VPS Providers That Provide Free OS Reloads

Nov 12, 2008

As the subject implies, does anyone know of any VPS providers that provide free OS reloads, if at all possible? The reason I'm asking is because I am planning on building my Linux system administration skills, allowing me to eventually manage my own server. I am real competent when it comes to Windows, however, I really don't want to use it as much as possible.

So if you know of a VPS provider that provides free OS reloads, I would be real grateful if you could share them to me.

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Which Hosts Provide Free Trial

Mar 4, 2009

I am looking to get hosting for site that I want to build. At the moment I am looking for shared hosting. Things that I need from the host are unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited Domains/Sub-Domains, 5GB Disk Space and 10 GB Data transfer. My budget is about $10/month. I know hostgator provides 1 month for 1cent after coupon. I know hostgator oversells but their plans meet my requirements and from what I have read here they aren't too bad. Are there any other hosts that provide the first month for free or close to free, I would like to try out the hosting service for a month to see for myself how they are.

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Tell Me A Free Hosting Providers Name?

Apr 26, 2009

I have a domain from go daddy but I want to use free hosting for that domain. any one know any free hosting providers.

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Automated OS Reloads

Mar 5, 2009

Which VPS providers offer automated OS reloads for their clients?

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Provide Shared SSL

Jan 12, 2007

To provide Shared SSL on cpanel linux, need to install SSL on WHM and let client to use/access like [url]. However, it can alwasy lead to abusing of bandwidth because with accessing[url], they can use server's bandwdith, not client's.

Is there anyway to prevent it? so only enable [url]? instead of using firewall to block port or like that.and enable [url

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Partition My Server And Provide A Few VPS

Apr 13, 2008

I'm planing on virtualizing my server and selling off windows 2008 virtual machines running on windows server 2008 hyper-v.

Is it common for people with dedicated servers to sell off virtual slices?

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Is It Common For Hosts To Provide Only 1 Db

Jul 9, 2007

Is it common for 10-15$+/month to provide only 1 database?

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Company That Provide Backup Service?

Feb 7, 2009

Does anyone know of a company that provide backup service

I need to be able to FTP in and upload/download.

It is to upload backup files from my shared hosting account, so I have a backup.

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Companies That Provide Backup Space

May 2, 2009

i want to ask about best companies that provide backups spaces

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Provide Hosting For Multiple Clients

Apr 15, 2009

I am a front end designer/developer with no server-side expertise. I am probably going to have to provide hosting to my freelance clients very soon. These would be small WP sites with low traffic, but there could be as many as 50 domains being hosted at a time just to begin with.

I need the host provider to do all the tech work and provide support to me, if not to the clients (who will inevitable contact me to deal with problems, which is OK). I am not able to manage/troubleshoot my own server.

I am considering Mosso/Rackspace, but recently I've heard some very negative comments on forums (such as this one) that are concerning me.

Does anyone have a recommendation given my needs and experience level with servers/hosting? I am not looking for a "cheap deal" - I need reliable service and peace of mind.

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Any Webhost That Provide Instant Setup

Sep 25, 2009

I mean like no ID checks and they provide instant setup if I am paying by paypal. I know credit card they find it risky but I am paying with paypal they should not ask for any ID verification and Hostgator claims they provide instant setup but its very rare they flag your order even if you pay by paypal.

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Registering Domain, Which IP Address Should I Provide

Feb 4, 2008

I want to register a domain from some organization. During the registration the registrar asks me to provide a primary DNS with an IP address and a secondary DNS with an IP address.

Because I have already a website with a godaddy hosting, I want that may new domain also points to my godaddy hosting. So I have to provide the DNS of my godaddy hosting to the domain registration company.

But my question is; Which IP address do they require? Do they ask me the IP address of my DNSís (NS43.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, NS44.DOMAINCONTROL.COM) or the IP address of the server on which my website is running.

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How Many Percentage Of Hosts Out There Do Not Provide Cpanel

May 13, 2008

in my country 99% of web masters do not know what cpanel is!

they hardly have any other way of controling things

they use ssh or telnet or ftp and send a support request

now my question how many percentage of hosting companies in the world do not provide cpanel?

And if you as a host do not provide cpanel how should you expalin that to the client?

Is cpanel really necessary?

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How To Provide Jabber For Shared Hosting

Mar 28, 2007

I have a web server for shared hosting and I'd like to know if it's possible to offer Jabber. It seems Jabber is not like MySQL that is suitable for a shared environment, right? Is there a way for each account to have its own Jabber server?

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What Hosts Provide Decent Referral Rewards

Apr 30, 2009

I currently host a few sites for small businesses and teachers on my multi-addon shared account. However, I know some companies will provide free hosting or some other deals such as free months or credit or money for referring clients. What are some of these companies that do this?

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Using A VPS To Provide Internet Access Via ADSL Line

Jan 10, 2008

This might win me the "stupidest idea 2008" award but I was wondering..

I have an active ADSL line at home but I don't have an active account at an ISP.. Could I somehow get Internet access through my VPS (for a week or so, till my new ISP activates my account)?

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Dedicated Server Provide Allow Warez Linking?

Dec 10, 2008

Any good recommanded dedicated server providers which allows Warez linking?

