Domain Register + WHOIS Privacy + Paypal?

Sep 29, 2005

Anyone know a good registrar who accepts Paypal payments with a .com domain price of around $10 or less and privacy option for about $2 or less? I also need to be able to set nameservers in a control panel.

Registerfly and GoDaddy didnt work... both ask credit cards and I only have Paypal.

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Want To Register A Domain Name

Feb 19, 2008

I want to make my own website and wants to ask few questions

I want to register a domain name so that no else registers it, where to do it? I don't need any space to host my web just want to register that domain name. Is it possible?

When my webpage is completed, I'll have to host it somewhere like HostMonster, which 'll provide me space, so can I transfer my domain name which I have registered to HostMonster or any other one ?

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Who Is Domain Register.

Sep 16, 2007

Who has the main control over all the domain registrations, and how could one become domain registrar.

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Register Good Domain Names

Oct 13, 2008

I found good domain available names and when I tried to register using some webhosting companies they were first shown as available and in the next step of registration they were claimed to be taken. It does not happen with "not so good" names.
I think it happened with and

So it looks like there is no way to register a good name?

Even when checking whois may have your good domain name stolen.

Can someone comment this and share his/her experience.

Which regetar and whois companies can I use safely?

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Register Multiple Domain Names Against The Same IP Address?

Jun 26, 2008

I have a dedicated server hosted in some data center. The server provider has provided me an IP address. I have bought a a domain name which redirects the traffic to that IP.

I have not been provided with any nameserver.

My question is is it possible that I register multiple domain names against the same IP address? If yes how?

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Change Register Domain Names Button

May 5, 2015

I was trying to change "Register Domain Names button URL". URL...But after changing the "Register Domain Names button URL" the CLI file (%plesk_ cli %interface_template.exe) got corrupted somehow and now i get this error "invalid application".Is there a place where i can get a copy of this file ?

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Apr 25, 2007

I will purchase web hosting and domain name services. What am I to do for protecting private details ? Are there any special points to pay attention to?

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Is There Privacy

May 7, 2007

I own a domain, and made sure it was private. Should I count on my contact information remaining private? How easy would it be for someone to get at it (can an angry person call my registrar and get the info?)

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/home/ Privacy

Apr 14, 2009

How do I keep users from spying on each others files? If I chmod -x /home/ all kinds of crap breaks. Would setting 660 along with setfacl u:apache:rwx work?

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Can My ISP Compromise My Privacy?

Jun 2, 2008

I suspect that the internet service provider I'm using is compromising my privacy. If someone who works in the ISP company decides to check up on their customers...

1) Is it possible for them to track which websites the customer has been to?

2) If they wanted to, can they gain access to the things that the customer types, like email passwords, or even email content?


Reason why I posted this is below:

I live in a country where personal privacy isn't all that respected. Recently, I've encountered a problem. It seems that some people are aware of some info that I post in the web. Now, I posted those info under an anonymous ID, and didn't tell anyone about it at all, and no one else uses my computer. So, how did it get leaked? It's most likely not malware (keyloggers, trojans etc.) because I'm very careful in that aspect.

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Data Privacy

May 3, 2008

Can anyone recommend hosting provider (dedicated or VPS) that has a strong and clear policy with respect to data on the the server?

We currently have accounts with Liquidweb and ThePlanet. Their policies are fine as far as they go, but they seem focused on things credit card info used to purchase service, and tracking of activity on their web sites.

That's all very nice, but I am worried about data stored on our servers, etc. I need to be sure that they won't turn over information to 3rd parties without our consent or being compelled by a subpoena, warrant or court order, and I want to be sure that any data center they rent space in won't do the same.

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WHOIS Listings

Apr 26, 2008

Is there a way to search through all the WHOIS records for a specific contact e-mail address. I'm trying to track a scammer and I've yet to find a search engine that could do this.

