Fake Paypal Site On A Cpanel Account

Jun 8, 2008

A week ago i came across a installation of a fake paypal site on a account i am using on cpanel. The site had the latest wordpress installed on it with nothing else.

I would like to know;

How is it possible to access the account to install the paypal site and how can a person prevents this in the future. i came acros the site by accident and cant check on all my clients sites all the time.

Any advice appreciated

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FSCKVPS Account Suspended (Stay Away From Paypal Subscriptions With Them)

Oct 23, 2009

Hi all. If you are a FSCKVPS member then be aware that you should NOT pay your invoices using their Paypal subscriptions.

Here's my story: My first monthly payment I made using a regular Paypal payment. Everything was ok. So I created a subscription the next month and was immediately billed by Paypal. Interestingly my invoice was still marked "UNPAYED" in the fsckvps system. So I opened a support ticket (10 days ago now). They forwarded it to their "Billing Level 2" departement and told me that they have problems processing Paypal payments that are subscriptions. Days went by and nothing happened. I received emails that my payment was overdue so I asked them again to please mark the invoice as "PAYED". Nothing happened.

Until yesterday they suspended my account!!! Ever since I'm trying to get my account back online. I even payed the invoice again (!!!) using a regular Paypal payment but that didn't help anything except that I'm paying twice for no service now. Nobody seems to care. I opened another ticket with support, hoping that another departement might be more helpful but the ticket was just again forwarded to "Billing Level 2". There's no phone number or anything to contact them. It's a shame, because I like their service and the technical support personnel has always been a great help to me. But not their billing people.

KHB-300228: Invoice #207287 unpayed?
SFX-669282: URGENT KHB-300228 / Invoice #207287
OCV-518983: Unsuspend suspended Account !!!

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Any Cpanel/paypal Hosts With SOX And LAME?

Jan 8, 2007

I NEED a Php host with SOX and LAME software already installed, SHARED HOSTING, i know its out there, ofcourse i need a good amount of bw, thanks!

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Reliable Dollar Hosting With Cpanel And Paypal Billing

Apr 21, 2009

I am on a very fixed budget, and I'm looking for a reliable host I can host my domain on.
I am familar with cpanel already, I was once a VPS owner, until I could no longer afford a VPS
after I lost my job

so I'm on the hunt for $1 hosting that I can pay for once a year using paypal
so I don't have to risk loosing my site again.

I had a $25/mo VPS with a very nice hosting provider, but could not afford to keep the host,
so 2 days late on my bill, and they deleted my VPS just like that! I lost everything!
15 years of work down the drain in 2 seconds! oh I was so pissed!!

I mean, yeah I should have had a local backup, but the problem was, my Computer was in the shop,
and the guy who repaired my computer formatted my backup drive, which I was pissed about that too.
Can you believe it? lost a job, and 15 years of programming and design work down the drain in 2 seconds. Even if that host offered me a FREE VPS for life, I still wouldn't accept it. I mean that was rediculus that they couldn't restore even an old backup for me. better then no site at all, ya know?

For awhile after that, I thought about giving up on having my own website, but then I thought, well I need a presence, a wordpress blog or something, so I started looking around.

I found a few places that offered $1 hosting, which didn't seem like too bad of an idea, I could probably swing $10 once a year. There was one host that even had a $5/yr promo running,
which sounded really cool, because it had Fantasico and RVSkin too, which was a really good deal for all that, but I diddn't know anything about the host, not much information on the site, so decided to not to sign up and ask you guys first.

the host was manadospace.com

Does anyone know if their reliable or not? otherwise can you guys recommend a host? I have no idea. Knownhost used to have $1 hosting, but not anymoore it looks like. my X has always had good luck with them over the years. any ideas for a reliable host?

I mean, even when I had a VPS, I was lucky to use 1GB/month bandwidth, most of the time I was lucky to use 450mb/mo bandwidth. I did use a gig of disk space though over several sites, but I've lost a couple of domains already, and I only have 2 left that didn't get taken over, so all I'm looking for now is a site to host a couple pages, and a wordpress blog, so I don't really need that much.

