Scalable Raid Storage Storage On A Budget? Also Hdd Reliability Q's

Sep 20, 2007

I'm completely torn on going the absolute budget route vs spending more for something that'll allow easy upgradeability in the future. I basically need lots of space but file sending-- media like mp3s, video, etc.

it'll be raid 5 and I'll need at least 2-3TB initially but the ability to expand would be nice.

option 1:
nice chassis with plenty of hotswap bays with sas expanders
expensive sas raid card

option 2:
cheap chassis to serve "immediate" needs and go with more later.
not sure what I'd use as a card? maybe even onboard?

regarding reliability: I once saw a database of failure rates of different models. raptor was the most reliable of the "desktop" drives. anyone have the link? I'm wondering of the seagate ES drives are worth the extra money vs the non-ES drives. they're supposedely more reliable and the "server versions" of sata drives.

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Mounted RAID Storage - No Access From Apache/php

Apr 25, 2007

I have a problem with my new server's setup. It's using a big RAID storage mounted to the main system. When it comes to shell everything is fine, I have access to the disk and files. Problems rise when I try to access the storage content from my php scripts (running on apache) - "Permission Denied" ...

Anyone knows where might be the problem?

I suppose it's because of using RAID but I'm sure it's doable.. somehow..

When I tried to use CLI mode it looks fine - PHP script can access RAID'ed folders when running like :
php /var/www/html/filetest.php

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Storage, Raid, Front-end Servers/ Coraid

Sep 11, 2007

We're currently serving approx. 150mbit of traffic (mainly video files) via 2 round robin'ed front-end servers. The front-end servers are NFS mounting the content blades so we can access all content via dedicated links to each blade, A,B,C like: (blade A) (blade B) (blade C)

We're fed up with this way of structuring our content because of space issues and because we need to go to blade A to get file X.wmv and to blade C for Y.wmv

We're looking for a better solution and we need your help, I have looked at the producs from Coraid, e.g:

[url] look for "Bundle - CLN21 + SR1521"

Would this be a way to do it? it will give us plenty of storage space and if we could buy 2 sets, we could mirror the sets and mount a set to each front end server to have some failover protection? and we could remove the A,B,C areas and have it all under:

Y.wmv (not so important just an easier way for us to keep track of it)

But is Coraid even used for this kinda task or is it a LAN product? Can it keep up with the 150mbit of file requests, 20-400mbit a piece.

Another idea was to simply build 2 sets of raid boxed with a 16channel raid card some some disks and it would give us something similar to the coraid?

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SAS Storage

Feb 9, 2008

Not sure if this is beyond anyones experience here or knowledge but I thought I would give it a try here and see if I can get any insight on this.

Recently I had to work with a IBM xSeries 226 server which runs two SCSI Ultra320 drives in it at this time. I've actually purchased two extra drives for it but the distributor sent me the wrong drives for that server. Now they are saying its my fault of not proving them with more information but I think stating that I have two SCSI Ultra320 drives would be enough for them to send the right ones.

Now they sent me the IBM SAS Serial ATA SCSI drives, so I was wondering if anyone in here has enough knowledge to possibly provide me on the insight on the solution I think might be right to still use these two drives and not being stuck with a $2000 bill and two drives that I don't use.

My solution would be to buy one of the support or any Adaptec SAS Serial ATA SCSI controller cards and put it into one of the available PCIe slots and connect the drives. I've tried contacting IBM regarding this but they want $200 bucks just to say "yeah it will work or no it wont".

Logically I think it would work, the only thing I'm afraid is that let say I spend $400 - $1000 bucks on a controller card and it doesn't work they way you would think, then I'm out $3000 bucks. (drives are $2000 + $1000 for a controller card).

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Storage, Why Do They Do This

Jul 8, 2007

I just clicked on the Lunarpages webhosting ad at the top of this forum. Not really hunting for hosting myself but regularly suggest places to clients.

I noticed something strange. Their business account has unlimited storage:

# Unlimited Storage
# 3500 Gigs Data Transfer

For 21.95 per month. That's more space than you get with their virtual private servers.

Now we know that's not possible, machines have limits right? I've seen other hosting providers offer unlimited features as well - and since all servers have limited space and bandwidth abilities how can they offer these types of services with out the FTC cracking down for false advertising?

