Proper SSL- Liquidweb SSL

Sep 1, 2008

I have a server qith liquidweb. Recently I'm getting the message.. used an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.

Error code sec_error_untrusted_issuer

Liquidweb is tell me I need an SSL certificate? I don't get it sicne I have a new server with them that doesnt get this error and another older one that doesnt get the error.

OK find]e, whatever.

I have free SSL's at namecheap from positivessl.
Can I use this on my and will it give ssl to all the domains on the server?

I host a whole bunch of domains on this server

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Proper Way To Add Multiple Sites

Apr 22, 2008

Right now I have maybe 6 personal sites that I keep on my new VPS. They are mixed together in the public_html file. Ex: and are found in public_html/coolsite/ and public_html/anothersite/ so the result is somewhat messy with many folders. What is the proper way to add sites so I have access to each site separately so it is not so cluttered? Or am I doing this right?

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Seting Up A Proper MX Record

Dec 9, 2007

I run my server on my home PC.

I have hosting through GoDaddy for now, but it is in the process of being transfered to my dyndns account.

I like to use my home server's e-mail account that I setup via hMailServer.

My domain is

I would like to know the proper procedure for setting up an MX record through the registrar.

My main concern is that I don't always have this computer on, so I'd like to setup a secondary MX record that will catch my e-mails in-case I my computer is shut off.

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Setting Up Proper WebDev Workflows

May 18, 2008

I have done web development for myself for many years and have also launched a very successful video game website. But I have NEVER used what I would consider a proper workflow for developing.

I have never used a test server and never used SVN. All of my work up to now I have done using Dreamweaver and Visual Studio. Using the pitiful source control in dreamweaver (essentially just marks files as read only) and always used a web host I pay for as my platform. Its takes a while to test things as uploading takes a quick second or 2 and I run into problems making test pages and then when it comes time to roll them out to the live version of my can get complicated.

I'm taking it upon myself to start learning Ruby along with the Rails framework. And I want to clean up my act a bit. I'm would like yalls advice on how best to set up a better/more professional work flow. I have a number of computers and would like to set one up as a dedicated test platform. I would like to do my development and coding on my windows PC but run the webhost, mySQL server, a mySQL front end, PHP, Ruby, etc on my linux box. Whats the best way to manage this? Is the best way to just ftp them over to the right directories? Or am I totally missing the boat on a much better way to push new code to my test bed? Is there a linux distro of choice out there that comes bundled and set up with all those things pretty much out of the box?

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What's The Proper PTR Record For A Shared Web/email Server On The Same IP

Jun 6, 2008

I have a dedicated server that is running apache and exim. While they're running from the same IP, I want the domain names to be for http and for SMTP.

What I've done so far is set up A records for * and to point to the same IP address.

My MX record points to

My exim primary_hostname is configured as

Now I'm trying to get the PTR record set correctly so that outbound email doesnt get trapped by spam filters. So in this case should my PTR record point my IP to and not or does it not matter?

Is it strange that an RDNS lookup to the primary IP would return my mail server like that?

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Sendmail Relaying Denied. Proper Authentication Required

Oct 2, 2007

I can't figure out how to be able to send mails using sendmail. I've a dovecot/sendmail installation and I can recieve mails OK but when I try to send mail I get the error message "Relaying denied. Proper authentication required."

Example from maillog:
Oct 2 18:10:08 localhost sendmail[2196]: l92GA4UC002196: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<>, [] ....

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Proper Hosting Configuration And Company For A File Sharing Website

May 14, 2009

We had written a free file sharing website like rapidshare,2shared,4shared n .... .

We let people add as many file as they want to upload.
People also search and browse among files.

Do we need a dedicated server or a dedicated VPS ?

How much should the configuration be? i mean How much Ram?

We need to add extra hard disks in the close future.

Maybe sometime we need to add clustering and ... .

Please tell me in detail about the initial configuration needed to run this website so we ll be sure that the site will never be down or lacks of hard disk and ram or CPU.

and tell me your experience in best dedicated services with online support which will be good friends.

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Proper Forging Of Mail Requires Recognizable SMTP Commands

Oct 11, 2007

I am having this problem my mail server does not work i am having this message: 500 Bloody Amateur! Proper forging of mail requires recognizable SMTP commands!