I live in Indiana

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E-Commerce Site On Reseller Account

May 30, 2007

Is advisable to setup an ecommerce site on a reseller's account?

Planning to do that with Host9's reseller's package.

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Safe To Run Your Website And WHMCS On The Same Account Or Site?

Nov 8, 2009

Is it safe to run your website and WHMCS on the same account or site?

Say for example I was running Joomla and WHMCS on the same account. If ever a vulnerability in Joomla was found which allowed hackers to view, edit, or download files on the account, this could mean whmcs getting hacked into. End result would be all account information being stolen or worse all the account being deleted or hacked.

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AVG Fake Traffic

Jul 1, 2008

if anyone knew of anything that maybe could be done to limit this band-width stealing by AVG or are we just going to have to live with this?


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Mediatemple.eu = FAKE

Feb 5, 2008

how is this possible?


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Is It Possible To Have Seperate Control Panel For Every Site In My Hosting Account

Dec 18, 2007

i have a hosting account which hosts a couple of my sites. Now i have contracted a new site project to a programmer.

I want to give him access to the control panel so that he can manage the site completely(setup database, mail etc) without letting him on any of the info on my other two sites. For my current hosting account it means providing him with
my hosting account administrative login, that means he has access to other sites too.

The other option is providing him only a ftp account to upload files only to the particular directory for that project. But the problem with this is that then he cannot setup a database etc. on his own, he needs to provide me sql script which i then use to create the database from the control panel.

Can a reseller hosting account solve my problem..... seperate control panel (administrate all things like databse, mail, password protecting files) for each site?

Any other suggestions, this is the first time i bought hosting.

Any reading material(books or online) to get familiar with each aspect of running and managing a website(mailservers, security, dns for site, backups etc. etc.)?

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How To Fake Kernel Version

Oct 5, 2007

how can i fake the kernel version?

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Fake Verisign E-mail Going Around

Feb 9, 2007

I as well as several of our customers have received the following e-mail today. It appears to be a fake e-mail being sent out from security.admin@verisign.com

The e-mail reads:

"Dear FDIC valued Members

Regarding our new security regulations, as a part of our yearly maintenance we have provided a security guard script in the attachment.

So, to secure your websites, please use the attached file and (for UNIX/Linux Based servers) upload the file "guard.php" in: "./public_html" or (for Windows Based servers) in: "./wwwroot" in your site.

If you do not know how to use it, you can use the following instruction:

For Unix/Linux or Windows based websites that use PHP/CGI/PERL/ASP:
1) Download the attachment named "guard.php"
2) Login to your site Control panel.
3) Open "File Manager" window.
4) Go through "Public_html" or "htdocs" (for UNIX/Linux Based servers), but for Windows Based server, please Go through "wwwroot" directory.
5) Choose "Upload Files"
6) Upload the file "guard.php"
7) Check its URL too [url], if it is ok

Thank you for using our services and products. We look forward to providing you with a unique and high quality service.


There is an attached file called guard.php -- I've attempted to read it, but it appears to be compiled. At this time I am unsure of what the file actually does. Has anyone else received a similar e-mail? Does anyone know what the guard.php file actually does?

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Tired Of Fake Storage Limits

Aug 8, 2008

When will that beautiful day come when web hosting companies stop to put up fake storage limits? I am so surprised that all of these actions are legal, and if they aren't legal then I don't understand why there isn't move governance over these things.

I mean, you have a nice and popular company like Media Temple, yet you glance at their usage policy and see this:

Customer may not use hosting account as a remote storage server only. 75% of customer's content files stored on Provider's server must have associated HTML, or PHP files inside the account linking to the content stored on that account.

What is that all about? What kind of legal website would actually use 75GB of storage.

