Anyone Has Phone Number Of Cobrahosts Support

Mar 12, 2007

One of my hosts I am using is Cobrahosts. It looks like that they not giving support anymore, because their url [url] goes to 1 & 1. Also they don't reply to emails I send and their phone number is out of service. I am still paying them and my sites with them are online. Anyone can help me out with a contact number? Many

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Getting Name, Address And Phone Number From Domain

Nov 14, 2008

I am having a bit of trouble from a guy and he has managed to get my full details from my domain name even though I have them set private, how has he done this?

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Phone Support In India

Oct 7, 2009

I have found an webhosting company which offers on call support in India. I am searching for a good webhost which can provide me round the clock support.I have searched for that company in this forum and i couldnt find the details of it. So can you people help me to find out a hosting company which gives on-call support in India?

It would be good if i can find a hosting company which provide on call support within 5 days.

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Liquidweb Phone Call Support?

Aug 19, 2008

I have a managed dedicated box in Liquidweb for nearly 1 year and never call them by phone. Don't get me wrong, they have very good server and support via ticket so far until recently the server is getting ddos attack and have to be null route an ip address on the server.

I have a ticket about this issue and communicate back and forth however the ddos attack is very strong and the null route have to be continue. After many hours of null route, I decided to request to remove it to see if the ddos attack have been gone. As usual I submit the request through the old ticket but not getting any response after more than 30 minutes. I think the person in charge might be busy so I lift up my phone and call to Liquidweb for reminder of the message in the ticket.

Surprisingly the person who pick up the phone ask for the password of my account or the last 4 digits of my credit card number. I told him that I don't pay by credit card (I used paypal to pay) and he keep asking me my Liquidweb account password for verification purpose. I was stucked there because I don't know whether it is correct step to giveaway my Liquidweb account password? I finally told him that I will open a new ticket to remind them to reply to the message in the old ticket and hang up the phone.

Any Liquidweb customer here who have called them via phone support? Kindly share your experience here. Is the procedure to get account password for verification was one of the correct steps?

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Phone Support For Hosting Companies?

Jun 1, 2008

Is there any companies that offer live support online or over the phone for hosting problems.

In other words

Can i hire a company that helps customers out with their problems online or over the phone?

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Clients: Is Phone Support Important

Jan 26, 2009

This question is mainly for the client, but anyone is welcome. I am curious how important is phone support when you are looking for a host. Does the host need to have one or not or does it even matter?

Support also includes billing and sales.

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Vps Service With Online Support And Phone (no Tickets Only)

Aug 15, 2007

I would like to know a good reliable vps with online and phone support 24x7.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Unlimited Number Of Website With Unlimited Number Of Domains?

Oct 5, 2007

I'm new to Private Virtual Server and the package offered by different company are quite confusing.

I was on RackForce and their basis VPS package dds200-L can host 100 domain names on Plesk and unlimited domain names on WHM/Cpanel.

On 1and1 it didn't say if Plesk support 100 or unlimited domain names. My question is, do we always have the liberty to host unlimited domain names on our PVS?

Can anyone recommend a good VPS hosting company?

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Phone Server

Jan 7, 2009

I see a lot of dedicated server companies providing the "same" types of servers but what about phone servers?

I'm looking for a server that can be used as a PBX System, auto-dialer and predictive dialer with a good per minute long distance rate. We're currently paying 3.5 cents per minute and at around 16,800 calls per day (35 calls per minute / 8 hours per day) on an outbound campaign it gets pretty expensive.

If there are no dedicated server companies that can provide this I'm not opposed to purchasing a dialer system and co-locating it. Again, would need a co-location company with good phone rates.

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SMS/Phone Billing

Aug 4, 2009

I am currently using WHMCS and am interested in integrating mobile billing (phone or sms) into my payment options. Does anyone know of a payment process that allows phone billing that can be integrated with WHMCS?

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Phone Validation Codes

Apr 30, 2009

Is there any service out there that provides a method for a registration to have phone activation codes? Basically the user would enter their phone number as part of a submission form, and the service would phone that number giving a code, then they have to enter that code to validate the rest of the process. Kinda like paypal.

Does anything like this exist, and is it affordable?

Captchas just don't cut it anymore, I'm thinking of consolidating all of my forums/services into one main account system, and use phone activation + a series of advanced captchas or something. This would also make it easier to ban as I would just perma ban the phone number too.

