Best Hosting Plan For Magento ECommerce Online Store

Jul 21, 2008

Wich is the most adequate hosting plan to install a Magento E-Commerce Online Store with:

Number of products: 100 to 300
Number os Visitor / Moth: 10.000 to 80.000

I will need a Shared Accout, VPS, or Dedicated Server?

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Magento ECommerce Hosting

Jan 14, 2009

After a few threads on Web Hosting Talk, I have decided to go with Magento eCommerce CMS because it is powerful and I like it

The only thing I am looking for is a host that will support it and that will let me either upgrade to a VPS, or straight to a Dedicated Server (or maybe even a co-location).
Because I am a startup business, the costs need to be low (yes, I know good hosting doesn't come cheap and I know I need to put into consideration SSL).

1 major thing. It NEEDS to be in the UK.

I was chatting to one of Rackspace UKs live help support people and they priced their entry level server at "£255 - £355 per month", which being a startup is a bit of a hefty price.

So, how do you think I should start? Shared, VPS or straight to dedicated?
Also, what UK hosts do you recommend?

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Which One Is Better Hosting For An Online Store

Apr 22, 2008

I want to host my online store. Please tell me best web host. I am thinking of godaddy or 1and1. How are they both? Is there any better web host? I am looking for shared hosting in starting with good features like SSL too.

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Ecommerce Web Hosting? Going To Use Hostgator Which Plan? Business, Baby Or Reseller?

Nov 3, 2008

I've officially decided to go with Hostgator but I'm having a hard time choosing which type of plan would make the most sense for; maybe there is something I'm not seeing and I'm hoping to get some additional insight...

Here is my plan; I plan on hosting multiple domains (business and personal) and atleast one e commerce website to start and it will eventually grow into about 5 down the road (this is going to be a drawn out process and I want to do it right).

The problem I have is I realize in order to get a true ecommerce website up in running I will need a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for each site. If I purchase the Business plan it only comes with one dedicated IP and one SSL cert; Hostgator also told me that I'm unable to add an additional dedicated IP address or SSL cert to the business plan so I would have to purchase an additional Business Plan (12.95) per each site. It sounds like I could still host private and not SSL required sites on the business plan and as much domains as I want.

If I go the reseller path then the cost per month will be twice as much as the Business Plan and there is no dedicated IP address included. I will also have to purchase dedicated IP addresses at 2.00 a month and SSL certs as well so that method could get expensive.

I'm also not sure if the baby plan would suffice as well, but apparently not because there is a limit of 1 dedicated IP per plan

What would you guys recommend I do; I want a plan that will allow me to grow with them.

Just curious on what your guys thoughts were..

Also I read a previous post in this forum that someone said their SSL cert prompted the end-user to install the certificate; Being in Ecommerce this is obviously unacceptable to me.

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My Own Online Store

Dec 30, 2008

i am about to run my own online store but i am wondering if im doing it right
my domain name i am gona buy it off

my hosting would be in

and shopping chart im gona use is magento

i think i am doing it right but im not sure if these company r good?

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For An Online Store?

May 7, 2008

I am currently shopping for web hosting for an online store (that would provide software - mostly automatically downloadable upon payment).

My estimates for initial operation of my web/online store are:

Storage: (10MB/app x 50 apps) + 50MB overhead = 550 MB
Monthly transfer: 5000 purchases/month x 10MB/app = 10 GB
Number of email accounts: up to 10

By "initial" I mean first year, not first month.

My intent is to develop my own osCommerce based web store for downloadable software that I develop. PHP and MySQL support are must. My estimates are not carved in stone. In the beginning I will certainly use much less "monthly transfer" than I specified and in the long term I hope to be using much more "monthly transfer" (as marketing evolves and the business becomes more established)...

The most important factors to me are (in the following order):

1) Reliability (up-time, security)
2) Tech support
3) Expandability (room to grow)

The company that registered my domain name provides web hosting with much more than I initially need (5GB space, 250GB transfer, 50 email accounts) for under $3 a month.

This is a price that I can afford. However, I am not sure whether it is a good idea to have both the web hosting and domain registration provided by the same company? Any opinions/comments you have about this? Is my doubt in this regard unfounded?

Secondly, is there some independent source (user/customer reviews OK) that compares the reliability of web hosting providers? (I would have given the name of my registrar here but I am unsure whether this would constitute advertising. If mentioning names or asking for references is allowed please let me know and I will post it here so that I can get your opinions about it).

Thirdly, is there any significance for where, geographically, the actual servers are located? Main consideration is access speed for customers...

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Magento Hosting

Oct 31, 2008

recommend a webhosting provider that is able to host Magento shopping cart?

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Hosting Ecommerce On Shared

Mar 2, 2009

an ecommerce site someone is planning on hosting. They will be selling around 100 products using OSCommerce and no creditcard etc details will be stored on the server. Do you think its a wise choice to start off on a shared host? If yes, are there any additional requirements they should look out for?

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The Best And Cheapest Hosting For Magento

Nov 7, 2008

It has to have SSH + Dedicated IP...

