm thinking of eventually getting a dedicated server for up to 75 pounds a month.

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When Is It Time To Move From Shared Hosting To Vps

Apr 9, 2008

I dont believe any of these shared hosting providers are different from another except maybe pricing and 24/7 telephone/email support.

So putting to rest which one is the "best", when do u decide that it is time for u to move on to a vps or dedicated server. what is the daily bandwidth that should make you realize that u need to move on to a better server before they cut u down cos u r taking up "too many resources"

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Move The Emails To Another Hosting Plan

Dec 2, 2008

I currently have a small hosting plan (4 gb traffic , 400 Mb space) that I use for a few email accounts from my company.However , the disk space is not enough for what we need so I have to move the emails to another hosting plan. I'm looking for something with 5-10 gb space , 10-20 gb traffic/month , unlimited email accounts. I'm not looking for it to be cheap , just dont like the overselling idea for my hosting needs so I can pay if it's good. Also I was wondering what kind of program do I need in order to create a webmail interface so that the employees could check their email without having to use the webmail clients from cPanel.

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When Is Shared Hosting Ok And When To Move To Semi-dedicated Plans

Oct 25, 2009

From reading a good lot of posts here, I can see that HostGator seems to be a good company and that many have a good feedback to give about it. I've also been reading that you should avoid overselling, though understand that some companies, even though they offer "Unlimited space and bandwidth", they can manage it well. I guess HostGator falls in that category too. My questions here:

1) So what are the conditions under which it is okay to go for a company that offers unlimited space and bandwidth? (Expecting answers like 'if you just have a few blogs and don't require...')

I have read (here and elsewhere) that for most people's requirements, a shared web hosting would do. However, for someone a with a little more web baggage (individuals, not businesses), it is generally advised that they look at semi-dedicated hosting plans.

2) Based on the above quoted, objectively, what are the things that you should look at (like traffic per day etc) and what should be their values (for e.g. like 15000 uniques per day etc) while considering moving from sharing to semi-dedicated plans? I think some of them are the following, can you give me approximate values for these when I should consider the move?

a) Traffic
b) Number of active websites
c) Sites with heavy resource usage. (Can you give me some examples of this?)

What else am I missing in this list?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Error When Changing From No Hosting To Website Hosting

Aug 31, 2014

Plesk 12 - Domain with no hosting I'm getting error when changing hosting settings to Website Hosting

Error: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value. ('home' = '')

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Hosting Type On Website Became (No Web Hosting)

Jan 29, 2015

I have a problem with Parallels Plesk v12.0

Hosting type on website became "No web hosting."

When I try to change hosting type to "Forwarding" it changes ok.

If I change hosting type to "Website hosting", I get message "The hosting type for "website name" was successfully changed.", but hosting plan still stay "No web hosting"....

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Hosting My Own Website

Jan 10, 2009

Is it possible to buy a dedicated server off eg Dell and host your own website on it from home ie with a www prefix to the url- Do ye know any good tutorial on it. Would 20Mbit bandwidth be enough bandwidth for a fairly busy php ,mysql site? Completely new to this.

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How To Know Hosting Of Any Website

Jun 9, 2009

How to check web hosting of any Website and which hosting is more valuable and why?

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Hosting For PTC Website

Aug 19, 2008

I wan't to start a PTC website. Therefore I need a host with a very fast and stable SQL server.
I don't need much space.

Wich one should I take? There are hundreds of them...

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Hosting Your Own Website

Sep 15, 2008

Whats the benefit of putting up your own web hosting server in the company to host your website?

Obviously its going to be more economical and Im sure there are plenty of documentation online on how to do this.

why most people wont go with this approach and rather find a hosting company to do this for them instead.

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I Just Want A Website NOT HOSTING

Sep 20, 2007

Why are all the established and turnkey websites trying to sell you some cheap hosting package and always say there is something like a $8.88 domain renewal fee and all that junk?

I'm just looking for a template to setup, already with content and whatnot and I can't find any, none! Does anyone sell just templates?

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How To Know The Hosting Of Another Website

Feb 27, 2007

Is there some tool I can use to know the hosting of another website?

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Hosting A Website From A PC

Apr 14, 2007

What is involved in hosting a website from a local PC?

I have developed a site on 'localhost' on my PC and am running ISS, I also have a domain name plus forwarding. My internet connecton is broadband and I'm using an ADSL/Ethernet router. How do I connect it up?

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Hosting For Gaming Website

Jan 30, 2009

A few days back i had made a post asking about which would the best host for a dating website that me and a couple of friends were planning to start. Thanks alot to everyone for the answers.

However now we have decided to go with a gaming website, as the idea appeals to most of us.

The concept is to have a real time online game running on the server 24X7, people can join any time they want and leave any time they want, the game would still keep progressing. My main concerns with such a site are:

1. Bandwidth : As people will be online for a long time playing the game I am guessing we will need good amount of bandwidth

2. Server CPU : Will we end up eating lot of server CPU as the game engine will be running 24X7 on the server? What kind of implications does this have? I dont see any CPU specific details in the hosting plans i have seen so far.

Please advise on the above two. What kind of hosting should I be looking for? Hosting budget is 30$/month (max).

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Hosting For 4GB Website + 2GB SQL Database

Aug 9, 2008

I have a friend who has a dedicated server right now that uses a good 4GB for all his website content. (not streaming media but just a whole bunch of scripts and etc. well thats what he tells me). And so anyways, his SQL database is about 1-2GB. And he is not too sure about his monthly traffic but its a social networking site with a good amount of users (so its actively used by many users). Would it be necessary for him to have a dedicated server or do you think he could cut costs with a shared hosting account at like host gator or some other shared hosting service like that? I guess my biggest concern is his current database. A lot of shared hosting companies (from what i saw) offer unlimited Mysql Tables do they have size limits? And does a bigger sql database drastically effect the performance of the overall server?

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Moving A Website - Hosting

May 7, 2008

I am re-developing a website that launched 8 yeas ago. When the site launched it was developed in TCL and had an Oracle back end. The site's previous developer is still hosting the site on his server.

Long story short, we are re-developing the site on a new server at a different location. We'd like to re-launch on the old server (to help maintain Google search rankings), but we are developing in .Net and SQL. The old server is Linux. We want to maintain our ranking on Google since we are "Top Ten" on more than 20 great keyword phrases.

If we use a DNS forward from the old IP to the new one, are we going to loose rankings on Google? Obviously yes. But would it be beneficial to help the old developer buy a SQL server so the DNS forward is to a server 2 feet away as opposed to across the country? Does Google treat these equally?

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Image Hosting Website

Apr 21, 2008

I have started a new image hosting website and currently i alloted 7 GB Disk Space and 30GB BW. I know it will not be enough after the site get famous. So which host i can go for to be in a safer side with my image hosting website?

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Best Hosting For A Clan Website

Jun 1, 2008

What is the Best hosting for a clan website?

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