When Is Shared Hosting Ok And When To Move To Semi-dedicated Plans

Oct 25, 2009

From reading a good lot of posts here, I can see that HostGator seems to be a good company and that many have a good feedback to give about it. I've also been reading that you should avoid overselling, though understand that some companies, even though they offer "Unlimited space and bandwidth", they can manage it well. I guess HostGator falls in that category too. My questions here:

1) So what are the conditions under which it is okay to go for a company that offers unlimited space and bandwidth? (Expecting answers like 'if you just have a few blogs and don't require...')

I have read (here and elsewhere) that for most people's requirements, a shared web hosting would do. However, for someone a with a little more web baggage (individuals, not businesses), it is generally advised that they look at semi-dedicated hosting plans.

2) Based on the above quoted, objectively, what are the things that you should look at (like traffic per day etc) and what should be their values (for e.g. like 15000 uniques per day etc) while considering moving from sharing to semi-dedicated plans? I think some of them are the following, can you give me approximate values for these when I should consider the move?

a) Traffic
b) Number of active websites
c) Sites with heavy resource usage. (Can you give me some examples of this?)

What else am I missing in this list?

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Shared Hosting Then Move To Dedicated

Nov 9, 2008

I'm currently with Hawkhost but I want to move to a UK hosting service as I'm finding Hawkhost to be rather sluggish.

I currently have 15 websites (not that data intensive) but I want to find a UK host that offers shared hosting and then offers the possibility of moving all the data onto a dedicated machine once some of the sites take off.

A) do any companies actually offer such a service of relocating?

B) are there any anyone could recommend? I'm thinking of eventually getting a dedicated server for up to 75 pounds a month.

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Shared Vs Semi Dedicated

Sep 7, 2008

What are the advantages of a semi dedicated account over a shared account.

So far it just looks like a bigger shared account (though comparable when you compare it to an oversold shared account). It's more expensive though so does it relieve some of the load issues (and CPU/memory limits) placed in a shared account?

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Shared, VPS, Semi-dedicated Host?

Apr 21, 2008

choosing an appropriate webhost solution. I'll be launching a site that will initially serve around 3000-4000 pageviews per day (say 2000-2500 uniques per day) but will go well over 10-15K eventually. Pretty small based on that metric. With just PHP (no dynamic content), my shared host has handled that fairly well for an existing site.

However, this site will need to track search queries...so, each page will do a simple MySQL lookup and either upgrade a count or do a small insert. Again, very simple stuff but not sure how this affect performance and CPU load. Still, I know my provider has pretty low thresholds on max db concurrent connections and they've loaded my server with lots of other sites recently. I'd rather not take a chance after launching.

Based on that simple operation, would you recommend moving to a managed VPS or possibly a semi-dedicated server? The traffic still sounds low but I'm just not sure of the mysql effect

If VPS, it seems like 512M memory should be the minimum for this setup or could I get away with something smaller, like 384M/256M?

I've read good things about MediaLayer's "application hosting" but it still sounds just like shared hosting.

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How Can Shared Plans Have More Than Dedicated Ones

Jan 27, 2007

I've been seeing shared plans with like 200GB space, 1000GB+ bandwidth for like $30.

Then the same company Offers dedicated servers for like $100.

Now 200GB and 1000+gb is more than the usual dedicated. So if your the host, why would anyne buy you dedicated over your shared. Your pretty much offering a dedicated at a shared price.

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The Number Of Users On Shared And Semi-dedicated Servers

May 13, 2008

what is the minimum/maximum number of users usually hosted on shared and semi-dedicated servers?

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Do You Prefer Shared Or VPS(VDS) Hosting Plans?

Feb 23, 2009

I would like to hear some opinions about shared and VPS (VDS) hosting plans. Is it the new trend to get a VPS plan? What are the criteria for opting for VPS or shared plan? I don't know how to create a survay here,

The question is:

Do you prefer Shared or VPS(VDS) hosting plans?

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About Semi-dedicated Hosting

Jun 3, 2008

I am just wondering if it is possible to host streaming video files on semi-dedicated servers?

