Disconnect Server Before Due Date

Jun 27, 2008

I have a server with My billing cycle is 26th every month, but they always disconnect my server if I don't make payment before 22th or 23th. I complained to them by email, their helpdesk and WHT PM. They did response to me, but can't have the issue resolved.

In this month, I forgot to pay in advance. They disconnected my server on 23th as always. I sent a ticket #499717 and nobody responses to me. Whether they disappear or just ignore me, it's a warning to me, so I decided to leave them. Luckily I have a backup for all my data.

This is my bad experience with

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Server Disconnect When Using Cuteftp

Dec 29, 2007

I currently own a site, that allows people to upload via cute ftp, with their own ftp account. (I have a dedicated server) I use the admin account and it never has a problem, but when my visitors use cute ftp to upload they get disconnected every 5-8 minutes.

I'm wondering how to fix this

they use


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Server Disconnect Itself At 00:00AM Sharp (CSF Firewall?)

Oct 29, 2007

I just changed my server firewall from APF BFD to CSF

I have this problem for 3 nights, the server will disconnect itself offline at 00:00AM midnight sharp! Has anyone experience this problem before? And How to solve this problem?

The first night went un-noticed, so I thought it was normal. The second night it happen, and I set cronjob at 0:05 to stop iptables and stop csf and restart network

5 0 * * * * service iptables stop
5 0 * * * * service csf stop
7 0 * * * * service network restart
10 0 * * * * init 6

Even after reboot at 00:10, the server refuse to online after 30 minutes.

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Jul 26, 2008

I’ve ordered a server from this company more than 4 days ago and paid for it straight away. they promised it to be setup in 24 hours but no reply since.

If I’m not getting a reply to this post in 24 hours I’m filing a chargeback. I’ve tried emailing them directly or through tickets

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How To Disconnect From Gogax

May 18, 2009

Ive read the Gogax TOS, it says

"Cancellations for dedicated servers require a 30 days notice of cancellation. Therefore, every server disconnection occurs 30 days after the customer has sent in his server cancellation. Customer is responsible for last billing cycle which occurs during the 30 days notice".

I recently sent them a support ticket requesting they deduct my monthly fee for this month and I also requested in that ticket that by hosting be terminated on June 23rd.

This ticket was sent on 12 May 2009, well in advance of the 30 days notice.

They still have not responded after 7 days, and haven't even deducted my monthly fee as requested. They tried to use an outstanding amount before as an excuse not to disconnect my service, Im hoping their not trying to do it again as they wont even deduct the payment after they've been repeatedly asked to? The money is in there as of my request and is still in there ready to be deducted and there is no outstanding or overdue amount beyond the monthly fee for this month.

I want them to take the payment and confirm disconnection of my services.

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Wrong Date/Time On Server

Oct 17, 2007

The other server that I'm working on issues the wrong date/time when I run

$ date

Wed Oct 17 20:01:03 CDT 2007

I tried the same command on the other server

Wed Oct 17 11:01:03 CDT 2007

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Disconnect: Authentication Error

Jul 17, 2009

I can not I login and I got into ssh. And I can not I login in the FTP.
whenever i want login in putty or ftp root server i see :

Can't connect to 193.**.***.**:22. SFTP21 error = #4. Disconnect: authentication error

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Easy Methods For Migrating My Date/site From One Server To Another?

Dec 28, 2008

Going to be migrating over to another server pretty soon.

Does anyone have any easy methods for migrating my date/site from one server to another?

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Mar 19, 2008

I have not had much problems with server, but service is questionable.

I have sent multiple emails regarding my account to this date have not received any reply.

I keep getting mails saying my account is overdue but i have made a double payment in february & made payment in march.

No reply as whether i will be credited for extra payment in february or given a refund.

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May 14, 2009

As i seem unable to get a decent reply to my ticket which is currently open with you (#210268) through your ticketing system. I am afraid i need to resort to posting here.

As i have asked in the ticket numerous times, can you please provide a reason as to why our server was offline? This ticket has been open since 29th April and so far we have only been told that you had "a couple of issues with you system".

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Apr 23, 2008

After 6 days try receive 2 servers ordered with this company ( i have request the refound because of BAD SUPPORT more at moment (2 days) not have replys of company.

Someone knows how to help me in that BIG PROBLEM?

Tickets reffers: 215062 / 616288 / 878226

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Apr 21, 2008

I do not want to be a nuisance, but I find the service at to be intolerable.

