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Yahoo Server Restrictions On Upload

im using old htm pages work with php which works on localhost, but upon upload to yahoo server i need to upload a revised .htaccess which yahoo restricts

how can i read my htm pages in yahoo to work or read php in it?

other options that will work in yahoo?

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No Restrictions On IP Addresses Anymore
Having been away from the hosting field for a few years returning back I notice some hosts are offering IPs with, for instance, personal basic plans. Some are even offering 15 IPs to anyone. And 350GB disk space and 1TB data transfor for $3.95, but that is another question. I wonder how they get butter on the bread with these prices.

As for IPs how do these companies get their IPs? Are there no more Icann restrictions?

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Domain Restrictions For Domains
any restrictions on owning a domain if one lives in the usa or should i have my uk friend register it?

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Any Hosting Without File Number Restrictions
Is there any hosting providers without file number limits? Or higher limits...

I've been using dreamhost, but found that they have a 500k file number limits. So now i'm using less than 2 gigs of disk and still have 370+ worthless free gigs of disk space

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Restrictions On Windows 2003 Web Edition!
getting a dedicated server and wanted to know what the differences are between Windows 2003 Web and Standard editions?

to run some activeX DLL's I have compiled on one of my websites that will be hosted on the dedicated server - can I do this on the web edition?

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Check /etc/named.conf For Recursion Restrictions
I'm getting this warning from check server security option in csf :
You have a local DNS server running but do not have any recursion restrictions set in /etc/named.conf. This is a security and performance risk and you should look at restricting recursive lookups to the local IP addresses only
I saw named.conf but In fact I didn't understand what should I do
Can somebody tells me what should i do and what this warning trying to tell me?

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Free Management, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Relaxed Restrictions
can anyone direct me to a host that allows me to run an IRCd with IRC bots and bouncers?

The webspace should be 5 gigs or over and the bandwidth should be 20gigs/m or over. Free management (like offered on web intellects) would be great aswell.

I have a 40-50$/m budget.

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Primary Server Using Script To Upload On 2nd Server Without A Domain
i am currently with a host, hosting my important sites. I am now going to purchase some space from another host purely for storage purposes and bandwidth usage as they are within my budget.

Now i have my primary domain with my main host, and i would like to have a script or link from my current host which leads onto my 2nd host for users to upload their images or files. Now i have a problem, the second host that i will have will not have a registered domain attached to it, but rather it will be just storage.

I would prefer to have a subdomain from my primary host pointing to my second host. The problem is where will the subdomain point to? Or will it even work that way without having to purchase another domain?

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FTP Server And Upload Resume
how can i enable upload resume on my server?

i am using PureFTPD 1.0.21

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Server IP Blocked By Yahoo
Unfortunately yahoo blocked our server ip, so our customer cant send any email to yahoo!
How can fix this issue? Do you have any email or ticket system in yahoo for contant about this issue?

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Enable Resume An Upload On Server?
I got a new server and at present it is not allowing resume of disconnected uploads. I remember on my last server I have to add a line on a config file to enable this but for the life of me I cannot remember.

Like this one the server has proftpd.

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Vsftpd Server Issue -- Cannot Upload
working with Ubuntu (and unix/linux) in general. I have, however, managed to install vsftpd and configure it in what I believe is a correct manner.

However, upon attempting to upload a file, I get a "could not create file" error which seems to imply that I don't have permission. The account that I'm logged in under is an administrator account.

My configuration file is:

ftpd_banner=Welcome to the Web-Ideals FTP Service! We're awesome.

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Limit Server Upload Speed
Im trying to limit the total amount of bandwidth my server can use, but I am unsure where to start.

Say for example I want to limit the total available upload bandwidth to 100kbit/s.

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Yahoo Banned My Mail Server
I run an small social netwroking web site.

I just checked and it looks like yahoo dont accept emails from my server.

so is there any way i send those bulk emails to those users or my web site from another mail service prodider so that delivery guaranted?

informing my users who has yahoo mail account about updates etc..

i have dedicated server and cpanel.

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To Install Phpmyadmin On A Yahoo Server
i was trying to create a MySQL database for my site. My site is hosted on a yahoo server. From the control panel, when i click on the Mysql datbase link, i get a page that says Mysql database is active. Then as per the online help provided by yahoo, i created a database admin user name and password. Then i installed phpmyadmin in a newly created folder. Then i accessed the homepage of phpmyadmin and entered my login credentials i,e my database admin username and password. The next page that appears is supposed to let me create a database and access it. But all i get is an empty page with my domain name in the left hand side top corner and the link to the yahoo control panel on the right. I installed phpmyadmin couple of times to check if it was an installation problem, but it was of no use. I tried accesing it from my friends pc, but with no luck. I contacted yahoo support via email couple of days back, but still i haven received any reply from them. Please help me out to fix this problem. Is there anything i missed out?