Why doesn't their 100GB limit package have a cheezy star beside it that clearly says "hey, actually you only get 25GB of storage, the rest is just BS and we'll never actually let you use it". What if you buy a can of paint and they say "well, you cannot use this paint for your house, you may only use 25% of it on your house and the rest on your fence". Yea, sounds like a great deal, now I have to buy 4X more paint.

And to counter-act that usage policy, what if I just have an PHP page that is a dynamic directory listing? Isn't that, in essence, a PHP page to which all of the directory content is associated?

Aside from all that, yes I understand the marketing value of big numbers and giving people 100's and 1000's of GB of supposed storage but how in the hell is that legal?

These companies are charging people for something that is unattainable. Because in 99% of the cases, if you actually use all your disk space, your account will be terminated without notice for some BS reason or because you are using too many processor resources.

Well if you KNOW that using 100GB of disk space will use too many other server resources, why are you selling that quantity of space? Again, it's not actually being sold, it's an illusion, and I absolutely don't understand how it's legal.

Another example would be like, selling a car that can go 500 KM/h but really by the time you reach 400 KM/h you are already out of gas, so you'll never really get to 500 KM/h.

Can they really advertise the car as having a top speed of 500 KM/h? Come on...

Oh and I am not a bitter customer of Media Temple or any other overselling web hosting service, it's just a trend that has been on the rise for some years now and it's really bugging me that somehow all these lies are legal. Next up is "unlimited" web hosting, except you are limited by everything except storage... so yea, not really unlimited. Again... legal?

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Reliablesite Is Fake, Liar And Unreliable

Jun 26, 2008

I am very unhappy with Reliablesite. Their servers are down since 48 hours and I feel down. There is no response from the support team. The same happened to the other server as well some days back and they are continously having having hardware issue.

I am just wondering what happened to the marketing blurb that reads:

"Fully Redundant: More uptime starts with multiple backbones of Tier 1 only providers to fail-over servers which kick in instantly."

Where are these fail-over servers and why did they not "kick in instantly" when everything went FUBAR?
The control panel is now just giving the error:

Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

All of my domains have been down for over 48 hours with either a server error message appearing or an IIS7 "Sites currently being restored. Please see bear with us." message. Every database I have now returns the error message "login failed" for each user as well.

This is an unacceptable amount of downtime, I will now have to list every domain I own and create new users for every database. I find this quite disturbing that I now have an extra amount of work put on me for something that should have been handled by the "fail-over" servers which don't seem to have kicked in at all.

I think they are faking their advertisement of "fail-over" and they should change their name to "Unreliablesite.net".

I think this company's English skills are a bit off when they brag about their "Fully Redundant fail-over servers". Judging from their performance, I think what they were actually trying to say is that their servers are "fell over" servers. You know, the kind of servers keep falling over...again and again.

Sad part about it is they actually believe they're helping people with their lame attempts to explain what the problems are. They are so wrapped up in "damage control" they think their customers are complete idiots and will believe anything they post.

Posts like "25% of the sites should now be working. MySQL and MS SQL databases will be coming back up soon as well. We estimate that the entire move will be complete at 12PM EST June 25th."

What does 25 persent of the sites mean or tell me about when my sites will be up. Twenty-five percent of what?!! Well that was 36 hours ago when they made that claim and many others and they still both down.

All I know is I keep getting Emails from support reading, "It should be fixed now".

Simply accessing the URL reveals that the problem is indeed not fixed. Just a little bit of checking and investigation can go a long way. RSNET, this is getting ridiculous. Please DO NOT send me anymore "it is fixed" Emails until it the problem is actually fixed. I have been patient as and as understanding as I can possibly be through the latest string of outages but my patience is wearing thin. PLEASE just get the sites running again and soon.

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SAS6iR - Real Or Fake RAID

Dec 19, 2007

Is the SAS6iR on a Dell R200 under Linux a real hardware RAID solution or is it a fake-raid setup where the CPU ends up doing all the work? We are just looking at some and deciding if we should go with the onboard or put in a 3Ware 9xxxx

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Script Auto Remove Account Cpanel - If Account Inactive

Nov 14, 2008

Script Auto Remove account Cpanel - if account inactive ?