First, I placed an order for a dedicated server (Intel Core2Duo E6400) with the cPanel/WHM addon on April 8, 2008, and I paid for them upfront with PayPal. I have to chase after its support team before finally had the server set up on April 13.

Diligently following the instructions that I gathered from the Support Center of cPanel and from my domain regristrar, I tried to set up a nameserver for my domain, but had no luck. At first, I blamed it on myself for not knowing now to configure cPanel/WHM, so on April 24, I paid an extra $15.00 USD for ‘initial cPanel setup’ addon service.

Subsequently, I had to send two emails to its Sales Department and two support tickets, requesting the DNS problem be fixed as soon as possible. Only on April 18 did Liroy reply, apologizing for the delay and promising to have my order carried out on that day. To my utmost dismay, when I checked back on cPanel/WHM today, nothing had been done.

Under ‘Basic cPanel/WHM Setup’ in cPanel, I noticed this error message:

“Warning: Setting ADDR value to an IP not associated with this server is not advised.
System has 2 free ips.”

And ‘Show IP Address Usage’ revealed that the two extra IPs that I had been provided with remained in idle.

This has led me to believe that all this mess, which I am currently stuck in, is actually a result of giving out to me the wrong set of extra IPs.

It has now been 14 days since I first order my dedicated server, which remains quite useless to me. Yet this hosting company will be billing me again on May 9, 2008. How very unfair!

I have tried to believe that Liroy will eventually have everything sorted out, but unfornately, he has not even replied to emails ( or to 'open' support tickets for almost two days. There is a limit to my tolerance.

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How To Stop From Charging Me

Sep 17, 2008

I was using a server from dedicatedbox until last month. And I didn't want suffer anymore from their terrible service (IP taken away/provided less memory then ordered/down time/rarely answered support tickets/refused to fix problem after phone call), so I terminated my server last month. So my server was indeed shutdown as requested.

But after terminating the server, they still keeps sending bills and charing me. I have my credit card charged back the first bill. But seems that they are going to charge me another time this month. I tried to call them, but the phone call wasn't answered.

how could I stop them from making trouble?

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How To Set Date On My VPS

Oct 24, 2008

How can set a different date (of the system date) on my VPS?

I try with "date -s" but I can't change it.

I need to set up the year to 2004, for a legacy application.

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How Do I Keep An Up-to-date Backup

Jun 1, 2008

I had a big scare today. My server (vps) went down and I had no way of contacting my provider because their whole system had crashed.

I've got backups but I had never thought of a provider crash, so I left the backups on my server. I would like to keep an up-to-date backup on my computer at home.

How do I do this? I've heard of rsync, but I don't know what it is or how it works.

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Changing Date On A VPS

Aug 27, 2007

to change system date back and forth.

Of course 'date -s' doesn't work on VPS. Using zic and timezones > /etc/localtime could help up to (almost) 24 hours, but dates are out of range.

Some systems can enable something like defying "Time Drift" as on some Xen versions (as shown below), but unfortunately my provider apparently doesn't support it.

# set independent_wallclock
# echo 1 > /proc/sys/xen/independent_wallclock

Is there any other way to change date on a VPS?

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Expiry Date Of Web Hosting

Jun 25, 2009

What is the way to check the expiry date of a website. Actually someone hosted my site on my behalf. I do not have password etc. My host is Jkookserver.

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DNS Poisoning - Is Your Bind Up To Date

Jul 9, 2008

Vendors form alliance to fix DNS poisoning flaw

An alliance of software makers and network-hardware vendors announced on Tuesday that they had banded together to fix a fundamental flaw in the design of the internet's address system.

The vulnerability in the domain name system (DNS) - the distributed database that matches a host and domain name with the numerical address of a computer server - could give an attacker the ability to replace the addresses of popular websites with that of a malicious server, said Dan Kaminsky, director of penetration testing for security firm IOActive. Kaminsky found the flaw when he was doing non-security research on the domain name system (DNS) more than six months ago.

"It is a fundamental issue affecting the design," Kaminsky said. "Because the system is behaving exactly like it is supposed to behave, the same bug will show up in vendor after vendor after vendor. This one bug affected not just Microsoft ... not just Cisco, but everyone."

On Tuesday, a number of software and network-hardware vendors released patches for their products. On its regularly scheduled patch day, Microsoft released updates for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to mitigate the issue, which the company ranked an important vulnerability, its second highest grade of severity. Internet Software Consortium, the group responsible for the development of the popular Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) server, also released a patch, confirming that its software contained the vulnerability. Both Cisco and Juniper also acknowledged flawed systems.

