Buyavps 3.0

Aug 17, 2007

I guess the new Buyavps should be called 3.0 now that it's under AxisHost. I was hoping to be able to report a good experience. Paid my bill(it's cheap so I figured what do I have to lose???) in the last several days I have decided to rebuild the vps and put some non-essential sites to be hosted on it.

Impossible. Before, I had no problems running anything, the only problem was the downtime. Now, no downtime problem, just resource problems. I've tried several different images but all of them have severe resource problems. I know 128mb isn't much, but it should be enough to run apache and mysql without locking up. I know because I do it on other VPS's and was doing it there before Buyavps shut down.

Well, it's a cheap lesson. Stay away from hypervm. I guess that's where the problem lies. I am not going to hassle anymore with it, the time I have spent in vain is worth a lot more than a single month. I haven't bothered even submitting a ticket, and I won't. It isn't worth any more hassles for me.

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May 18, 2007

Are they still around? They are not responding to e-mails, not answering tickets, and you have to keep your fingers crossed not to have a serious issue.

I have cancelled my account because of no existent support and constant dowtime and i know many people left in the dark with a non working cpanel and suspended accounts.

Somebody had a answer from them during the last 10 days?

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Nov 17, 2008

My VPS doesn't respond, ping returns "TTL expired", console returns "login is disabled", support area returns "License Error: Key file has expired".

My bills are paid... What happened to them? Is there a phone number to call?

E-mail to support@ is bounced.

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BuyAVPS Migration

Aug 10, 2007

Its been a for a couple of hours that my VPS is down, I'm not complaining or anything, I really know that Navid left one hell of a mess for them to sort out but I just want to be sure that my VPS is down because of the migration process and not because of something I did.

Anyways I submitted 2 tickets, still no reply. The guys must be busy fixing and moving all these accounts

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Support Of BuyAVPS Is Gone

May 20, 2007

is the support of BuyaVPS Gone ?

I hope they read this message, i don't think that they are aware that their license key has expired for their support suite.

So now all emails are bouncing back....

See it for yourself:

License Error: Key file has expired

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BuyAVPS Making A Turnaround

Jul 4, 2007

I did have a chance to really talk with the owner, Navid on the issues I did have and on what was really going on. One of the things I did have trouble was downtime, and I was assured no more of this, and latest news on what was going on.

Some of the new things they're doing
- New support staff, and more
- New servers from DC (Databank?) (which i'll be moved too ;])
- Less or No downtime at all; and total care support
- More support options

and the results are being seen, they immediately solved all my issues hopefully I won't run into them, but dear members who read this, as a owner; I've decided to go sole proprietorship and work sales, support, billing; all from my blackberry and cell phone around the clock, and downtime is the last thing I can have. Currently I have over 125 accounts and being one of the top free hosts, and clients new to the web = lots of questions. So uptime and reliability from a powerful host is needed. I thank BuyAVPS for making the turnarounds and though they've been only for 1 year, they're one of the rare hosts with the right price and great deals.

I must say, they're support team is fabulous and has been helping me out constantly, from installing scripts to great support and now they're offering more support options.

I've been with them for now 3-4 months, or maybe more I've signed up when they started; and they're coming a long way now and soon to be one of the best vps hosts.

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Jun 2, 2008

Last September, I subscribed to a VPS from to test how WHM and some of our accounts behave if we upgrade from PHP 4 to PHP 5. This was concluded towards early November, but I left the VPS subscription active, thinking later on we might have other cases where I would rather test a server-wide software upgrade in a VPS first.

A couple of months later, in January of this year, I indeed had such a case where I wanted to test something again. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I opened a support ticket about accessing my VPS, thinking maybe I wrote down a wrong password or whatever.

Imagine my surprise when support told me my VPS account does not exist and asked me whether I have been actually paying for one, then asked me for a transaction ID. This although I had an active subscription at that time, paying monthly for the service.

Actually the subscription just billed again right while support sat on the ticket, writing me this response. After that shock, I went and cancelled the subscription, but I already lost another month's payment. I demanded the money back for a period I was charged for at a time when there was clearly no service any more, plus the period before at the end of which there clearly was no service any more either. Support said they'll forward my ticket to billing, and that was the last I heard.

Still having faith in the company, since it was to my knowledge Tina's company (she was the reason I went with in the first place), I decided to wait for a few weeks for the refund.

After that came months where I forgot about this issue, recently noticing only the e-mails again. Still having faith in Tina, I sent her a PM here on WHT so that she could look into this issue. To which she answered that she sold her part in to another company months ago.

At that point, I sent off another support ticket to, where several people asked the same questions all over again, just to say in the end I am not entitled to any kind of refund. At which I got pissed and told them they stole my money and do I really have to come to a public place to tell the story?

Well here I am - knowing the industry I am not very surprised at how they took my money and provided no service for it. For this, they deserve to be named here and serve as a warning for potential new customers of

However, I am extremely disappointed in how you can't trust even prominent people of this industry with good reputation any more. I signed up to this service because I trusted the person who ran the company, all payments went to her Paypal account, and at the time this whole fiasco happened she was still (part-)owner of the company. Shrugging it all off is not what I expected.

p.s. I have a number of e-mails for proof and further details if desired, just wanted to keep the size of this post within limits.

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