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Upload A File On A Server To A Remote FTP Server Via SSH?
Is there any way I can upload a file on a server to a remote FTP server via SSH?

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2MB Upload Limit {Windows Server 2003}
I have issue on my windows server 2003..

I have a file hosting script, but server uploads only 2MB...

I have edited my script to 100 Mb, but still same issue...

Than i tried editing php.ini file and increased:

Max Upload size to 100 Mb

Max Post Size = 100 Mb

Than Rebooted IIS.. and even server.

but still same issue... i can't upload a file larger than 2mb on Windows server...

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Hotmail , Yahoo And New Server Sending Problems
i've new server with 2 ips ,

i can't send emails to hotmail

i made spf , domainkey , rDNS

everything is ok , i contacted Hotmail to be part of SenderId program ,and told me 2 days and sending will be ok , i waited for 10 days , till now every new member can't recive ctivation email , what shall i do ??????

My server not open relays ... Not in blacklist ....

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My Server Not Sending Mail To Yahoo & Hotmail
i have problem in my server from 2 weeks ago server stop sending mail to yahoo and hotmail but to gmail send good without any problem i make SPF and add it for all domains after that mail worked Good in 1 day after that the problem come again

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My Server Not Send Mail To Yahoo & Hotmail
i have problem when send mail from my server to hotmail or yahoo server not send and all mail see it in mail Queue

i make

stop for exim and make

/scripts/eximup --force

after exim install and finished when send 1 mail the mail arrive good without any problem when send again server not send and the problem still again

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Emails From My Server Reach Bulk In Yahoo
i own a dedicated server with cpanel. i have SPF record in my domain and still emails sent from outlook are placed in spam folder by yahoo? how to fix this problem?

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Unable To Upload Files On Shared Hosting Server
When i try to upload a image files to the linux based shared hosting server application with java and .Jsp files

(using apache common file upload) the following exception is getting...! access denied ( /var/chroot/home/content/h/e/r/heritageameric/html/heritageshopping/abc.txt write)

Hosting people suggesting me that i need .htaccess file to solve and get write permission..!

But iam completely new to this .htaccess file concept..!

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Keeping Yahoo! As Mail Server And Host Someplace Else
Basically, my client don't like yahoo as their host for their website, but wants to keep their "Yahoo! Business Mail". How can I do this without doing any "forwarding"?

They will be using Dreamhost to host their website.

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YAHOO/HOTMAIL/GOOGLE Flagging Emails From My Server As Spam
I cannot figure this out.. I have tried EVERYTHING..

I am running a php script using the mail() function and sending an email..

I have had reverse dns point to the domain
I set an SPF record
My IP is not blacklisted.. I have had the dedicated server for 2 years now also

I modified a few things in the sendmail files.. I am stuck..

I am running freeBSD.. My buddy has his server set up with all of the same sendmail settings being the same.. and his emails don't get flagged..

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Remote Upload To Server (url/server To Server)
I looked a lot - can not find solution ....

I want to transfer a file from [url]to [url]or [url]Without it will pass my localcomputer (slow upload)

It can be also a script i will install like this one - this is only for images

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Ftp / Upload
i had upload problems with Aspirationhosting since signing up yesterday.

Tried the following -

1. filezilla ftp/sftp upload a 8m zip package only to get time out from time to time

2. tried other ftp client resulting same issue

3. upload the other hosting company in the same way turns out very fast

4. isp speed test turns out 180 -230k/s

5. cpanel>web upload to AH server only gets "dead" pages or hours time consuming for a 8m pack

6. contacted the support and ticket is still open, almost all possible issues considered but failed to crack

here is the error from time to time while filezillar ftp upload unpacked site files -
Error:Directory /home2/XXXXXX/public_html/XXXXX/directory1/2/3: no such file or directory
And if sftp used for uploading package site (only 8m) the error is - time out...

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SQL Upload
I'm trying to upload a 15mb SQL file via PHPMYADMIN, and each time I try it takes ages loading and then I get the following error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/libraries/import/sql.php on line 118

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SQL Upload
Im having problems uploading a 250mb sql DB thru Phpmyadmin in localhost. Can someone please help me out with this one? Is there a better way to do this. It keeps telling that the file is too large to upload thru phpmyadmin.. I have edit the php.ini file but no luck it still says the same thing.

