Setup SMTP Server On WIN2003 Apache

Nov 24, 2007

I don't have any SMTP server

Its a dedicated unmanaged server that has windows 2003 and apache running. I heard you need IIS to enable SMTP on a Windows machine but I don't want to run IIS because I feel Apache is better.

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IIS Win2003 SMTP Setup

Jan 25, 2008

I have win2003 server running IIS hosting an asp website, I am wanting to use CDONTS to send emails.

I am no pro and not really sure what I am doing with setting up the server for SMTP. I have installed SMTP Virtual Server but do not know what settings I need or what else I need to setup to get it to work.

I have always used hosted space before where it is all setup for me.

How do I go about it?

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They Trying To Login To My Win2003 Server

Feb 26, 2007

Running A Windows 2003 Server at co-location. I just looked at my event viewer security log and am stunned to see thousands of Failure Audit logon attempts. They have been trying since Saturday at 9:43pm, till currently. Almost all of them failed, but a few were successfull. All of the successfull attempt appear to be:

Successful Network Logon:
User Name:
Logon ID: (0x0,0x2E9F395)
Logon Type: 3
Logon Process: NtLmSsp
Authentication Package: NTLM
Workstation Name: DAS
Logon GUID: -
Caller User Name: -
Caller Domain: -
Caller Logon ID: -
Caller Process ID: -
Transited Services: -
Source Network Address:
Source Port: 0

How do I lock this down? How can I block these guys from trying to login? The IPS are coming from all over the world though. I did whois for a few, and they range from Poland, Russia, to China.

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Connecting Remotely To Win2003 Server?

Aug 30, 2007

I have a problem connecting to my win2003 server from my work. The thing is that everything is turned off. I dont have administration rights. The remote connection in win xp doesnt work, telnet also dont work. Im behind proxy, all ports are closed. Is there any way, to install software on my server or smth else, so somehow i could connecti to my server remotely? I need to be able to connect to gui interface or maybe just be able to start programs, which crashed.

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Worth Upgrading To Quadcore Server (win2003 Server)?

Dec 8, 2008

Site is currently running on a single code single cpu p4 server. Am thinking of upgrading to a quad core Xeon server.

My site is pretty dynamic with lots of hits to php / mysql, and has trouble keeping up with the requests sometimes. Would a quadcore Xeon significantly help?

Server Software:
Windows 2003 Server
php 5.2.6
apache 2
mysql 4.1

Current Setup:
P4 2.8 single core/cpu.

Proposed setup
Xeon 3210 quadcore

I guess my confusion lies in the following:

1. Can win2003 server make use of the quadcores?
2. Does php / apache / mysql make use of the quadcores?
3. Will i see a significant increase in the amount of pages i can serve?

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How To Setup IIS SMTP To Copy ALL Sent Mail

Nov 27, 2008

I want to config my IIS SMTP server to copy ALL sent mail to another address.

Or, to log in more detail what was sent (I have W3C logging turned on but it doesnt record the mail subject or body).

Basically when a user complains they didnt get an email, I want to be able to look in the log to see (a) the mail was sent and (b) the body/subject of the mail.

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How To Setup Smtp Outgoing Mail

Nov 26, 2007

i just have a vps with plesk installed, since this is my first time have a vps, i have run into some problem,

so here is the problem.

i want to use pop3 account directly from my outlook, but i don't know how to fill the smtp outgoing address, which mean, i can logged in to account by i cannot send the mail via outlook, but if i'm using the webmail provided by plesk it's just run fine.

here is my dns config, please take a look:
note: domain name changed to domain(dot)com because newbie cannot post url link in this forum...

Host | Record Type | Value
123(dot)123(dot)123(dot)123 / 24 | PTR | domain(dot)com

ftp(dot)domain(dot)com | CNAME | domain(dot)com

mail(dot)domain(dot)com | A | 123(dot)123(dot)123(dot)123

ns(dot)domain(dot)com | A | 123(dot)123(dot)123(dot)123

domain(dot)com | NS | ns(dot)domain(dot)com.

domain(dot)com | A| 123(dot)123(dot)123(dot)123

domain(dot)com | MX (10) | mail(dot)domain(dot)com.

webmail(dot)domain(dot)com | A| 123(dot)123(dot)123(dot)123

www(dot)domain(dot)com | CNAME |domain(dot)com.

i've tried few such as but still cannot work in smtp outgoing email in outlook.

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How To Setup The Apache Server To Allow Http Downloading

Sep 22, 2009

I installed apache, mysql, php on my windows vista laptop, and want to test http downloading. This means when selecting a file (for example, contact.php) from a page, and then click download, it will be downloaded to my desktop.

