Least Expensive FULLY MANAGED Dedicated Server

Sep 18, 2008

I wanted a completely fully managed server -- meaning everything is taken care of and I do not have to hire a server admin -- what would be the least expensive pricing from a reputable hosting provided?

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Best Uk Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Oct 16, 2009

recommend best uk fully managed dedicated server hosting

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Fully Managed Dedicated Server Means?

Jun 6, 2008

what exactly it means?

what can i expect if i rent a server like that?

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Unmanaged/Semi-Managed/Managed And Fully Managed

May 9, 2009

how the hosting provider would back me up in setting up my vps, support in additional issues etc. with regards each of the above topics.

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Recommend A Managed Host For Me (Like Rackspace But Less Expensive)

Mar 16, 2008

I'm looking for a managed server (mid range specs) and approximately 20TB monthly bandwidth.

I'm looking for reasonably priced hosts, that have a reputation "very similiar" to Rackspace.com. I don't want to quite pay what Rackspace's pricing looks like. So, I'm looking for something slightly cheaper than Rackspcae, but that have a VERY good record for promptness in addressing issues and with proven uptime records.

So far I am considering Verio & The Planet. My knowledge of hosts beyond that is very limited. Please point me in the right direction as to where I can find hosts with SOLID records like Rackspace.com, but are slightly less expensive.

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What Does Fully Managed Mean

Nov 14, 2008

I just ordered a VPS from SteadFast.net and it comes with Full Managed Support.

What does this really mean? Will they install/configures/manage 3rd party softwares such as XCache, LiteSpeed, etc?

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Fully Managed Vps

May 31, 2007

i'm beginning my search for a fully managed vps host. I plan on sending an email to each of these hosts and asking questions but i want to inquire here to see if i've missed any prime candidates. I'm choosing VPS mainly because of the security of having your own server + flexibility to do custom stuff down the line if need be. And my site doesn't really need the resources of a dedicated machine.

My current host goes down all the time and has a really long support response. We've also been having lots of connection issues with the clients we have in china. While this may be unavoidable due to the great firewall of china, i think there's got to be a better setup. We'll see.

My website:
This is for a small business (10 or so people) and the website is only used internally for project management, email, and the like. The bandwidth + load are minimal but there is quite a bit of file storage. The main application being used is dot project (mysql + php).

Fully managed:
I just want the OS / basic installed applications (mysql, php, ftp, apache, cpanel, possibly dot project, etc) to be kept up-to-date for security reasons. I don't want to have to monitor each of these to see when a new bugfix comes out. If a service fails (like email) i'd like it to be looked into. I can handle the user management / coding / etc. I don't expect security audits of my website or anything. Yes, i will be asking each host if they will do these items as i understand "fully managed" means a lot of different things to different people.

5+GB space, 5GB Bandwidth (overkill), php, mysql, cpanel would be nice, dot project

hopefully under $60/month

Here's the hosts that i'm going to look into, please let me know if i've left someone out. Yes, i'll be searching the board for reviews of these hosts as well.


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Fully Managed FreeBSD VPS

Jan 8, 2009

I may soon be in the market for a VPS, and would like a fully managed FreeBSD VPS. Preferably with either DirectAdmin or Plesk.

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Fully Managed VPS In Europe

Jan 12, 2009

Do you know which companies offer Fully Managed VPS in european countries with Cpanel?

I need 15-20GB Space, at least 512 RAM and 500GB Bandwidth

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FULLY Managed Servers

Sep 26, 2009

I own a pretty high traffic soccer blog. Nothing out of the ordinary!

It generates an average of 8k unique visitors/day - but can reach 30+ unique/day.

According to the guy who is currently hosting it - it does around 30-50gb bandwidth per day.

I'm not sure if I even need a Dedicated server for this. However, the old host said that the HUGE peaks of traffic in the middle of the day are causing him problems.

I'm not very technical - just the writer of the blog - do a couple of other web developments aswell, but I've never really needed a dedicated server before!

Thus, I need this fully managed - and want it to basically work as a reseller hosting account (if thats possible).

I need this quickly as the website is going to be deleted by the end of THIS month! He just told me today . He was taking the revenue from the site in exchange for the hosting. I'd now like to just cough up and pay for it!

