Why Is Hyper-V More Expensive Than Virtuozzo

Aug 9, 2008

I'd really like to find a Hyper-V VPS provider (or a Xen/ESX provider) and I've been stunned thus far to see each provider charging more for Hyper-V than Virtuozzo (e.g.

VPSland and Crystal Tech.). Why does this surprise me? Well, Hyper-V is included with the OS, whereas Virtuozzo is an extra cost. You might say, "But yeah, Virtuozzo gets around having to have a separate license for each OS install since its actually just one OS." Actually, that's not true, Microsoft clarified their licensing position and said that each instance does need a license. I'm guessing most hosting providers know this...So why the price hike?

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Move VM Virtuozzo For Hyper-V

Sep 7, 2008

Is possible move VM windows working in Virtuozzo for VM in Hyper-V (Microsoft Windows 2008 Datacenter)?

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Virtuozzo Windows 2008 With Hyper-V - A Game Changer

Oct 16, 2009

In case you missed it:


Without any fanfare, at the beginning of September, Parallels released Virtuozzo Containers (formerly Virtuozzo) 4.5.

Version 4, launched in January, unified for the first time the Windows and Linux branches, introducing major new features like virtual SMP masking and support for Microsoft and Red Hat cluster services.

Version 4.5, which is built on this new architecture, brings in a wire range of new capabilities:

Enhanced resource management (CPU pools, vCPUs remapping on logical CPUs, offline vHD fragmentation)

Containers cloning

Containers startup order

Support for Windows Server 2008 (32/64bit, with or without Hyper-V, up to Service Pack 1) and its new Failover Clustering

Support for Hyper-V (itís not exactly clear if this just means that the Hyper-V parent partition can be segmented in containers, or something else)

Support for TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) NICs inside the containers

Support for new 3rd party backup and anti-virus solutions (including the ones provided by AVG, CA, EMC, IBM, McAfee, Symantec and F-Secure)

Support for iSCSI inside the containers (a container can be an Initiator)

Support for IPv6 addresses inside the containers

Itís not entirely clear why Parallels didnít promote in any way what is still considered its flagship product.
It is true that the large majority of the attention is focused on hardware virtualization, but the company OS virtualization platform should still have a competitive advantage over VMware, Citrix and Microsoft hypervisors in the hosting industry, which is well worth some more marketing effort.

We are wondering why Parallels haven't been shouting from the rooftops. This is a game changer.

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Colocation Is Too Expensive

Jun 5, 2008

I am used to paying costs such as $180 - $250 per month but my local colocation is charging $350 per month just for the bandwidth. Plus it is confusing how they price it they do not have a one set price for the whole month like normal hosts, they charge 1 MB per minute bandwidth average.

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Current Host Has Become Too Expensive

Mar 13, 2008

I've currently got a friend hosting me but I'm paying £5 ($10) per month ($120 per year) which is quite expensive for what I need.

I currently have two accounts- one personal FTP / Email and one shop where I'm selling CDs. So I need FTP / Email / and MySQL.

I'm winding down the CD store so I rarely get sales now, and I don't require much storage (couple of GB) or very much transfer at all.

Can anyone recommend a good host to me? I'm just looking for something reliable, the less expensive the better (Even free, if that's possible.)

I've been looking at Amazon's web services. Does anyone know if they're suitable for what I want? Their rates seem excellent.

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Why Is Colocation More Expensive Then Getting A Server

Oct 6, 2009

I've been shopping for colocation (1U) in South Florida and the prices I've been getting were much higher then if I would just lease a server at a datacenter. I thought you could save alot of money since you are only leasing space and bandwith.

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Is Blue Square Now Getting Too Expensive

Apr 12, 2008

is Blue Square now starting to get too expensive for some if not most webhosts that dont already have a large customer base?

I can remember about 6 months or somthing back when rack space would to be around ~£580 for 42u but now its at £700 thats with 8amps and no transit.

Bluesquare is known to be a very good and still is a nice alternative than london, however I think now london has become a cheaper alternative, what do you guys and gals think?

Yes I understand the need to charge more as the data centre fills up to capacity, and to pay for BSQ3-4 which are opening soon etc but im just curious about what do people think etc, im not having a moan they do and still do a brilliant service regardless of price.

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Bandwidth So Expensive In Toronto

May 15, 2007

Ive been comparing prices from between montreal bandwidth and toronto bandwidth and i dont see why there is a HUGE difference in price.. Could anyone clear this up for me ?