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AlphaRed: Unprofessionalism And Possible Invasion Of Privacy

Jun 27, 2008

A friend and I ordered a dedicated AlphaRed server, drawn in by the excellent pricing.

We were problem-free for a few days, until I noticed my irssi (IRC chat client) screen detach. I assumed I accidentally pressed something, and continued chatting. Then it happened again, and a few more times. I looked at the last people to login to my shell, and it showed that an AlphaRed employee had logged into both 'root' and my personal shell. The employee was reading my chat logs in real-time.

The AlphaRed employ did not only read my chats, but participated as well. You may find logs that here:

Some excerpts:

05:05:40 <@infid3l[eMo]> hm..
05:05:48 <@infid3l[eMo]> =D i love finding hacked shells
05:05:52 <@infid3l[eMo]> especially when they're on my network
05:06:01 <@infid3l[eMo]> and then snatching control of them =D =D
05:06:44 <@lifelike> = d
05:06:53 <@infid3l[eMo]> so whats up ppl
05:06:58 <@infid3l[eMo]> sorry to break into your conversation =D


05:08:00 <@infid3l[eMo]> lol=D
05:08:30 <@infid3l[eMo]> I guess infid3l wants the screen back
05:08:35 <@infid3l[eMo]> eh, i'll give it back.
05:08:41 <@lifelike> lol who u
05:08:42 <@infid3l[eMo]> I'm watching you =D
05:08:55 <@infid3l[eMo]> I'm Alpha Red's network admin
05:08:59 <@lifelike> looool
05:09:01 <@infid3l[eMo]> I run the network this box is on

I then realized that this AlphaRed employee thought that I had somehow hacked the machine and gained root access. This box was unmanaged, yet the employee did not consult the owner to verify that I was a legitimate user. When the employee discovered I had not hacked the box, he claimed that IRC daemons were against the AUP. Below is the only mention of IRC in the AUP:

``11. Clients running IRC daemon are required to take immediate action on notification of any botnet or suspected

DMCA activity on the server. Such action shall include immediately closing any channels related to such activity.

Clients refusing to take such action or provide access to Alpha Red to take such action will have all access to the IRC
daemon ports blocked and may be terminated without further notice.'

When I made the employee aware of this, he claimed there were complaints made about the IRC server. When I asked what the nature of the complaints were, he said he was not at liberty to discuss it. I personally doubt there were any complaints, as the IRCd was completely legitimate and exclusive.

I talked to the employee via ``wall'' messages via the root shell for a while. When I mentioned how unprofessional his way of dealing with the situation was, he told me he had control over the network and he didn't have to be professional.

While talking on the phone the employee told me I should have notified AlphaRed about running an IRCd. Nowhere in the AUP did it say anything about notifying AlphaRed. The employee acted like it was common sense -- which to me, it wasnt.

With no evidence of illegitimate activity, AlphaRed still refuses to allow an IRCd to run on our box. Even though it was their mistake, we are the ones paying for it.

AlphaRed offered no apology, and only left us inconvenienced.

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Full WHOIS Management

Jul 24, 2009

I can't get the following - Full WHOIS Management.

How can it be?

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Whois Cart Alternative

Apr 2, 2009

Is there any open-source/free alternative to whoiscart?

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Reselling From And Whois Registrar

Oct 19, 2009

A lot of the web hosts I Come across are resellers. This is understandable, but is it possible to find out who they are reselling for? Also, is it possible find out who the registrar of a domain is? I know of whois, but it doesn't seem to tell me the original host/registrar.

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What To Hide ....From Whois Lookups

Apr 13, 2008

Is there a way you can hide from the whois lookups how many site's you have hosted on your server? Like, for the reverse IP, usually it'll mention how many sites are hosted on the server when you do a whois lookup.

Is there a way to prevent it from doing that?

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Whois Info Change

Aug 22, 2008

I went through a good reseller instead of going through the datacenter

They offer great support unlike the datacenter their purchasing from

But i know that data center are professional company.

I did a whois on my domain name everything looks ok, my info.