Beyond that, I don't recommend any service that offers unrealistic plans. Am I just overreacting since it seems more and more common?

** note, this isn't an attack on Lunarpages. They were there and it made this thought pop in my head.

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Aquarius Storage

May 30, 2009

I just like to thank Ryan from Aquarius Storage for helping me the other day set up my test account and test the server's loading time with my website. I now have fully transferred from my previous host, PeachyDandy, as my site loaded very slowly. I have now cancelled my account with PeachyDandy.

With Aquarius Storage my website now loads twice as fast as before. Site loading time according to Pingdom:

PeachyDandy - Average of 6 Seconds
Aquarius Storage - Average of 3 Seconds

Website - Mango Chico

Great job with the support Aquarius Storage! Moreover, the staff are very approachable and welcoming!

If you need speed, Aquarius Storage, is your hosting solution

Thumbs up Aquarius!

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How Much Storage And Bandwith Do I Need

Oct 2, 2008

My site is on forumotion right now. I want to move it and have it hosted somewhere. It is a local Mustang club. I have read all the problems with the oversold sites. I have also looked at others. The big issue is i dont rally know how much space I need. This is the site What it will have is that forum and probably a few webpages. It is still only a month old so it will keep growing hopefully. i just dont want to get way more than I will need.

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Clustered Storage

Apr 9, 2008

Does anyone know of a good reliable and redundant method of organizing clustered storage? I know that IBM has GPFS - has anyone actually used it? Do they charge a crap load for it?

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FTP Storage Solution

Jun 11, 2008

We need a High Speed "FTP Storage Solution" for transferring our files securely between our offices.

requirements are simple:
1. High Speed / Good Port Speed in Megs.
2. Unlimited Sub-Accounts
3. Restrict Access by Sub-Account
4. FTP Based Access is Important
5. Ability to Create Read Only / Write Only Sub-Accounts

Space: 2 GB +
Bandwidth: 20GB +
Speed: Speed is Key For us. He need high speed Solution. Something in tune of Many MeGPS connectivity. Not shared.

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PHP, MySql, 10 GB+ Storage

Sep 15, 2008

I've been with imhosted for a few years now. I have had horrible experiences with them with a lot of outages and lost data (2 days ago lost 6 months of data, they deny anything happened and have no backups).

I have been meaning to change hosts for a long time now but just haven't got the energy to wade through google trying to guess which have good SEO and which are the real deal.

Any recommendations for a host with the following features would be appreciated:

- dedicated IP that isn't blacklisted
- fairly fast PHP processing time for some CPU intensive scripts
- MySQL (just a few needed)

Quality of support and uptime are important and I would easily pay an extra $10 / month for it. My budget is up to $25 / month or so.

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Cheapest Storage For 10-20 TB

Feb 2, 2007

I'd like to find the cheapest way to store about 10 to 20 TBytes of data. After looking at some tape drives it seems like it'd be cheaper to get two or three big towers and fill them with large SATA drives attached to 3-ware controller cards.

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Blade And Storage

Dec 5, 2007

we want start with a new infrastructure for VPS service, we have think to use Dell Blade and a CX300 storage with Iscsi, i would your impression on this configuration, i am not sure on the velocity access btw blade nic and storage, do u think that is enough 1gbs port to connect each blade on the storage? how about NFS system? i dont would get trouble with access performance,

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Review Aquarius Storage Vps

Apr 1, 2009

Im recently purchase vps from aquarius storage

im choose plan A4

its very good price for vps with xeon processor
and im get my vps setup on 2 hours included cpanel

usually im bought vps need at least 24 hours cause waiting cpanel license and etc. but aquarius only need two hours

than i submit ticket to get my whm to be setup and optimize and install some software.

and they do fast response and do it .

i just cant believe it will get this kind of services.


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Network File Storage (NFS)

Aug 16, 2009

Network File Storage (NFS), does anyone use it or find it useful?

From what I see are advantages:

- Raid redundant

- Good backup

- Cheap extra space


- slower speeds read/write speeds?

Looking for someone to add on and change my point of view on NFS. Also if you like NFS what is a good model for us to get. We are currently looking at the the Dell PowerVaults...