I am looking to co-locate a server in the toronto area but everything is like $100 for ~160gig of monthly bandwidth.

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Why Is Colo More Expensive Than Dedicated Hosting

Apr 25, 2009

For the last few weeks I have been looking around at various colo and dedi offers here and there because I was thinking of saving some money by colocating a server and I noticed that everyone who offers both colo and dedi have things fixed so that the colo is much more expensive than renting a dedi from the same people in the exact same datacenters!

You would think that since a brand new server costs between $500 and $2500 to build or buy that amortizing of the cost of the hardware would make the dedis more expensive but in fact the opposite is true 90% of the time and only rarely does a host offer a colo plan that even matches their dedi plans. There are exceptions, like FDC for example but most of the time when you sit down and look at the price per mbps and the price per amp the colocation for a standard 8GB/quadcore/500GB server doing 2 TB of bandwidth is more just in monthly rental than if you rented a dedi(that the company owns).

So, in other words if I am renting a dedi with 8GB RAM, Quadcore CPU, 500GB hard drive with 5000 GB bandwidth quota on a 100mbps uplink for $125 to $150 a month and I wanted to save money by swapping it out with my own dedi of the same specs I would right away lose the cost of the dedi and then each month lose even more just in the colo fees along.

So what exactly is going on here? Are hosts overselling their dedis and making losses on a few but profits on most? And then on top of that artificially bloating their colo prices to encourage people to rent dedis instead? Or...do they just bloat colo prices out of fear and expectation that anyone who colos will be blasting their servers to the max and sucking up the mostest amps while using all the bandwidth that they buy?

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Bandwidth Carriers Expensive And Cheap

Aug 13, 2009

A major part of web hosts are running linux these days, with congestion control mechanism 2.6 kernel and windows 2008 are now able to get full speed over higher latency even 200+, with the DSL an all major part of countries access to internet has been easy.

Now question is how exactly an expensive carrier such as MCI/ATT can make a difference for a website. expensive i mean by anything over $10 per mbit. Am sure for things like mission critical, financial institutions and for websites who need reach for every corner of 3rd world countries would need the best of the breed bandwidth. ok for the others who is always a regular guy or small business, is the expensive provider worth it? am trying to find out. please write your opinions on cheap/medium/expensive providers worthness of using such.

Internap is whole different as it will make a bandwidth mix superior which bgp can not do.

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Why Is NYC Not That Expensive For Single Server Colo

Jan 31, 2007

From reading these boards for a couple years now, I always had the impression that colo was cheapest in Texas or thereabouts, and was priciest in places like NYC. (Of course, I'm referring to relatively comparable service.)

Now I finally have a need for a single server colo (1U). The most-mentioned places in Texas on these boards are cologuys, colo4dallas, etc. Most of them have reasonable rates listed right on their website, around $100-170 for the bandwidth that I need, about 1.5Mbps.

But I've also been requesting quotes from various providers in NYC, who are also popular on these boards. And while there are some in the $200-250 range, which is what I was expecting, there are some that are mentioned highly on these boards (toqen, thenynoc, razorblue, etc.) that are quoting $60-100/month for the same amount of bandwidth.

I.e., not only comparable but in fact *lower* than the Texas colos.

What am I missing here? It's very possible that I'm comparing apples to oranges, cuz I really don't know any of these businesses. Just forming an opinion based on what gets recommended here on a consistent basis.

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Hyper-V Dedicated RAM

Oct 14, 2009

I am currently in the search of a new windows 2008 vps with hyper-v, I noticed that most hosts offer "Guaranteed RAM" which is great, but I found another host which will ask you to pay an additional monthly fee to guarantee this ram, even on Hyper-v, I am curious to know if not getting this will affect performance of my VPS.

We are looking for a 1GB RAM server since we only host around 6 websites with very small traffic, and only one of those has database connectivity, but still gets very low traffic. We will need to host DNS, IIS, Mail server to start, so, is 1 GB of ram ok for this and should we guarantee it?

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How To Run Hyper-v Windows Vps

Apr 19, 2009

I want to provide some windows vps, but not sure if hyper-v is best solution. I have several questions,

Q1. Is it possible to limit traffic or bandwidth for hyper-v windows vps? And is there any web GUI that can be provided to the users to manage their VPS, e.g. check the traffic had been used.

