High Quality Shared Hosting

Oct 13, 2008

quality shared hosting solution for a WordPress-powered multi user blog. The blog currently has around 1000 posts, 5000 comments and around 2000 unique visitors every day, but those numbers will grow grow exponentially in future, so the hosting in question needs to be expandable since I will eventually have to move to a dedicated server.

Right now, however, I want a quality US-based hosting company that has good connection to EU, with fast support and basic features: PHP5, MySQL5, shell access, ~10GB HD space and ~50-100GB traffic.

First and foremost I am looking for quality and am prepared to pay as much as $25-30 per month.

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[EU] High Quality/uptime Shared

Jun 23, 2008

it was quite a while since the last time i was using some of the shared/reseller hosts. As far as i can see, there's A BUNCH of new shared/reseller hosts here at WHT everyday. So i can't really distinguish what host to choose.

This shared account will be used to host just one site/one domain. The site is very light, diskspace and traffic can be very low. It can be plesk or cpanel control panel. Linux OS, PHP5.

What i'm actually looking for is a European host WITHOUT overselling, with high quality bandwith and uptime, accepting paypal/moneybookers payments. This website does not require a lot of traffic, less than 1gig a month, but it really needs to be fast europe bandwith with HIGH uptime.

The host does not need to be years in business, it can be new host as long as the quality of service is very high.

There are no price limits, as far as the price justify what host has to offer.

I've looked at some shared offers from europe hosts in which i usually rent dedi's, such as leaseweb, netrouting, eurovps, hetzner... Does anyone have experience with their shared hosting offers?

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Shared Hosting With High Reliability Email

Jun 24, 2008

Is there any conventional wisdom on WHT about which shared hosting providers have highly reliable email service?

The provider I have now has very good web hosting service but their email services tend to bitbucket far too much mail for comfort. Reliable delivery and reception for the half a dozen emails I might send/receive a day (it's a personal use site) is I hope not too much to ask without needing to pay and arm and a leg for the privilege.

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High Quality VPS

Sep 20, 2007

am facing problem with my current host

high load and mysql crashed

am running 4images + vb which need special VPS

i need 1gb, 50gb space BW around 600/m

budget around $60/m

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Premium Hosts With High-End Powerful Shared Hosting

Oct 7, 2008

Im a webdesigner so when looking for hosting i try to find one that is simple to manage, hardware powerful, lots of ready to install scripts and a beautiful webmail like Atmail or Zimbra.

So im looking for a powerful / quality high end "shared" hosting package.

Until now i have looked at:
- Mediatemple
(as @mail, exelent support but slow in Europe)

- Mosso
(is always good to be powered by rackspace but i think that the cloud hosting concept is still unsstable. Any experience?

- SimpleHelix (realy fast magento demo store, lots of scripts, @Mail and seems to have a fast network to europe)

So any advices on premium shared hosting?

An in Europe, any company similar to mediatemple or simplehelix?

Budjet: up to 100 $

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Dedi For A High Quality VPN Provider

May 19, 2009

I'm about to start a premium VPN service provider, i've found that far too many people in this area are content with providing 100kb/s download speeds and poor reliablity, and think I can provide something better.

I'm currently evaluating options for the hosting i'll need. Initially i'd only be looking at 1 or 2 high bandwidth servers from a quality provider(in the US), on a monthly contract - obviously with the capacity to increase this as and when business becomes a little more established.

I've looked at 10tb.com, and a few uncapped 100Mb providers (Sharktech and others). Obviously I can see the 10tb cap on a gigabit port being a potentially expensive issue - how do they measure this bandwidth? I've noticed that several companies are now only counting the upload which would help me alot, is this standard? Additionally, and considering that i'm specifically NOT going to permit p2p usage in my TOS, would I be correct in assuming that providers will have no issue with this form of service over their network?

Finally, to the more experienced folk here, who would you choose... and why?! Given that i'm marketing this as a premium service, cost isn't the most important factor, but obviously it is one of the considerations.