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Semi Dedicated Hosting

Aug 30, 2009

In a few months I will be searching for a semi-dedicated plan, I'm going to spend around $230 a year. I would go with my current host on semi-dedicated but their plan is about 2 to 3 times over my price.

My site is currently on a shared hosting plan is doing fairly well but I'm also looking to expand the site and therefore I will need a semi-dedicated plan.

I'm not familiar with semi-dedicated since I have always used shared hosting and have a few sites on different shared hosting plans. So any tips you can provide when searching for a semi-dedicated or questions I can ask would really be helpful.

Now I know there is a offers section here on WHT but I'm not looking for offers, I'm looking for recommendations from users who have used a semi-dedicated plan that's around my price range. I'm not looking for dedicated, nor VPS, just semi-dedicated. I will be purchasing a semi-dedicated plan around November of this year.

I'm no newb to shared hosting but I am new and unfamiliar with what to look for in semi-dedicated hosting plans.

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VPS Vs Semi-dedicated Hosting

Oct 9, 2009

What is the difference between VPS and semi-dedicated server? Which one is better?

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Semi Dedicated Hosting

Jun 1, 2008

I just found out there is such a thing as semi dedicated hosting. I think this will work well for me. I was hoping that someone out there could recommend a company that is reliable and honest, has good support, does not oversell, and finally, a company that is reasonably priced. Even better, it would be great if the hosting company was one that could really work with me to determine my needs as I go along as I am extremely limited in any techincal knowledge. I really don't understand 99% of the verbage that is associated with all this stuff and if left to my own devices, I really would not be able to convey my needs or even know what my needs are. I feel lucky if I even know of 1 or 2 questions to ask.

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Dummy Question: Do Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Always Allow For Unlimited Domains

Aug 24, 2008

do Dedicated Server hosting plans always allow for unlimited domains?"

It would be great if it was so, but I have NO idea if it is that way. My common sense says "of course stupid, you have the whole box for yourself", but my guts tell me I should know better before assuming it.

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When Is It Time To Move From Shared Hosting To Vps

Apr 9, 2008

I dont believe any of these shared hosting providers are different from another except maybe pricing and 24/7 telephone/email support.

So putting to rest which one is the "best", when do u decide that it is time for u to move on to a vps or dedicated server. what is the daily bandwidth that should make you realize that u need to move on to a better server before they cut u down cos u r taking up "too many resources"

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Shared Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting Why Some Webmasters Prefer Dedicated Servers

Apr 7, 2009

I use shared web hosting service to get my website online. I'm wondering how many people use dedicated servers or virtual private servers instead and pay from $20 to several hundreds of dollars? Will I face any big problem with shared web hosting package which makes me choose dedicated servers?

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Shared Webhosting Plans

Dec 9, 2008

I would like to take in some thoughts on what the community wants in regards to shared hosting.

on the following
Type of plan (ie. specs wanted)?

Control Panels?
And anything else you would like to add.

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Semi-dedicated Or VPS Is Better

Aug 10, 2008

I want a host for a site running gallery2 with about 2.000 UV + 20.000 page views daily.

Just got suspended because high load in shared hosting.

Now one VPS with 256MB of RAM can running good with my site.

But in next time, may the visitors still increasing.

In this case, semi-dedicated or VPS is better for me?

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VPS Vs. Semi-Dedicated

Aug 3, 2007

I am in the middle of rebuilding a website for a large magazine. The site currently averages 2 million hits a month, and uses about 10 GB of bandwidth a month. The site has always been on a shared Windows hosting plan, however I feel it has outgrown the shared environment.

The company can't afford a dedicated server, so I am looking for a "middle ground". Now that the company is doing e-mail marketing to an opt-in list of over 50,000 people, and a shared environment simply can't handle that kind of mailing volume.

I am not picky about hosting platform, though I am more familiar with Linux, cPanel, etc. I also have no clue about server management, so I'd need a managed solution.

My question, is what is the difference between semi-dedicated and VPS, and which would you suggest for my needs? Also, can anyone suggest a reliable host that offers fully managed services for less than $100/month?