If anyone can give me any advise, do I need a dedicated server? Would a VPS do? What prices am I looking at? Are there any companies which suit my needs?

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Best Fully Managed Boxes Under $300

Sep 4, 2008

We want a reliable and powerful fully managed Linux server (Cent OS if possible) for under $300 a month.

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Apache2 Fully Managed VPS

Aug 26, 2007

Does anyone know who provides fully managed VPS that supports Apache2? I am currently hosting with LiquidWeb and I am happy with their service. However, they only support Apache 1.3 on their managed VPS.

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Fully Managed VPS Hosts

Apr 24, 2007

Wondering if anyone can provide me with a few hosts that offer fully managed VPS's with CPanel/WHM control panel? Linux OS.

I dont need high specs in regards to space/bw, but the more the better

Also, budget is less than $30/mo.

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Knownhost VPS Now Fully Managed Great

Dec 11, 2007

Just am happy to hear that knownhost.com vps provided now has become fully managed .

I was confident about this company but now I am more happy and I definitely recommend them.

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Fully-managed VDS: LiquidWeb Or MyriadNetwork

Aug 16, 2007

Our company may be going the Linux route, so I'm in the market for a Linux VDS that's fully managed. I've never utilized a fully-managed service, so maybe you guys can help me out here.

I used to have a shared account with LiquidWeb (up until a week or two ago actually), and I didn't have any complaints there. However, I've never used their VDS service.

I've had a VDS at MyriadNetwork for almost a year now, and they're one of the best--if not best--providers I've ever done business with; very prompt ticket responses (less than 10 minutes on normal-priority tickets), very friendly and helpful even if it's your responsibility.

I'm aware that LiquidWeb includes full management in their price, whereas MyriadNetwork offers it for an additional $75/mo. A fully-managed comparable plan at LiquidWeb is about 50% cheaper than Myriad's. I know from experience that Myriad's higher prices are justified with the service they provide, but I'd like to know what everyone here thinks.

Should I choose Myriad and hope their full management service is as good as their VDS service, or should I try LiquidWeb out and hope they deliver? Has anyone used either provider's fully-managed services?

Please move this to the Managed forum if it's more appropriate; I picked this one because my situation deals with two very specific VDS providers.

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WANSecurity - Fully Managed Hosting - My Experience

Apr 12, 2009

Some of you may remember when I was asking for help on a good dedicated hosting company. I looked around for a month and finally found a great company to host my websites, WANSecurity. I received at least 10 dedicated server offers, but chose to go with WANSecurity because of the server and service they offered me. With so many options out there, I thought it would be helpful for me to share my experience with some of you. I have been on shared hosting for about 10 years and have never messed with dedicated servers. I had no idea there was so much work with dedicated servers until I got my hands on one. I was used to getting everything set up for me at Lunarpages. Although I love Lunarpages, their dedicated servers are nowhere near those offered by WANSecurity. Robert, the WANSecurity founder, has been particularly helpful. I received a recommendation from a WHT forum member telling me to get in direct contact with Robert for the "best managed hosting" offer out there, and guess what... I think I got it. Robert and WANSecurity moved all my files, installed Apache, Red 5, set up my mail servers, configured all of my large databases, and did so much more.

Although I am new to dedicated hosting, their managed plans are world class and their servers are very reliable. No issues in the last 6 weeks for me. If you are new to dedicated hosting and don't feel comfortable running everything on your own, trust these guys. They do a great job and they are flexible. Their managed hosting plans are new but they have been around for 11 years. They know their stuff and most of all, they care about you. That's the great thing when you are a big fish in a small pond. They truly care for you and therefore offer you the best service. If you are experienced with servers, they are still a great choice. They will give you a great deal on a server even if you don't need all the managed hosting services.

Check them out at: [url]

You can also get in touch with their founder if you are interested. PM me for his email. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm open to give you my personal feedback.

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Sites Providing Fully Managed Servers

Apr 28, 2008

I would like to hear about sites providing fully managed servers.