Q2. About windows license, I heard that If I run a Windows DataCenter version in the main node, then I do not need license for the vps. Does it mean when I install the windows 2003 as a guest, it will no longer require us to input the CD-KEY?

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Hyper VM, 5 Licence

Apr 12, 2009

ive just installed Hyper VM using the download from the hypervm site, but a quick question i have is, is there a way of getting more than 5 VPS's on the server, i can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Hyper-V And SCSI

Jul 20, 2009

According to the documentation, Hyper-V VMs cannot boot from SCSI drives and requires an IDE drive for each virtualization. I'm new to Windows (Server 2008) and Hyper-V and planning out some hardware.

Does anyone know if it is possible to:

Set up the the server with 2 SATA Drives (Raid 1), along with 8 x Ultra320 SCSI Drives (Raid 5 or 6).

Load the OS and set up all Virtual slices on the SATA drives, so that that virtual boot sectors are on the IDE drives, but the main bulk of the clients allotted space on the SCSIs? Is there issue with that and if so, how do you manage that?

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Hyper-V Hosting

Aug 29, 2008

Anyone aware of some good Hyper-V hosting? I must say I'm really sick and tired of Virtuozzo. Its a pain in my butt! I'd even take some VMWare or Xen hosting - just none of this fake virtualization stuff...there are way too many limits (e.g. I want to update my own core!).

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Recommend A Managed Host For Me (Like Rackspace But Less Expensive)

Mar 16, 2008

I'm looking for a managed server (mid range specs) and approximately 20TB monthly bandwidth.

I'm looking for reasonably priced hosts, that have a reputation "very similiar" to Rackspace.com. I don't want to quite pay what Rackspace's pricing looks like. So, I'm looking for something slightly cheaper than Rackspcae, but that have a VERY good record for promptness in addressing issues and with proven uptime records.

So far I am considering Verio & The Planet. My knowledge of hosts beyond that is very limited. Please point me in the right direction as to where I can find hosts with SOLID records like Rackspace.com, but are slightly less expensive.

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Is Colocation More Expensive Than Reselling Dedi-boxes?

Feb 18, 2007

I currently run 16 boxes which I rent from various data centers, mark-up and resell. Conventional wisdom says that it's time for me to start colocating my own servers. I've got approval for capital (loan) so it's no problem for me to just buy these boxes and colo them. But... how the hell does anyone afford it?

I mean, I can get a cabinet in H.E. with 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps for $600/mo (through EGI). Which is an insanely good deal until you realize that it only includes 15amps of power. So (I think) that means that I can really only run about 15 or 20 Celerons at the most. So much for filling up the rack.

Optimistically, if I can run 20 Celerons which I've priced at about $700 each including shipping -- plus a switch, KVM, spare parts and bank interest over 24 months -- that's about $800/mo for the servers plus $600 for the cab, plus about $200/mo for remote hands in case I need the DC guys to do something. I'm looking at about $80/mo per server which I have to pay whether it's rented or not.

I can easily find celerons for $80/mo which include some level of support and I can very easily cancel whenever my client does and buy a fresh new one whenever I get a new client.

I was all excited to go colo -- but the numbers don't add up. What am I missing here? What's the big advantage to all the extra hassle of owning your own?

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Is Bandwidth The Expensive Part Of Video Sites

Mar 3, 2009

Is bandwidth going to be my most expensive cost if I open up a video hosting site? Is there a inexpensive alternative? Is there an inexpensive web host with low cost bandwidth allocation?

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Least Expensive FULLY MANAGED Dedicated Server

Sep 18, 2008

I wanted a completely fully managed server -- meaning everything is taken care of and I do not have to hire a server admin -- what would be the least expensive pricing from a reputable hosting provided?

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Monitoring Bandwidth In Hyper-V

Nov 3, 2009

Does anyone know if it is possible to monitor bandwidth for individual virtual environments within Hyper-V? I'm looking for an economical way of doing this, not through System Center. we're looking to provision a few Windows virtual environments over the next few weeks and want to see if there is an alternative to Parallels Virtuozzo.

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Hyper-V Management Software

Mar 14, 2009

Just curious if there are any decent control panels to manage Hyper-V VPS containers besides DotNetPanel...

I've been trying to find a viable alternative, but I am striking out on my search.

I just cannot seem to understand why DotNetPanel is so expensive, $70/month for the enterprise edition, plus $50/month for 10 VPS containers.