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Should I Go With Semi Dedicated Servers

Feb 15, 2009

I am currently using hostmonster.com and I've noticed that my service is starting to go downhill. The site is taking longer to load and I've read that in some cases they will terminate your account without notifications.

I am a photographer and my website will be growing in the future. I am looking for a site that I can host my high res images and maybe video streaming for my wedding events. Should I go with a semi-dedicated server?

What are some cheap reputable semi-dedicated hosting companies?

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Semi-Dedicated Server

Dec 19, 2008

I run an on-line forum on a shared hosting account, which I'm beginning to outgrow.

Last month's statistics shows an approximate average of 40 concurrent users, approximately 200 megabytes of used hard drive space, and approximately 15 gigabytes of used data traffic. I like my current web host, but their next step up is a dedicated server account. From what I understand, a dedicated server account requires extensive UNIX knowledge, which I lack.

I'm thinking what I would like is a semi-dedicated server, which from what I understand is basically a shared hosting account with larger accomodations. I'd like something that runs some varient of the UNIX operating system, and gives my on-line forum a decent amount of room to grow if necessary. Budget wise, I'm willing to pay up to $80 per month.

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Semi-dedicated Server Via Cost-sharing

Jun 26, 2008

For people who don't need the full power of a dedicated server yet wish to avoid shared hosting and VPS, it seems attractive to cost-share a dedicated server with others. Does anyone have any advice for how to find suitable partners?

In our case, we're leaving LayeredTech because our dedicated server rose from $75 to $111 via two recent price increases. We can get a much faster server for less money.

However, our CPU load is under 20% on our old Layered Tech Sempron 2600 server. This makes dedicated a bit overkill.

You may be thinking "become a reseller". However, I'd like to avoid getting into that business. So I'd appreciate any advice on how to find 1 or 2 people who would also like a semi-dedicated server.

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Dedicated Or Shared Hosting ..?

Jun 9, 2009

I recently inherited the responsibilities of 2 websites and will be in charge of creating 2 more.

Of these 4 websites, only 2 have serious traffic. The current site, made in Drupal, peaked at 3,000 unique visitors a day and on average receives about 500 uniques a day. This site will most likely be the highest in traffic.

My boss would like to know if dedicated hosting is necessary (I'm the entire IT department), I should be on shared hosting correct?

The 4 websites will be built upon the following platforms:
TWiki (open source Wiki web collaboration platform)

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Shared/dedicated Hosting Has Come To An End

Oct 8, 2008

Do you think that cloud/grid hosting is going to replace shared hosting and dedicated?

I do see the advantages for hosting in some aspects.

Shared works only for small sites, once the client grows his site he needs dedi but its to complicated, people need a website running, most people dont want to handle servers configs, maintaince, etc. Cloud hosting is perfect here, you can escalate when you need it. Even if your dedi with cloud you can escalate more. I see a big advantage into this, since someone can only pay for what he uses. You can fit all models, shared or dedi with cloud since you have very low processing accounts and very intensive ones using several servers.

But then again i see its disadvantages. Software for cloud is to expensive for hosting companies, it requires the latest and biggest from virtualization software and licenses are expensive, which makes the cloud hosting expensive to end client in this business.

It seems also the market is not really ready for it. It doesn't seem to have the best performance yet but is does has scalability.

I also see that most companies make profit of people paying for something and not using
it at all, with cloud hosting that doesn't make sense. Like most people that pay a flat rate for their cell phones but don't use to the last minute each month. A hosting company even if it doesn't oversell their accounts has a better profit of people paying all the same prices, this balances out for people that use to much and you cover the costs with those that don't use anything. With cloud each one would pay exactly what he needs. Said that, you would not make to much profit, since you would have people paying allot less then just buying your minimum plans and not using all the functions.

Do you think cloud hosting will eventually be the main stream offer from hosting providers, replacing the existing shared and dedicated hosting offerings, or will it be a combination or mix of all solutions? It escalates perfectly but it comes with a cost.

You think people prefer to pay every penny they use or just have a fixed cost and know they are ok if they ever need to use it, even if they will not?