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Aquarius Storage -Review

Mar 31, 2009

i want to write this small review for Aquarius Storage i been with them a few weeks now and they are great , great prices and the best of all great support , i ran into a few issues at first , issues i could resolve my self if ihave done further reading and they were nice and help me and even pointed me into some usefull information and tutorials thats great helping customers manage their own vps insted of charging ridiculos prices for simple task like i seen in the past with other providers , keep the good work guys
my site is is still on development so there no relevant information on the site yet

thanx Aquarius Storage keep it up!

Support: 10 out of 10
Reliability: 10 out of 10
Value: 100 out of 10
Overall: a solid 10 out of 10

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Parts Storage And Inventory

Aug 4, 2009

Wondering what kind of storage hardware server builders are using to keep organized? I am currently storing HDD, RAM, PSU, CPUs, and other various parts on shelves and it gets disorganized and messy very quick.

I found this product for HDD and may order some to help organize HDDs:

Anyone know of similar products or good shevling / cabinets that are computer parts friendly?

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Hosting Only To Storage Files

Jan 20, 2009

I need a hosting with 5-10 GB Hard-drive Space and about 500 GB of bandwidth (maybe a bit less). Without any features (apache, php, etc). I need only Ftp to upload and share video files.But not very expensive, not more than $10-$20.

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Only Need File Storage And Bandwidth

May 19, 2009

I run several sites and all of them are hosted at invision. The main reason for having my sites hosted there is that my sites are "forum centered" and I'm very happy with the service that I have got over the last few years from them, so I don't want to change that.

However, I now wish to expand and provide my users with a file repository. The problem is, whilst hosting my sites at invision is fine, hosting my files there would be quite expensive...

Thus, I'm now looking for a host to host my files and nothing else. (I run chess sites, so I'll be providing my users with files and possibly a gallery. All legal material, of course).

I don't need any download manager or anything of the kind. Invision forums actually has its own download manager, and I can have my files hosted externally (i.e. other than on my site).

Thus, I'm looking for a host that offers specific packages for what I am looking for - I would not need scripting or any 'fancy' features, just file storage with FTP access.

How much space? around 1 GB, possibly 2 in the future, maybe 3 or 4 if I add the gallery one day.
And bandwidth, as people will be downloading files from my site.

I've been looking around, but it's just so difficult: they all offer webhosting services for people who need to have their sites hosted, etc. and that's not what I need.

Any recommendations?

I don't have any fixed budgets, my focus will be on price, speed and reliability. Preferably a hosting company which has been around for a while and has good reviews.

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High Storage Hosting - 20 X 20 TB

Sep 24, 2009

I need to put a proposal for a client who has 20 TB data storage (files/images).

Will propose PHP/mysql - mysql for meta data of files and other authentication etc. Application/mysql could just be ~10 MB.

The storage would increase (incrementally) ~ 1 TB per year.

And data needs stored at a different place for Disaster Recovery point of view.

Need to figure storage costing.

Please give me some pointers:

a) How to find high storage hosting provider?

b) Has any one experimented with Cloud Computing, and if so any ball park potential costing? I attempt S3 and could not figure costing.

c) or any other suggestion.

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Large Backup Storage

Feb 9, 2009

I have a website that is approx 50GB, that I essentially would like to take offline for a while. Obviously, while the site is offline, I don't want to be paying for my server.

Can anyone let me know of some options to "store" this mammoth of a site. Downloading it locally is not an option, so it needs to stay in the cloud for the lowest possible price.

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Bandwidth And Storage Size

Jun 18, 2009

what kind of bandwidth i need and what kind of space i need for a site that experiences about 25000 hits a month and file size of about 700mb. the site is purely content and images and correspondence is done by forms.

i dont want to go to big but also dont want to under size my customer as uptime and speed is important (im looking at dedicated servers)

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ISCSI As Shared Storage

Feb 6, 2008

I setup an iSCSI target and two iSCSI initiators but I am having some trouble sharing the storage.

I partitioned the drive when I used the first initiator, a 1TB partition, I mounted it without any issues, it showed up in df -h.

Now I went to mount the iSCSI target on the second initiator, I mounted it fine, the partition I made on the first initiator was recognized on this one, however when I add files to either or, the changes aren't recognized on the other initiator. Any ideas why this might be?