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Ffmpeg High-quality Conversion

Aug 16, 2008

I want to do a "near-lossless" video conversion, if that is even possible, in keeping the proportion of the original video. Veoh seems a little bit better / at a higher quality than youtube, and I want to achieve higher quality than that. Literally speaking, I want the converted flv video's quality to be as close as the original video. What ffmpeg command exactly do I need to achieve this? I currently use ClipShare and is experimenting with Ostube for the php script. The default "high-quality" setting for both scripts are not that good of a quality either, with choppy images.

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Need High Quality DDoS-Protected Server

May 25, 2009

Datacenter in California USA will be better,

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Looking For A Good, High Quality Email Host

Sep 5, 2008

I know this is the Web Hosting Forums; but I'm hoping you guys can help me out with a related problem:

I am looking for a good, high quality email host. My wishes/requirements:

- IMAP [required]
- SSL encryption [required]
- Good, server-side filtering/sorting [required]
- Procmail/Sieve [both pluses]
- Hosting on an OSS stack [a plus]
- No bandwidth limits [1]
- No message transfer limits [2]

[1] I have 350-400 Mb of email stored at the moment, and I take backups. I hear good things about Fastmail; but I fear their bandwidth limits wouldn't cut it, even at the Enhanced plan (three backups, and it'd be done, basically).

[2] I am not referring to attachment/message size limits. I mean caps on how many messages I send or receive in a given timeframe. If the limits are really high (in this, Fastmail is fine), then I don't mind. But I've seen some hosts that have pretty low ones. Subscribe to a couple mailing lists and...poof.

I currently am running an email server on a VPS (Postfix/Dovecot/Procmail). But if anyone has any suggestions, I'd really like to hear them.

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How Come Poor Quality Web Host Gain High Sales

Oct 7, 2009

I have seen number of web host with poor performance gain allot of sales.
number of ppl complaining on wht about such host.

I wonder how come customer go there, and how come they have such large sales, on other hand I saw some quality web host with fewer clients?

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Apollo Hosting - Quality

Feb 6, 2008

Anyone have sites on Apollohosting (shared)?

What can you tell me about their service?

Security of sites - how is it?

Server uptime. And tech response time.

Is spamming about normal or excessive?

Overall are they getting better or worse?

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Quality Windows Hosting

Oct 5, 2007

Can anyone recommend any?

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Santrex Dedicated Hosting Quality

Jan 2, 2009

I have been using Santrex shared hosting for some time due to their low prices - below 3$ per month. And it has been quite good quality/price ratio. But now it's time to upgrade, so my question is - has anyone got experience with their dedicated servers and support?

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Check Server And Hosting Quality

May 6, 2008

We have a dedicated server with huge application that use intensively one database and we notice that we block at 15000 people / days ... our website is arkadia.com

So my questions are :

* is the server can be full and this why we block at 15000 people / days ? most important, how to check it ?

* is the DNS (enom.com DNS server) can be not fast enalf or not wheel configured ? how to check it ?

* is the hosting company can be not good enalf (low bandwith for exemple or someting else)? again how to check it ?

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Wholesaleinternet.com - Quality Hosting On A Budget

Mar 8, 2008

I've seen a lot of discussion regarding low budget providers and am surprised I haven't seen many mentioning Wholesale Internet. I'd like to give my personal review.

I've used them several times over the past two years, and currently have two boxes with them. Support has always been professional and fair.

It has been my experience that they tend to go above and beyond what the customer expects, which seems rare for budget hosts. I have never been nickel and dimed over a small upgrade or service.

Uptime is as good as it gets. Hardware seems reliable. Delivery time is fairly quick.
Their prices on servers with DirectAdmin are impressive.

I would wholeheartedly reccomend them to anyone in need of a budget box. Their prices are extremely competitive, and they can do seem to give extremely good custom quotes if nothing they offer quite meets your needs.

