BuyAVPS Making A Turnaround

Jul 4, 2007

I did have a chance to really talk with the owner, Navid on the issues I did have and on what was really going on. One of the things I did have trouble was downtime, and I was assured no more of this, and latest news on what was going on.

Some of the new things they're doing
- New support staff, and more
- New servers from DC (Databank?) (which i'll be moved too ;])
- Less or No downtime at all; and total care support
- More support options

and the results are being seen, they immediately solved all my issues hopefully I won't run into them, but dear members who read this, as a owner; I've decided to go sole proprietorship and work sales, support, billing; all from my blackberry and cell phone around the clock, and downtime is the last thing I can have. Currently I have over 125 accounts and being one of the top free hosts, and clients new to the web = lots of questions. So uptime and reliability from a powerful host is needed. I thank BuyAVPS for making the turnarounds and though they've been only for 1 year, they're one of the rare hosts with the right price and great deals.

I must say, they're support team is fabulous and has been helping me out constantly, from installing scripts to great support and now they're offering more support options.

I've been with them for now 3-4 months, or maybe more I've signed up when they started; and they're coming a long way now and soon to be one of the best vps hosts.

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Turnaround For Filter Updates (new Allocation)

Jan 23, 2008

After obtaining a new allocation from ARIN, how long do you typically wait before your upstreams update their filters to allow the new announcement? Which providers are most proactive? Least?

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May 18, 2007

Are they still around? They are not responding to e-mails, not answering tickets, and you have to keep your fingers crossed not to have a serious issue.

I have cancelled my account because of no existent support and constant dowtime and i know many people left in the dark with a non working cpanel and suspended accounts.

Somebody had a answer from them during the last 10 days?

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Buyavps 3.0

Aug 17, 2007

I guess the new Buyavps should be called 3.0 now that it's under AxisHost. I was hoping to be able to report a good experience. Paid my bill(it's cheap so I figured what do I have to lose???) in the last several days I have decided to rebuild the vps and put some non-essential sites to be hosted on it.

Impossible. Before, I had no problems running anything, the only problem was the downtime. Now, no downtime problem, just resource problems. I've tried several different images but all of them have severe resource problems. I know 128mb isn't much, but it should be enough to run apache and mysql without locking up. I know because I do it on other VPS's and was doing it there before Buyavps shut down.

Well, it's a cheap lesson. Stay away from hypervm. I guess that's where the problem lies. I am not going to hassle anymore with it, the time I have spent in vain is worth a lot more than a single month. I haven't bothered even submitting a ticket, and I won't. It isn't worth any more hassles for me.

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Nov 17, 2008

My VPS doesn't respond, ping returns "TTL expired", console returns "login is disabled", support area returns "License Error: Key file has expired".

My bills are paid... What happened to them? Is there a phone number to call?

E-mail to support@ is bounced.

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BuyAVPS Migration

Aug 10, 2007

Its been a for a couple of hours that my VPS is down, I'm not complaining or anything, I really know that Navid left one hell of a mess for them to sort out but I just want to be sure that my VPS is down because of the migration process and not because of something I did.

Anyways I submitted 2 tickets, still no reply. The guys must be busy fixing and moving all these accounts

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Support Of BuyAVPS Is Gone

May 20, 2007

is the support of BuyaVPS Gone ?

I hope they read this message, i don't think that they are aware that their license key has expired for their support suite.

So now all emails are bouncing back....

See it for yourself:

License Error: Key file has expired

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Jun 2, 2008

Last September, I subscribed to a VPS from to test how WHM and some of our accounts behave if we upgrade from PHP 4 to PHP 5. This was concluded towards early November, but I left the VPS subscription active, thinking later on we might have other cases where I would rather test a server-wide software upgrade in a VPS first.

A couple of months later, in January of this year, I indeed had such a case where I wanted to test something again. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I opened a support ticket about accessing my VPS, thinking maybe I wrote down a wrong password or whatever.

Imagine my surprise when support told me my VPS account does not exist and asked me whether I have been actually paying for one, then asked me for a transaction ID. This although I had an active subscription at that time, paying monthly for the service.

Actually the subscription just billed again right while support sat on the ticket, writing me this response. After that shock, I went and cancelled the subscription, but I already lost another month's payment. I demanded the money back for a period I was charged for at a time when there was clearly no service any more, plus the period before at the end of which there clearly was no service any more either. Support said they'll forward my ticket to billing, and that was the last I heard.