What I basicly just want to do is to look at my old database tables that I had from my old site. I need all my members information so that I can start migrating info. Is there a software that just allows me to look at my sql DB ? I have a local copy in my hard drive.

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Yahoo Bot
For several months the Yahoo bot had been controlled to one visit per 40 seconds with a robots.txt page. Today it is not working and creating several page impressions per minute.

Has anyone seen any new advice on how to control this pesky creature?

This is the file content I have been using:

User-agent: Slurp
Crawl-delay: 40
User-agent: *

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FTP Upload Does Not Work
Whenever I tried to upload large files to my server it restarts the upload again and again and never actually uploads. It just keeps overwriting the previous file. I don't get any errors? It just automatically reuploads and overwrites the files everytime.

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PHP File Upload
I think I messed php config and I can't upload anything with php now
Dir is chmoded on 777 and File_Uploads = On in php.ini

I'm running lsphp5 with suhosin, when I try to import db via phpmyadmin I get error: Uploading is not allowed and when I try to upload some file via php script I can't

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Clipshare Upload
I am unable to upload a 33 MB video, the upload bar stops displaying at 60% and the error at apache is

[Thu May 14 17:00:07 2009] [error] [client] (104)Connection reset by peer: Error reading request entity data

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FTP With User Upload Only
how i can make an FTP account for my clients to upload files to
but when they upload a file they dont see it after. I want to just make 1 ftp user / pass to give to my clients but after uploading they dont see the file or any other files in the folder.

Maybe a way for the file to auto move to another folder after uploading?

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Can't Seems To Upload Images
I have uploaded my site through FTP. Everything seems to be showing except the /images files.

Images in .gif and .jpg ain't showing up. The error I get is

"The image "image URL" cannot be displaying, because it contains error"

It's weird because the image is uploaded on the ftp in images folder but for some weird reason it's not showing up.

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Upload File
I have a forum ( VBulletin ) in admincp Upload file is ok and high,
For example .Zip file are max 3 Meg upload, but i want upload .Zip in thread, i can not upload over 1 Mb, and i view database error!

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Can't Upload Via Php Script
I am having problems on my server... I can't upload files via php script because of a time out... when i upload files that take 2-3 min upload i get timeout... everything under that is normaly uploaded ...

execution time is set to 3000 .. same problem again..

file size limit set over 200MB ... (trying to upload 20-30MB) ... timeout...


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Vps4less Upload
i have a vps with vps4less. i have a counter strike server on it.when i am alone i have 65ping. when my friends connected i have 120.They say that i have 10mbps unnmetered.Is there any way to check my upload speed?

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Cannot Upload File
When I try to install ffmpeg, but it fail. The server cannot upload 1KB file from php.
$_FILES['xxx']['size'] return to 0
$_FILES['xxx']['tmp_name'] return to ''

Server: CentOS 5.x X86_64 Bit + Cpanel + Apache 1.3 + PHP 4.4.8...


Originally Posted by php.ini

; Resource Limits ;

max_execution_time = 30
max_input_time = 60
memory_limit = 64M

; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept.
post_max_size = 8M

; File Uploads ;

; Whether to allow HTTP file uploads.
file_uploads = On

; Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use system default if not
; specified).
;upload_tmp_dir =

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 50M

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How To Upload To /root
I have no idea where to upload my cpanel backup file to now that I bought myself a vps.

It says that I have to upload it to /root but where is that lol? How can I upload it to /root, /usr, or /home (any is fine according to WHM).

Both old and new server are powered by Cpanel.

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FTP Upload Speed
I got a dedi windows box with Plesk 7.6.1 installed.

I can't figure why is the max upload speed via ftp client is 25Kb/sec when I capable to push > 50kb/sec?

Anyone know how to fix it? Maybe in metabase.xml file?

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Auto FTP Upload
I am not exactly sure where to post this so I figured I would try here.

I have quite a few customers I host on a dedicated server. I would like to offer them the ability to backup any kind of data they want to on the server as well.

I am looking for a simple program that i could distribute to my customers and all they have to do is:

Install the application
Type in UN/PW I provide them
Select the directories they would like automatically uploaded
Select the frequency of the automatic upload

Does anyone know of good software I can use that is that simple to use?