Vendors have also provided the fix to certain large clients. Yahoo will be upgrading its name servers from BIND 8 to the latest version of BIND 9, the Internet Software Consortium stated during the conference call. Internet service provider Comcast has already patched its servers for the issue, according to internet infrastructure firm Nominum. Finally, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordination Center has contacted some other nation's response groups to inform them of the problem.

For the most part, however, internet service providers and companies each received the fix on Tuesday, said Sandy Wilbourn, vice president of engineering at Nominum. The goal: To have every major service provider and company apply their software patches in 30 days.

For that reason, don't expect immediate action, Wilbourn said.

"For key customers on our network, we have made a special effort to get them an early release to help solve this problem, and a number of them have finished deployment," he said. "But the nature of this patch is that we wanted to get the vendor side covered and then have deployment over the next 30 days. Anyone that is not patched by today or tomorrow is not doing anything wrong."

The domain-name system (DNS) has been a popular way to attack the internet in the past - it's an ill-kept secret that the DNS system is insecure. The way that many software applications, such as browsers, handle DNS requests has opened up users to attack. Microsoft has fixed a few vulnerabilities in the way Windows handles domain names - issues that could have lead to easier eavesdropping or simpler phishing attacks.

More here:[url]

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WHMCS Billing Date

Nov 9, 2008

I have been in contact with WHMCS but i still cant seem to work it out properly.

What i am trying to achieve is, for not to do prorata billing and for the customer only to pay for what is rest of the month.


to make all due invoices be sent out on the 1st of every month and give customers 5 days to pay the invoice before late fees will be applied.

To get this done can someone tell me what i set these options at please?

Charge Next Month - This section is in the pricing section of the item.

Prorata date - Do i set that if im not going to be doing prorata billing?

Invoice Generation - What day do i set this to to achieve what i want above?

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Cpanel Expire Date

Jun 23, 2008

How can active cpanel expire date?

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Changing System Date

Nov 8, 2007

We have a server located in USA. We have hosted an application for online booking of travel tickets. The customer wanted to change the system date to IST instead of EDT which we did. Now, if we try to change the system date to a future date in order to test our application, the date automatically resets to the current date. This happens only if we have the timezone as IST. If we change the system date to EDT, then after changing the system date, it does not reset automatically. It changes only if we modify it manually. However, if we change the timezone to IST, then the system date resets automatically back to the current date. We have stopped the W32 Time service and also blocked the port 123. We have also disabled the automatic synchronization with the internet time server.

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Change The Setup Date In Cpanel

Apr 26, 2008

I terminated an account in WHM and when I created again, the setup date in list of accounts changed to today,

How can I edit this time?

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DNS Error: Ignoring Out-of-zone Date

May 27, 2007

i have nameservers setup on my server using (for example) and with ips and, respectively.

Heres my zone file generated by WHM for ns1

; Modified by Web Host Manager
; Zone File for
$TTL 14400
@ 86400 IN SOA (
) 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 14400 IN A 14400 IN A
Heres my zone file generated by WHM for ns2

; Modified by Web Host Manager
; Zone File for
$TTL 14400
@ 86400 IN SOA (
) 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 14400 IN A 14400 IN A
After i restarted bind, it gave me the error in /var/log/messages

May 27 15:55:18 mail named[89641]: starting BIND 9.3.4 -u bind -c /etc/namedb/named.conf -t /var/named -u bind
May 27 15:55:18 mail named[89641]: command channel listening on
May 27 15:55:18 mail named[89641]: /etc/namedb/ ignoring out-of-zone data (
May 27 15:55:18 mail named[89641]: /etc/namedb/ ignoring out-of-zone data (
May 27 15:55:18 mail named[89641]: running
I believe that ignoring out-of-zone data is causing my dns to not work properly. I can't ping,, and

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VPS Date Refuses To Change. Lunix

Sep 11, 2007

I'm having problems trying to change the date, no matter what I enter in webmin or shell it keeps the existing date and I've tried ntp.

Fed Core 6

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How To Setting Mysql Date/time

Mar 5, 2007

how to setting mysql data / time?

server have -9 H from our

We have setting under WHM for time server but we also need to setting mysql

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Up To Date Php/perl & Libcurl Support - Which Provider

May 2, 2009

I am searching for a web hosting provider that offers up to date php and libcurl versions (or up to date perl plus libcurl). Any provider that you could recommend? Many thanks for some feedback!