Any other idea to 1: stop bots, 2: perma ban someone? (need a unique piece of ID that can be validated)

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May 12, 2008

Does anyone know if Line3 are just having phone problems or is it something more serious? The only phone number on their web site is unobtainable and has been for some hours.

Also, they're not answering online support queries.

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Phone System Checking

Jun 14, 2007

I'm thinking to implement a solution for our VOIP system so that automatic calls should be done several times a day and to check that someone is responding or that it's ringing.

We are using AsteriskWin32 for now and for our needs it's working great.

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Access Ssh Via Mobile Phone

Apr 21, 2007

i have read somewhere you can logon to your server via ssh on your mobile phone. Anyone know what software is needed and how to do this? I'm off on holiday at some point and i could do with an emergency backup plan! I use a Sony ericcson p900 (oldschool i know!)

My 2nd question is:

What enables/disdabled php to access files outside of root? On my current vps, i can't include files like using ../ or full paths to files/folders outside of the public web folder.

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SPAM Phone Texts Spoofed From VPLS

Apr 8, 2009

Within the past five days, we've received dozens of phone calls and email complaints about spam text messages. People are getting phone messages that read something like this,

"Gabrielle (different name each time) wanted you to see her blog"

The websites point to various Canadian Pharmacy sites hosted in China.

The texts will have a FROM address of, but those names obviously don't exist at our company. Most of the victims are on Sprint and now the texts are being sent to Verizon customers also.

We've discovered that Sprint and Verizon have websites where anyone can type in a message to a phone. In addition, Sprint (not sure about Verizon), has a standardized email address for phones that looks something like This appears to be an open-relay server that can take any from address and in this case they are putting in our domain (

We've talked to the FBI and Sprint. We've also sent a complaint to the Chinese hosting provider, but have received nothing back. Sprint has stonewalled us saying they have no system of recording were the texts are being sent from.

Just a heads up for other hosting providers if you run into this. We've burned many hours trying to stop this and in answering complaints.

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Midphase Phone System Issues & Blacklists

Mar 23, 2009

Issue #1
Has anyone else noticed that JUST WHEN YOU NEED TO GET AHOLD OF MIDPHASE their %^&*() phone system goes down.

I swear they've programmed the ^&*( thing that way!
Either "we're sorry, that option isn't available right now" (which is the Tech Support option) or you can't even get through.

Does anyone else find this issue with them?

And of course, their 24/7 online chat service just keeps on saying
"All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly."

Some days ya can't win for losing!

Issue #2
Some idiot on the same shared server that I'm on has done something that has now blacklisted the IP my account sits on and I'd like to know what the normal time is to get something like this taken care of should be.

I was told it would only "take a couple of hours". Well, we're now pushing 12+ hours and it's still not taken care of.

Midphase indicated that it was an issue with another account on the same shared server.

Yes. It's probably my own fault for using a shared account and it's part of the risk I'm sure I take, but my gosh, this sure seems to be taking longer than I expected.

Meanwhile, the Black List gods have my emails held hostage. I can't send ANY emails out from my account because all the ISP's out there show the IP address my account rides on as black-listed because some dufas brain that shares' the IP address must have done something really stupid. Guild by association with the moron!

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CPanel Users: Server Management By Phone. Would You Pay For It

Apr 24, 2008

I am trying to get a feel out there if cPanel users would pay for a service say $5.00 - $10.00 a month where they can call in to a number and have access to their system. They would be able to reboot the server, restart services, stop and start services, get server statistics etc.

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Flash Support And Real AudioVideo Support?

Mar 13, 2008

Has anybody heard of Flash Support and Real AudioVideo Support? offers this kind of support and I wonder if it's effective?

What do you think of it?

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How2 Monitor "phone Home" From Browser

May 5, 2009

I use WAMP on my XP desktop to test Joomla! add-ons and scripts; as well as other php scripts before I upload to the WWW and go live. I currently use KIS.

Anyway, I installed a trial addon to J! that required a 'key' from the developer and thought that KIS would alert me to the outgoing connection that the add-on was making to verify the key; but it didn't/can't.

I've considered VMWare and Returnil, but am not sure how a VM works so that I would be alerted to outgoing connections from a script.