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DDOS Protected 100% Fully Managed VPS With Proactive Support

Apr 23, 2009

im hosted on futurehosting and truly they rock with gr8 support and instant services, 3-4 small sites but today whole day it was down due to apparently DDOS attack - as per my hosts response. read history here [url]

When i took FH i had done some research and thought its 100% managed VPS - i never knew its not proactive managed service etc! frankly i did ask on WHT and FH was the most recommended and truly they have lived up to it and i have no complains but just that maybe my requirement is a more proactive support service:-)

seems i need to move on - to som1 who can handle DDOS attacks + offer proactive monitoring which FH says it doesn't offer

1. LiquidWeb.com promises DDOS protections under their [url]

2. another option seems [url]

3. am told wiredtree would work well too for a complete newbie like me ?

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How To Fully Backup A Dedicated Server To A FTP Server

Mar 22, 2008

I'd like to know, how do you backup a cPanel dedicated server to a remote FTP server? WHM's backup only allows you to backup the client's accounts, but not the cPanel settings, or the stuff in /etc?

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Why Is Colo More Expensive Than Dedicated Hosting

Apr 25, 2009

For the last few weeks I have been looking around at various colo and dedi offers here and there because I was thinking of saving some money by colocating a server and I noticed that everyone who offers both colo and dedi have things fixed so that the colo is much more expensive than renting a dedi from the same people in the exact same datacenters!

You would think that since a brand new server costs between $500 and $2500 to build or buy that amortizing of the cost of the hardware would make the dedis more expensive but in fact the opposite is true 90% of the time and only rarely does a host offer a colo plan that even matches their dedi plans. There are exceptions, like FDC for example but most of the time when you sit down and look at the price per mbps and the price per amp the colocation for a standard 8GB/quadcore/500GB server doing 2 TB of bandwidth is more just in monthly rental than if you rented a dedi(that the company owns).

So, in other words if I am renting a dedi with 8GB RAM, Quadcore CPU, 500GB hard drive with 5000 GB bandwidth quota on a 100mbps uplink for $125 to $150 a month and I wanted to save money by swapping it out with my own dedi of the same specs I would right away lose the cost of the dedi and then each month lose even more just in the colo fees along.

So what exactly is going on here? Are hosts overselling their dedis and making losses on a few but profits on most? And then on top of that artificially bloating their colo prices to encourage people to rent dedis instead? Or...do they just bloat colo prices out of fear and expectation that anyone who colos will be blasting their servers to the max and sucking up the mostest amps while using all the bandwidth that they buy?

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Low End Managed Dedicated Server

Jul 1, 2008

I'm trying to find a reliable and established host (not a junior company that may close anytime) that offers a low end managed dedicated server.

My minimum requirements:
2.0 Ghz processor
100 GB disk
250 GB bandwidth
Good support
Reliable and established host

I can't go with a VPS because the site I'm developing is growing very fast, there are some times where CPU usage is a bit too high. My current VPS host has asked me to move that site to a dedicated server, and they are right. With more CPU and memory the site will be alright, but I don't want to risk having to move again, so no VPS this time.

The reason I'm looking for a low end server is that the site is not self-supporting yet, so I can't afford to pay more that 150$/month.

If money wasn't an issue, I would already have picked Liquidweb, their current special allowed me to build a nice server for only 229$/month, but I'm not ready to commit that kind of money yet.

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Dedicated/Managed Server

Aug 25, 2008

I am setting up a website that may generate a lot of traffic, though it is just starting out.

Since I'm not sure how easy the migration from a VPS to dedicated server will be (yes, I'm a newbie to all this!), I want to go with a dedicated server.

Since the site is going to be a revenue generator, I don't want to go low on quality - but don't want to spend over $150 pm.

I'm looking for something managed/with guaranteed uptime. A good bandwidth.

I will be running a MySQL database as well as the LAMP based website on the same server initially (later I may separate the database).

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What Are The Importants For Managed Dedicated Server?

Mar 20, 2008

I'm thinking of adding Managed Dedicated Server in my services. I'm also currently looking for the right provider, so I can just simply resell his/her service.

But this is my first time to be involve on this service and I would like to ask some advise from the expert people of WHT.

-What are the important things that I need to consider if I offer the Managed Dedicated Server which is also offered by another provider? It's like reselling their service.

-What are the important things that I need to know for my possible clients? What are the usual requirements of many businesses when it comes of having managed dedicated server?

-What are the important/ideal security measures for a dedicated server?