My current provider (Yahoo Small Business ) offers the following php & libcurl combination: php 4.3.11 libcurl/7.12.0 OpenSSL/0.9.6g zlib/1.1.3.

I posted that to a libcurl mailing list, and the answer was the following:

> 1. That's using the PHP/CURL binding (which could explain

> something), and a version of it (the entire PHP version)

> that's over 4 years old

> 2. That's a libcurl version which is 29 releases old. Soon

> celebrating 5 years! (and the OpenSSL version is similarly

> outdated)

5 years! So what I'd need is a provider offering php 5 and the latest libcurl, or (even better) a provider that offers perl in combination with an up to date libcurl version (Yahoo comes with perl, but libcurl not included).

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Delete Files Created On A Specific Date

Jun 28, 2008

Is there a quick shell command to find (inside a directory) and delete all the files created e.g. on January 10, 2008 ?

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Variable Filenames By Date In Cron Jobs

Mar 12, 2008

How do you insert variables in cron jobs? e.g. the current date.

Let's say I want to back up a file and append the date to it.

0 0 * * * cp /some/file.txt /some/outputfile_[DATE].txt >/dev/null
(note that I'm not sure the cp will actually work like that, it's just an example)

Where outputfile_[DATE].txt has the date in it.

Are there variables cron can use for date, hour, minute, etc.?

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Cisco Sets Last Sale Date For PIX Firewall

Feb 4, 2008

Thought this might be of interest since the PIX vs. ASA devices are frequently discussed here ...

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Chaning Hosting Companies Is A Blind Date

Dec 30, 2008

Changing hosting companies is pain, let's admit it. You don't know what you're getting until you get it. Yes, it's like blind date.

The hosting company is talked up and fake reviews are posted in hopes of getting an affiliate commission. Some "companies" are actually Uncle George with a reseller account acting like he has a staff of 20 people.

So recently I was looking to 'downsize' after having a dedicated server for 20 months. There's was a hiccup with the hosting company. The email file permissions was constantly getting changed. It was a mystery because everytime tech support fixed it; the next day, it would happen again!

The operations manager was in contact by telephone and even gave me his cell phone number. I was also in telephone contact with Tech Support constantly until they have found the culprit - an old, invalid Cpanel Skin.

After the ordeal, I praise the team and company. But a week later, Omaha Steaks should up at my doorstep. Wow!

Well, now it's a year later and I need to downsize.

I looked at BlueHost, HostGater, Ixhosting, HostingExcellence and others... I could NOT believe what they offered for the money. I looked and looked.. and was excited that I could downgrade from a dedicated server and save $150 a month!

Finally, I decided to try BlueHost reluctantly.. as a test. But I tried to sign up for 30 minutes and the site was down. Uh-oh....

My gut - This is a wake up call.

Stick with what's WORKING.

I immediately emailed the Operations Mgr that hosts my dedicated server. Told him what I wanted. I needed a reseller account with additional IPs. He directed me to exactly what I needed and then asked if we could work something out on my current server. But with my sites slacking off, I just settled on a Reseller account.

They transferred everything and the site got a Internal Error (500).. err.. but don't worry - Tech Support found the .htaccess file was using suexec on the old server. So they commented it out and the sites appeared.

The POINT IS: Stick with WHO you know and What's WORKING. Yes, the current host may be a few nickels more than the Popular Hosting companies advertising in the magazines.. but they do NOT beat the support I've received over the last 20 months.

Final Review: I cannot praise HostDime enough. They are awesome. Mike K. is fantastic. I will keep my account there and it will run into the 3 third year in a few months. is a REAL company, charging very reasonable rates, and you get the best support ever. They guys & gals won't give up until they solve the problem.
If you're considering moving hosts, try them.

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My Midpulse Experience - Accounts Are Suspended Before Due Date

Sep 23, 2008

I have been with Midpulse for about a month, while hosting has been fine, but they really have serious issues with Billing.

I had selected Paypal Subscription when I signed up on 22-Aug and the subscription is paypable today 23-Sep, yet Midpulse Suspended my account yesterday itself for Non-payment Now, I'm confused whether I should cancel Paypal subscription or not.

Plus their HTTPS Billing area does not even open... so how the hell are customers supposed to Login to Billing area...

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