Still having faith in the company, since it was to my knowledge Tina's company (she was the reason I went with in the first place), I decided to wait for a few weeks for the refund.

After that came months where I forgot about this issue, recently noticing only the e-mails again. Still having faith in Tina, I sent her a PM here on WHT so that she could look into this issue. To which she answered that she sold her part in to another company months ago.

At that point, I sent off another support ticket to, where several people asked the same questions all over again, just to say in the end I am not entitled to any kind of refund. At which I got pissed and told them they stole my money and do I really have to come to a public place to tell the story?

Well here I am - knowing the industry I am not very surprised at how they took my money and provided no service for it. For this, they deserve to be named here and serve as a warning for potential new customers of

However, I am extremely disappointed in how you can't trust even prominent people of this industry with good reputation any more. I signed up to this service because I trusted the person who ran the company, all payments went to her Paypal account, and at the time this whole fiasco happened she was still (part-)owner of the company. Shrugging it all off is not what I expected.

p.s. I have a number of e-mails for proof and further details if desired, just wanted to keep the size of this post within limits.

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Making Windows Vps

Apr 8, 2009

i want to have a windows server and make 5 vps on it what should i do to make the vps

is there is additional fees or i only pay the money of the server & for the windows

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Software To Use For Making VPS

Oct 25, 2008

i have windows 2003 dedicaited server i need software so i can make vps i need a free one and easailly to make vps and assingh ips and stuff

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Making Web Server

May 13, 2007

I was wondering I've been having problems with getting my web server going.

I'm using Apache 2 on my Windows XP SP2 machine. I have a Linksys WRT54GX2 router, and I have Charter 3MB Cable internet. I already called charter to see if they allowed web servers and they said they do. I also asked if they block ports, and they said they don't.

Now my problem... So, I originally thought maybe charter blocked port 80, so I used NO-IP to work around that, I did port forwarding through that. Well, I used there tool and it said it couldnt read any ports i put in.

All my firewalls were off and i had my router firewall off. I even put my computer in the DMZ part of my router. I'm about to see if i can connect my modem directly to my computer without having a problem but i wasn't able to a bit ago. Anyone got any clues to waht i could do if nothing changes when i put my modem to my computer.

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Making A Windows FTP

Oct 19, 2007

I tried everything, nothing seems to work. I was in IIS for a good 2 hours on my windows box trying to figure out how to setup an FTP on a specific directory. Whats a good program to use for a windows FTP to easily setup a read only FTP. I just want to be able to allow me and my friends to grab the files out of one specific directory.

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Making SSHD Up In Knoppix

Jun 1, 2009

I am trying to customize the knoppix CD so that the SSH server can be started while the system has been booted up. I've tried to install the service and setup the appropriate run level (update-rc.d) but still the SSH daemon couldn't be started up automatically. I had to start it up manually while the system is booted up. I have an idea is to put the startup command in the /etc/rc.local, but not sure if that would work, but I prefer to start it up from the run-level. And what about the /etc/inittab, any idea on that?

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Apollo VPS: Making A Choice

Dec 19, 2008

My brother is moving from shared to VPS.

Apollo has a managed VPS for $40 (with 20% off for a yearly purchase).

Any problems with this package?

Any problems specifically with Apollo VPS?

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Making Destination Unreachable

Aug 3, 2008

Hey heres what happens when i do a traceroute to amazon - over a maximum of 30 hops:

11 33 ms 35 ms 36 ms []
12 58 ms 53 ms 54 ms []
13 53 ms 53 ms 53 ms [
14 47 ms 48 ms 47 ms [
15 * * [] repo
rts: Destination net unreachable.

Trace complete.

Is there a way my server unreachable without installing a hardware firewall?

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Making Faster Downloads

Apr 17, 2008

I've ordered 1gbit/s port with one my dedicated servers. But I am still unhappy with the speed of download.

I have 2 mbit DSL connection at home and I can download files with 90 kb/s from the server. I also see the same speed on a 100mbit port server. But I can download files from RapidShare with 210 kb/s..

What do you recommend me to do make faster downloads from server-side?

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WordPress Making A VPS Slow

Aug 28, 2008

Hello. I owned a VPS not long ago, and hosted my WordPress enabled site on there. I used approximately 9 plugin's, all of which are very low-usage and mainly used for the backend. I noticed during every day use the VPS slowed down, is this due to the WordPress script or the VPS itself?

