Register Globals + Ecommerce

Nov 8, 2009

Some of my clients are hosting OScommerce sites on my server(Centos5/WHM) and are requiring register golbals to be turned ON. Is there any way to have it ON only for this specific account.

IS there a way to have an OScommerce site working properly with register globals oFF.

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Turn On Register Globals In Php.ini

Jan 24, 2007

Does anyone know how to turn On Register Globals in a php.ini file? I think I can only edit the file using ssh...

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Turn On Register Globals For An Account

May 13, 2008

Server version: Apache/2.2.8 compiled by latest stable easyapache3

Default PHP Version (.php files) 5
PHP 5 Handler cgi
PHP 4 Handler none
Suexec on

Selected php5 handler to be CGI through WHM . Did not choose mod_suphp while compilation.

I have set register_globals off server-wide through WHMs php configuration editor. Now need to activate it for one account. I have tried :

# creating php.ini file at the required folder with register_globals on
# adding several combinations php_flag, php_admin_value, php_value etc with register_globals as seen from several posts here at the .htaccess file at the required folder.
# adding it to httpd.conf

Every time, the phpinfo page shows the loaded configuration file as /usr/local/lib/php.ini and register_globals is Off.

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Turning On Register Globals For One Virtual Host With Php4cgi

Jul 4, 2008

i know normally the user can put a flag in their .htaccess to do this, this does work for php5 because it is run using dso, but php4 is run using cgi and the one client that needs register globals also needs it for php4,

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Ecommerce Webhosting

Nov 1, 2008

Im in the process of setting up my ecommerce store selling baby/childrens clothing items etc. But I cant decide what webhosting site to use. Ive heard a lot about hostmonster and 1and1...which one of these are better?

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Hosting Ecommerce On Shared

Mar 2, 2009

an ecommerce site someone is planning on hosting. They will be selling around 100 products using OSCommerce and no creditcard etc details will be stored on the server. Do you think its a wise choice to start off on a shared host? If yes, are there any additional requirements they should look out for?

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Magento ECommerce Hosting

Jan 14, 2009

After a few threads on Web Hosting Talk, I have decided to go with Magento eCommerce CMS because it is powerful and I like it

The only thing I am looking for is a host that will support it and that will let me either upgrade to a VPS, or straight to a Dedicated Server (or maybe even a co-location).
Because I am a startup business, the costs need to be low (yes, I know good hosting doesn't come cheap and I know I need to put into consideration SSL).

1 major thing. It NEEDS to be in the UK.

I was chatting to one of Rackspace UKs live help support people and they priced their entry level server at "£255 - £355 per month", which being a startup is a bit of a hefty price.

So, how do you think I should start? Shared, VPS or straight to dedicated?
Also, what UK hosts do you recommend?

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ARIN App For SSL / Ecommerce Sites

Oct 2, 2008

I'd like to get IP's direct from ARIN and use with a colo or dedicated server I run a few dozen domains almost all of which are ecommerce sites the ones which accept credit cards of course have SSL and a dedicated IP all the others right now are taking offline payments i'd like to get them all setup with SSL with their own IP since they are starting to bring in more sales. Sites right now are being hosted all over the place mainly vps and shared. I want to have them all on one or more servers that I have complete control over including the IP's. I'm new to the forums but did search for arin and read a few posts about the justification and from what I read SSL is justified to get IPs. Can anyone give me more information on what I should be doing first before applying or how to go about it with them. I'm looking at arin's fee schedule and i would apply under the x-small/micro allocation how much smaller from /20 do they go is there a specific number of IP's i would get for the app fee of $1250 a year or how does that work exactly?

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Map Of Reliable Ecommerce Hosts

Dec 10, 2008

Topics on good hosts have been repeated over and over again, and we have seen many new emerging while many old fading, and still too many have changed. In the past 2/3 years, what has happened to your host? Get your host listed in this thread if your host has kept their service as promised in the past 2/3 years or even longer. This will become a most useful map for new people to make their first step.