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Cpanel Hosting On Hyper-V

Nov 7, 2009

I did the complete installation of cPanel on Windows Server 2008 Server using Hyper-V

I installed it on CentOS 5.4 64bit

Just need to know are their any issues when using Hyper-V as Visualization tool with Linux and cPanel?

I allocated 1 GB memory for it. Noraml usages 40% memory and 0.1 server load.

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Hyper-V Control Panel

May 25, 2009

With Virtuozzo, there is the panel to restart the vps and view bandwidth and server resources etc.

For Hyper-V what is there for me, a customer of the service. ie hosts are telling me they dont have a control panel - so how could I restart the hyper-v should the OS crash?

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Keeping Single CPU Hyper-v System At > 85%

Oct 21, 2009

We have a few single CPU (54xx quad core)systems running Hyper-V and looking at the Hyper-V Logical Processer Total value in Perfmon its staying pretty much from 85% to 100% all day long. Perfomance is mostly ok with an occasional hesitation, but the biggest reason is we are trying to avoid doubling the cost of SPLA license by not adding the second CPU. Most motherboards we have only hold 16 gig to 24 gig memory and by adding a second CPU both will probably be less then 40% or 50%

Any problems keeping a 54xx or any CPU for that matter running flat out as long as its cooled OK?

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Anyone Try Hyper-V Free Download Version

Oct 7, 2008

Hyper-V will compete with other Virtulization technology. yet to check its license agreement.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: ISO Not Bootable Into Hyper-v

Mar 20, 2015

I have downloaded the Plesk-Ubuntu 14.04 from here : [URL] ....

Both 32&64 bits are not bootable in Hyper-v.

Is there any special settings for Hyper-V to use those ISO files ?

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Windows Server 2008 Web Edition :: Come With Hyper-V?

Apr 26, 2009

Does it come with Hyper-V?



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Hyper-V, Clustering Windows 2008 Servers And Microsoft Licensing

May 23, 2008

I currently have a server (Xeon 1x5310, 4gb RAM, 4x500gb hdd in Raid 10) with Windows 2003. Now do to a project I'm looking at installing Windows 2008 and upgrading to 2x5310 and 16gb of RAM on my server.

I'm looking to create a virtualized test environment for development of a new web service I'm working on. What I'm looking to develop right now is 2 file servers, 3 web servers, 3 MS SQL database servers and 1 DNS server (would prefer but not sure if hardware can handle it. Virtualization would be ideal as this is very similar to what we believe will we have when we launch the service.

I have a few questions I'm hoping you might be able to answer:

1) With the upgraded hardware specs, should it be able to handle the load if I assign each virtual entity 1 core with 2gb of RAM each?

2) I would like to create each of the multiple servers in a cluster (ie cluster of webservers) as this is how it will be in production. But, I've never worked with clusters before so:

a) where can I learn about clustering windows 2008 servers?

b) is this possible to do in a virtualized environment?

3) How does MS work the licensing? I want to have each server running Windows 2008 and 2-3 of them running SQL Server 2005.

a) Do they charge extra for each virtualized server?

b) Does this mean I have to purchase 3 complete copies of SQL Server or is there a way I can pay a low license fee for use in a non-commercial, non-production environment?

4) Does anyone see any problems with this setup or have any suggestions for me?

* I do have money available to spend on a good solution, so if you have suggestions that cost please let me know. I just thought virtualization would be the way to go as the project will be in development for at least a year with no public access.

** I realize that Hyper-V hasn't been released yet (that I know of) so information on it might be limited

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Why Is Cheap Colo More Expensive Than Cheap Dedicated?

Oct 19, 2007

This is probably a dumb question, but I've been curious about something. While shopping around for either a cheap dedicated server (less than $75/mo) or a cheap colo for a 1u server, I have noticed that the cheap dedicated servers are often less than a cheap colo, which seems odd to me since with a colo you bring your own machine.

For example, Sago Networks has cheap dedicateds for $50, $59, $79 etc. yet their cheapest colo option is $99. For Sago's $50 dedicated you get 1000GB transfer and 2 IP's, and with their $99 colo you get only get 100 GB transfer and 1 IP.

And Sago is not unusual in this respect. I've priced other providers that fall into this category and they have similar differences.

So why is colo more expensive than dedicated for similar, if not lower, features?

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Virtuozzo And CPU?

May 15, 2007

I was just curious as to how virtuozzo manages the cpu usage. Do all VPS's just use as much cpu as they can at one time or is there a min and max limit?

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