Any Hosting Without File Number Restrictions

Apr 21, 2009

Is there any hosting providers without file number limits? Or higher limits...

I've been using dreamhost, but found that they have a 500k file number limits. So now i'm using less than 2 gigs of disk and still have 370+ worthless free gigs of disk space

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File/Command To Change Number Of Open Files In Linux

Aug 22, 2009

I can't seem to remember, but what's that command or file used in Linux so that you can view/adjust the number of open files and others in the system?

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Hosting / Number Of Concurrent Users

Apr 2, 2008

I am planning to set up a forum. What kind of server do I need? I am expecting to

- 40-50 concurrent users

Do I need a dedicated server (2 GB) - which would cost me about - 350$ per month - or is it

possible to find a cheaper solution?

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Hosting Without Number Of Email Restriction

Nov 20, 2007

I have a custom made server side bulk email application. My current hosting service does allow unlimited emails (most restrict to around 3-500 per hour) but im having other problems with them.

As such I need a new host for this tool. I send around 45,000 emails as newsletters to my site members about 10 times a year.

I know that a dedicated server is a obvious solution but I dont want the management headaches and higher costs that go with it.

Has anyone got a shared hosting solution that doesn't restrict email numbers or atleast has much higher limits?

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DNS Hosting, Number Queries Versus Hardware Config

Jun 10, 2008

For those who run their own DNS servers I am interested in what DNS software your running on BSD or Linux platforms and on average how many DNS queries per second it serves on what hardware specification?

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Unlimited Number Of Website With Unlimited Number Of Domains?

Oct 5, 2007

I'm new to Private Virtual Server and the package offered by different company are quite confusing.

I was on RackForce and their basis VPS package dds200-L can host 100 domain names on Plesk and unlimited domain names on WHM/Cpanel.

On 1and1 it didn't say if Plesk support 100 or unlimited domain names. My question is, do we always have the liberty to host unlimited domain names on our PVS?

Can anyone recommend a good VPS hosting company?

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No Restrictions On IP Addresses Anymore

May 21, 2009

Having been away from the hosting field for a few years returning back I notice some hosts are offering IPs with, for instance, personal basic plans. Some are even offering 15 IPs to anyone. And 350GB disk space and 1TB data transfor for $3.95, but that is another question. I wonder how they get butter on the bread with these prices.

As for IPs how do these companies get their IPs? Are there no more Icann restrictions?

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Domain Restrictions For Domains

Mar 17, 2008

any restrictions on owning a domain if one lives in the usa or should i have my uk friend register it?

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Yahoo Server Restrictions On Upload

Sep 11, 2008

im using old htm pages work with php which works on localhost, but upon upload to yahoo server i need to upload a revised .htaccess which yahoo restricts

how can i read my htm pages in yahoo to work or read php in it?

other options that will work in yahoo?

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Restrictions On Windows 2003 Web Edition!

Apr 6, 2007

getting a dedicated server and wanted to know what the differences are between Windows 2003 Web and Standard editions?

to run some activeX DLL's I have compiled on one of my websites that will be hosted on the dedicated server - can I do this on the web edition?

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Check /etc/named.conf For Recursion Restrictions

Jun 23, 2007

I'm getting this warning from check server security option in csf :
You have a local DNS server running but do not have any recursion restrictions set in /etc/named.conf. This is a security and performance risk and you should look at restricting recursive lookups to the local IP addresses only
I saw named.conf but In fact I didn't understand what should I do
Can somebody tells me what should i do and what this warning trying to tell me?

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Free Management, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Relaxed Restrictions

Oct 4, 2008

can anyone direct me to a host that allows me to run an IRCd with IRC bots and bouncers?

The webspace should be 5 gigs or over and the bandwidth should be 20gigs/m or over. Free management (like offered on web intellects) would be great aswell.

I have a 40-50$/m budget.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Migration - DNS Server Does Not Support Networks In Transfer Restrictions Template

Oct 18, 2013

I'm migrating from Plesk 9.5 to 11 and I'm getting the following on my Transfer Pre-Check from within the Migration Manager."The destination DNS server does not support networks in the Transfer Restrictions Template, but some subscriptions have networks in DNS transfer restrictions. The records with network IP addresses in the DNS transfer restrictions will not be restored."

I've gone to Server, DNS Settings, Transfer Restriction Template and added the new server's IP to the list of allowed networks to no avail. I also couldn't find any documentation on what the cause might be.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Deny User Upload File Via File Manager Or Hidden File Tab?

Feb 10, 2015

I'm build Plesk Panel for Linux and Presence Builder, I don't want my user can upload their website to hosting via File Manager. How can I do it...

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Hosting An Exe File

Aug 5, 2008

I host my own website with windows server 2003, and no-ip, and it is called I want people to be able to download an exe file. How do I configure this?

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Webhost That Allows File Hosting

May 16, 2009

I plan to host a small multimedia site.

