Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Warning - Current Locale Is Unusable - Using C Instead

Jan 24, 2015

i am getting this error on a fresh installed machine:

root@srv1 ~ # /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng --reconfigure-domain domain.tld
Warning: Current locale is unusable. Using 'C' instead.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Default Locale Does Not Exist Or Undefined

Dec 18, 2014

I've a problem with a plesk load, it d'ont load and show this message with a blank page:

ERROR: Session_Exception: Unable to set up default locale: default locale does not exist or undefined. (Panel.php:65)

how i can fix it?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: FTP Performance Unusable With Firewall

Dec 17, 2014

I have these problems since version 11.5. Now I have installed version 12 on centos . FTP works fine and is super fast and speedy until i enable PLEK FIREWALL, I also tried to add passive port range 60000-65534 to Plesk Firewall rules.

But nothing works.

It takes like 10 times longer to Login + List Files + Make changes using FTP. We applying changes via FTp and its very slow. We can use plesk file manager but its very inconvenient way for quick file uploads and changes.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Webalizer To Awstats - Importing Current Data

Dec 18, 2014

Currently i am using webalizer... How can i switch to aw stats by importing the current data...

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Can't Find Option To Install 11.5 With Current AutoInstaller

Apr 27, 2015

I have formatted my server and tried to install PLESK 11.5 (I have my license every thing). But after I start to install with current AutoInstaller there is only PLESK 12 to be chosen.

How can I install my PLESK 11.5 BACK with Current AutoInstall? Is there anyway to have an option to install 11.5 in the Installation Selection?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Encoding Warning During Backups

Aug 14, 2014

We get a lot of warning for one and the same domain during backups:

Warning: hosting ""
Encoding::encode: source UTF-8 encoding declared, but invalid UTF-8 sequence occured. Falling back to ISO-8859-1

How may we solve it?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Warning When Try To Upgrade To Version 12.0.18

Feb 27, 2015

When I click upgrade now at the plesk panel I get following error:

Parallels Panel pre-upgrade check... WARNING: The proftpd FTP service will fail to start in case the support for IPv6 is disabled on the server. Please check [URL] .... for details.

Is it safe to proceed? I guess it shall be automatically?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Command Line CLI DNS Template Changes Warning

Jul 23, 2015

I'm using this script as a cron to generate DKIM keys for the domains I have. It's an easy script. And it does it's job just OK. I have the necessary software installed and configured.

The way it works is:

The script check if the domain in queue has a record for it. If it doesn't, OpenDKIM generates a one time DKIM record for mail._domainkey that I am entering to my dns records for all the domains I have.

After creating the DKIM record, it checks and deletes mail._domainkey records if there's any. Then adds the generated DKIM to plesk dns zones and disables/enables greylisting to create the appropriate dns entry.

If it does have a DKIM recors on the hdd already, then it removes

TXT o=-‚Äčentries.

After that it basically adds the already generated DKIM record and it disables/enables the greylisting for each domain in order to recreate "TXT o=-"

Up till here, it works fine. I can see these entries when I check the DNS Settings. They are there.

But whenever I run this script either via cron or manually, I get an error message on my panel: (You can check the screenshot as well)


Warning: The DNS zone was modified. If you would like to apply DNS template changes to this zone, either click the 'Apply DNS Template Changes' button on this page or choose the 'Apply the changes to all zones' option in Server Administration Panel > Tools & Settings > DNS Template Settings > Apply DNS Template Changes.

And unless I manually click "Apply DNS Template Changes" for EVERY SITE it doesn't go away.

So, I was wondering, is there a way to scriptize that command? Or how to prevent it?

This is the command I use to generate DKIM and add it to Plesk database, also if any such record exists, delete and re-write it:


ADMIN_PASS=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow`
MYSQL_BIN_D=`grep MYSQL_BIN_D /etc/psa/psa.conf | awk '{print $2}'`
mysql="${MYSQL_BIN_D}/mysql -N -uadmin -p${ADMIN_PASS} psa"

query="select name from domains;"
domains=`echo $query | $mysql `
for i in ${domains}; do
echo "Processing $i"

[Code] ....

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Warning When Adding New Domain Or Subdomain?

Jan 20, 2015

When i add a Domain or Subdomain through Plesk Panel, I get the following Warning :

Attention: relink-vhost-logs failed: mkdir: cannot create directory `./': File exists ERROR: Cannot relink logs. Target directory '/var/www/vhosts/' is in invalid state.