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Quality, Reliable Hosting For Up To $10 A Month

Feb 14, 2007

I am about to open a third web site and am looking for a good place to host it. My two existing sites are currently with a local (Croatian) The Planet reseller which has quite good support (and are partly sponsoring me), but tend to be a bit too weak when it comes to high load peaks (when sites get dugg mainly).

So for a third site I am considering something else. Having read some discussions I can conclude that these days the actual amount of space and bandwidth isn't such a good measure of actual quality and these numbers are mainly used for marketing.

I also learned that best web hosting depends on specific needs and desires. So here is what I want and I hope you can make some good suggestions.

I want a reliable, high uptime, fast web hosting with great customer support (24/7, quick, knowledgeable and friendly) which wont impose bad mysql limits and will not crash when slashdotted or dugg.

It would be good if it would use some sort of a reliability boosting system like clustering (although I guess it doesn't have to be clustering necessarily).

I also need it to have at least 2GB of web space and more than 100GB of monthly bandwidth but with an option of extending this if need arises *without downtime*.

If it would anyhow be possible for it to be Free Open Source Software friendly, possibly offering a webmin control panel in addition to or instead of cpanel. Of course, it has to run on GNU/Linux. I don't need *anything* Microsoft related on it.

It needs to have a good track record. Please don't advertise your own hosting companies here. I'd like to hear recommendations from real people with real experience.

My budget is up to $10 a month or $120 a year. I believe I should be able to get roughly the above with a good host for that price these days. It's a competitive market. Someone honest has got to fit the bill.

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Comparing High-end Shared 2 VP 2 Low Dedicated

Jul 9, 2008

As a non-tech but looong term sufferer in the Hosting biz both as a consumer and VERY briefly a supplier ( strictly for masochists IMHO ), over the years I found it was only specific individuals - not the Hosting Company that was the key point.

Good support people are really needed more today than ever before. It is sooo complex - as follows:

We are looking at leaving our unsupported VERY small Dedicated Server after two years of frustration trying to get a secure, reliable system going without success. A mixed bag of problems: Us being non-geeks, OS problems, Server problems.

We are looking at going back to a VPS in the light of amazing claims being made for them today.

A fraction of the cost of Dedicated and yet *claims* of astounding capability. CLAIMS...

That's why I'm here today with you. I need help sorting the facts out. Can a VPS that : is "burstable" for RAM and with amazing pipe access and volume allowance and the new concept of "sorta like load balancing" sharing workload over possibly hundreds of Servers in a giant cluster" actually be real?

If this is true it would be Server heaven for me as the Provider has to do all the Geek-stuff!

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Shared Host For High Traffic Blog

Jun 4, 2009

Is there any shared host which can easily drive a wordpress blog with 100,000-150,000 unique visitors every month?

The blog in question has wp-supercache and is quite a bit tweaked and consumes roughly 30-50GB of bandwidth every month (with mod deflate enabled on server). My priorities are good uptime, fast servers and network (especially to India) and good customer support.

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Hosting Review Site Or Top 3 Hosting Co. For Shared Hosting

Apr 23, 2009

I'm trying to find at least three web hosting companies to choose from to host a Joomla websites on a shared server. Would consider dedicated if the deal was right. I have a friend of mine who wants to create a church website, and is looking for the best deal. I use Netfirms which I have never had an issue with, but I didn't want to be bias, and would like give him other options to choose from.

Is there a good WebHosting Review site, I could check out, or maybe someone could recommend their top three. I reading threw the forums here and I noticed there are not that many complaints with Hostgator. Again, I just want to see if there was anything out there better.

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Unlimited Domains With Shared Hosting Vs. Reseller Hosting

Apr 2, 2009

This question gets asked a lot in our Helpdesk and I figured I would post our knowledgebase article here to help anyone else wondering the Pros and Cons of Unlimited Domain Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting. If anyone has anything else to add, I appreciate any feedback on how we can improve our KB article.