I think allot of consumers would not like the idea of being nickel and dime to death instead of paying a fixed amount per month, and profit for company is not that great with this system. Thats the main disadvantage i see it. But i see a very big market for people running very intensive websites that dont have the experience or time to manage a server or cant pay the managed dedi offers that are to costly like rackspace. Shared is simple, they only have to handle their account not the server. Cloud is the same here, except you can the power of dedi without the extras that come with it. As i see it, cloud benefits intensive clients but not people that only need a simple account for hosting a site and using email once per day.

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Dedicated And Shared Hosting ....?

Aug 7, 2008

and upload more than one website on the same IP. Now, is it still remains a dedicated ip or becomes shared ip.

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Dedicated And Shared Hosting

Dec 16, 2008

about dedicated and shared hosting.

How can we check any website hosted in dedicated or shared ip.

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Noob - Shared Hosting VS. Dedicated Hosting

Jul 13, 2005

I am developing a website for a client of mine (the client is a close friend and know's that he is getting a newbie). This site will be larger (project wise) than anything that I have ever done (everything I have done in the past has been FrontPage). We will be using several third party applications that need to run on the server as well as our own custom developed applications. We do not yet know how much access to the server's deeper structures we will need for all of the applications that we want loaded on our server to run. Things we have in mind: oscommerce, mysql, php5, apache, linux, vbulletin, blogger, phpbb, adserver, ect... Would these things run ok on a shared host and would I have full authority to configure them without needing full access to the server? Or will I need access to the entire server (dedicated server) in order to have full customization capabilities? I guess all I am trying to figure out at this point is will shared hosting for a large project limit our abilities to use 3rd party apps, or do most 3rd party application designers build their stuff to work in a shared hosting environment anyway? If we need to get a dedicated server we will, but if we can get away with shared hosting for a while (especially during development when the site will not be generating revenue) it would be nice to avoid the price of a dedicated server. Many thanks for your comments, insight, and expertise! Also, if anyone can sight some common scenarios that may require a dedicated server over a shared hosting plan, that may help me to understand what the limitations of a shared hosting plan vs. a deicated or virtual dedicated server are.

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Difference Between VPS And Say Shared Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting

Jun 13, 2008

I'm new to the VPS scene, so could someone tell me the difference between VPS and say shared hosting or dedicated hosting? Actually I really like to know what a Virtual Private Server actually is.. I know shared hosting is typically a single account on a server with several hundred other accounts which is used primarily for the sole purpose of hosting websites, and I know that dedicated hosting is functionally the same as colo except that you rent the server, instead of having your own purchased server plugged into some network. So what is VPS?

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Shared Hosting Vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

May 6, 2008

Do website builders generally go with shared hosting or dedicated server? I mean, if they work on several websites would they get a dedicated server instead of shared? From what I understand through reading shared hosting is basically if you only have one website. So one with multiple websites would go with a dedicated server?

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Vps- Managed- Semi-dedicated- Large Or Small Company

Sep 10, 2007

As you can see I have questions. Until I saw and read some posts on this forum I thought I had some answers...

I was looking into a VPS with 1and1.com
Seemed to have good stats, and is a fairly large company. The plans were nice, was going to start off on their VPS 2 package with 20GB/2000GB, 245MB ram burstable to 512MB. All was well, since their packages seemed to offer the most for the least, if you know what I mean. I also liked the ability to upgrade the package without interrupting my service.

I read some posts here, and looked into a VPS even more, and now Im not so sure about 1and1.com or the thought of even having a VPS.

I have no experience with a VPS. So running it would be all new. Im not computer illiterate and I have taken many network and network operating classes. So I have some experience with command line linux. I have messed with some IIS, and a LAMP. On the other side, it scares me that I could f**k something up and bring down the site.

Now, for my needs. The site when launched has a predicted demand of a few thousand users over the course of a month. This is a business site, so downtime, and a shared environment don't seem to make sense. The site is very mysql intensive, at least by my standards. Most pages have 3-6 queries, main pages can have 10+, and most user actions include a few queries. The most load I could fathom would be all 1,000-4,000 users hitting the site hard for 3-4 days. This is now, next 'season' could be twice that load. In between seasons seasons we were going back to shared until the site starts making more money, and we fill in the off season with some other money making service.