I am looking for a new webhost. I want a webhost that:

1. Costs less than $10 a month

2. Allows file hosting. (Video streaming/downloading)

3. Ideally allows for storage of files that are not related to the website.

4. Ideally allows for anonymous FTP access.

Only 1 and 2 are critical. The site will have many MP3s, Videos, PDF and text documents available for streaming or downloading. All the material will either be my own or the copywrited material of my organization. I have their express written permission to host and distribute these media files under a creative commons license. It will be 5GB or less of files, and they will be downloaded rarely and not very many people simultaneously downloading at once.

Most webhosts I have looked at (Monsterhost, 1and1, Bluehost,, etc) All offer unlimited/tons of space and have some provision in their terms of service agreement like this: "Webhost company does not allow file sharing / unlimited media sharing." or "HostMonster.Com offers its Services to host web sites, not to store data. Using an account as an online storage space for archiving electronic files is prohibited and will result in termination of hosting services without prior notice."

So where can I find a host that allows file hosting, video hosting, etc? I don't need a lot of bandwidth/storage space, but I do want to host my media.

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Static File Hosting

Apr 4, 2009

I currently have an existing web hosting package with a web host. However, I need to supplement that with a file hosting service for my users.

I'm estimating that I will need about 2Gb disk space, and approximately 30~40Gb of traffic monthly. This will just be plain static file hosting. I don't need any scripts, databases, etc.

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*.mp3 Link File Hosting

Oct 27, 2009

any reliable audio hosting service that can offer an *.mp3 - ending link to a file, not the "" thing, please? In other words I'm looking for a hosting service with a direct link to an mp3 (just to clear things up, its not copyrighted since I'm the owner of it).

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File Sharing Hosting

Oct 16, 2009

Im doing an iphone app related to audio recording. I would like for the user to be able to share these recordings on twitter/facebook. Since you can't encode to mp3 (licensing issue i think), I'll have to do it server side, and then host those mp3s for some period of time (week or month).

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an inexpensive hosting solution I should look at. Most of the cheaper hosting plans I see would probably consider this as file sharing and not allow it in their TOS.

I thought I would be able to use google appengine, and pay only for whats used... but since it doesn't do direct disk access I don't think there's a way for me to convert to mp3 with them.

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Legalities For File Hosting

Jun 17, 2009

I'm creating a script that includes a feature for people to upload files and music which they can distribute to their users...

What are legalities for hosting files that have been uploaded by other users? For example, if they upload files that are copyrighted, how do I protect myself from getting in trouble for hosting the files?

Would it be better if the files are hosted on the account holders website and my script just links to them?

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File Hosting Service

Sep 23, 2009

I'm making a website which sells digital goods. Are there file hosting services that allow customers to download directly from them when they buy something? Instead of hosting files on my own web host?

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Right Host For File Hosting?

Jul 21, 2008

I have a dedicated server for most of my sites and scripts

I'm starting a site (kind of like rapidshare, not really the same but for the purpose of this example, it might as well be rapidshare/megaupload/etc)

I want to run the main site off my dedicated server, but for the hosting of files, I want hosting that will offer good speeds/bandwidth/space

I'm not sure if I should get multiple 10mbit/sec lines, or one 100mbit/sec line, or what I should really do

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File Hosting On A Web Server

Oct 24, 2008

is there a way that i can have a web server that runs windows server 2003 and be able to have file hosting on people can upload files to it and be able to access it without having to have a domain name?

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Cheap File Hosting?

Jun 29, 2008

if there were services dedicated to hosting large files.

Basically, instead of those free upload sites (ie MediaFire), it gives a direct link to the file, the file doesn't expire, and there isn't a 100MB upload limit.

Would prefer to have 50GB+ space, and if bandwidth is metered, probably 100GB/month or over.

Obviously, there's no need for any scripting/dynamic content.

Would such a thing be available for around US$5/month?

(Considering that sites like Megaupload can give you 250GB of space with no bandwidth metering for around US$50/year, I don't think it's too unreasonable to ask for something less but with direct links)

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File Hosting Website

Jul 2, 2007

A friend of mine and I are developing a new File Hosting website. Growth of data is huge and we'd need a way to welcome million daily users.

What do we need? We have already 4 servers on hand ready to go. We are coding a kind of multi-server script to make our life easier.

What about the specs we'd need for our main server? Do we need a load-balancing system?

And for hardware replacement, is there anyway to get life easier if any hdd (hard drive disk) are broken?

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Secure File Hosting Service

Feb 9, 2009

I don't know where to ask this question so hopefully I'm in the right forum. I have a friend that owns his own company and travels alot. He needs a place where he can store his work files (mostly document like word, excel, pdf, drawings, etc...) which contains very sensitive information. He need a place where he or the people in his team can transfer files and that he can setup access levels for his users. He need access to his files with a secure tool such as sftp or something else that you guys can recommend.

Also, since some files can be very large he requires a good transfer speed from everywhere in the world. He's looking at around 100GB of storage space and a very high transfer allowance. He will probably need to host his website also. Do you guys think it's better to host the files and website separately?

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File Hosting Site Server

Mar 26, 2009

I am currently working on a File hosting site like sendspace, megaupload (Not that big, only a small site for college students use it). I am wondering which hosting company out there take high disk space and unlimited brandwidth.

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