I tried the 2 solutions but I still have the error... here are the results of the two commands :

[root@vps118861 logs]# ls -alh
total 2,3M
drwxr-xr-x 16 administrateur root 4,0K 20 janv. 13:59 .


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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Disable Outlook Or Thunderbird Security Warning

Jul 12, 2014

How can I do to send email without the security warning?

I want the clients sending mails no longer have a security warning.

I tried with SSL port 465

I tried with port 587 TLS> Mail settings for the entire server> Enable Send Message

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Warning - Reverse DNS Does Not Match SMTP Banner

Jul 17, 2014

OS = CentOS 6.5 (Final)
Plesk version = 12.0.18 Update #7, last updated at July 11, 2014 12:46 PM

I have been trying to make my sites better suited to anti spam measures. The only warning I have left to work out is:

Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

In the Plesk settings i do have the outgoing mail setting set to Send from domain IP addresses and use domain names in SMTP greeting - still I get the warning.

I am using Post fix. This is a 1and1 dedicated server and I am using custom name servers for this domain. I believe the smtp banner is matching the main ip and not the domain.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Warning - Unable To Continue Subscription Transfer

Jul 12, 2015

I am trying to transfer a subscription from one customer to another but comes with the error:

Warning: Unable to continue subscription transfer: this subscription requires more resources than can be provided by the new owner's provider.

I tried the following: ~# /usr/local/psa/bin/domain --update %domain.tld% -publish-sb-site false as per [URL] ....

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Warning - Incorrect Operation Of Parse URL PHP Function

Jul 17, 2014

I have some problem with my parse_url after last update of Plesk Panel.I ran the test script on my server and on my local computer, and received the following result: Local computer:

Array ( [path] => product_features.clear_list [query] => redirect_url= )
My server:

Array ( [host] => product_features.clear_list?redirect_url=http [path] => // )
As you can see, the structure of the output data is not identical as it should be.

Test script that I used:

$test = 'product_features.clear_list?redirect_url=';
$test1 = parse_url($test);

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Backup Warning - Failed To Pack Files

Dec 21, 2013

I keep getting this warning on one of my domains.

I was running on a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS VPS and had this error too, then yesterday imported the domain from the old VPS to our new Plesk Server (Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS) and I still get this error on this one domain.

This is the error in question...

Warning:hosting "mydomain.tld"

Failed to pack files Backup_mydomain.tld_user-data_1311120042 in /var/lib/psa/dumps/domains/mydomain.tld [ 49562925056 bytes free of 53687091200 bytes total on mount point 0]

Warning:hosting "mydomain.tld"

For security reason backup is performed on behalf of subscription system user. System user has no read access to backup file.Click to expand...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Receiving Warning Errors While Taking Backups

Oct 9, 2014

we are getting the following error message during our scheduled backup..Warning: mysql "wordpress_9"...Not all the data was backed up into /mnt/backup/web03/domains/ successfully. Use of chdir('') or chdir(undef) as chdir() is deprecated at /opt/psa/PMM/agents/shared/Storage/ line 39.

mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query when dumping table `backupdb_wp_commentmeta` at row: 717

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Warning - It Is Not Safe To Rely On System Timezone Settings

Jul 17, 2014

I have a server with openSuSE 13.1 and Plesk 12.0.18#7 and get following Warnings:

Warning: phpinfo(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone 'UTC' for now, but please set date.timezone to select your timezone. in /srv/www/vhosts

Warning: getdate(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone 'UTC' for now, but please set date.timezone to select your timezone. in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 306

I set php.ini from UTC to Europe/Berlin and restart the Server, thats no Effect.


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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Customer Email Hacked / Exceeded Limits Warning

Dec 13, 2014

For some reason one of my customers email accounts seems to have been hacked. My admin account continues to say that the customer has reach over the 30 emails per hour limit. This is the email error:

following customers' domains, mailboxes and subscriptions are reached their limits for outgoing emails for the period:>From Dec/13/2014 05:47. To Dec/ 13/ 2014 06:47

Subscriptions, the limit is 100 messages per hour
336 attempt(s) to exceed limits from Dec/13/2014 04:31 to Dec/13/2014 05:47

So far it has sent over 5,000 attempted in the past few hours. The customer used gmail to send from domain before, so I've changed their gmail email password. I've also changed the main email password, and the plesk username and password login for the customer. It still continues

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Yum Update Throw Warning For Selinux-policy-targeted

Nov 18, 2014

Specs: centOS 6.6 (Final) with Plesk 11.5.30 #48

In the last updates I get this warning:

Updating: selinux-policy-targeted-3.7.19-260.el6.noarch 128/373
libsemanage.semanage_direct_commit: WARNING: genhomedircon is disabled.
See /etc/selinux/semanage.conf if you need to enable it.
/etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/files/file_contexts: Invalid argument
libsemanage.semanage_install_active: setfiles returned error code 1.
semodule: Failed!Click to expand...