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Self-Managed Dedicated Server & Firewall

Nov 5, 2008

Questions About Self-Managed Dedicated Server

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Managed Directadmin Dedicated Server

Aug 27, 2008

i am currently on mydediserver with a quad core server which is at this moment down since the last 15 hours.

the server guys seems to be totally helpless and i am waiting to get access to the server so that i can get my latest backups.

i guess i really cannot survive with a company which take 8 hours to respond to a reboot request.

i need suggestions for dedicated managed directadmin server. my sites were apparently attacked by sql injection crapware and i am looking for a company which can help me protect the server from such attacks.

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Reliable Dedicated/Managed Server For 99/m

Sep 4, 2008

I have the idea to consolidate about 10 hosting accounts (1and1, dreamhost, etc), into one dedicated/managed server.

I was wondering what recommendations from reliable providers can i get, for about 99/m.

The accounts are very low profile, i mean, about 500 users at most for all accoutns (about 50 users per account).

The first option at 1and1 feels about right, [url] but i was wondering if there is something better.

And by better, i mean more reliable, better support, more "care for the customer".

i also thought about VPS, but checking the price differences, at least in 1and1, it doesn't makes much sense.

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PCI Compliant Managed Dedicated Server Host

May 20, 2009

Are there any providers out there that can actually attest that they are fully PCI compliant? Meaning, they know the meaning of the phrase, have looked at the requirements, has their network/servers scanned by a 3rd party, etc.?

I looked at the following document and the only recognizable host I see is Rackspace:


Our e-commerce software platform, merchant gateway, and internal network is and will be PCI compliant. But now I'm down to finding a managed dedicated web host who is.

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Host Has Secured Your Managed Dedicated Server?

Mar 29, 2009

how to check if you host has made their job correct ?

We are looking into a PCI scan just because of the security, we do not need to be PCI compliant, but the security standard is what I believe the most reliable to stick to.

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Linux Dedicated Managed Server Host

Jul 28, 2008

I'm currently looking to switch from my current web host. I have a managed dedicated server using Ensim Pro CP on Linux hosting.

I'm currently getting a quote from RackSpace but want to know of a few firms like them if that's ok.

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Fed Up With Hostgator Can Any One Suggest Best Managed Dedicated Server Provider

Aug 5, 2008

This is first time i am writing about hostgator using there service since 4 years.

I have 3 dedicated servers purchased with them within last 6 months and orderd for 4th server on 31st Aug 08. And now as business is growing i will need more and more servers every 2- 3 month. But its seems hostgator is not interested in business as they had already grown now. Even they don't care of their loyal customers who are them with years.

On 3rd day of orderd they told me my server will be deliverd within next 24 hours and on 4th day i contact them serveral times they keep on repiting they will upate and then they said server is out of stock and will be available soon and today is 5th day still there is no reply from them and when i contact them they clearly have no idea about it. Some says will get it soon and when i show my ticket. they say its still out of stock . When i contact with theplant.com datacenter they told me the server is available to order and are never out of stock.

I dont know whats actual reason.

Please help me guys to find good manage dedicated server host so i can cancel my order with them and go to another good company.

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Backups: Managed Backup Company, Or DIY With Dedicated Server

Apr 1, 2009

We have 2 servers which run our website. One for data (about 50gb) and one for databases (about 5gb)

We currently perform offsite backups but we want to improve upon these. Our main objectives are:

1) Be able to recover as much info as possible in the event of a disaster

2) Be able to rollback to a previous version should we not notice a problem until later (ie 30 day history?)

3) Be able to restore as quickly as possible

4) Be able to afford it!

The options we seem to have are:

A) Use a service such as backupdirect.net which specialise in offsite backup and have specialised software to handle this. Obviously we get support, the backups are encrypted, etc and probably will end up with a much more robust backup solution.

However, it will take time to restore, if our server goes down we still have to get that working then perform the restore

B) Buy another dedicated server, which we can run everything on (albeit slowly!) and keep a 'live backup' on this server. This means we could switch to it should our main servers die for any reason with minimal downtime. Downsites would mean we have less support, would have to be careful with encryption of the data flowing from one server to another and we would have a less formal backup solution (eg harder to restore back to a point in time)

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