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Upload Speed
We have 10 VPS node on one hyperVM.

One of the VPS have problem while uploading.

When I try to upload any contents to my site it gives me 10Kbps speed so I am worry about it.

I have one reseller account on which I get more than 200Kbps upload speed.

What can I do to fix this issue?.

if any changes I need to do on openvz.

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FTP Upload Abortion
I'm using Transmit on OS X as an FTP client. I've been trying to upload a folder of images to my site for weeks now and every time I try to do so, that server seems to hang up on me or cut the transmission off and the images never get 100% uploaded. There is still plenty of space available. The images are all under 200KB. I'm using passive mode. I have this problem on this server and a few others. With some other servers, I don't have this problem at all, the images are uploaded just fine.

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Where To Upload Files
I have frequently read that you should upload all files to and create folders in the public html. But recently an IT manager told me this sacrifices security completely. So in respect of setting up a new site,

Folder name (at server)
public html Q1 You place the index.htm file here, correct?
public ftp Q2 What do you place in this?
w3 Q3 do you place other folders at w3.sitename here?
user created Q4 are folders for the subdomain folders created here (and not in the public html folder) - for security reasons?
Q5 For add-on domains e.g. w3.sitename/add-on/abc.htm where is

it best to place the folder for the contents e.g. abc.htm?

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Summit48 Upload
i'm trying to make a backup for my configuration using XMODEM protocol,i entered the command as follow :-

upload configuration xmodem <filename.txt>
it gave me error msg (tftp : DND LOOKUP FOR HOST FAIELD)
so i change the command to
upload configuration xmodem <my pc ipaddress> <filename.txt>
<CR> <HOUR (0-23)>
upload configuration xmodem toman.txt 10:10

IT GAVE ME ANOTHER ERROR (Syntax error at token FILENAME.txt
Next possible completions:
<cr> <hour (0-23)>)

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Yahoo Bot Assault
My server is being pounded with Yahoo bots, close to 500 or more at a time. They are causing my loads at various times of the day to skyrocket, crashing the mysql server, etc. They have been on my site for about 4 days now and I just dont see why that many bots are needed to crawl a single site for several days.

Is there any way around this without banning their ips? Any way to limit them?

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Yahoo Sitebuilder
i want to preview a file in my browser but so far it s not possible i am using yahoo sitebuilder 2.5 and when i m trying to previw the website an erro appears and says that i havent save my site in the write place.. when i do that it says that i haven still save my site in the right place,, i spend about a week of work on it... also i cant publish it.. is there anyway to c the html code or do somthn else?

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SmarterMail And Yahoo
I have this strange problem with smartermail, it can send perfectly to hotmail and gmail but when it tried sending to yahoo accounts, there is always a delay and the email end in the bulk folder.

Such problems does not occur with my qmail or icewarp merak. Any idea how to solve? Have already emailed Yahoo hoping to get a whitelisting of my IP. Besides installing domainkeys any other ways?

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Yahoo Hosting
Has anyone ever used Yahoo to host their website? I have heard some good and more bad comments about them. I am a rookie at this so my site is going to be pretty basic. How do they rank vs. other hosting companies?

Yahoo has an “easy site creator” tool to make a site with a template like process. Do sites that use these rank as well in search engines as sites built without a template?

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DreamHost 7mb Upload Limit (php.ini)
Has anyone overcome the php.ini problem at DreamHost?

I am trying to upload .wmv video files around 20mb and of course they timeout after around 7mb.

I found this bit of chatter on the net but I am still stuck: ....

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File Upload Service?
does anyone know of a good free file upload/download service that allows the transfer of 1-3 GB?

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Finally Ready To Upload
So far the site is in a folder with all the other files it needs, and loads perfectly on my computer.

Now, I buy hosting with a site such as [url], c who will also let me buy a domain for my site...

I send the files over an FTP connection.. I have totally forgot all the input I have to put into the FTP.. I figure it will be... My host account's username and password, maybe the server's IP adress or root domain?

So now my only concern is picking a host who offers best value for a monthly rate (obveously), and also one who will let me buy a domain name from they, and get everything up and running at once.

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Install Upload Progress
How will i install [url]I tried

-bash-3.2# pecl install uploadprogress

No releases available for package ""

Cannot initialize 'channel://', invalid or missing package file

Package "channel://" is not valid
install failed

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Can't Upload Any File Through CPanel
we can't upload any file in cPanel.

my users can upload files only with FTP.

how can i resolve the problem without send request to cPanel's support?

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