The VPS had 1024mb RAM (1531mb burst), and equal share CPU.

I don't own the VPS now, but would appreciate some answers as I may buy a new one soon to host the same type of site.

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Making A Server Network.

Jun 10, 2008

build our our server network for our business and power it with our new 15Mbps/15Mbps Fios Business Plan.

Now I know enough to set up a home network just fine but dealing with a server end is a little different.

What I need a for someone to help me with advise on hardware for our setup ie: Routers, Switches, ect ect

We are looking to start with 2 boxes at this time and may go as big as 5 so we want to be sure we have the equipment to handle it

I would like a Router that allows me to connect 2 uplink connection so if we need to upgrade we can add a 2nd fios line.

a decent router to handle this?

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Assessing & Making Decisions

Aug 12, 2007

I am executive director of a non-profit organization. As part of our mission, we publish a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal. We receive from 70-100 submissions per month, each which must be reviewed by experts. I am interested in moving the entire peer-review process onto a secure website and need some advice. Here are our needs.

1. Run 10-20 independent peer-review sessions simultaneously.

2. Assign between 3-7 reviewers to individual discussion "rooms" for participation in the peer-review process. The editor must be able to monitor and manage the discussion process.

3. Upload a PDF version of a submitted article into a specific "room" for review.

4. Assign a unique user name that will allow each reviewer to remain anonymous during the review process.

5. Reviewers discuss the merit of the article in a blog format.

6. Close the review session down after one week (no more access). When the room is reopened for another article and new group of reviewers, it would have to be done so with new security settings (i.e. people participating in previous reviewers could no log on and access the same or other rooms at a later date).

7. Compile/summarize the discussion thread and send it to the author.

I was thinking that what we need is basically to set up individual blogs with security settings. However, there may be other better ways to go. I don't know. The most important thing is that the "discussion rooms" would be short-lived, would have a limited number of participants (3-7 plus editor), and a limited number of posts. Submitted articles are between 150-500KB and would be taken down off the site once the review session is closed.

I am having trouble determining what our needs will be for this project in terms of storage space, bandwidth, security requirements, etc. Although we want an attractive site, this will not be for public access. The most important design factors therefore are ease of use, functionality, and reliability.

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Making VPS On Colocated Server

Jul 8, 2007

I'm getting myself a colocated server in August.

Its quite a 'powerful' one (Q6600, 2GB, 2x160GB). It will be running Windows Server 2003 Standard edition.

I would also like to make a test 2003 installation on the server itself and most likely a Linux Ubuntu) installation too.

Now VPS looks good, but I have some questions about it.

- Can I run 2003 (virtual in VPS) with the same SPLA license?

- Is it possible to give the power of one core of the CPU (since I got four) to a VPS? (so it doesn't stress other cores)

- For example, I host an application on port 5000 (random chosen ) on the non-VPS system, is it possible to host the same application in the VPS system on the same port with an other IP address assigned to it?

- Whats the best (free if possible, shouldn't have many options (just an on/off switch )) way to make a VPS in Windows?

- Is it a problem with servers of these days to push the 'maximum' (or like 80%) out of the network connection (a gigabits or 100MBits)? Are the server response response times (pings) acceptable for gaming when its under such a load?

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Do You Test Server Before Making It Active

Aug 4, 2009

Let's say you ordered new server,do you make active same moment(install httpd server and all other components)or you running test before like memory and hardware test? If yes,which programs you would recommend to test fully hardware?

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[Interworx] My VPS Crashes After Making A Backup

Dec 8, 2008

I have a VPS with Linux and 128 MB RAM and the Control Panel is an Interworx one. Backups are made with SiteWorx (a panel within NodeWorx, and only visible one for Shared Host customers).

- The VPS is working properly the whole day;

- The content of my VPS (besides the necessary software) is a PHPBB 3.0.0 forum that is heavily visited. Its subject is World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG;

- Making a backup is successful, and I am reported by the system that way by an e-mail which also reaches me;

- Shortly after that my VPS crashes and stays offline, until I can restart it or my webhost notices that it is offline. NodeWorx and SSH are inaccesible. As soon as I can access the SSH I can restart MySQL server and everything is working properly again.

I suspect that 128 MB RAM is too little for my VPS backups.