Do we need to install any other softwares to do that?

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How To Setup Linux Proxy Server Apache+lighttpd

Apr 24, 2007

somebody know is possible on some way route traffic before come to web server (apache or lighttpd)?

I want to setup lighttpd on port 80 and apache on port 81 and I want visitors to go direct to apache or lighttpd without url:81 and that must work on this way if somebody visiting that go to lighttpd on port 80 and if somebody visiting that go to apache on port 81 and something must route it before lighttpd and apache (and get/post must work), is this possible on some way?

I know that lighttpd and apache can do it but I don`t need it on that way!

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Setup Apache Home Server - Port 4040

May 31, 2014

I had setup an apache home server. here the 80, 8080 ports are blocked . So I made my apache to listen to 4040 port. but the problem now is ,i use cloudflare service to point my domains to my server. now its showing error when i give my ip because the port is not 80. i tried putting dns host point to in cloudflare but shows invalid ip ...

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Setup Apache HTTP Server 2.0 To Run On Local Machine And Execute PL Scripts

Jan 24, 2014

I am 3 days new to figuring out how to get Perl scripts to run on my Windows XP box. I downloaded and installed the Apache installation file "httpd-2.0.65-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8y.msi" and the "strawberry-perl-" from the site in hopes that I could get a feedback form to work for a web site that I am working on.

Out of the many pages that I have viewed online of how to configure the Apache Server, nothing has given any favorable results with their explanations.

My last attempt was [URL] ..... where I could not get the example to work. I did the changes to the Apache file "Edit the Apache httpd.conf Configuration File" fairly easily but I must be having problems with the because I can't get it to work.

I used a different version of Perl (Strawbery from because it installed without giving me an error pop up after installation) and after copy pasting the script, in an attempt to get it working, I ended up changing it in hopes that I could get it working, shown below.

print "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

print "<phtml>";
print "<body>";
print "Test Page";
print "</body>";
print "</html>";

This is what the site says to create the program with:

print "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

print "<phtml>";
print "<body>";
print "Test Page";
print "</body>";
print "</html>";

where I assumed that "#!" meant the "C:" drive and substituted the first "/perl" with the folder the Strawbery Perl had installed itself to and left the second "/perl" in the first line thinking that it was referring to the executable in the "C:strawberryperlbin" folder.

This is the error I get when trying to get the script to run when typing "localhost/" in the address bar.

"Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Know how I can change the title of this post to read "Configuring Apache HTTP Server 2.0 to run Perl in Windows"?

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PHP4 And 5 On Win2003

Jun 14, 2008

how I could have both PHP4 and PHP5 work on a Win2003 server. Currently PHP5 is installed and works.

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Win2003 Hosting

Feb 8, 2008

I'm working on a web project, using ASP.NET and Sql Server, and am curious at W2k3 hosting. Do hosts give you a remote desktop login to configure whatever you need to configure?

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No SQL Express On Win2003 Web

Feb 15, 2007

According to microsoft, Only SQL Express 2005 can be installed on windows 2003 web edition. N other sql server editions allowed. Sure, ok. So I downloaded express (SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE) and go to install. Install always stops (shuts down) with no warning ...

smooth Microsoft, really smooth.

-- And before anybody chimes in. Yes .net 2.0 and 3.0 are installed.

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Does .htaccess Run In Win2003

Jan 19, 2007

does .htaccess run in windows 2003?

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Do Win2003 Require CALs For IIS

Apr 2, 2008

i don't think win2003 Standard need CALs for IIS6 or does it?

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Win2003 Max Memory Allowed

Nov 28, 2007

* I have a Windows 2003 Professional Edition server with 8GB installed.

* /PAE is enabled to use more than 4GB memory
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Enterprise" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptOut /PAE

* I can see 8GB installed in the Task Manager

* This server is not for hosting but for running some cpu intensive applications. (I am not into webhosting industry)

But the maximum I ever seen been used is 4.66GB, and after that I run often into "Memory allocation failed" "Out of memory exception" application error.

How to use the full 8gb? Or is my box configured to use 8gb? Or is it dependent on application. Do I need a memory manager third-party software?

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Dos Attacks On Apache2 (win2003)

May 5, 2007

Im running a windows 2003 web edition server with apache 2.2.4 installed and a ported module; mod_dosEvasive, my server is vurnable for some sort of single machine dos attack. Not only my own server is vurnable but basically ANY apache 2.2.4 win32 server, even without additional modules (lik php) installed ( i checked by installing apache2 on 4 machines, all vurnable)

The tool used to attack apache is described here:

When attacked by the specific syn flood attack apache2 becomes useless and doesnt send any responses out anymore. When the attacker stops sending this flood Apache starts responding again.

how to secure a windows apache server against such an attack?