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How Often To Backup A Website? Ecommerce

Sep 13, 2008

I am starting an ecommerce website and wondering if I should backup a site once a day, once a week, mutliple times a day after new products are added or what?

My site is geared towards diecast so its not like computers where theres millions of potential customers.

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ECommerce: Simplehelix Or Serverpoint

Oct 28, 2008

Which company would be better to choose for eCommerce hosting or

The first one look like specialized in eCommerce hostting (only two plans, any type of eCommerce carts and magento dowloads, special server type) the seconed is just reliable and also provides support of any eCommerce carts.

What would be better? Where would you rather go?

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Weird [FLAG ECommerce Discovery]

Mar 13, 2009

So...a short little back story...

I started out with a reseller account at Great company, I outgrew their services and moved to Innohosting over a year ago.

Before I moved to InnoHosting, I sent in a cancellation request (they use WHMCS)...but nothing was every canceled in their system and I kept getting invoices from them. I simply ignored them. Fair enough, right?

Now, as I've said...I've been with Inno for over a year now. In that past year seems to have been acquired by eCommerce Discovery.

Here is the weird problem. My account on their server was never deleted! I, as a reseller had WHMCS installed was using cron jobs to automatically send emails.

A few weeks ago, I started recieving cron job reports from, a domain owned by eCommerce Discovery. I really wouldn't care too much, but apparently the whole WHMCS system is still active and is sending my clients emails (Invoice reminders, domain renewal reminders, etc etc...).

This is obviously something that needs to be dealt with as it's getting a little out of hand. I only had 35 clients in WHMCS when I was with them...all of which are still with me.

I've called the number at this page:
multiple times only to be forwarded to a voice message. I just now actually left my voice message. Emails to have gone unanswered for 6 months, so I'm not even going to bother with that.

What I don't understand is how my account, over a year old and unpaid, is still not only ON the server...but ACTIVE, unsuspended, and running cron jobs. I'm going to shoot eCommerce Discovery an email shortly and will update this thread if they reply, although...chances don't look good.

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Will 2 Ecommerce Sites Sharing 1 Mysql On 1 VPS Effect SEO

Nov 28, 2007

I have 2 ecommerce sites now hosted at 2 different shared locations, both sites offer same exact products and pricing. I am in the process of elancing out the recode/rebuild for both sites to share one mysql database, cart and to be housed together in one VPS.

I plan to put them both on 1 windows VPS (they are asp) each with its own separate IP but have heard this can cause problems with search engines especially google. I have great natural organic right now (1st position for 5 of my demo keywords) and dont want to put that at risk but getting really tired of 2 separate backends, carts, hosting etc..

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Best Hosting Plan For Magento ECommerce Online Store

Jul 21, 2008

Wich is the most adequate hosting plan to install a Magento E-Commerce Online Store with:

Number of products: 100 to 300
Number os Visitor / Moth: 10.000 to 80.000

I will need a Shared Accout, VPS, or Dedicated Server?

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Difference Between Shared, Ecommerce, Dedicated, Reseller, Colocation And VPS

Apr 29, 2008

I've had a look at the different types of hosting, and had a guess at the description,

A machine with many, many domains on each for individual customer.

Same as above with SSL?

One machine to yourself, one domain?


You have a dedicated potion of a machine to use as many domains on as you want?

You own the server, someone else looks after it.

Hard Disk space and Bandwidth to be apportioned to each domain as you see fit, cpanel with each domain so that you can 'resell'

So what type of hosting would I want to host 5 to 10 of my own websites that use around 100GB a month bandwidth?

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Ecommerce Web Hosting? Going To Use Hostgator Which Plan? Business, Baby Or Reseller?

Nov 3, 2008

I've officially decided to go with Hostgator but I'm having a hard time choosing which type of plan would make the most sense for; maybe there is something I'm not seeing and I'm hoping to get some additional insight...

Here is my plan; I plan on hosting multiple domains (business and personal) and atleast one e commerce website to start and it will eventually grow into about 5 down the road (this is going to be a drawn out process and I want to do it right).