Given the present state of shared hosting, many clients may ask "Why would I need a Reseller account if I can host unlimited Addon and Parked domains within a single shared hosting account?". There is certainly enough Disk Space and Bandwidth provided in many of today's hosting packages, so why bother to purchase a Reseller account?

Many don't realize the drawbacks of hosting large numbers of domains within a single hosting account until they've already packed tens of them onto a single package.

So how do you know whether a Reseller account or Shared Hosting account is right for you? The answer is in how you plan to provide access to others and how "mission-critical" the sites are. You should consider the following factors when deciding on hosting a large number of domains:

1. Who will be managing these sites?

2. How important is site security between sites?

3. Will these domains need dedicated SSLs?

4. How resource intensive will these sites be (RAM, CPU, MySQL)?

In a nutshell, Reseller plans are for those who wish to host websites for other sub-clients and a shared hosting package is for a single individual managing multiple personal domains. We'll go over the 4 points above in greater detail.

1. Who will be managing these site?

If you personally own multiple domains and wish to host them within the same hosting space, you can easily do so with an Addon or Parked domain. An addon domain will allow you to host a new domain within a subdirectory of your hosting space. A parked domain will allow you to have multiple domain names point to the same content. Since addon domains reside within the same user space as your main domain, you can manage all of your domains with a single login. You can see the problem if you want to provide another user with access. Since all accounts are managed with a single set of login credentials, if you give another user access to their addon domain you are also giving them access to your main domain. If you have vital information stored on your main domain and you are hosting another domain as an addon domain for someone else, you cannot provide them access to their hosting without compromising the integrity of your main domain.

When hosting sites as a Reseller, your clients in turn will want access to their account and will want exclusive rights to their disk space and server resources. With a Reseller account, each sub-account you create gets its own username, password, and isolated user space on the server. Individual clients of yours have access to their user space and their user space alone. In addition to the isolation with regards to access concerns, each account also gets their own cPanel access. All of the same great features that you use to manage your sites can also be given to your clients. Next time client Y wants to add an email account, you don't have to do it for them for fear of giving them access to your cPanel, you can simply give them their login details and they can manage their own email accounts.

2. How important is site security between sites?

This is along the same lines as point 1. This is not necessarily related to who you are hosting for, but what content you are hosting. Imagine that you are a webmaster and you are hosting your own personal site-in-a-box community forums (such as PHPBB or vBulliten) on your main domain and a company website for a paying client on an addon domain. It is not uncommon for popular scripts to have security flaws in older versions. Script authors will often update security flaws in later versions of their software. For this reason, it is very important to keep scripts up to date on your site. But let's assume you forget to update your scripts for a couple of months and an unscrupulous individual takes advantage of a well known security hole. Using this exploit, they gain access to your forums and any subdirectories. Since you are hosting another domain as an addon, they now have access to this domain's content as well. A site defacement on this company's site may not bode well for you when they are considering you for web master services in the future.

If these two domains had been separate into two individual users (i.e. two subaccounts created through a Reseller), their content would've been inherently isolated server side by Linux's user management. Sure, your forums still would've been affected by the security hole, but the break-in would've been isolated to your site alone.

Going back to our example, let's say that instead of a corporate website as an addon domain you are hosting an image gallery site for all of your cats. In this case, it may not be a big deal if a compromise in your main domain spreads to your addon domain. After all, they are both owned by you and you're only losing some time and effort to restore these sites from your local backups (which I'm sure you've actively maintained ). But then again, you are losing time and time is money. If these sites had been separated into individual users, again, you'd only have to restore one site's content.

The idea here is isolation. Reseller plans provide you with the peace of mind to know that if one of your users doesn't keep up with their site's content as actively as they should, their actions won't negatively impact the content hosted on other domains. If you and those you host in your addons are diligent webmasters, maybe this point won't have much bearing on your decision. Only you can say for sure.