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Proper Procedure When Leaving A Host - Do You "nuke" Your Space

Sep 8, 2007

I'm thinking of consolidating some of our shared hosting and vps accounts into a couple of other vps accounts.

It's just occurred to me that I've never really abandoned a host before and that I have a lot of stuff on there I don't want in the wrong hands.

Sure, hosts should be legally responsible and wipe the space but why trust what you don't know for a fact (I even have one host that had stuff hidden in my "fresh" account, buried in the logs, so apparently they were reusing something along the line as a template).

Should I, and how would I, wipe out the space properly?

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Webmail Login Error-"error: Your Request Didn't Contain The Proper Session ID Cookie"

Aug 16, 2008

Webmail Login Error-"error: Your request didn't contain the proper session ID cookie"

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Sep 24, 2008

I have been at liquidweb for a about a month and I HAVE to say. These guys are the best.

I have no affiliation with them and I feel obligated to post a review because I was jumping from one provider to another, trying to find a good VPS solution, until I found liquidweb.

Oh my god, I have posted more than 30 different tickets at the helpdesk and NONE took more than 10 minutes to be answered. Also, none took more than 25 minutes to be RESOLVED except one, which took about 8 hours to be resolved:

For this ticket, I request help with a third party application (clipshare). The technician said: Sure I can help! Poor guy. We exchanged more than 60 (sixty) emails in 8 hours. He worked together with me for 8 straight ours until the problem was completely solved. I actually felt sorry for the guy. I actually thought: "what if this guy have to go? does he have a family?".

I have never seen something like that. The only way that can be better for me is if I don't have to pay for my VPS. Actually, if they double the price of their VPS, I will gladly pay.

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LiquidWeb VPS

Oct 1, 2007

I found that the do not provide good first. I ordered a new VPS1 plan with their promotional offer on WHT. Ordered was setup on time after getting verification call from them. I selected fantastico in order form and now I found there is no fantastico installed. I asked few other query like bind is failing since server setup and there is no reply. My tickets are pending since last 4 hours. There is only Sales people are on web based support. One of them connected me to the technical support through phone but it's been another 30minutes and there is no reply.

I highly suggest not to go for LiquidWeb for VPS. I am checking if they provide moneyback as I need to use this option ultimately.

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Oct 15, 2007

Trying to ping the given test address, also the main page is opening veeeery slowly.

I am from Europe so I guess that might be an issue, anyone else noticing problems or is it just me and my connections?

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Oct 20, 2007

I currently have a shared hosting plan at Liquidweb, and am considering upgrading to a VPS. After reading countless threads, I narrowed my potential hosts between Liquidweb, and Knownhost. Liquidweb won out mainly due to my extremely happy experience with them, though I do have a couple of questions.

I have been using shared hosting exclusively for years and it has served me well. I am now running a site that is gaining popularity and find that shared hosting is insufficient for my needs. Problem is, I know nothing about having to manage a VPS. I have read horror stories about having ones box hacked or exploited for some sort of zombie spam machine.

That being said, having a “Fully Managed” VPS sounds great. I read through the tutorials, mainly the “HOW TO: Secure and Optimize your VPS” and feel even more overwhelmed due the vast amount of tweaking that needs to be done in order secure a VPS.

While looking over the specs of VPS #1 on the Liquidweb site, they mention that their VPS’s feature “ServerSecure”. My question is:

Is “ServerSecure” secure to the point where I don’t need to manually add the myriad of tweaks listed in the above mentioned tutorial?

This is all new to me. I am interested in learning how to take care of a server, but I don’t want to be exploited in the mean time.

Also, my site is running two installs of Wordpress with a moderate amount of plugins. I run one for production, and one for testing puposes. I also run Mint. All have MySQL databases. While I do not currently have wpcache installed, I do plan to install it after moving to a VPS.

I have tentatively decided on VPS #1. My only worry is the amount of RAM included in the package. I found the “LiquidWeb: 10 Year Anniversary Special” thread in the “VPS Hosting Offers” forum and noticed that the RAM is upgraded from 256MB to 384MB, but I am worried that it may not be enough. I would like to have the specs of a VPS #1 server, but have the RAM (512MB to 768MB) of a VPS #2 server. The thing is, the VPS #1 configuration page does not allow me to upgrade the RAM beyond 384MB.

Will Liquidweb allow me to upgrade just the RAM of a particular server?

