Connecting Remotely To Win2003 Server?

Aug 30, 2007

I have a problem connecting to my win2003 server from my work. The thing is that everything is turned off. I dont have administration rights. The remote connection in win xp doesnt work, telnet also dont work. Im behind proxy, all ports are closed. Is there any way, to install software on my server or smth else, so somehow i could connecti to my server remotely? I need to be able to connect to gui interface or maybe just be able to start programs, which crashed.

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They Trying To Login To My Win2003 Server

Feb 26, 2007

Running A Windows 2003 Server at co-location. I just looked at my event viewer security log and am stunned to see thousands of Failure Audit logon attempts. They have been trying since Saturday at 9:43pm, till currently. Almost all of them failed, but a few were successfull. All of the successfull attempt appear to be:

Successful Network Logon:
User Name:
Logon ID: (0x0,0x2E9F395)
Logon Type: 3
Logon Process: NtLmSsp
Authentication Package: NTLM
Workstation Name: DAS
Logon GUID: -
Caller User Name: -
Caller Domain: -
Caller Logon ID: -
Caller Process ID: -
Transited Services: -
Source Network Address:
Source Port: 0

How do I lock this down? How can I block these guys from trying to login? The IPS are coming from all over the world though. I did whois for a few, and they range from Poland, Russia, to China.

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Setup SMTP Server On WIN2003 Apache

Nov 24, 2007

I don't have any SMTP server

Its a dedicated unmanaged server that has windows 2003 and apache running. I heard you need IIS to enable SMTP on a Windows machine but I don't want to run IIS because I feel Apache is better.

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Worth Upgrading To Quadcore Server (win2003 Server)?

Dec 8, 2008

Site is currently running on a single code single cpu p4 server. Am thinking of upgrading to a quad core Xeon server.

My site is pretty dynamic with lots of hits to php / mysql, and has trouble keeping up with the requests sometimes. Would a quadcore Xeon significantly help?

Server Software:
Windows 2003 Server
php 5.2.6
apache 2
mysql 4.1

Current Setup:
P4 2.8 single core/cpu.

Proposed setup
Xeon 3210 quadcore

I guess my confusion lies in the following:

1. Can win2003 server make use of the quadcores?
2. Does php / apache / mysql make use of the quadcores?
3. Will i see a significant increase in the amount of pages i can serve?

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Remotely Restart A Server By IP

Jan 11, 2007

I don't know if this is possible after searching on the internet for solutions. Here is the problem. I recently logged off my colocated server 2 days ago, and have been trying to log into it again like I always do using remote desktop. Each time I try it gives me this following error: "This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator."

I've had this server colocated for about 5 months now and I've never had any issues connecting remotely to it. Seems like Remote Desktop got broken somehow, or it's being blocked? I am an admin with logins/passwords etc. The OS is Windows Server 2003 R2, I'm not connected to a remote reboot console. I don't want to have to call the data center for remote hands on support for a restart if that's not going to fix the issue, from what I've heard they charge quite a bit.

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Stopping A Game Server Remotely

Nov 7, 2008

Is there a script or program which I can use to start my game servers remotely? I am giving my friend a free game server, but the problem is that he wants the power to start/stop the server because he wants to update the binaries. I am not looking for a game server control panel, but more like a small script or program that has the power to start/stop the server. The game server I am hosting for him is Team Fortress 2. Also, it has to be free since I am not going to make any profit of this.

Game - Team Fortress 2
OS - Windows 2003 Server
Web hosting - WAMP

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Remotely Accessing Testing Server - How

Mar 31, 2007

id like to set up apache on a spare pc i have lying around, for local dev. id like to stick it in the back of a closet (no screen, kb or mouse) but im wondering how i can best access it from my main computers. is there some kind of decent and preferably free remote desktop application that can be used for this?

i know i can access the xampp installation via the ip address, but inevitably ill also have to access whatever OS i decide to install on it (xp or ubuntu)

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Remotely Install Centos On A Dedicated Server

Apr 19, 2008

Is it possible to Remotely Install Centos on a dedicated server?

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How To Install Vnc Server Remotely On Linux Server

Aug 5, 2007

how to install VNC server such as TightVNC on linux server remotely?

i can access my server only through ssh. (putty).

is there a way to install VNCserver in linux over ssh?

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Connecting To My Server

Oct 21, 2009

We are currently having a server with serverloft and as we are in the trial phase have just a few trial websites hosted on it. Now since today we have a curious issue on one of our website

It is not being accessible via a particular network of computers even though till yesterday this network of computers was able to connect to the website.

The website is working fine from all other computers and networks that we are trying to access it from. Now my question is how is this possible. The DNS is configured correctly as the website is being accessed by other networks and has been hosted on this server for quite some time

Also this same network of computers was able to access this website until a few hours ago No changes have been made to any IP firewall or any other server settings at our end.