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Database Server Warning After Panel Upgrade

Jun 23, 2014

After Plesk Panel upgrade to 12.x I found a warning showing at Home>Tools & Settings> Database Servers

Warning: Unable to determine the TCP port number used by Microsoft SQL server '.SQLEXPRESS': TCP/IP protocol is not enabled in the server network configuration or the server is configured to use dynamic TCP ports.

To allow your customers to automatically configure firewall for remote database access, manually configure the SQL server to listen on a specific fixed TCP port.Click to expand...

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Using So Called "unusable" Sub Net Addresses

Aug 1, 2009

By mistake I moved a OpenVZ VPS and set it up on the Network Address of a subnet. In the control panel of my data center no distinction was made between this and the other usable addresses of the subnet. Still the same I am somehow accessing the new location all right. There is a weird mail queue on the new location that tries to send mail with local destination to the old server though and some weird effects in Linux that ping gives an old address while dig gives a new address, but they might not be related.

Can somebody explain in simple terms what could be the disadvantage of this use of the Network Address or the trouble it could cause. My control panel doesn't allow mass IP change in the DNS so it is a lot of work to change them again, not to talk about the DNS confusion it will bring.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: How To Allow Reseller To Send Creation And Warning Messages From His Mail

Apr 22, 2013

We have a reseler that wants his clients to receive the system warning and the account creation from a mail that he wants , not from the administrative mail that is default .

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Current CPU Ussage

Nov 21, 2007

Is this some thing I should worry about?

Thats the server I am on and the CPU Graph.

Since Sunday the CPU has been really high. Sunday was the worst though as my site was unavailable by some members and slow by others. I did open a support ticket and was told some one was doing a back up and after it was done things would go back to normal.
Well Monday though today the site was fine and running fast again but the cpu is still pretty high.


(page load time) 0.1192 sec (CPU load) 8.05, (sql) 11 queries (GZIP Enabled )
Time is now: 21st November 2007 - 12:04 PM

That is what it says on the bottom of my forum.

I am not sure if I should contact them again or just let it go since the site is loading fine.


(page load time) 0.0354 sec (CPU load) 1.43 (Sql) 11 queries (GZIP Enabled )
Time is now: 21st November 2007 - 12:09 PM

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Current Host Has Become Too Expensive

Mar 13, 2008

I've currently got a friend hosting me but I'm paying £5 ($10) per month ($120 per year) which is quite expensive for what I need.

I currently have two accounts- one personal FTP / Email and one shop where I'm selling CDs. So I need FTP / Email / and MySQL.

I'm winding down the CD store so I rarely get sales now, and I don't require much storage (couple of GB) or very much transfer at all.

Can anyone recommend a good host to me? I'm just looking for something reliable, the less expensive the better (Even free, if that's possible.)

I've been looking at Amazon's web services. Does anyone know if they're suitable for what I want? Their rates seem excellent.

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Apr 5, 2009

I have been researching as a dedicated provider.

I have searched the archives and in order to take a final decision I would like to kindly ask some current clients and even past clients of to share some insight on the quality of this provider and it's network.

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Current Connections For HTTP

May 12, 2009

I want to know the right command by which one can see current connection to the HTTP server.

I searched a while and got 2 different answers, wanted to know which is more accurate as there is lot of difference in results

-bash-3.2# ps aux|grep -i HTTP|wc -l
-bash-3.2# netstat -an|grep :80|wc -l

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Any Current ModVPS Reviews

Apr 23, 2008

I know there have been some up-and-down reviews for ModVPS, but I was wondering if there were any current reviews out there.

We don't have a ton of money to spend, and their basic package adds some things we really need (cPanel/WHM, ClientExec, Enom reseller account).

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Exim And My Current Host

Aug 27, 2007

I have clients that I host that can't email certain domains which I know do exist.

The support people are telling me that the domain name doesn't resolve, yet the MX records and everything are correct for the particular domain that these people are either sending email to or receiving email from.

For example:

If a user I host sends and email to ... they receive one of two messages:

retry timeout exceeded


retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

If sends and email to anyone that host, they receive a bounce back with a message saying that mail delivery was delayed for xx hours and will try for up to 5 days. It will eventually fail. is perhaps one of the largest ISPs in Canada and my host is telling me that everything is working OK because they can send / receive mail from gmail to my customers.