I realize that I could contact Liquidweb sales reps and ask, but I thought I would bundle this with my other question here first in the hopes that someone might know.

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Apr 17, 2007

I just got a second server with them and all was fine until I logged into WHM today and got some message about missing A-Hostnames?

This was never there before. All seemed fine for about 2 weeks.. Things still look OK I think..

I ask for support but the support is really confusing and they dont explain things. My first server runs like a champ but it took them a month to sort out hostname issues with my first server.. They configured wrong....

Now here we go again...

to ensure things are properly configured..

Also, Im running a script on the first server that works fine...

On the new server it just doesnt work.. The script company is saying curl and ssl aren't enabled on the new server? I'm not sure what this means..

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LiquidWeb Or 1&1

Jul 21, 2007

i am a current customer of LW but i am thinking about switching to 1&1

any reviews?

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Sep 2, 2007

I paid for a VPS server for one month on LiquidWeb last week which didn't work from the off. After spending many hours with their support, they wouldn't fix it and made some excuse up. I requested to have my account cancelled and a refund on Day 1 but all week they've been making excuses up and are refusing to cancel my account, let alone give me a refund.

What should I do here? I don't see why I paid them $60 via Paypal for a VPS that didn't even work properly. I want a full refund.

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1and1 Vs. Liquidweb And Others

May 24, 2008

I have about 30 websites under my belt right now with I have 1 account but nearly 30 sites linked to that account - yes yes, means it is VERY slow because a) it's on a shared server, and b) there are literally thousands of sites on my server (did a reverse Ip lookup)

I've just recently started a new forum which has taken off, to the point where the database cannot be pulled up half the time because soo many people are on the server. This is NOT good. I'm missing out on revenue that could be gained, and since I'm advertising/marketing this site, it sucks even more!

So my question is - I'm goin to move all of my websites to a dedicated server. I thought about a VPS, but for $30 more monthly I can have a dedicated with a gig of memory, yadda yadda yadda...

Should I use They are $99.99/monthly, or should I use someone else? Who else can compete at that price? I get everything I need with 1and1, including enough hard drive space, enough ram (for now), control panel, etc...

I'm a n00b in the dedicated server world, so help would be great. I plan to purchase a dedicated server within the next few days, and so far 1and1 has been my best bet when it comes down to money.

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Eapps Or Liquidweb

Aug 7, 2007

I need some quidance and suggestions to pick right provider

My main and important basic needs

-fully managed (because i dont have much knowledge about servers)
-Quick response and good support (very impotant)
-best uptime(very important)
-space least 20 gb
-ram 512
-Budget round 50-75$

PS: Eapps giving me plus point if i host my existing java small application or do just some practice

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LiquidWeb Or KnownHost?? Which One Is Better?

Oct 14, 2008

LiquidWeb or KnownHost?? Which one is better?

Which one is the better VPS provider? LiquidWeb or KnownHost?

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LiquidWeb Disappointment

May 31, 2008

Well, this is truly a disappointment.

Let me first say that I'm a big believer that (in todays age) buying something should be simple. It shouldnt be complicated or difficult. If I want to give someone money, then I'd hope they'd take it and provide me a service.

Not at liquidweb.

After reading a bunch of different opinions, we finally opt'ed to try out LiquidWeb's VPS service. The price was decent, the services looked right, and the reviews on WHT were really good.

I submit my order - wait for my confirmation call.

I get that call, but it is left on my office phone (the number I used to sign up with). No problem, I call LW back at the number they left and proceeded to complete my order.

The person who answered said they needed to call me back on the number that was submitted with the order. My office is 45 minutes away, and I asked if it were possible to leave me a message or something else so that we could play with the VPS over the weekend. No.

So my only option is to wait until Monday?


Could I cancel the order and resubmit with a phone that I'm sitting next to?


So what's the difference?

Don't know.

Ok - let's cancel the order and I will try another host that wants my money.


Do you need my name?


And that's it. I asked for an email confirmation, and we'll see if I actually get the account cancelled or if this evolves into a nightmare.

It may sound like I'm being hard to deal with. I certainly can appericiate the value of validating an order. However, tell me that, or give me a way of proving an alternate number or verification mechanism (maybe to read the CV2 number on the card?).

First impressions are everything for us.. In a day and age where there are literally hundreds of vendors who can provide the same thing, I'd think these kinds of issues would be a thing of the past.