The reason why I thought VPS was budget, and just we wouldnt want to be on a shared hosting plan, and somehow our demand was larger than expected and they shut down the site. So do yall think that a VPS is the right way to go? We have the budget to go VPS($40-$80) a month for 3 months, before going back to shared.

About 1and1.com: I read a few threads, some recent, that seem to say they oversell even a VPS. This doesnt make much sense since its supposed to gaurente those resources to me. The company is so big, but even these few posts and accusations are keeping me from commiting. My main concern is that between when we launch it and when our first spike of demand hits is only 2 months, so I dont want to learn that 1and1.com sucks firsthand.

Ive seen other hosts that this forum sponsers, so I assume there is *some* prefernce to use them, but like jaguarpc.com VPS plans seem to be a little more $ for a little less (storage and bandwidth) when comparing to other deals.

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Moving From Shared Hosting - [VPS Or Dedicated]

Jan 8, 2009

Presently, my site is hosted at ICDsoft business shared account
And my site is hosted on "two Quad-core Xeon processors, 8 GB RAM and a multi-terabyte RAID 6 disk array."

I am planning on moving away from a shared account.

My site is an ecommerce site and my budget for a new server is around $100-$150 per month.

Should i transfer to a VPS or Dedicated server ?

I need a Full/complete managed server, either it be VPS or Dedicated. I dont want to get involved in setting up, securing etc. the server. I would like a Control Panel, be it Cpanel or any other with Linux System.

Also, my main concern is, how much bandwidth should be good for an ecommerce site with around 20,000 unique visitors per month, around 500,000 hits per month

I am looking into the following companies which provides VPS and Dedicated solutions:

1). Liquidweb

2). DedicatedNOW

3). Wiredtree

Are there any other companies i should look into?

Which company would be the best in terms of service and support response time? Im spoiled by ICDSoft's quick response time

Also, How much RAM would be good, since most VPS solutions have 512 to 786 MB ram?

How many Cores- Dual, Quad?

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Hosting Company (from Shared To Dedicated)

May 3, 2008

Iím not sure this I the right place to post this, but since Iíll need also a dedicated server I guess it is (Iím sorry if itís not).

Hi to you all.

Iím developing my own site. This will be my very first time building and managing a site, so Iím for sure a noob on this type of stuff (but I have a good general knowledge on computers (I build my own computers and solve every problem I encounter)).
The site will be managed by joomla 1.5 plus a phpbb3 forum (maybe vbulleting in the future). Obviously when my site is completed and published on the net Iíll have zero members, but I hope to see this number increase (lolÖfrom 0 members it isnít a hard thing to accomplishÖI guess ).

Having a really low number of members and visitors I think that Iíll start from a shared hosting plan (or VPS) and then go up to a dedicated server (when Iíll need itÖI hope soon )Ö.probably a managed dedicated server since I donít know much of the technicalities needed to manage a dedicated server.

This being said, I would prefer to go for a good hosting company (cheapÖbut reliable) that has both shared and dedicated hosting plans so when Iíll have to upgrade (from shared/VPS to dedicated) everything will be smoothly managed by them.

The site/forum aims to have a large community, a good nį of hosted files (images and mp3ís (recorded voice) ---> everything legal!)

What hosting company would you suggest?

Is it possible to have the site on one server and the forum on another? (considering that the forum will be integrated in the joomls CMS with a bridge).

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Dedicated Server Vs Shared Hosting...

Aug 12, 2008

I am working on creating a social networking website. It will have approximately 2500 members with about 1/2 using video. I spoke to 2 different programmers through rent-a-coder. One told me to get a dedicated server through GoDaddy that runs me about $120/mo. The other programmer told me that there was no way that I would need that much and I could get a shared hosting package for $10-$20/mo and that would work fine. He said that a dedicated server wouldnt be necessary unless I was getting a ton of hits to my site or needed to host multiple sites. I inquired about it with GoDaddy and when I mentioned I was doing a social networking site, they said I would need the dedicated server. I am hiring someone to build the site since it is beyond what I am capable of, so I am clueless on who is correct.

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