But when i do a whois on the ip for this domain,

I get the company info for the datacenter.

Can i change this or do i have to purchase my own ip?

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EuroVPS - No TOS Little Info On Website - Adult OK - Privacy?

Jul 21, 2008

I found EuroVPS before I found this forum but when I went to their website I couldn't find anything on their Terms of Service. Do they allow adult content and what are their privacy terms?

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Multiple IP Addresses For Privacy & Security Reasons

Oct 28, 2009

I'm trying to see what the most cost effective way of doing this is.

I basically want to separate our business IP and our mail IP's.

So if I'm browsing the internet I have the regular IP that Comcast sets us up with.

If I am doing any emails, basically having one computer that runs off a different IP address. So when we send emails from that computer it would have the different IP address.

I want to do it in the most safe and legal way possible.

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Providers Which Let You Customize WHOIS IP Info

Apr 5, 2009

I forget the technical term for this. But I wish to be able to change the abuse email upon IP lookup to ensure abuse gets dealt with as swiftly as possible. There will be obvious trust issues involved however. Do any providers offer this?

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Whois Only Shows Registry Info

Dec 3, 2008

I got a new box, replaced it with my old one, and the whois program only shows registry portion, but not registrar portion.

I see when it expires and stuff, but not the registrant info you know.
never run into this before, can someone come with a solution?

It's standard CentOS.

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Whois Server For .asia And .mobi

Nov 4, 2008

Anyone can let me know whois server for .asia and .mobi domain?

And what's the response key? NOT FOUND or No match for?

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How To Hide DNS Info On WHOIS Lookup

May 18, 2007

I want to hide my NS records on WHOIS lookup, or show a fake or something so that no one can find me, Is it possible,

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European Web Site Using US Servers - EU Data Privacy Regulation

Oct 11, 2008

We are developing a new web site that will be collecting private information (no credit cards - only names, phones, email addresses and potentialy addresses etc).

Our company will be based in the EU and the target audience will largely be located in the EU.

We were thinking of using some of the very respected US companies like theplanet or softlayer that have very good prices for a quality service instead of the more expensive and less flexible EU based solutions.

But I was wondering whether this would violate the EU privaxy regulations (not sure if softlayer or theplanet are part of the US Safe Harbor) or whether there would be a way to cover ourselves (e.g. special contractual binds with the provider (which i am hoping would be part of their standard SLA/T&C) or by mentioning in the Terms & conditions of our site that data will be stored in the US.

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Bluehost Advertises Their Prices In Whois Records

Apr 13, 2008

This morning I was doing some domain lookups trying to find an available yousuck.* domain, and I stumbled upon this record:


Is it really ethical for bluehost to advertise their prices in the whois records of domains registered through them?

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Adding New Whois Servers To Linux Server

Nov 21, 2008

How do I go about adding new whois servers in my linux box so that the "whois" command can work for those domains? I notice I can't get any .me information now.

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Private, Reliable And Cheap Hosting And Whois

Oct 31, 2007

I'm about to launch a viral project that has realy good potential to strike it big, but would like to clear a few things first.

I would not like to have it associated with my name - not that it anything illegal, but in real life I'm doing something completely different and on the record would like to keep it that way.

So that probably means keeping the whois private - but I have another question as well. Suppose the project strikes it big - would a diggin journalist be able to still get my name/data from a hosting company too?

Is there a good hosting company with an all-inclusive service that you could recommend (that would get me a private hosting plan + a private domain name/whois)? And that would be reasonably priced of course + more importanty reliable (note have problems if/when there is a massive traffic surge to my site at one point in time)

Would probably take a shared hosting plan - need only PHP and imagemagick to start with. But again - bit part of my concern is what happens if the project makes it big and there is a lot of traffic - so ideally "unlimited" bandwidth and responsive admins...