When we run a tracert from this network it says Unable to resolve target system name
I dont know if the blame lies with the ISP as till yesterday this network was able to access everything fine

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Backup Server, Connecting

Aug 4, 2007

I got my backup server yesterday. It's connected to the second NIC on my main server, where I have all of my domains/accounts.

The server provider gave me a password and a ip address to the backup server, 192.168.x.x

I have tried to log in to the backup server with ssh and ftp from my main server.
Nothing happens, I can't connect.

Am I doing something wrong? I thought it just was to log in to my main server, and then ssh or ftp to the backup server.

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Connecting To Mysql From Another Server

Feb 10, 2007

i have a mysql databse on 1 server hosted by a company and i want to connect to that databse from a website hosted on another server by another company.

i have chnaged my php connect script from 'localhost' to the ip of the name server on port 3306, i know this isnt right..

how do i find the ip of my website and port of the db?

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Error Connecting To IMAP Server

Dec 3, 2006


Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.
111 : Connection refused

I keep getting this error message from Squirelmail when i try to login can someone help me out.

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Connecting Domain To Dedicated Server

Apr 21, 2009

I have a dedicated server and a domain I bought from godaddy. The dedicated server currently runs from an IP. So if I were to visit, I would be able to access WHM. However, how do I change the IP to go to a domain? So when I go to the domain I go to the server's whm, and so that I can use the domain to host my site.

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Error Connecting To Cpanel Server

Apr 21, 2009

I seem to be having problems every 20 accounts i create through clientexec work fine than i whole bunch dont i seem to be able to fix it by using a new hash key.

However it happened again at 44 accounts i dot have any idea what to do! i get a error log saying this.

If it helps all the signups are over 2 days.

Sorry, we could not create the account. The following error was
produced: The package was not found on the server.

Here is the list of plans found on the server:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns
<link rel
<meta http-equiv
<title>cPanel&reg; 11</title>
<div id
<div id

<div id
<form action
<input type
<table width
<td align
<td><input type
<tr class
<br />
&copy; cPanel, Inc. 2006-2008

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Connecting To Lotus Notes Server From A Non Domino Web Server

Sep 25, 2007

I'm running a local department website using xampp (apache, php, mysql) and we have a corporate lotus notes mail server. Is it possible to connect to and send mail via lotus notes using something like sendmail running under xampp?

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Error Connecting To IMAP Server: Localhost

Dec 29, 2008

i'm on Linux dedicated box -DirectAdmin panel

I use Squirrelmail to se my e-mail. When i try to log inn and read mail i get this message: Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost. Where can i change this......


SquirrelMail version 1.4.17
By the SquirrelMail Project Team
Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.
111 : Connection refused


ERROR (2): fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to localhost:110 (Connection refused) (/var/www/html/webmail/inc/class.uebimiau_mail.php:80)

RoundCube Webmail

Connection to Imap server failed

Read on another forum, that this can solve the problem

/etc/rc.d/init.d/imaps restart
/etc/rc.d/init.d/imap restart

-bash: /etc/rc.d/init.d/imaps: No such file or directory

-bash: /etc/rc.d/init.d/imap: No such file or directory

telnet localhost 143 for imap or 993 for imap over ssl

Usage: telnet [-8] [-E] [-K] [-L] [-X atype] [-a] [-d] [-e char] [-k realm]
[-l user] [-f/-F] [-n tracefile] [-r] [-x] [host-name [port]]

Also Xinetd restart don't help

[root@server etc]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart
Stopping xinetd: [ OK ]
Starting xinetd: [ OK ]

Looks like that Imap isn't installed ?
Correct me if i'm wrong ..............

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Connecting To Local Server With Virtual Machines

Nov 9, 2007

How do you go about setting up virtual machines so that they can see sites hosted on the host machine?

I've got Virtual PC 2007 and the disk image that MS supply for testing IE6 on Vista machines and I'm having trouble accessing my local Apache server (set up with XAMPP). Until recently I was able to set the XP VM's LAN settings to use a proxy server with the IP address of the host machine, but I got migrated to ADSL2+ yesterday by my ISP and now that's no longer working.

To access my sites locally, I set up httpd.conf like this:

PHP Code:
<VirtualHost *:80>  DocumentRoot "C:PathToFolder"  ServerName siteName.local</VirtualHost><Directory "C:PathToFolder">    Options FollowSymLinks    AllowOverride None    Order allow,deny    Allow from all</Directory>

and then in Windows hosts file I add siteName.local.

So what's the best way of getting the host and VMs to talk to each other?

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Setup FTP Access - Connecting To Server?

Sep 28, 2014

I setup FTP access on Plesk, then when i try connect to the server it seems to be trying to access through a old installation on FileZilla Beta server manager, that was obviously installed on the server a while back. I can only think it is not using which ever FTP manager Plesk uses.