3. Will these domains need SSLs?

As of this writing, SSL certificates must have a dedicated IP address to be installed. If you are hosting multiple domains on the same shared hosting package, you can still install an SSL (or purchase a dedicated IP address and install one) but you are limited to exactly one SSL on your account. If you are hosting multiple domains on the same package (and consequently the same IP), you must choose which domains gets to have the dedicated SSL.

Sub accounts of Resellers can each be placed onto separate IP addresses and, as a result, can each have their own dedicated SSL installed.

Of course, both shared accounts and Resellers' sub accounts can use the server's shared SSL free of charge. However, some clients prefer to see their domain in the URL bar when they visit https.

4. How resource intensive will these sites be (RAM, CPU, MySQL)?

We've already established that disk space and bandwidth will be no problem. But what about CPU, RAM, and MySQL resources?

It's important to be aware of the resource needs of your website. As administrators, we have to make sure all users "play nice" on the server. We can't have user X eating all of the CPU cycles computing pi to the trillionth decimal place while you are trying to serve web pages to your loyal visitors. We have to monitor the actions of all of our users and in the event someone is stepping beyond the bounds of acceptable resource consumption, we have to take action. In most cases, this entails disabling the abusive script, but in extreme cases we have to suspend the abusive user account to prevent other domains from encountering performance degradation on their sites.

If you are hosting 100 domains as addon domains, all serving nothing but static HTML pages, maybe you will stay off the radar.

But considering most sites are more complicated than static HTML, you may want to be aware of how many sites you host as addons and what content they serve. If you're hosting the latest and greatest Joomla modules, with up to date news feeds, integrated forums modules, polls, blog posts, etc your site can certainly require a degree of CPU to serve your pages. Now imagine you have 5 or 10 of these sites all hosted as addon domains. The resources these sites need to generate their content can quickly add up and before you know it you've got a friendly email from Acenet, Inc. in your inbox wondering why your user is consuming 2 of the 8 CPU cores on the server. That may be an exaggeration, but you get the idea. In the event your resource usage becomes so excessive that we have to suspend your user, now all of your sites are down instead of whichever one may be the direct cause of the spike in CPU, RAM, or MySQL consumption.

If each of these had been separate Reseller accounts, the offending account could've been suspended temporarily while we work through the cause, leaving the rest of your domains live and kicking.

The conclusion here is that you need to be aware of the needs of your sites in a general sense. Hosting unlimited domains within a shared hosting space is certainly a nice feature. For those webmasters who have multiple presences on the web, it's very convenient to be able to manage all of their personal domains from a single control panel. For those entrepreneurs who are hosting multiple domains for other individuals, the features and security associated with a Reseller plan and the inherent isolation of Linux users is a must have.

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No Resource :: Shared Hosting Apache And Physical Hosting

Jul 31, 2014

I'have a problem with my aps setup on sanbox.When i create on customer ccp when i click finish i have this error. I must only test.

Error: Instance of application with id 124 and version '1-4' can not be provided: There is no resource of class 'Shared hosting Apache' with provisioning attributes 'Web Cluster' in subscription with id 1.:There is no resource of class 'Physical hosting (IIS)' with provisioning attributes 'Web Cluster' in subscription with id 1..If i add the shared hosting apache resourse i get this error : There are no "apache" services that satisfy given attributes: "Web Cluster".

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Noob - Shared Hosting VS. Dedicated Hosting

Jul 13, 2005

I am developing a website for a client of mine (the client is a close friend and know's that he is getting a newbie). This site will be larger (project wise) than anything that I have ever done (everything I have done in the past has been FrontPage). We will be using several third party applications that need to run on the server as well as our own custom developed applications. We do not yet know how much access to the server's deeper structures we will need for all of the applications that we want loaded on our server to run. Things we have in mind: oscommerce, mysql, php5, apache, linux, vbulletin, blogger, phpbb, adserver, ect... Would these things run ok on a shared host and would I have full authority to configure them without needing full access to the server? Or will I need access to the entire server (dedicated server) in order to have full customization capabilities? I guess all I am trying to figure out at this point is will shared hosting for a large project limit our abilities to use 3rd party apps, or do most 3rd party application designers build their stuff to work in a shared hosting environment anyway? If we need to get a dedicated server we will, but if we can get away with shared hosting for a while (especially during development when the site will not be generating revenue) it would be nice to avoid the price of a dedicated server. Many thanks for your comments, insight, and expertise! Also, if anyone can sight some common scenarios that may require a dedicated server over a shared hosting plan, that may help me to understand what the limitations of a shared hosting plan vs. a deicated or virtual dedicated server are.