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Magento Webhosting/reseller Hosting

Apr 17, 2008

an affordable web hosting (around $20 monthly) which offers support for MagentoCommerce and also has reseller hosting. I am very interested in trying MediaTemple Grid service but apart from that they don't offer reseller hosting.

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Good Hosting For Magento: Installation More Easy

Jun 12, 2008

I want to share my recent experience with the Magento installation.

I tried to install Magento on my basic Goddady Hosting but it failed because the zend and PHP version is too hold.

I tried as well to install on one of my other customer hosting (

And after a long time of uploading all the files and configuring the .htaccess files, It failed when I was on the almost last step : database information.

So I finally found a better hosting solution for Magento which works good.

This is the link for the tutorial how to set up your Magento Store

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Shared Hosting To Store Videos + Vps For Main Site

Jun 28, 2008

I am paying around 15 bucks for 1.0TB bandwith in a shared hosting.

i thought of getting a vps for the site, and just stream videos from the shared hosting server....

the problem would be users uploading videos, is it possible for them to upload files through VPS, and onto the shared host ?

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Online Graphics Hosting

Jan 9, 2007

I tried signing up for a few of those online image hosts. I would upload a few images, carefully read their instructions, and code my page to go get the pictures to show up on my webpages. I tried about four different ones. No matter what I did, following their instructions, looking in different browsers, checking file names etc, I always had trouble finding my pictures. Not just trouble--my images just never show up when I put them in these free online file places. Usually I am pretty sharp about stuff like this but now I have to wonder: What is going on with that?

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Hosting Plan

Sep 27, 2007

I am searching hosting plans. I found 1&1 Beginner hosting plan for 2.99/year of
1and1Uk at

I want your review about that site and the plan & facilities. Also suggest me any good hosting plan (if you have) in this price range and its facilities.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Service Plan Inside Reseller Plan Using CLI

Jun 2, 2014

I like to create some service plans using the cli-tools, /usr/local/psa/bin/service_plan.I am able to create a service plan, but I'm unable to create a service plan inside a reseller plan. For example I cannot "tell" the service_plan script to add the created serviceplan to a reseller plan. Is it possible to create a serviceplan inside a reseller plan, using the cli?

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Best Hosting Plan In India

Apr 9, 2009

India's Best Web Hosting Plan - 5 GB Space, Free Domain Name,
10 GB Mail Space Free, 100 GB Data Transfer, 100 Email Accounts

Just check it out at

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$6.95 Hosting... Superb Plan...

Jan 15, 2007

I found this site with 6.95 hosting a while back and had it saved in my fav... but my comp crashed god forbid and I had to format now I lost it...

The site had something rediculous like 3GB space and 5-10GB bandwidth... there was a $30 setup fee but it was 6.95 after that... Anyone know of this site? or anything that tops it?

Also the part I liked most was that they accepted paypal... Which was simply amazing for me.

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Hosting Online Shopping Cart Site

Mar 31, 2009

I was wondering what kind of web hosting I need to have to build an online shopping cart site? Does a shared hosting package work? The site will need to process credit card transactions so it needs to be secured. I'd appreciate some recommendations.

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What Type Of Hosting For Online Clothing Website?

Mar 31, 2008

I'm starting a streetwear clothing company and am about to get a website done to display my catalogue - it will have medium amounts of flash and will be like most other e-commerce clothing stores

However, I won't be needing a full e-commerce site as I do not intend to sell through my website - if needed, all I hope to have on it is a link for payments to be made via paypal

What I will need is a host that is reliable and doesn't bug out as soon as traffic to my site increases - I have no idea as to the amount of traffic i will be receiving when things are just starting out but I'd like to at least be prepared for high traffic - I was stupid enough to believe in all the overselling from big hosting companies until I did more reading - now I know their limits are just for show and I want to avoid getting shut down or whatever for putting a load on their resources

My hope is that some of you learned ones can advise me on the direction i should be heading Though I have no idea exactly what VPS and dedicated servers are, I assume these are more suitable for my needs? Are big hosting companies more reliable when it comes to their package plans for VPS or dedicated servers?

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Godaddy Free Hosting Plan

Feb 5, 2009

I registered a domain with the I also have a free web hosting plan attached to it. Now i purchased(not upgraded) a new web hosting plan(economy plan.). Now I want to attach my domain with the new hosting plan. But the godaddy is not allowing me to do so.

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Move The Emails To Another Hosting Plan

Dec 2, 2008

I currently have a small hosting plan (4 gb traffic , 400 Mb space) that I use for a few email accounts from my company.However , the disk space is not enough for what we need so I have to move the emails to another hosting plan. I'm looking for something with 5-10 gb space , 10-20 gb traffic/month , unlimited email accounts. I'm not looking for it to be cheap , just dont like the overselling idea for my hosting needs so I can pay if it's good. Also I was wondering what kind of program do I need in order to create a webmail interface so that the employees could check their email without having to use the webmail clients from cPanel.