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Current 100Mbps/4U Pricing

Feb 16, 2007

I've been happily hosted in Equinix Ashburn for over a year now, so I haven't been looking into price changes over the past months. However, my colo provider suddenly decided to raise prices by 20% on me, saying that space and bandwidth has become scarce over the past year and their own cost went up by 75%. So they are asking me to lock the new hiked price by signing a new contract, otherwise I won't be able to get such offer from them or any other provider in that location.

Before signing anything, I'm trying to get a feel of the current prices. I see a lot of ads in here for same bw and space, but I'm sure there are variations in the level of service they provide, depending on the colo company, location, bw providers, package type, etc... So, just as crude estimate, can you please tell in general whether prices/costs has went up or down or stayed the same since last year, and by how much?

And if someone has experience with Equinix/Ashburn, what would be a reasonable price for a dedicated 100Mbps/4U colocation with a quality bandwidth provider?

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How To See Current Process On CentOS

Sep 17, 2007

I have dedicated server with CENTOS Enterprise 4.5 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0, also run WHM 11.2.0 cPanel 11.11.0 - R16983

and also I have problem

I get server load to high..and cant connect on sites for 2-3 min. he not respond.

How I can see current running proces, who get most of server resources?

In cPanel I see process for whole day, but I need to see current process, who get lot of resources.

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IGSoBe? Current Advice: Stay Away!

Oct 17, 2009

I have been with IGSoBe for a little over 2 months now, going on 3. And the rates seemed great. I have resold a few servers for them to clients, and everything seemed okay. The server setup times exceeded the 72 hour maximum. I have a C class of IP addresses with them which were supposed to take 7 days MAXIMUM, I was told in the *WORST* case scenario. I think I waited 3 - 5 weeks for the C class which had me at a standstill with VPS sales. Long setup times had a few clients back out. Have had a few comments about slow network in that it isn't blazing fast like some premium providers, although I haven't had a problem myself.

Each month goes by and there's a downtime about this, or a downtime about that. Well this month it has been smooth sailing, I thought all the problems must have been ironed out, and to my dismay come the 15th, the DAY AFTER paying the invoice for the server, BAM the server is offline. IGSoBe main website still up, as well as client servers so I know its not a mass issue. So I open a support ticket on the 15th. It is now the 17th and no reply to the support ticket. Earlier this afternoon I finally emailed the owner John directly and have still not got any response or acknowledgement. John is the only one that can enter the datacenter suite that he colocates in, so contacting him, or him being notified is important.

So going on 72 hours of downtime, no response or support from the provider, I am 100% sure no matter what John could offer me there's just no way I am staying with IGSoBe any longer than I have to. I just paid the invoice, so I am stuck for the rest of the month as all the income went towards the invoices. (One invoice for IP addresses, the other on a different day for the server). Dare I file a paypal dispute? My concern is also my clients data, about 60 VPS' total, and the WHMCS client database which I do not have a recent backup locally (I know better now to keep a backup of the most important of all important data and keep it in a safe place off-site!). If I file a dispute, it is unlikely I will see any of that data again. As if needs any more bad reputation right?

If you do a quick search here on WHT for igsobe you will first notice plenty of complaints.

So this is the deal with IGS:

John, the man with the plan is the sole proprietor (as of earlier this year, I know IGSOBE wasn't a registered LLC in the state of FL as the website might insinuate), he is the only one that physically manages the servers, transiting from his home to the suite he leases in the fibermedia datacenter in the carrier neutral facility in Miami FL. He used to, in the past, transit to and from the datacenter 2 times a day to set up servers, handle reboots, OS reloads, and that sort of thing. Recently, we had a client with a pentium 4 who needed a root password reset, this was on the 7th of this month, it is now the 17th and the password has still not been reset. I am in fear of losing this client because of this which would not help in our hopes to grow and succeed as a provider. I also have admin access in WHMCS at IGSOBE as a sales agent, and have noticed no one else logs in anymore, ESPECIALLY not John. Also, no one is hardly on LiveZilla chat or in IRC anymore.

I hope all goes well for John, I hope he can pull his act together and get IGSoBe back to working order. I would stay loyal but this is not the first time this has happened and I have to go. I have to make a good name for cubichost. I would suggest for the present time though, to stay away from igs!

So by the 7th of next month, hopefully earlier though I plan to make a move to BURST.NET which will hopefully go well I hear great things about them. Only a few bad things, mostly from > 1 year ago.

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