The problem I have is I realize in order to get a true ecommerce website up in running I will need a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for each site. If I purchase the Business plan it only comes with one dedicated IP and one SSL cert; Hostgator also told me that I'm unable to add an additional dedicated IP address or SSL cert to the business plan so I would have to purchase an additional Business Plan (12.95) per each site. It sounds like I could still host private and not SSL required sites on the business plan and as much domains as I want.

If I go the reseller path then the cost per month will be twice as much as the Business Plan and there is no dedicated IP address included. I will also have to purchase dedicated IP addresses at 2.00 a month and SSL certs as well so that method could get expensive.

I'm also not sure if the baby plan would suffice as well, but apparently not because there is a limit of 1 dedicated IP per plan

What would you guys recommend I do; I want a plan that will allow me to grow with them.

Just curious on what your guys thoughts were..

Also I read a previous post in this forum that someone said their SSL cert prompted the end-user to install the certificate; Being in Ecommerce this is obviously unacceptable to me.

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Register Your Nameservers

Dec 6, 2006

i have started moving domains from Cpanel/whm server to my HSphere server that uses a new nameserver, but have come up against problem with the new NameServer.

When moving .biz .info i get error about nameserver not being resgistered, after doing some seaching it appears that some domain resgistrars (in this case 123reg) are starting to enforce a security feature whereby All registrars need the name server registered before you can point any domain name to the name server.

Diggin further i found this at which where i have my HSphere service domain:


Registering a Child Name Server as mentioned above is just the first step. The Child Name Server needs to be registered at the Registry to only serve as a non-authoritative Record should your Child Name Server not be resolvable in some extreme condition.

This Name Server would start working only after you have added an Address (A) Record or Canonical (CNAME) Record for this Name Server within the Zone for the domain name (of this Child Name Server) at your own DNS Server, thus binding the NS to the IP Address.


i. If you are running your own DNS Servers then you would need to add a Zone for the domain name and create an A Record like 38400 IN A 111.222.333.444

ii. If you wish to simply point your Name Servers to another Name Servers, you may add a CNAME Record to those (while ensuring that those Name Servers have an A Record within the Zone created for your Name Servers as well). 38400 IN CNAME

Also at there should be an Zone for with an A Record for, making it authoritative for resolving

In most cases your ISP would have already created the above for you and you need not bother about the same.

My service domain, and one i am using for nameservers, HSphere dns settings looks like

Name TTL Class Type Data Action 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete

So from what i tell i have furfilled critria?

I have to say i am a little confused over this!

I am thinking that maybe i have to make some changes at or maybe get my co-lo provider to make changes?

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Want To Register A Domain Name

Feb 19, 2008

I want to make my own website and wants to ask few questions

I want to register a domain name so that no else registers it, where to do it? I don't need any space to host my web just want to register that domain name. Is it possible?

When my webpage is completed, I'll have to host it somewhere like HostMonster, which 'll provide me space, so can I transfer my domain name which I have registered to HostMonster or any other one ?

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Register And Web Host

Jul 18, 2008

Is it a good idea to use different companies for registrar and web host?


Do web hosts add your site automatically to search engines? I ask because godaddy has something called Traffic Blazer and it says "Traffic Blazer helps get your Web site listed with Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others." and they charge $27 for two years.. So I am wondering do you need this inorde for your website to be listed or something?

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Who Is Domain Register.

Sep 16, 2007

Who has the main control over all the domain registrations, and how could one become domain registrar.

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How To Register Nameservers With ONE Ip

Aug 28, 2007

I took over a VPS with Plesk (first time VPS/Plesk user), how do i setup my nameservers with just one ip?

I remember i had this done on my Cpanel dedi servers by a tech guy, how can such thing be done with Plesk?

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How To Register Nameservers With

Nov 20, 2006

Does anyone know how to register nameservers with This is where I have my domains and can't find anywhere to register my new dedicated server nameservers.