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Connecting To A Server From A Proxy Server

May 20, 2007

to upload some documents to my server.

Typically I have no problem doing this through Filezilla back in the states because I have a direct internet connection. However, where I am currently living I must go through a Proxy server.

I first tried connecting to the server with everything unchanged from back home and of course it didn't work. Next I went under settings and changed the proxy settings by selecting SOCKS4 (guessing), entering the host address for the Proxy server and the port number, but still no luck. I've also tried SOCKS4A and SOCKS5 with no luck.

I've also had similar problems with other less important software like AIM. Here I can also configure proxy settings, but it still does not work. My browsers work fine, but of course they were also configured with the proxy settings.

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PHP4 And 5 On Win2003

Jun 14, 2008

how I could have both PHP4 and PHP5 work on a Win2003 server. Currently PHP5 is installed and works.

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Win2003 Hosting

Feb 8, 2008

I'm working on a web project, using ASP.NET and Sql Server, and am curious at W2k3 hosting. Do hosts give you a remote desktop login to configure whatever you need to configure?

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No SQL Express On Win2003 Web

Feb 15, 2007

According to microsoft, Only SQL Express 2005 can be installed on windows 2003 web edition. N other sql server editions allowed. Sure, ok. So I downloaded express (SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE) and go to install. Install always stops (shuts down) with no warning ...

smooth Microsoft, really smooth.

-- And before anybody chimes in. Yes .net 2.0 and 3.0 are installed.

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Does .htaccess Run In Win2003

Jan 19, 2007

does .htaccess run in windows 2003?

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Do Win2003 Require CALs For IIS

Apr 2, 2008

i don't think win2003 Standard need CALs for IIS6 or does it?

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IIS Win2003 SMTP Setup

Jan 25, 2008

I have win2003 server running IIS hosting an asp website, I am wanting to use CDONTS to send emails.

I am no pro and not really sure what I am doing with setting up the server for SMTP. I have installed SMTP Virtual Server but do not know what settings I need or what else I need to setup to get it to work.

I have always used hosted space before where it is all setup for me.

How do I go about it?

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Win2003 Max Memory Allowed

Nov 28, 2007

* I have a Windows 2003 Professional Edition server with 8GB installed.

* /PAE is enabled to use more than 4GB memory
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Enterprise" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptOut /PAE

* I can see 8GB installed in the Task Manager

* This server is not for hosting but for running some cpu intensive applications. (I am not into webhosting industry)

But the maximum I ever seen been used is 4.66GB, and after that I run often into "Memory allocation failed" "Out of memory exception" application error.

How to use the full 8gb? Or is my box configured to use 8gb? Or is it dependent on application. Do I need a memory manager third-party software?

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Dos Attacks On Apache2 (win2003)

May 5, 2007

Im running a windows 2003 web edition server with apache 2.2.4 installed and a ported module; mod_dosEvasive, my server is vurnable for some sort of single machine dos attack. Not only my own server is vurnable but basically ANY apache 2.2.4 win32 server, even without additional modules (lik php) installed ( i checked by installing apache2 on 4 machines, all vurnable)

The tool used to attack apache is described here:

When attacked by the specific syn flood attack apache2 becomes useless and doesnt send any responses out anymore. When the attacker stops sending this flood Apache starts responding again.

how to secure a windows apache server against such an attack?

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Running Disk Check On Win2003

Mar 21, 2007

I suspect there is bad sector in the disk. How do i check it w/o turning the server offline?

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LF: Toronto-based Win2003 Hosting W/Req.

Oct 31, 2007

I'm trying to find a reputable dedicated host whos datacenter is located in toronto (no Quebec DataCenters plz) and can meet my below requirements:

1) Windows 2003 Server ()
2) 1~2 TB Bandwidth
3) allow/offer up to /24 ip block (with IP jurisdiction of course)
4) Private VPN hosting allowed
5) Managed preferred

Does anyone know of a company that can do the above?

Please do not PM me regarding your offers, as I will not check PM that often.

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How Run Memtest86 Remotely

Oct 27, 2008

How can I run memtest86 remotely?? my server has crashed 8 times in less than a week ,

I've had many glitches, it's failed to restart a few times and twice I had a odd glitch where /home/mishkin/ on became read only access (even to mishkin) chmod couldn't fix it and the first time a reboot solved it, the seccond time the server went dead, not even remote reboot can bring it back online

I told my host about this and demanded a new server, they repleyed with "did you run memtest?"

I told them that I have no idea how to do that remotely and it's 12+ hours (8 of them buisness hours) without reply

help me out guys, oh also any idea how I can get it running again??
it's debian stable

oh and during some of the crashes I had 3 terminals and xfce4 running only (and wasn't even logged on )

I'm not running anything untested

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