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Shared Hosting Or Reseller Plan

Oct 3, 2007

The more I read on the forum, the more I'm beginning to consider a reseller plan.

Basically, I'm an ASP.NET/MS-SQL developer and I foresee myself developing (and possibly managing) a relatively small number of websites for people who likely have neither the technical skills nor desire to get too involved with maintaining their websites. So, I need to be able to host multiple domains, have multiple databases, and probably multiple FTP accounts.

The obvious advantage of reseller accounts, as I understand them, is that they give you the ability to provide the website owner (my customer) the tools to manage their site in more or less the same way they could if they directly set up their hosting account with GoDaddy or whomever. But, if my customers end up being people that don't want to mess with any of that, then this capability is not important. However, after looking at, which I saw recommended in another thread, it seems the sheer capacity of resources available, e.g. unlimited databases, 200 domains, make it worth the slightly higher cost.

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Advantages Of A Reseller Hosting Plan

Jan 18, 2007

I see Site5 have a 5 dollar deal on their homepage, but I don't know if it's any good. I hear from a lot of people to get a reseller account if you plan to make a lot of websites. It's more expensive than the 5 dollar plan with less bandwidth and storage, so there got to be something to it. What are the benefits of a reseller account compared to that 5 dollar deal plan?

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Forums Outgrowing Shared Hosting Plan Already

Jan 7, 2009

I have spent several hours on this forum over the past few days doing some research and have officially confused myself. I am a volunteer with a nonprofit organization and our online forums (running on vbulletin) are maxing out the database SQL connections several times per day. The host has a max_user_connections limit of 15 but doesn't have an intermediary step from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is cost-prohibitive and the rest of our site has more than enough room to grow on our current hosting plan (including traffic bandwidth, disk space, etc).

We are planning to register a new domain name for the forums and move them off to another hosting provider. I donate the hosting fees to the organization and I don't have much of a budget to work with ($20/mo or so ideally). I am looking for recommendations for a hosting provider that will support a somewhat busy forum (usually only between 30-50 users online at once but anywhere between 1,000 and 2,500 pageviews per day) and also allow a stepped growth plan (instead of from shared straight to dedicated.)

I've seen Hawk Host, Siteground and URLJet mentioned frequently on posts here and over at vBulletin but I don't want to just jump into a new host and face a similar problem in the future.

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Hosting/Scaling- We Plan To Get Digged/stumbled

Aug 5, 2008

Our website/app is on a shared host ( - who are great btw - I strongly recommend them).

Now have a question for the experts here:

We have come up with a plan to give away some freebies to our visitors and we feel there is a very good chance that we will be digg 'ed/Stumble 'd.

I need suggestions from experts as to how to go about this from a hosting perspective.

1. Go for Amazon or
2. Go for or Not sure with all the reviews posted here.

I don't want to go for a full blown clustered hosting - with high fixed costs - we won't mind paying based on how successful or not our 'freebie' exercise works.

A little bit about our site - it's an ecommerce site running on LAMP and uses imagemagick. Users upload images to our site and
tell us what they want with an annotation tool in a UI. We give em a price and they can pay us. They pick up the edited image back on our site when it's ready

- Sorry bout not being able to give you any 'technical' details about CPU usage etc., - I am more of a layman! But as I said a shared account at seems to be holding up. Our current traffic averages about 100-200 visitors a day - with an average of about 50 images uploaded everyday.

- Think that the above description should give a fair idea of computing/resource requirements.

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Shared Hosting Plan That Provides One IP Address For Each Domain

Jun 24, 2008

I've dozens of domains which don't have heavy traffic. I wanna host them on different IP's for SEO reason. I can share IP's with other users but evch domain of mine shall be hosted on a unique IP.

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Web Hosting And Search Engine Advertisement In One Plan

Dec 10, 2007

Is there any sites which provide web hosting and search engine advertisement in one plan?

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Server Hosting For Medium To Large Online Retail Site

Mar 31, 2009

My company is going to launch four online retail site and in need for a dedicated server service provider that can provide us with room to grow from minimal traffic to possibly 2-5k traffic an hour.

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Multiple Domains/websites With A Single Hosting Plan

May 31, 2009

I'm about to the point where I am ready to host my website. I already have a domain but no hosting plan. In the future I may want to have several different websites each with their own unique domain. I was wondering if I choose a hosting plan for one site, can I use the unused web space for additional domains/websites?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Changing Plan For A Domain / Does Not Update Website Hosting Settings

Jul 3, 2014

OSMicrosoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
Panel version11.5.30 Update #47

We have a few hosting plans setup with different "allowances" for each.The website permissions allow basic html and PHP.In Windows Advanced: The website settings allow for html, php, asp and

When we change a Basic Hosting plan to Windows Advanced using "Change Plan", it will reassign the subscription/domain to use the new plan, but it will not add-on the extra features in Hosting Settings.

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Ecommerce Webhosting

Nov 1, 2008

Im in the process of setting up my ecommerce store selling baby/childrens clothing items etc. But I cant decide what webhosting site to use. Ive heard a lot about hostmonster and 1and1...which one of these are better?

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