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Running Disk Check On Win2003

Mar 21, 2007

I suspect there is bad sector in the disk. How do i check it w/o turning the server offline?

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LF: Toronto-based Win2003 Hosting W/Req.

Oct 31, 2007

I'm trying to find a reputable dedicated host whos datacenter is located in toronto (no Quebec DataCenters plz) and can meet my below requirements:

1) Windows 2003 Server ()
2) 1~2 TB Bandwidth
3) allow/offer up to /24 ip block (with IP jurisdiction of course)
4) Private VPN hosting allowed
5) Managed preferred

Does anyone know of a company that can do the above?

Please do not PM me regarding your offers, as I will not check PM that often.

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Apache :: Gmail SMTP Contact Form On Lamp Hosted Website

Jan 8, 2015

I have a LAMP server at home and in my website I added a php form using gmail smtp but Im not receiving any emails from the form. Do I need to add something to my server? Im using the free contact form from this website [URL]....

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Apache :: How To Setup Directory

Apr 20, 2014

When I open my site in a browser and I point the URL to specifically // ipaddress / location A it's all good. (Apache Server)..My problem is, if you open the site in a browser with just the IP address alone it goes there for a second and then automaticlly goes to and opens the other site in location // ipaddress / location B.

However, what I need it to do, I think, is edit the apache conf file to make it open location A as the default. What do I need to do in the apache (httpd-conf) to fix that? For that matter is that the right file to edit?

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Apache: Setup A Proxy For One Page

Mar 5, 2008

Im using AJAX on my site and i need to access a seperate server instance on a different port. AJAX wont allow me to do that so i want to use Apache as a proxy but only for one page.

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Setup Bind Dns, Apache, And Vsftpd

Nov 11, 2008

I been using plesk, and cpanel so this is the first time I have Webmin for my CentOS.

After some googling and reading, i able to install apache, mysqld and vsftpd (for some reason, my host (hivelocity) didnt install these. So this is my setup. in godaddy, i add nameserver host as and and change the dns to point to that in godday, point dns to and


I create two master zone for and


$ttl 38400 IN SOA (
$ttl 38400 IN SOA (



I created 2 virtual servers for and

I create an index.php in with content: " YEAH"

I create an index.php in with content: " YEAH"

After wait for dns to propogated,

when i try to go to, content " YEAH" shows up.

But when goto, content " YEAH" shows up? Why?

Also, when goto, content " YEAH" is there.

I also has problem with vsftpd but let fix that later.

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Apache :: Setup A Virtual Host

Aug 7, 2014

I have a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 install (desktop). I installed Apache, php and mysql from APT and updated everything.I tried to setup a virtual host using these directions: URL...I followed them to the letter:

o I created a folder /var/www/mydomain.local/public_html
o I copied the 000-default.conf in sites available and modified it
o I added mydomain.local to my hosts file (with IP of
o I used a2ensite to enable the host
o I used service apache2 reload

When I went to mydomain.local in firefox, it took me to the default host main page.I tried a restart of the service and even a reboot of the computer. No change.On a theory, I used a2dissite to remote 000-default from the enabled site list and reloaded the service. I got the home page for mydomain.local after that.

I created a named host called localhost and reloaded the apache. When I went to http://localhost it took me to the mydomain.local homepage. Rebooted the computer. Now, localhost gives me the apache default home page and mydomain.local does not work at all (I get a server not found).

I get the feeling that there is an apache configuration item I am missing but I cannot find it.

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Apache :: 2.4 Subdomain Setup Fails

Oct 7, 2012

I am struggling with this all the day, no answer i found here as well. how to setup proper a subdomain i need. My Apache config has 2 domains configured (on same IP), for the i need to setup a sub-domain. Here is what i have so far, but the subdomain keeps redirecting me to (main site).

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Apache :: How To Setup 2.4 Ssl Offloading With Jboss 7.1

Jun 10, 2015

I am using Apache 2.4 and Jboss 7.1 on Windows server 2012 server. requirement is to have SSL offload in place for communication between Apache to Jboss. Apache will be secured to handle client requests from Apache onwards all servers in trusted zone hence there is offload requirement.

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Apache :: 404 Not Found Https Setup

Apr 11, 2014

i have setup everything before using ssl without issue for using https url.Now I'm having issues for Apache 2.4.9.

In url i get

Not Found

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Apache :: How To Setup Files Downloaded From It

Dec 19, 2013 to setup apache so files are downloadable from it. I guess I should also be using SSL.

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