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Making A High Density Rack

Oct 28, 2008

if I co-located in a 44U cabinet and I loaded it with 44 X 1U Rackmount servers so that the entire cabinet was full. Would all my servers fail/crash from touching one another due to over heating? Or would you say typically in a cooled datacenter with a hot and cold row setup this would not beca problem. The datacenter will let me add more amps per cabinet but their cabinets are only 44U. Has anyone attempted to do this? I hear rackable systems can do it but I plan on using 1u supermicro servers.

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Making Duplicate (ns1 & Ns2) Nameservers In WHM Before Transfer

Sep 13, 2008

I'm tying to assign nameservers to my new server in whm.

I am trying to do and I would like to manually choose which IPs are given to each nameserver, but WHM is doing it automatically and selecting an internal IP for one.

I don't want this. How can I choose?

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Do You Send Your ID Copies After Making Payment In The US

Sep 23, 2008

I 'just ordered a dedi server; they rung me to confirm the order and told me my server would be ready in few hours, but later asked me send copies of my debit card and passport which I refused to do as i never did this before, especially, here, in the UK

Is this common in th US?

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Making Mailer On Ubuntu Server

Aug 8, 2007

I have a Ubuntu 6 LTS server, and so far i have installed and got working:
Apache, PHP5, SQL5

but now i come to EXIM, its installed, and i have installed Solid Pop3d as a pop server - it was in the repository, but now i dont know what to do.

The server exists as a subdomain of another, until its ready for me to move onto. There are no control panels, i wanted to do it all with SSH.

Does anyone know how to set it up so i can connect with a mail client, and how to setup accounts?

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Making An Intranet - May Already Have Starting Point

Nov 12, 2007

how to make an intranet, but I am thinking of having a go at it on a network I have access to.

Currently there is one computer that everybody here calls the fileserver. Its My Documents folder is everybody else's Z: drive. (This is an XP machine).

What steps are involved in hosting web pages on it that all the other computers can access with a browser?

to be accessing the server like localhost on a standalone machine, rather than just Z:/file.htm because I intend to install PHP.

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Apache :: Making All Necessary Changes To Conf Files

May 28, 2014

I recently upgraded my Apache 2.2.22 installation on Win 8.1 to 2.4.9, making all necessary changes (I believe) to the conf files. I am puzzled that two files in the format authdigest_shm.xxxx now appear in my logs directory when the server is restarted. (Edit: there is also no file)I assume this is to do with running digest authentication, but is a new phenomenon since the upgrade.what conf file setting(s) have I screwed up?!

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Apache :: Server IP Making GET Requests

Apr 12, 2014

I've spent the last several months working on a huge upgrade of a couple dozen websites. The upgrades include modifying Apache so that visitors who arrive at links pointing to mysite/World/New_York are redirected to mysite/world/new-york. In other words, all my links now default to lower case, and underscores are replaced with dashes.

Unfortunately, publishing it has been an endless series of disasters. My websites are now all crashed, and the server is unbelievably slow. It takes pages forever to load (if they load at all), and I can scarcely publish files online.So the following notice sent to me by my webhost got my attention.

IT appears your own server IP is making GET requests to Apache, causing excessive loading and causing service failures. On today's date, your IP made almost 6,000 connections to Apache:<br><br>

[root@host ~]# grep /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ | wc -l 5924 [root@host ~]#<br><br>

These were all the same request:<br><br> - - [12/Apr/2014:08:10:10 -0400] "GET /404.php HTTP/1.0" 200 14294 "-" "-"<br><br>
And that made up the total of requests:<br><br>
[root@host ~]# grep /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ | grep "GET /404.php HTTP/1.0" | wc -l 5924 [root@host ~]#<br><br>

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Making SELinux And Apache Play Nicely

Feb 15, 2007

Is it possible to make these two work together? I can't seem to find any way to let Apache read /home/<username>/public_html without disabling selinux entirely.

I know you can do "chcon -t httpd_sys_content_t -R $HOME/public_html", but it seems like it would be a pain when adding users, especially if someone decides to delete their public_html and make a new directory.

Is it possible to create an exception to let httpd do whatever it wants?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Making A Differential Backup?

May 19, 2015

Currently Plesk only has the ability to make a full backup of the data. Now, this is quite an issue since I have accounts on my server that are over 280GB. Making a full daily backup of that and allowing clients to have a history of 10 days, isn't viable.

Is there perhaps a way one can make differential backups?

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