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Apr 21, 2009

SameerHosting has been the biggest mistake I have ever made as far as purchasing a service online is concerned. This fake company and more importantly their Owner/Employee/[Insert Job Title Here] Jordan has been the most nasty, hard to work with, and distasteful person I have ever dealt with in my life. I recommend anyone to stay as far away from this company and child as possible. Below are parts of an initial post of mine at DP Forums. There are so many posts, threads, reviews and this kid and his fake company out there that you shouldn't have any trouble finding out everything that has occurred in the past 1-2 months. Thanks for your time:

I had purchased a dedicated server with this guy not realizing he was a 14 year old kid with a bad temper and poor spelling. I paid for the server and he managed to get into an argument with my tech about something (its in that thread). He then got mad at me and took out his anger on me even though I had no idea anything had happened until after the fact. He involved me in something I had no part in.

I have discussed this guy so many times that I am tired of talking about it but will give you a summary of what recently happened. Jordan pmed me through this forum through one of his other (now banned) accounts. This kid knows he will be banned from most forums and makes a handful of accounts to fall back on. He offered to give me a refund if I tell my tech to stop posting about him. Of course I did what he had asked me to do.

I have been honest and given him far to many chances to make right. Well, he ended up telling me I am no longer getting a refund from him because my tech keeps messing with his servers (which I doubt is actually happening). I am being punished again for something that does not have anything to do with my actions. He has now block me from yahoo messenger,msn messenger, his live chat.

Since I posted this on DP I have been in contact with his legal guardians and they have been no help.
Jordan has messaged my Personal Billing details to many of his customers and others along with edited defamatory pictures of someone that is supposed to be myself. That is totally illegal and childish. He did this because I spoke against his scam company and illegal wrongdoings.

If anyone has had bad dealings with this company please post everything that has happened in this thread and also PM me and I can give you the e-mail of the people who take care of him and you can tell them what he has done. He needs to be stopped.

Again, it is very important to post in this thread with information about what he has done to you, the more info the better as these people will possibly listen to me and others.

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Register Your Nameservers

Dec 6, 2006

i have started moving domains from Cpanel/whm server to my HSphere server that uses a new nameserver, but have come up against problem with the new NameServer.

When moving .biz .info i get error about nameserver not being resgistered, after doing some seaching it appears that some domain resgistrars (in this case 123reg) are starting to enforce a security feature whereby All registrars need the name server registered before you can point any domain name to the name server.

Diggin further i found this at which where i have my HSphere service domain:


Registering a Child Name Server as mentioned above is just the first step. The Child Name Server needs to be registered at the Registry to only serve as a non-authoritative Record should your Child Name Server not be resolvable in some extreme condition.

This Name Server would start working only after you have added an Address (A) Record or Canonical (CNAME) Record for this Name Server within the Zone for the domain name (of this Child Name Server) at your own DNS Server, thus binding the NS to the IP Address.


i. If you are running your own DNS Servers then you would need to add a Zone for the domain name and create an A Record like 38400 IN A 111.222.333.444

ii. If you wish to simply point your Name Servers to another Name Servers, you may add a CNAME Record to those (while ensuring that those Name Servers have an A Record within the Zone created for your Name Servers as well). 38400 IN CNAME

Also at there should be an Zone for with an A Record for, making it authoritative for resolving

In most cases your ISP would have already created the above for you and you need not bother about the same.

My service domain, and one i am using for nameservers, HSphere dns settings looks like

Name TTL Class Type Data Action 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete

So from what i tell i have furfilled critria?

I have to say i am a little confused over this!

I am thinking that maybe i have to make some changes at or maybe get my co-lo provider to make changes?

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Register And Web Host

Jul 18, 2008

Is it a good idea to use different companies for registrar and web host?


Do web hosts add your site automatically to search engines? I ask because godaddy has something called Traffic Blazer and it says "Traffic Blazer helps get your Web site listed with Google®, Yahoo!®, MSN® and others." and they charge $27 for two years.. So I am wondering do you need this inorde for your website to be listed or something?

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