I put 1GB of files in one initiator and I ran the df -h command on the other, and it still had the same amount of free space.

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Cheap VPS For Backup With A Lot Of Storage

May 20, 2008

I'm searching a vps to store backups of my "primary vps".

My requirements:
40+ GB disk
400+ Bandwidth
price < 40$/month

a nice plus would be:
UK/Europe location
ubuntu 64bit

The best plan that I've found with these specs is the Serveraxis VS000.5G-0050.0GM: 512MB RAM, 50GB disk, 400GB/month, 35$/month.

Is there something better? (more storage for the same price or same storage for a minor price)

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File Storage Space

Oct 8, 2008

is there any web hosting that can be used as file storage (>10G) and cheap? I have some huge files, but many web hostings can not accept non-web-content files.

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Storage For Backup Service

Jun 23, 2008

i am thinking about selling backup service

so i need storage and traffic

so what is the best hosting i can get ?

and what is best get hosting or server or what ?

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Vps With 1.5TB/month In Bw, 10gb Storage

Jun 27, 2008

suggestions on vps with 1.5TB/month in bw, 10gb storage?

i finally understand the limitation of shared hosting.

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Minimum Storage, Max Bandwidth

Jun 23, 2008

reliable host offering around 20-30gb storage and max bandwidth..

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Storage Server Issue

Jan 12, 2007

Is it true that grub won't boot if your raid array is bigger than 2 terabytes?

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Enterprise Storage Hardware

Feb 14, 2007

I'm also curious as to some suggestions on forums really geared towards server hardware discussion. if you know any good ones, please let me know

anyway, here's the situation:

I currently lease my servers. I'm planning on switching to colocation. three primary functions need to be met:

1) web server
2) mysql server
3) mass storage

I'm contemplating the best way to do this. price is a concern but I'm willing to pay more if it's warranted.

would it be a bad idea to have the mass storage and the webserver on the same machine? ie, take the web server box and just throw in a SAS/SATA RAID card and put in the extra disks. it'd obviously save in overhead costs.

if I do put them on one box, should the OS be booting from seperate physical disks from the rest of the storage?

if I don't put them on one box, ie, the web server and the storage server are seperated, what would be the ideal way to connect them? just ethernet/LAN, through a fibre connection, etc?

and that brings me to another question... why does SAS have external adapters if it's not supposed to be used to directly attach the array to more than one box? can it be used this way? is there a reason it shouldn't be?

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Mass Storage Server

Oct 31, 2007

building a mass storage server, but unsure whether it is better to go for most space per system, or most space per U.

Looking at making 2 storage servers sometime in the future, one more for performance (15k 300gb SAS drives) and another for more storage (bunch of 1TB SATA drives). Both would act as iSCSI targets and likely have multiple gigabit ethernet connections bonded together.

Some options I am looking at:

1) HP DL320s provides 12 drives in 2U, or 6 drives per U. Upgrade it to 512mb batter backed cache and it does RAID6. Probably the densest storage U.

2) Supermicro has a 3U chassis that does 16 drives, or 5 1/3 drives per U. Pair that with one of the newer Areca SAS controllers and up to 2gb onboard cache and it should scream.

3) Supermicro also has a 3U chassis with 15 drives... just 5 drives per U, though it is ~$200 cheaper than the 16 bay one. Probably a mute point, since either way, it is less storage per server and less storage per U.

4) Get a simple 1-2U case and use external JBOD enclosures. Could put in multiple RAID cards, hook it up to multiple 3U 16 bay enclosures, and really squeeze in a lot of storage per server.

Anyone else been in a similar boat? Overall, not looking for a real dense configuration, with like 10-20 servers of this config, so don't *need* to squeeze in more TB per U, but it is one way that I've been looking at it.

Perhaps, in a way torn between the pre-built DL320s and the white label Supermicro approach. DL320s is a nice packaged system, support, iLO, etc. Supermicro allows more space and likely more performance (Areca likely better than the HP SmartArray), but no iLO, no single source for support, etc.

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Is This Normal? USB-Storage Command In SSH

Jan 18, 2007

I just recently started monitoring my dedicated server using Top -- previously I used WHM server status -- and noticed that occasionally a "usb-storage" command was being run in SSH under root user. Is that normal?

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