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Free Hosting And Free Domain

Sep 17, 2009

Do you think if a company offered free web hosting and free domains people would snap them up like there is no tommorow?

Also does anyone one how much ICANN acredited registrars pay ICANN when they register a new domain?

any feedback would be great!

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SSL Certificate (free Install + Free Ip)

Aug 5, 2009

Simplehelix offers a 128/256 bit RapidSSL Certificate for just $99.95/year. In addition, this certificate comes with a year of dedicated IP address with free installation.

Do you think the conditions are normal?

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Pacificrack.com Is Reliable ? Do They Provide Quality And Good Services ?

Aug 12, 2008

hi i was planning to buy one server from pacificrack and while googling about pacificrack i found this site

and saw many content about pacificrack here...so i just registered just by thinking that

i can get best suggestions here from industry experts

so anyone one here using pacificrack ? are they reliable and good company?

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Any Hosting Company Provide Over 20gb Bandwidth Per Month

Dec 8, 2008

I am in a process searching for a well know hosting company provide over 20gb bandwidth transfer per month. I am currently using 1and1.com for titan.

I found softlayer and they only provide 10gb max and cost $1800 per month.

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Do Any Good Hosts Provide A CPanel That Keeps Addon Domain Lists In Order

Feb 2, 2008

I find that I like using CPanel with addon domains in a new unlimited domains shared plan rather than using WHM with each name having its own CPanel in a reseller plan (which I have been used to until now at another host). The only problem is that all the addon domains are out of order - they are not even in the order in which I add them. This puts a damper on things and makes managing them much less efficient than one would expect with the addons in order.

After putting in a support ticket, I was told they can't do anything about it at all. They told me the order of the listing is the order in the "mail server apache configuration."

After posting this matter here in the Apache forum, I have been informed by an SP member that the answer I got wouldn't hold any water at all, or more accurately, consists of a whole lot of smoke. As a person who knows how easy and basic it is to sort data lists or drop-down form selector fields myself, I must admit that it's hard to believe nothing can be done in the 21st century.

I have no desire at all to go with another reseller plan, and like using CPanel instead with addons.

Does anyone know of the good and well known unlimited domain hosting providers who keep the addon domains in order within CPanel? Is there any other good option for shared hosting that doesn't involve using WHM and does offer common sense multiple domain management where everything is in order?

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Your Opinion As A Customer: A Hosting Provider Who Couldn't Provide E-mail Hosting

Jun 4, 2009

Lets say you're a customer looking for web hosting, but do have technical experience - you know, you develop your own websites, you've had experience in this sort of thing before.

What if you came across a provider who seemed to offer a good service, they're high quality, they can host your website on their brilliant setup etc... but they do not provide any e-mail accounts with your hosting?

We're developing our own shared hosting setup, our own control panel too. Regardless of the control panel though, we wouldn't feel comfortable hosting peoples e-mail. We have plenty of experience in every other aspect of general shared hosting - but not looking after e-mail accounts nor the associated software.

To be honest I don't think that many shared hosting providers truely handle e-mail properly, and that job should really be left to the professionals.

We could of course guide customers or potential customers on why we won't offer e-mail accounts (i.e. not wanting to offer something we know we can't provide to a high enough standard) and instruct them on how to setup e-mail with another provider (such as Google, who will do this for free with limitations).

The alternative to the above is that we mask in a third party to look after e-mail, i.e. resell someone elses e-mail services as part of our hosting packages. The third party would require API access to setup/remove accounts..

What do you think? Are we just acting stupid trying to provide web hosting without e-mail hosting included? I noticed a while back Dreamhost encouraged their customers to use an alternative e-mail provider!

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Best UK VPS Providers

Jun 6, 2008

I am considering to move to a VPS (from a dedicated: P2.8, 512MB). Can you please recommend me some nice providers in the UK?

I would go with wiredtree.com but they dont have servers in the UK...

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Name Your Top 3 VPS Providers

Oct 6, 2007

Name your top 3 list here!

(this was supposed to be placed in VPS section - moderators could you please move it there?)

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VPS Providers Going Under

Aug 6, 2007

I've been away and I've just come back to find primaryvps, anchorvps, leeware all gone down. This is just a thread to talk about WHY I guess, and to add more as they go. It's like a vps crash...

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Adult Providers

May 11, 2009

I need to know which prividers are being specialized in adult content. I am to create some kind of directory, for personal use, currently I aware only exmasters.com.

Certainly I need not the names, which I can get on google, but the reliable compnaies. Could you provide me something like that?

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VPS Providers And VLANs

Apr 16, 2009

Is there a VPS provider that will sell me a VM , and put it up somewhere, and can make me another VM in the future, on the same VLAN as the original VM ?

For example, pretend VM #1 has a NIC at

in the future, I want another VM with a nic at

I was looking at Go-Grid , but I'm not sure how their pricing works.

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Can Any Providers Clone A VPS

Oct 19, 2009

Which VPS providers have the ability to clone an existing VPS?

Once I build my server, I don't want to have to do it again.

It seems like most providers don't offer this feature. What makes it so difficult?

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VPS Providers Which Allow IRC Content

Mar 30, 2009

Looking for an VPS provider which allows IRC network provider, currently host a network on a shell account but want to move to a VPS for more control, don't want to host it on any of my current dedicated which allow IRC access.

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