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Difference Between Using Shared Hosting And Reseller Hosting?

Aug 17, 2008

Here is my dilemma, thanks to a thread in these forums I was directed to a hosting website called pc-core.net and I was interested in using them, because it does not appear that they oversell at all. My question is regarding the fact that they have the shared hosting for $12/month with ~5gb of disk space and 50gb of transfer. I then just looked at reseller hosting for the heck of it, and noticed i could get a reseller hosting account with 45gb storage and 450gb of bandwidth for $10/month. Even though I wont be selling hosting, or anything like that, can I use a reseller hosting account like a normal shared hosting account?...just with more space and bandwidth?

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Difference Between VPS And Say Shared Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting

Jun 13, 2008

I'm new to the VPS scene, so could someone tell me the difference between VPS and say shared hosting or dedicated hosting? Actually I really like to know what a Virtual Private Server actually is.. I know shared hosting is typically a single account on a server with several hundred other accounts which is used primarily for the sole purpose of hosting websites, and I know that dedicated hosting is functionally the same as colo except that you rent the server, instead of having your own purchased server plugged into some network. So what is VPS?

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Shared Hosting Vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

May 6, 2008

Do website builders generally go with shared hosting or dedicated server? I mean, if they work on several websites would they get a dedicated server instead of shared? From what I understand through reading shared hosting is basically if you only have one website. So one with multiple websites would go with a dedicated server?

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Difference In Shared Hosting And Reseller Hosting

Apr 23, 2008

I would like to know the different between the shared hosting and reseller hosting?

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High Storage Hosting - 20 X 20 TB

Sep 24, 2009

I need to put a proposal for a client who has 20 TB data storage (files/images).

Will propose PHP/mysql - mysql for meta data of files and other authentication etc. Application/mysql could just be ~10 MB.

The storage would increase (incrementally) ~ 1 TB per year.

And data needs stored at a different place for Disaster Recovery point of view.

Need to figure storage costing.

Please give me some pointers:

a) How to find high storage hosting provider?

b) Has any one experimented with Cloud Computing, and if so any ball park potential costing? I attempt S3 and could not figure costing.

c) or any other suggestion.

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High Load PHP Hosting

Aug 13, 2008

company that can offer me super fast php hosting. It will be large loads with upto 20 php requests a second, the load is so much that i am currently running mysql on a dedicated mysql server.

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High Performace Hosting

Dec 6, 2007

My company are looking for a web hosting solution, that can handle sometime spike of 4000 connections at a time and not really a lots of Data transfers. Lets say 150 GB per month.

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High Bandwith Hosting

Aug 18, 2007

Im currently with host gator and have nothing but amazing things to say but i have a music streaming website and its eating up bandwith like crazy but at least the cpu usage of the shared hosting is not that high but i will definitley pass my 2 terabyte mark within the month. My question is even on the dedicated hosting plans on host gator they still dont offer a lot of bandwith so does anyone know any very reliable and good companies that offer a LOT of bandwith for a moderate price. I was looking at liquid web dedicated which offers 3 terabytes as i hear their super reliable and professional

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Is Shared Hosting Really Better Than Dedicated Hosting?

Sep 25, 2009

How long do you wait before moving from shared to VPS or dedicated? Apart from security and speed, what are the benefits of dedicated hosting? This says [url] that shared is better than dedicated because you have to do less..

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