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Ipower - Blatant Over Selling, Trying To Kick Me Off With Fake TOS

Dec 16, 2008

Ipower - blatant over selling, trying to kick me off with fake TOS

I am currently being ignored on live chat with Ipower.

They issued me with possibly the stupidest TOS violation imaginable. They claimed that I am using my web space for storing files which is not allowed - it must be site content. The links to the files are public on the site. They have admitted, actually admitted, that the TOS is fake. Yet they have just suspended my directories.

The real reason is because they are over selling disk space. Our contract gives me 2 Tb and I am daring to use 25% of that space. They have told me - straight out - they want me off their server because I am using too much of what I paid for.

Why do web hosts like Ipower believe that they can just ignore the law like this? It is false advertising, fraud and breach of contract. They have expressed their contempt for the law in plain English. What is it with these people? Why must I sue them to have this blatantly stupid matter resolved?

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My Server Send Alot Of Fake Emails

Jul 19, 2008

Its with exim .

my server send alot of fake emails

31017 titus 18 0 11188 1956 624 D 2 0.0 0:03.98 exim
31132 titus 18 0 11180 1812 504 D 2 0.0 0:00.08 exim
30964 titus 18 0 11180 1812 504 D 1 0.0 0:05.78 exim
30971 titus 18 0 11180 1948 624 D 1 0.0 0:05.58 exim
30981 titus 18 0 11184 1812 504 D 1 0.0 0:05.41 exim
31049 titus 18 0 11192 1812 504 D 1 0.0 0:02.16 exim
30946 titus 18 0 11188 1952 628 D 1 0.0 0:05.96 exim
30951 titus 18 0 11176 1804 504 D 1 0.0 0:05.83 exim
30976 titus 18 0 11180 1952 624 D 1 0.0 0:05.40 exim
31027 titus 18 0 11212 1816 504 D 1 0.0 0:03.76 exim
31044 titus 18 0 11188 1812 504 R 1 0.0 0:02.13 exim
31064 titus 18 0 11180 1808 504 D 1 0.0 0:00.50 exim
31096 titus 18 0 11196 1824 504 R 1 0.0 0:00.45 exim
31102 titus 18 0 11188 1824 504 D 1 0.0 0:00.42 exim
30942 titus 18 0 11184 1952 624 D 1 0.0 0:06.05 exim
31036 titus 18 0 11188 1964 624 D 1 0.0 0:02.22 exim

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How Can I Fake A Directory/file For Error Logs

Nov 26, 2007

I was checking my error_log today and found thousands of 404 errors for these 2 files:


I assume they are file requests made from ads on the site.

Right now I've just added those directories and files to appease the error logs, but can I fake their existence somehow without having to clutter up my file structure?

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Sending Info To Account Owner Of Cpanel Account

Jul 27, 2008

I noticed there is always notification to user account mail with account info but on all my servers on different networks notification comes only to server mail.How do i enable that?Do i need to install tweak to whm/cpanel?

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PayPal Or CC On File?

Apr 2, 2008

If a hosting company offers both paypal and CC on file (CC on file with auto-subscription/-recurring ability), which payment method do you prefer to use as a customer?

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Hosting Through Paypal?

May 8, 2006

I am looking for a resonably pricing hoster that accepts paypal. I do not own a credit card but do own a bank account. I cannot for the love of me find a hosting company that will accept unverified paypal accounts which is my only method of paying for hosting. Can someone please refer me to a hostign company that actually does take unverified paypal?

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Pay Hosting With Paypal

Nov 21, 2005

I'm looking for webhosting and domein registration which I can pay with paypal.
I have an unverified paypal account.

I'd like to be able to add multiple domains to the hosting, and if possible pay per month?

I'd also like to have mod_rewrite installed..

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Are Dreamhost Can't Se Paypal Payment In Currently?

Feb 13, 2009

What's happen with dreamhost payment methods?

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