Say what you want about 1&1, but they have always given us what we needed when we needed it.

Mosso - samething.

Now that we have ruled out Liquidweb, anyone have any suggestions for a good VPS provider? We were also looking at Virpus, but decided against them with the recent talk of all the "migration" troubles.

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LiquidWeb OR ServerBeach

May 6, 2008

I am looking at a dedicated server from serverbeach or a vps from liquidweb

"web stuff"
i run a website in which only my friends could access
the site is using gallery with about 3,000 pictures from local car shows

the monthly visits is under 80

"email stuff"
one important thing is eye candy
which one has a better email gui because i am willing to pay up to $100.00 per month for a flashy email gui

currently hosted with and they suck and my friends showed me 2 programs called zimbra & smartermail which look so cool and they told me you need a server or vps

and if you are wondering i am a college kid so that's why this post sounds so stupid but it's real

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WiredTree V.s. Liquidweb

Apr 1, 2008

So, I plan to switch to one of those two dedicated server hosts. I am not sure which one is better. I kinda like them both, but have no experience with them. What do you think? offer:

Processor: Intel Q6600 QUAD CORE
Hd1: 120GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache (+Upgrade to 250GB drive)
Hd2: 120GB 7200RPM SATA / 8MB Cache (+Upgrade to 250GB drive)
RemoteBackup: 50GB Remote Backup (+Offsite Backup)
OS: Linux - CentOS 4
ControlPanel: CPanel / Web Host Manager (+ServerSecure) (+Fantastico/XController)
SetupFee: $350 Setup Fee
Monthly Fee: $249 /mon offer:

CPU E6420 (Dual-Core 2.13Ghz 4MB Cache)
250GB SATA II 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
250GB SATA II 7200 RPM 16MB Cache
100 Mbs Public + 100 Mbs Private
2000 GB Transfer
$199 setup fee
247$ per month
Fully managed
Linux CentOs, MySQL

I am leaning to Wiredtree because they are new and small company (i think) and I think these new companies are quite nice to their customers in fullfiling their needs but that is non objective opinion. Both companies have good reviews out there. So it's simply choice of user experience with them.

So, in your humble opinion which one should become my favorite host for the next few years.

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Access To Liquidweb From EU

Oct 3, 2009

Hello everyone, i would like to know if the forum has users from Europe and that they have dedicate server at Liquid Web. I have few dedicate servers at liquidweb and in past 12 months I have big problems with speed with these servers, and with speed to them. Speed download / upload sometimes does not exceed either 512 Kbps and sometimes download or upload from liquidweb server can be only 10 kB/s.

Loading of some pages can take for 1 minute. I opened a ticket for this problem, but the Support feedback told me that this is quite normal for my distance which I consider totally unacceptable. It is acceptable that the ping must be large, but low speed is simply unimaginable.

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Nov 24, 2008

MOVING from LIQUIDWEB to ... ?

I want to move from liquid web, but i don't know where to go.

the reason is, i need more bandwith (about 1000GB) and they said, the limit in a VPS is 700GB, to get more i should go to a dedicated.

my budget doesn't allow me to go to a dedicated.

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LiquidWeb Thoughts?

May 6, 2009

I was wondering what people thought of Liquid Web, my friend has his site ( with Liquid Web and says they are absolutely amazing. But I want to know what other people think of them.

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Companies Using Liquidweb Dc

Mar 15, 2009

what are the companies using liquidweb's datacenter?

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Medialayer Or Liquidweb

Apr 23, 2009

I work for a medium sized non-profit organization. We are currently looking to upgrading our hosting. These are our requirements:

- 2 gigs of storage

- 15-20 gigs of bandwidth


- SSH access

- As fast and reliable as possible

Our budget is up to $30/month, but I'd like to pay a little less if possible. Most importantly, we need the hosting to be fast and reliable. Our website is built with PHP/MySQL, and right now it takes forever to load anything. It seems that Medialayer and Liquidweb keep coming up as reliable and fast hosts, so I'd like to hear your thoughts as to which you think would fit our organization best.

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HostMySite / LiquidWeb

Jan 4, 2009

We need to move couple of sites from their current platform. If you had to pick either HostMySite or LiquidWeb, which one would you choose for shared hosting?

It will be nice to have Pros and Cons

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