Just to clarify - I realize many apps have license bots that phone home to verify its a legal copy. I'm not trying to circumvent that. It just that with over 4K of extensions available for J!, I'd like to be certain that once installed, the extension is not reading the member list, etc. and sending that info to who knows where. For example, I paid a small fee for a neat WHOIS script that, come to find out, connects to the developers site every time a query is run. Not saying that he's "tasting" the lookups but, I wished I'd known that before I uploaded it to my site.

I've posted this question to the KIS Forum and have been told it's not possible to configure KIS to operate this way. I found [url]butI'm not sure this is going to do what I need.

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Softlayer Support Vs Theplanet Support

Jul 12, 2008

I'm undecided between an upcoming dedicated hosting server and am moving between Softlayer and ThePlanet. My decision partly comes down to support.

I've read many reviews on WHT about both companies, but not necessarily comparing them from people who have experienced both.

So my questions (keep in mind this is my first dedicated. I have used VPS in the past with good support) Which offers MORE support (not better) - I'm curious which company might consider my support questions as "part of the default service package" or "need additional service plan for that" More detailed support - my usual experience with support is support staff assume you already know a high level so it may take going forward and back 5 times via email to get a full answer
Overall support satisfaction - any other comments

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How To See Number Of Ip Connected?

Apr 28, 2008

I think someone from a single ip abusing my service.

is there anyway to check number of conenction per ip?

so that i ban the ip with max number of connection.

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Number Of Sites

Aug 28, 2008

I just want a rough idea; How many sites could safely fit on a server with the following specs?

CentOS Linux 5.X

I am thinking in terms of CPU power and Ram here. The sites I have in mind are all low usage (at most 300MB storage and 1GB bandwidth per month) so bandwidth and storage is irrelevant here.

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VPS Ram Vs Number Of Users

Jun 11, 2008

I will generally have around 1-70 people browsing my forums at one time. I would like to know if 128mb of ram would be good enough for average performance?

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Ban A Large Number Of IPs

May 30, 2007

I'm currently using iptables to ban IP addresses from the servers, like:

iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
I ran a "spam trap" for the last few months and now I have over 11000 IP addresses who were trying to spam on my website (guestbooks, phpBB and forms) and I want to ban them all (pretty sure bots run from them).

My question - is iptables the way to do it? I mean does banning such a large number of addresses have any significant performance or other issues I should be aware of (except of the fact I may be banning some legitimate traffic)? Is the -A INPUT the way to ban them all or is there a more appropriate way of baning such a number of addresses?

I'm on CentOS 4.5 i686, Apache/1.3.37, Pentium D 930, 2GB RAM.

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What Does An AS Number With ARIN Does

Apr 24, 2007

I would like to ask what is an AS number for? Our colo provider suggested us to have our own AS number, we are a member of ARIN and are assigned some 32,000 IPs at the moment.

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Number Of Hops In Traceroute

Nov 4, 2008

If I'm doing a traceroute on two IP addresses (different networks).

The one with the less hops means it's the fastest network from where I'm from? Right?

And is it (less number of hops) more important than lower ping time?

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Number Of Domains And Subdomains

Feb 27, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how many domains and subdomains I can get with each plan from Network Solutions, Enom and Yahoo. Is there any set standard of number of subdomains per domain? Network Solutions gives you one domain for two of their plans, three for the third, but says nothing about subdomains...

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Use The Same AS Number In Multiple Datacenters

Nov 11, 2008

I couldnt find the right subforum for this topic .. so i hope I am attracting the right viewer here.

We have a AS number in one datacenter and are going to open another totally separate datacenter.

Can we use the same AS number in both datacenters?

We use default BGP routes in a active/passive configuration. I would like to speak with someone who has knowledge of BGP, AS. happy to pay for a consultant if needed. want to make sure we set this up right.

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Increased Number Of Host

Apr 26, 2008

Is it me or are a ton of hosts having problems right now?

Many have closed up and/or disappeared and/or are having substantial downtime. To name a few right now: RisingWebWorks and BionHosting.

Do you guys think it's in part due to the US economy? Or is it just poor management?

It seems to happen in spurts as well. It's quiet for a while, then all at once a bunch of them have problems.

Just my two cents.

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Connections Number High

Jul 18, 2008

I am seeing huge connections in my server. I run netstat -anp and see 290 conections from IP

root@server01 [~]# netstat -anp | grep | wc -l
root@server01 [~]# w

What means this IP and this huge connection number?

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