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Loging And Register Scripts

May 1, 2008

if there is some website builder on witch i can add Login and Register lines? so people can register on the website and login anytime, and do u know if there is this fuature in RVSiteBuilder and Fantastico?, if no, can you tell me a host who provides it, and also a forum builder.

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How People Can Register To My Website?

Dec 25, 2008

how people can register to my website?

any1 know how people can register to my site and become a member etc i already have the forms ad stuff set up on the template take a look

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How I Can Register A Radionline By Remote

Apr 21, 2007

if one site the sunday from 14.00 to 15.00 broadcast a program that I want to register,

how I can resolve if that day the I cannot stay at home and use my pc?

there are particular service free online that does that?

or if I have a my space in hosting I can install particular software that autoamtically does this work?

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Register Good Domain Names

Oct 13, 2008

I found good domain available names and when I tried to register using some webhosting companies they were first shown as available and in the next step of registration they were claimed to be taken. It does not happen with "not so good" names.
I think it happened with and

So it looks like there is no way to register a good name?

Even when checking whois may have your good domain name stolen.

Can someone comment this and share his/her experience.

Which regetar and whois companies can I use safely?

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Domain Register + WHOIS Privacy + Paypal?

Sep 29, 2005

Anyone know a good registrar who accepts Paypal payments with a .com domain price of around $10 or less and privacy option for about $2 or less? I also need to be able to set nameservers in a control panel.

Registerfly and GoDaddy didnt work... both ask credit cards and I only have Paypal.

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Register Multiple Domain Names Against The Same IP Address?

Jun 26, 2008

I have a dedicated server hosted in some data center. The server provider has provided me an IP address. I have bought a a domain name which redirects the traffic to that IP.

I have not been provided with any nameserver.

My question is is it possible that I register multiple domain names against the same IP address? If yes how?

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My Godaddy VPS Is Giving Me These Errors. Can't Register, Delete Domains Or

Jun 3, 2009

I've had this virtual server with Godaddy forever. I have about 52 websites on it. I was adding another and I walked through the registration process and forgot to click the save button. I then proceeded to the domain area of Godaddy to update the IP address. Now I can't add domains, delete dns settings, or update DNS settings without getting these kinds of messages:

Your URL: /dns/

Error details:

CommandFailedException: Unable to parse DNS configuration file
at c.g.t.w.actions.dns.ActionDnsSync.process:39
at c.g.t.w.actions.AbstractSpringAction.execute:118
at c.g.t.w.filters.AuthorizedResourceFilter.doFilter:38
at c.g.t.w.filters.RequestPopulationFilter.doFilter:117

Cause: SAXParseException: Premature end of file.
at c.g.t.w.actions.dns.ActionDnsSync.process:39
at c.g.t.w.actions.AbstractSpringAction.execute:118
at c.g.t.w.filters.AuthorizedResourceFilter.doFilter:38
at c.g.t.w.filters.RequestPopulationFilter.doFilter:117

So! Godaddy has now had me upgrade my disk space to another 10gig, I've tunneled in with ssh and ran memhog to increase memory because they are suggesting that I'm too low on RAM and want me to purchase another server, I can't just ugrade. I've updated all the packages in my simple control panel.
I finally got an email from them after begging for help, because $75 an hour is just too much for me!

This is what I got:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for contacting Server Support.

If this issue started after the modifications to the DNS of a domain, then it is likely that the DNS file or configuration has become corrupted. You can attempt to manually update or recreate the DNS file via SSH. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance with the configuration of the server or modification of files. While you do have a lot of domain names added to the server, a backup of the content and reprovision of the server will reset the server to the default settings. However, this will remove all content and require that you re-add all domains and content once again.

I have backed up all my sites and databases, but to start all over again is a horrific thought. I can't imagine the nightmare.

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Do Hosting Companies Give U Sciprts For Users To Login/register

Jun 23, 2008

Do the hsting comapny provide a system for you website for users to login or register

or do i have to do it myself

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